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the out. the out why thank the our. business updates. going places to the be . this is al-jazeera. and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from our headquarters and. coming up
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for the next sixty minutes brazil's top court orders the jailing a former president. for corruption. to find the truth and we insist on a fair and unbiased investigation. continues to insist there's no proof that poison to form a double agent in the u.k. and. fears over the nile ministers from egypt and saddam may to discuss control of the world's largest. within days for the first gulf major of the season gets underway on thursday and all eyes are on tiger woods as he goes for a face title at. brazil's supreme court has ruled that former president looted a silver can be sent to prison he's been trying to stay out of jail while appealing
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a corruption conviction for the violent threatens his planned one of try this presidential election with opinion polls indicating he is the frontrunner a latin america editor lucien newman reports from the capital brasilia. the die is cast as demonstrators for and against brazil charismatic former president lula da silva gathered outside. their supreme court narrowly voted against his petition to remain free while the appeals a twelve year corruption conviction this means brazil's most popular politician and the frontrunner for october's presidential election must go to jail it's of the. for brazilians unwilling to accept any other verdict are more i represent the death of the supreme court and less it puts little or why the pressure on the supreme court justices has been an intense and not just out here on the streets shortly before the vote the head of the army came out publicly and said that he will quote
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a community eight impunity this is seen as an i'm president unveiled threat of an institution that is not supposed to weigh in on politics at least not since the end of the military in brazil back in one thousand nine hundred eighty five. for the escalating tensions was this banner in front of the court openly calling for military intervention. the court decision was a blow not just a political future. hundreds of other politicians under investigation for suspicion of crimes including two thirds of congress were anxious for the court to set a precedent that many argue would have been the death of a nationwide corruption probe the investigation has even implicated current president michel tamar. meanwhile supporters of lula da silva who lifted tens of millions of brazilians from poverty during his presidency insist he's a victim of political intrigue. historically every time you have
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a president who cares about the working class he or she becomes a part get of this kind of. promoted by. you know was found guilty of accepting a seaside apartment in this building in exchange for helping a construction company obtain government contracts he insists he's innocent but the seventy one year old politician who's ignited political passions like no other in brazil has lost what maybe his most important battle. brasilia. well let's get more on this now we're joined by colonoscopies sado senior principal analyst and latin america specialist at the business consultancy market and he's joining us live from london this to say the very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so what will happen next in terms of appealing his conviction and being able to run in a tie this presidential election but. yes i think it will take
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a couple of weeks before he actually sent to prison because he's another technical appeal and his way. in thirty he could still tell you to register he's kind. they like he's fifteen or virgos most likely he's reduced ration will be rejected this in chile this is a major setback for the left in brazil when the workers' party. judice spec these to make their. case. but unfortunately he doesn't know the gays in the group of the disability open to lecture and i this is the age nobody knows who is going to be the next president obama seal that has some potential upside as coming through for example the extreme dry wind. and they could be another name there. in the
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next few weeks and months but now. is a open race and does cry significant important for the markets because the america's next but i think the really believe the and that is known at the moment imbecility must i say to you by saying that no one knows who could be the frontrunner in the election and a big part of that reason is because while former president has been he has been leading the opinion polls he left president well you know with approval ratings of something like eighty six percent he is the most popular leader brazil has ever had so was this an attempt do you think by the vi to stop him and the with his party from coming back into power after impeaching joe who's that easy. indeed there is on. the argued that actually the whole.
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process has been quite selective because as he was mentioning dick cleek before hundreds of police decisions are implicated in this court option the investigation run one of the big grumblings is the child polities in brazil how are these political parties including the d. the economy and ruling everybody was has been implicated in these and then this supreme court house come up and he's going to send to present somebody from the left why hundreds of the police remain free and that he's going to be perceived as three million selectee the other thing which is pretty problematic is the politicisation of the supreme court and this is quite. problematic gardened four were impressive because there is no.
