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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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combining arts and technology. to challenge soviet era methodology. creating. a generation of children. into the trailblazers of tomorrow. after school. part of the rebel education. a verdict on south korea's disgraced former president proceedings will be broadcast live. hello welcome to al-jazeera life and. also coming up.
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standing by their man supporters rally in brazil is the deadline for former president lula to go to jail edges closer plus. we've told our u.k. colleagues that you're playing with fire and. steps up its war of words with britain over the poisoning of a former russian spy. and it could be a step closer to a full blown trade war the white house considers imposing another one hundred billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese goods. a course in south korea is due to give its verdict against the disgraced former president park geun the hay in an explosive corruption case it was the result of an influence peddling scandal that sparked mass protests and shook the country's political establishment prosecutors are seeking
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a thirty year jail term and for the first sancho proceedings will be broadcast live we'll go live now to our correspondent kathy novak who's outside the courthouse in seoul. hey the picture of them what is the scene kathy while martin poc and he actually tried to get an injunction against the court proceedings being broadcast live that was rejected because it was deemed it was in the national public interest for the proceedings to be broadcast just outside the gate where i am standing small groups of her supporters are gathered and no doubt many south koreans will be watching on as the verdict is read park herself has been boycotting the trial since late last year she's been refusing to turn up for the hearings so she is not expected to be in the room when the verdict is read out today judgment day for the woman who made history as south korea's first female
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president and then as the first leader of the country to be impeached and removed from office she was indicted on eighteen criminal charges relating to bribery and corruption the culmination of months of unprecedented protests in central sort of. public outrage had replaced the hope that many south koreans felt when in twenty thirteen they elected the daughter of a former president parked in heat he was a military general who came to power in a coup and who eventually met a violent and. had a traumatic past which affected her politics her mother was shot when park was twenty two and her father was assassinated by his closest aide. around that time in the one nine hundred seventy s. park befriended chasen schill decades later they were at the center of the scandal that sparked the candlelight demonstrations as president park shared sensitive documents with chair and allowed her to dictate policy even though she had no
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official government role in february chair was sentenced to twenty years in prison for using her friendship with park to extort millions of dollars from major companies including samsung samsung error and group leader j. widely was tried separately and convicted of bribing part by making payments to foundations chick controlled he was sentenced in august to five years in prison then released on appeal park has continued to deny the charges against her saying she wasn't aware of cho's activities this is the country's biggest political scandal but it's far from the only one every former south korean president since the one nine hundred eighty s. has faced corruption allegations either personally or because of accusations against their family members parks pre-disaster leme young buck is in jail awaiting a formal indictment on corruption allegations linked to his time in office and had
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to south korea lacks a system to keep presidents in check go we are seeing a lot of discussion iraq constitutional reform to manage the so-called imperio presidents and your presidency president came to office on a liberal agenda promising to stamp out corruption he has proposed changes to the constitution including revised presidential term limits which need parliamentary approval before being put to a popular vote. now martin i mentioned the groups of park supporters who have gathered outside the court they tend to be more elderly conservative koreans who might look back on the time of her father's presidency was a measure of the style job but it must be said that their viewpoint is very much in the minority when you consider the hundreds of thousands of koreans who turned out weekly to protest against this corruption scandal during the days of the candlelight protest as i mentioned. has already been sentenced to twenty years over this scandal and there have been
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a number of other convictions handed down linked to this scandal so the expectation is that there may indeed be a hefty sentence against parkin hey today we will find out in the coming hours my team kathy novak for now thank you very much. now to brazil where the former president louis in to silver is considering his next move after a judge issued arrest warrants for him supporters of gathered outside the metal workers union building in sao paulo that's where lula has retreated with some of his allies. he has until five pm on friday local time to add himself in for police after the country's top court ruled that he must begin a twelve year jail sentence for corruption one of his closest allies the former president dilma rousseff has been speaking for the. it's a political persecution aimed at putting him behind bars and i want to tell every one of you gathering here that i'm sure that president luiz inacio lula da silva is
