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tv   The Greek Financial Crisis P1  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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the foreign minister. from one. in london with the top stories on al-jazeera israel's defense minister has rejected international calls for an investigation into the killing of sixteen palestinians during a land day protests on the gaza border i believe him and says the troops acted appropriately firing only at palestinian protesters who posed
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a threat and twelve year old boy hit by israeli gunfire says he was about thirty meters away from the border and thought he would be safe as long as he didn't touch the feria or throw stones. or i was just standing there when i felt so many more legs and it pushed me to the ground. a hospital singles are all struggling to cope with the influx of palestinian casualties nearly fifteen hundred people have reportedly been injured in the violence doctors say very running out of medicine and supplies to treat patients many of whom were wounded by live ammunition al-jazeera zaha the abdel-hamid is in gaza she's been talking to injure people. does for those here in gaza overwhelmed health officials say that eight hundred and five people were injured by live ammunition now the doctors i spoke to say that it seems that the israeli soldiers have used high caliber bullets they deduct that from the extent of the wounds that they have seen on many of the patients now
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speaking to. do wounded some of them will tell you that they never expected such a response from the israeli soldiers i spoke to some that said that they actually did rule some stones but they were quite far away from the fence at least about a hundred meters away one girl said that she was carrying her flag she even went to the extent of taking off for a backpack for the soldiers not just think that she was carrying something suspicious and she stood there and that's when she got shot actually her blood was caught on video. when you ask people are you going to go back to defense are you going to continue that six week long sit in which is dubbed as the long march of return and well everybody seems to say yes they will they say that they have no other means at this point to negotiate for themselves that they have been under
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siege now for more than a decade that nothing is getting better and is actually no hope for them when they look to the future so they say that they will continue doing that research and we also heard from the had a mass is my believe there said that friday was the first step that actually the palestinians have showed restraint last friday but they don't know what will happen next that was probably in retaliation to the statement issued by the israeli army just a day before which the army also said that it had showed restraint and if this situation and that tension continues of the border it will actually also retaliate with force. at least four civilians have died in a massive and to india protests which broke out in the southern villages of indian minister kashmir demonstrations broke out after indian forces launched
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a counterinsurgency operation overnight killing at least thirteen rebels three soldiers also died in the gun battle at least ten people have died after a hotel collapsed in the indian city of indo local officials say up to five people may still be trapped under the rubble four story building reportedly came down after it was found by a vehicle. north korean leader kim jong un and his wife refold you have attended a performance by south korean k. pop singers in pyongyang kim who is the first north korean leader to attend a concert by south korean performers reportedly enjoying the performance. and the syrian rebel group in charge of the last opposition stronghold in eastern guta is denying reports it has agreed to evacuate josh says reports by the syrian government and has bala are false and it's not allowing its members to leave duma for rebel held areas in the north coming up on al-jazeera looks at the devastating
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impact of the greek financial crisis on a gora coming up next. my . you know if they did he could lead he is indicted in a god yeah these are the mission get good to pick the seed he got yeah that's about it. but on the biggest dime a dozen agree to see what is going to be going to be ben but he didn't say what they're going to be at the dinner. but i mean he better ask you about it but you see that would seem that most of it.
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awesome pass to keep the company stocked now to kind of honest and open to sandman asked i cannot spot abscessed. i can assign the best opposite bathetic astakhov spy passed to us pretty tough enough to play smartest if he kept a shop on a hot arm off and so we set up astonished i popped up in i want to think.
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age does not allow me to react their memory can only consider taking up work at large because i see no other solution than this dignified end so i don't find myself fishing through garbage and food. i believe the future of this youth would someday take up arms and hang the national traitors it seems that most were like that tell use it to sneak in one thousand forty five appears yarn and load it on the lack. of that is being killed today that they decide that it needs to get the scene the best work of evil you can end this thing that it's way at least this in my dickey and is this the manual a few of these are thinking we need to make their figures the symbol. of the med and metaphors and that of others make them there's that little metal that was a little. too stable to describe as a neck up as this point because of
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a look at that facility but i see is misc international locums. about existing and all to it then that up annoying is noise. in the. bushes and not the bush. camp and international business as my strings. cannot. what. can. submit. the more. sublime system to. the system.
