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it's express yourself. the nature of news as it breaks this was a great election about it was going to win but it was about how much with detailed coverage the syrian civil war. what is different is that some people will live until to morrow many innocent people from around the world the bats and balls are several years old the really good players traded a cricket academy and maybe one day play for the national team. i said african celebrates the woman who led the fight against of heartache. mandela has died at the age of eighty one.
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lu welcome to watch there live from doha. coming up in the program a dozen members of one family in yemen and killed in saudi led airstrikes seven of them children. the israeli prime minister suspends a deal with the u.n. for african asylum seekers just hours after he announced it plus. the. u.s. demand better pay joining a global trend for educators why all of the world's teachers paid so little. tribute to being paid to winnie mandela the anti-apartheid campaign and who played a leading role in the battle against white minority rule in south africa she had been married to nelson mandela the nation's first black president throughout his twenty seven years in prison mourners have gathered outside her house and.
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catherine soyuz there was. a vigil for we. in soweto the very heart of the anti apartheid struggle president cyril ramaphosa came to pay his respects as we say in african culture. a gigantic three has fallen and this is the winnie mandela three that provided shame for the people of south africa he told the wilder that south africa has lost a giant and has sent off will suit her great legacy mandela will be given a state funeral next saturday and before that will be memorial services and across the country she has been one of the strongest women in our struggle who suffered immensely under the apartheid regime who was imprisoned who was banished who was treated very badly
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separated not only from her husband but from the children as well and their people but notwithstanding all the she remains strong. she remained determined she was courageous. i may not act i actually became the face and voice of nelson mandela and i come pain while he was in prison for twenty seven yes all these people say they are here to celebrate the life of winnie mandela but also a very controversial figure she's been accused of being involved in human rights abuses during the times she's also been accused of having a very militant leadership style a song say this could take her legacy. but for people here the evil of their part right system she fought draft hotshot cummings. would understand. itself was fired. it was natural.
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violence against. a comes to mind is that she defied an apartheid system which isn't such a huge negative impact on our country and the biggest project still lives on today . she might have lived a checkered life with her own political and past struggles but many people in south africa want to remember half of the role she played in the fight against apartheid and the impact she had to know people here for them she is the mother of the nation catherine saw al-jazeera john is back south africa. more now from barbara and gober who looks back on the life of winnie medical. winnie mandela the former wife of nelson mandela spent years in the public eye as an anti-apartheid campaigner my husband has been fighting for the liberation of the
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african people for their work and when you speak of all of the racial groups in this country she'd been suffering from a long illness for which she spent much of this year in and out of hospital she was revered and controversial in equal measure you were up here through this morning. testimony. often really out of our government. but earlier years famed our country during her husband's twenty seven year imprisonment in robben island when it made a crucial role in directing the anti-apartheid struggle. in one thousand nine hundred ninety now so mandela was freed and the world watched as a jew i walked out of prison hand in hand but by the end of the next year when he was found guilty and fined for her involvement in the kidnapping of forced to wear to school children and the killing of a boy in a stumpy by had team of bodyguards the necklacing method in which he was burnt to
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death with petrol filled tires horrified south africans. in one thousand nine hundred ninety two allegations of corruption and mismanagement forced her out of all executive positions in the a and c. but shortly after she was appointed as culture minister in mandela's unity government she was sacked a year later for insubordination but kept her position as a member of parliament and head of the women's league her marriage to mandela and that in one nine hundred ninety six when he however remained a strong figure in south africa's social and political circles the reality we see out today. i think our worst problem today is crime and of course what goals we had in the end with that is the poverty of our people. we are far from. fighting the battle of poverty in fact we've messed
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revolution in this country is a revolution ok supporter for people there she faced controversy in the latter parts of her life for millions of south africans winnie mandela holds a special place for her brave fight against discrimination and for equality. really. this struggle a hundred times more if end of it i would that achieve precisely worked we achieved as the african national congress the liberation of south africa the liberation of my people. in yemen a saudi led coalition air strike has killed at least fourteen civilians including seven children the missiles hit a housing compound in the rebel held city of her data courtship turgeon reports.
