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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes live from israeli troops at the border with gaza as palestinians were in new protests after a week in which soldiers killed twenty one people. a sentence of twenty four years i'm. convicted of abuse of bribery and. oh south africa's president jacob zuma remains defiant pairing in court on corruption charges over a multi-billion dollar deal and in sports at the for the defending champion. the worst ever hole score in the history of finding the water five times at the.
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the israeli army has fired live ammunition as well as tear gas at the gaza israeli border as palestinians renew their protests and protesters have been burning tires to create a smoke screen to try to make it harder for israeli snipers to see them at least twenty one palestinians have been killed over the past week and more than. one thousand four hundred injured half of them hit by israeli gunfire tens of thousands of palestinians are holding a six week protest in tent encampments along the fenced border let's go straight now to our correspondent who's at the scene harder. just in the past hour or so we heard about these live shots sporadic gunfire coming from the israeli side what's the scene there now. well it is calm now it's actually it has ebbs and flows we did hear gunfire earlier several several times but this quote this sort of
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quite distance apart now what we see is that the youth there have been burning tires just five minutes ago the whole sky behind me was pitch black but because of that spoke screen they can really get closer to the fence otherwise they will suffocate themselves when that happens israelis do fire back tear gas there was a lot of tear gas just moments ago here we've seen a handful of youth getting closer to the fence and that's when actually there was this gunfire health officials tell us that so far in the five different think happens have been five wounded all by live ammunition now it has to also be said that the interior security of hamas did issue a statement late last night calling on protesters not to go all the way to the fence that means not to go further deep into that three hundred meter no go zone a buffer zone that has been imposed by israel that leads up all the way to the
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fence that that is actually a first by hamas in itself they said that they wanted this to remain as peaceful as possible now this is still very early friday prayers are ongoing we do expect much more people to show up later in the day also because they will be in all these five encampments commemoration for those who died last three so certainly they will be many more people and then that's when we will see whether the calls by the interior security have will be heeded or not by the youth ok what are you seeing out there because israel says that these are dangerous hamas fighters but who is out there because last week we saw families women children and as well as young men. yes absolutely actually where we are now is sort of in the middle between the cap meant which is in this direction and the fence just before me now in this direction
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you have entire families who have been coming here with the children dressed in the traditional palestinian clothes they have big nicks they're sitting on the floor there's a lot of vendors on decide it is a completely different atmosphere and that's where the vast majority of the people are who are the ones who go down there are usually young boys frustrated people angry people because of the high number of casualties last week those are the ones who had there but by and large everybody is in the encampment on the side you have also very old people and i spoke to an old woman earlier and i asked her why are you here and she said i'm deal riginal man team forty eight refugees do you know most of the people in gaza are now maybe sixty five percent of gaza is below the age of thirty so they are the descendants of the refugees and you have these old people who are here who and this woman told me you know it's my dream to go back to
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my town a town is just across the border there about twenty five kilometers away from here and so they are here also she knows that this dream will not happen in her lifetime but by and large you do have palestinian gazans specially who want to take things in their or old hands over the past few days i also heard some people angry with the different political factions were trying to co-opt this campaign that was really firstly organized by the civil society and the at least so far we haven't seen any political leaders show up at the scabs they did in the past they did in the past few days i didn't see them but she day it seems that they are taking a back seat and also one thing very interesting is wherever you look you'll see only the palestinian flag you don't see any flag of. how maza islamic jihad a fact that none of that is here at the moment people here are angry with their own
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leadership as well not only the blockade by israel and egypt but also the political factions here and i think that message was well received by the factions they are part of it for sure but at the moment they're actually taking a backseat ok hold up for the moment will keep a close eye on developments on the israeli gaza border where you are in the day now the trade standoff between the world's two largest economies is escalating us president donald trump has ordered his administration to consider imposing an extra one hundred billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese goods beijing responded by saying it would pay at any cost and pay any cost and hinted at new measures to safeguard itself if the us didn't back down on just hours before threatening further tariffs against china trump spoke of his desire to straighten out trade issues in many respects i think we're going to have a fantastic relationship long term with china but we have to get this straight we have to have some balance and that goes for other countries and it goes for other