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that's a question for you to. ask out as a last ditch the car has touched off at the me so it's a yardstick am i going to go down to the left here was that is how often i speak on there is beyond that in. the long run on my opinion on alex that you know i'm not using for a bottom on my comment any name when i mean one young man shouting at the can only
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see an opinion and seems to see a shot at each one and i ease on this strong engine. you know here i don't have again a limited belling i'm going to make out a rope. but there's really no good low to begin to shuffling i would. welcome actually can still want to control you want the rubber duck you really get . going there's no.
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mention. of the girl remember the birth of. their goods in the dark scabbard the dark brotherhood i never go with it other than a minute doesn't it were that no more than a way of bringing good no good for you you must not be. going to live. again are you going to hear many. of these of the yellowing who were you in the. few moments of a weekend when the titian for you might be that on the ship you. had enough
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for me and my home i had to keep did no t.v. can view footage crew me you can have water issue might be vigilant without the border and obviously meant duck aapl bowshot for nick horne you're not majority of the guy you could if you don't talk about like yeah. i am. in with the bad the from the earth to calls for the flood those almost doesn't stop but that's. what they get for those almost all of. it has all done nothing to diesel. but it will stop until.
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it was basically lunch which you can still put on to see thesis which is the up of the young you make you will most of the simple change bedrooms with you are dishonest. and they feel good just fifty. some of the doctors on skiffy. some believe the thing with that is simply because you need some of the top. fifteen must lead to some of the must trust me i'm just not a big. guy. but
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i talk about my gear. keep your. head out. of the only question by the road if you know we're only go. yeah if you know or not we shop where they left type our own. military left he. left the park on fredricka. that gary what are your describe as a haircut on this visit got the media for the sake of the media. left buckcherry what you wish were that you got the call it be authentic by a keyboard you think you would see video boarding you wouldn't see me go but any of us was ready to go to any you never. the global financial crisis had already
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hit greece there was no money but in the midst of the economic downturn voters rewarded pasok for its pre-election spending promises up on the rail became greece's new prime minister winning nearly forty four percent of the popular vote. long before the election andrea was told by the governor of the bank of greece about the dire state of public finances it was the result of long term fiscal mismanagement tax evasion and planting these policies practiced by the pasok and new democracy parties that had ruled greece for decades.
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and you have your management there are. brought in. buffing the top to the left and . the good is that was that i was give oprah or beers blair midway forty fifth best of the ticket it's about us. on the other side of the atlantic harvard economist at richard parker who sees a code from an old friend of. greece's prime minister asks for his help. when he was elected i got a call from him saying would you be willing to come over and serve as an informal economic advisor he said look. there are indications that the deficit is worse than we thought we don't know how much worse yet. and papa constantino is trying to find
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out what's good what's what's going on so i agreed to serve. a series of meetings takes place behind closed doors at the finance ministry. to suggest getting on the phone to call it what began as the euro group this ecosystem ignores it and like you know one thing investors here where more and more may are today lima a faster comes that. finance ministers and european union officials are stunned the new greek finance minister tells than the deficit was not the six percent previously announced it's more than double that. i would say that this was absolutely extraordinary. and
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this is precisely the moment where we hear lies that that nothing was first in weeks and that of course was not imagined x n t x and they will thought that we could all i would say trust the figures. this wasn't the first time greek politicians presented false figures to the europeans. in two thousand and four then finance minister george a local school fees did the same thing revealing what he claims were irregularities in the previous government's budget. and a new study hand that actually can support it with most of us start actually
