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tv   Silent Bombs  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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the united states responded we acted to deter future chemical attacks and to ensure that the use of these weapons never again became routine public accounts and photos clearly show that assad's chemical weapons use is continuing it is time for all nations to hold the syrian regime and its sponsors accountable for their actions and supports the efforts of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons the nonproliferation regime is under tremendous pressure not only from the use of chemical weapons but also from the development and proliferation of nuclear weapons it needs our unequivocal
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support last year nations gathered here initiated an international campaign to denuclearize north korea we must pressure the camera cian using all available tools to ensure that this cruel dictatorship cannot threaten the world with the most destructive weapons on earth many of us can be proud of the successes we've had in uniting behind united nations security council resolutions today let us resolve not only to enforce existing sanctions but also to commit to downgrading diplomatic relations cutting off all trade military and commercial ties and expelling so-called guest workers nations that evade full enforcement. and fail to take these steps or are acting irresponsibly now is the
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time to do more a nuclear north korea poses a direct threat to all of us and seriously undermines the nonproliferation regime we know that syria north korea are not the only rogue states developing using spreading dangerous weapons now is the time to address serious flaws in the iran deal and counter iran's destabilizing activities including its development and proliferation of missiles and its support for terrorist proxies in militias that fuel destructive conflicts across across the greater middle east the iranian regime foments this violence with support from commercial entities affiliated with the islamic revolutionary guards corps or i.r.g.c. i mean including on air lands right here the company that lands right here in
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munich airport as a matter of international security and moral conscience we must stop doing business with iran g.c. affiliated interests encourage the development of a true commercial sector in iran and pressure the regime to respect the rights of its people the second area that deserves our continued attention is to feeding terrorist organizations that threaten our citizens and our way of life in recent months working together we have made enormous strides in preventing terrorist attacks denying terrorist control of their tour of territory in populations. cutting off their funding and discrediting their wicked ideology over the past year for example we have come together in partnership to create two new centers in saudi arabia dedicated to countering your how to study ology and disrupting terrorist
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financing in syria and in iraq our coalition to defeat isis has liberated territory previously held by these terrorists we will continue our efforts to pursue isis fighters secure populations stabilize areas and facilitate the safe return of those who have suffered so much or the grip of this evil organization and enough in afghanistan we have been listening there to general to the united states national security adviser interesting the second day of the munich security conference in germany speaking of detail about in detail about syria about north korea and iran saying it's a critical time for the world because of the range of common threats also saying that it's time to hold the syrian regime responsible for its actions and to pressure the north korean government further on its nuclear weapons program grows
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and counterterrorism rewind is coming up next. hello and welcome once again to rewind i'm kemal santa maria. zuber english back in two thousand and six and in the more than a decade since then we've built up a library of award winning documentaries here on rewind where revisiting some of
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the best of them and looking at how the story has moved on. today the threat of nuclear war is once more on the table with north korea carrying out a series of missile launches in recent months and back in september news emerged of an underground nuclear test in north korea which registered the equivalent of a six point three magnitude earthquake kim jong un's north korea is the only country to have carried out nuclear tests this century after the u.n. passed a resolution banning testing back in one thousand nine hundred six but the terrible legacy of testing is still being felt more than five thousand kilometers away beyond mongolia and northern china over a forty year period we're talking nine hundred forty nine thousand nine hundred eighty nine soviet union exploded four hundred sixty nuclear bombs in eastern. about two hundred thousand villages living near the test site were exposed to high levels of radiation often deliberately and the effects of the testing program have
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been passed down and intensified in generations born decades later today we are rewinding to two thousand and nine and silent bombs a film by jerry sperling who traveled to counsel to document the human cost of nuclear tests. for centuries horse has been being loved by the catholic people. very simple and the central asian step. but for decades now a dark cloud has hung over the spirit people. between one nine hundred forty nine and one thousand nine hundred. exploded on this five hundred nuclear bombs only miles from their villages and a test site called polly la. jolla
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better stand just for that one see on tickin premiums. shafts of christian court. it was inevitable that the health of the people who live so close to the nuclear blast would deteriorate doctor saw dramatic increases in low blood pressure miscarriages skin diseases breast cancer throat cancer listen diseases memory loss mental retardation and physical deformities. if that you were to do a new kidney or were. early he would. be good at. looking at what your career goals that all.