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certainty that we independent of the u. the shitty polity has better eighty this would bring court now has the judiciary targeted everyone because as you mentioned as our report mentioned everybody across the political spectrum has been implicated so has it targeted everyone or has have the politicians on the right you know use their position as the government immunity that they have to get rid of and weaken the left and what does this mean for the real political divisions that we saw over a veiled and brazil especially following the impeachment of who said. but i think there's not a day muni enjoyed by the press who they mean by that a meaning is implicated in love i doubt though that one hundred is all members of parliament implicated in love i doubt though by by their law in brazil by the constitution they have said they have immunity and they are only the only way you
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could immune these immunity is getting congress vote for a change. basically they are not going to bow for christmas if we can use the expression so betty complicated to do it under the immunity he's been president there many as have been ministers in fact one of the key issues of the general in two thousand and nineteen was going to happen when we president demanded because one he finish enough is he will no longer during the munity the question is whether this supreme court and to push it good to be go after him he will also say not being preachin. yes i said it's great to get your thoughts on this that is callous i say that joining us live from london thank you. we're going to move on to other news now and the sixty u.s. diplomats expelled by russia have on till the end of the day to leave the country
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three buses have already departed the u.s. embassy in moscow last week russia ordered the diplomats to leave in retaliation for the united states expelling the same number of russians and they has been a host of tit for tat expulsions involving other western countries to they follow the nerve agent attack on a former double agent and his fortune in the u.k. the british government accuses washoe of being behind the attack which the kremlin strenuously denies while the poisoning of sergei and julius cripple has also come up at an international security conference in moscow to foreign minister sergey lavrov open the second and final day of the summit this year's focus is on syria but they will also be discussions about the situation on the korean peninsula criticize the west it's handled the squid case well we're joined now by russia correspondent rory chalons who is live for us in moscow and the russian certainly have a lot to say on thursday in moscow warry. yeah
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they've had a lot over the past two days we've had a succession of security and defense chiefs of the russian federation stand up on that podium and give their view of what's going on in the world and so a lot of rove. earlier on today he repeated much of the same themes and topics of the west being out to get russia that we've heard over the last forty eight hours he talks about the script all case. i think what we're getting is a sort of consolidation or a concentration of the russian government's position here previously they've been sort of throwing out numerous different versions of the event and saying essentially something along the lines of it certainly was an ass but it could have been anyone else because there are numerous other governments around the world that could have either got their hands on or made not be short that changed over the last few days and what we're getting now is much more of
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a message that we still say it was an ass but now we're also saying that this was a kind of false flag operation set up by u.k. and u.s. intelligence basically to smear russia let's listen to now. the so-called scruple case has become a stage a pretext for an unprecedented expulsion of russian diplomats not just from britain and the united states but also from other countries that were made to do so which. diplomatic efforts i'd like to stress that we will continue to respond to those unfriendly steps but at the same time we would like to find the truth and we insist on a fair and unbiased investigation have to be held in line with the principle of the convention of the prohibition of chemical weapons. about what can happen next for we would the investigation especially given that the. w has voted against the russian position. you know this is a high stakes battle for the truth isn't it after
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a strong start the united kingdom and its government stumbled recently with the mishandling of. evidence basically given by chemical weapons experts in the u.k. which the u.k. government suggested would suggest that russia was the source of novacek and these chemical weapons expert saying actually that was not our job we can't do that only say that this was. a agent so that was a misstep for the u.k. government has been pounced on of course by moscow but moscow is stumbling as well it tries to get its new investigation started via the chemical weapons watchdog globally the o.p.c. w. votes yesterday failed to do so with most countries either voting against russia or abstaining so this is not going russia's way of the moment rusher is also
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trying to get an open meeting of the u.n. security council set out for the see. the o.p.c. w. is basically analyzing all these samples and is going to take several more days of things to come to any kind of conclusion it's probably not going to come to a conclusion different from that given by the u.k. is chemical weapons experts so the onus kind of is on the u.k. now so either. reveal what it is that. specifically fingers russia or start losing the arguments and if it doesn't come up with this evidence make this public soon perhaps the tide is going to swing against it because at the moment it seems that although the u.k. has stumbled a bit in recent days russia still has the greater tarski in convincing the worlds that it's in the right here roy thank you very much for that russia cost bottom troy challenge joining us live from moscow thank you. now donald trump has agreed
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to keep u.s. troops in syria for the time being at least one day after he said he wants them out of the us president assad have changed his mind off the meeting with national security advisers a white house correspondent committee how could as more. than one day after u.s. president donald trump declare the united states will pull out of syria i want to get out i want to bring our troops back to the white house was on wednesday attempting to make sense of the president's statements arguing the u.s. would withdraw but not just yet as this environment has changed because of the success under the president's leadership we're evaluating it as we go the softening of the president's position as the result of a national security meeting trump had with top advisers he was informed there was still work to be done withdrawal of the two thousand military advisors and special forces could allow eisel to regain a foothold in the region we shouldn't go into iraq on the campaign trail trump
