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gross what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to become a fish closure and a job an investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe jeff i design on al-jazeera. stories of life. and inspiration. and series of short documentaries from around the world that celebrate the human spirit against the arts. al-jazeera cinemax gangs.
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this is al jazeera. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha i'm martine dennis coming up in the next sixty minutes. precise overwhelming and effective the u.s. says allied missile strikes in syria were a success and threatens to act again if there are more chemical attacks. at the u.n. security council it rejects russia's resolution to condemn the strikes. in syria dominates the summit of the americas in peru with the u.s. vice president defending the military action plus. tens of thousands of south africans bid farewell to the mother of the nation.
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the u.s. says it's locked and loaded for another military strike if the syrian government uses chemical weapons again well that warning follows the most significant western allied attack against president bashar al assad's government since. seventy of war began the u.s. the u.k. and france launch more than one hundred missiles on sites that they say were linked to syria's chemical weapons program and it was in retaliation for last saturday's suspected chemical attack on the town of duma well the smoke was still rising from those sites as reaction came in from leaders across the region turkey expressed its support for the strikes the syrian government and iran though called them criminal while russia drafted a u.n. security council resolution to condemn what it called the aggression the resolution
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was voted down more on that shortly but first this report from al-jazeera as defense correspondent patty culhane from the pentagon. i used three words to describe this operation precise overwhelming and effective at the pentagon claims of success as they roll out slides to show what they say is total destruction of three chemical weapon sites in syria a research facility a bunker and a storage area in all one hundred five missiles and bombs fired from u.s. british and french ships submarines and aircraft the pentagon says russia didn't try to fire back and they claim all of syria's attempts to shoot them down failed we've attacked the heart of the syrian chemical weapons program i'm not saying they're not going to be able to reconstitute their theory although it's not saying that it's going to continue but this is dealt them a very serious blow so that i think that's that's the core of what i'm saying u.s. president donald trump was quick to claim victory on twitter writing mission accomplished a spokesperson here at the pentagon tried to clarify that rather broad statement
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saying this particular mission was successful or accomplished they admit though they didn't destroy all of syria's suspected chemical weapons russia and syria have denied that chemical weapons were used investigators from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons arrived in syria hours after the strikes the u.s. says it didn't need to wait for their findings they have evidence enough but they've provided none of it to the public whine a lot of this has to do with intelligence and and i'm very happy to show evidence if i can that we were very confident about the decisions we made the u.s. is not saying this is over they say that depends entirely on what the assad government decides to do next particle hane al-jazeera at the pentagon. so russia's resolution condemning the missile attacks as a violation of international law was heavily rejected at the u.n. security council moscow called the council into emergency session to condemn the
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u.s. led action but it was supported only by two other countries on the fifteen member party mike hanna has more from the u.n. . this is the first time the council has met on syria this week a series of meetings that have served only to illustrate the massive divide on the issue because the secretary general's repeated calls for unity ignored they are all members to show restraint in these dangerous circumstances and to avoid any acts that could escalate matters and worsening the suffering of the syrian people the meeting was called by russia and its close ally in the council bolivia and outrage was expressed at the strikes took place even as international experts arrived in damascus to investigate whether or not a chemical attack actually took place or brings up in a gruesome news learned that the organizers of the aggression didn't even wait for the elementary establishment of facts by an international organization which is
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authorized to do that they supposedly determine everything for themselves and you turman who was guilty u.k. ambassador argued the strikes were justified in terms of international law and in the representative from france was adamant that in the absence of diplomatic agreement the strikes were the only form of sanction against syria that remained and the u.s. ambassador threatened further action i spoke to the president this morning and he said if the syrian regime uses this poisonous gas again the united states is a lot and loaded when our president draws a red line our president enforces the red line. like every resolution on syria introduced in the past week this one failed only russia bolivia and china voting in favor this well short of the nine votes that would have necessitated a veto from one of the permanent members despite a hopelessly split security council france says it will introduce yet another
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resolution this one addressing the dismantling of the chemical weapons program in syria also aimed at forging a cease fire and a durable political solution for those seeking some straw to clutch in this diplomatic break away from the implacable confrontation informal session members of the council continue to informally even affectionately engage mike hanna al-jazeera united nations or the reaction to the strikes among syrian them syrians themselves is divided supporters of the government of call them illegal and the western allies hypocrites meanwhile the opposition say they don't go far enough and that all attacks by the syrian government must be stopped so a binge of aid ripples from gaziantep in southern turkey on the border with syria. this is what's left of the birds
