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tv   The Listening Post 2018 Ep 7  Al Jazeera  February 21, 2018 8:32am-9:01am +03

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and there's an old fart joke that the children are going to act before it's too late i'm not from the finished. palestinian leader mahmoud abbas has proposed a new international peace summit with israel at the u.n. well that rules out the united states as the chief broker the u.s. says it remains ready to talk but won't chase after the palestinians the u.s. says north korean officials decided at the last minute not to meet vice president mike pence during his visit to south korea earlier this month as you can see he sat right in front of the north korean leader kim jong un sr and washington said he'd been willing to hold a meeting with her and other officials from pyongyang as president on a trump is recommending a ban on devices that can turn semiautomatic firearms into machine guns it would include so-called bomb stocks which were used in the last vegas mass shooting in october where fifty eight people were killed and the white house says it's open to raising the minimum age for people trying to buy the type of rifle rifle that it
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was shoes to in last week's school shooting in florida the left seventeen people dead those are the headlines news continues keep it here on al-jazeera listening post this next. hold the benefit of saddam people so bad they see all kinds witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. feel to ask the peaceful. i'm. right now just so you know i'm not talking. point among the most closely watched early awareness and this level diplomacy. a lot richard gives but if you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories we've been tracking this week five rings two countries one flag if they handed out medals for spinning the story
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north korea would get the gold july fifteenth two thousand and sixteen the night turkey got a new national narrative or at least that's what the government and the media that have its back would have you believe facebook google fake news and hate speech governments can't seem to fix it maybe big money advertisers care and egypt where the security state gets down with the kids and i wish i was. a you had it was a case of let the games begin and cue the propaganda the politicking and the punditry at the opening ceremonies of the winter olympics athletes from two countries still officially in a state of war north and south korea marched into the stadium together under one flag those images of a temporarily unified korea were beamed around the world and would have registered in washington how about the side of kim jong the north korean leader sr shaking hands with south korean president moon j in right under the nose of u.s. vice president mike pence if stealing the show was pyongyang's intention the media
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played right into its hands offering extensive coverage of the delegation from the north wherever they light the flame there are going to be geopolitics in the mix but these games given where they are and the guy. it's involved of take an olympic politics to another level or a starting point this week is pyong chang so. not every picture tells the story not every image is worth a thousand words but the right one in the right place time and context can pack a bigger punch than one hundred soundbites or a million tweets and images like this with athletes from two countries entering the olympic stage under one flag. it's a great photo op it makes for some good pictures it does bring a sense of potential and the sense of optimism at least briefly for that sports
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event but it doesn't necessarily mean unification is around the corner of course there's an element of spectacle to it but it was also meaningful. and i think it demonstrated that the two koreas are trying to work something out at this moment one in which the north koreans have developed a nuclear program now there's a lot of tension between them and the international community and just having that group walking together doesn't erase all of that so you know it is a moment that suggests hopefulness and a lot has been said about the u.s. vice president mike pence and his wife choosing to remain seated while tens of thousands of spectators including north korean envoys and the south korean president were standing up and applauding wildly mike pence came across as grumpy burridge insensitive actually quite offensive. if
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a charm offensive is to work the recipients must be open to persuasion and it helps if they're gullible pyongyang will have been pleased with the way the western media received. jong kim jong un sr with the world watching the olympics she will put a young telegenic face on the regime there is no denying the significance of her presence at the games given that kim jong is the first member of north korea's ruling family to ever visit the south but before falling under her spell western news outlets might have done some homework and considered her day job propaganda is what kim jong guts. as the head of north korea's department of propaganda and as a taishan. she does run a very important department that department make sure that north koreans have few if any real access to outside information that they remain in that dog and that
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department also does its best to restrict the flow of information out of north korea none of that was broached in reporting on. only the fact that she exuded a softer image that she smiled for the cameras that she looked modest and sincere. may be seen as a more propaganda show to make create more pitiful war loving images of north korea but from the viewpoint. that this is a very important political breakthrough given that she was the first korea link family members music to the south korea so in that way this is a better. political breakthrough. in pyongyang chang jong became the temporary face of an authoritarian country that is politically dominated by men. kim jong il represents the third generation of a family dynasty