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an honest strong and brave person and that he will know how to face this moment with a courage and serenity of an innocent man where the prospect of jail time could deal a fatal blow to luna's plans to run for a third term in presidential election a latin america editor lucien newman has more from the capital brasilia. barack obama described lisi nasser lula da silva as the world's most popular president the left wing little worker rose to become a global example for others who dream of lifting tens of millions of people from poverty. to lula's two presidencies were haunted by corruption allegations they never stuck in his reputation for having a teflon shield but with the supreme court's decision to send him to prison while he appeals a twelve year corruption sentence it's clear the shield has crumbled the message is you all are equal all the big piece of legislation that you have been busy you on
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the law so now we are talking about the former president to morrow we can be talking about the current president paymah or even the future president luiz legal team said it would request a series of injunctions to block his arrest warrant hoping to buy more time but judge said you would was quicker on the draw he said that out of respect for you as a former president he would allow him twenty four hours to present himself voluntarily. to federal police in the city of where he is supposed to serve his sentence if he does not go then he says federal police will go out to arrest him given brazil's complex legal system anything could happen in that time remains the most popular would be candidates ahead of october's presidential elections. when he was the best president in brazil's recent history it's not fair to end things like this. with lula apparently out of the race the new frontrunner is an
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ultra right wing former military officer shah ear also noddle an admirer of chile's former dictator pinochet. but the senator from lula's workers' party insists lula remains a political force. this very day that hasn't ended leadership look at snowsill mandela he was twenty seven years in prison. lula did not immediately respond to the supreme court ruling but given his temperament it's safe to say he won't go down without a fight sea and human brasilia. the diplomatic crisis between the u.k. and russia has now moved to the u.n. security council where moscow's ambassador warned london that it was playing with fire russia had called for the meeting to refute accusations that it was behind the nerve agent attack and one of its former agents and his daughter well that meeting
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came hours after british police released the first public statement from one of the victims in which she says she is getting stronger every day is a diplomatic editor james bays a greeting between the british and russian ambassadors but it was clear when the meeting started that is where the cold all relations ended russia called for the security council meeting to strongly reject u.k. allegations that russia carried out the nerve agent to turn. because monday a dozen news no good to come in theaters ladies and gentlemen i don't even know what to say about this it's some sort of theater of the absurd could you come up with a better fake story we all know what the worth of british intelligence information is based on the experience of tony blair we have told our british colleagues that you're playing with fire and you will be sorry diplomats tell me they see this council meeting as part of a pattern when russia has backed into the corner it goes on the diplomatic
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offensive we've seen fresh comments in recent hours on the salzburg case from foreign minister sergei lavrov and from russia's ambassador in london on wednesday russia called a meeting of the international body that oversees chemical weapons the o.p.c. w and brazenly suggested a joint investigation by the u.k. and russia the idea was quickly voted down but the british ambassador at the u.n. again referred to it using a very british literary reference the villain in the sherlock holmes books allowing russian scientists into an investigation when they are the most likely perpetrators of the crime insoles be would be like scotland yard in fighting game professor moriarty so i don't think that's a tenable way forward instead i fear that the russian motive in calling for a security council meeting today is another step in the pattern of obfuscation and
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contempt for international institutions it was at the beginning of march in the british city of seoul spree that the former spies surrogate script and his daughter were incapacitated by a nerve agent known to have been developed by russia yulia is getting better an hours before the security council met british police released a statement from her it reads i woke up over a week ago now i'm glad to say my strength is growing daily. i'm grateful for the interest in me and for the many messages of goodwill that i've received rusher in the u.k. of painting very different pictures of who was behind the attack or missed script powell and her father the investigations by the u.k. authorities and by the o.p.c. w. are likely to be long and detailed but even when they report their final conclusions i think there's a strong chance russia will reject them james al-jazeera at the united nations
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we've got a lot more to come here and out there including this journey coming up women are raped at levels that nobody has ever seen before. donald trump goes back to the controversial campaign rhetoric calling mexican immigrants rape rapists plus i'm russell in jordan in washington the nation's capital exploded after the assassination of martin luther king jr some reflections from one man who tried to help keep the peaks. by the skyline of asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera. alice spring rain is developing now across iraq in the levant and the hint is this thing here actually looks like a proper cold front and it's certainly wrapped around colder up here in western