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emergency workers say more than a dozen people from the same family including several children were killed in the strike in the yemeni port city of what data. we were at home having breakfast in the building all safe and sound when the coloration hit the apartment building a neighbor was in use car and he lifted and ran and when he came to take his family the second strike hit and the woman were running an old erections it was a big strike. two other adults were also killed in the attack on the housing compound. we were sitting down in the planes were flying above us as soon as i decided to go to sleep a rocket had i only gained consciousness when the whole building had collapsed on us i started digging in the rubble and burnt my leg in the process in the second rocket has us. many people living in this with the rebel held area are displaced civilians from other provinces. here in the ministry
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ospital we have been treating those in critical condition mainly from severe burns loss of organs and amputation of legs and hands. more than ten thousand people have been killed since saudi arabia and the united arab emirates intervened in yemen's war in two thousand and fifteen the coalition is supporting the internationally recognized government of president of a drop of months or heidi against who the rebels the airstrikes helped turn yemen one of the world's poorest countries into what the u.n. calls the world's worst humanitarian disaster who he struck back at saudi arabia after the attack on the data human rights watch has called on the rebel group to immediately stop their indiscriminate missile attacks on populated areas of saudi arabia. but the saudi led coalition has received the brunt of the international community's criticism unicef says the strike in holidayed on monday was one of the
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deadliest attacks on children since yes collation of the conflict three years ago falter dirge on al-jazeera. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has suspended a deal reached with the un's refugee agency which would have seen thousands of african asylum seekers resettled in western countries it would have replaced a controversial plan that wanted to deport the males to a third country in africa but the prime minister of may think within hours of announcing the agreement under pressure from members of his own government most of the migrants affected from eritrea and sudan seventy deca has more from west jerusalem in members of his own party seem to be unhappy about this they weren't consulted at naturally bennett who's the education part of the jewish home party and that israel would become that we say exactly said a paradigm for infiltrators in this is because this is these these are asylum
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seekers have throughout the course of the last eight years or so been called illegal in traitors by authorities here not my purpose not seekers and that's one of the points which today was interesting that the prime minister actually started calling migrants in starting to now move forward and not do this mass deportation plan which had come under such criticism it was hailed as in success by the n.g.o.s by the civil society to in argue against this however they did say it will be see how this will unfold one now in a dramatic each and i think it's safe to say it's been put on hold because of his right wing not happy about this saying that you know they need to discuss this further it will need to be consult in the needs to vote on it in the cabinet. the number of people killed by israeli troops during protests on girls as border on friday has now risen to seventeen more than fourteen hundred others were injured friday was the first day of
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a sit in is expected to last for several weeks protest is a camping along the barrier that runs the entire land folder of israeli soldiers and snipers a station where protesters set up their camps about seven hundred meters away and plan to stay there until israel's independence say on may the fifteenth holder abdulhamid reports from gaza. people here in gaza are pinning a lot of hope on the so-called long march of return which is basically staying along the border for dinnick six weeks or until may fifteenth which is actually a day the palestinians refer to as a snack bar or catastrophe because it is the day of the creation of the state of israel the cabman's are about five hundred to seven hundred meters away from the border fence which is just there in the background there you see some people have gone a bit further down and they are basically at the limit at the still called buffer
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zone about three hundred meters by israel they don't want the army doesn't want to see anyone in that area but you can see that some of the young people have actually gone defiantly a bit closer to the border now organizers and the people coming here want to make sure that this remains a peaceful nonviolent sit in many people i spoke to said you know we had several wars here in the gaza strip over the past ten years there was a lot of violence we lost a lot of our own people we are going to try this new way and nonviolent long term protests in the hope that maybe it will change something many people will tell you that they are sort of fed up of living thanks to humanitarian handouts they want to take their own future and on hand they want to have life in the gaza strip like life anywhere else as specially they want to be able to have at least freedom of
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movement so certainly they're pinning a lot of hope what will unfold is not clear but what from what we understand people will continue to come here for the next six weeks feel to come here at al-jazeera strength in numbers a thousand central american migrants cross into mexico on a journey that in raid. the u.s. president. george washington coming up a very human lot at martin luther king jr. from cool brisk nose and fuel rods. to the warm tranquil waters of southeast asia. hello again cloud it's clinging on to the middle east at the moment it's stretching from saudi arabia all the way out towards kazakstan giving some of