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a patriarchy that has lasted for seventy years. but when north korea ventures onto the world stage and in front of the news media women do a disproportionate amount of the p.r. work. in addition to kim you're john the government sent more than two hundred cheerleaders to the camps it's not the first time they've been sent out but journalists can't seem to resist the cameras were drawn to the women like moths to the olympic flame. the media again a male dominated media is just all over them desperate to try to get a response from them you see it's sort of a game in the south korean media it's a can you get one of them to answer a question because they're really quite tight lipped other than when they're cheering and then i'm going to. be like you just in a way it's almost a propaganda failure because of how regimented and organized they appear it can look a little bit weird sometimes a little bit sort of stiff it's sort of what you would expect from westin media
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because they really like this narrative and especially like the cheerleaders really fit into the caricature that they've built of north korea and this idea of it's this potemkin village and their fascination with how synchronize they are and how brainwashed they are and how controlled they are to not support stuff surround the cheering squad the athletes the upci he was the delegation would be under twenty four seven surveillance he says they wouldn't be able to go to the bathroom alone and it sort of revealed how little the western media knows about either korea and how little they understand about the situation and home is on a predictable reality there's no television or taste yet made in the international news media treat north korea as a potential geopolitical flashpoint media in south korea see the north differently as an existential threat news outlets based in seoul are typically split along liberal and conservative lines liberal outlets are more open to accommodating
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pyongyang conservative ones are usually much more hardline but on this story and the bilateral meeting between kim your jong and the south korean president. the ideological gap in the south seems to have. because of the stakes the arsenals and the players involved not all of whom are career. on the left you have editorials cheering when jane saying this is a very important moment of outreach and possibly a bigger breakthrough on the right instead of being critical of wins in editorials are saying things like this is good just be careful the gap between left and right is relatively narrow i think because south koreans generally are very worried about the united states right now we think electrics will go very nicely and after that who knows we'll find out that president trump is way too willing to risk war on the korean peninsula so there's sort of
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a unity of opinion across the board left and right looking for a way to defuse tensions and move on most of those grand newspapers and south on t.v. they're looking between south korean authorities and talking to our john. is important protocol breakthrough it on the chinese on the middle to meet her why it will probably be under three ton and get what is needed on. another korean war. then people will be the one who thought foremost i saw any kind of sign any kind of guest just from the north to communicate without korea is have to be seen as a possible that no other way. the wall to wall coverage of this story comes with crack significant gaffes you know understand the south korean media know little about what goes on in pyongyang the international media don't know their way around either country either story. and the vast majority of journalists parachuted into
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the olympics are sports reporters unschooled in the world of geopolitics for the kims of north korea this was more than a photo opportunity it was a propaganda opportunity and they took it. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar today with one of our producers tarek nasr one of the world's biggest advertisers unilever now talking about pulling its ads from both facebook and google why so unilever is trying to succeed with its advertising muscle where governments of failed would they regulate three policies facebook in particular is facing criticism for failing to remove hate speech misinformation fake news and extremist content and the company's founder months up about it began the year by announcing that the tweet its news feed algorithm to prioritize what it cools and meaningful social interactions. it's by no means clear though that that will solve those problems and unilever which
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owns brands like bethany and ben and jerry's ice cream has announced it will pull out of from facebook and google and left those companies clean up their acts and one unit leader executive actually put some of these but phones a little better than a swan so how do you read this move is it about principles or is it about profits i think it's clearly aimed at protecting that brand unilever doesn't want to see its ads alongside content from white supremacists for example and it's become increasingly clear how little leverage governments actually have over social media companies to force them to change their ways hitting them where the billions they make an ad revenues could prove to be very consequential especially if other big companies follow unilever's lead the other story you've been looking at concerns an indian journalist anxious countered chakrabarti who's been fired over a tweet first of all who is she chakrabarty was a political editor online outlet daily which is owned by the india today group last