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places if you look at the european union it's very solidly against us in terms of true. younger shaking her head yes you know about the european union it's like it's almost we can't even do business they send their cars over here they send everything over here we don't want to take our product so we can't let that happen . brown has more now from beijing. well within hours of president trump effectively threatening a third round of tariffs against china the response from beijing was angry and swift president trump said he'd asked his trade representative to determine whether one hundred billion dollars worth of further tariffs were warranted and if so where those tariffs should be applied well a few hours later a statement appeared on the website of china's commerce ministry and it warned that china was ready to pay any cost in any trade war with the united states and its
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spokesman went even further google me far if the insist on unilateral reason and the trade protectionism against the wishes of china and the international community we will fight to the death at any cost we will resolutely fight back and take new measures and protect the interests of our country and the people well just a day ago of course the united states had sought to try to lower the temperature with china saying the threat of more tariffs was simply the next step in the negotiating process now we are back to the brinkmanship on friday china's state media which of course is controlled by the communist party sought to portray china as the victim saying trump was simply trying to stop china's rise and the media had another blunt message china doesn't do surrender. former south korean president park geun hye has been found guilty of abuse of power bribery and coercion and sentenced to twenty four years in jail and says it was made after the chief judge
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read a lengthy statement outlining eighteen charges against park she was not of the proceedings which were broadcast live let's take a look back at the former president's fall from grace park and her became the country's first elected leader to be ousted after around four years in office when she was arrested in march two thousand and seventeen awesome power she colluded with her long time friends choice and still to get bribes and extort tens of millions of dollars from south korean companies more than fifty high profile figures have since been caught up in the scandal and are either in jail or facing trial it's crossed live now to kathy novak she's outside the courthouse in seoul so what were the judge's findings kathy was you saying she was sentenced to twenty four years over these accusations of abuse of power bribery coercion and also of leaking sensitive presidential documents to her longtime friend schill chair had no official government role but was found to have
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been making our government decisions and really meddling in government affairs she separately was sentenced to twenty years jail for a horror role in this corruption scandal that really captivated this nation and brought so many people to the streets of seoul for the candlelight protests we can hear a little bit more from the chief judge as he handed down the sentence. under the typical human thought as. revealed one by one a mess of chaos to the order of state of fears were brought and led the impeachment of the president which was unprecedented in our constitutional history pocket buz two presidential power and trusted by the people and abandoned constitutional responsibility and choice soon still used parks power and pursued private interests are responsible for the situation. so you got there was pretty reaction from south korea and they satisfied with this outcome coming down drew a line on to this what the people who were here gathered
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outside the gates of the court were actually supporters of couldn't hey they tend to be more elderly conservative south koreans who look back with at the time when parks father popped in he was president he was a military dictator but remembered by those park supporters as someone who brought the country out of economic despair so they reacted extremely angrily but it must be said their numbers really paled in comparison to the hundreds of thousands of people we saw coming out for the candlelight protests that led to harken hayes impeachment removal from office and culminated with this sentence today so i think for as far as the wider south korean public is concerned they would be satisfied that it was a stiff sentence but if you look at some of the commentary around social media some are saying that twenty four years isn't even enough the prosecutors wanted thirty years people are saying they wanted to see a sentence for life and i think that what that's indicative of is that south
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koreans really are fed up about hearing that their presidents are caught up in corruption scandals this was the biggest scandal but it wasn't new every former south korean president since the one nine hundred eighty s. was caught up in some kind of corruption scandal and the liberal president was brought to power promising to stamp that sort of corruption out laura ok kathy thanks very much for bringing us the latest from seoul. have a corruption case against south africa's formally to jacob zuma has been adjourned the money laundering fraud and racketeering charges relates to a multi-billion dollar arms deal from almost two decades ago cement denies any wrongdoing was challenging the decision to prosecute the case after saw as the latest from the former president stronghold. these region where we are is called kwazulu natal and this is a stronghold of jacob zuma people have been passed from across the region to come into food he's had it he has spoken to them and he say that this is all about this
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is all about politics he says that at the time of the on steel he was not in the position of that kind of influence you also told them that this case has been around for so many yet that it has not moved full legacy in a sense and he is going to prove it the court has postponed this beginning of this trial to eighth of june to give time to the lawyers to prepare a he's lawyers jacobs who most lawyers have said that they are going to challenge the decision by the states to reopen the case they are currently reviewing that decision a lot of legal experts that i've talked to is saying that this is likely to take such a long time maybe years it's a very complicated case if they do how many witnesses i'm sure there's going to be a lot of to ing and fro ing from some of the best lawyers in the country. carmona as a senior legal journalist had to say black star which is a newspaper group and she joins us now from johannesburg in south africa good to