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pushed an america first agenda arguing foreign conflicts have cost taxpayers too much it's a point he reiterated on tuesday well meeting with baltic leaders seven trillion dollars over a seventeen year period we have nothing. it's perhaps one reason trump is excel orating withdrawal timeline the other is russia trump has argued nobody has been tougher on russia than i have a withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria would be a win for russian president vladimir putin whose forces have supported the syrian government of bashar assad throughout the conflict the. that it would also be a victory for iran israeli government believes the iranians are planning to use their forces in syria to attack israel accusation iran denies but one analyst thinks trumps desire to pull the united states out its. simply part of
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a bigger strategy i think it's probably a good idea to put that on the table because it forces people to negotiate with you with a talk with you more seriously in this i think you're always going to be there despite the president's sense of urgency the white house says the decision to pull u.s. troops out of syria will not be made by the president but instead by the secretary of defense based on conditions on the ground kimberly helped get al-jazeera at the white house. and the u.n. says up to one hundred thousand people have now returned to iraq and syria five months off the ice was driven out and a u.s. backed military campaign a u.n. team visited the city earlier this week for the first time since it was liberated that estimates two thirds of homes are destroyed almost residents still have no access to clean water city leaders say it's still riddled with on exploded devices made rock of the de facto capital of itself to calif it going to capture the city in two thousand and fourteen. we have plenty more ahead on the news hour including
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five years in jail for a famous hollywood actor convicted of poaching we have the details coming up the israeli army is accused of using excessive force against protesters in gaza and it's. a different time just to make it to the commonwealth games. now a lebanese american businessman who advises the united arab emirates may also have new information for robert miller's investigation about russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election the new york times is reporting that georgia now there has connections to the u.a.e. and russia and may be able to link the two important strands of the inquiry together well investigators are asking whether wealthy russians illegally funneled cash donations directly or indirectly into donald trump's presidential campaign
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well novice tiles to the u.a.e. are well documented he's an advisor to its leader but the extent of his links to russia have not been previously disclosed but we're joined now by juan cole professor of history at the university of michigan and a distinguished visiting professor at the university was to call always a pleasure to speak with you on al-jazeera so i think it was just a few weeks ago that we first sort of heard about george another and that he was posh now off this investigation into russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election so what's what's new about the latest revelations then. murder had been known as a fixer for the united arab emirates close advisor of crown prince he. was looked at in that regard by the moeller team but it becomes increasingly clear no in the new york times report makes this clear that the whole also has a history of being a fixer for me. so he was involved in
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a twenty twelve attempted arms deal between iraq and moscow for instance a legal arms tailor well it was. so riddled with corruption that it was canceled didn't go through and then he has been put at meetings between trump representatives and cure all dimitri of who is a hedge fund manager in moscow who is family connections with the lighting near putin what is that exactly about mr navas activities that this investigation will be focusing on well the question is did he find a way to funnel money into the trump campaign it's illegal for foreign entities to and individuals to give money to u.s. campaigns but of course they could use cutouts they could use american to forward
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the money and it has been alleged recently that mr nodder wired money to eliot broida an american businessman who's also close to the u.a.e. . which broidery then used to give a campaign donations to congressman as part of an anti cutter campaign on behalf of the u.a.e. so if he did that more recently what earlier on was he somehow funneling money from oligarchs to the trump campaign and mr moeller has now stopped several russian oligarchs who came to the united states and interviewed them about the possibility of their having given money so what so we are seeing now then that the russian vote in the u.s. presidential election is not an exclusive focus for the mana investigation yes the the investigation began with russia there were some links that clearly lead.
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back to moscow that mr miller is looking into it should be said that still those links are shadowy and no conclusive evidence has emerged however now there are at least cross links that lead to a with rb and there are actors like erik prince so one of trump's advisors sisters to it is the head of the department of education who was hired by the u.a.e. to create a private mercenary army partly to control the the were a guest worker population in the country. thank you very much for your time and your insights and to this call thank you. now the ministry of health and god has one palestinian has been killed by soldiers near the border and another has died of their injuries suffered in friday's bloodshed and that man from number of palestinians killed by israeli forces at the border on west twenty and a stephanie deck of a port from western bristol and the volunteers put the israeli army's rules of
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engagement under scrutiny these are unprecedented scenes along gaza's border with israel it's the biggest protest since a tiny strip was sealed off after hamas took power over ten years ago israeli army has been widely criticised for using excessive force it's hard to project their orders were strict i mean nobody should cross. the fence but i think there was restraint there high offices were on the ground all the time so it wasn't just the women of the if of a private you know the un and the e.u. have condemned israel's excessive use of force eighteen people were killed over eight hundred injured by life fire according to palestinian officials israel says it only targeted those trying to breach the border fence and it claims members of groups it deems terrorist organizations infiltrated the protests but cumin writes.