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week she tweeted this turning a blind eye to hate mongering fake news spreading anchors editors reporters and writers or hiring them in the first place must be tried in court as hate speech enabler profiteers i tweet didn't name any names nor did it really get much attention at first but it was clearly too close to home for chuck about these both india today and i want to follow the indian media a new chunk about it was probably talking about particular anchors some of whom are in india today of channels but about them got on a good year hindu like you would john would have been someone a president the anchors like donna gore of star want frequently put out incendiary and sometimes completely false information on that and they're not the only ones doing that in the indian media is this is the time part of angel ok so what chakrabarti was describing is a very real issue on the indian airwaves and she paid a price for that yes she did her job senior editor. stuff india today met to
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discuss the tweet and she says a week later she go call from h.s. and she had three options delete the tweet resign or face being fide saying she refused to be censored she chose the latter and the company how it was that the trucker bhatti broke their rules on editorial conduct ok thanks to our sometimes a date on the calendar can become synonymous with an event a founding moment for a new media narrative september eleventh two thousand and one is an example of that for turks there's july fifteenth two thousand and sixteen when a failed coup attempt left hundreds dead and thousands injured now such states tend to come with a ready made enemy or at least a scapegoat and the turkish government has a bit of both and what it calls the for tool a terrorist organization or fettle a movement led by a reclusive islamic cleric based in the u.s. for too long to look back in the early two thousand schools followers were allies of president heir to one's act party by two thousand and thirteen however they had fallen a politically and heir to one labelled the movement a parallel state
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a shadowy threat to turkey's democracy after july fifteenth two thousand and sixteen the government rebranded dylan and his followers as terrorists the listening post will yong now in the turkish media's role in framing the coup as an ongoing explanation for the challenges the country faces and as a way of crushing dissent. on the east and. we need them in. their conscious woman the only question is on the how to make. kids what it's kind of that in the. skull. and the media narrative has really played an important role for the a k p government and for president i don't want to disseminate a particular version of events that will. i don't let your love of the club.
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which are going on you. not go there to hear such an authority. then on the soft cool to hear this reversed. i'm. from the soldiers and civilians killed an injured to the bullet scarred walls of government buildings from accusations confessions prosecutions and recriminations a new national narrative has emerged in which turkey is percent by an enemy within the fair to terror organization to be known henceforth by the acronym. they made so much the journalists who want to defend the state also want to keep the fifteenth of july high on the agenda and. if you consider the counter the texture the
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intricate structure and the sophistication of the organization that we fought against on the fifteenth of july you will better understand why that day will not be forgotten than it. was the government is trying to keep itself in power of the back of the propaganda fifteenth of july even before the curtain came to an end the pro-government media were very quick to label the coup plotters as members of fattah this discourse has continued unabated since that day. in truth the good in movement and the arc party co-existed and cooperated for years before relations soured. took top jobs in the judiciary in education in the police and army and had significant holdings in the media but that history has no place in the current government discourse which has followers infiltrating turkey's institutions to form a parallel state when that organization. and to seize power by force it was only
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president early ones timely and effective mobilization of the popular will that stopped them however while the coup attempt was thwarted their supporters are still being outed all the time not only in the courts but in trials by media so well in new decree law as announced and people raise their concerns about the implications of that victoria law usually the first response from a pro-government. member of the fetter. party fit in in the world and i guess it just becomes a vehicle for silencing oppositional voices and for discouraging people from asking questions not only about that but in general about any government policy. the issue of for doing turkey is not an easy thing to grasp it is a movement which was so well hidden that many journalists supported them unfortunately some are saying that there have been unjust investigations of
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prosecutions against such as cases against journalists but we need to distinguish between true journalists and those who call themselves journalists unique. according to president of the one and many in the turkish media the influence affect or even extends to a court in new york where late last year reza rob a turkish iranian gold trader admitted to running a sanctions busting racket trading iranian oil for gold paying millions of dollars in bribes to senior turkish ministers along the way. testimony implicated oda one and his son bilawal but viewed from turkey this is all part of a federal inspired international conspiracy hark you may. judge has a link to the prosecutor has a clear link to one of the witnesses is a federal member in flood turkey this is all linked to when to stop playing the international role expect the. and started to pursue its own destiny this hostility
