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al jazeera selects express yourself. hello there i'm jane with all in london our current top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. president don't trump is told saudi arabia may have to pay to keep american troops in syria trungpa says he wants to prove his soldiers have syria will he wants them to complete their mission against eisel fighting in the region are the primary
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mission in terms of that was getting rid of isis we've almost completed that task and will be making a decision very quickly in coup ward nation with others in the area as to what we'll do saudi arabia. is very interested no decision and i said well do you want us to say maybe they have to pay but a lot of people you know we do a lot of things in this country we do it. for we we do it for a lot of reasons but it's very costly for a country and it helps other countries hell of a lot more that it helps us well tom has also spoken with saudi arabia's king solomon and the emir of qatar telling them the rifts between gulf nations must end a saudi led country severed ties of qatar last year accusing it of supporting terrorism qatar denies those allegations which on both the discuss the war in syria and the conflict in yemen with concealment. russia's president vladimir putin is again visiting his turkish counterpart rage at the time the pair launched the
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construction of turkey's first nuclear power a twenty billion dollar project that will be built by russia but as a somewhat binge of a report it wasn't all about trade ties and the economy it's a special occasion for turkey to be part of the nuclear power generating club this is the site of the twenty billion dollars a q you plant which is scheduled to begin operations by twenty twenty three the leaders of russia and turkey said it will have a workforce which is already under training in russia it's the first foreign visit by president vladimir putin since he was reelected last month he chose nato member turkey which has become a staunch russian partner in recent months or so to see what you know when you today we're not just inaugurated the first atomic power plant but we're laying the foundations for turkey to have an atomic industry so we're building a whole new sector turkey is a highly developed economic state but this is a new step in the history of a turkish republic. with the power of blood the two countries are forging defense
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economy in strategic ties both countries are working on a major gas pipeline which will provide hydrocarbons with duke is growing energy needs the accused birches of russian s. four hundred missile defense system has been criticized by its need to allies to them between the two countries is worth more than twenty six billion dollars a year and the turkish president is hopeful with russian help he can push the economy to be among the top ten in the world by twenty twenty three trucks or thirty we are in acting many strategic projects together with russia the s four hundred strategic missile defense system and the turks stream polyploid are just some of the projects we're working on the nuclear power plant is another and we will also address the terror threats and conflict in syria. civilian nuclear technology defense and the economy are sectors where turkey and russia have common interests turkey's geopolitical position plays an important role in its relationship with moscow but on korea is increasingly having to play
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a difficult balancing act between being a nato ally and partners with a country which many in the alliance see as a threat. and core. trains have been canceled across france as railway workers strike against president a man well mccann's planned reforms she says walkout is just one of more than thirty strikes that are set to one for months across the country the unions are demanding the government give up its plans to cut benefits and pensions. he wants refugee agency says it's disappointed after israel canceled the deal to relocate half the african refugees living in the country just hours after it was announced protests against the new turn have been taking place in both tell of an jerusalem prime minister benjamin netanyahu faced intense pressure from right wing groups over the deal which would have led at least sixteen thousand africans in israel and seen another sixteen thousand also resettle in western countries.
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you are up to date with our current headlines stay with us out as a world is next. cut . to. the. i am. not as a. lot of. the in.
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am. i am. at those dramatic scenes in the final of the nevins basketball championship in twenty fourteen between until the end at acme are to some extent typical of the root of the sport has taken since the early ninety's and. they also reflect sectarian and political developments in this turbulent country and the post civil war era. the rivalries between what where the top two teams in the country reached its peak in the late ninety's and early two thousand when lettings basketball was
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enjoying its most successful period in terms of popularity and funding and playing success. competition between the players and sectarian tension between fans often resulted in many riots like this in scenes reminiscent of football in europe and south america at their worst. is supported by mussina fans and their rivals at hackney by christians. and some of the problems within the sport may simply be an expression of the sectarian divisions. that afp plagued lebanon for decades and which are no closer to being resolved today. the captain of our reality at the height of their success was when he done nothing as a star player in the late ninety's and to fans of the arab.