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innocent i wanna mention it's a video and the last ten years of the new year yet i don't know how much ella sayer sasha has a similar ipad would get instead of t.v. either so yes she got i thought very into. it was necessary of course for both superpowers to continually test their nuclear arsenal the big question was where should this be done. soviet union leaders quickly zeroed in on kazakstan it's a huge country the ninth largest in the world with a sparse population of only fifteen million people a region the size of built him in the northeast part of calixto near the city in sunni militants was selected. it was called the polygon. in your mileage. which a star or the. order.
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puzzles need to be suitable as deal with that. because a stance that they leave the word in a book question. certainly if the only people in it when he was as well that. the soviet government poorly enormous resources into the development of nuclear weapons . an entirely new town with a population devoted to nuclear research was built on the edge of the political. debate it wouldn't work with. you one is that what you mean you. never. give up by looking. for your beliefs but you're. not really when you provide. the cities each. other it cannot stop
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immediately the mustang. the leisure time will pass by me and be the simple life is complete when i can use you for nestle new each of us he simply cut all of us by going to snoop and which nationally them are certain interest to couper more number not to be hellishly police will simply through the whole thing offense than any other know how we. on august twenty ninth one thousand nine hundred forty nine the soviet union exploded its first nuclear bomb. the polygon proved to be the perfect test site. going to bust them when they promised p.p.s. hear. something new to look at there's a walkman at the ear off to get the scene you chris at the top of the
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service but it is a quick look at. if you do pretty well. but only look at look at this to what you what usually what you. look we get it. the chasm people are still pondering many bitter questions and what point did soviet leaders understand that their nuclear testing was poisoning the local population. did they attend to the vergers or the kazakhs merely guinea pigs in the quest to produce weapons of mass destruction. during the one nine hundred fifty s.
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same down the cutoff was the chief radiologist in the soviet union's ministry of health he was sent to the polygon as a government representative he remembers meeting with soviet officials on one particular day in one nine hundred fifty seven last by michelle it does that political question through brittania what should one. of the young we trade about got there. richard. quickly delude you could put a slimy with people early but i spy a way but more in with the yes but you may to be. the nurse who was in the machine or they got the aftermath of the mullah evolved but this one got the act of congress that is but then you look at polls for the. slaughter. and he. gets to put him there. with
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a buddhist look again. i do know a lot of there was a bum way was not you just. get that when you see him word for you in your ears j.m. that's in a year. dr brown hung off was finally signed to head a medical team investigating the effects of radiation on thursday in the public eye . serious health problems from anemia to high incidence of cancer schizophrenia which sometimes resulted in suicide or uncovered. the report was duly sent to moscow and then disappeared. dr bao. was forbidden by law from traveling anywhere near the polling on. the years go by there was next to me. are you only me are you go only yes or a bit shaped is it that. in the one nine hundred fifty s. a research institute with
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a large staff of medical experts was set up in sydney pellet in school to study the effects of exposure to nuclear contamination. and there's a list broach of abuse it was the discipline set in them which did it. again this just in the in the bill is a little too good. what you need in your book vision i'm still basically at them. see me post abusive with them to do it for the sheer good that i want to. but b. school and yet as the senior year. of chicken a book that i would it says dish at the will which insidiousness uk know of two m. in. the book of c. is going to use if they are going to put up with another one of them but they're willing near. the cookie for process. nice to be able that. center.