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will continue. as you order and. at first the governments and pro-government media find massive importance to the robber as a valuable turkish citizen. however with the rope started to cooperate with the prosecutor's office the prosecutor the judge and the entire u.s. justice department would have to order and as a sign up you know the legion he. really consciously the bow down not to of course this isn't a credible now that he or she didn't have it well. there is a discrepancy between the reporting of the zurab case by the turkish and the international media the international media look forward to seeing information against the one against his ministers and against his fights with the military has been a long time coming out a man who has tightened his grip on power by jailing thousands of political
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opponents at home fifty thousand people have been arrested one hundred fifty thousand people lost their jobs or been suspended following the fifteenth of july the silence of western activists seem to say that they were sad that the coup had been prevented this may journalists who thought turkey in the west check common interests reconsider that position. are gone was in france when the french journalist asked him a question about syria and president are the one was not happy with those questions and he asked a journalist if he was a member of. all of these international and domestic developments can be explained as part of this international conspiracy against turkey persecuted by enemies abroad infiltrated by enemies within most of the turkish media have now closed ranks around the state sanctions now. that appears to explain all of this in terms of the fails two thousand and sixteen coup
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attempt meanwhile hundreds of journalists have been arrested the news outlets shouted or taken over by government supporters the result is a media landscape where the only story is the july fifteenth story the pro-government media is serving the same political narrative and the same political objectives as are going in k.p. there are many obviously you know there are political agendas are very much aligned and because they serve to propagate the message from the party and from the president we can see several similarities in terms of their narratives . eighty to ninety percent of the media in turkey has been under government control for a long time and they report with one voice it is communicating on views foley within
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the last year we are feeling what we call the presidential palace media fighting among themselves to prove who is more pro who with ultra ultra pro super. can that of that of the couple of let. the stories that a nation tells become how that nation imagines itself collectively how it understands its picton hood its identity and its destiny. if for turkey july fifteenth was the day everything changed narratives around the failed coup unfertile or a new national creation one that with so much of the turkish media behind it is rapidly becoming a new national from reality. and finally kids just about everywhere like to spend time on you tube and when they do that in egypt they might learn how to become police informants somebody at the interior ministry thought it would be a good idea to produce
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a cartoon designed to do that if he chose two boys reporting some suspicious new neighbors to a friendly policeman uncle in the below now not everyone sees egyptian security forces in such a benign light the ngo human rights watch for example recently said that the interior ministry oversees an assembly line of torture what follows is a slightly scary snapshot into the security state that egypt has become under president. el-sisi but at least the kids get some chocolate out of the deal well see you next time you're at the listening post. here but the shelling the civic and the most of it is on the from address the issue there and then the way in session i had to have even this going on dana and i became a yelling isn't all you can look. yes no big deal at the end. nothing was going to be below me. as.
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lying on the floor. but not on someone what. if they didn't do this and. i think it would have. to. show a good match up. i'm going to be one as well wait on them and then in the. video . i'm going to be seen as a visiting to that and then it was a handful didn't get mentioned for me the fairly horrible how was it has been is again we're seeing on the day we look at this look of a new machine the commission. and with him a new computer and. you had. record of my. now you know never kind of. robotic you know lead into combat left in the middle to mean if you had a little mission limited and good will let the buddha's sort of it will him in the
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next debate get the young he said begin with but limit his sit in if he had go to lands end up dead would be careful to. look at. the fact that. the carter center. discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the world. can they can challenge
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your perception if you were to design a propaganda system you could not build a better platform then facebook. for documenters debates around this country this country that was once that the wealthiest in the region what went wrong how did they get to this point al-jazeera. the scene for us when they're on line which is a very new sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that little choosing between buying medication eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and she's close to the story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. monitored truck quantify i'm value missing data
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a new car for. your data your identity is a commodity you have to understand where i'm from but it come from ah sleep it's time to reclaim our cyber so should we have to put in them with something that can all be shown we are creators we are accursed we are geeks give us back our data at this time on a zero. or shall carry these are the top stories on al-jazeera one of syria's last rebel held areas has been under heavy bombardment by government and russian forces more than two hundred fifty people have been reported dead in eastern goodis and sunday activists are describing the.


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