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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2018 12:00pm-12:36pm +03

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zero. entering. the scene for us whether online what is american sign in yemen that peace is possible but not what happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there people the little choosing between buying medication and eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. shot running away from israeli cyprus for the on our palestinians targeted by troops who kill seventeen people and injured more than fifteen hundred.
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were shot here and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. and south korea kick off their largest annual military exercise following a month long delay. botswana swears in a new president after the leader steps down. plus living in the shadow of radiation we look at the dark secrets of one of russia's most polluted reverse. video has emerged which palestinians say shows a demonstrator being shot as he ran away from israeli israel's border with gaza it was filmed on friday as thousands of people began their protest against decades of land grabs on israel israel military says the man was a member of the armed wing of hamas his family though they have denied that claim and say he was unarmed and shot in the back israel warned it would use lethal fire on protesters and it did seventeen people. had been killed more than fifteen
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hundred others were injured and the u.n. says half of those are wounded by life fire united nations has called for an investigation into the violence but the us blocked a security council trafford solution condemning israel's use of force to sarasota delaminate has more from the gaza israel border. more and more videos are emerging about what exactly unfolded at the border fence on friday and from the evidence on many of the videos it seems that israel was shooting quite randomly at protesters now israel had warned in the days leading up to the friday protests that it will have this zero tolerance policy that it also had announce that it had the brilliant all these elite snipers about one hundred of them all along the border however after friday israel also said that among the protesters they were armed people there is no evidence so far of that noise that any evidence that petrol bombs where
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hurled across the fence as the israeli army says the organizers of the sittin here and of the protests keep on saying that they want this to be a peaceful protest they made their utmost to make sure that no one was arwa no one was going to shoot at the israeli soldiers the tents behind me are pretty empty now just because yes they going to stay here for six weeks but people also have a daily life to go back to so they go to work they go to school they go to university but in the afternoon and certainly on weekends the students will have thousands of people just as what we have seen on friday a large fire in yemen has destroyed tons of much needed humanitarian supplies the fire burnt on warehouses in the rubble help port city who data halted urging and has more. yemeni firefighters did all they could to stop the flames. but more. than fifty tonnes of critically needed food and relief supplies were lost
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the five warehouses in the rebel held port city of what died were being used by the united nations food program the red sea port has been a lifeline for people in the war torn country. that had the thought of being controlled from the beginning it wouldn't have reached this extent by sunrise the fire was huge warehouses and putting in the fall was expanding in spreading from store to store. the u.n. says it's investigating but some port workers are blaming an electrical short circuit. and that has. caught the news of this fire from the governor right a parade when we arrived here we found a lot of safety and security negligence and this has led to a huge spread of fire all over the place. the internationally recognized government of yemen is blaming the rebels that hold the port it says the criminals behind this fire should be punished yemen is one of the world's poorest countries.
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the three year war between iran backed with the rebels and the saudi backed yemeni government in exile has left more than ten thousand people dead there are also outbreaks of cholera and diptheria. this warehouse fire is a further setback for those trying to help civilians in what the u.n. calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis paltrow dirge on al-jazeera. the u.s. and south korea have military trials after a pause during the winter olympics only twelve thousand u.s. troops will join about three hundred thousand south korean soldiers for the largest annual exercises between the two nations. more from seoul. these annual joint military drills usually take place earlier in the year but they were delayed so as not to coincide with the winter olympics and paralympics that were taking place here in south korea north korea usually react angrily to drills like this calling
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them a rehearsal for an invasion even though the u.s. and south korea say they are defensive in nature but of course lately there has been a more peaceful atmosphere here on the korean peninsula and in light of that it seems that these drills are likely to be more low key the scale will be the same as in previous years but instead of running for two months they are expected to run for one month of course that is a time when will there is a lead up to a summit meeting between the leaders of north and south korea and plans for a possible meeting between the leader of north korea kim jong un and the u.s. president donald trump so another sign of a more cooperative atmosphere between the two koreas and indeed between the u.s. and north korea with shorter drills planned and we're not likely to see what's known as strategic assets including nuclear powered aircraft carriers this time around at the same time in another sign of the cooperation between the two koreas
