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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2018 11:00am-11:33am +03

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heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the winning documentaries and live on al-jazeera i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on air and on. a story fourteen hundred years in the making. a story of success and the leadership. of the story of dispute and diversion of the heart. of the caliph episode to just.
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no agreement at the u.n. for an investigation into a chemical attack in syria or whether it even happened. a lot hasn't seen that this is educate a live from doha also coming up a patch of land for a makeshift home we follow some of the thousands of families who fled the democratic republic of congo bus. and i'm sorry. i started facebook i run it and i'm responsible for what happens here mark zuckerberg admits mistakes as he faces questioning on privacy breaches. again miles army jail seven soldiers over the killings of ten men but of course refuses to dismiss charges against two journalists investigating the massacre.
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but our rival proposals from the u.s. and russia to investigate chemical weapons attacks in syria have failed to pass at the u.n. security council the u.s. is looking at a military strike to punish syria's president bashar al assad rescue workers say dozens of people were killed in a suspected chemical attack on the town of duma on saturday mike hanna reports from the un. yet another security council session on syria and yet another veto. the twelfth exercised by russia since the conflict began twelve members were in favor of a u.s. led proposal to set up an independent body that would investigate chemical attacks and identify perpetrators voters old reconstitute and similarly this is a moment of truth the vote that we are faced with today so i would call upon each of the members of the security council speaking on behalf of france to take proper stock of what is at stake here and to live up to their responsibilities and to the
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us vote in favor of the american draft resolution as the day was the council continue to splinter a russian proposal for an investigative mechanism fails to get the mind votes needed to pass the u.s. not even needing to veto and an explanation of how it differed in two ways from the u.s. led resolution the key point is our resolution guarantees that any investigations will truly be independent russia's resolution gives russia itself the chance to choose the investigators and then to assess the outcome there's nothing independent about that. the tone of discussion was no less a serb big than in previous sessions the russian ambassador repeating his assertion that the us and its allies were seeking a pretext to take unilateral action against the syrian government. if you
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take the decision to carry out an illegal military adventure and we do hope that you will come to your senses well then you will have to bear responsibility for you so. what you're trying to do is plant a resolution that has been on the show for a long time in order to find a pretext in the course of the session all members expressed support for the fact finding mission of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons or p.c. w which will investigate this past weekend's alleged attack the key issue though while the o.p.c. w. is empowered to establish whether or not a chemical attack took place it has no mandate to identify the state or non-state actors that may have been responsible. for a second russian proposal failed to pass an apparently non-controversial resolution supporting the work of the opi c.w. failed to get the necessary votes those opposed to pointing out the chemical watchdog was already at work arguing such a resolution was superfluous and at the end of the stay so two it appears was
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a security council. mike hanna al-jazeera united nations a robert ford is a former u.s. ambassador to syria he says there is little hope of progress at the u.n. . i think the odds of any productive united nations security council resolutions addressing the syria conflict are nil are zero and i'm going to be very frank here. i was involved in the two thousand and thirteen negotiations with the russians with secretary john kerry. russian foreign minister lavrov was there and the russians pledged that if the syrian government used chemical weapons again the russians would accept that chapter seven measures be discussed in the security council resolution that the russians broke there were many times it should be toes and the russians simply aren't credible and i did i think the americans have
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reached the point where they no longer have confidence that anything productive can come out of the united nations and therefore as ambassador halley said they are prepared to act out side the framework of the united nations russia's ambassador to lebanon says any u.s. missiles fired at syria will be shut down alexander as a sea of kin said russia would also target the launch sites in a honda is live for us in beirut so say no further indication then that if there is any u.s. led attack on the syrian government the russians are not going to stand by idly on this. well the stakes have been raised like you mentioned the russian ambassador to lebanon saying moscow will respond to any strike against the syrian government launch sites will be targeted missiles will be shot down the ambassador saying that he was speaking on behalf of the kremlin that this is the view from the kremlin