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can say is it ever. not just need to change here they're really like g.-d. . written by machinery there's a mock you couldn't you have the time is still the really critical mass. dr gooses and his team also traveled to the villages near the polygon they found serious illnesses particularly long and breast cancers which had been very rare until the nuclear testing. years later he studied a sample of the infected population. and other gifts because of what they were mr smith mr schilling year with at the group took a go at it a year was not stuck well you know with enough still a silly little of the gossip which i knew and got to give you up there with what i was a bit of a shell of the kobe of the world as it was right at the go we're closer than in your security with a. doctor who says teams are provided with sophisticated equipment to diagnose the
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disease it's caused by radiation contamination and they kept good records which were sent to the soviet authorities but how did this research benefit the villagers . to. yes they yell or. that that charity cheat that they are put through it is that that the clues are almost that celebrity just didn't need it you'll see first moved out of the absolute the really . the ninety wayne me me me me me i didn't know it was there when the a pit bull the girl and the leech here they see me have a dorea good use of your dog to mean it was already born it got going to be videoed push the blazers local code or mirror what edit the body on study of see what it was it will see it but the more thought emotion of sort of erlich the tory it's stale to be accorded good in the seventy and. it wasn't just cancer villages were
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treated as human guinea pigs. ordinary suited soldiers were also victims of their government's relentless determination to produce weapons of mass destruction. the suspect then you get a lot of that is that all you did was through store mall is syria and he just said it said that as it were but it is the. most elite gives you the. bulk i mean go get the would you but the idea that we need it would but i would give it is but then but the leadership will change its. ways ten years. or so much not all but no paula bloom mum is to do good or for the other way but of the world but generally your news roof. which
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can use the system we did in those us that. in the dealing need there's a new with them deal of don't store which it is a good visit or can. stay with them straight on yes. it is doing. that again is that support there is no excel that. the new in jealous was the most of here. for me live. in that you would believe. the dog. doesn't mean you know. prison. should vote to go up but most. of. these explosions were not an act of war. these nuclear bombs were
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experiments by the soviet union. to the kazakh people who lived in the vicinity the motives might be little difference rewind silent phone news at this time a mountain scenery. was always telling you how famous he was going to make it that's how he presented hello my name and body without consciousness it is northwest representatives kind of. teacher put it. aside jordan member that we had the special meeting about five a little and he said no. that's not the topic and your major this is a cover up in a piece on the mail man city yet al-jazeera investigation footholds wall of silence this time more than a century ago britain and france made a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can draw him. but what
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were the last thing effects of this agreement there's a regional set to sikes because it's at those borders were drawn without consulting the people who have to live with the. psych speak of lines in the sand at this time on al-jazeera. a lot has a hard the top stories on al-jazeera the f.b.i. has indicted thirteen rushnell russian nationals and three russian companies over alleged tampering with the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election they're accused of a criminal and espionage conspiracy to support donald trump's campaign russia's
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foreign minister sergey lavrov has responded to questions over the indictments while at a conference in munich. mr foreign minister i just wanted more your reaction is to the indictment published yesterday the united states that show us one point two five million dollars a month of russian taxpayers' money being spent in trying to influence the american election that was to see a good return on that investment. i have no response you can publish anything and we have seen those indictments and i've also read the statements from the homeland security adviser in the u.s. who denied the reports that any country to influence the election results the same was said by mike pence either here or maybe in another european capital so until we hear the facts everything else is just blather the british prime minister has called for a new security treaty with the european union by the end of next year may told the same munich security conference the new agreement should be up and running by late
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twenty nineteen to make sure military and intelligence cooperation continues after it leaves the block. so as we leave the e.u. and fortune you pass through our cells in the world the u.k. is just as committed to your security in the future as we have seen in the past europe security is security and that is why i have said and i say again today that the united kingdom is conditionally committed to maintaining it a suspected serial killer has been sentenced to death in pakistan for the rape and murder of a seven year old girl zainab on saudis body was found in a garbage dump in january a week after she was kidnapped a killing sparked nationwide protests and criticism of the government wasn't doing enough to protect children. ethiopia has announced the state of emergency will now be in force for six months that's a day off the prime minister haile mariam discipline has said he was stepping down the government is struggling to deal with protests from ethnic groups who say they
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are under represented. those are the headlines we're back with more off to rewind. in one nine hundred sixty three the united states and the soviet union signed a test ban treaty which prohibited the explosion of nuclear weapons in the atmosphere. a futuristic old mystery is just. so there's. a spirit to cure it. i took to. be. kept very. very accurate. atmospheric explosions ceased at the polygon but that didn't mean nuclear testing
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halted it simply moved underground. three hundred forty bombs were exploded in the bowels of the poly don't. know what they made the point yet at the core as to you more less vadar but xemu what it was the much just the. illness bullis logic others are wily i don't know bomb over braswell or a dick to me in a million thing you would years ago and bill agreed. with him until diminished when he put it into which. you have only one of it or.