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a scientific research center targeted by missiles from the u.s. britain and france the site near the syrian capital damascus was among three alleged chemical weapons facilities hit during the joint operation the u.s. hopes the assad government got the message that its actions will not go unpunished . but the tone on syrian state media was that of defiance in the face of what they called tripartite aggression. we did not sleep at night honestly we went to the streets to support the army and the air force struck down the missiles. syria's war has divided opinion in the middle east people came out in solidarity with the assad government in. cities where their support for iran and hezbollah or their is high and the u.s. sentiment to the relief of the syrian government and its allies the operation was limited instead of a much discussed sustained attack the syrian government thanked its russian partners for the warning about the much anticipated strikes after days of tough
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rhetoric between u.s. and russia the syrian government had already evacuated military installations and cleared potential targets and allies of bashar al assad have been unequivocal in their support. last night strike that happened at dawn against syria is a crime clearly announce that the u.s. president the french president and the british prime minister are criminals and have committed a crime. those on the receiving end of the syrian government's attacks and welcomed the military action and we support the american strike because we support everything that targets the syrian regime we know that this bombardment will not lead to the fall of the regime targets this criminal regime we are supporting i suspected chemical attack on duma last week predictably support the allies of the assad government and dogs who oppose it well russia denies the attack ever took place turkey says assad's actions must have consequences their own gender just didn't follow it was unthinkable to leave all the attacks the regime has conducted
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an ant said that is why we welcome this operation because we can't tolerate what has happened in the perpetrator has to pay for it and the regime has to understand that this inhumane and lawless attack will not stay on. the syrian opposition backed the turkish president's call for an end to all kinds of attacks against civilians the u.s. britain and france that assad wasn't targeted the government forces and assets remain intact the intention they say was to force the assad government to stop using chemical weapons but according to a syrian opposition member the message that they seem to have received is that the assad government and its allies can continue their killings just not using chemical weapons some of and other syria as. well in the u.k. and in france questions are being else about the legality of launching the strikes before consulting calment phillips has more from london. into the dark on loan from their base in cyprus british tornadoes headed into the night sky armed
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with storm shadow missiles which they would fire at a military facility just outside homs the objective according to the prime minister very specific in scope this is not about intervening in a civil war it is not about regime change. it is about a limited and targeted strike that does not further escalate tensions in the region we cannot allow the use of chemical weapons to become normalized french jets were also on their way and the french government described the attack on syria in similar language. this it is limited to precise objectives the destruction of the chemical capacity of the syrian regime in order to prevent them from carrying out more chemical attacks and pursuing a strategy of terror against its own population this action is proportionate and targeted. on the streets of paris some support for the
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a time due to move to sit to talk i think that the strike that was announced is a good thing i think that is our western societies duty to advocate a certain example to me says. it's dangerous to face up to russia we don't know how relations can be with pollution. back in london it's possible that british public opinion halted as it is seen here as the disastrous invasion of iraq maybe more skeptical the main opposition leader characteristically cautious about the use of force parliament should be consulted parliament should be allowed to take a view on this but instead the strikes were launched last night parliament is in session on monday she could have comes parliament on monday to discuss the whole situation instead it launches strikes she claims there is a legal basis for it i've asked her in a letter i've just sent to this morning to publish in full the legal basis and justification for it well later in the day the government did publish
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a summary of the legal advice which it took before launching the attack it justified it on the basis that the suffering in duma had been extreme and that the use of british forces had been proportionate that's the argument to reason may will make when she appears before members of parliament on monday but already critics are saying that that parliamentary debate should have taken place before not after the attack was launched but to be philip's al-jazeera westminster in central london . let's go live now to washington d.c. and talk to our correspondent there alan fischer alan so you've heard about the questions facing terrorism a in the u.k. what kind of debate is there in washington d.c. we've already heard that president trump has uses rather unfortunate words of mission accomplished i'm just wondering how that's feeding into opinion in washington. well certainly he's found a very difficult time on twitter not that i'm sure he fears that much attention to
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that applies for the use of mission accomplished which of course has a cause of the iraq war notably when george w. bush flew to a near craft carrier in unknowns that the operations in iraq mission accomplished and then a few months later we saw the insurgency which caused many more problems for the united states we know that donald trump has spoken to both through samee and president mccraw in the last few hours he said in both calls that they had agreed that the u.s. strikes were successful and necessary and during his conversation with president mike or france you said that there had to be a reinvigoration of multinational efforts to stabilize syria for the fight against i saw the state department also being speaking to a number of allies not least of spoken to the foreign ministers in kuwait in the czech republic and also in iraq but donald trump will be facing questions about the legality of this we had immediately after the strikes were launched that