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really a very clear message to the united states and its allies who have been discussing the possibility of military action in retaliation for a suspected chemical weapons attack now the russians have been warning for days now the russian foreign minister lavrov warning of grave consequences if there is any attack but the statements from the ambassador the clearest yet now the u.s. and the french their military assets are now in position to strike in syria but it seems that the united states friends and the u.k. and the pentagon this still discussing the options on the table tom doesn't have a lot of options a limited strike similar to what they did last year following a chemical weapons attack in the northern town of punch a hole and really has little effect and if there is going to be a different kind of action like a wider operation or an operation that will last for days the numerous targets taken out then this will risk open confrontation with the backers of the syrian
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government russia and iran and as far as the did the chemical attack or suspected chemical attack in dumas. go global chemical weapons watchdog is on its way to that site any any movement on that. well both the russian government and the syrian government's invited the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons to visit tomorrow and investigate for themselves now according to the o p c w they will be sending a fact finding mission to syria that mission that team will has to do more and inspect and vests against the site of that alleged chemical weapons attack now the question is this mission will it in any way for spawn the military strike or will this mission be some sort of a way to find a diplomatic way out of this crisis this is not the first time as there has been a threat of military action following a suspected chemical weapons attack we have to remember two thousand and thirteen
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obama threatened military action but at the end there was some sort of a compromise deal that led to the dismantling of syria's chemical weapons program so will this o p c w fact finding mission in one way or another either persona military action or find a diplomatic way out of this crisis then a hard ally for us in beirut. south africans are saying their final goodbyes to the woman they called the mother of the nation an official memorial service begins shortly for winnie money cues ala mandela it'll take place is what so where she lived and fought against apartheid the activist and former wife of south africa's first black president nelson mandela died last week at the age of eighty one and she played a leading role in the battle against white minority rule. the united nations says more than fifty seven thousand people from eastern democratic republic of congo have fled to uganda since december many are leaving because of attacks by militia
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in the north eastern province of the violence has led to a humanitarian crisis more than thirteen million people are in need of help twice as many as last year almost seven million are facing severe food shortages half of them are children the political situation is unclear president joseph kabila is still in office even though his term officially ended in december twenty sixth seen no date has been set for elections which have repeatedly been postponed malcolm webb is following the journey of the refugees he's travelled from uganda's capital kampala to the chung wali refugee camp near lake albert where most of them have been resettled. i'm standing in uganda this is lake albert and on the far side you can just about see killed in the democratic republic of congo and it's after in those hills in recent months that militia have been attacking villages setting hearts on fire chopping people up with machetes killing some and that's what
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prompted thousands to get in boats across the lake you can see some of the kinds of boats here that they've been using these wooden ones have an engine strapped on the back that's a better way to cross but for people who can't afford a ticket in one of those they have to get in a canoe and paddled in which case the crossing can take one or two days lakes prone to bad weather strong winds heavy rains and storms not uncommon for boats to capsize and some refugees have drowned on the way those that make it here are registered by ugandan government officials and by the united nations and then they're taken from here a couple of hours drive into uganda to the chiang wali refugee settlement we went there and spoke to some of the new arrivals let's take a look at that story. all these people ran for their lives. and now patience runs came they're waiting for buses to take them to a place to make new homes in this refugee camp in uganda. wheat elisa's stories
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typical a few days ago militia were attacked a village in congo killed her neighbors with machetes she fled with her five children she's pregnant with her six year old daughter she doesn't get one can't restart the fighting had started then they started burning houses with people inside so we went into the forest and hid for twenty days then we decided to run and we came to uganda. militias from the lendu ethnic group has been attacking villages in rita's province called to worry since january the u.n. says that forced more than seventy thousand to sleep here in uganda many more displaced back at home. people have lost their family ministers and women are subjected to sexual in the gender of airspace by aliens before and during flight so they came very traumatized very tired in some needed a very raw and they needed medical attention so. some people describe the violence