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us some rain but most of us have seen a fair amount of dust instead i think we're most likely to see some wet weather around the northeastern part of our map as we head through chews day and across some of the mountains again some of that will be turning wintery behind it though it's warming up safe attash will be at around to twenty three degrees further west you can see the cloud that we've got here that feeds all the way up into the southern parts of russia is edging its way east it's this still the chance of seeing one or two showers if you're in back or perhaps if you're a baghdad to the south around parts of saudi arabia the clouds also being thick enough to give us a few showers recently that cloud still with us on choose day and then it joins forces with the other one as we head through wednesday so for some of us will be quite grey at times and still the chance of seeing more outbreaks of rain for the southern parts of africa plenty of wet weather here we've seen some particularly shop showers over parts of i go to recently and those stretch further towards the east as well plenty of them all rush of them across the northern part of our map and also affecting us in madagascar mostly in the east but towards the south it's
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largely fine and dry just a handful of showers here and it looks like cape town will be dry too over the next few days a top temperature of twenty four. there with sponsored by qatar and greece. the scene for us where they're on line which is a very nice sounding him and the piece is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people there that are choosing between buying medication easy this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and she's posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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time for to take a look at the top stories here it out is there a tribute to being paid to south africa's former first lady winnie medical. has died at the age of eighty one she played a leading role in the anti-apartheid movement and was married to the nation's first black president nelson mandela throughout his twenty seven years in prison. twelve members of one family have been killed in a saudi led coalition air strike in yemen seven of them were children the missiles hit a housing complex in the hootie held city of data israel's prime minister has suspended a deal with the u.n. to resettle more than sixteen thousand african asylum seekers in europe and north america benjamin netanyahu made a u. turn within hours of announcing the agreement under pressure from members of his own government. and the new crossing by more than a thousand central american migrants into mexico has prompted
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a storm of criticism from the u.s. the so-called east caravan is all the lies by activists who aim to highlight the plight of people escaping crime and poverty donald trump has accused mexico of failing to do enough to prevent them from entering the united states john home and reports from mexico city. become every which way they can put in buses and trucks central american migrants crossing into mexico looking for sanctuary here or in the united states they usually go in small groups with every act to be sold. to bring awareness to the plight of poverty or criminal gangs in their homelands particularly salvador and honduras. it started with threats and i'm a woman and while men can do more than me we couldn't pick. any solution except to come here and that's it i think a lot of the caravan organizers hope that the sheer numbers will keep them safe
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from the cartels which often kill and extort migrants and mean the authorities let them stay or pass through so far they've been granted free passage that's infuriated u.s. president donald trump who tweeted mexico is doing very little if not nothing stopping people from flowing into mexico through their southern border and then into the u.s. that on the whole is not true over the last four years mexico has drastically tightened up its southern border with the help of funding from the u.s. usually migrants accord in a web of patrols and checkpoints there have been many accusations of human rights abuses the tolerance for caravans like this one is the exception not the rule something mexican foreign minister luis fee that i highlighted on trump's preferred battleground he tweeted every day mexico and the u.s. work together on migration throughout the region the facts clearly reflect this the government here would hope that its efforts to stop migrants heading through mexico
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to the u.s. would help the relationship with the northern neighbor but president trump doesn't appear to see it that way after learning about the caravan even threaten to cool off a trade deal between the countries it's impossible to know how many of the tweeted threats will turn into policy but it's another headache for the mexican government and an unhappy signal for those who say going home is not an option john home and how does it or mexico city. i mean the u.s. department of justice is announcing it will evaluate immigration judges on how efficiently they deal with cases it's in an effort to clear up a backlog of court cases an official has more from washington. it's estimated there own six hundred eighty thousand cases to be dealt with by the immigration courts the department of justice wants to see that number significantly reduced they want to see the number of people hanging around waiting for their court dates essentially to go away because they can apply for work or they're waiting for the
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case to be hammered you know what the department of justice would like to see is a judge's processing somewhere in the region of seven hundred cases a year at the moment the average is just under about six hundred eighty so the department of justice says this isn't a huge leap this is just probably dealing with three cases a day for every judge and they point to the fact that some judges deal with more than a thousand cases in the year but the difficulty is some immigration cases are a lot more complicated than others know immigration judges when they signed a new collective agreement with the government there greed to the introduction of some quarters and so the department of justice is saying from the beginning of the new financial year and tobar we want to see this going forward it could be open to challenge in the courts particularly from people who would be concerned the judges are more interested in processing the number of cases rather than jus a process in their courtrooms so although the department of justice issued this