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gardens do not of these but a gilligan's eighteen or a these are all of us lowly the blue any given is the bombing he wins after dr stockmann. almost eight million people so you go sort of goes well what they let me go the most part of the. news and i see a post with because just because a gun or the my youth of the year it will be the ticket it isn't a basket of list of anything that actually killed quite excess of the thing the bacon this is the first final trick in the book you think the cameras come out of the motel apostasy by the by michael after objection. nobody expected europe's reaction in two thousand and nine to be the same as it was in two thousand and four this time european leaders were justified in blaming
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greece for systematic deception repeated fraud and unreliable statistics. he made the game is over we need serious statistics. in the me. the two years of your group and i know this is the backs of whatever may have been better than. jeff turkey yourself. so nothing has come to get attention during all these years as you know the capacity for anybody to haiti check not on i would say on the basis of fives but on the spot happened after it was impossible before and one of the eason why was that the major countries in europe and the big countries in particular didn't like that the commission and the year was that to go too far inside the
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controlling if i may of the various fields. of the markets got the message greece was unreliable. borrowing costs begin to skyrocket the sources from which cheap borrowed money used to flow dry up the greek economy is targeted and that puts the entire eurozone endangered. he's on now to see only the. bad and i doubt i will. know for sure there is very. it's
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a good idea in the government that focusing. seven got thirty going on. venema not going to sleep. with a body but in a matter of vanity need is no mix that you have to know that being able to get. in the reason again south even the gay out of a must i bet i would be given a spec done every day to support the story. i. want. folk reese the countdown begins in may twenty ten it will have to settle an eight billion euro bond but doesn't have the
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money without new loans bankruptcy becomes a real risk however nobody seems to grasp the gravity of the situation. even in december two thousand and nine the greek prime minister continues to claim he would fulfill his pre-election spending promises. kill it when the body of lies you can build humus for later on be said to fill your theological is what is on our leases for years for the first couple i would tissue in panic over this but still she is a myth or a myth i don't feel there should be as she would have a partner. bill to cringe when we ship it whether it's fully a priest could i do nobody admit that i've stood up. moment. since we think you are going to push with us. if you should push if immigration is brutal of.
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everybody else in making the jury what you're giving him best here giving him in the corner you the most know some of this is a matter of in the here. is the legal form again of what is sort of excess of. your love of. something which when to pull the. plug from you should ask me a convenient you're the parent. the same however was happening in europe the eurozone was also slow to react the markets smelled blood grease was going up in flames and the eurozone was caught without a fire extinguisher. is there would be a then step because if the biggest action then if that here is the. risk of a master at the you have the modesty i mean as he goes on are up in aesthetics and other now that they've been i've been with years and up let my name sounds more professional years. evel jordan is less of
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a political football or the only stand on national horse map with tennis money but actual netting a lot of actual what ifs in the crisis became visible became tangible but the feeling. we solve all problems together was replaced by everybody must sort of his problems you had this peculiar situation in which miracle was holding on to control of a minority government and had very little wiggle room with elections coming up. sarkozy's popularity was already deteriorating quickly and so he had problems everyone felt in his own or her own position very constrained in terms of what they could do it's certainly the case that when you look at the unfolding of events i would say every body was very slow that's absolutely clear because it was
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a totally new universe you know you have to remember that until and over nine greece was considered as good as gold case was considered as good as i would say germany or as good as the united states of america so we were before this thing unfortunately in a universe of benign neglect not only at the appeal never at the group level. yes. and the land is yelling at me to put in montezuma my tsunami and the mound in the mountain home on my mind of the amount of time accomplished on man on the ground on the man on the earth. was a man. to relate. to me. but for you it was.