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as ethnic return says it's not she says the attackers killed anyone and everyone she said i think lendu has the same as them some people here say they don't know why they've been forced from their homes now other suspect congo's government is behind it trying to stay in power for the postponing the long overdue presidential election the government denies it regardless people keep arriving here in uganda. the u.n. says more resources donors threatened to cut funds for refugees in uganda when government officials were implicated in a corruption scandal earlier this year that new arrivals still need help at the moment a lot of the refugee settlement is a vast expanse of bush people are given plots rethink given her here she's got some plastic sheets a few simple farm. now she asked to build
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a shelter that's what she'll be living in for the weeks ahead and use the tools to start selling the land and growing some food and now. it's starting to rain rita lost her husband when she fled she and her children now have to wait for somebody to help them put up a shelter it might be safer here for their struggle over malcolm webb al-jazeera chiang wali refugee camp uganda japan's foreign minister says his country will work closely with south korea to help denuclearize north korea tardo kano is in seoul for talks with south korea's foreign minister the first such meeting in two years and it comes ahead of a summit between north and south korea later this month hands prime minister shinzo of they will be meeting donald trump next week the u.s. president is expected to meet north korea's kim jong un in may or early june. facebook founder and chief executive mark zuckerberg has admitted making mistakes
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during a nearly five hour testimony before the u.s. congress he says he's sorry for the about the privacy data breach at the social media giant alan fischer reports from washington. ditching his favorite group two shirts for a suit this was a polish to facebook c.e.o. with a performance to match mark zuckerberg apologize for the massive data breach that impacted eighty seven million users worldwide eight we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry but the importance of this appearance was not lost on one senator it should be a wake up call for the tech community we want to hear more without delay about what facebook and other companies plan to do to take greater responsibility for what happens on their platforms the core issue was summed up with one question from democrat dick durbin mistress. would you be comfortable sharing with us the name of
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the hotel you stayed in last night. no. mark zuckerberg was called in front of the senate after it was discovered millions of users data was improperly obtained by yuki beast political consultancy cambridge analytics the use that information to target ads to help donald trump's presidential campaign and the bricks at referendum in the u.k. the facebook founder says steps will be taken to ensure such a data breach can never happen again but one senator asked if he was ready to follow through on that promise i believe you have all the talent my question is whether you have all the will to help us solve this problem yes senator do you believe the european regulation should be applied here in the us regardless of whether we implement the exact same regulation i would guess that it would be somewhat different because we have somewhat different sensibilities perhaps the most contentious exchange came when republican ted cruz accused facebook of
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political bias are you aware of any and her page that has been taken down from planned parenthood senator. i'm not but let me just going to work sorry about move on dot org i'm not specifically aware of about any democratic candidate for office i'm not specifically aware i mean i i'm not and i'm not sure mark zuckerberg revealed facebook is looking into potential russian links to the cambridge analytical breach and also that the company has cooperated with special counsel robert mueller who's investigating possible collusion between the russians and donald trump's presidential campaign mark zuckerberg spent the weekend preparing for this appearance and it showed he'll no fees members in the u.s. house at a separate hearing on wednesday with the threat of greater regulation for the entire take industry standing on the other side of that performance alan fischer al-jazeera on capitol hill. still ahead on al-jazeera sitting on comfortably in
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anxiety over whether the u.s. president's poised to fire the special council investigating election meddling. why a move to legalize abortion in argentina is sending people to the streets. from dusky sunsets if you disproving savannah. to sunrise the top in asian metropolis we got some lovely spring warmth across the central eastern part of it last a clear skies able to lots of cloud into central parts of the med temp just not doing too bad having said that the really disturbed weather that's going to continue tumbling in across the iberian peninsula southern parts of france and on into the western side of the mediterranean then thirty celsius the formatter