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organizations say the evidence says otherwise what we've seen is a great number of people standing at a distance from the fence inside the gaza strip and force live ammunition was used against them in such circumstances the use of lethal force is the last course of action only in circumstances when there is a risk for a life israeli human rights group but salim says live ammunition is being used as a crowd control measure i invite everyone you know just watch the footage and ask yourself is this reasonable that the israeli army. which you know backed by a policy front of her minister down to use such force in such fashion and with such results the army claims it did use restraint last friday and says it will respond more forcefully to anyone trying to breach the separation fence again we're told the rules of engagement are not likely to change as you know there's
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a strong support for the military and also for the government of this board. outside pressure can play a role but it's not strong. enough israel is used to engaging in conflict with armed factions in gaza and its missile defense system the iron dome intercepting rocket fire but not a single rocket has been fired out of the strip since this protest began israel is now dealing with the consequences of a decades old policy of blockading gaza where two million people are squeezed into a tiny strip of land palestinians say they're desperate for freedom military force may not be able to silence them stephanie decker al-jazeera west jerusalem. to india now where bollywood actor simon khan has been sentenced to five years in jail for poaching an antelope khan hunted the protected animal in one thousand nine hundred eighty s. it happened in the state of raja stand while he was shooting a film let's get more on this now we're joined by political analyst pat enjoyed. in
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the indian capital new delhi very good to have you with us on al-jazeera how likely is it that someone can will serve if not all but some of this five year jail term do you think. i think what the judge has said the judge in the lower court has said. appeal against his judgment has to file be filed in a different court which is the high court and i will not be surprised if he gets be sued you know how soon is soon i don't know whether it's a few days or longer i don't know but i will not be surprised if he is out of jail. in the near future in the past two on the same keys on the black box case so non-content spend about a week in jail and then he got bean and that too on that occasion to the judge had given him had convicted him and given him
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a sentence for five years and this is a very very old piece i mean the incident happened almost two decades ago in october of one thousand nine hundred eight and this isn't of course among cons first brush with the nor either you know he was acquitted of killing a homeless man in a drunk driving incident in mumbai in two thousand and two he was acquitted of it but want all the cases that he's been involved in what do they tell us do you think about the nuchal system and here. you are correct it had been alleged that some on cars and group of people were involved in driving a vehicle in a drunken condition which ran over people sleeping on the pavements in mumbai and killing a person but the time it's taken to convict him. things
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which are apparently contradictory at one level it shows that the criminal justice system can be very very long drawn out if your of an influential person if you are a will be pushed and you can hire expensive lawyers and the legal process can drag on for use in your. decades and decades so it's become a cliche to see justice delayed is justice denied so that's one part of the story you don't judges many courts there are appointments v could there not huge backlog yes it is course has a very nice don't want to sleep but he goes on a sort of a story and the other part of course is how famous and how well known. is and again of course not just in india he's one of the highest paid actors in the world so given all of that how is the case being viewed there i saw one major newspaper you know the times of india had a headline bollywood celebs praised the act and then which went on to list everyone
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he's helped in the industry. someone khan is arguably one of the most popular film stars and you know behind it there are big big bucks i mean he is at the age of fifty to me still playing the roles of people much younger than him but he's certainly very very popular he has a huge fan following i mean this is not the first time he's got into a controversy he's had a string of relationships and he's been accused of not being very kind i mean to put it very mildly to do his. to the women he that he's dated in the past be that as it me what does hold true sure is that this is become a huge huge media story it's all over every television channel and surely all the websites all the newspapers will you know plead very very prominently that simply
