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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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we have a newsgathering team here that is second term and they're all over the world and they do a fantastic job when information is coming in very quickly all at once you've got to be able to react to all the changes and al-jazeera we adapt to them. my job is is to break it all down and we held the view i understand and make sense of it. running away from israeli snipers a young palestinian becomes another casualty of the violence on the gaza border. and sam is a van this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up fifty tons of much needed
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relief supplies are destroyed by fire in the last. three of the. voters away the results of sierra leone's presidential run off the last leg of a difficult three month election process and. i happen to. be examining race relations in the u.s. fifty years after the assassination of civil rights leader martin luther king jr. video has emerged which palestinians say shows a young demonstrator being shot as he ran away from israel's border with gaza the footage was filmed on friday as thousands of people began their protest against decades of land grabs by israel seventeen people died and more than fifteen hundred
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were injured medics in gaza say the man in this video was among the victims these really military says he was a member of the armed wing of hamas palestinians say he was unarmed and shot in the back on saturday dozens more people were injured in the demonstrations the united nations is calling for an investigation into the violence hoda abdel-hamid sent this report from the gaza israel border. grief anger and defiance as gazans mourn their dead it's a scene that has become all too familiar adding pain to what do un calls and unlivable situation among the bodies being carried for one last time through the streets of gaza the one of mohammed abu amr an artist who took part in the so-called great march have returned his friends say his art would be forgotten and there's also the body of this man shot while praying at the protest on friday night in old morden thousand four hundred people were injured more than half of them shot
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by live i mean nation some suffocated by tear guys the highest casualty rate in a single day in gaza since the last war in two thousand and fourteen israel had prepared for days sending reinforcements to the border area the army had warned gazans against approaching the border fence as a matter of national security now the military threatens that if the violence continues it will escalate its response and go deeper into gaza. bus drivers receive voice messages from the israeli army advising them against moving people to the border area or else as this voice says they and their families will be held responsible but gazans fed up and exhausted from life under siege vowed to continue protesting civil tents were erected along the border and thousands of people planned to camp there many of them refugees who are demanding
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their right to return to the homes their families were a victim from generations ago that they're so he still carries dickey of his parents' house in there it's about now an israeli town but i'll go to but i will keep it until we get back there and die there if not me my children will have been waiting for nearly seventy years and still nobody cares about us i live under siege with not a single aspect of a decent life. about sixty eight percent of the population in gaza are refugees the protests will continue until may fifteenth the day of the creation of the state of israel palestinians refer to it as neck back or catastrophe everyone on both sides is aware that this standoff can spin out of control at any moment but up to how many al-jazeera along israel's border with gaza. is a political analyst and adviser to the palestinian liberation organization or
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p.l.o. he says the international community must hold israel accountable for its actions it's basically about stopping culture history has been encouraged for example where the trumpet ministration to continue their policies of organization and attacks against people not only does or you can also very depressed of palestine you have a situation whereby the rights of the people are being nice and therefore while we welcome this call for an investigation we also need to move towards accountability for this culture allowed or feel. i think the state of palestine has been doing what ever they can do in terms of the yesterday we have a security council emergency meeting on that issue and unfortunately once again the trump of the restriction prevented any possible international action or people in
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gaza need that you saw the results yesterday a large fire in yemen has destroyed tons of much needed humanitarian supplies the blaze broke out in the rebel held port city of data poor china jan has the latest. yemeni firefighters did all they could to stop the flames. but more than fifty tons of critically needed food and relief supplies were lost. the five warehouses in the rebel held port city of what died were being used by the united nations food program the red sea port has been a lifeline for people in the war torn country. that had the thought of being controlled from the beginning it wouldn't have reached this extent by sunrise the fire was huge warehouses returning in the fall is expanding integrating from store to store. the u.n. says it's investigating but some port workers are blaming an electrical short circuit. and that has. caught the news of this fire from the governor right