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a number of senators were questioning why he didn't go to congress but of course james mattis said that under article two of the constitution the president has the right to act if it's in american interests what they will have to do in the coming days and perhaps in the coming weeks is outline why a missile strike of this kind was in america's national interest and before the actual strikes got underway the president suggested that he was prepared for sustained action with regard to syria do we know that there's not happy tight for real intervening in syria if indeed there is another display of chemical weapons use in the country. well i think donald trump had flagged up the fact that he was going to take some sort of action but he's very keen to get out of syria we saw that at a political event two weeks ago when he suddenly announced with george dropping all across washington that they were going to be out of syria very very soon he
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backtracked on that slightly and said when the job is done meaning when the battle against eisel is complete so there was never an intention for this to be a prolonged action certainly james mattis who is the defense secretary was concerned that if there was a sustained action it could lead to bigger problems people i've been speaking to washington over the last few hours seem to think that because the u.s. and their allies targeted places where the russians and the reunions were not present that may help because they feel whether this is correct or not their analysis is that the russians aren't ready to face up to america over this that they're really me use this for propaganda value but again they're not willing to confront america militarily over this and also the syrians simply don't have the capacity to do it the dust will have to settle both literally and figuratively but i suspect that come the talk shows in the united states on sunday and also on
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monday when congress will start to analyze what's happened there maybe more questions for the trump administration to answer all right allan thank you very much right now we can talk to the child still for who is in camden maine and he served as a u.s. chief weapons inspector for iraqi weapons of mass destruction and he led the iraq survey group that investigated the scope of iraq's weapons program in two thousand and three charles good to talk to you precisely overwhelming and defect is that the way the u.s. administration is describing this operation what would you say do you think that this is successfully degraded president assad's chemical facility. well i think that's probably technically correct i'm sure it didn't improve the cube passages that. were chemical munitions but i think there's a lot of other things going on as well it's you know previous report talked a lot about the russian circumstances and i think it's very striking that here are
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we fired over one hundred cruise missiles and apparently no one was hurt so i mean so you know to me extraordinary efforts were made to avoid hitting or be involved with any of the russians on the ground which in a way makes them into human shields in a sense so i think a lot of this is really directed at russia saying look you better get your client back on board with respect to chemical munitions or this could really get worse meanwhile there is the team of experts the n.p.c. w. team now in syria in damascus presumably that there were clashes due to get underway when we assume there has been pretty much overshadowed by events well yes and no you know their task is very limited it's worth remembering that that their mandate is simply to determine if a client has occurred it's not they were able to investigate the crime they're simply there to determine chemical munitions chemical weapons been used in that
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in that case they can do the second do by interviewing people that can take biological samples that look at preternatural successor and over some period of time which is likely to be weeks or even months it will report the line that something took place or didn't take place that's separate from the scene. but i just immediately you know they're not they're not tasked with pointing out what caused that was and that's absolutely but is it conceivable that in this period of time which is what over a week now that those who would wish to cover up any wrongdoing would have gone in and would have cleanse the scene would have removed what is potentially evidence. well that's certainly going to happen it could certainly make their task more difficult but you'd be surprised how much data that these investigators can get they can get no cell phone data they can look at creators they can take samples there's a lot of things they can do which are not obvious and things you really king when you are going completely erase so without the information coming from that team the
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u.s. seemed to make up its mind pretty rapidly from james mattis talking and congress saying that they were still assessing the intelligence to maybe twelve hours later the state department and the white house confirming that they had proof and evidence of a chemical weapons attack having been perpetrated and that they knew who the culprit was do you believe that is that realistic i think it's realistic mark you know i think you know last time a year ago when this took place it was very shortly afterwards the united states laid out an intelligence document which which was you know pretty compelling and it's destruction of you know not only what happened but that the closure of the suit regime was that i would expect the same thing to happen this time and i also point to the fact that that france has put out an intelligence assessment which is pretty elaborate and making their case for a why they participated in this and why they believe it and with some pretty good evidence why the bottle of bottle of laundered he was sent back to charles silva
