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want supremacies is on the rise in the us and it's on for a series two beating them from. clients in france to gauge the empty fascists. against intolerance. this is untrue from on al-jazeera. nonviolence attempt to appeal to the moral conscience of the now the jury's still out. if the nation has one. u.k. poisoning victim and daughter of a russian spy says she is recovering and his strength is growing day. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching algis there also coming up
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brazil divided on the fate of former president lula after the supreme court rules he will be sent to prison for corruption. eleven he's american businessman who could have new information about russian interference in the u.s. presidential election and bollywood star is sentenced to five years in jail for poaching in. our top story this hour the woman at the center of a spy poisoning raul which has caused the worst diplomatic crisis between russia and the west since the cold war has spoken out for the first time yulia script paul who was poisoned alongside her double agent father sergey in southern england last month called the whole episode disorientating but said she is recovering and his strength is growing day well it's. first the good news scriptural is on the mend the police in london issued
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a statement from her in which she said i woke up over a week ago now and i'm glad to say my strength is growing daily i'm grateful for the interest in me and for the many messages of goodwill that i've received i have many people to thank for my recovery and would especially like to mention the people of souls very they came to my aid when my father and i were incapacitated. the timing of the press release was curious became just after a purported phone call between yulia and her cousin victoria was played on russian t.v. in it the two women complain that victoria can't get a visa to come and see you and you did suggest not only she but also her father surrogate a former spy are getting better on this point the british police and government have said nothing. all of which was the backdrop to the latest from the russian embassy in london the ambassador laying out the stall that his counterpart at the united nations will repeat that britain can produce the proof that russia was guilty of the poisoning and it's only nato countries that support the u.k.'s
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position the rest of the world doesn't. take a real. position. this is she'd been serious with the position of the west so basically you have. twenty three countries. against fifteen so the international community is not ready to assist the themselves with the position which was taking by the u.k. in the united states and which was supported by the e.u. and nato countries mr yet again can also heavily criticize the u.k. for not having given you a scrip old cousin that toria a visa just as the two women had on russian t.v. it starts to look like both yulia and victorious cripple are on board with their own government in the end the russian message to the united kingdom and the united nations is exactly the same prove it was us beyond any doubt or stop making these
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allegations as frustrating as it may be for the british the russian diplomatic efforts is very very well coordinated gloriously al-jazeera of the russian embassy in london. or a challenge joins us live now from moscow what's the reaction there henri to the first comments we've been hearing from you. well i think the russians realize that your description is a very important part of this story from a p.r. perspective and that it is in their interests to return. in any way they can quickly if possible so much is being made here in moscow or victoria script who is the cousin of your scripts lawrence was saying in his report just then now they want the russians wants victoria to come to the u.k.
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and if possible collects you describe and bring her back to moscow there was again as lawrence was saying in his report on a phone call or supposedly between you and victoria which just happens to be recorded we don't quite know how that happened because considering that service or it seems to be surprised to actually receive this phone call but you know that i think the that the russians are making much of the facts that perhaps you dear is going to come back to moscow some point victoria's going to bring her back assuming she gets a visa from the brits and if he doesn't get a visa of course that will be another point with which moscow compassion london you are not you are not allowing this woman have a visa on a humanitarian mission. and speaking of moscow's business position we know that they've been really highlighting missteps made by the foreign office and by the foreign secretary boris johnson what will russia be seeking to do then at this special meeting of the u.n. security council in a few hours. well i mean i think the diplomatic side of things
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is going to proceed as it has done so far which is very very acrimoniously we are getting the suggestion from the russian foreign ministry that they may not accept the findings of the global chemical weapons watchdog the opi c.w. when they are published however long that may take the russians a said you know they they want this to be a transparent process by which they mean they want russia to have some sort of involvement to be allowed to sort of make their points within the o.p.c. w. in the u. and security council we can expect them to have perhaps get some support from the chinese in previous events of a similar types of conscious or you know other other diplomatic spat between the east and the west what we tend to get is rival motions
