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by The Red River Rifles

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Spring Lake is a Song collection, that is by the Red River Rifles. The four tracks were recorded in between 2003, and 2006, in Wall Township, New Jersey. It is uploaded to the Internet Archive, for public domain, on Wednesday morning, April 27th, 2022. Joseph Winterfield started the Red River Rifles, with Joseph Glassford, Chris Lee, and Chris Pierson in the Summer of 2003. They began rehearsing with acoustic instruments, for several nights a week. They were mostly held at the central grotto at...
Topics: Song Collection, Video Cassette Tape, Rock and Roll
by The Pressure Machine

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Bradley Beach is a Video album that is by the Pressure Machine. It is a recording made in North Bradley Beach, across the street from Cliff Avenue, from 4 P.m. until 5 P.m., on Sunday, January 2nd, 2022. The temperature was warm, with a light amount of wind blowing to the North, and in the Sun light, it reached 50° Fahrenheit. On the album, Chris Lee plays the acoustic guitar, the snare drum, and he sings. Stephen DeNoia plays the snare drum, the acoustic guitar, and he sings. There are two...
Topics: Video Album, Video Upload, Rock and Roll