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thank you very much good to tell it thank you. there's a lot more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including. how an influx of syrian refugees is helping to boost jordan's economy and workforce. plus find out how u.s. trade tariffs on china could affect its lucrative beef industry. and in sports after disappointment in europe oscillator sets a new record in the spanish league details coming up the peter. syria has dominated discussions on the second and final day of the summit of the americas taking place in peru the u.s. vice president might pence called on leaders to support the u.s. led strikes mr pence said he is confident that government forces use chlorine gas
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in last week's suspected chemical attack on live now to john homan our correspondent who's there in lima talking about syria has that distracted leaders of the americas from dealing with the main issue of what was supposed to be the main issue at the summit corruption. well it definitely hijacked at least a bit of the agenda here another of the main issues as well was the issue of venezuela the country that's experiencing humanitarian economic and political problems one of the things that's come out of this meeting is sixteen countries signing an agreement to call for free and fair elections in venezuela among other things in the united states has really been pushing that move to try and isolate venezuela and to try and push for sanctions but as you said syria came up as well in this meeting and vice president paint. was countries to rally round the
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decision by the u.s. to lead a missile attack against syria as you'll hear now from him. but today. i call upon every nation in this hemisphere freedom to support this military action taken by the united states and our allies and to support it publicly and said the issue of venezuela is pretty much occupying many of the leads as mines as well what sort of concrete action if they decided upon how they going to deal with the situation in venezuela. well as far as concrete action we've got the sixteen country agreement saying that they're not really happy with what the situation is but little more than not be mentioned as well a little early corruption which was the official main theme of the summit now in terms of corruption the peruvian president which is hosting this summit came out and said to some it's been a success we've managed to come up with
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a common agreement between the participating countries that didn't happen the last two summits and the agreements all about how they're going to tackle corruption but we've been looking through it and it seems that the agreement doesn't have any in forcible measures so in essence this is something that's about the goodwill of countries saying yes we are going to go ahead and tackle corruptions in the peruvian president said now it's up to you to see how you implement it so this summit has now finished. people will begin to going home the buildings emptying around me without any sort of concrete measures on how they're going to tackle something that's dominated in america after a huge bribery scandal in this region all right thank you very much john home and that live in the peruvian capital lima. somali security forces of blocked m r r t offices from transposing military equipment back to the u.a.e. it happened at an airport in the northeastern city of basra and morality officers
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were forced to unload military equipment from a private jet before taking off relations between the two countries have been strained since the u.a.e. announce plans to build a military base in somalia's breakaway territory of somaliland. the funeral of anti-apartheid activists winnie magick is a lemon della has been held in south africa thousands of people gathered in her hometown of selective to pay tribute to the woman known to many as a mother of the nation katherine sawyer was that. we need. this casket is brought into their land a stadium. welcomed by the. tens of thousands of south africans came to be had by the best way they know through song and dance thank members of different political parties sat side by side with dominating collars and grinning yelling for the african national congress a spot of and red for economic freedom fighters whose ideology shaped president
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cyril ramaphosa described as a b.s. revolutionary say lives on in that nation that's called have ma-ma as it strives each day to fulfill its destiny as a united peaceful and prosperous and just society. to many south africans just last only a fatal fight a dual apartheid she also stood with the poor after all its most people relate to. even after apartheid was ended she wanted to fight for their rights she often said that of africa may have. a maniac next to know what it really mean to have economic and social freedom people have talked of her desire to see their distribution of land a passion for young people and how frustrations she was about the wealth disparity between the minority white and elite black south africans of one hand and majority
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pool on the other we also have to go back and decide for ourselves what natural justice means as a country so i think that people feel aggrieved that african majority in this country many of them feel incredibly still and cleaved to noon the. by the idea that people who had brutalized traumatized that. dispossessed them live among us. we mandela was also embroiled in controversy she's been accused of human rights abuses during apartheid but she had been leadership of the a.n.c. and was criticised all vilifying and abandoning half to apartheid some of them are planning for me no i don't even have time there are you know turn around that or pretend that they're directed to me don't you know china that's our present day we're ready to go to be late into the end of the world after all was said and done we mandela's potential slowly made its way through so we're told the township she
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called home to a memorial cemetery where she was buried most people say she never wavered from fighting for a better life for black south africans and for that they say she's a hero catching so al-jazeera johannesburg lots more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including u.s. led strikes on syria set social media alight we'll take a look at reaction around the world. plus hollywood mourns the death of legendary director milosz foreman and. colors really amazing it just kept getting better. sebastian vettel gets a jump on his formula one rivals but it's another disappointing day for the reigning world champion that's coming up in sports the peter.