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there is an art troupe visiting north korea for a series of performances they will be performing on sunday night and there is also a performance planned for choose day which will involve involve joint performance between north and south korean artists. but on as inaugurated a new president in a ceremony designed to highlight a smooth transition of power where tim says he is taking over until the elections next year he was formally the vice president and comma stepped down on saturday after serving the maximum time allowed under the constitution says he thanked his predecessor and promised to uphold the constitution which. it is of the deep sense of humility that i said the immense the responsibility that has just been bestowed on me and the trust and confidence by early posts as the fifth president of out of public a nation of which you are in carrying out my duties might start touchstone show to
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mean the oath i just made to uphold the constitution the rule of law and maintenance of national unity good governance peace and prosperity. catherine sawyer has more from the capitol. the president. let's be both upgraded. to common witness this ceremony which is very much in line with the constitution the president former president. was expected to step down as he did and to hand over power to his vice president who is now president and this. is in months to the general election to the next you know. where the public gets the fall of man. the man charged in time gets to the president and so. this is an opportunity for my c.c. to to
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a florrie seat to strengthen his presidency to show the people of books one and his ruling democratic party. and his own pride to the. yes man has been very loyal to former president and in such an east policy is some people really hoping that you're going to have you know my d.s. while he's going to hot. and he's already made that media class by larry is dealing with unemployment and again it's going to be interesting to see what happens as you decide because next steps will be on wednesday when he gets to name his cabinet and his vice president. still had on al jazeera iraq's christian community tries to resurrect from the ruins of war for easter.
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hello there for the southeastern parts of asia we've got lots of showers with us at the moment the heaviest downpours are in the western part of our map through parts of somalia and then all the way up into thailand heavy downpours here at the moment and it looks like we're going to see more cloud in a few more outbreaks of rain as we head through the day on monday as well this time the showers just pushing a little bit further towards the northwest as well further south still plenty of outbreaks of rain there down through some archer and into java to this region looking particularly wet not only on monday but also as we head through chews day further north of the northern parts of borneo and through many posts in the philippines we can expect drier weather and just the occasional shower if you're unlucky down towards australia and here we're bracing for flooding as this area of cloud works its way towards us this area is the remains of an old cyclamen called iris and as it works its way towards that coast we are looking at
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a period of very heavy downpours maybe up to three hundred millimeters of rain and that would cause a problem with flooding looks like it's going to be centered around townsville so that's where we're likely to see the worst of the weather elsewhere largely fine and dry for us in the south temperatures quiet high there in sydney up at around twenty nine degrees and in perth where it twenty eight. in twenty sixteen when he's revealed big girls from some as young as fifteen were trafficked to singapore to work is mean it's illegal and costly loans so why does it still continue in law abiding singapore want to win east on al-jazeera on counting the cost of crude futures contract was launched in china this week find out what it all means for the dollar and oil produces a look at africa's biggest companies plus technology under scrutiny the latest on digital data a common. counting the cost and i just. watching
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out as there are these are the top stories right now video has emerged which palestinian so says a demonstrator being shot as he ran away from israel's border with gaza is one of seventeen protesters who died on friday more than fifteen hundred palestinians have been injured in two days of protests a fire has destroyed fifty tons of humanitarian aid and yemen it's believed a short circuit caused a fire at a warehouse in the rebel hope port city of the data and botswana doesn't operate if you're president at a ceremony designed to highlight a smooth transition of power of what's in the c.c. took over from me and comma step down on saturday. the deal has been reached to
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evacuate the wounded from the besieged syrian town of duma opposition fighters are holed up in the eastern good enclave which borders the syrian capital damascus to him as their last stronghold in the area after government forces conducted a major onslaught over the last few weeks thousands of rebels have surrendered. and u.s. media say president donald trump has ordered the state department to freeze two hundred million dollars of funds to help rebuild syria. and the u.s. involvement on thursday his said troops will pull out soon outgoing secretary of state rex tillerson announced the recovery funding in february during a meeting at the coalition fighting. many questions on iraq and rights to gather for the first time since the defeat of eisel in the northern city of mosul the armed group destroyed many churches and christians fled the area now the community is on a mission to rebuild itself but as reports it's not without challenges. for many
