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tv   Cubas Unfinished Spaces  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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josie are. you ever you are. what makes this movement this era we live in for so unique this is really an attack on exclude itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion is that what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important we have a right to publish if you have a duty to be offensive or provocative or do you nice people do step in this stage for a serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera. hello
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i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. and russia have been exchanging angry words following u.s. president donald trump's warning of imminent missile strikes in syria the u.s. is threatening to respond to a suspected chemical attack in the former rebel stronghold of duma on saturday the world health organization says hundreds of people threat treated showed symptoms of chemical poisoning russia has threatened to shoot down any u.s. missiles and disputes that any chemical attack actually took place. but you what you're. but you get there peter i want to stress on the ninth of april the day after the alleged chemical attack in duma russian military specialists in the area of radiation chemical and defense and also medics arrived in the place of this alleged chemical weapons incident they took samples of the soil and collected the remnants of the so-called use of chemical weapons their expertise was conducted in
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it showed the absence of chlorine or poisonous substances while our white house correspondent kimberly halkett is monitoring events in washington in kimberly the statements from the president actually came by a twitter what else and what exactly did he say. well we are awaiting to hear from the woman who speaks on behalf of the president to get some sort of clarity about what the president was talking about with those tweets that he sent our on wednesday morning certainly many people trying to make sense of it in terms of whether or not this was a declaration of war or just some more of donald trump sort of predictable bluster that we have been now so accustomed to again the white house press briefing set to begin about fifteen minutes ago it's often delayed but i can tell you that not only is the rhetoric continuing to escalate but also the activity here at the white house in terms of consultations with the president we spotted leaving the white
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house after a meeting not just the secretary of defense general james mattis but also the chairman of the joint chiefs general dunford also leaving with the secretary of defense so certainly the president continues to consult with top military advisers as well as foreign policy advisers this is in addition to consulting with world leaders like the french president as well as the british prime minister it appears from what the press secretary said on tuesday sarah sanders that this is an effort to try and coordinate the response with international partners and allies but in terms of what this might look like in terms of the proportion in terms of whether this is designed to in some way encourage deterrence in the future we simply are trying to get clarity and those are some of the answers that we are hoping to get from this upcoming white house press briefing but what i can tell you said barbara is that in fact this really does appear to be a case where the united states is building a case with its international partners through the use of video memory let me
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interrupt you there and take you straight to the white house press briefing where the press secretary sara huckleberry huckabee sanders is speaking now let's listen in. components of the rebels in syria what do you see the russians to distinguish by the more help. the intelligence provided. certainly paints a different picture and the president holds syria and russia responsible for this chemical weapons attack unrelated question on the cohen reads the other day and now most of those prosecutors were looking for some sort of documentation that might have been connected with the access hollywood taken it came out during the campaign which you were a part of and that is an effort to connect the dots between something quick payments that were made to keep people quiet when you're trying to teach some sort of f.e.c. violation or the illegal campaign contribution is the motor investigation has now morphed from looking at russian collusion to illegal campaign contribution by the
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president's personal attorney to the president consider that to be the most investigation history outside of its initial days the president certainly has been clear that he has a very deep concern about the direction that the special counsel and other investigations have taken this investigation started off as russian collusion of which there was none. has been very clear that nothing has come up over the last year and the president spoke at length on this topic while the media continues to focus on this despite the fact that there's been no evidence after a year and we're going to continue to stay focused on the issues i mean. to me only that i think they're all right for time retiring not relaxing might think might encourage other republicans tells no i'm not seek reelection what do you say about that we certainly hope that republicans will continue to remain in the house especially those that support the republican the president's agenda and those that
