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tv   Myanmars Youngest Maids  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2018 7:32pm-8:02pm +03

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thirteen rebels three soldiers also died in the gun battle. at least ten people have died after a hotel collapsed in the indian city of in-door local officials say up to five people may still be trapped under the rubble the four story building reportedly came down after it was rammed by a vehicle. north korean leader kim jong un and his wife have attended a south korean capel of formants in pyongyang kim who's the first north korean leader to attend a concert of south korean perform has reportedly enjoyed the two hour concert and we're seeing acting along to some of the songs. the governor of russia's comer of a region has resigned over the fire at a shopping center a week ago at least sixty four people died in the blaze making it one of the worst in russia's recent history investigators say the alarm was turned off and fire exits illegally blocks leaving children locked inside a cinema. and pope francis has used his easter message from
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the vatican to call for peace around the world in out of power reference to the recent violence in gaza he called for reconciliation in the holy land and he also said that action must be taken to end the war in syria. the top stories more news coming up in about twenty five minutes time off they want to win east which is next . they are young vulnerable girls from mere mars rural villages desperately poor they're sold a vision of money and adventure all they have to do is sign up to become maids in
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singapore. but for many the reality is far darker. and steve cho on this episode a one on one east we find out why girls who are too young to work continue to be trafficked to asia's most prosperous nation. in may last year a young domestic worker from miramar had a terrifying fall from the night floor of this block of flats in singapore. her employer whom we will call john can still remember that day. a bounce that hutchison oleson told told us how low us some thoughts on to. sunlight a soul. what you call the skate household she not touch a book i sing. one book i sing about how to politic on why joe says i see i see our. job all over.
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the girl who john knows says ten ten was severely injured and is lucky to be a life. full with broken by a covered walkway two stories down. john says he was initially very angry about what she'd done but then he found out something shocking from the myanmar embassy tintin was just fifteen years old what's on the. militants. and clearly and. seen. no harm and this is what's in this whole sorry. when he fossum. and his wife tintin through a singapore an employment agency asset recruitment according to this information sheet prepared by the company she was twenty three years old. asset
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recruitment the client of repeated requests for comment. on them. on the human juice all unfolds good so i. see it's a read so i. will. but tintin's is not an isolated case. in two thousand and sixteen in an exclusive investigation one of one east reveals that teenage girls were being trafficked from mid-market to singapore for domestic work do you also think. that this was despite laws in mid ma banning all female citizens from seeking such jobs overseas following reports of abuse. as well let's lewis in singapore
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stipulating that all foreign domestic workers have to be at least twenty three years old now we're discovering that the legal trafficking of vulnerable young girls continues. to. be. quite between three. and it. that's a conservative estimate. and reporting. to me and age alone on this. that this is what you're. looking. for any domestic worker who has been abused seeking help can be a daunting prospect many agents have to recruit in fees of up to eight months
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salary and would rather ensure ill treatment than risk being sent home and debt. also be underage. who are trapped in households and do not know how to seek help so that's also net effect. of such cases. some cases end in tragedy. just four weeks off the arriving here domestic worker white wine allegedly jumped out of the window of her employer's eighteenth floor flat. at a funeral we meet her oldest sister choctaw who also came to singapore as a domestic worker. a volunteer from a migrant workers ngo helps to translate. and. this is from. a new person. but we don't get to speak further
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as churchill is led away by officials from the myanmar embassy and the army on monday night. to find out the truth about wine wine we travel to the mandalay region in central min ma. it's a world away from singapore. down a dirt track off the main road is in dorji village. this is where wine wine and her sister church all grew up and where their mother and family still live. their brother. has been unwell for months unable to work after a mine the wound became infected because he couldn't afford to get it treated. he and his wife have just had a baby. but he only wants to talk about his sister. but
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. the. and the. warning i will leave it yeah. why nothing of. what we. keep wasn't home when a recruitment agent from a neighboring village showed up one day. it was their mother who agreed to let wine wine go. away. and it was in the. name of the west. you know. i sweet suspected wine wine was under-age family records show she was only
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seventeen. the same agent has recruited at least sixty goals from this village to go to singapore one of them has recently returned and come to visit family. twenty years old unable to cope with being away from home she quit only a month after leaving me and my. mother tells us another of her daughters is still working in singapore. the last. i'm a little. for the better part of the interview kinch will leave the talking to her mother but she does try to interrupt or wants to know only one thousand in my leg
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loyalty to the motherland the bank event i want to hire no no no my let you know i was not i know by now my womb of a little. four wind winds grieving family these are clearly difficult words to hear but the neighbor doesn't stop and she wants us to know that she believes the agent is the villages benefactor to lao whole a little to my legally have a say yami now miserable me bad yeah yeah me hear me well yeah eight hundred eighty two miles now where. the level would i give. as little mikey. day's drive south takes us to the go region. we're hoping to see momo. we lost better on this rooftop in singapore as part of our two thousand and sixteen
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investigation. she was just seventeen when she went there as a domestic worker she told us months of sexual abuse by her employer and have yet want to be all into it should i be at it or should i be rushing out to be negative mean it near me don't you want to but i don't want to know why double don't want to have a woman i know and should. she fled as soon as the eight months were up but had to remain at a shelter in singapore for another two years to assist police investigations. they finally allowed her to come home even though the case remains unresolved. not getting the baronet the rules honey united them and blow up almost daily will be a macaw they will blow up and read to me at a hotel yeah well. she's now five months pregnant.