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have you with us sir the symbol has been in court and he's intending to challenge this decision to prosecute him but what's the defense's plan here. well basically many years ago president jacob zuma as lawyers at the time who remain his lawyers came to camp told the court into been that the chances of this prosecution which was subsequently withdrawn is that it has now been effectively reinstated that zuma would adopt what he called a starlin grad approach to the prosecution against him meaning he would fight in every room in every war every doorway in every house and he is effectively intending to mount that again so what he will do is review seek review of national director of public prosecutions sean abrams decision to reinstate effectively his prosecution on those corruption charges he will argue that abrams was not a legitimate person to make that decision he will argue that abrams did not apply his mind and he will the game ventilate his oft made argument that he is simply the
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victim of a politically orchestrated plot by former president top mbeki to keep him out of political life because as he put it he was fighting the cause of the masses and the poor ok on the other side what's the prosecutor's evidence against suva. the evidence against the former president is overwhelming one must remember that is form of financial advisers should be a shake was in fact convicted of corrupting him the state at that time showing four instances in which it said it could prove and did prove that zuma had circumvented his duties under the constitution by doing favors for shake and his business interests as a consequence of being on what the state tuned as a sort of corrupt to retain it when the state was intending to prosecute zuma after the shakes conviction it told the constitutional court in south africa the highest court that it could prove fifty two such instances at the heart of this case of
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course is those payments made to shake very small amounts of money considered considering the kind of allegations of so-called state capture corruption currently against the president but is seriously there's no dispute really about the fact that that money was paid the real dispute lies in questions over whether a zuma accepted corrupt payment from french company to and in order to protect it from on still in place a geisha and if the evidence is overwhelming why has it taken so long to bring this case to court. well that's one of the pivotal questions one of the things that will haunt the national prosecuting authority is the decision by the. when he ciancia shake not to charge zuma with him and that was against the advice of his own prosecutors he told the south african public that while he believed believed it had a prima fascia case against zuma it did not necessarily believe it would win that case and that argument has been criticized by zuma himself who said he should have
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been put in the dock at that stage it remains an oncet as to why they didn't prosecute him at that stage but zuma himself as suggested it was a mechanism of political the bridge to keep him out of office and just seems to get him to slink into the good night i'm not to contain play and see leadership which of course. did very successfully ok karen moore great speech too thanks for joining joining us there from johannesburg. and see more still ahead here on the news hour including. but in this particular instance the arsonist wishes to investigate the same. heated exchange between london and moscow as the u.n. meeting over the nerve agent attack on a former russian double agent and his daughter. and no deal why sudan egypt and ethiopia have failed to reach an agreement over a controversial when they say. mixed martial arts star conor mcgregor is charged with assault by police in new york so we'll have all those details and
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sports. brazil's former president. is considering his next move after a judge issued a warrant for his arrest. supporters of gathered outside the metal workers union building in sao paulo where lula has retreated with some of his political allies he has until five pm on friday local time to hand himself into the police of the country's top court ruled he must begin a twelve year jail sentence for corruption one of his closest allies former president spoke to the crowd. it's a political persecution aimed at putting him behind bars and i want to tell every one of you gathering here that i'm sure that president luiz inacio lula da silva is an honest strong and brave person and that he will know how to face this moment
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with the courage and serenity of an innocent man. on the prospects of jail time could deal of fatal blow to plans to run for a third term an october us presidential election last america as lucien human has more from the capital brasilia. barack obama described we see now saluted the silver as. the world's most popular president the leftwing metal worker rose to become a global example for others who dream of lifting tens of millions of people from poverty. to presidencies were haunted by corruption allegations they never stuck hence his reputation for having a teflon shield but with the supreme court's decision to send him to prison while he appeals a twelve year corruption sentence it's clear the shield has crumbled the messages you all are equal all the piece off legislation that you have been to see you on the law so now we are talking about the former president to morrow we can be
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talking about the current president pamela or even the future president list legal team said it would request a series of injunctions to block his arrest warrant hoping to buy more time but judge said you want was quicker on the draw he said that out of respect for you as a former president he would allow him twenty four hours to present himself voluntarily to federal police in the city of where he is supposed to serve his sentence if he does not go then he says federal police will go out to arrest him given brazil's complex legal system anything could happen in that time remains the most popular would be candidates ahead of october's presidential elections and. it will be in you with the best president in brazil's recent history it's not fair to end things like this. with lula apparently out of the race the new frontrunner is an ultra right wing former military officer. and admirer of chile's former