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are campaigning we look forward to a number of them coming out and also supporting the president's agenda can't get into a lot of details about specifics of individuals running for office the president's been very clear about how he feels about speaker ryan he knows that he's a truly good man. and will leave a legacy of achievement that nobody can question that he wishes him well as he moves forward in his future it's really funny today he said that there is a tough political climate and that republicans are already facing a lot of challenges and a lot of problems going forward for the prize and there are some people though that think the president trump is part of the problem the republicans have and rhetoric is actually intermediate harder for republicans to win midterm elections what is it doesn't think about that he actually plans to campaign with people and this is he can get all that he could hurt the chances that some republicans are going to feel if we think that republicans particularly the president have a great story to tell moving into the midterms we've had an incredibly successful first year and a half focus on tax cuts deregulation working towards
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a defeat of isis remaking of the judiciary and a number of other things that we consider to be great successes and great things for republicans to talk about as they look forward to the future michele thanks to their theory that charity that conference on something that's none of the things that are you have any plans to leave. the duration of your numbers i think that i don't have any specific announcements on that front right now is going on in the face of the governors to thank the conservatives and the topic will today yesterday certainly the white house would always support not just conservatives but everyone having the ability to speak freely on a number of platforms across this country and certainly support the constitution that provides that right even to questions about the president's state. what does get ready russia. the united states planning to target russian assets for personal
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use a serious part of the attack the president himself said news coming the missions are coming what is making our maintaining that we have a number of options and all of those options are still on the table final decisions haven't been made yet on that front i mean anything at all what does that mean it certainly means that i think there's a lot there that you can. read from but at the same time the president has a number of options at his disposal and all of those options remain on the table and we're continuing to look at each one of them might fall over the separate question of another one of the president's speech this morning can you explain how the special counsel investigation should be for that. certainly i think that the president has been extremely clear that the constant focus of the fact that the president and his campaign had any collusion with russia has hurt those relationships the president has maintained for a very long time that the united states and russia having a good relationship is good for the world he certainly still believes that but at
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the same time that's hampered the ability to do so as well as the actions particularly the bad actions that russia has taken including meddling in our election among other things but time the president to that has created a lot of unnecessary problems my two quick questions are he said the final decision sure hasn't been made yet is the presence of modi not litter complicate the planning of this represent a national security risk not at all. michael cohen. of the. wall street journal and others reported that were being signed off on the search warrant or does the white house believe this was a wrong decision from the road to be made do you think you should start you know once again i'm not going to get into the process and that would something that you would have to talk to the department of justice about in terms of personal i don't have any announcements to go on syria given your comments given your presence he says morning is the white house prepared for the possibility of direct military
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engagement with russia and once again all options are on the table and i don't have any further announcements about i want to be clear it sounds like all options are on the table no final decision hasn't been made but we'll keep you posted once had a letter to the president as you know that is going to thirteen talked about why when it comes to syria we can't just say his. words be quiet and if we attack at all touched them by surprise obviously the president didn't talk about a date or a time for any attack on syria but he did talk about his two complaints out and get ready for something like this time is the president not taking his own advice and he inquired as to how the president like you said and actually answer my question for me has not laid out a timetable and he has a number of other options as well and we're considering all of those options and a number of different timetables of what any action we may or may not take would look like for our people and when you talk about my day to destroy america. in a public sense certainly the president has made some decisions he made
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a decision not to travel to latin america so that we could focus on this that was the first step in this process but we're continuing to look at a number of options john but sort of the president was directing talking about missiles to get ready russia because they will be coming nice and new and smart why is the president telegraphing his military intentions on twitter announcing affectively an attack on twitter again the president has not laid out a timetable and still leaving a number of other options on the table and we're still considering a number of those and a final decision on that front hasn't been made and a lot of as i hear another one of the tweets which you've been asked about is also pretty directories that is bad along with russia is caused by the fake and corrupt russian investigation isn't it russia's support for what the president himself calls a gas killing animals or it's meddling in our elections or is military intervention in ukraine or those the actions that are caused by the floods it's both of those