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statement to all immigration judges on friday before the easter holiday in the united states it's clearly something that could well play out over the coming months as we see likely illegal challenges to this idea from donald trump's the partment of justice. and staying in the u.s. the trump administration says it plans to reverse high a fuel efficiency standards for vehicles the santas were set in twenty twelve and they would have required also to make as to their lead double the average fuel economy of new cars and trucks by the at twenty twenty five to one hundred reports from washington. with the obama administration gives the trumpet ministration is proving again it can take away the head of the u.s. environmental protection agency says he plans to weaken plan fuel efficiency standards in a statement e.p.a. administrators got pruitt says the obama administration's determination was wrong saying obama's e.p.a.
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set the standards too high crude also threatened a showdown with california he says the e.p.a. is reconsidering a waiver that lets the states set a higher standard a move he hinted at in the january interview california doesn't have the authority to set the standards the rest the country that's not federalism california said in it for every state and country a dozen other states follow california's rules it's not clear pruitt will last long enough to enforce new fuel standards he's been under fire for pricey first class flights for extraordinary personal security costs and for renting a condo from the wife of a lobbyist last week veterans affairs secretary david schilke and was fired after he was criticized for charging for his wife's one hundred twenty two thousand dollar airfare and for accepting wimbledon tickets i don't think that anybody can go to sleep at night being in the cabinet of mr trump and be certain that when they wake up they won't turn on a new reason no they've been fired greenpeace responded in a statement saying weakening clean car standards is bad for the planet bubbly
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caliph and the auto industry itself the group released a mock ford motor company advertisement new for twenty eight outdoor masks standard in every vehicle. making it clear environmentalists will target. individual car makers if necessary to oppose lower fuel standards john hendren al jazeera washington. and tens of thousands of us teaches of walked out of classrooms demanding higher salaries protesting kentucky and oklahoma a part of growing unrest among educators you make fall less than professionals in other fields and design a separate cripples the problem is not just in america. in kentucky thousands of teachers stormed the state capitol we are here today. so rarely for our schools the scene was much the same in oklahoma where teachers call the recent
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six thousand dollars pay hike their first in a decade too little too late i'm not walking out on my children or my students and walking out for my students. across america from west virginia to arizona teachers are in open revolt walking off the job demanding not only better pay and pensions but more funding for classrooms not in the u.s. teachers' salaries and pensions are mostly funded through a combination of state and local taxes but since the recession tighter government budgets have kept a lid on teacher wages we have our own limits and we have other people who are also in desperate need of funding when it comes to teachers' salaries the u.s. is actually one of the best paying nations luxembourg is at the top paying roughly one hundred thirteen thousand u.s. dollars for teachers with roughly fifteen years of experience latvia is at the bottom paying only about nine thousand dollars but despite wage differences teachers worldwide have one thing in common they make on average about twenty
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percent less than other professions with similar training that could make teacher recruitment harder in the future we have seen reductions in the number of teachers and the number of college students who are exiting who are graduating from college with a teaching certificate and so there have been declines over the last ten years or so that people have raised warning flags about losing losing teachers to other professions teachers in oklahoma say they'll stay off the job at least another day hoping their demands will inspire change in their state and possibly others as well diane that's true broke out zero washington. police in thailand say they've made the biggest of a seizure of illegal drugs with an estimated street value of more than thirteen million dollars and then. more than a million pills made from a mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine he also sees more than six hundred
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seventy kilograms of cocaine as well as other drugs most of it was found from malaysia which is used by smugglers as a transit point protests as a force again with security forces in the indian administered kashmir after curfews were lifted. he said closed schools and blocked the internet following a weekend of violent protests and gun battles was left twenty people dead doctors on monday said they treated several people with high injuries who were hit by a pellet gun fire demonstrators have been demanding an end to india's control of kashmir. wednesday is the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of the us civil rights leader martin luther king jr in the latest in a series looking back at his life president jordan examines the breadth of his ambitions are. in the struggle to end segregation in the united states in the one nine hundred fifty s. and nine hundred sixty s.