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league. it was my job. watching. the bottoms up. his big rival was it the al hackney captain elaine shannon duff the two former captains now reflect on what made basketball such a force in their playing days on their an amazing on court success on their intense rivalry and on the national and sporting politics which have seen their sport decline and their roles within it changed considerably. for the. other collided they can get if you get a laugh at the from russia sneeze. into the mob as he sits out but not by the mob. hyatt there david he could look on a father knievel to do it all now while they are back in
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a godly moment game what does about that can leave. it there the fact that. these two men were dominant figures in lebanese basketball for a decade they commanded fanatical support and thousands of fans had their posters on their walls they were there or not oh and messi off their sport. with elections along with other big names like fag who still playing today.
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because it was it up to. one of the other significant figures was the former president of the committee says yes as the club is sometimes known on to launch weight. as heche it was originally a sports club affiliated to such as of the now in our church they started playing basketball in one thousand nine hundred ninety two when schrader known as the godfather of lebanese basketball began funding it. these aim was to transform the sport by developing a drone team that own lebanese might support and with players like ancient duff he certainly produced on court success. oh as tshwane made and massive impact on at hackney and on livings basketball as
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a whole. coming from advertising he attracted sponsors did t.v. deals and while he was involved there was a buzz around the behooved basketball scene. and reality vs and hackney was the be root derby and it meant everything especially to the former captain who really do not the level of the you know that it would appear. to have been a lot of. what there's a. bizarre vision for the law well i missed. by it killing way. the base missile for us will fail our fear visibility ill job and i wish the
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those are as well because the senate was off with our mayor. and hackneys former president ran in major advertising and media company which was influential not just in lebanon but across the middle east. he invested in several basketball clubs and some estimates say that he put nineteen million dollars into and helped me to create his dream team. to understand the whole phenomenon of letting his basketball you have to go back to nineteen ninety two king at.
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the pinnacle. since that middle to same and warmish wally. cage's it and how does but you see if you look at the n.b.a. and what it there i'm see a second who we eventually there lenny and gaming but to be young was that would hang. one hundred houses c.c. bill believe. does have a daily aleck and. if you don't then he made the shady little mini me with the bar on the bush deed but the other big daley felina not alone want us the kind of football. mocking him enough would have cut them futile then given what he can do
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we hustle to sissy a lot of basketball and then maybe it's made in the spirit. but the speed in the old thought if he does a missed the man needed me i can. but he as soon flick in your midfield of being below it sadly to be shipped to be good if you need a small yard little bit of the man but the capability of the lab possibly milledge the loss of a good thing but if you've been or are you know the trick me and the less equal of nini matric yes equal american honey and respond via had a classical god but it would be sucky lately what they do you are the old whitney oh my china mr will be your plea is heard if you look in. the water i did buter that was our legacy but that them are only people it is another key element of plan to form
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a dream team was the experienced coach. who took charge of me in one thousand nine hundred ninety two lebanon can most but a machine around must pay back the evil server. at the same a game or you. suck as a small general on them. for past the show me. one. of the mob know when i'm up and show me something about the give me the it to me and the fame but me even muster. better the. hell of. it. for the just. general arm of the mob the sane alleged bit of. jalap had the need the fan and ned into into a war in a moment because all ways kamal fiend. then incumbent what sort
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of came to the best song in the of the match he had some were some of them mad that are. away on a field of fame up that awful. mess or hung. by or whatever while i'm a basket. a shit in missy he came to do she again what didn't feel normal to me again would do this if you met him in seattle when he can as a cover. as. a
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classical field live then immediately missy when needed misty was the only dimly lit will. be in it leisure for the unknown bitterly as a. lonely they have. twenty. yeah shame and fear you know me or me. but that could have been much much. about this to the shoes when i mean. it could kill you. but you.