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things neither one of those things are good for our country the president's been clear that the relationship with russia is at a new lovin that's due to a number of factors certainly the things that you listed off as well as the investigation are all things that are first that relationship often. actions are similar to i mean i mean i did i didn't see that you're certainly putting words into my mouth i said both of those things are bad for america that's all jeff there are a russian response to the president's tweet by saying it's part of this list of life words terrorists not words the lawful gun which the white house reaction i think that the president has been pretty clear what his position is on this front russia has proven themselves to be responsible in part for this they guarantee that the use of chemical weapons by syria would not happen again they failed at that they've also helped enable syria by vetoing six different u.n. resolutions that have helped protect assad so they are certainly holds
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responsibility in this and certainly have proven themselves to be bad actors in this process is the way to the state department in any kind of back channel the stuff of the frustrated youth the tension and does the president still hope to meet with president clinton sometimes i don't have any announcements on either front i can't get into the specifics on any conversations david innocent might compare with one of the prisoner meet with them to talk about syria and they're somewhat came out of the president's national security team met today that meeting was chaired by the vice president discuss a number of options like you just said that the intelligence provided certainly paints a different picture of that the president holds syria and russia responsible for the attack however earlier this morning the defense secretary said we are still assessing the intelligence ourselves we're still working on this so what has changed over the last handful of hours from when the defense secretary said we're
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still assessing the intelligence analysis where you clearly pointed the finger at russia and syria as i just stated to both jeff and jonathan russia hold some responsibility in the fact that they guarantee that syria wouldn't use chemical weapons again and they did they've also hold some responsibility in the fact that. they have the six u.n. resolutions that they've vetoed to help protect assad both of those things lie at russia's feet in terms of responsibility in this process and you still for assessing the intelligence that has the defense secretaries they certainly there are things that are being assessed i can't get into the details but we're confident in the part of this process that we're in and to feel comfortable making the assertions that we have earlier today francesco thank you sorry you settled these things about russia and that they've been bad actors they voted against united nations security council resolutions as well and this morning the president on
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twitter said that russia is supporting a gas killing animals so does the president and now will be that russia has firmly established itself as an enemy of america especially since russia said it will shoot down u.s. missiles at the present pirates on syria we certainly think they've proven to be a bad actor and we hope that that will change and you know it's on the end and go to america at this point that something that russia needs to play a role in determining we hope that they will not continue or not continue i'm sorry to be a bad actor and make some changes in their behavior but that's something that russia will have to play a role in determining that sorry phrase is going to keep going it will syria as you say all options on the table when it comes to syria and russia has diplomacy exhausted that's an option that i as i said all options are on the table so he's not here are you saying again all options are on the table that can. contains a number of different things still be in play it could be but there are
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a lot of other options ten are also on the table here for senators to vote to ensure that a special counsel is fired for political reasons the white house support that deal does the white house think a bill like that has a serious we don't have an administration policy on that right now john. thank you sir two questions on monday i asked you president content to present prone. to this debate on follow some of my friends live like that that president obama tried for two hours for. he has had two conversations with both of them have there been any new developments in the sense you spoke with him the other world leaders especially those in central europe follow a larger coalition so the west when you go along you know we've had regular contact with regional allies and partners including israel saudi arabia france and the u.k.
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as well as a number of other countries at various levels we've provided readouts of the conversations the president has directly had but both our national security advisor as well as the secretary of defense the acting secretary of state and a number of others within the administration have had regular contact with their carrot counterparts from a number of other countries and the other thing i want to have the president has a good relationship with congressman still isa good personal relationship with these family oh what does he think about the reports that congressman schoolies will run were speaker assume the president has a great relationship with a number of members in the house of representatives who support his agenda and you look forward to working with all of them over the course of the next six and a half seven years i guess is it satisfactory marriage but yet and is the president