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martin luther king jr was at the head of the marchers and the boycotters a powerful symbol of nonviolence pushing for legal and social improvements for african-americans. but according to the new documentary king in the wilderness king had a vision of achieving more a vision still unfulfilled fifty years later taylor branch is king's biographer and one of the film's executive producers we were on a mission to redeem the soul of america from the mankind's triple scourges of of racial bigotry war and poverty for a largely invisible tiny minority to have that as an ambition is just stunning. her . king was a preacher by training and so it was natural for americans to consider him a leader even a prophet but only to a point as long as king gave speeches on voting access to public spaces and equal
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treatment under the law branch says his support was widespread but once president lyndon johnson signed the voting rights act into law in one thousand nine hundred sixty five king's influence cratered even among his fellow activists because he opposed the vietnam war because he was trying to launch an anti-poverty campaign and because young people in patient for change cheered on the black power movement what depressed king more was the great rush of excitement about black power that obledo aerated all the questions of the potential of nonviolence and how quickly nonviolence became kind of passe in the culture. by the time king was assassinated on april fourth one thousand nine hundred sixty eight he was drained under f.b.i. surveillance and worried about a race war but he still wanted to work fifty years after martin luther king's
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death people speak of the dream he had for a better society king is revered but it's important to remember he wasn't the us a saint. jordan al-jazeera washington. now a hotel in northern italy has a new staff member. and the social realm acts they don't need a soul and to improve myself let's meet robbie pepper the country's first robot concierge has just taken up residence there late gallagher robbie ounces questions from guests in three different languages and if he doesn't know the answer he's program to learn from his interaction with humans. these are the top stories here at al-jazeera tributes are being paid to south africa's former first lady winnie mandela has died at the age of eighty one she played a leading role in the entry of party movement and was married to the nation's first
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black president nelson mandela throughout his twenty seven years in jail. as we say in african culture. a gigantic three has fallen and this is the women the lottery that provided shades for all the people of south africa. twelve members of one family have been killed in a saudi led coalition air strike in yemen seven of them were children the missiles hit a housing complex in the hoofy held city of who data israel's prime minister has suspended a deal with the u.n. to resettle more than sixteen thousand african asylum seekers in europe and north america benjamin netanyahu made the u. turn within hours of announcing the agreement under pressure from members of his government. protests is afoot again as security forces in indian administered kashmir after curfews were lifted. or it isn't closed schools
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and blocked the internet following a weekend of violent protests and gun battles that left twenty people dead doctors on monday said they treated several people with eye injuries who were hit by a pellet gun fire demonstrators have been demanding an end to india's control of kashmir. and the new crossing by central american migrants into mexico has prompted a storm of criticism from the u.s. president the so-called easter caravan is organized by activists who aim to highlight the plight of people escaping crime and poverty in a series of tweets donald trump accused mexico of failing to do enough to prevent them from entering the united states many are looking for sanctuary in mexico or the u.s. police in thailand say they've made their biggest ever seizure of illegal drugs with an estimated street value of more than thirty million dollars it includes more than a million pills made of a mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine most of it was bound for malaysia which
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is used by smugglers as a transit point right there is the latest headlines coming up next at al-jazeera it's the stream. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to al-jazeera. a day and you're in the stream live on al-jazeera and on you tube today we look at a life as an undocumented immigrant in the u.s. amid an immigration crackdown by the trumpet ministration. as u.s.
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president donald trump sends tweets saying the country is being quote stolen.


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