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russia so it will change temperatures a bit more interest me just give you a quick tempered contrast across which you tend to generate rain or showers the certainly plenty of planned around the temperatures or more as where they should be twenty to thirty and sort of range and had a bit nice warm sunshine it's still cloudy in tashkent some sort of temperature loaches and behind it is still sunny that circulation in northern side a bit of a hint if we've got that going on then that could be some pretty big thunderstorms the whole lot develops as it moves east across the flatlands iraq to western iran and that green is of course a full cost of rain probably representing big thunderstorms that will tail down through kuwait eastern saudi marc rich's fast as bahrain or even count other this is the lower limit south of that federal breeze it's been quite just dusty recently it will carry on in that same vein the cloud tends to fade away come saturday but it doesn't mean it'll be bone dry not just yet southern africa should be seeing the end of its wet season and that's certainly true in the forecast for friday but
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after dying godor all in all namibia it's still wet. the weather sponsored by. us weather online. meant that peace is possible but. not because the situation is. chaos or if you join us on sat there are people. eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone. close to the story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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with al-jazeera the top stories of course in south korea is due to give its verdict against the disgraced former president park geun the hague and a massive corruption case that shook the country's establishment prosecutors are seeking a thirty year jail to proceedings will be for the first time broadcast live brazil's president lewis in silver he's considering his next move after a judge issued a warrant for his arrest it follows a ruling by the country's top court that he must begin a twelve year jail sentence for corruption. and russia has warned britain it's playing with fire in a tense exchange at the u.n. security council the meeting was called to discuss the poisoning of a russian form a double agent in england which the u.k. blames on. trade standoff between the world's biggest economies is escalating donald trump has
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a lot of his administration to consider imposing an extra one. hundred billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese goods president trump fired the first salvo last month impose tariffs on steel and alum in human impulse largely he said to protect u.s. industry from cheaper chinese metals beijing responded on monday with import duties on three billion dollars worth of u.s. goods ranging from pork to wine and the next day the us announced plans to slap a twenty five percent duty on thirteen hundred more chinese products then on wednesday beijing retaliated threatening similar tariffs on one hundred six american goods critically including soybeans which is the biggest u.s. export to china but just hours before threatening another round of terrorists against china president transpose of his desire to straighten out trade. in many
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respects i think we're going to have a fantastic relationship long term with china but we have to get this straight now we have to have some balance and that goes for other countries and it goes for other places if you look at the european union it's very solidly against us in terms of trade it's very unfair look at younger shaking her head yes you know about the european union it's like it's almost we can't even do business they send their cars over here they send everything over here we don't want to take our product. so we can't let that happen but at the same meeting president trump described a large group of migrants from central america as being plagued by violence and sexual assault i mean he's pretty much echoing the language that he used in his presidential campaign you may remember that in twenty fifteen president then candidate trump said some mexican immigrants are rapists down home and reports now from one where he met migrants from the same called caravan which is heading to the u.s. border. one is packing to go again this is been his life since he left his
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family in honduras to join the caravan of migrants heading through mexico he says he had no choice but to leave. i had problems with the maras gangs in honduras they wanted me to join them and i don't like those things so they came looking for me to kill me gangs and poverty and the twin curses of central america especially honduras and el salvador these people are trying to escape the stories are harrowing and helical says gang members raped her twice and extorted her smooth told pti a business until she couldn't pay then they said they take a five year old daughter ashley instead. they sell the children to people for sexual abuse that was when i decided to leave my country because i didn't want my daughter to suffer what i'd gone through companies are doing this curve on has infuriated president trump who feared a mass border halt on thursday he appeared to refer to a tax that many migrants suffer on route to the states and yesterday it came out
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where this journey coming up women are raped at levels that nobody has ever seen before. he plans to send national guard reinforcements to the us mexico border many people in the united states president trump and his supporters say no you should stay in your own country known douras fixings there why are you running to our country would you respond. if you don't like that if people need help why not give it why does the us president discriminate against us the caravan that's been at the center of so much controversy has split some people are still following through others like the ones on this bus to mexico city have decided to go their own way eva to ask for refuge in mexico or to try and get to the united states. many have family back home who depend on them making it like that on a cake walk the trying to help her husband and three sons you know salvador where.