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operation when we arrived here we found a lot of safety and security negligence and this has led to a huge spread of fire all over the place. the internationally recognized government of yemen is blaming the rebels not hold the port it says the criminals behind this fire should be punished yemen is one of the world's poorest countries. the three year war between iran backed with the rebels and the saudi backed yemeni government in exile has left more than ten thousand people dead there are also outbreaks of cholera and diptheria. this warehouse fire is a further setback for those trying to help civilians in what the u.n. calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis culture dirge on al-jazeera. the international criminal court in the hague is detained in mali in man accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity the indictment relates to destruction of
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religious sites in timbuktu in two thousand and twelve and two thousand and thirteen he's also accused of enforcing policies that led to sexual enslavement of women and girls. a deal has been reached to evacuate the wounded from the besieged syrian town of duma opposition fighters are holed up in the east in a halter enclave which borders the syrian capital damascus duma is the last rebel stronghold in the area after government forces conducted a major onslaught over the last few weeks thousands of opposition fighters were forced to surrender on the last remaining staff have left the u.s. consulate in st petersburg russia as the diplomatic fallout continues over the poisoning of a former double agent and his daughter in the u.k. moscow sent a saturday deadline for the closure as part of its response to the expulsion of more than one hundred fifty russian diplomats across the world they were expelled in support of the u.k. which accuses the kremlin of being behind the nerve agent attack on. his daughter
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yulia moscow denies involvement voters in sierra leone are waiting to find out whole be the next president the runoff is between two candidates after an earlier election failed to produce an outright winner opposition leader julius maher the bureau is a former military head of state he led a coup in one thousand nine hundred six which overthrew the government and put him in charge for three months well he's up against some more to come out of the ruling party candidate is served as foreign affairs minister in government whoever wins faces major challenges in post a bowler sierra leone including the fight against corruption economic woes and tackling poverty there's a whole edris reports there's been little enthusiasm for the election. as election officers count the vote several unions hold their breath this is the last leg of a difficult three month of issues and hoping that the turnout will be high to give legitimacy to the process. when president and his arrived to choose the
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successor there was hardly anyone queuing to vote those who did left long before. the low turnout was not lost on the process. my. only concern. at the runoff is. the voter turnout that seems to. be no other than what we experience under several we do hope that with all the gains we have made it is incumbent on the candidates to accept the outcome of the elections this is what some say is partly responsible for some voters staying away especially in more rural areas heavily armed soldiers at polling stations we have high presence of security outfits is stunning number of intimidation checks and all of that and citizens and i mean enthusiastic in
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terms of how the process is djibril kamar lives close to why the president voted but he's not keen on voting. age among them for the five mile. not mom not even the youth and i'm on the. roads i can boast of anything i'm skinny and not an office job and there are thousands who think that way the recess narrowed to two candidates after the first round failed to produce a clear winner the voters must choose between a former military ruler and a form a government minister they both represent parties that have dominated politics and seven year old voters who turned up mostly young and are eager to change the way things are done here for those who chose to participate like this first time voter they simply want their voices heard i was a change in the educational system because it will be it's been very hard. we need
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an improvement election officials say results could be out in a few days but whoever succeeds this matter will have to find a way to unite said in the audience polarized by the election. as well as addressing the critical needs of the people. al-jazeera frito. the main opposition party in the democratic republic of congo has chosen its candidate for december's presidential election felix to see kerry is the son of former opposition leader harry hill challenge president joseph kabila but it's unclear if the vote will go ahead as planned could be as lead the country for seventeen years but has overstayed his mandate by more than a year. all of us a key security and we must behave as peter could do so if we conduct ourselves orderly him to supplant man i promise you that i will be the president who will finally allow for our founding father's dream to be realized. still ahead on