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easter is a time to mark the resurrection of jesus christ it's a time of rebirth and reflection and for the christians of home to neo in the nineveh plain in iraq's second city of mosul it's particularly relevant the christian community here is going through its own rebirth when eisel took over the nineveh plains in two thousand and fourteen it tried to destroy the christian community. some fifty five thousand people fled isis violent role from hamdani alone when the group was defeated late last year they started to come back and this is what they found destroyed churches and homes. there is no government support at all it seems that the government does not care about the people here the people here are helpless people return to a hamdani and they only see their houses burned and destroyed and their properties looted and stolen people are spending from their pockets to rebuild their homes while the government did not show any care so far it's
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a common complaint from iraqis who feel the government has abandoned them the iraqi government is seeking money to rebuild for meisel areas it's appealing to the international community for help and says it needs one hundred billion dollars nowhere near enough cash has been played so far people like no idea how to contact in return because there's nothing to return to the house is destroyed in a family scattered across refugee camps and rented accommodations in northern iraq she herself lives in erbil but this is home to me often. all of my belongings were looted and the house is destroyed i'm left with nothing at all i live in a rental and. i can't return my health is deteriorating and i need medical attention my husband suffers two in baghdad the christian community was spared much of the violence the others faced on the eisel even here in baghdad churches are hidden away behind lost walls and tight security now religious leaders in the
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faithful will be praying that things get better iraq's christians are actually one of the most established religious communities on the entire planet in two thousand and fourteen almost all the christians had fled the nineveh province according to the patch. there were no christians remaining in mosul for the first time in the nation's history today in mosul and across the nineveh province they come together this easter to mark important holiday and pray for a better future of iraq's christians in al-jazeera. millions of christians around the world are celebrating easter sunday. there are live pictures from st peter's square and vatican city where pope francis is you can see is holding mass for thousands of pilgrims on fridays during his good friday address he warned that wars poverty and selfishness are leaving people marginalized around the world. the governor of russia's central.
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region has resigned over the shopping center fire that killed sixty people last week. said it was the right conscious and only true decision an investigation found the fire exits at the mall had been illegally blocked the public address system was not switched on and the alarm system was broken many of those who died were children and investigators say some of them had been locked inside a cinema. in the southern hills region of russia the toucher river feeds into a water system that serves hundreds of thousands of people yet it is considered one of the world's most polluted waterways spreading radioactive contamination all the way to the arctic ocean john a whole report from russia's chilean region. is no ordinary river. it has a history the tensions waters also contain radiation levels up to eighty times higher. that's thanks to the my ak nuclear plant seventeen hundred kilometers east
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of moscow originally producing plutonium for the soviet union's nuclear weapons program they produce many types of nuclear waste dump of these nuclear waste hi-lo nuclear waste inside the room where which is situated there is to to cherry now does the qutub of his father was a worker at my ak he and her grandmother died of cancer she campaigned for compensation for the victims but fled two years ago accused in the media of being a traitor she spoke to al-jazeera in paris finally they understood that it's very dangerous because population became to be dyed to begin to have and began to give children the defects communities were moved new villages were built but even sixty years later the residents of new don't feel safe. irina. used to swim in the
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toxic river as a child. i think it was the wrong decision where only three kilometers away what is it. not everyone was relocated to be learned by of still lives in what remains of old muslim of a on the banks of the teacher these days he's careful to use only bottled water it wasn't always the case and no one ever told us anything then in one thousand nine hundred three a drunken yeltsin came here he climbed up on a table in the street and told us i'm going to me it's a contaminated area cancer because right in communities that didn't even know why they were getting sick many died unnaturally young and that would be extraordinary enough as a story from a long time ago except that the plant is still functioning still potentially leaking hazardous waste its operations still going on under
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a shroud of secrecy last october a crowd of mostly harmless ruthie near i'm one of those six was detected in the air over western europe scientists believe it may have been released at my act during the refining of spent nuclear fuel but russia denies any leak occurred activists believe miacca mace still be dumping waste into the region's water system russia's nuclear also says it complies with all relevant safety guidance little has been done to compensate victims of contamination jonah how al-jazeera in the chelyabinsk region of russia. court farmers in the united states are beginning to feel the impact of a new twenty five percent tariff on their products that's been proposed by china and strengthen american port prices down the tariffs or sparked by president donald trump's clanton posted he's on sixty billion dollars worth of chinese goods john hendren reports. china's newly planted area of suv set off