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how often can we recently use the word blizzard in april in the us or in canada not that often you think but that is exactly what this massive cloud was now it's not quite as vicious as when it produced a visit but it's still cold enough in the north the us about the tides enough for it to be windy and snowy weather and then further south dakota tops back inside here that cold front is potentially tornadic as it moves across the southern states to northern florida georgia and eventually the carolinas and there's the snow talking back into the northern ohio valley so this is you know this is lingering winter right through ontario as well same time on the pacific coast that cold front that line of green moves inland i think we'll see more snow produced here all the way down the californian rockies again you talk about middle of april talking about significant snow and chicago is it two degrees by this time still the north sea breeze down the plain states and right the way down to georgia only thirteen in atlanta the consequence that active cold front is seen further south as well
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although at the moment very little is happening in the gulf of mexico all the mediterranean just might catch the north of the screen top of the screen that white cloud with there it is during sunday significant rain for western cuba and towards billie's and mexico. two one predictable details i've been working on north korea policy for almost thirty years i can't tell you what the u.s. policy is towards north korea vine photo what they want to deter an attack on the united states as the u.s. struggles to define its foreign policy silk lines examines the potential fallout we don't see really is a strategy designed to get those talks started because if they expect to surrender fire and fury trumps north korea crisis on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to
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a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for us as you know it's very challenging but it is but secure because you have a lot of people that if i did on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. take a look at the top stories here it out is era the u.s. says it's long term and loaded for another military strike if the syrian government uses chemical weapons again that warning follows the western allied attack against
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president assad's government since the seven year war began. the warning of future action came during a u.n. security council meeting on saturday a russian drafted resolution condemning the western strikes on syria was voted down by the member countries. u.s. vice president mike pence has called on leaders at the summit of the americas to support the strikes on syria said he's confident assad's forces use chlorine gas in last week's suspected chemical attack. the russian president vladimir putin has spoken to the turkish president on the phone saying the actions of a number of western states violates international law. the russians are looking at what happens they're assessing the impact of these strikes and they're thinking this could have been a whole lot worse than it was if you think back to the beginning of the week and
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all the kind of hot talk that was being thrown around the russian ambassador to lebanon saying that russia would be shooting all u.s. missiles out of the sky if they came anywhere near syria that it would actually be striking back against the platforms to launch them u.s. warships and u.s. planes none of that happens the cooler heads seem to have prevailed in washington d.c. perhaps persuading donald trump that there was no point in risking a great escalation and risking a greater conflict with russia so russian assets were not hurt russian lives were not endangered. iranian assets and iranian military lives were not endangered in this strike there were targets against three specific facilities that the u.s. and its allies believe were connected to syria's chemical weapons process those were hits but nothing else was under chapelle looked at the reaction to the strikes
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on social media. when the serious strikes were announced much of the world started discussing it on twitter using the spanish english and french spellings of syria to debate whether the u.s. u.k. and france have made the right decision and looking at the online conversation in arabic one hashtags stood out on saturday america strikes this tweet from mohammed the leashes one of the most popular posts using the hash tag and he says the west message to kill as you wish when you wish and where you wish and how you wish but without chemical weapons and while these pictures of planes and missiles are for many in the west the signature images of this military strike syrian media spent much of saturday's showing pictures like these of syrian missile defense systems appearing to intercept some of the air strikes in syria and russia both say many of the missiles were stopped but the pentagon says this is completely false and that syrian forces fired missiles after the u.s.
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coalition strikes were complete so all of this is part of the information war in overdrive since the apparent chemical attack one week ago president assad is very much involved here tweeting out a video of him showing up to work after the u.s. coalition strikes in what appears to be just a normal day of work while syrian state media also showed footage of people across the country celebrating what they consider to be the government's triumph over western aggression but some citizen journalists say that these pictures are fake fake news the video the president for example shows a shadow directly below a tree indicating it was taken mid day and not after the strikes as the post claims there's criticism of the u.s. u.k. and france as well thousands of british twitter users have used a hash tag not in my name theresa may and over in france the minister for armed forces florence parly tweeted out this video showing the control room for one of the missile launches. but as you can see all of the top reactions to her tweet have been people skeptical asking for evidence that syria actually used the chemical
2:36 am