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yes it was me if i did at least. feel that. it will you know to put a bit as being a delay is good or was a bit i put it that they just got the part of mark on the b.b.c. . about philip the i mean people to think of. it well if we got this people be accessible these god the sooner we get the pillow anybody going through the list. a story of blackmail. this person. will
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have killed i have strength i have a story of carnage a lot of the fear is real. passion. and a very sicilian just. the most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square talking. to us if something happens anywhere in the world al-jazeera is in place we're able to cover this like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. that is our strength. stories of life. and to inspiration. a series of
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short documentaries from around the wilds that celebrate the human spirit against the arts. i saw the. al-jazeera selects express yourself. hello i'm suited in london with the top stories on al-jazeera israel's defense minister has rejected international calls for an investigation into the killing of sixteen palestinians during landay protests on the gaza border every day or lieberman says the troops acted appropriately filing firing only at palestinian protesters who posted threats and twelve year old boy hit by israeli gunfire says
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he was about thirty meters away from the border and thought he would be safe as long as he didn't touch the barrier or throw stones meanwhile hospitals in girls are struggling to cope with an influx of palestinians injured during fighting with israeli troops nearly fifteen hundred people have reportedly been injured since friday doctors say they're running out of medicine and supplies to treat patients. away. from day one of the protests the strategic stock at the hospitals especially sheaffer hospital have been running out of because of that we're calling on donors to supply hospitals with medicine and other medical supplies for the sensitive departments like emergency operation rooms in the intensive care rooms in order to be able to continue serving these injured people at least four civilians have died in massive and to india protests which broke out in the southern villages of indian administered kashmir demonstrations broke out after indian forces launched
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a counterinsurgency operation overnight killing at least thirteen rebels three soldiers also done it in the gun battle and at least ten people have died after a hotel collapsed in the indian city of indoor local officials say up to five people may still be trapped under the rubble the four story building reportedly came down after it was round by a vehicle. north korean leader kim jong un and his wife we sold june have attended a performance by south korean k. pop singers in pyongyang came here is the first north korean leader to attend a concert by south korean performers reportedly enjoyed the two hour concept time with same clapping alone to some of the sounds of the syrian rebel group in charge of the last opposition stronghold any single is denying reports it has agreed to evacuate josh al islam says reports by the syrian government and hezbollah are all false and is not allowing its members to the duma for rebel held areas in the north
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those say our top stories but stay with us here on al-jazeera a gora continues next. the people that are right here in the. human. movements. always. good for.
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you don't have nothing is going is really what so then maybe three this record if you don't. know what you have job. this is going to know is difficult for us. and we don't know what to do no. yes. you have to remember.
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that letter from white rang on and they've got what is going on i'm right living here knowing like i'm in another. thread that. greece is granted a mammoth loan of a hundred and ten being in zeros the largest ever received by any country. eighty billion euros and the i.m.f. thirty billion euros. according to stereotypical beliefs wealthy european taxpayers have saved the lazy greeks from bankruptcy. but was this really the case . it was not on the lease that was
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a stake it was the closest the. major german and french banks were exposed to greek debt. if greece we're seeing in europe's financial system would also be a danger. frankly but greece wasn't the problem greece was never the problem greece is a tiny. economy the panic at the northern ministry of finances and prime minister's office was that greece would tip over a closer examination of the bank assets there were held in the major european banks and start a panic in the credit markets that was the problem. the
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european governments had two choices they could let greece go bankrupt which would be disastrous for the global economy and for sabina the futility of banks or they could keep greece afloat savings european banks from collapse. both options require taxpayer money both options involved the banks. why the people of europe have to save the banks. because the banks are too big to fail. to save the banks that means also the fed to save the deposits of ordinary citizens we save capitalists speculates yes but we saved also all the there we said that the other side of them and the banks are too big to fail about if
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any effect can be said of any firm in any market then it means there's something wrong with the market and it has left us with a very big danger because if the banks know they are too big to fail then they can go to misbehave again and though they will be bailed out i think that some of the lord's banks should have just been formally nationalized and britain did that the united states did that the europeans including greece didn't follow that. why because i think that it should have been the burden of the shareholders of the banks to suffer losses. rather than make it simply the taxpayers who are essentially bearing the burden of recapitalizing the banks and that's been what's going on and over much of this period it's presented to voters as recapitalizing in effect paying off the debts of their state of their democratic state when in fact the money comes in from the i.m.f. it lands an account in athens and it turns right around and goes back to the
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bondholders in which were the banks which. for every hundred euros loaned by the european taxpayer to greece only one point eight euros flowed into the real economy the remaining ninety eight point two went back to the banks and other lenders with interest if he's to get a man no get out of his moment of little named yet that value closer than you didn't get the most you document with the most you know about whatever the tax will be yet the in and as of on you see the same goes for me but none of us in this document thought it was you being implemented what part of the president did up with the them so he did what a man he put in one of the me and get them visas get an odyssey. signal going to get their yeah obviously i've got no money given no get back to me i'm a bit of a. greek
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taxpayers had to pay a high price for this no harsh a stereotype. a stereotype as far as the eye could see. behind the will stare at c strategy is also a kind of strategy that says that people must be punished i mean if they find things hot then they will work harder but that is not been the problem the problem was a a relationship between banks very happy to lend money and governments very happy to solve their problems by going into relationships with their banks and political leaders are the people who needed to learn less ordinary greeks italian spanish
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portuguese people work just as hard if the aga the people everywhere else. i said mr public radio you can go to the germans and remind them of what the americans did at the end of the second world war go to the germans remind them of what wasn't done at the end of the first world war and then ask them to compare which they want to see reason your go through. i personally would have preferred a solution it's. believed it was also in international frames is a question of both of.