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a pork panic in the american farm belt logistically economically you know no matter what it is everything with a movie affects the bottom line the chair of sitting pig farms across the united states or an answering shot in a trade war retaliate in for president donald trump's new tariffs on steel and other chinese goods fairport producers are no longer competitive on the world market so if it comes in to china ours are now more expensive therefore they would pick their port from some other place because china is the second largest customer for american farm products after canada the us agricultural department says farm incomes this year are expected to slide to their lowest level since two thousand and six farmers have been big supporters of president trump in large part because he's been cutting regulations on their industry so when the chinese picked a target that would hurt trump and his supporters most they knew exactly where to aim china has been selecting products to inflict maximum sort of economic and
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political pain on the united states is not so much of the ten as are eager to harm american farmers on the other hand they're not going to just take shots from the trump administration without a response ironically one of the companies that would be most harmed by the tariffs north carolina based smithfield is actually owned by a chinese company proof that china is willing to take losses to wage a trade war it says the u.s. has set off john hendren al-jazeera chicago. a ceremony has been held in kenya for the world's last male northern rhino last month his name was sudan and his death means there is now only two of his species left both female students caretakers to lead the tributes out as memorial service they hope his life will inspire people to fight poaching which ravage his population but we have very clear as government punitive measures must be taken into. punishing people who kill our
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wildlife and that's why we. for life sentences for people who kill for ivory because ivory belongs to elephants and rhinos better than preserving it taking it for human consumption in the argentinian capital many people consider the city slums a source of crime and drugs those who actually live there though are trying to change perceptions stories about reports. it's a new sour like no other you know. it's called slum world t.v. and it's made by people living in some of the poorest neighborhoods in when i. get there. who has been teaching journalism courses for over ten years to this city's most vulnerable. we show the other side of the slums the anonymous heroes the struggles so many young people don't conceive journalism as
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a way of making a living they don't have a clue that communication is a it gives them power to be able to ask the question and to understand the reality it's like seeing a revolution. for now the show airs once a week on congress t.v. it has guests analyses but also stories filmed on the street for their own stories filmed by people like my father was a murder in the thirty first eight years ago he was stabbed by drug dealers. my father was murdered here in the slum and it was chaos for all my family now i'm working to show what it's like for us living here and the struggles we have to face . i israel also helps film messages from those living here to politicians or to anyone that can help improve their living conditions i first saw over seven hundred thousand people living in suburban one outside of people
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whose lives are filled with hardship the idea of this news hour is not only to show the difficulties people face every day like poverty and crime but also fight against discrimination and prejudice. is twenty one years old and she has been taking journalism classes for years i she says it has given her the tools to change her life. c.d.o. people have to hide their address because of their employers know they live here they won't give them a job that i want to show there is a brotherhood among those who live in the slums there are kids playing here there are women on the street in the afternoon drinking people say hello to each other every day we are also the community. there we are a community that is now trying to send a message through the screens hoping to change perceptions and break the walls
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between the haves and the have nots thanks to this i will. one of the hottest tickets in australia's biggest city is for opera on the harbor that's become so popular sales are performing shows inside the world famous sydney opera house and her thomas reports the. sydney's opera house is the city's most famous building but sydney's most successful oprah's a shown here not in soit the opera house but using it as a backdrop this year it's lab o.-n. showing on a stage overhanging the hall has water on the edge of a city park this is the dress rehearsal for a full week run last year when common was shown here most performances sold out this is what opera was originally about it was a very very popular art form and here three thousand seats were doing twenty six performances of the one opera means that it's it's reaching the people that i think
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are important opera australia says engaging a wide audience is vital and outdoor pro with subtitles here is what brings in the crowds there's no things going on and i'm just trying to focus on what's going on so i don't sound french unfortunately certain this kind and i'm going there in an elegy thinking that's how initially but we do. them for other reasons and what do you think of the setting yeah it's amazing it of using fame on again and all of us that all know that i just love seeing these i don't understand you tell you know french or anything but i like that. i like the fact that it's translated for me. but outdoor acoustics can never match those inside the best opera houses and it's hard to suspend reality and be in la bohem is paris with the real sights and sounds of sydney on either side of the stage. and then there is the weather for no refunds if it rains the show only stops in dangerous lightning storms so cannot for