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dictator pinochet. but the senator from new lives where chris party insists remains a political force. this is on this very direct hasn't ended leadership look at snowsill mandela he was twenty seven years in prison. did not immediately respond to the supreme court ruling but given his temperament it's safe to say he won't go down without a fight. c.n. human i'll just see that brasilia. catalonia is formally to colors because he wants for you to leave a german prison after posting bail court there with jack to a spanish extradition request judges rule that the rebellion charge that put him on faces in spain is not a criminal offense in germany you can still be extradited on the lesser charge of misusing public funds however he's wanted over his role in the illegal referendum for catalonia succession from spain. dominic cain he's in newman step so do
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i we're expecting. him to be walking free at any moment to tell a little bit more about why the court decided not to extradite him. well this thing is in the door of the world's media are here camp affectively as it were camped outside this prison which probably hasn't seen so many reporters cameramen and that sort of thing ever before all waiting for that moment where mr bush tomorrow will emerge from incarceration into a form of liberty but which is with heavy constraints the fact he's out to to front up that seventy five thousand euros bail you referred to the fact that his movements well he has to inform your thora g.'s about where he intends to go to stay in germany that sort of thing but at the back of all this is what is he going to do next because as you say one of those charges german the german court says it does not recognize but the other one it does so there is still this sense that in some sense he's in limbo that the one of the charges could be enough to see him
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sent back to spain to face trial and of course as you say he's he's now free to leave the prison and as i say people are waiting with anticipation to see what is going to be said we understand there will be a news conference that he will be addressing later in the day perhaps at six o'clock in german time so that's sixteen g.m.t. which clearly we will be monitoring but as i say we expect him to emerge well in the not too distant future now that we know he's met those conditions that were required of him to secure his freedom. ok thanks very much tom it was them it was just saying we're waiting to see. them all coming out of that german prison walking free after posting seventy five thousand euros bail we'll be bringing you those pictures when we see them that was about a crisis between the u.k. and russia over the poisoning of a former spy has now moved to the united nations security council moscow's
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ambassador warned london that it was playing with fire russia had called for the meeting to refuse accusations that it was behind the nerve agent attack on one of its former agents and his daughter in england. james frey's reports from the u.n. . a greeting between the british and russian ambassadors but it was clear when the meeting started that is where the cold all relations ended russia called for the security council meeting to strongly reject u.k. allegations that russia carried out the nerve agent attack. this monday a dozen news noticable commensurate ladies and gentlemen i don't even know what to say about this it's some sort of theater of the absurd could you come up with a better fake story we all know what the worth of british intelligence information is based on the experience of tony blair we have told our british colleagues that you're playing with fire and you will be sorry diplomats tell me they see this council meeting as part of a pattern when russia has backed into the corner it goes on the diplomatic
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offensive we've seen fresh comments in recent hours on the soles pre-k. seen from foreign minister sergei lavrov and from russia's ambassador in london on wednesday russia called a meeting of the international body that oversees chemical weapons the o.p.c. w and brazenly suggested a joint investigation by the u.k. and russia the idea was quickly voted down but the british ambassador at the u.n. again referred to it using a very british literary reference the villain in the sherlock holmes books allowing russian scientists into an investigation when they are the most likely perpetrators of the crime insoles be would be like scotland yard in fighting game professor moriarty so i don't think that's a tenable way forward instead i fear that the russian motive in calling for a security council meeting today is another step in the pattern of obfuscation and
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contempt for international institutions it was at the beginning of march in the british city has sold spree that the former spice surrogate script and his daughter . were incapacitated by a nerve agent known to have been developed by russia yulia is getting better an hours before the security council met british police released a statement from her it reads i woke up over a week ago now and i'm glad to say my strength is growing daily i'm grateful for the interest in me and for the many messages of goodwill that i've received rusher in the u.k. of painting very different pictures of who was behind the attack on the script power and her father the investigations by the u.k. authorities and by the o.p.c. w a likely to be long and detailed but even when they report their final conclusions i think there's a strong chance russia will reject them james pays al-jazeera at the united nations
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. sudan's foreign minister says talks with egypt in ethiopia on the controversial granular nacelles dam have failed project was originally slated for completion this year but disagreements between egypt and eighty eight pm have led to the two year suspension of talks have been concerns about the impact the damage have on water sharing from the nile comment about has more from the sudanese capital khartoum. could drop a sea discord over some sticky points has taken the lead during these talks particularly the one related to the feeling of the reservoir of the dam egypt wanted that feeling to take about eleven years so that it does not reduce the amount of water that flows downstream each year opi on the other hand wanted to fill the reservoir in only three years remember that this reservoir can retain up to seventy four billion cubic meters that's the equivalent of the entire amount of