weapon on its people and while no civilians were killed in the strikes development economist mohamed told us this military action did little to help syrian civilians unfortunately this is cheap political posturing on the part of the countries that are conducting the strikes if they actually cared about civilians they would support refugee programs that would let in more refugees on their territory the u.s. has taken eleven refugees this year from syria the u.k. and france have a terrible track record with that as well so of course it's unfortunate that this is just political messaging and it comes at the expense of of syrian civilians and so the information war continues to be fought on traditional and social media now the pentagon is reporting that there's been a two thousand percent increase in russian trolls within the last twenty four hours we've been speaking to kid job is a senior consulting fellow at the russian eurasia program chatham house and he says russia puts an abundance of resources towards the information more online. we have
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to bear in mind that russia devotes enormous resources to trying to create the impression on social media that western policies are being criticised and that its own conspiracy theories are gaining support so the unfortunate fact is when you hear about the british tweets not in mine injuries and may or the french skepticism over the legal justification for launches you have to bear in mind that without close inspection you can't tell that these are british or french citizens and not in fact these russian trolls that have stepped up their activity and if you watched the press conference from the american syrian military this mattison done that immediately after the end of the missile strikes you will have seen they concluded with a warning that that this information campaign was about to be stepped up and indeed that is exactly what we have seen from russia over the last twenty four hours period russia has always seen information warfare as a really important means of achieving its geo political goals and achieving strategic objectives but what has really changed since crimea is that russia has
2:38 am
realized that information confrontation can in fact replace the aggression to do so crimea is held up as the gold standard of how if you get the information aspect right you can achieve the seizure of somebody else's territory really without a shot being fired and so since then they have concentrated even further on exploiting the potential of social media of exploiting mass consciousness mass public opinion and seeing where they can use this to leverage actual policy making by the adversaries in order to erode their options for resisting russia whether therion government now says it's retaken east and go to the announcement follows the departure of the last rebel fighters from duma the russian defense ministry says twenty one thousand people including rebels and their families have been evacuated government forces launched an offensive anything ghetto in february that by russia. more than seven hundred fifty thousand syrians have sold refuge in neighboring jordan which has put
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a huge strain on the country's results isn't the economy but a new joint initiative is aiming to reduce the impact by training refugees to join the local workforce natascha good name reports from some. more strict mohammed of the life he built in syria his job as a factory supervisor has allowed him to create a new one in jordan and restore his dignity. in the beginning i could not provide the basic necessities of life for myself and my wife thank god now i'm having a decent life jamal is one of thirty syrians recruited from refugee camps working at. the diaper manufacturer has been hiring syrians for five years and they now make up fifteen percent of its workforce when we started this process and it was very obvious that the motives if it positively to the
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all in all environment what's happening at sanibel and other factories in jordan could mark a new approach to how the international community this is refugees three quarters of a million syrian refugees are registered in jordan which has put a strain on the country it's struggling with high unemployment and cost of living the hope is by providing work for refugees they will contribute to not drain the economy this will make let's say a wing to win situation. because some of. some of the employers would come from outside of florida and start having their new projects the government has made it easier and cheaper for syrian refugees to get work permits and streamline the process for companies looking to export to the european market the un refugee agency u.n.h.c.r.
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has established eleven recruiting centers now more than ninety five thousand syrian refugees mostly men are working in factories farms construction sites and stores. abdulhadi says by working his way up to factory manager he's now in a position to provide opportunity. is really good for me i'm happy because i hated my reward at el san about having syrian refugees as part of the workforce has had another effect the owner says it's brought a unity and an understanding that everyone whether a syrian refugee or a jordanian is first and foremost a human being natasha game sahad jordan tens of thousands of protests as of march in the hungarian capital budapest against what they say was an unfair election win by the prime minister viktor orban. another
2:42 am
landslide victory last sunday for a third successive term after a campaign dominated by a strong anti immigrant message that has faces a calling for a recount of the ballots a free media a new election laws political parties in iraq has started campaigning for palm entry elections next month almost seven thousand catheters a competing for three hundred twenty nine seats that they face tough challenges following the story of war against eisel as mohammed a day now reports. since they're out the military announced the defeat of iceland december two thousand and seventeen many it out there have been displaced people of return to their homes in most parts of the country life is slowly returning to something approaching the mullet. but the struggle to unite a country for generations divided along sectarian lines is far from over could the elections on may twelfth help some say mortal toll but when i took
2:43 am
a good while i thought i have to do it those campaigning won't change anything they have the same faces they just change their posters and banners and much nepotism is involved these accounted field of candidates with five major lists to sunni to kurdish and some smaller parties and independents current prime minister the end he's produced as a new deal maliki had separate lists within the ruling. the leader of the but that organization is allied with the iranian backed shia militias known as the popular mobilization forces the powerful shiite cleric and the doll said that with a strong support base among book that's has aligned with communists prime minister la but he's popular with many of the country's sunni minority who thank him for risking them from life from deisel but sectarian fee is still run deep in iraq and really just loyalties have traditionally been heavily exploited by parties during elections and some view his government as corrupt so i want the one that does not