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ever really be enjoying it if you're sitting what she gets some cool whites for the dress rehearsal. many you would you never going to control the way that they're going to be no once they get right down it just happens there are probably some people who the snow be about and that's fun if they want to. enjoy the experience for what it is like it's a totally different experience and it's a wonderful experience and enjoy it for today's most do the reviews have been almost universally good andrew thomas al jazeera sydney. after two years spinning out of control a chinese spacecraft the size of a bus is about to crash back to earth one space lab was launched in two thousand and eleven but it's operators lost contact with it five years later after an apparent malfunction so it's now expected to enter earth's atmosphere on sunday at a speed of twenty six thousand kilometers per hour it is not the first time a space station has made a dramatic reentry and two thousand and one russia steered its one hundred twenty ton near spacecraft over the pacific where it broke up and scientists say most of
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the chinese space lab will burn up as it enters the atmosphere posing little or no risk to people on the ground challenge onsen phrases a professor at the u.s. naval war college and a former chairwoman of the national security affairs department she says this station is part of china's development of a manned space program. well it's interesting in that the blood that is falling to earth then well there's only a very visible there very very small chance that it could do a major hurt humans it's part of their billion space program it really has little to do with any military us great options whatsoever exploring going to be a big part of it a program united states china has announced their intentions are for human space flight program in one thousand nine hundred two they're appearing at a very methodically tiangong is a technology trust said that is part of we're going towards their own goal of
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a permanently in space station large space station and the only connection between it and military aspirations in here right. now doing use technology which is true for any space program be it china russia the united states europe and where the family and friends of the renowned scientist stephen hawking have paid their final respects at a screen or on the u.k. more than five hundred people attended the service at our church in our cambridge university where he was a fellow for half a century is an offer of pioneering work to help us all understand the universe. these are the headlines right now on al-jazeera israel's defense minister has rejected calls for an inquiry into the deaths of seventeen palestinians who were protesting near the border with gaza video has emerged which palestinians say shows
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israeli forces shooting a demonstrator as he ran away more than fifteen hundred palestinians have been entered into days of protests against israeli occupation. a fire has destroyed fifty tons of humanitarian aid in yemen it's believed a short circuit caused that fire at warehouses in the rebel held for city of data. botswana as an arguer a tit a new president in a ceremony designed to highlight a smooth transition of power but what seems sisi take over from the comma who stepped out on saturday. it is a deep sense of humility that i said the immensely responsibility that has just been distilled in me and the trust and confidence there by a people as the fifth president of out of public a nation. in carrying out my duties might such a touchstone show to mean the only third just made to uphold the constitution the rule of law and maintenance of national unity good governance peace and prosperity
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the governor of russia's central kemmer of a region has resigned over the mall fire that killed sixty people last week a month said it was the right conscious and only true decision and investigation found fire exits at the mall had been illegally blocked the public address system was not turned on and the alarm system was broken many of those who died were children deals and arranged to evacuate the wounded from the besieged syrian town of duma opposition fighters have been trying to defend the area in the eastern ghouta enclave near the capital damascus duma is their last stronghold there after government forces conducted a major onslaught over the last few weeks millions of christians around the world are celebrating easter sunday live pictures you can see the pope there are set at st peter's square in the vatican thousands of people are there for his good friday address the pope warned that wars poverty and selfishness are leaving people
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marginalized all around the world. as are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera techno is next. stories of life. and sparring i. know a series of short documentaries from around the wilds that celebrate the human spirit against me oh it's i thought float. the load. of al-jazeera selects express yourself.
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this is techno innovations that can change lives the science of fighting but we're going to explore the intersection of hardware in humanity and we're doing. this is a show about science. by scientists. techno
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investigates gold at any cost. we travel deep into the rain force of peru these illegal mining operations except for miles and miles away from the main highway to uncover a gold rush that's turning lush jungle into utter devastation high pressure water hoses and blasted out and it's not just the layer people are stepping. on filled torahs. i've conducted extensive research in this rain forest so this story is personal really pains me to see this to davison is a biologist. evolution now she shows us the high tech tools that are exposed and what even the i can't see so where it's blood red that's where the mercury pollution is most intense we will share our findings with lindsay she's an ex cia
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analyst that's on t.v. everything.


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