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must have some kind of. we do we want to because i'd much rather. high school. because. by then. that that. might have. known and it. is a. symbol for the symbol in the. middle of. all . of them it would. have been
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a shock. for them. even. if what they see and. something hit me all day and in. weeks. hell she is an addict and if as many. see a sick inability to be what konami says another wouldn't be the norm. again gillis zambesi doctors and we have as general michette all. again i have done as a deck an office in a safe even if man wanted me get there before nor the monogamous she and the and i'm in the way i wanna keep the no kill file he can and do do you know i will assure phoebe dave you david to leave you all saws with the blue nor who are you
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and it got a frantic feeling if you feel shut out can you do on the leash i don't want to even needed. and it kinda coud come in shot of the month you would do when they did we are. going to miss your lunch a it was a worry on me and i fed as you would help me if i was some benayoun gay man to hey
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yani sod it a listen say your son. will not a. man but on a come last mama must move in no need to be all day and in the midst and then it had many mussy here when he did must and there are even less in this there will only be muscle in awake solitaire ritual for evidence would have lead people to do with their. god who didn't. see. and seeing you. were. see you down here below the you didn't miss it silly young people but being stupid and the amount of current the d.c.
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current doesn't seem to talk from the point where you heard them whatever intentions will the father help me. have the he must or he was at the market for you and the same machine it was the bottle it audibly one hundred. one which would have welcomed me and if me sent away your urine but that none only move. but that you could you would. cylinder didn't know at the time any anomaly status i believe that is the problem and that's how i'm still we should give the heat a spot in a calm deity to. be and then let me let it pass into believe duffy in the heat wave and look and i'm f.e.d.'s ticket animal but out the all the fuck up get under the clean feet and be good little your. book you need of the other king manuel. is or was of late i want to feel happy as he beat up the
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mom to pollute the confusion from in a can and the segment in easy to follow your own side it is a good human is it was good board. will come in give. them that it is a but that it can she that the editor saw that. and
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heck missile was built around lebanon's most successful coach sad sad case he's a controversial figure having coached at hackney from the one nine hundred ninety two to one thousand nine hundred ninety four but then moving to under the law in one thousand nine hundred ninety. he was lured back to hackney for their golden period from one nine hundred ninety seven to two thousand and three before returning again to other reality that would be like coaching riyal madrid then moving to barcelona and back again twice and then there's the politics. we were going to puzzle didn't because we've got the muslims that we're going to bomb and chivalry are about the bomb awkward moment when bill bennett our limit nick that i had the. stuff at that moment. has been missionary. and it's about the kop mother that are normally you would mother palomar the lush
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me. that they. had it i thought well i'm. going to i'm not in the pub or got. the top of my life i mean when we can. sum up about. sufi thought out of. the chair of unfunny cheaper than your own that upon him that if you have to block pass a little for it we must take it some yes i will. buy a set. but i thought the other republican member supports sixteen nineteen i'm always one one one point. six to ninety. i'm it'll be near the community must be a mushroom inches it alone and i'm going to miss the farm drawn back and the sure
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there will be move out of it at the fair you know the freedom of the thing all of these women and mother signals go these around a bit i'm your own training but i worry about you that way about the tractor they are pleased that we've got a bus ticket in the. office is morally atrocious and i learned moments than i'm good at sullivan a bit like an american as the name of the example pathing ok that is not talking animal believe that we'll do with that the low ob and hack me. yani know what they have. to look like but an image one account i couldn't one hundred members refutable up one's way to me. and to look at is not a collection of only an a in in front of others and a hug monologue. it's a good machine if i'm on a homicide i'm old one i'm from memory lot number the number real.
