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by Program Ace

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2006 Hunting game developed by Program Ace and published by ValuSoft. Hunt has two modes. Arcade and Simulation. Arcade tasks the player with traversing a level full of dangerous animals. The player has to find a flag pole which will launch the Simulation level. Simulation puts the player in the center of an arena. The goal is to rotate in place and look for the target animal. Requirements: WINDOWS 2000-XP, Pentium III w/1.5 Ghz, 256Mg Ram, SVGA w/256 COLOR w/1024 x 768 Display, HD]
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CD-ROM Images
by Xplored

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First paragraph from the back of the box: Scuba verpackt eine spannende Abenteuergeschichte mit einer Unterwasser Simulation und einem packenden Exkurs in unsere Umwelt Google translate: Scuba packs an exciting adventure story with an underwate simulation and a gripping excursion into our environment
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