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beginning to twenty in paris the walked around the city some warmth around two full vienna twenty two degrees eighteen in warsaw but a little colder than of light there for moscow we were getting up to around eighty degrees will settle the guy those temperatures have fallen back at least for the time being that cloud will make its way which was a black scene other area plowed and rain pushing in across southern parts of france and little bit of snow said the possibility across the peyronie's and that disturbed weather will continue for the time being thirteen celsius in london sixteen in paris so a little colder but the walk continues for those central areas vienna getting up to twenty two degrees nazi bad well as you try to across a good parts of north africa well a little on the cloudy side that big massive cloud in the central med stretching its way down this northern parts of libya and the sleekest well little further research still warming carra thirty five celsius i mean at eighteen. the weather sponsored by qatar and release. the scene for us where they're on line what is
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american sign in yemen that peace is almost possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and is close to the story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. and again you're watching edge there are a mind of our top stories this rival proposals from the u.s. and russia to investigate chemical weapons attacks in syria failed to pass at the
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u.n. security council russia's ambassador to lebanon says his country will shoot down any missiles launched against suspected syrian chemical weapon sites. the japanese and south korean foreign ministers are holding talks in seoul talking about ways to denuclearize north korea that comes ahead of talks between north and south korea later this month. facebook c.e.o. has admitted making mistakes as he appeared before a u.s. congress hearing after the recent data breach mark zuckerberg apologize for social media networks failure to prevent the collection of information from eighty seven million people by a third party. now the israeli military has cleared the actions of a sniper who shot a palestinian in gaza but says soldiers who were recorded laughing on camera will be punished palestinians say it shows how gazans were targeted despite posing no threat to israeli forces burner smith reports from western rowsell this israeli
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soldier has in his sights a palestinian apparently unarmed standing a few meters beyond the separation fence the divides israel from gaza just by being there this man is according to israel's military regulations a legitimate target for a sniper the army imposes a minimum one hundred metre buffer zone into garza's territory it's a regulation with no backing in international law the video seems to have been shared on social media by one of the soldiers. we don't know who the victim is or what he was doing in the time before he was shot israel's military says it happened in december the delight the snipers colleagues take in hitting their target doesn't change the fact that the israeli military won't consider the snipers actions unlawful but that's according to one human rights group here.
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we have and keep hearing that anybody who is coming close to their for defense will be shoot anybody resupport case if they think in those demonstrations is part of the hamas and they want to destroy israel everybody is a terrorist then what's rationed so totally to me so if the public debate here that is being conducted by the being led by the political level. showing the prettiest thing in the snow observing the same rights as any other person. it's not surprising that they think they're in a statement israel's military says the video depicts a short part of the response to a violent riot which included iraq hurling and attempts to sabotage the security fence and lasted about two hours during the riot means were taken in order to disperse it including verbal warnings and calls to halt using riot dispersal means
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and firing warning shots into the air after none of these were successful a single bullet was fired towards one of the palestinians who is suspected of organizing and leading this incident well he was a few meters from the fence he was hit in the leg and injured i don't talk at shot that might on the sniper high fines from his buddies has of course devastating real life consequences in the last two weeks in gaza more than fourteen hundred people have been injured by line israeli snipers many crippled for life thirty one people have died but it's me i'll just era west jerusalem me and army has sentenced seven soldiers to ten years each for their involvement in the killing of ten men during a military crackdown on the hinge of muslims the ministry says the soldiers joined police and buddhist villages in the killings in the hind state last september myanmar's army has been accused of carrying out ethnic cleansing. meanwhile a court in myanmar has refused to drop
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a case against two reuters journalists accused of attaining secret government papers on the crackdown while loan and child who were arrested in december they could face charges under me en masse official secrets act which carry a prison sentence of up to fourteen years old out to be was but i know that i'm not happy at all the men who carried out the killings were only sentenced to ten years do you think that's fair in the end and yet i do know now i would like to ask the government does the syncing of the murder is fitting with democratic standards we journalists just did our job in line with our rights and with free press in a democratic country and now we are facing a possible sentence of fourteen years and the murderer is only got ten other white house says the u.s. president has the power to fire the special counsel who's looking into accusations of russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election donald trump has called the latest step linked to the federal investigation disgraceful and a neverending witch hunt patrick o'brian reports from washington.