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a motion table by the russians a motion table by one of the western countries in this case all part of the u.k. and each of them being voted down or vetoed by the other we might see something similar this time or a challenge in moscow thank you. now brazil's top court has ruled that former president louise and osceola to sell them start serving a twelve year prison sentence for taking bribes. to stay out of prison until he exhausted all possible appeals in august luna was found guilty of accepting bribes worth more than a million dollars the court's decision threatens his bid to run in the upcoming presidential election but he was a favorite to win latin america editor lisa newman has more from brazil. brazilians have awoken to a new reality one that many people thought they would never live to see and that is
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the knowledge that their country's most popular politician is going to prison. was dogged by corruption allegations from the moment he was elected and took the presidency in two thousand and three but he was nicknamed the man with the teflon shield because none of those allegations ever seemed to stick now that teflon shield clearly has crumbled now what comes next he will be going to prison it seems that nothing can prevent that but his lawyers have called for an embargo of his last appeal which he lost over technicalities this could delay it for between we understand one and two weeks after which judge said your model who was the judge who presided over his corruption trial will sign the arrest warrant and send him to go. to the ongoing investigation now into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election in new york times investigation has drawn the spotlight onto a lebanese american businessman who has been cooperating with robert miller's
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investigation and says george nader has connections to the united arab emirates and russia and that he may be able to link the two important parts of the inquiry in this story john hendren joins me now from washington so john how could george nader be of help to the mother investigation. well we've known for a while that nader can hook up with the robert mueller investigation with connections in the united arab emirates that the u.a.e. where he is advisor to the crown prince of dobby has helped arrange a meeting with a trump liaison and a russian official in the seychelles but what we're learning more is that he didn't just ten generally have connections with russia he has had a relationship with russia that goes back for many years he helped broker an arms deal between iraq and russia that later fell apart but he also knows key people in this investigation one of them is carol demetrius he's
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a russian state investment fund manager and so what we know now is that muller can ask him not just about these u.a.e. connections but also about his connections with russia and we have evidence in the new york times article to suggest that miller is following up miller apparently had his people stop an australian on to a producer who was traveling in washington at the airport about his ties with the u.a.e. and about nader and russia and we also know that he stopped in all of our kit in new york airport asked about trump and seized his electronics so miller seems to be following up on these questions from nader who seems increasingly valuable to him how much progress is mullah making in his best suggestion. well he's investigating along two lines that we know of one did did russia and the trump campaign collude together to help donald trump win that election two with money funneled from the united arab emirates into that trump campaign foreign money going
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into a campaign is illegal however miller is also empowered to investigate anything else that comes up in the investigation and this is where it gets interesting because president trump apparently wants to testify he thinks he'll do a good job but that some of his lawyers don't think that's such a good idea particularly because he has he has a habit of the. exaggerating to put it politely so his legal team is in something of disarray john dowd one of his lawyers recently left so what we don't know is whether trump will testify if he does and there is any issue of perjury miller can follow that up as well and that would be very serious for this administration. john hendren in washington thank you. with al-jazeera much more still to come the damn control the sea on the nile in egypt sudan in ethiopia discuss who controls the wilds longest river. and south korea has disgraced former president prepares to face to face live on television as the course is set to hand down its takes.
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hello we've seen some pretty heavy spring showers into central southern parts of china recently on a cloud hey united system what's the weather there across central parts pushing over towards the eastern side of the country but if i'm trying to say now seventy five millimeters of rain in twenty four hours and that lot of wet weather continues in place as we go on through friday snow over the high ground and i just don't do it around fourteen degrees celsius eighteen celsius there for shanghai fun to drive to hong kong for the time being as we go on through friday we'll see the start of the cloud over through the course of the day and it will make its way further south as to sas data temperatures pick back to twenty three degrees and just around the gulf of tonkin a little bit of weather coming into here into northern parts of vietnam central
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areas of vietnam seeing some lively showers as is the case too across into china so we got a little bit of wet weather in place come across into south asia and here it is largely settled and sunny in the warm sunshine is still in place to him to be easing over the next two months forty one celsius for neck poor thirty one thirty nine degrees for new delhi similar values to go on through sad day always a little more cloud is that eastern side of india wanted to showers into the foster watches catch your challenge to the sri lanka as a thirty one. combining also in technology. to challenge soviet era methodology use. through making creating performing. turning a generation of children. into the trailblazers of tomorrow.