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because he is such a popular quote unquote popular film star but what the conviction also shows is that even if the long arm of the law is really very very long even if these sort of wheels of justice grind excruciating really slowly the law still is above no man that you can be very well that you can be very rich you can have the top lawyers somewhere along the line the law catches up with you but we will have to wait and see and i mean i mean there would be two views on this mystical i'm afraid i think that as over time we have for this and we thank you very much for your time and we will of course be following the story out enjoying the court for joining us live from new delhi thank you. now u.s. president dollar trump has ordered the national guard to be deployed along the border with mexico and a memo issued on wednesday tom says the situation has now reached a point of crisis and that has administrator and had no choice but to add the
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announcement comes as mexico's government began handing out humanitarian visas to a group of central african central american migrants rather trying to reach mexico city john holman because. this is what it looks like the caravan of people from central america which prompted an enraged u.s. president to send reinforcements to the mexican border they number more than a thousand but organizers say that this the nation isn't the united states it's instead mexico city and now that hasn't stopped the political drama behind it a desperate stories like your land and his son axel fleeing the gang warfare in honduras that saw him out for the just for having a go friend in a rival groups neighborhood look at you all does your life i mean most here if we reported it to the police the gangs would have found out because they're part of the police even at the highest levels. for others the escapees from chronic poverty
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you know. the salaries just aren't enough to provide the basic needs of your family and aren't there are more depressingly similar stories people told them as they wait camped in a field in southwest mexico well officials process safe conduct papers mexico has been drastically tightening its southern border for the last four years partly with funds from the united states. it's just one of the factors that led to a big drop over the years in the number of migrants detained at the u.s. border but beyond the numbers and debate of these people even when the caravan stops in mexico city many plan to continue north in small groups to ask for asylum in the u.s. they say they are unable to see another way out john homan al jazeera mexico city in a few minutes we'll have the weather with everton but still ahead on the news hour facebook or feels millions more people are caught up in its privacy scandal than first horse and eleven hole take control of their champions league quarter final
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but at what cost challenge have the details in sport. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. the weather is living a little drier across south africa or over the next few days you can still see this little line of cloud making its way up towards the tropics ahead of that we've seen some very lively showers in southern mozambique little clutch of storms there hundred fifty five millimeters of rain coming down in just eighteen hours as i well so whether the cloudy skies clearing away from south africa just not going their way further and they'll continue to do so over the next couple days just see this sympathetic line of showers which to push their way up towards zimbabwe towards botswana and up into the democratic republic of congo and some showers still in
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place there into northern parts of mozambique over the next that's a few showers there into madagascar but fine and dry warm sunshine of course a good part of south africa you come up into the tropics heavy showers here really big one here as well two hundred sixty two millimeters of rain in twenty four hours there in two towns in the game season one of the live shot big areas storm so you can see in central gaza so fifty two millimeters of rain here in twenty four hours showers stretch all the way across the central parts of africa right the way over into the the opi and highlands sloshy fondant life and northern parts of africa but a chance of showers for more than morocco for saturday. the weather sponsored by cats are always. i really did bad thing. with i be able to forgive somebody like me a convicted war criminal seeks out the survivors of a prison camp to apologize for the crimes of his past i just can't get even
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better a showing for. the arm for given a witness documentary on al-jazeera to ask them. to laugh but. when the news breaks. on the old man city and the story builds to the forests only it would just be all when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the award winning documentaries and live news and out of iraq i got to commend you on hearing is good journalism on air and online.