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al-jazeera braced for reentry scientists a chinese space lab is closing in on earth's atmosphere. lights camera and action people in argentina's capital star in their own show to change perceptions to commuters. hello there we've been seeing dust storms in doha and it's all thanks to this weather system here stretches up through parts of saudi arabia and then all the way up towards the northeastern parts of our map ahead of that is where we're seeing the worst of the dust so we're also seeing dust storms across parts of iran and into afghanistan as well that area of cloud though is still bringing us a fair amount of wet weather as it works its way across tashkent or now marty in fact some of us are seeing some snow over the mountains still and that system
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gradually edges its way eastwards behind it it's looking dry but it's also looking hot say for beirut twenty three degrees will be our maximum but baghdad is all the way up at thirty now as i said we had some dust storms here in doha and it's still going to be very windy as we head through the day on sunday the cloud is staying to the west of us and that's where there is the greatest chance of seeing a few outbreaks of rain and if you see a shower it is likely to be rather heavy even further towards the south in a certain even a lot of wet weather over the southern parts of africa recently particularly over parts of namibia botswana but the showers moving their way northward and so for many of us here it should be a little bit drier there will still be some showers in the eastern parts of south africa though so jo'burg is likely to hear the audible bit of thunder during the day for the west is fine forcing cape town at twenty two. systemic corruption from politics through business to who is
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controlling what states of resources people in power investigates the misuse of south africa's state assets nobody who'll he's implicated or named in the lives of ford was able to put their point of view on the financial rewards available to unaccommodating business community south africa corruption inc on i'll just. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera let's remind you of our headlines this hour now video has emerged of what appears to be a young palestinian being shot by the israeli military one running away from the
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border with dancer he's one of seventeen protesters who died on friday more than fifteen hundred palestinians have been injured two days protests a huge fire in the rebel held yemeni port city of how data is destroyed fifty tons of world food programme relief supplies poured workers believe a short circuit sparked the blaze nice yemeni government in exile is blaming rebels for the fire. people in sierra leone no waiting to find out who will be the next president runoff between julius might have be zero and some more to come to an earlier election failed to produce an outright winner voter turnout has been lower than the first round three weeks ago. the u.s. and south korea have resumed joint military exercises after they were put on hold during the winter olympics media say field work has begun nearly twelve thousand u.s. troops will join south korean soldiers for the exercises the largest each year between the two countries kathy novak joins us now from solve kathy trying to keep it low
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key what messages are they trying not to send this year. well they were put off because of the olympics as you say they didn't want to risk inflaming tensions with north korea while the winter olympics were happening here in february and march because north korea often calls them a rehearsal for invasion and react angrily to drills like this even though the united states and south korea say they are defensive in nature but of course it has been more peaceful lately here on the korean peninsula for example there is an art troupe of south korean performance performers in north korea right now that's the first time that has happened in more than ten years that follows joint performances between artists from the two koreas around the olympics here in south korea of course north korea sent athletes to those olympics and as it happens the head of the international olympic committee is actually in north korea for meetings
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including with the leader himself kim jong un saying that north korea is planning to participate in the next two a lympics in japan and china so a very different atmosphere to when these drills usually kick off here on the korean peninsula as we saw him john than a meeting with the chinese leader xi jinping plans for a summit meeting between the leaders of the two koreas later this month and plans for a meeting between kim jong un and donald trump and that sort of the peaceful context under which these are taking place so i think there's a sense that the united states and south korea feel that they can't be seen to be backing off from any of their pressure campaign but that the drills shouldn't be scaled down so in terms of scale they're about the same size as usual but instead of the two month duration they've been shortened to about a month and we're not expecting to see some of what's known as strategic assets including nuclear powered aircraft carriers taking part this time around then as
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for pyongyang's likely response while they were south korean envoys visiting with kim jong un in a recent weeks and their message. was that kim jong un has said that he understands that these routine drills must go ahead as planned and he also pledged to refrain from further nuclear and missile testing so it seems as you say that these drills may pass in a more low key fashion certainly in what we're likely to see in the media at least this time around femi. thanks for the. poke farmers in the us a beginning to feel the effect of a new twenty five percent tariff on their products that's being proposed by china move that's driven american port prices that sound the tariffs was sponsored by president dollar trumps plan to impose his own juices on sixty billion dollars worth of chinese goods john hendren of folds. china's newly planted suv set off