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the river flow during one of the highest years in terms of rainfall so that's of deep concern for egypt it thinks that this is going to compromise its share of the water it's going to cause scarcity of water along the nile and it's going to cause that as a waras of the us one dam and the other dams even in sudan not to fill up properly and it's going to have very damaging consequences to the interests of egypt this has been going on for many years but now time is of the essence both to egypt and to eat your peas eat your pia doesn't need these talks it would normally want want this these talks even to take place in the first place they don't think there is something to negotiate they think that this is their own right suffern right to deal with their own resources and to do what they want with those resources egypt and sudan on the other hand particularly egypt they believe that no there are historical ice in this what it is shared between several countries and nobody has
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to change the course of the civil those the flow of the civil and how much water flows in it without proper consultation with the other countries. i just remember all the weather with the evidence on that ahead here on out there. i'm stuff last reporting from inside an immigration detention center in the east of cali month on where more than one hundred fifty refugees have been protesting for more than seventy days crying out for freedom. and squaring off and hungry and two very different men fight to lead the country. past child abuse allegations made against two of the biggest clubs in argentina and football joe we'll have that story. from a clear blue sky the dough home. to the fresh fruits and breeze in the city of
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los. we have a late taste of winter slipping across japan now this area cloud that's going to continue driving its way further east was out into the open waters of the northwest pacific hilarie of low pressure coming in behind it will bring some wintry flurries at least over the higher ground then this next system comes across the korean peninsula introducing some fresh air just blasting its way in from the north as it made its way across the inner mongolia this is a sandstorm that we had here some very nasty conditions visibility is down as low as ten twenty meters in places so some very difficult traveling conditions for many then we will see things quiet down improving over the next few days are wintry weather making its way toward japan tokyo ahead of the next area of cooler air that's going to see temperatures getting up to around twenty two degrees but it will fall back to around sixty then you go you may will see some snow over the high ground temperatures to recover behind so gets up to around eleven degrees celsius
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and slightly warmer air coming through much warmer meanwhile making its way into the southeast of australia is fine and dry with glorious sunshine temperatures get up to around twenty eight celsius in adelaide and sydney but by the time we come to sunday we could have highs of thirty three in adelaide. the weather sponsored by cat time riis. we're heading to the place sunday from a true renewables on it's taking us two days on this boat just to get from the search through. what is being done to protect one of the region's most iconic creatures are disappearing because the legal pad trade with booming researchers wanted to see if reintroduction of the class was a viable option to save some of these population. techno on al-jazeera and. when the news breaks. on the main man city and the story builds to be forced to
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leave the group just. when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the winning documentaries and. i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on air and online. and again you're watching out there as a reminder of our top stories this hour former current south korean president park and has been found guilty of abuse of power bribery and coercion and sentenced to
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twenty four years in jail but says it was made after the chief judge read a lengthy statement outlining the eighteen charges against park she was not the proceedings which were broadcast live. and learn his former leader is free to leave a german prison after posting bail a court there rejected a spanish extradition a court request judges ruled the rebellion charge that pretty well faces in spain is not a criminal offense in german. he could still be extradited on the lesser charge of misusing public funds. and the israeli army has fired live ammunition as well as tear gas at the gaza israeli border as palestinians when you there are protests protesters have been burning tires to create a smoke screen making it harder for israeli snipers to see them at least twenty one palestinians have been killed over the past week and more than one thousand four hundred injured half of them hit by israeli gunfire. much of it as an associate professor at catholic university and joins us now here in the studio good to have
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you with us why is israel reacting with such force to these protests i think israelis are benefiting from the atmosphere created about palestinian of course in the last year taking into consideration two main element when they learn bargain trampas was speaking about secondly the serious division within the palestinian elite between hamas and fatah and those two dimensions to me seem responsible of this you know abusing power or using this but live it of power against the palestinians simply israelis want to show that you know there is no such palestinian issue as long as you know this is not being soft and for that for the try to benefit and the water how will be action from international community from the americans or from the regional players especially in the context of you know talking about you know the role of. which as i mentioned trump was speaking about you know what do you make of the international reaction that i think is very weak i
