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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 16, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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it starts with do you have a boyfriend in your very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened i think about how to react what do i do if this gets was no money on the uses a new service it's called learning droid it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty fourth's of above the tree drive is. everything you do is being analyzed it's being late and you measure the support intelligence agencies are. to do things in secret that are unlawful or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. leaker could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera.
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we sent a strong message and our hope is that they listen to what the u.s. plans against russia over the suspected chemical attack in syria. or about us and this is all just here a live from doha also coming up donald trump launches another scathing attack on james komi at a television interview with the sacked f.b.i. director. hundreds of thousands of people in boston on a protest against the jailing of nine cassel and separatist leaders. montenegro's president wins another to after a first round election victory a year after taking his country into nato.
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the u.s. has announced new sanctions against russia for its support of syria's government washington's envoy at the u.n. the key haley says they'll target companies involved in syria's alleged chemical weapons program this follows saturday morning's airstrikes in syrian military installations that allegedly stored chemical weapons so you will think that russian sanctions will be coming down secretary mineta will be announcing those on monday if he hasn't already and they will go directly to any sort of companies that were dealing with equipment related to assad and chemical weapons use and so i think everyone is going to feel that at this point i think everyone knows that we send a strong message and our hope is that they listen to it. they are complicit i said so to vladimir putin if they didn't use chlorine themselves but they have methodically built up the international communities in capacity to prevent the use of chemical weapons through diplomatic means through the obviously earlier to
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respect the united nations resolution they were put in the international community in a position where it could no longer be able to enforce the international humanitarian law in syria there's a macro also says he's convinced president trump to keep a long term u.s. presence in syria but the white house said in the past hour that donald trump still wants u.s. military forces to return home as soon as possible from paris natascha about the has more in what michael's been saying. well this was the first time that we heard from him at all marco since france took part in those airstrikes and what he used this interview for was really to clarify why he decided to take part alongside the u.s. and the u.k. now what he said was that there was concrete intelligence from the french the u.s. and and the u.k. that the syrian regime was behind a chemical attack in de mar he said that was a violation of international law and rights and france simply had to act
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a red line had been crossed it was also interesting because later in the interview he also suggested that he had played a role in convincing donald trump not to pull u.s. troops out of syria. ten days ago president general drum was saying that the united states had a duty to leave syria we convinced him it was less of syria to stay even. keep it in the city while mark also had some very strong words for russia saying that moscow was complicit with the syrian regime's use of chemical weapons on the morrow my court is hoping that these as strikes have created the sort of momentum needed now for real diplomatic caution that is why the french foreign minister has said that france is preparing a draft resolution to present to the un security council and on that resolution we understand will be a demand for a cease fire and more access for humanitarian aid the inspectors from the
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international chemical weapons watchdog are in syria to investigate that suspected chemical strike near the capital damascus earlier this month more than forty people died in duma in eastern in that attack syrian government forces say they've now retaken the area as the last rebel fighters leave in a hold of reports. it's being described as the biggest victory for syrian president bashar al assad since the start of the conflict eastern huta has returned to state control after almost six years for weeks the enclave on the doorsteps of the capital damascus came under heavy fire hundreds of civilians were killed the pro-government alliance was also accused of using chemical weapons in the main town of duma before the last rebel group surrendered the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons is sending a team to the site to investigate those claims the u.s. and its allies didn't wait for the organizations findings they said they had their
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own evidence and launched air strikes targeting syria's chemical weapons facilities . the strikes were not about threatening bashar assad hold on power but since the bombings the message from the government has been one of defiance its army says it is preparing for more offensives the priority seems to be clearing the remaining territories outside government control near the capital. in southern damascus a number of districts are under government siege centered on yarmuk some neighborhoods there are controlled by eisel others by opposition fighters the rebels also control areas of countryside in the central province of homs territory in the western region close to the damascus homes highway parts of the southern province of daraa the northwestern province of idlib desert territory close to the iraqi jordan border elsewhere under the control of u.s. backed syrian democratic force rebels is the kurdish area while the region west of
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the euphrates river is under the control of turkey back to rebels the government's priority now is to clear areas around damascus or what it calls useful syria because the location is strategically so important russian and syrian military officers have been reaching out to some rebel factions who are already under siege giving them the choice to accept state rule or surrender if they don't want to face an offensive. in it live however there has been no offer of reconciliation there are warnings of a humanitarian disaster if there is an offensive there it's the most densely populated rebel held area some two million syrians live there almost half displaced from towns we captured by the government iran a backer of the syrian government says it could be the next target but. which is the border with jordan the government has been trying to penetrate rebel defenses