2:44 am
matter if we vote will not as long as this corrupt government is ruling from the green zone to blend snatched from the iraqi people and it's brought full owners. in the same able tunnel must mufon kurdish region political loyalties are changing after the cut is regional governments failed referendum before independence last year new parties are seeking to challenge the traditional ruling ones the p u k and k d p and of course regional players will be watching events closely some politicians are warning neighbors iran and turkey not to meddle in the pool and exploit mistrust between shia and sunni voters mohammed out of al-jazeera. the palestinian islamic jihad say. four of its fighters have been killed in the gaza strip on saturday the group says weapons were accidentally detonated which cools the incident but medics at the scene in rafa said the explosion was caused by
2:45 am
israel though israel's military is denying involvement it's just the latest violent incident in gaza where more than thirty palestinians have been killed during on going protests along the border with israel. people in china are being encouraged to boycott american products and services in response to u.s. threats to impose more tyrus on chinese goods imports of american beef which depend heavily on middle class consumers could be hard hit china correspondent adrian brown reports now from shanghai. it's freezing inside this storage room it has to be the boxes contain prime u.s. beef fresh from the nebraska prairies a seventeen ton shipment recently arrived at the shanghai meat importer that was before the escalation in trade tensions between china and the united states and the threat of new tariffs on u.s. beef the firm's boss initially feared the worst being left with
2:46 am
a lot of expensive meat on which he'd make little or no profit. when we heard there might be a twenty five percent tariff we thought oh no he can't do business anymore. his concerns have subsided but he still faces another problem uncertainty so he was at one meeting when we can only make plans when trade relations between china and the united states are stable that's why we're not totally sure how often and how much we should buy so far we've bought seventeen tons and sold two tons and if it really does come to a trade war it's going to be several more weeks before the new tariff on beef is applied and more young says he feels uneasy he will continue to import u.s. beef because he says they'll always be demand for what he regards as a quality product he just won't import so much of it instead he'll buy more from australia new zealand and canada young says that after president xi jinping speech
2:47 am
on tuesday he's less worried about a trade war happening now she promised to deepen economic reform and to improve the business environment for foreign investors. the appetite for beef in china is being driven by the country's growing middle class consumption has risen more than ten percent in the past five years so when china lifted a thirteen year ban on u.s. imports a year ago it was welcome news here for many chinese consumers though u.s. beef remains an on of fordable luxury to pull up the american beef really doesn't have that much to do its chinese people how many chinese people eat american beef not even ten percent you know you see the point if the imported american beef suddenly becomes much more expensive i probably will go for something else after all we also have good beef in china and from other countries the american people is not irreplaceable not words the u.s. beef industry wants to hear amid declining beef consumption at home it's relying on
2:48 am
global demand a demand that is increasingly being led by china adrian brown al-jazeera shanghai the islanders san louis in senegal was listed in the year two thousand as a unesco world heritage site but it has since fallen into disrepair and without urgent intervention more than three hundred years of colonial history could be lost as rising sea levels gradually ease up the city now hundreds of climate migrants are on the move cripple. when the tide is out what is left of his home resurfaces. this is where the kitchen was he tells his side. he shows him his grandparents bedroom. and the living area where they would all watch t.v. together. the ocean swallowed the two storey house i do shared with his ten relatives. it's
2:49 am
a series of bad storms that destroyed the homes on the coast over the years the ocean keeps pushing forward they live on the brink in an archipelago barely one meter above sea level san louis was once frances colonial capital in africa now tens of thousands of its residents have been displaced due to natural processes and human intervention. on a visit in february the president of france promised millions of dollars to save this unesco world heritage site and its inhabitants saying climate change was to blame for the destruction that forced france were urgently invest in the coastal marine life to help and protect its preservation macky sall has begun a membership program in the north to put up stone along the coastline in two thousand and three senegalese engineers dug a small canal in one of the islands facing the ocean thinking it would help evacuate flooded waters from the city center instead it made it worse the five meters wide canal is now five kilometers long the city council is building an
2:50 am
embankment made out of stone and metal people here say it will be no match to the force of the ocean that has already destroyed concrete homes their fear is that the rate at which the ocean is rising here it's just a matter of decades before they ever heard of this ancient city vanish under the water. displaced families are really catered to these makeshift tents on the edge of this a hell here the rising temperatures and lack of water make it impossible to grow any food and so some have left the camp. not war or poverty but the changing climate they travel through the sahara desert and across the mediterranean to europe. adding to the hundreds of millions of climate refugees now on the move in search for a safe place to live. they close hauke al jazeera senegal. still
2:51 am
to come here in the. face a fear this inside the winner of one of the world's most famous falls races that's in all the sports coming up but peace or. water an essential resource for all humankind across europe pressure to recognize water as a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very glad to water privatization on anybody if they really feel. those people who see ever to do something to invest a profit of they want are up to the last drop on al-jazeera. with bureaus spanning six continents across the globe.