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her husband doesn't have a regular job. at all and he and people who are in the midst of he do not be in awe of any and sigh at that period had a car led to me and quietly immobile the dog. out of the way is high and. with so few opportunities it's no wonder girls from this village are still leaving for singapore. momo says despite what happened to her she doesn't try to stop them but out of the media who. called out what the mere thought of them a man will. need. to me as a woman to be a good hiding. and let him. be
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while. tintin is one domestic worker who didn't need help. she's the fifteen year old who accidentally fell from her employers apartment building she is still recovering from her injuries. she shows us the possible she used to get a job in singapore almost all the information in it is false at home she's no does is in sin and she was born in two thousand and two not one nine hundred ninety three. she confirms what happened in singapore and me out there they have all of them there. that i had that i think i want i mean. i want to. close down the road i think women. did you know that. she'd gone to work in singapore hoping to help support her impoverished family but
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because of the money she owed to her recruitment agents she came home with nothing now her mother has to take care of her instead of. me out of them you. live. in the india of her. sins and fractured her spine when she fell but is now able to walk slowly off the donors paid for her to have surgery but she may need another operation soon. don and i meant it out on the pad and i feel that the other down an unarmed. she shows us her scars. it's unlikely they'll ever go away. but how did a fifteen year old pass put twenty three. we've received
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a tip off about the person who allegedly helped to make this happen do you. deny being given a bath were noble at it or do not believe. the man in the picture is louis zone play tongue. he is a member of parliament from in mars' chin state. an online search tells us he's also the director of a company called me and mark global manpower link. the company name sounds awfully familiar story we've seen it before on a sign inside the recruitment agency in yang gone that we discovered in two thousand and sixteen was illegally sending girls to singapore you also say. this was despite men must ban on women working overseas as domestic workers.
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the website for the company lists several phone numbers. when we cross check them against the contact list of the country's politicians we find a match one of the numbers belongs to us zone play tongue. we decide to give him a cool. we try the second number on the website. this time we have better luck. oh good. all good some of our research a says she's looking to send a nineteen year old domestic worker to singapore and a friend has recommended their agency. but the woman says she's no longer able to
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help to long. and not she doesn't mind going to bake i omit it all may not all until they only know the end of it but my life issues they only a bone thought all along that i get on a lot and when it is only that i don't want it oh who's. oh. you know. if what she says is true louis was managing director of a company involved in their legally sending domestic workers to singapore in contravention of the two thousand and fourteen pan. to find out more we travel to
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the outskirts of yang go on. looking for the office of mid ma global manpower and link. according to the address on the company's website this should be it. inside a man refuses to speak on camera but he tells us the house was leased by an employment agency which moved out recently even if it isn't easy and the neighbor has proved more approachable. to hide their identities. we show them a picture of louis' owned and ask if they've seen or recognize him something. to do something if you come from a model bill announcing the. moment from the company handing it to a mom pollutants armory and. treatment. at
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home in. misleading the public on the roof over not on the. knowledge of the movie on the little events with the lever and then leaving but out of the undersea no nothing. and nothing if they take a. look at the book and are not all hoping. when one zero one east spoke to lou a song he confirmed he was the managing director of myanmar global manpower link until two thousand and fifteen and remained a director until two thousand and sixteen he denied knowing the company was involved in illegal activities and rejected all of his ins ins allegations but he did admit to owning the house where the company had its office and that he had visited recently. agencies in the business of moving
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under-age girls overseas need one thing possible with fake but dates. a street near the young go on passport office is host to a thriving industry. for a fee possible brokers can help clients circumvent all sorts of bureaucratic hassles and apparently even a few laws early on. we randomly choose one and tell her a couple stories we're trying to send a nineteen year old domestic worker to singapore. someone doesn't want you to tell us. how lonely. much older.