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are you white house handlers didn't even wait a second saudi reporters out of the oval office before the president could be tempted to answer questions donald trump stayed silent tuesday the night before was a different story they broke into the office going on a long rant about the raid on his lawyer michael cohen's hotel and office on why don't i just fire moment where i think it's a disgrace what's going on and we'll see what happens but i think it's really a sad situation when you look at what happened there many people have said you should fire him that is giving democrats i mean ition to call for new legislation this congress must respond forcefully and on a bipartisan basis by reaffirming our belief that the president cannot fire special counsel without law without cause and by passing legislation to ensure that any
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attempts to remove robert muller. will be unsuccessful so far republicans have only gone as far as to warn the president not to act but he is tweeting calling it a witch hunt and posting attorney client privilege is dead it actually isn't but that's what makes the read on cohen so surprising investigators and judges very rarely subpoena attorneys in order to get a judge to sign off the roll say that they have to have evidence that the attorney and his or her clients are actively committing a crime and it has to be signed off on at the highest levels of the justice department at the white house insistence the president has the power to fire the special counsel i know a number of individuals in the legal community and including at the department of justice that he has the power to do so most experts believe that it is not true the president can't directly fire special counsel robert mueller but he could try to force the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein to do it if you won't try to
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replace him with someone who will say or he could replace attorney general jeff sessions with someone willing to close the special counsel's office that would provoke a constitutional crisis putting pressure on congress to step in potentially giving miller even more power and money to pursue his case that president trump clearly feels it's getting closer to him by the day. al-jazeera washington at least twenty people have been killed during an attempted prison break in northern brazil it began when gunmen attacked the perimeter wall of the jail in blaine try to help inmates escape want to exchange ng file with police and gods many of those who died were part of the group the stage the attack. argentina's congress has started public hearings on whether to legalize abortion a growing demand for changes in the law has led the conservative president markley to soften his anti abortion position at the moment abortions are only legal if the
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mother's life or health is a risk and when the pregnancy is the result of rape traceable reports from one of cyrus. it's a debate that divides this country deeply and that's why on tuesday hundreds of people took to the streets to make their voices heard when you join an obvious says that abortion needs to be legalized in argentina so that women like her have some type of protection i am poor i hardly make enough money to support my child and i'm tired of seeing women living in shelters taking care of children they cannot support and the reason they have them is because there is no education we need a law that would guarantee sexual education that will assist women to get concert civs i will allow women to have an abortion if they don't want that child. abortion is illegal in argentina in most cases but the health ministry says that between three hundred seventy and five hundred thousand clandestine abortions are carried out every year. thousands of women are hospitalized because of complications in the
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procedure some of them die there also address gov been detained. the hearings are going to be ongoing for over a month when at least one thousand people will have the right to express their views on abortion the vote is expected to happen in june and it's going to be the first time in this country's history that congress will debate the legalization of abortion. but there are many who are not happy with the possibility of decriminalizing abortion in the country. they also took to the streets of tuesday. we want to save the mothers but also the babies all lives are important and that's why we're pro-life in argentina we defend life not murder. the hearings include we know doctors journalists and doctors who are hoping abortion will be legalized in the country. against it are members of the powerful catholic
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church and politicians among others the debate has already polarized argentinean society and he will probably intensify in the months ahead. this is. now the top stories rival proposals from the u.s. and russia to investigate chemical weapons attacks in syria failed to pass at the u.n. security council follows international outrage over suspected chemical attack in the town of duma on saturday but the global chemical weapons watchdog has accepted a syrian government invitation to visit the site of saturday suspected chemical attack the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons says it is sending a fact finding mission to do what syrian aid workers say at least sixty people were killed many of them children and more than one thousand injured. moral service it
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will begin shortly for south africa's anti apartheid activists we need medicaid saylor mandela will take place and so went to the suburb of johannesburg when he played a crucial role in the fight for equality and was married to nelson mandela for a decade she died last week at the age of eighty one facebook c.e.o. has admitted making mistakes as he appeared for questioning before the u.s. congress on after a recent data breach mark zuckerberg apologized for his company's failure to protect the private information of more than eighty seven million users japanese and south korean foreign ministers are holding talks and sold they're talking about ways to denuclearize north korea comes ahead of talks between pyongyang and so later this month myanmar's army has sent in seven soldiers to ten years each for their involvement in the killing of ten men to be a military crackdown on muslim or hindu in the hind state the military says the soldiers joined police of buddhist villages in the killings in the high end
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northern area last september the animals' army has been accused of carrying out ethnic cleansing a court in myanmar has refused to drop a case against two reuters journalists accused of obtaining secret government papers on the crackdown while lone and child were arrested in december on a vessel gating the abuses in the high street they could face a prison sentence of up to fourteen years those are the headlines we're back with more after the stream. al-jazeera where every.


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