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have you with us on the al-jazeera newshound these are our top stories brazil's supreme court has ruled the former president. can be sent to prison he has been trying to stay out of jail while he appeals a corruption conviction the decision to run in a presidential election. sixty u.s. diplomats expelled by russia have departed the u.s. embassy in moscow last week of the diplomat to leave in retaliation for the u.s. expelling the same number of russians follows the nerve agent attack on a former russian double agent in the u.k. and bollywood actor has been sentenced to five years in jail for poaching and he hunted the protected animal in one thousand nine hundred eight it happened in the state of raja he was shooting a film. the un's refugee agency wants access to fifty six one hundred refugees
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being held at a detention center in malaysia the group was intercepted by malaysian coast guards on tuesday the government's policy has been to turn away refugee boats but officials say they allowed these four hundred to come ashore on humanitarian grounds about seven hundred thousand four hundred have fled myanmar since a military crackdown in august sixty two thousand of in malaysia so let's get more on this now and bring in matthew smith and bangkok he's the co-founder and c.e.o. of the advocacy group forty five writes mr smith always good to have you with us on al-jazeera so they are there in malaysia now but what services does the malaysian government actually provide to the hunger. well elizabeth unfortunately most roe hinge refugees in other refugees for that matter that arrive in malaysia face a very difficult situation. almost as a rule. by law in fact detains. many refugees and
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that is the case certainly with refugees who are arriving by boat so what we commonly see are refugee communities that don't have access to education don't have access to adequate health care and other basic services so it's it is a very difficult place for refugee communities to live and you visited i know many locations across malaysia that the head in what is life like for them well for some years now. particularly in recent in recent months in recent years refugee communities have been in some ways living in hiding what we see are situations in which. refugees are exploited by employers in malaysia because they don't have the rights that other workers have we're also finding that refugees are routinely extorted by state security forces in malaysia this is
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a very common experience for refugees essentially police or others will. take money across them on the street take their money take some of their belongings this is the daily life of refugees in malaysia unfortunately and how much of that is because malaysia is not a signatory to the un convention on and given that the malaysian government has been one of the most outspoken critics of myanmar's treatment of the head what would you like to see the malaysian government do here. yeah it's a it's an important question you know on the one hand malaysia as you said elizabeth has been very outspoken about the root causes of this and that's excellent they're setting a very good. very good example for the rest of us on and internationally but on the other hand the refugees are having a very difficult time there so it would be important for the authorities to
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certainly ratify the refugee convention but but short of that they should work with the u.n. h.c.r. the un's refugee agency to conduct refugee status determination to help register refugees with human h.c.r. this would be a positive first step because right now the vast majority of refugees in malaysia are unable to be registered with you and h.c.r. mr smith thank you as always for your time we really appreciate it that's matthew smith of forty five writes joining us from bangkok thanks elizabeth now ministers from egypt saddam and ethiopia holding talks on who controls the world's longest river egypt which depends on the non for water as worried about a dam being built upstream by ethiopia then it smith explains in the northeast of africa the waters of the nile irrigate crops that feed millions of people who want no flows from uganda through south sudan and into saddam the blue nile from ethiopia into saddam and in the capital khartoum they converge on the world's
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longest river heads to egypt not far from the border with sudan ethiopia is building what will be the largest diamond africa a one thousand six hundred eighty square kilometer area is being flooded to create the dams lake how quickly this is dumb is one of egypt's main concerns you give. to believe us. to believe he toopid. believes in you could have a little it isn't a little a vision of resources we approach. into corporations at a cost of almost five billion dollars the great ethiopian renee's on star or harness the power of the waters of the blue nile ethiopia wants to bring electricity to the seventy percent of its population that doesn't have it and the world bank estimates ethiopia could export a billion dollars worth of electricity every year the dow will regulate the flow of
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the blue nile as it heads into sedan and the sudanese are very happy about that at the moment depending on the season the river floods or it's too low a steady year around the flow of water will significantly boost harvests but downstream on the nile in egypt is where there's potential for conflict over ethiopia's plans from above you can see how much egypt depends on the nile the country's pretty much all deserts the only strip of color is the blue of the nile and the green of its cultivated banks ninety percent of egypt's water comes from it one study suggests that if the dams lake in ethiopia is filled quickly which means over three years then that would divert enough water to kill off fifty one percent of egypt's farmland and when you consider that egypt's population is expected to hit one hundred seventy million in twenty thirty or thirty percent increase from now you can see why its government is so worried about ethiopia's down. well