2:52 am
to. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell. about. al-jazeera fluent in world news. ok service will seize that has peta thank you very much after being knocked out of the champions league and to use their. barcelona have bounced right back to make a record thirty nine games without a defeat in the spanish topflight a two one win over valencia on saturday now sees them fourteen points clear at the
2:53 am
top of league standings luis suarez gave boss or the lead at the no camp the school was doubled when sammy. netted even. pulled one back it was not enough to stop boss alone would be honest i said. well i didn't want to think this week much about records the important thing is that we continue winning with those players it's normal to get records they've got a lot of them in the past now in the future the court will have more business and it also means real madrid can go third with a win on sunday against bottom of the league malaga dans men are fresh from a champions league quarter final second leg defeating inventors but they went through on aggregate anyway pereo will be looking to bring back that winning feeling be in though. if you watch malaga game see my chalky to see the position they are in in the league but with that being said we know that we go there to win the match it is going to be difficult because they are going to give
2:54 am
it their all and that is normal but we have to be ready to claim the points and we are currently doing quite well in the league manchester city recovered from their champions league exit to liverpool beating taught them three one on saturday to edge closer to the english premier league title gabriele just gun the one and run him stirling struck for city who had lost three in a row in all competitions they now need just three more points to win the league crown but could be champions if local rivals manchester united lose on sunday. it continued to be a good week for liverpool they beat bournemouth three no muhammad so last scoring his fortieth goal of the season with a burst of amenia and study your money also on the scoresheet when takes your going club side just one point behind second placed manchester united in the standings fewer dangerous situations. become to clinch event and i was in a little bit of luck you know you need always. all good good really good games very
2:55 am
important result ok let's take a look at those standings now confirmation here of manchester city's sixteen point lead at the top of the table and if united lose to bottom of the table west brom on sunday city will win the league title little ball are now three clear of tottenham in third although they do have a game in hand just the top four will qualify for next season's champions league and chelsea kept their slim hopes of doing that alive on saturday coming from two goals down to beat southampton we showed the great god we showed a great reaction we should show with a great decided to. do we negate we showed. the right fire in our eyes think and. we will be pleased for the second down for. let's up the tempos sebastian vettel is on track for
2:56 am
a third straight victory of the new formula one season of the clinching pole position for sunday's chinese grand prix the ferrari driver was over half a second quicker than defending world champion lewis hamilton in qualifying shanghai on saturday hamilton who has won five times in china will start from fourth on the grid behind he's in the sales team a developed carry bought us and the other ferrari driver to me reichen it all leads hamilton by seventeen points in the driver standings while ferrari have a ten point lead over mitt sadie's in the constructors' championship because it was really amazing it just kept getting better so really happy i i know that the first love i had some is thanks i lost the rio i think so to the extent of the last bit and then six again so yeah i was a bit beaten now but then i knew that if i get a tidy lap and i have a little bit of margin i can push it was really good with the electric car racing
2:57 am
series formula he hit the streets of rome for the first time on saturday sweden's felix rosenquist started on pole position and lead on the left twenty three when he's car broke down and he had to retire the s. virgin driver sam byrd took full advantage of britain taking the checkered flag ahead of defending world champion lucas at the grassy after seven rounds byrd is now second in the driver's standings behind john erik of. staying with the motorsport three time super bike world champion jonathan ray has extended he's lead at the top of the ryder standings the car sucky rider winning in madrid on saturday he took the line one point four seconds ahead of fellow briton chairs davies with spain's chubby florists finishing third its rays second race victory of the season . finally one of the world's most famous hole strace is the grand national took place on saturday it was one of the closest contests in years thirty eight horses started the one hundred seventy first edition of the race which takes place an
2:58 am
intriguing little pool with just a short distance to go tiger road move clear of the field but look at this pleasant company made a late surge for the line the photo finish would decide the winner in the end and it was tiger woods and a victory. and that's all the sport for me will have another update for you again later on thank you very much indeed peyton now tributes are being paid to the oscar winning director milosz foreman has died at the age of eighty six the czech born filmmaker was part of the nineteen sixty's new wave of directors that criticised the communist regime in czechoslovakia in one hundred seventy five of his first directing oscar for one flew over the cuckoo's nest and that so from the algerian news stay with us.
2:59 am
foreigners. fifty three member states. one night comic figurehead as leaders of the commonwealth descend on london bridge by anyone meeting asks how much does the commonwealth matter in today's world and where does it go after queen elizabeth
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full of the commonwealth heads of government meeting on al-jazeera. on counting the cost how to get ahead in digital advertising why the new mad men dislike regulation but like harvesting everything they can about you french president's big test why oil the ruble and i mean you were in focus this week counting the cost on the edges it up. being located outside that western centric seafarer of influence we're able to bring a different perspective to global that. when you peel away all of the political and military in the financial darkening you see the people in those words and those policies are affecting see the emotion on their faces the situation they're living in that's when our viewers can identify with the story.


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