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mean we saw some of the reaction criticizing the israelis reaction however it's as you would well it's not really. strong enough to prevent israelis of going ahead and using more violence against the palestinians event of the day this is a very. simple action has to because they lost the last week specially in remembering. hold but it's not any question but again i think it's it is a very weak and is not responsible as well as as i see it how much has been calling for these mass demonstrations was it what's its strategy here is it calling for nonviolent mass gatherings or does it want to see violence because sending sort of mixed signals out there i think how most tries to send the message the international community the palestinian. israeli conflict is the core of the instability in the region and reminding of the of the main the crisis of those that this is
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a small small learned was being you know surrounded from israeli than the dipshit is and people are suffering every day finding the symbol in need of their life so it's sort of the message to the world that they have to remember that as a particular i think they have also a political message to their you know i would say the other part of what is thing is wilson was. and especially the president what are best to take you know to take responsibility to make the actions to that and doing that is really steps to to stop all of this is actually a dentist but it's then you know we so that there is a serious conflict now between them because of the type in the the allegation about the sponsibility of hamas being behind the assassination of the prime minister. which failed obviously but that is sort of the conflict now between hamas and fatah i was rewarded for it's between both sides and i think that's also you know them and eyes. more and them and i keep it as isolated as much as they can i ask israel
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the gaza strip for some time now how much support does it still have given that the situation is so dire very little i think we politically there are really i was elated but egyptians there from time to time they open the border between gaza and egypt there is some support from the to the to the hospital in the education international community which is hand tool from the top and. i think there is very little support and i think that is really shame to the international community to see all of this crisis and have ignored the actions of that ok much of the moment thanks very much. now the u.s. president has described a large group of migrants from central america as being plagued by violence and sexual assault occurring language from his presidential campaign in two thousand and fifteen said some mexican immigrants are rapists john heilemann reports now from claim as migrants from the so-called caravan headed to the u.s.
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border. one is packing to go again this is been his life since he left his family in honduras to join the caravan of migrants heading through mexico he says he had no choice but to leave. i had problems with the maras gangs in honduras they wanted me to join them and i don't like those things so they came looking for me to kill me going from poverty to the tween curses of central america especially honduras and el salvador these people are trying to escape their stories are harrowing and helical says gang members raped her twice and extorted her small talk to your business until she couldn't pay then they said they take a five year old daughter ashley instead. they sell the children to people for sexual abuse that was when i decided to leave my country because i didn't want my daughter to suffer what i'd gone through companies are doing this caravan has infuriated president trump who feared a mass border hop on thursday he appeared to refer to
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a tax that many migrants suffer on route to the states and yesterday it came out where this journey coming up women are raped at levels that nobody has ever seen before. he plans to send national guard reinforcements to the us mexico border many people in the united states president trump and his supporters say no you should stay in your own country known gerson fixings why are you running to our country would you respond with this if you don't like that if people need help why not give it why does the u.s. president discriminate against us the caravan that's been at the center of so much control the city is split some people are still following its route others like the ones on this bus to mexico city have decided to go their own way eva to ask for refuge in mexico or to try and get to be you know it's just that. many have family back home who depend on them making it like that on
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a cake walk the trying to help her husband and three sons in el salvador where lives there but. it hurts to part from the family and only see them in field goals but i have an aim to get the family ahead and raise good men not bad ones. with president trump looking to tighten the u.s. border still further the futures she searching for looks increasingly out of reach john home and how does it or mexico. over the thousand refugees including children are being held in detention centers in indonesia some have been there for a year is the reports from balikpapan those little chance they'll be freed soon. they have been shouting for freedom every day for the past eighty days but no one can hear them except for a few guards. these refugees are mostly ethnic us arwa who fled persecution in
1:42 pm
afghanistan now they are locked up on the island of borneo far away from the capital jack after three youngest. was detained when he was twelve now he's fourteen years old. or is that. it's been very difficult not only me but everyone is suffering from depression once we tried to escape but one man fell from the high wall and broke his leg and failed. indonesia has not signed the un convention for refugees but a government decided fifteen months ago that refugees should be given proper accommodation while waiting for resettlement. still more than one thousand refugees are locked up without deferred it for a release date most of them for more than four years of course we expected when we scare from the priests accused from the be here to inform the discrimination from our country we start a similar and we come and here we are sifting knocked on the log behind. what.