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facebook has revealed that at compromise the privacy of millions more uses that initially reported the social media john says the personal data of eighty seven million people is improperly shared and as and grapples with the fallout facebook is a unveiled a new privacy policy changes including cracking down on apps that can get information about events people hosting or attending better encryption for conversations that take place in closed a secret courts and a ta to review process for all apps that request uses information about photos videos status updates and posts on monday facebook users will receive a notice telling them what apps they use what information has been shared and held into these apps they no longer want the company's chief executive mark zuckerberg says he's committed to restoring facebook's reputation as alan fischer of the polls facebook has come in for heavy criticism after it was revealed the data of millions of users had been shared with outside parties initially it was thought by media
1:44 pm
sources the breach to gain fifty million users now it's been revealed by facebook itself after an internal review the figure is much higher eighty seven million facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg told reporters on a conference call he no plans to step down and the company would change the way it handled users' data in the future now we have to go through every part of our relationship with people and make sure that we're taking a broad enough you have our responsibility it's not enough to just connect people we have to make sure that those connections are positive another brand people closer together is not enough to just give people a voice we have to make sure that people are not using our voice to hurt people or to spread misinformation and it's not enough to give people trolls decided to. we have to ensure that all those developers protect people's information to. us facebook didn't tell any of its users back in twenty fifteen that information had been accessed by the firm cambridge analytical which was contracted by the trump
1:45 pm
presidential campaign to help election targeting it know faces questions about the number of fake news stories posted during the election and the presence of russian operatives on the service the company also had links to another firm which provided analysis for the leave campaign in the british e.u. referendum of the eighty seven million potentially affected users more than seventy million are in the u.s. mark zuckerberg will face a u.s. house committee next week to discuss the scandal and several states are investigating what happened and if any laws were broken alan fischer al-jazeera washington. and russia has accused facebook of censorship after it removed more than one hundred accounts controlled by russian media facebook's of the accounts meddled in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election the kremlin has called the most hostile. now americans have been honoring the memory of martin luther king jr on the fiftieth anniversary of
1:46 pm
his assassination or civil rights leaders that has a vision of a nonracial egalitarian society be applied to today's america rosalyn jordan reports from memphis. bells rang thirty nine times once for every year martin luther king jr lived his life was short but king changed millions of lives ending segregation and securing voting rights for black americans we will and i were at the dinner when the some of the parlor in the in the behind me. closing up shop shot him killed him on the run six zero on the on a before the ninety six year brutally murdered. at the lorraine motel thousands gathered to honor his work and their own activism it was that downs feelings of being a second class citizen that i addicks various during my life mad life time and i
1:47 pm
asked santa now this is a nuff speaker after speaker walked on stage to talk about what king meant to them and what challenges they see facing society today apathy hunger was racism war dreamer in the mall ameena we should be talking about love and justice and helping the poor and treating the strangest right so we have to reshift the narrative we have to care for the poor people's campaign a national call for more revival earlier on wednesday a march through the streets of memphis to mason temple the place where king delivered his mountaintop speech the night before his death the mood of both of them it's largely celebre train because of the political and economic advances achieved since one nine hundred sixty eight but sadness hovered at the edges all day and lost over the gathering at six o one pm local time the moment then james earl ray fired a rifle and king standing on the balcony outside his hotel room number three zero
1:48 pm
six one of the speakers asked the crowd on wednesday what are you doing tomorrow on april fifth are you going to continue working to. martin luther king jr's legacy a spirit a call to action as the world honors a life well lived. in memphis tennessee. still ahead on the news hour how a hole in. the skull has hundreds of a mosque. just ahead with its whole.
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it is time for sports analogy oh liz thank you very much let's start with the champions league where liverpool have one foot in the semi's after thrashing premier league leaders manchester city in the last eight first leg yet again most sell it was among the goals opening the scoring off to twelve minutes so he didn't impose early in the second half a second goal quickly followed thanks to a long range shot from alex chamberlain by thirty minutes it was three nil thanks to study your money and that is how it finished box level may face punishment for an attack by fans on the manchester city team bus before the game outside the ground bottles were thrown reportedly smashing windows and city were unable to use the bus for their return journey liverpool was swift to apologize for the damage. in wednesday's other match barcelona were four one the first leg winners thanks to
1:51 pm
two own goals by roma piquet added to the school early in the second half and with suarez scored a fourth for boss a jack-o. scholes for roma gives them a glimmer of hope for the return leg now the first major of the goal season the masters gets underway in the next few hours at augusta tiger woods makes his return to the tournament after two years out he'll play alongside mark leishman and tommy fleetwood in the opening round sergio garcia gets the defense of his total under way with world number two just in thomas and amateur doc redmond two time mostest champion bubba watson then tees it off with major winners henrik stenson and jason day but as andy gallacher reports fans are hoping to see tiger challenge for a fifth masters title his first since two thousand and five. back at augusta national i'm back on form as the masters gets underway tiger woods is firmly in the spotlight he's long been the game's dominant figure so news that
1:52 pm