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after school. part of the rebel education series this time on al jazeera. welcome back to the top stories this hour the daughter of a former russian spy poisoned in the u.k. is made her first public comments since the nerve agent attack just over a month ago nearly a script paul has described the entire episode as somewhat disorientating but added that she is recovering and that as strength is growing daily. brazil's top court is rolled out for president news and also needed to silver must start serving
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a twelve year prison sentence for taking bribes. and a new york times investigation says the lebanese american businessman george nader could have new information about russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election. now ministers from egypt see don and ethiopia holding talks on a massive dam project which raises questions about who owns the world's longest river if the opiah and sudan up pushing for the building of there are nice stones down over the nile but egypt is wide it will cut into its share of the river and its myth explains. in the northeast of africa the waters of the nile irrigate crops that feed millions of people the white nile flows from uganda through south sudan and into sudan and the blue nile from ethiopia into saddam and in the capital khartoum they converge on the world's longest river heads to egypt and not far from the border with sudan ethiopia is building what will be the largest down in africa
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a one thousand six hundred eighty square kilometer area is being flooded to create the dams lake how quickly this is done is one of egypt's main concerns he gives. to believe us. to believe he to peer to peer believes in you could do well and that is in a little a vision of resources we approach. into corporations at a cost of almost five billion dollars the great ethiopian renee's on or harness the power of the waters of the blue nile ethiopia wants to bring electricity to the seventy percent of its population that doesn't have it on the world bank estimates ethiopia could export a billion dollars worth of electricity every year. the dow will regulate the flow of the blue nile as it heads into sudan and the sudanese are very happy about that at the moment depending on the season the river floods or it's too low
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a steady year around the flow of water will significantly boost harvests but downstream or manaul in egypt is where there's potential for conflict over ethiopia's plans from above you can see how much depends on the nile with countries pretty much all deserts the only strip of color is the blue of the nile and the green of its cultivated banks ninety percent of egypt's water comes from it one study suggests that if the dom's lake in ethiopia is filled quickly which means over three years then that would divert enough water to kill off fifty one percent of egypt's farmland and when you consider that egypt's population is expected to hit one hundred seventy million in twenty thirty or thirty percent increase from now you can see why it's government is so worried about ethiopia's down. six men have been killed in georgia in a coal mining accident three more were injured when the roof of the mine collapsed economic development minister said the accident was caused by
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a pressure bomb ten workers have died at the mine in different accidents since two thousand and eleven sierra leone's new president. has started his first day in power but his beaten opponent is refusing to accept the election results there was formally sworn in late on wednesday night tough to narrowly winning sunday's run off with just fifty two percent of the vote ruling party candidates america mara made a television address saying he would legally challenge the result and interest has more from freetown. here are the party headquarters in freetown the mood is celebratory they've been doing this since last night when mother bill was declared winner of the presidential run of a subsequently sworn in by the chief justice of saturday on now the mood and color across most of certainly on is the color of the now ruling party but if you will is coming into office at a time when his party is minorities and minority infallible the ruling a.p.c.