1:43 pm
the un commission for refugees the u.n. h.c.r. has recently told refugees in indonesia that their chances of resettlement are close to zero strangely i do united states and europe have all but closed their borders and not allowed to work or to go to school what's been happening inside this attention center is a cry for freedom far away from the public eye refugees locked up and treated as prisoners with no country willing to accept them as more and more pressure on them to go back to the country they fled from in the first place. what in forty refugees in balloch poppen have taken the offer of two thousand u.s. dollars from i.o.m. the international organisation for migration to return to afghanistan money provided by the australian government. those who understand it might be best for them to go home we want to make it easy for them and we also want it's an incentive
1:44 pm
or it could be seen as a center but it really is for something it's money for them to get started many of them have sold everything before they left it and starting to go back to a country that's basically nothing. well they they make that determination like most other refugees sixty year old russell that sounds returning to afghanistan is not an option when you're over there for the other one is there are bomb blasts nearly every day only recently many people were killed in sokolow we have nowhere else to go we sought shelter with the international organization for migration and the u.n.h.c.r. we have nowhere else to go. the indonesian government says it's urging the local government to provide accommodation sort of refugees can be released from detention but several groups and i looked up on with a sunni muslim population a free fuse to accept the mostly shia refugees citing a fear for religious conflict even the refugees to wonder who is willing to receive
1:45 pm
them and when their shows for freedom all finally be heard her her. step fastened al-jazeera but by. now most opinion polls indicate that hungary's right wing nationalist prime minister viktor orban is likely to win a third consecutive term in sunday's election his campaign is focused on targeting his toughest critic there philanthropist george soros it supports open borders in eastern europe china whole reports in the world according to viktor orbán hungary is a fortress under siege its differences threatened by refugees and the values of liberal democracy one man represents both the face of billionaire philanthropist and native hungary and george soros is the centerpiece of all bands reelection campaign the open borders soros supports are everything all band stands against. at the soros funded open society foundations promoting human rights free expression and
1:46 pm
good governance they're concerned about an expected tightening of anti n.g.o.s laws after the election and by cracking down on serious i say to you why didn't you get you basically you get to a point where or diverging opinions where are critical voices are science that's the way to sort of like establish an authoritarian regime and that's what's taking place now in hungary the central european university is another soros funded institution facing difficulties last year thousands gathered to protest against plans to shut down one of the few remaining outlets of free thought and discussion former foreign minister peter byrne teaches c.e.u. and explains why he thinks the government wants these critical voices silenced to stay on power for ever not challenge to any time by any opposition forces to keep all the money they have accumulated him his
1:47 pm
family he's close friends on hungary's southern border a cold war era watchtower is a reminder of decades of soviet subjugation never to be repeated three years ago or been invoked the sixteenth century ottoman invasion as thousands of refugees marched along this railway line into hungary and western europe in victor all bands hungary history repeats itself centuries ago christian soldiers repelled the invading muslim ottoman hordes just as modern day savior or band himself has built a fence to keep the refugees out in the same way the overlords of soviet moscow have been replaced by pro immigration pro-democracy figures like george soros and the bureaucrats of brussels. jewish groups see another appeal to history in the vilification of soros. the.
1:48 pm
external threats and the enemy within his little. corruption health care and education just the need for a strong leader like. budapest.
1:49 pm
1:50 pm
scales for now and has jack laura thank you american jordan spade leads the masters by two strikes after the opening round out of step but last year's winner sergio garcia also claimed an unwanted pace of history at the year's first golf major at least homan reports. the defending champions always carry an extra amount of pressure at the masters but it only time crashing down to sergio garcia during his opening round little gust up. the spaniard arrived at the par five fifteen told to one of the for the day but shot after shot he kept finding the water. garcia called his newborn daughter azalea after the name of the thirteenth hole little gusta it might be safe to assume that he's next child would be called finest thorn he's down the water there on five occasions fifteen minutes and
1:51 pm
thirteen sean tough to starting to equal the worst score for a hole in the tournament history. four time champion tiger woods return to the masters for the first time since twenty fifteen he's had multiple back surgeries in recent years and recovered from a slow start birdies on the fourteenth and sixteenth holes helping him to a one of the round of seventy three. felt great to be back out there again. and i've always come up here last couple years afterward so it's nice to get out there and play and and know that i have the scots course in front of me. woods's school places him seven shots behind leader jordan spaeth the twenty fifth day when i had five consecutive birdies on the back nine and toss the leaderboard at six under par this golf course specifically brings out a lot of feel in my game and i think that that's advantages i don't do well in
1:52 pm