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considering firing her and other ways pushing out present time i don't have any personnel announcements at this for us there just one other thing paul ryan today said that he's been given assurances by the white house that president isn't planning to hire russian steinle or mahler do you know where he's getting those assurances is it coming from the president is it coming from other. where is it coming from again i don't have any announcements on that front. senator markey is a member of the foreign relations committee he said today that the president must come to congress for authorization prior to another military strike on syria on the others who are also saying don does the administration intend to do that if not like obviously the administration will follow whatever laws and regulations are necessary for any actions that we take because we haven't laid out any specific actions that we plan to take i can't tell you exactly what needs we would have to go to congress with jim. sounds like the president has really left a lot of wiggle room so that all options are on the table but when the president
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says get ready russia they will be coming in the missiles are coming how is that anything but an announcement over ending the earth right now that's certainly one option but that doesn't mean it's the only option or the only thing that the president may or may not do just because he does one thing doesn't mean he can't do a number of other actions as well as many certainly hasn't laid out that timetable which is would be broadcasting. his intentions to the quick thing on those bigger runs announced when there are some fears on capitol hill in the industry and some in the white house that a democratic wave is coming to sweep the republicans out of power in the house and that could potentially lead to an impeachment proceedings that the democrats could bring forward what is the president's thinking on that what is your thinking on that like i said earlier we are very confident in the record that we have been a very successful first year and a half that the president's had in office and we expect to talk about that
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a lot we'd love for you guys to talk about that a lot more too and we'd be happy to send you some talking points if you need some guidance on that which is coming in waves coming out we certainly think we have a great story to tell and we think america will be ready to listen to that and certainly has i think felt the impact certainly from an economic standpoint for. this administration we're proud of that was what you write here is a. very. very serious work that's for sure. and i'm not going to get ahead of anything but certainly like i've said a few times today all options are on the table and we'll continue the conversations with our allies and partners and move forward from that point thanks so much guys every day. for us. and we've been listening to huckabee sanders the white house press secretary addressing us some of the questions there from congregated white house press corps listening to that as well it was desirous kimberly how it can
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really obviously one of the things she was asked about was those tweets by president trump about well potentially or imminently. attacking syria and she kept mentioning one phrase all options are on the table so not really a lot more clarity there. not a lot more clarity but certainly we got a little bit of clarity. remember that we were in that window of twenty four to forty eight hours that was set on monday self-imposed deadline for making a decision put in place by donald trump well that window has closed and we still don't have an answer about what is happening in terms of some sort of military response seems that now what sarah sanders is saying is that the president has the right to make and break his own deadlines he has not laid out a timetable but as you point out that all of those options are still available to him if he has telegraphed to the tweet something he said he wouldn't do in the
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campaign trail but has done this warning in terms of what he might do in terms of striking against russia or any of those. missiles that may be fired by that by russia in fact that. the united states would certainly have that option but again the final decisions are not ready yet one of the thing that i think we need to talk about in all of this is the intelligence because there was a little bit of differing of opinion there too we heard from the secretary of defense james mattis this morning that there was intelligence that was still being analyzed but then we heard from the press secretary sarah sanders there that she believes based on intelligence the white house believes and she's speaking on behalf of the president that russia and syria are responsible for that chemical attack the other thing that she said when followed up by that on that very point by reporters asking her to kind of clarify that the reason that the white house is
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pointing to those two particular actors is and particular russia is the fact that it has vetoed six resolutions that protect the syrian president bashar assad and also has in her words failed to protect. civilians in syria but also the syrian government from using chemical weapons so certainly there's going to be a lot of area to follow up in terms of those two points that were made which seem to be the most salient significant points coming out of that press briefing and kimberly you were mentioning there defense secretary masseuses i guess disagreement but maybe you know different versions of events there about how certain they are about the chemical weapons attack in duma but generally speaking both officially and behind the scenes how much support do you think there is within the u.s. administration another department towards a potential or imminent as the president calls it attack on syria. certainly when you look at the reactions of the u.s.