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let it to your theory. uncle is out there thirty there's thirty. very good. one are. the greatest tragedy the kazakh people face is the ill health of their children. the dire effects of the radiation contamination are seeping down from one generation to another. himly. yes year dubbed. but that doesn't. know most.
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of. the presidents upon the streets the. divide you're growing would you decide to. look at the border without the geneva agreement you're going to split that. this back in an image. but you. believe d.t. but you know what would the interstates easiest. to lose put on your idea. that you know when you believe. in this we have needed a mayor. at the clip gives you who are going to submit it. to get his summit in that.
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store and he is just in the down which here it. is below on the no no it is just in there but it's in there a new image has the same one this is the way that i would. say it was this year the rig company and of. the kings of the sort of middle of it a very there is a way it's a participatory in the soviet summit each given what that same summit is going with that's a stop at center today they are subpoenas that. normally to pursue paths and i mean it's just a shame and if it's a chance of staying for the. supplies and they need to rebuild their tradition of a thief scam even if it's going to take my own minister to say he hasn't spoken don't listen to him but one. east coast of syria ends of
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a given yes yes and i believe i am clearly. resisting political enough this is the new patrice millet causing me. my postage scanning mia into position but it's caught on the stick inescapable process that in his persistent click on a. group can be tricky. to decide on the new related groups here in canada. and blog on the initial raudonikis to see who's really. pretty quick question it is just that honest necessity you're a democratic strategy. because as governor of the takeover. take your. pick let's do the civil to call any of the. children most of the year started as
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they should. but one which has no clue just by minute and others who have. more muscle they want to lose my spot on the blue or the just died law than the one i supposed plenty of want to just not support what. i want to just not support him we'll just super just all talk or. want to kill they want. well don't you know uncle yells out quickly get. all of them one get the twelve that cannot or need to warm up the keys to switch it. live you. probably read through single media gives a flea. market in. the
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morning listen. this was a little education dollars for. the military a prison. in canada. a slogan a strong national political you get a bus throwing in years to give me your name because i started to issue a nationally school became sister ships is a bit over mr bush or the us by reality of us. you know sort of took over if you want to sleep with bill and mr still. are of course resisted leftward mischief. which will cut you thank you because i should. pull it off while you gentian whether there was a just. cause i stood up like i'd not put him there was that i was away for the upset when i'm drunk that the children should get a couple years because of this sort of justice to look at the start of a sudden a civil social cause last but also the promotion of it you're pushing the greedy
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permission i was going to see on the atmosphere is that if you are going to secure thirty seven yet they look at what the quit the course for just because of the world so i have come to go cause. it's in my sleep if you buy your motors there should formulate it at a video on you but you gonna kill more usually assume that i see what it was useful simple that's completely gone. soviet officials have long blamed the poor health of the polygon villagers on anything but exposure to nuclear contamination it was the fault of poor diet inadequate sanitation a harsh climate and the faulty genes of the kazakh people from time immemorial and
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her kashagan of us is a kazakh filmmaker who in one thousand nine hundred confronted soviet officials with the facts about the polygon. that's still going out by the book it seems the deputies who had it in their work their families it didn't but then most any or any other old when you flip it so when you. look to those to know. this attitude has not changed much in the russia of today yuri do bass of is a senior radio chemist in st petersburg yes leo bust through it like years ago digic ikea's got mad yeah it would look like here's a question for you that or you. or news is news when you see our news i would have probably idea believe. the kazakstan government hands out barely adequate pensions