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a pork panic in the american farm belt but just the economically you know no matter what it is ripping off the movie affects the bottom of the chair of sitting pig farms across the united states or an answering shot in a trade war retaliation for president donald trump's new tariffs on steel and other chinese goods fairport producers are no longer competitive on the world market so if they come then to china ours are now more expensive therefore they would pick their port from some other place because china is the second largest customer for american farm products after canada the u.s. agricultural department says farm incomes this year are expected to slide to their lowest level since two thousand and six farmers have been big supporters of president trump in large part because he's been cutting regulations on their industry so when the chinese picked a target that would hurt trump and his supporters most they knew exactly where to aim china has been selecting products to inflict maximum sort of economic and
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political pain on the united states is that so much of the ten is are eager to harm american farmers on the other hand they're not going to just take shots from the trump administration without a response ironically one of the companies that would be most harmed by the tariffs north carolina based smithfield is actually owned by a chinese company proof that china is willing to take losses to wage a trade war it says the u.s. has set off john hendren al-jazeera chicago. after two years printing out of control a chinese spacecraft the size of a boss is about to crash back to earth the tangoing one space lab was launched in two thousand and eleven but its operators lost contact with it five years later after an apparent malfunction but is now expected to enter earth's atmosphere on sunday at a speed of twenty six thousand kilometers an hour it's not the first time a space station has made a dramatic reentry in two thousand and one russia steered its one hundred twenty ton mir spacecraft over the pacific where it broke up scientists say most of the
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chinese space lab will burn opposite enters the atmosphere posing little or no risk to people on the ground joan johnson friess is a professor at the u.s. naval war college and a former chairwoman of the national security affairs department she says the station is part of china's development of a manned space program well it's interesting in that. while that is falling to earth it will there's only a very little there very very small chance that it could do any jerk or humans it's part of their billion space program it really has little to do with any such areas great options whatsoever explore it get to be part of. a program you know it states china has announced their intentions are poor human spaceflight program in one nine hundred ninety two they're appearing at a very methodically down is
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a technology transfer that is heard looking towards their ultimate goal of a permanently militant space station large space station and the only connection between it and military aspirations and here it. dual use technology which is true for any space program be it china russia the noted states in europe and where. hundreds of people in china's capital have been celebrating holy saturday catholics in beijing attended prayer services and lit candles on the day before easter for years catholics in china have been split between those who follow government authorized churches and those who go to underground churches that pledge allegiance to the pope and the vatican our good friday parade in brazil that usually commemorates what believers believe to be jesus christ's crucifixion this year has focused on rising violence in the country
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performers in rio de janeiro drop to the ground at the sound of a gunshot while others shouted dignity and equality the cost for all locals use the event before morning called social crucifixion. i'm here. the details will be decided to show the problem of the violence that's happening here with twelve deaths in just the last two weeks we also showed all the different types of violence that the fella suffers such as the lack of basic sanitation infrastructure facilities the lack of public policy in the states and the police here but it's still very violent so the service that the authorities provide in the favelas could be described as very bad. people living in slum areas in argentina's capital are trying to change negative perceptions about their communities using their own t.v. show to report on how life really is from. reports.
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it's in use our like no other yeah yeah it's called slum world t.v. and it's made by people living in some of the poorest neighborhoods in when i. go there will. be i.d.l. fucking graham wallace who has been teaching journalism courses for over ten years to this city's most vulnerable. we show the other side of the slums the anonymous heroes the struggles so many young people don't conceive journalism as a way of making a living they don't have a clue that communication is a tall order it gives them power to be able to ask the question and to understand the reality it's like seeing a revolution. for now the show airs once a week on congress t.v. it has guests analyses but also stories filmed on the street that they know what stories filmed by people like my father was a murder in the thirty first eight years ago he was stabbed by drug dealers.