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congress they have been asking for this administration to be tough on russia for some time certainly the fact that there is now evidence that seems to be pointing to. the use of an agent a gas agent in duma that has hurt hundreds of civilians that again one of the motions are now running very strong and there are members of congress calling for further action you have to remember there are some very hawkish members of congress particularly within the republican party but also democrats who believe that more needs to be done and you heard there sara sanders talking in that press briefing that there is a wide coordination going on within the united states with international port partners in order to show and do some sort of response that perhaps would have a deterrent effect so again we're not getting the clarity that we were hoping for and this is not surprising when we talk about military action but certainly there
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is no question that this it is intensifying there are a number of players that are being consulted in terms of response and perhaps that's why this timeline has been lengthened beyond what the president indicated initially because there is this effort to coordinate and in terms of a response can really halkett with the latest from the white house after that news briefing that we just heard from the white house press secretary could be senators kimberly thank you. kids get some other news now and let's go to o.j. area were three days of mourning have just been announced after a military probe plane crashed near algiers killing all on board most were military personnel of those at that also include members of an independence group and dozens of refugees that are on the honda has more. two hundred fifty seven people were onboard the military aircraft it went down shortly after takeoff crashing near a military airport south of l.g. is the defense ministry says that many of the passengers was soldiers some of them
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accompanied by their families a number of people survived this family was among those being treated hurt when the plane crashed into a field close to where he was working. i could see that as soon as the plane took off it started falling the plane flew over my head and came really close the wing clipped me as i was jumping to get out of the way then it burst into flames i've survived by the grace of god the military aircraft was on its way to the algerian region of bash it stopping often to do it's a region on the border with the disputed territory of waste in sahara thousands of whiston saharan have sought refuge here the policy area front a group that's been fighting for the independence of western sahara sit in a statement that thirty of the passengers will whiston so hiren's hitting back after getting medical treatment in now g. is the aircraft was
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a soviet designed military transport plane the crash is likely the worst in algeria is aviation history made on one hand al-jazeera. saudi arabia has intercepted a who's a ballistic missile fired from yemen over the capital riyadh the who these say they were targeting the defense ministry in riyadh there are no reports of any damage. in a saudi air defenses also say they've shot down two unmanned the yemeni drones in southern saudi arabia one of the drones was targeting the about international airport the second was in the province who the rebels said they were targeting saudi arabia's oil facilities. early exit polls suggest that azerbaijan's autocratic president. as easily won a fourth consecutive term in office the election was boycotted by opposition parties who are angry that the vote was moved forward from october neve barker reports. he's led azerbaijan since two thousand and three and now eleven lives
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on trying to be president revolver's seven years. there were multiple candidates in the race but only ever one front runner. politics in azerbaijan is a family affair and lives wife was made first vice president last year. succeeded his father haider president in the early ninety's the former k.g.b. general clamp down hard on opponent while at the same time opening up the country's huge energy reserves to international companies. this one's crumbling post soviet republic is now one of the world's fastest growing economies balancing relations with azerbaijan's former soviet moscow russia and the west this country is one of the main partner of the repeal in union from the point of fuel energy security but at the same time this country. between russia and iran these folks impute in the
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smart foreign policy helps as a wedge on to have good relations with only worse i but the economic boom hasn't benefited all many people struggle on low incomes have made growing inequality. and this is what happens to antigovernment protesters. leading opposition parties boycotted the election accusing him of vote rigging and nobody can speak out in the ways that challenges the government and not face consequences and that means freeways are either in prison or outside that was there where john well they keep quiet to many azerbaijan is a post soviet poster child an international player the host of major cultural and sporting events but it is to this day the only former soviet republic to witness the rise of a ruling in a city as the nation gets richer one family the only arabs remain firmly control.