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small payouts and free health care to the victims of radiation contamination. but the russians categorically refused to accept any responsibility for the poisoning of the people of the polygon. in february one thousand eight hundred rumors spread to underground tests of the polygon that exploded into the atmosphere. the kazakh population girl armed. silliman off is a beloved kazakh poet is a beast here everything others will never. sure but the movie still must set you go go get it done list the president in. the room to live yes let the screwy. chat it's looking
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a marvelous clue about your ranch. it's going to be tuesday. soon the men are called a public meeting we don't know about your. beer but if it will. not get over it it won't be argued. that. he would dump. me give me. a good week that also says the whole city of college is going to give him the whole. damn lift get a read. he could give be the biggest astley office needs to. pay less skilled in. business he would be given new thought he could could have started what effect teach only to place the movement towards democracy in the soviet union facilitated the nationwide protest. all the signs.
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are designed. here was because only at the. dumb decision you quit deal with discussed on local book need only choice. for a larger audience not good honest citizens movement to a successful in one thousand nine hundred ninety on nuclear testing ceased in the polygon of kazakstan. in one thousand nine hundred two soon after independence from the soviet union the country became a nuclear free sounds fun of it during the past a lot of. however the horror has not gone away. to. levels of radiation in some parts of the bald eagle remained ten times higher than normal. yeah but idealist yet again would you
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pick up. a brunette speaking. but i watching it was so quiet again at a party played. out of my life. do you know your atom up in your ear. what is a postcard your reward e-r. now what a slug oh my god. you got me granny timmy townes not coming. when you deliver but using your method i'm just the money. doesn't follow it doesn't close all the little news thought of all the rest of you took the world all over the world to. australia a lot of the love it because of the. oil i was almost similar. to the one looking. cause he were to believe you only. to me the other most of simplest of.
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this i'm alone this. devotion is. yours are a little zillion as to where these images of the mr. new to me which with the scars when will you go them. but it's of them to quit. almost. the.
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silent bombs a disturbing reminder of the long term consequences of nuclear testing but since that film first to add a new field of research has emerged as a member i mentioned the north korean nuclear test at the start of this program the one which registered as the equivalent of a six point three magnitude earthquake well it wasn't a natural earthquake of course but just eight minutes later and a little over five kilometers away there was another earthquake a real one measuring four point one real in the sense that it wasn't a bomb but it definitely wasn't natural it's what's known as a human induced earthquake and there are a lot more of them then you might think and we're going to discuss that now with professor julian folger who's compiled
3:53 pm
a database of more than seven hundred quakes which were probably caused by human activity professor it's a pleasure to have you with us can you talk me through that. second earthquake which i described there in north korea iran and what it was this earthquake which was eight minutes afterwards it could have been simply a geological fault that had been induced to slip or it could possibly have been implosion of the huge cavity that's formed by the test it's well known that this occurs it's been observed many times for example at the nevada test site with american nuclear testing and following these tests there's such a disruption of the local stress fail that swarms of earthquakes often occur what's been to your knowledge the biggest of these human induced earthquakes the biggest earthquake which has been proposed on scientific grounds to have been human induced is the two thousand and eight magnitude seven point nine when trying
3:54 pm
a quake in the people's republic of china. this has been proposed to have been triggered started off by filling a reservoir locally and because of the nature of earthquakes they just require a little jog to set them going and then they can just keep on and on and develop into a big earthquake and that is is possibly what happened on this occasion so then how careful do we as humans now need to be if this is you so you've got a database of seven hundred of these potential quakes what do we need to be thinking about more when building things or living off explosions or whatever it might be how how much more careful do you think we have to be everybody i think was surprised at the huge range of activities that can induce earthquakes and these include mining filling reservoirs building tall buildings extracting gas and oil