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a second broker we approach is equally direct of the other limit to what. you did. then. i'll follow up. with so many people making money off this illegal trade it's hard to stem the tide and local lay back to vist who says the blanket ban is doing more harm than good. corporate little any opinion will wish you well know they associate in a nearly. by monica kelana solution to not. only a failing can be made on the ending it. she says the situation is also more nuanced than it appears child labor is not uncommon in myanmar and domestic workers here can be as young as eleven years old. even along
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the line maybe your child the only way you know that i will. make one of the young israel how will the any million generally in it was out in. the law. or in. it. at me and mas labor department we learn the government is acutely aware of the trafficking that's happening under its nose but spokesperson kinda way says her department can only track the one hundred thirty women who went legally to work in singapore before the ban. it's harder to help if an under-aged goal leaves me in ma illegally at infinity alley into the ready. the end. of our of those not on the day another mia.
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thought appellate the same at the mere thought to neon it at the way you will need or. you omit are at the taoiseach. it appears that when there are cases of exploitation and abuse the labor department expects the traffickers to look after the goals they traffic. we ask if myanmar and singapore are working together to solve the problem and in or never on monday in atlanta who don't want all they are when other means or seem to be her main and tim obama. back at singapore it's clear to see the band isn't working. every week hundreds of domestic workers from myanmar gather here to enjoy their day off. most if not all of them have managed to circumvent the ban. some of the like
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they are still in their teens. when we raise the issue with singapore's ministry of manpower they responded in writing saying the passport remains the primary document for identification and age verification it is thus important. in the source country to ensure the accuracy of the details in the passports. it's four months since a sister's death and churchill is still grieving. when we first met at the funeral she told us why mine was twenty three or twenty four. but now she says she was too scared to reveal the truth. their agent had instructed her to lie to land them if they named him born and then boom.
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it's hard letting go. churchill still can't believe a sister killed herself and in them home. know the end of. the year and have a meal at the mishearing now buying me a wine at a new meet on friday and. the two sisters never got to be in singapore. had been trying for days to reach wine wine when she received news of her death. that was nearly four months ago but she still doesn't know what happened. we've come to the condominium why and why it was walking and where she did allegedly jumped eighteen fruitless to her death. is hoping to meet her sister's employer but she's scared to go inside. so we offer to
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make the initial approach for. but the employer doesn't want to meet choice. instead she tells security to throw us out there got here. family a film a domestic mother to hunt to find out i'm sure that i live with this is just my interest and confrontation she just wants to know what happened to my younger sister. he's just saying he's a sorry yeah what happens if you sneak up here with us. whine whine was only seventeen when she died. doesn't think she'll ever know why. the room goony the moment that he got down easy and the value on
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a doll instead while mom don't you know. you know maybe you mean the real me back when you see. she regrets not trying harder to reach whine whine. but most of all she regrets not telling her under-age sister to stay at home. china's big brother is always watching at home and abroad. one on one east investigates how far china will go to control its citizens. on his or her.
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white supremacy is on the rise in the u.s. and its adversaries to beating their war drums. for clients investigates the anti fascists using force against intolerance. this is and to frack on al-jazeera. non-violence does attempt to appeal to the more conscience of the maze now the jury's still out. of the nation as one. casualties of the gaza shooting speak out israel insists its troops acted appropriately when they opened fire on palestinians.
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i know i'm in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming out of the. diplomatic goodwill a south korean performers receive a warm reception from the leader in the north. donald trump says the deal on young immigrants in the u.s. known as the dream is all. cloudy with a chance of space step china's defunct space station is forecast to crash back to earth in the next twenty four hours but no one knows where. israel's defense minister has rejected international calls for an investigation into the killing of sixteen palestinians during landay protests on the gaza border
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i think joe lieberman says the troops acted appropriately fahringer only at palestinian protesters who posed a threat a twelve year old boy.


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