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facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has been testifying in the u.s. congress for a second day about the massive breach of user's private data the thirty three year old billionaire apologized several times and promised to make meaningful reforms to protect the data privacy facebook has been in the spotlight after the personal information of eighty seven million users was harvested by the political consultancy firm cambridge analytical. a memorial service has been held in south africa for the woman that many call the mother of the nation thousands attended the ceremony for when a medic is element in silhouette oh where she lived and fought against the park hate has france or has more. south african celebrate minima did this and extraordinary life the contribution she made to the kind she's the parisian struggle the forty thousand capacity to land
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a stadium in soweto was not as fool as expected but the thousands who turned upside down just ordering her bravery when many were in exile and others like her has spent the late mandela in prison those who knew her best talked of her last week and she trusts a part forgiveness and it's one of those things that when ever she spoke about she would have cheered us in had our eyes liked the cheers would look stroked only . and she would say so to us i don't have cheers anymore because i sense the pain up to the threshold tears don't come out and you will. know there is debate about how she should be remembered she is accused of human rights abuses during apartheid then afterwards came a criminal conviction as well as allegations of fraud many south african say there has also been a lot of propaganda to tarnish bringing to the most important thing is to outsmart
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to those that are thinking they can destroy you because you've come in with the commitment to serve for prostate funeral will be held here in soweto on saturday the very huge really significant setting because the web was at the very heart of the struggle for the liberation of winnie mandela never left the town even atapattu the many people in the out relate to we need to emulate whatever it seems that says. six actions and one needs to do exactly what you do there will come out the level we still want to live in even. if it's. the government has declared ten days of mourning that will culminate in her burial on saturday we need mandela will finally be laid to rest at a memorial cemetery in johannesburg a woman who many say has inspired them with her car each and defiance katherine
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psychologist sirrah johannesburg. we're going to have more on that and all the other stories that we've been covering on the website it's on your screens right now the address of course al jazeera dot com and you can see our top story and that is those tweets that president trump has issued threatening an imminent strike on syria more on that on the news hour at twenty one g.m.t. al-jazeera so let's next. discover over for the win in programming from around the clock challenge your perception but i was hearing sounded so far fetched that i thought there was lives alone behold it was true groundbreaking documentary. fearless journalism a life that we. see the world from
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you know you'll miss him or. the poster who is a war horse and go got to go if you do you're going to go to all the. people as a place where anything goes where you get and it's you know this place. basically the next by china. which enables a lot of this activity. it's located within special reason for a special region for its minister a number of different groups. there's a constant flow of chinese tourists people coming in. she drinks. jugs and prostitutes and wildlife.
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is good looking a. bit about what he's made for ladies she knew she knew she knew so only. to give him a. district to sit and. saying listen we all. need to have. this is a look. and feel you. can feel. like this will. lead us down we go. what's that sound and you see if you're the chief in the beach. fold and i'm going to know what you mean and it.
11:54 pm
will suit what i. do you. think on paper hit back. to this is going to be something beyond a hot summer night or. in menlo. park where wonder about all my that i'm now going to who are a lot of. you know their god that's a bad answer belfield their lead field mabel and all. that's a fair deal not an old car right now. that there are no good half of it out thousands.
11:55 pm
there's a traffic so maybe bad bile. there's a case in battery type fondness whereby this extracts instant. and there's a cat in captivity for their entire life. know what he might all of them with. a man like you don't.
11:56 pm
go bowling. you know mumbling to you you are my apology to go and buy your gun and i thought you know if you body. will know. why i was going to. the. medic. and you have. flown. out of here. already stammering that war is not in the. in with us i would go to war in iraq. before then but exhibit a lot of
11:57 pm
plutonium and. so on would only. if you're loony don't help. was on a. line in the jail if you got it i don't think. she was. shit on what you do on it but it was able to move on. to the. can you go on and on as if your she doesn't. know what. america you are tainted as locked in a little. water. in the knowledge that i will go join. the one i saw in your city because i will not only not going to tell you what i mean. she.
11:58 pm
i. don't. mean only on that you know i get called bill and you know where you. can go and log a young woman we will agree to and i thought what a bore full of the economy you've got going to you come off on the number who do the wall oh go on the big old was only on for the next utah bush all. and i knew what the law is.
11:59 pm
allo the post summer heat wave that's existed in this part of australia is being slowly squeezed neither fronts coming across the bite and they've making some progress through adelaide for example is already disappeared further west of the temperatures in western australia about where that should be twenty one ish likely in perth we down to twenty three in adelaide where there's a thin ribbon of red that might still affect canberra but probably is not require to reach melbourne so temperature wise we're on the way down again to where we should be weather wise is still largely fine shop potential is increasing on the
12:00 am
queensland coast and certainly rain seems likely in tasmania as a spin to the you'll see and possibly in melbourne looks dr most other places still twenty one in perth much the same come friday so far i know as well as it was would be it in short this improvement in the weather in northern new zealand or clint was really quite stormy you see the cloud is still there but he's on its way out slowly bit of a mass coming to south island so across church very limited to twelve right on the west coast but the sun's out in oakland seventeen degrees here it's a little bit more light to be bright rolls and sunny i think come friday but this is an improvement in things the chemtrails hasa story half the story if the sun is out doesn't offer you good doesn't it.


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