domes or driving range shots and you don't have many of those out here but the lesson reiterated by sergio garcia on thursday is that you take nothing for granted at oak hasta elease home an al-jazeera. one of mixed martial arts biggest stars conover greg has been charged with three counts of assault and one of criminal mischief attacking a bus carrying u.f.c. fighters in new york mcgregor lost his cool as the boss turned up at brooklyn's ball play center carrying fighters to an event he wasn't even attending he threw a metal trolley smashing one of the windows at the boston injuring two fighters will remain in custody until a hearing later u.f.c. president dana white who has backed his biggest star up to now with shocks by mcgregor's behavior. i don't know if he's on drugs or what is deal with this you know but the coming to this. end up like this you know you talk about a guy that's a baby just a kid. just this is how you're acting you have
1:53 pm
a son and this is my game i mean things are sad people get each other's faces people grab each other and do stuff like that it's completely normal and it's we always you know containing him but it's part of the business but what happened today. is criminal. disgusting despicable makes me sick and. we have an organization to make sure that this never happens again. so you should be scandals are increasingly becoming covered in some of them dating back decades and the last few months gymnastics and football have been rocked by high profile cases in february former u.s. gymnastics team doctor larry nasa was sentenced to more than one hundred seventy five years in prison for abusing over two hundred fifty women and children in his k. the same month british football coach and youth scout barry benaud was found guilty of forty three charges of sexual apiece dating back to the one nine hundred seventy
1:54 pm
s. he molested boys and promised to further their football craze now argentina is facing a similar scandal surrounding two of its biggest clubs former players from the youth divisions of river plate and independent. they say they were victims of a child prostitution ring reports from one of cyrus. i football is much more than a sporting argentina it's a national passion that in the last week has been shaken to the core. a seventeen year old player within the indian there told the club psychologist that he and another young player had been encouraged to sell themselves for sex at least seven miners were prostituted and ten others are relieved to have been potential victims prosecutors say there could be more. if we don't know many children were contacted but did not fall into the trap and we are also investigating the potential of the crime known as grooming in many cases they were
1:55 pm
not successful in carrying out their attempted activities but we're going to ensure that these people no longer have the chance to just throw children. but the sex abuse investigations have spread to other clubs. runs a rape victim association and filed a complaint against river plate when she received information that young players were also abused between two thousand and four and two thousand and eleven. a doctor that worked at the club wrote to us she had proved that children are also part of a ring she had to take time off because she was told not to get involved we also received a letter where a former player says that children were forced to prostitute themselves to be allowed to move forward in their careers. has been receiving threats since she can talk to the authorities and is now using what is known as a panic cream. river plate is one of the most famous clubs in the country it is a sports club that operates host health for young players recruited from other
1:56 pm
parts of argentina or abroad the sexual abuse can both involve young players that live here because they do not have any relatives in one of us. has been investing. abuses and says there is a common pattern. could be in there are two cases where we see a similar situation we see individual cases but they happen inside the club with children that have a very vulnerable economic situation who are not from whether cyrus for example a thirteen year old that is from shock or who has no money transferred to i was a day and pedophiles try to take advantage of that. the dream of becoming a big a star as you and missy has left hundreds of children exposed in argentina and even though the argentine food will association says it will now look at conditions in the hostess where the young players live that won't prepare the damage that has already been done. it is how will one aside. arsenal will take
1:57 pm
a four one lead to moscow after thrashing c.s.k. in the first leg of their europa league quarter final first day two goals from alexandre and are ramsey but the made a commanding position as they head to russia next week the win also stretched all small streak to five games in all competitions elsewhere sporting lisbon to know let's focus on beating one of thirty five games with a four to win and like sick edged maul say one nil. the playoffs are just around the corner in the national hockey league the nashville predators clinched the central division and western conference titles on thursday with victory over the washington capitals meanwhile the new jersey devils clinched their first playoff berth since two thousand and twelve the devils beat the tronto maple leafs two one miles wood and puddles each scored off assists from patrick henry. i'm club legend daniel seed in school the game winner for the vancouver canucks in overtime with an assist from his identical twin henrik it ensured
1:58 pm
a fairytale finish in the last home game the seed ins were drafted out of sweden together a seventeen year old's twenty years and more than two thousand combined appearances for the canucks later the pack in so retiring together. and that is a quote from our have more feel later. thanks very much john. and that's also edge of from me in the oracle for this it news hour but do stay with us the whole rahman will be back in just a moment with more of the day's news for you. george
1:59 pm
. a new poll ranks mexico city is the pull first in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend to your very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened i think about how to react what do i do if this gets west's no money on the uses
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a new service it's called loyal droid it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty force of among the training of drivers. on the benefit of. so many they see the importance of there are guys. who witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera.


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