he's fit and eager to slip on a fifth green jacket has fans and players excited he's going to win. some point i think that's pretty clear to everyone with. the way he's only in and continue to get better. so it's great for the game. it's a long way from his arrest for reckless driving last year of a very public divorce from his wife in two thousand and nine woods has also been plagued by injuries but after a series of back surgeries funs expectations are high i mean i grew up watching tiger woods you know when his first mass was in one thousand nine hundred seven then go on that strong run for a couple years so needless to say me and my buddies are all you know ready for thursday to get here and get that tournaments started. in the late ninety's tiger woods conquered golf bringing a new generation of fans with him his impact is undeniable you know it's been years since tiger woods last won
1:53 pm
a major victory but at the masters would not only be an epic moment in the history of sport it would be a major boost for goals are the way his comeback is already more than most expected this year's masters is already being touted as the tournament of a lifetime proof if it would needed that the tiger effect is still a potent force everyone's been invested in the story no matter where you picked it up along the way you know some people love him for the drama some people love him for his skill so people just want to see what that outcome is going to be. when tiger woods first won the masters he was twenty one the first african-american to the title runs hope he's not finished making history and. well one goal for his still hopeful of playing in the opening round is tony finn out look away now if you're squeamish the american went from jubilant high to painful low on wednesday in the past three tournament or guster he shot a hole in one but while celebrating the credibility from and he rolled over his
1:54 pm
food and dislocated his ankle popped it back in and is optimistic he'll be able to make his master thank you. a straining crew to david warner won't appeal his twelve month ban for ball tampering he's joined a former captain steve smith and batsman cameron bancroft in accepting the punishment from australia's cricket board on twitter he said he's truly sorry for his actions and will do everything he can to be a better person teammate and role model mentioning baseball rookie shohei autonomy is living up to his hype for the los angeles angels the japanese star it is second home run in two days of angels the cage an indian three to two attorney made his home debut on choosing after joining and will be five in december the twenty three year old will make his first home pitching start against oakland on sunday. day one of the commonwealth games on a straight is gold coast but there's disappointment for the hosts as one of their
1:55 pm
biggest hopes for gold world champion hurdler sally pearson has pulled out because of injury the thirty one year old who grew up just around the corner from the athletics stadium where the opening ceremony took place said she was gutted after suffering a flare up of a long term killie's problem. not to be able to go out into that track and and run first trailer and it's gut wrenching it's heartbreaking and it's very unfortunate that i can't get out there i would love i went out there last night into the opening ceremony and heard the roar first trailer and not being able to feel that for myself in my individual events is very disappointing for some athletes just getting to the commonwealth games is victory in itself especially those from caribbean islands recently for ravaged by hearkens andrew thomas explains. at the commonwealth games current master will race the four hundred metres hurdles but in the lead up to the games he and other caribbean athletes have
1:56 pm
faced other hurdles away from the sports track mcmaster filmed this video himself it shows some of the destruction caused by two hurricanes which hit his country the british virgin islands last year among those killed was mcmasters coach at the games masters wearing a respond in his memory it wasn't his dream near his dream making it up step by step to get up to get it was i had this wristband he would be with me every step of the even if i win or lose he would be with me is the master's new coach says it's been tough for the team to carry on as a father of track and field and before so anything happened he will know he will do as he was he was everything so with him go into. a lead to be very just took a little further while but i hope he will it will bounce back up again perkins and maria most of the caribbean countries which have athletes competing at the
1:57 pm
commonwealth games across the island sports facilities were badly damaged car and mcmaster is one of many who since the hurricanes has had to move to the united states to train the stadium lights came down buildings are gone gyms or gone at is that you know there right now something the tree in a muddy area because if it rains then the whole checks flooded with more mass to say it's winning a medal is not his priority at the commonwealth games he simply wants to make his traumatised country proud andrew thomas al-jazeera on australia's gold coast. australian surfing icon mick funding has fallen at the final hurdle in his last event before retiring the three time world champion had been aiming for a fifth title that bell's beach but there was to be no fairy tale well as the thirty six year old was beaten by proceeding italo for data in the final. set all as one to finish up a bell just because i felt calmer and just. but yeah it was
1:58 pm
a very special moment of the crowd and then you know there's friends here and yeah . and then and then to be on the phone with the law and and just see how much it meant to him you know i had sort of i'm very feel better. all right that is all the sport for now more for me later like you very much joe and that doesn't have this al-jazeera news outside iran is here with another full news bulletin just a minute. carl
1:59 pm
. the street is quiet the signal is given. out yet so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty metres in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships and kept our children sometimes at court in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking bust to try to take them from gang violence i lost my son cooking they lived or years ago i also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards. combining arts
2:00 pm
and to acknowledge. the challenge soviet era methodology use. through making creating and performing. turning a generation of children. into the trailblazers of tomorrow. after school armenia part of the rebel education series this time on al-jazeera. brazil's top court orders the jailing of former president lula while he appeals his conviction for corruption. when you're watching i was there.


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