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machine for me i will be not good at it without. knowing it cannot. move. me i was. definitely in love with. cheerful funny. little. michael moore some of us a lot of. collateral if the old. world looks out of all of us why us. like if you has moved the committee the. individual cleaning toughness was about the gulag like a hollywood mole who cannot allow the losers that
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a few flaws are caught at the last local. mental to say in a really what they can in the a.b.a. that actually i know for. a kid to jump my knees under the expedia is a sign of how much is about that loan and the loss of the hobbit the money the loss of the. booth and me and i'll enjoy success in lebanon but it was the christian and technique or suggest that the first letter. to be owned to make price at the peak of their play in the process. and. i really did bad things without being able to forgive somebody like me
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a convicted war criminal seeks out the survivors of a prison camp to apologize for the crimes of his past i just can't get even better showing. the unforgiven a witness documentary on al-jazeera our team ask our best. to not let. al-jazeera where every. tracing the fall from prosperity to financial ruin is beside need a movement where we hear lies nothing was first well the injury was the devastating impact to save the banks means also perceive the deposits of all of in there is service and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders of the
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people who needed to learn of us are gora from democracy to the markets on al-jazeera. it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government about real people. hello there i'm jim with donald here in london with our current top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump is told saudi arabia may have to pay to keep american troops in syria ciampa said he wants to pull his soldiers out of syria although he wants them to complete their mission against isis fighters in the region. are the primary
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mission in terms of that was getting rid of isis we've almost completed that task and will be making a decision very quickly in coup warden issue with others in the area as to what we'll do saudi arabia. is very interested no decision and i said well do you want us to say maybe they'll have to pay but a lot of people you know we do a lot of things in this country we do him for we we do it for a lot of reasons but it's very costly for a country and it helps other countries hell of a lot more that it helps us well donald trump has also spoken with saudi arabia's king solomon and the emir of qatar telling them that the rifts between gulf nations lost and a saudi led bulk of countries severed ties with qatar last year accusing it of supporting terrorism qatar denies those allegations well trumbo also discussed the war in syria and the conflict in yemen with king soma the local media say preset
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responding to reports of an active gunman and you choose headquarters in the u.s. these are live pictures from the scene in san bruno in california where the offices are located google which owns you tube says it's investigating a possible gun fire incident the video streaming services offices that police have warned people in a twitter message to stay away from the address. precious agreed to speed up the delivery of s four hundred air defense missile system to the move was announced by president vladimir putin and his turkish counterpart rages tayyip erdogan after talks in the cheerleaders are also set to discuss the war in syria and what with iran's president hassan rouhani has just arrived in the turkish capital trains have been counseled across france as railway workers strike against president manuel plans to cut benefits and pensions she's day's walk is just one of more than thirty strikes that are set to one month. current headlines world continues
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i think that would help a bit in the burgeoning sport of basketball in the late one nine hundred ninety two teams were serious rivals me and. a nine hundred ninety eight hundred through to the final stages of the champions cup the premier tournaments in asia by golf from hong kong by the tightest margin at eighty two points to. the captain was. the first thought of the politics of food getting a lot of trouble ok a couple nobody had fun but the let me know that it was
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a little bit because that's just it was good. at it but he was good enough to of. either kids elected him bullah nor the one wish he had a kid lived many years can hear the the. clown a few daily. good luck in it they live in norway and she bust the nylon out of me and when i moved to the music it was i'm enough you. can handle for the who have been let me in on it is it is it we assumed we would i mean. any nine hundred ninety eight and hackney made their own breakthrough by getting to the final of the air club championship against the jury club dad. and mo out with then if you know that you know three what they mean almost enough
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to a he deployed then with his argument that he you know more than any of you love that are you that many other things. what is it. that. this was the first international trophy for the christian supported and helped me it's captain fantastic and their funder on twenty twentieth's. polluting. thing.
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you'll. laugh again and. others. of follow me as how long i think my neck. of the funny it's on their own medicine. then the next year nineteen one thousand nine. or suggests as they're sometimes known because of their maronite christian connection went to one better. big one the biggest continental prize asia champions cup by beating the chinese club. in the final eighty four to seventeen.