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it hurts to part from the family and only see them in feel that i have an aim to get the family ahead and raise good men not bad ones. with president trump looking to tighten the u.s. border still further the future she's searching for looks increasingly out of reach john home and how does it or mexico where the president of mexico was quick to react in the u.k. pena nieto responded to president trump directly. then if your recent statements of the result of frustration due to domestic policy issues to your laws or to your congress it is then that you should turn to not to make seconds we will not allow negative rhetoric to define our actions we will only act in the best interest of mexicans. a lebanese american businessman appears to be playing an increasingly important role in the investigation which is examining alleged russian meddling in the u.s.
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election john hendren explains from washington. in the probe into russian meddling in the u.s. election george nader appears to be the witness who keeps on giving the lebanese american business man's ties to the united arab emirates are well known but according to a new york times report nader also has previously undisclosed ties to russia meeting with russian oligarchs and negotiating an ill fated arms deal between russia and iraq in two thousand and twelve and i think that we will continue to get a wealth of information from mr nader and i think not only russia but it seems as though mr nader has almost a worldwide network of people at very high levels that he puts together collaborate and various and sundry schemes that are supposed to be under the radar screen if you will for special counsel robert mueller who's investigating possible collusion between russia and the campaign of donald trump that makes nader a potential gold mine he could conceivably give information on alleged money
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funneling from the u.a.e. to trump's campaign and its allies and on russia's efforts to to the u.s. election toward trump at american airports f.b.i. agents at miller's command have detained high profile foreign visitors in cloak and dagger encounters among them an australian entrepreneur with ties to the united arab emirates to change in new york and a russian oligarch detained in washington his electronic devices were seen by miller's agents then there is the question of whether nader himself was involved in funneling money to pro trump campaigns it's illegal for foreign entities to and individuals to give money to. campaigns but of course they could use cutouts they could use american to forward the money miller has given nader it least partial immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony as miller examines the trump campaign's times to the persian gulf and russia that moves suggests the
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special counsel is confident nature can help him tie those two strands of the probe together john hendren al-jazeera washington. indian security forces a five take acid demonstrators in indian administered kashmir. the fall of saturday after police tried to stop shooting from marching in the capital. they were protesting against the killing of fair teen rebel fighters and at least four civilians in fighting with government troops on sunday that racial segregation in public places in the u.s. legally ended but the civil rights act of nine hundred sixty four but many african-americans were still forced to live and work in second class conditions and the simmering anger led to widespread riots after martin luther king jr was assassinated in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight al-jazeera israel and jordan has met a couple who witnessed the violence in washington. where
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martin luther king had been sat considered. just like people started running the street and things just exploded for five days in april one thousand nine hundred sixty eight the black neighborhoods of washington d.c. burned and milton douglas was in the middle of the turmoil and says it was a mess it was a mess for the work pfaff to day milton douglas worked as a roving leader one of hundreds of community workers who provided guidance and support to underprivileged teens and young adults in the poorest sections of major u.s. cities u.s. soldiers were deployed to protect the white house in the capital the military wanted to go further by entering and taking control of black neighborhoods the pushback was immediate so. were actually in the
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district and they were already near zero to fix ban it. and really go out to try to get to sit down control but maire washington was big and with the general of the of the national guard your way where you hold us so his bag we're going to get him under control douglas and other local youth workers also called roving leaders dove in to stop the writing and we knew who to talk to and who not talked to twelve people were killed during the d.c. writes the writers also looted and burned businesses in this neighborhood dozens of black owned companies were ruined and the computing basically turned into a no man's land but fifty years on one would be hard pressed to find any signs of the remnants of the carnage from one thousand and sixty eight because
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a considerable political wrangling and financial investment. but milton douglas and his wife maryam say much more work is needed and young people must be ready for change you get education and you get training and because certain work has to be done you can break through hope tempered by years of reality and a worry it could happen again roslyn jordan al-jazeera washington. palestinians are preparing for more protests along the gaza israel border prompting fears of more violence a week after the bloodiest day there for years sound living gathering tires which they plan to been to create a smokescreen making it harder for israeli snipers twenty one palestinians so far have been killed most of them were on last friday when the israeli army f n five protests is near the border israel is warning it will react harshly to what it
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calls a provocation. well the un is edging restraint on both sides in this calling for the israeli army to hold. today the u.n. special coordinator for the middle east peace process nicholai mlodinow off said he is following with concern the continuing preparations and the rhetoric for this friday's great return march in gaza mr manof called on israeli forces to exercise maximum restraint and for palestinians to avoid friction at the gaza fence he added that demonstrations and protests must be allowed to proceed in a peaceful manner civilians particularly children must not be intentionally put in danger or targeted in any way. now many artists go to gaza have done so over the years to document the hardships being faced by palestinians living on the blockade we've met his name is osama. and he's been telling palestinian history through sands coaches and this is his story.
