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Computer Chronicles
Apr 22, 2016

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An early Computer Chronicles episode from the first season in 1984 featuring Steve Wozniak, Adam Osborne, Lore Harp, and Gene Amdahl. They discuss what it was like to do a tech startup in 1984. Hosted by Stewart Cheifet and Gary Kildall. Copyright 1984 Stewart Cheifet Productions.
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Topics: osborne, wozniak, trilogy, vector graphics, amdahl, vector graphics, paperback software, trilogy,...
Computer Chronicles
- Stewart Cheifet

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A look at early online shopping sites including Amazon,, CyberCash, NetRadio, Verisign and Cybergold. Guests include Jeff Bezos, Jerry Kaplan, Magdalena Yesil, Gina Klein Jorasch and Robert Griggs. Originally broadcast in 1996. Copyright 1996 Stewart Cheifet Productions.
Topics: amazon, online shopping, jeff bezos, cybergold, netradio, verisign,