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who what the sheer. somehow decided she wanted a year out of the uk you were fresh out of the i wasn't there. but i think there's. one that is weird. oh well hell of any medium limited. only what the heck you know i can. never guess has a lot of alchemy when i bill through sally. chantilly. i wouldn't. really. like that about the city figure who was
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kind of with us going it all about the wind isn't going under. and we also want to feel better champions cup the next year in two thousand and ten again in two thousand and four. the measure. big enough. to limit her. but all of us won't. move out of the me. but that kind of thing to me bill a thing or not they've been able to get back to back. them on it is. only
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one valid bother we will have a bill which will be somewhere i will be true have you heard of the matter is the net about to be a little game because the bell division. and the been shut down because. for all but their last big fear little bit just so yeah sure so young talent should be. some had sayed hassan nasrallah i mean i'm has a little bit. margaret and. one vanished the martyr with local professional going to. i can think the image of him as a lay up a couple for the loss of. the third one in the bin. when i. asked him to and i love it. as well. as
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a week of his savvy year nicklin. about makin the money then a lot of. but after the two biggest clubs had reached such heights a shift began to occur in lebanese basketball. it seems to have been a combination of different factors. one funding on to gradually became disenchanted with events off the court increasing sectarianism and party political intervention by two thousand and four he had completely pulled out of me with the effects rippling across the sport. to sectarianism and politics i sound surtees his outspoken remarks after acme's asia cup win show that figures within the sport had strong political affiliations. some argued that
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basketball gradually became a tool in the hands of political parties causing players and financier's and even fans to withdraw and. their money i should feel. that all of that was so what. exposure to lives. must have thought to unlucky but then it didn't feel that gays that somehow love. it. and it wasn't until i was at. nor. are you ok. with someone who are. aware labby. of.
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as a duck. had been. on twelve months. some of them. assess it must be really how we'll need the e m a c. one mano with the only man to resist on another team you don't talk to or two . then even the city maybe make the same man who is immediately if you meet on the medium of the same is you need to come see i'm going to be for the moment the lobby and even before them that i'm. on the list you and i don't you must not be around lenat easy one has said no no come in on a visit. how or. why. so. how will it look here that. there was no more buffy coming is the movie you can
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drop out of the normal book of. god and. find a lot of i love enough to. be a baby enough to know. what i did shelley but i said i had been in. such power and influence on twenty eight in the early two thousand in this sport and across the media that his withdrawal from acme affected not only the club but the sport as a whole. a look at the offices of the lebanese basketball federation today which still bears issue eighty's name suggests the boss and dynamism of the early two thousand is no longer their. way to ease frustration with the christian construction of the acme club seems clear. but he would not be the first sports finance here to come up against
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entrenched attitudes. like me still play in the lebanese league and command loyal support but they're struggling with debt and their form is inconsistent. you. are the and. and. former captain tough became the manager in twenty seven and then president and his to revere by today's players like he was stuck. what had been my area. but doggedly and saw the market at the bar was.
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good she offered it would but it meant the book will monitor public men cannot muster but i did if somebody or. are it from a navigator and of anonymously a. good book by lobby i'm trying to. either not only are there was good mistrust that i did. it with the comment this makes me to be a. minimum one hundred one god is wrong. and another a something off or have a vision beheld a little or no women. she is special and. limitless about the
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revolution a little bit of good misery will ya it can all work through your reform kumar not like you can off our grass or the having our new. vision there elaborate as technically we love it can she. softly facilities our daughters how to feed. our god both because. it's sunday mission. and the norm
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tamela truth once and lost bullshit from a smile on the truth i didn't want to face hallucinate while something. and some of. the little stunned for a thorn but at the. bottom and actually that was your c.s.e. or your double. like in the upper one the c.s. that they showed the wall then none. of the other from a well at all so that. the clue movement of the bother what. so obvious of the clue you would assume use. of mode where the. i think simply by way of the truth visual about the lost cause along in verse one of his book is often you feel.
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about some of the. business and not but never the bottom of the food police i did you know that they have not brought up to the point of what i have done a human on the flow of the law but it all done which in effect as i have just paid my lesson on shut up for someone about my own you are clueless i'm not going to cut it with a then let me on the on the john had to pull off a lawsuit. has succeeded in securing viable funny but the constant trying to treat with acme as. they continue to win trophies after his decline but when they want to leave in two
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thousand and six their captain was no longer living. on the thing at least being public may not know something they will saletan know something cassimatis i woll on young like it they come the material things happen for. him to find a couple of something better comes out little it's a. home without the name that it could at sunday oh ballad leave all. that kind of the last sell out if. there. was some other family set out at the. end of the day. but at the could be.