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the former ruling party is in control of parliament with the majority it looks like might it be a we'll have to work with opposition figures in parliament to get most of these bills passed some people say this is good for democracy good for the development of democracy instead of the other people i want you to see my mother be all let me get the watches and conveys the parliamentary members to come to his side when he wants to push some bills regarding development and certain here and now we don't on this mood right now is a fund of the candidate of the a.p.c. but lost in the presidential runoff is going to court to challenge the religious year of the election results claiming that the vote was rigged and there were some of the registers in the balloting as early as a child to look like to new orleans will have to wait a little bit longer to be sure the more the bill is the next president is that you press. or such assistance has been killed full staff members at
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a university in central turkey an official claims the victims were targeted by the gunman he believes they were supporters of that you know glen's muslim cleric an attack us government accuses of being behind a failed coup attempt in two thousand and sixteen the attack identified as vol can by a was apprehended by police as he left the scene. firefighters in istanbul are battling a blaze that engulfed the front of a multistory hospital patients had to be evacuated to escape the smoke that was entering the wards the governor of istanbul says that the no reports of death or serious injuries some people are being treated for smoke inhalation south korea's ousted president has arrived in court to receive the verdict on an influence peddling scandal that rocked the country's business and political elite prosecutors are seeking a thirty year jail term it's also the first time that proceedings from the district court will be broadcast live ofter it was ruled to be in the public interest kathy
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novak has more from seoul judgment day for the woman who made history as south korea's first female president and then as the first leader of the country to be impeached and removed from office she was indicted on eighteen criminal charges relating to bribery and corruption the combination of months of unprecedented protests in central sort of. public outrage had replaced the hope that many south koreans felt when in twenty thirteen they elected the daughter of a former president parked in heat he was a military general who came to power in a coup and who eventually met a violent and. had a traumatic past which affected her politics her mother was shot when park was twenty two and her father was assassinated by his closest aide. around that time in the one nine hundred seventy s. park befriended chasen schill decades later they were at the center of the scandal
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that sparked the candlelight demonstrations as president park shared sensitive documents with chair and allowed her to dictate policy even though she had no official government role in february chair was sentenced to twenty years in prison for using her friendship with park to extort millions of dollars from major companies including samsung samsung error and group leader j. widely was tried separately and convicted of bribing park by making payments to foundations chick controlled he was sentenced in august to five years in prison then released on appeal park has continued to deny the charges against her saying she wasn't aware of cho's activities this is the country's biggest political scandal but it's far from the only one every former south korean president since the one nine hundred eighty s. has faced corruption allegations either personally or because of accusations against their family members parks pre-disaster leme young buck is in jail awaiting
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a formal indictment on corruption allegations linked to his time in office. had to south korea lacks a system to keep presidents in check go we are seeing a lot of discussion iraq constitutional reform to manage the so-called imperio presidency of your presidency president came to office on a liberal agenda promising to stamp out corruption he has proposed changes to the constitution including revised presidential term limits which need parliamentary approval before being put to a popular vote kathy novak al-jazeera sole. ministry of health in gaza are saying that one palestinian has been killed by israeli soldiers near the border another has died of injuries resulting from friday's violence this brings the total number of palestinians killed by israeli forces in the border unrest to twenty since friday and stephanie decker reports from west jerusalem violence has put the israeli army's rules of engagement on to scrutiny. these are unprecedented scenes
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along gaza's border with israel it's the biggest protest since a tiny strip was sealed off after hamas took power over ten years ago israeli army has been widely criticized for using excessive force charge it rejects the olders were strict i mean nobody should cross. the fence but i think there was restraint there high offices were on the ground all the time so it wasn't just the women of the if of a private you know the un and the e.u. have condemned israel's excessive use of force eighteen people were killed over eight hundred injured by life fire according to palestinian officials israel says it only targeted those trying to breach the border fence and it claims members of groups it deems terrorist organizations infiltrated the protests but cumin rights organizations say the evidence shows otherwise what we've seen is a great number of people standing at
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a distance from the fence inside the gaza strip and force live ammunition was used against them in such circumstances the use of lethal force is the last course of action only in circumstances when there's a risk for a life he's really human rights group that set him says live ammunition is being used as a crowd control measure i invite everyone you know just watch the footage and that's yourself is this reasonable that the israeli army. which you know backed by a policy point of prime minister down to use such force in such fashion and with such result the army claims it did use restraint last friday and says it will respond more forcefully to anyone trying to breach the separation fence again we're told the rules of engagement are not likely to change as you know there's a strong support for the military and also for the government at this point. outside pressure can play