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us me of that would be to get the english guy brought the be upset make number of them. then double dose in half and most keep watching cricket for shaun look at said to go to them you're probably a bit guilty then but not a mother thing you know what i meant of school and. that those of us from it getting a copy spatial looks as if to me she's up next here after sheepish other shifty me she's waiting on uploads going to hit a problem. then you can commission estimates about what. the rubble to do with. the. buildup was raised and. then obviously the cost of
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going on a. second not honest on the regulator and it became it was a big gamble. i thought about that and after. that if you like that i want the guys. who bought. the mixing metal yappy. because you're it's not just the sperm i think that. you know michel to not they are. painted on a cement i myself have a deal for example of that must there. must be looks and many gardening. met up with up on. that myself i've got the stuff that i'm all. i like he had against it when i already think about the idea of it being that you know you've got possible feelings.
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because the social media was only to see that my skin to overflow with people. was was the spaniards have already taken to the streets and the arab spring is in full swing. for the first time since the fall of the fountain and ideologically diverse political another language and columnist causing a headache for the political establishment and mainstream media i think you can begin to not because many.
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you will see new products you see a phone that the phone late use won't you have you seen that depicts yes just finished yet for the yes that's nicky meet them he said it was diffused relate just want to feel better she's not well yes it's fifty squats. a spine classic wrong with these i see the key point because keep it is the secret people because that area where we disagree with his movie came as a because of the grosses get the vip with the a.p. heat if you have a theme of the movie that the it or similar listen that is a good version more famous is sure that in my eyes. the belief. that this is the tip you see i see nothing i see members but i think this give is vinit exhibit there is a push back of the humanity has become is the go ahead of theater if you're moving
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on you're going to be missed again missive. zero. zero zero zero. six if we have to force china the done the pew center a victim of your for the most open eyed commuters here and night yeah if i need be noisy for you more for you but at the moment i stand on a matter of goodwood yeah it's a big breath of the most devoted and not just old i'm keen on. seeing that my square becomes athens to new i'm going out. during the days and especially night and popular assemblies citizens discuss and vote and make
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decisions about the direction they want for their country i want to thank me it was the must see that it must be good news is she making them the money are so not. even after i found out. about not only after i see something i found out there are now more gentle today with everything whether she was innocent and the money was always muscular minims come to my did people still be. able to get. out the. couple i don't need the child to myself i'm adding up the demand to see it out this nomination and now my fame and then not only are we not the least likely to get much but i do miss some again as the number. yes. there are. three which are. less and less so for. a.
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specific meeting to add your perspective and you keep this going to case that these . are sincere in mind i make difficult to put on to the belief that if you need me to do so wars in the senate because just because you say fifty because if there's a theme it is good news just in. listeners and i would if i wanted to visit him if i was that there's a microphone if mcnabb is left this is his body in the mix on the other hand missing a bomb in the gate here you know most of the nasty nomo said on the us there's movement is they might have known locally was that a good bit of the picture of a broken up but it doesn't mean this is me cooking on this board in iraq since.
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we. have already done. nothing for you for your part of. the earth and yes i heard that. you offer no money but. the fact that i'm not the least bit yeah. not here not in yours.