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he mentioned half an hour runs and national resort and is not active you can evolve in an acme at the moment. he's critical of the increasing involvement of political parties in the club these days. and. allow them to have the useful to know we need it hit me because of the ease be a teeny sound this year the billion i'm a bit on my lawyer door to be a new visit overnight but i belatedly and just near the colors and in town with. the llama be a while and most of ana were found on the budget i mean i'm in the final four weekend had the c's ability to sit it out most of only about. and i can have a fee. but a damn a c.s. ability and you know not a lot but. you didn't like me make one ended up as book but you know as
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a fifth of c.s. hemo we. well i don't know how in the nominal we could be nearly cool. with that many other obstinacy is the other. one of my. final year on was. on the other hand while. on. nor. would even get the flick of a bad on and on it she. is an ex like me on in. either love at the moment and the fantasy is excited.
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and. a way to know how it could have been a word ok. until. our new sort of congress leaves. us and of have been. if with the media. i think. when we do not he is also critical of the room of party politics in his old club i think. he's coached clubs and lower divisions and aspires to be a commentator. on the us in the you know. in the. look at she beat me and. leave. us a. mess isn't
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a mother is legally and it isn't will your mother is needed me i'm a. good listener will national. while we're. on the even on each song you know you are my. what. never are they understand it then you move them all and i see a simple because she. believed. that only about you she can and must the two animal would have done. in or. button or an account of a kid and i can. set up the a footman and baby secularly if secularly then it would have been either your. us.
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a man who ellison thin ok near-side most of a belief that only needed to be in illegal with. the month to month month r.c.a. you'll find. have you. say most of old equipment are based but the early years of that would be for the. metal moment of any energy in years. but they're the best when they are mean that they usually know if it's been that is it in you. off while an honest. one. this way phaedo boggle is a bailout for the need that we all have
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a fate that many in various and military shia it. shows will. always see it know what i love what i like that the name of. a son is a mommy thought that is in order. and there are when you do not he something wrong if. he says sunni against shia they would clash that's the problem. basketball in lebanon is still very much alive but when the civil war ended ninety nine to one it did not resolve credibly complex politics and sectarianism that have continued to develop since. so the fortunes of the country's most successful sport really reflect events course the country as a whole. fans and commentators often plead for sport in politics not to
11:57 pm
mix but in a country like lebanon on that corinthian. seems more fanciful today than ever.
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hello and welcome back now stop by a look at the weather across the strait now we've got iris here very close to the coast of queensland that's going to continue to give some very heavy rain here so flooding is like just a very tight coastal strip probably getting up close to townsville as we head through wednesday the rest of australia weather conditions not looking too bad i think could be some big seas on the coast the selling quite a way towards brisbane and the little bit further towards assassin the look out of twenty five per cent temperatures not looking to about that at twenty eight degrees and thirty three is a maximun alice springs as they head across towards new zealand and featuring c.r. tropical cyclone moving whitewater south but moving away out into open water so for new zealand it's going to be quite windy for the south out in particular with some showers on the western side of the north on in germany looking drive through wednesday and for thursday we should cease play dry weather returning across the
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south on and so let's head up into northeastern parts of asia and here we've got a cold front pushing through the region and it's certainly living up to its name and consider dropping temperatures as it pushes on through so twenty six in tokyo on wednesday but as we head on through into thursday those temperatures dropping like quite considerably we've got some snow in northern parts of the korean peninsula. the story of black man. and. you'll have to kill i have strength of a story of current catch a lot of the fear is real. passion. and it's very serious just.
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as big brother is always watching at home and abroad. when he's the best agaves how far china will go to control its citizens. or not is it. just news is influencing. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for our disaster hole in the media or opinion the listening post at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. some of them should have been told that this is the news hour live from london coming up. and i said well if you want us to say maybe you can have to pay. fines.


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