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my father was murdered here in the slum and it was chaos for all my family now i'm working to show what it's like for us living here and the struggles we have to face . israel also helps film messages from those living here to politicians or to anyone that can help improve their living conditions i personally were seven hundred thousand people living in suburban one of china's people whose lives are filled with hardship the idea of this news hour is not only to show the difficulties people face every day like poverty and crime but also fight against discrimination and prejudice. my vision. he's twenty one years old and she has been taking journalism classes for years i she says it has given her the tools to change her life and be able to see. that people have to hide their address
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because of their employers know they live here and they won't give them a job and want to show there is a brotherhood among those who live in the slums there are kids playing here there are women on the street in the afternoon drinking people say hello to each other every day we are also the community. there we're a community that is now trying to send their message through the screens hoping to change perceptions and break the walls between the haves and the have nots. that is how i just went to. civil rights leader martin luther king was assassinated half a century ago this week in the u.s. city of memphis is his death was one of many events that defined nine hundred sixty eight is a year of political social and emotional chaos al-jazeera is rosalyn jordan looks back at that time and the power levels with modern day america one thousand nine hundred sixty eight the year the world was watching the united states was mildly
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and psychologically falling apart it was a pivotal moment that saw changes in nearly every aspect of american life prince formative. as transformative. it was a period shift as moral and political heroes were being gunned down the public discovered it could no longer put its blind faith in its political leaders. nixon's victory in sixty eight which arguably is only made possible because of these assassinations really takes that playbook and parlay that into national power university students in the streets and in campus halls protesting what they called the u.s. is disastrous war in vietnam. african-american snapped in rioted several cities throughout the country were left burning. women took to the streets
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to demand equal treatment equal pay equal rights throughout the year we will explore these developments and delve into why how fifty years later the u.s. is fighting these fights all over again politicians stoking the very worst racist sexist and class stereotypes and divisions in order to gain power. young people ditching classes and marching on capitol hill to demand universal gun control we either voice a change in the eyes of peace is the fisherman this fine should not make. women naming the men who have sexually harassed them and pushing for ways to stop the systemic abuse. and yes african-americans latinos asians and native americans still fighting for a definitive and to racial profiling discrimination and prejudice the biggest
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difference everyone is weighing in in real time and on social media making it harder to ignore the fault lines in us society the vietnam war was so prominent in the concerns of young people in society and others was it was on t.v. every night fast forward twenty eighteen everyone is in their own personal bubble on their device in two thousand and eighteen and this is the question how much has the us learned from the divisions of nine hundred sixty eight and how well is it applying those lessons today. let's take you through some of the headlines here now to syria now video has emerged of what appears to be a young palestinian being shot by the israeli military was running from the border with gaza is one of seventeen protesters who died on friday more than fifteen
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hundred palestinians have been injured two days of protests. a huge fire in the rebel held yemeni port city of her day that has destroyed fifty tons of world food program relief supplies port workers believe a short circuit sparked the blaze the u.n. recognize them the government is blaming rebels for the fire. but i want to know there had the fire being controlled from the beginning it would look to reach this extent by sunrise the fire was huge warehouse is weakening and the fire was expanding in spreading from store to store. that maybe negligence was the cause of fire security and safety procedures were not at the required level this by the existence of stickers and logos detailing safety measures a deals being reached to evacuate the wounded from the besieged syrian town of duma opposition fighters are holed up in the eastern halt on klav which borders the capital duma is the last rebel stronghold in the area after
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a non slaughter by government forces in the past few weeks the last remaining staff have left the u.s. consulate in the russian city of st petersburg as the diplomatic fallout continues over the poisoning of a former double agent and his daughter in the u.k. moscow south of saturday deadline for the closure as part of its response to the expulsion of more than one hundred fifty russian diplomats across the world people in sierra leone no waiting to find out who will be their next president runoffs between julius murder bureau and some more. and earlier election failed to produce an outright winner voter turnouts been lower than the first round three weeks ago the main opposition party in the democratic republic of congo is chosen felix to see care the as its candidate for december's presidential election he's the son of former opposition leader at the end. he will challenge joseph kabila who's been the
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president for the last seventeen years its people in power now stay with us. a story of blackmail. this person. you know has killed i have strangled i have a story of current which a lot of the fear is real. passion. and the very same just. last month south african president jacob zuma was pushed from office after a decade before the corruption allegations his former associates the billionaire
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gupta brother was a fugitive from justice i mean claims that they blew.


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