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very nice vision and there are more women out there called my stick to him that he's not even if he has got beat but if you come up here we've got a reason for what we all laughed but every night you know that. the bill that will be discussed today in parliament has a nice name big time program for financial stability. it's an endless new lists of taxes which target the week for the first time public property goes under the hammer. and there's a widespread feeling that the country's leaders have failed to negotiate that they're simply taking orders from greece's lenders signing what they are given and handing over and. greece could have been lehmann brothers laman two point zero
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and could have blown up the entire european financial system and it wasn't about the greek fiscal system i mean the first will be some after those the other might have to go hunting then a measure. to cover but up and get this clear stash it on the other man on the do more to. get that element that specialness michel we got it was you know to push it down after nickel get me out of it i want them if they get me in a moment if give me just use that sheesh but you men are not exist fellas with us for that. babyface is exhibit a of the great every one of us here live out here then a pretty good morning to us so he looked up as i did point of images made to pull the out of other trees no more of them cost us they could just drop us a nice commutable the bottom of the keys here on course just because of this little media it's that item and if you keep it going up and that's
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a good if men in the business now that we're going to say good looking men must not be any fees and especially among them you could start your own sex that he likes you could live to another store and take the car chemical chemical good if you know where you get your brother's abuse i think that this is then fell on me here last night the skewness i did things with levy and loving. i asked in a mirror that almost stopped all in a few bad stuff as me there was more and i was buzzing about the him of them after he left it up a few. not exactly. i . was the angry clashes that broke out in those days simply highlighting the growing rift between society and those elected to serve.
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i. i i think there was a feeling early on the persistence to be. crushed. very strongly to send a message to other countries. that no matter how hard you fight we're going to push this anyway. i. i i said. i don't think i. i.
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see her you can't think you'll be coming back up i feel a little it look ugly i know that this is going to cause the feeling of let's feel i i took a little later step right so much time at that enough girl i love i think i don't. this. after two days of here splashes police take over the square of. the list with new taxes and harsh austerity measures passes and becomes law of the state. and the masses just go back to their. retreat into despair. this leads one of the great tragedies what has happened to this generation who actually dared to hope
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there to hope that when they entered the squares that they were actually going to change their countries. up. shut.
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the. fuck you. left because the last time. some of the some of the most. substantial on. the strip club has. the money.
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to. the matter. hello the queen zoned is facing yet more flooding so thanks to this area of cloud that's making its way towards the northeastern parts of australia it's already giving us a little bit of wet weather and there's plenty more rain still to come probably the worst of the weather will be centered around the queen's ville area where they could be around three hundred millimeters more rain and the ground has already saturated after the recent flooding that we saw so plenty more wet weather exactly
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where we don't need it there is likely to be a problem here for the south and generally it's looking fine temperatures down a little bit now in melbourne twenty one degrees. and if we head over towards the east we can see that here we've got another cycling with us as well that this does a blob of cloud just to the south of fiji now it's going to run away from us down towards the southeast but still is trailing plenty of cloud plenty of wet weather behind it and said there is likely to be more very heavy downpours over toma and fiji as we head through the next few days meanwhile forcing new zealand is fine and dry fourth in the north island oakland there but twenty one degrees the south island though have more cloud more rain that's gradually pushing its way northward but it is breaking up a little bit as it does say if we head up towards the northern parts of asia it's turning a lot cooler here and that's thanks to this weather front that's pushing southwards and the temperatures are tumbling.
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a conflict standing seventy years. i mean tyrian disaster displacing more than seventy soon. just your world gets to children who have become victims of syria's civil war. by the syrian child on al-jazeera. april on al-jazeera. from the stories beyond the headlines phone lines examines the u.s. is role in the world fifty years since the death of martin luther king we examine the impact of his assassination and the state of race relations in the u.s. today the award winning show earthrise returns for another season with stories about solutions to some of the greatest manmade environmental problems as the first meeting since the bridge that vote is set to take place in the u.k.
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we examine how well of the commonwealth is today between corporate and public interests up to the last drop unveils the longstanding rule for water in europe april on al-jazeera in twenty sixteen when he's revealed that girls from me and some as young as fifteen were trafficked to singapore to work as males it's illegal and costing lives so why does it still continue in law abiding singapore want to win east on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. and they're on citizen and this is a news out life from london coming up casualties of the gaza shooting speak out israel insists its troops act.


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