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a role but it's not strong. enough israel is used to engaging in conflict with armed factions in gaza and its missile defense system the iron dome intercepting rocket fire but not a single rocket has been fired out of the strip since this protest began israel is now dealing with the consequences of a decades old policy of blockading gaza where two million people are squeezed into a tiny strip of land palestinians say they're desperate for freedom military force may not be able to silence them stephanie decker or jazeera west jerusalem philippine president audrey go to terror is closing down the terrorist island of bach ray for six months after describing it as a cesspool the island will now be closed from april twenty sixth it's home to hundreds of terrorism related businesses and the shutdown could displace seven hundred thousand workers last year more than two million tourists visited the island officials have said that it's drainage system is being used to send the
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untreated sewage into its surrounding waters the government says cleaning up the environment is needed to prevent any further deterioration communion duggan has more from manila. well it just may be a small island but boruc revenues make up twenty percent of the total tourism industry of the country at least fifteen thousand workers are affected by this decision there is still no clarity whether they will receive financial assistance in the six months that the island will be closed there is also no assurance that there will still be a job or a business to return to six months from now though several environmentalists though praise the character's actions they say what they want right now is to make sure that the issue of sustainability is at the forefront of the discussion when it comes to environmental concerns of course tourism to it puts into question just how other islands are fairing other islands that are dependent on tourism for the
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people's livelihood island allowances for example all across the country now still the president and his government is the widely criticized not just for the closure of the island but for the position to own a multimillion dollar casino on the island according to several experts they say that would actually not mean sustainability first a multimillion dollar gambling casino has no place in a small island like boruc i so are many question though that in the intention of the president whether the his government is acting drastically and they would like to know what is really the long term plan of the government will not just when it comes to rehabilitation of these islands but also when it comes to the economic situation especially of a tourism industry that supports millions of filipinos washers accused facebook of censorship after the social network site removed more than one hundred accounts controlled by russian media facebook says the accounts meddled in the two thousand
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and sixteen u.s. presidential election and the kremlin is called to move hostile. in indian court sentence one of hollywood's biggest stars to five years in prison for killing a red deer known as indian antelope salman khan was accused of shooting the protected animals in a nature reserve almost twenty years ago parker points salman khan was surrounded by heavily armed police as he arrived to court in the city of job poor not the kind of entrance the bollywood stars used to the fifty two year old actor had denied shooting dead the deer in the northwestern state of raja stand while filming a movie in the region in one nine hundred ninety eight but the judge disagreed with him on a congo work in a tradition magistrate dave cut three hunts on one can get under section one failed one of the wildlife protection act and sentenced him to five years in prison and fined him ten thousand rupees several other stars also accused in the case were acquitted but this is the type of endangered black buck dia comes being found
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guilty of killing jury in the hunt this isn't comes first brush with the law in two thousand and fifteen he was acquitted in a drink driving hit and run case in the city of mumbai in which a homeless man was killed four others injured the regional governments challenge the acquittal the award winning actor has appeared in more than one hundred films and has a huge fan base around the world com will now appeal the verdict it could still free but the career of the so-called bad boy of bollywood might struggle to recover parker jazeera. but look at the top stories for you now the woman at the center of a spy poisoning raul which is calls the worst diplomatic crisis between russia and the west since the cold war has spoken out for the first time in years cripple who was poisoned alongside her double agent father sergey in southern england last
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month called the whole episode disorientating but she said she's recovering on a strength is growing daily the u.k. government has accused russia of being behind the attack but moscow says the allegations have no basis don't take something for granted give us the evidence in moments he should be to the other countries ask the prime minister to present the evidence then present this evidence publicly. why did you put in secret i'll tell you i don't understand. maybe maybe the prime minister who understand that you know so that's where you do my we will see she is make it transparent it's a very serious issue and we have to know the truth. and all that lines brazil's top court has ruled that former president louise and asio into silver must start serving a twelve year prison sentence for taking bribes lula had asked to stay out of
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prison until he exhausted all possible appeals in august was found guilty of accepting bribes worth more than a million dollars the court's decision threatens his bid to run in the upcoming presidential election where he was favorite to win he faces an additional six corruption cases a new york times investigation says the lebanese american businessman george nader could have new information about russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election nader is a witness in robert miller's investigation according to the times he has connections to both the united arab emirates and russia may have information that links two important parts of the inquiry. and six men have been killed in georgia in a coal mining accident three more were injured when the roof of the mine collapsed the country's economic development minister said the accident was caused by a pressure pump up to date with the top stories much more coming up in twenty five
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minutes time i have a full bulletin for you after rebel education. so you after that stay with us. education matters the universal rights to expand arise and offer better prospects the passport to a better life yet around the globe school move an institution with. systems been deemed to be no longer. linking the one school and how they was identifying the feel of the knowledge needed in the twenty first century now.


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