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and i could go on and on so when we build a big project we have a mine we have a reservoir way exploiting oil or gas or jet. thermal reservoir or something like this of course is great economic benefit but there's always a downside there industrial accidents there are road accidents there's environmental damage in this kind of thing and we now realise that there can can also be induced earthquakes and this needs to be added to the portfolio of health and safety hazards that should be managed whenever a big project is undertaken do you think hydro schemes need to be perhaps rethought i mean they are a. very popular way of generating energy you'll see you know hydroelectric dams all over the world but do we need to rethink that sort of. scheme there's definitely a case for including seismic monitoring equipment when a dam is built in the reservoirs impounded and also doing geological investigations
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to assess what the seismic risk might be so where in the world are you seeing this issue the most is that i mean i think of earthquakes i think of somewhere like california or for example japan well. one would have to say oklahoma because the state of oklahoma in the united states. used to not be very seismically active a tall they were just a few earthquakes and very it was very rare that any of them troubled anybody. but because of the increase in the oil and gas operations there and also changes in strategies such as injecting large amounts of weight sporter. to homer has gone from being completely off the map when it comes to quakes to being more seismically active than california just funny do you get any pushback professor from your research people saying not just not true first of all i'd like to get on the radar
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screen. quite database is completely freely available to everybody from w w w dot induced earthquake. org but what we think coded in it is not just earthquakes or earthquake sequences that were absolutely one hundred percent certain were induced by human activity we've included everything that has been proposed on scientific grounds so the database comes with a caveat emptor or that here's the database here's everything that's been published and it's up to you to make your own decision about whether you believe this or that case professor jim involves or what a fascinating topic and i'm really glad we could talk to you about it thank you so much for your time it was a pleasure kemal thank you and that is it for us to join us again next week and also check out the rewind page at al-jazeera dot com for more films from the series i'm come on santa maria thanks for joining us so you can see.
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in two thousand and eight traveled across the united states discovering what it was like to be both a patriotic american and a devout muslim can you be muslim and american you have to be american first i didn't have much appreciation for why it would be a big deal that a muslim to be elected to the united states congress but ten years on what has changed rewind islam in america at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back we'll take a look at weather conditions across the americas we're still seeing some fairly heavy showers affecting parts of bolivia at the moment for kasich yes more showers here in the past maybe not fairing too badly some patchy rain back for ascension and paraguay the rain across through to nero which in recent days is cause some flooding is still there still some showers around but generally it's getting better further south all looking fine for one is there a temperature of thirty degrees heading on into into sunday has really woman up on his errors you'll notice that rio still seem want to shout otherwise fine conditions for santiago salvador seen some heavy downpours moving up into the caribbean reaches looking find very little way to cross on this but the sunshine temps in the high twenty's beautiful conditions the same really goes for much of central america there are a few showers coming in off the caribbean but otherwise looking at generally fine conditions mexico city should be dry and fine with highs of twenty three degrees celsius heading into north america there is
4:00 pm
a frontal system you can see heading southeast which the north of it some cold that the south well just about hanging on to some brothers the mild weather with atlanta they're seeing highs of twenty one degrees can trust in washington at just five that front does clear away during the course of sunday wash and sees temperatures then recovering to ten degrees celsius. the weather sponsored by cats own race. this is al jazeera. has a stake in this is the news hour live from doc coming up in the next sixty minutes .


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