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do you want to. draw in the sand is my hobby and i loved doing that since i was a kid i love visual arts tell me get it to work even though my whole family wanted me just to focus on my education i still wanted to dedicate more of my time to join after i finished college i couldn't find a job after i graduated so i didn't want to sit down doing nothing that's why i wanted to be different in america no she cannot fall asleep and start documented palestinian history through sense cultures and. while i have nothing to do with the local politics but yes i want to use my talent in this hobby to draw more attention to the palestinian cause i avoid dealing with internal issues the partisan politics i believe my mission as an artist is to highlight the struggle of my people as much as i can. my drawings in the sand these cultures are masses to the world but we
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have the right to return we have to right to exist in a couple shots. i drew the map of palestine on the sand the biggest so far as a dedication to my dear friend who was killed by the israeli army last year some of the bomb. mohammad the bomber who wanted me to draw on the beach hearing because he was a childhood friend before he was a colleague and a calligraphy artist he had this touch on that project he wanted to learn more we work together anything that happen in gaza we work together to highlight it in a sculpture. one day he jew i will return on the sand. he took part in the protests and then he was killed this is why i wanted to finish what he started.
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to take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera a court in south korea is jus to pass its verdict against the disgraced former president park geun hay in a massive corruption case that shook the country's establishment prosecutors are seeking a thirty year jail term the court proceedings will for the first time be broadcast live russia has warned britain it's playing with fire during a heated exchange at the u.n. security council the meeting was called to discuss the poisoning of a russian form of double agent in england which the u.k. blames on. newsnight. i don't even know what to say some sort of theater of the absurd can you come up with a better fake story we all know what the worth of british intelligence is based on the experience with tony blair we have told our u.k. colleagues that you're playing with fire and you'll be sorry we can achieve what has happened in salzburg we cannot ignore russia turning
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a blind eye to the use of chemical weapons in syria and insoles pre and we cannot ignore the way that russia seeks to undermine the international institutions which have kept us safe since the end of the second world war brazil's former president louis in asio lula da silva is considering is this move after a job or warrant for his arrest follows a ruling by the country's top schools that he must begin a twelve year jail sentence for corruption supporters at the gathering outside a union building yourself paolo where luli has retreated to some of his allies. president his administration to consider imposing an extra one hundred billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese goods is the latest in the tit for tat trade between the world's two largest economies palestinians are preparing for more protests along girls as border with israel prompting fears of more violence twenty
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one palestinians have been killed over the past week right those are the latest headlines coming up next it's the story. getting to the heart of the matter if. people today have two legs would you accept given. the terms of facing reality are you willing to make that call are always ready for talk about them taking decisions here their story on talk to how does iraq. are loopholes in the u.s. gun laws contributing to violence in mexico and feeding in stroke or my family ok and today the stream explores of them called the i am river of american song assault weapons flowing south of the u.s. border right now we are live on the shore to send your comments and i will do my very best to get them in.


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