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for some time now. the u.s. led strikes have not changed anything and threats of further actions by western powers are confined to the use of chemical weapons the syrian government still has the upper hand and it's pushing ahead with its military solution to the conflict. beirut the syrian government now controls most of the country of the rebel surrender of duma leaves the government in control of almost all the territory near the capital except a pocket of three neighborhoods in the southern damascus around a palestinian refugee camp in the morgue the syrian army and his russian allies are also eyeing areas in western column own but attention is expected to focus on the north where rebels control a big chunk of territory in the province syria also featured highly on the agenda the arab league summit in saudi arabia the twenty two member bodies divided over the issue of those airstrikes saudi arabia bahrain and qatar have previously issued
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statements in support of the action egypt iraq and lebanon have expressed concern the saudi monarch used his role as host to push for a unified stance against iran which he blamed for instability and meddling in the region to iran is a key backer of syrian president bashar al assad and. the u.s. president's on least another totems of abuse against james komi in the cds of tweets donald trump suggested the former f.b.i. director should be jailed and challenges accusations he makes in a new book he says quote i never asked coleman for personal loyalty i hardly even knew this guy just another of his many lies his memos in quotes self-serving and fake trump then calls call me slippery to whack the worst f.b.i. director in history by far called me hit back saying on twitter that his book is about ethical leadership and three presidents he worked under to he says help
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illustrate the values at the heart of ethical leadership referring to barack obama and bill clinton trump he says so as a counterpoint to that and that from the soon to be published book called me describes trump as unethical a liar and as compared his leadership style to a mob boss fired komi nearly a year ago the white house ice can sconce templi attacked coleman's credibility for his handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation i mean give me a break the guy knew exactly what he was doing he thought hillary clinton would win and he thought that this would give him some cover he thought that he made these decisions based on the political landscape and not on the facts of the case and when the person that is supposed to lead the highest law enforcement agency in our country starts making decisions based on political environments and stead of on what is right and what is wrong that's a really dangerous position and i think that's one of the reasons there is such
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a huge bipartisan consensus that james comey doesn't have credibility and shouldn't have been leading the f.b.i. any longer than fisher has more from washington. donald trump is reacting the way we expect donald trump to react to something he's always done in public life when he feels under pressure or under attack then he simply hits back he believes that you hit back twice as hard and saw his criticism of james komi isn't surprising the fact that he is upset is perhaps indicated by the fact that he's given james called me and that name he started to call them a slippery james komi his allegations of illegal wrongdoing by james comey perhaps don't hold up to illegal test but certainly he's trying to muddy the waters about james coleman's credibility one thing to remember is that when james cormier was fired by donald trump the memo that was issued said it was because of his handling
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of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation but just a few days later during a network t.v. interview in the united states he said that james comey was fired because of the russia investigation will we expect more things to be revealed during his network television interview it's unlikely a number of news organizations have managed to obtain copies of james called me his book they tend to harvest the best lines the two big takeaways is that the former director of the f.b.i. likened the president of the united states to a mob boss with his demand for as james called me says personal loyalty and also the fact that he reopened the hillary clinton e-mail investigation just a few days before the election because he looked at the pores saw she was far ahead and wanted to make sure that she would be considered a legitimate president that revelation is enough to allow republicans to continue to attack james call me to suggest that he took decisions on legal issues because
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of political considerations and they will continue over the next few days to attack teams call me and use credibility. still ahead on al-jazeera we've got the reaction from the united arab emirates after one of its planes is seized in somalia and the dismantling of four was meant to be a huge hospital has become part of argentina's slum problem. binny's pink sky by the time my heart. or is the sun sets in the city of angels. welcome back for many parts of eastern china and taiwan weather conditions are not looking too bad temperature just in the low twenty's elsewhere we've got rain across northern parts of vietnam affecting her noise you see this area of wind
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convergence zone we're getting which is life which do some pretty heavy rain is ahead on through into tuesday across of more central areas so there could be some flooding developing from this system because it's going to be quite slow moving out stage pretty woman for hong kong at twenty eight fuzhou there twenty five degrees so moving down into southeastern parts of asia we've got to rather see find additions across the philippines thirty three degrees and sunshine from manila across down into borneo kitching will see some heavy downpours but further south to java bali is all very looking quite fine there are temperatures into the low thirty's and then moving up through the may please we've got the risk of a few showers to singapore but kuala lumpur northwards towards the thailand generally not looking too bad fair amount of cloud around at times but for the most part it should stay dry that we are going to see some showers developing around the gulf of thailand bangkok probably saying drive much today maybe one or two showers likely later on meanwhile across cambodia slightly some shower activity but for the main city we like to see temperatures here of thirty four degrees celsius. the
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weather sponsored by cateye piece. he ruled for nearly half a century. a condo. herschel political figure in the cold in the middle east and one who was never far from crisis at home or abroad. in a two part series. tells the story of canvassing old john to. episode one so violent on the scene. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s.
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has announced new sanctions against russia for its supports to the syrian government washington's envoy the u.n. nikki haley said the target companies involved in syria's alleged chemical weapons program as follows saturday morning's airstrikes and said a syrian military installations that allegedly stored chemical weapons. syria's deputy foreign minister has met chemical weapons inspectors in damascus o.p.c. w is carrying out a fact finding mission to establish if toxic gas was used in duma this month but it won't attribute blame in its final report. as president donald trump's called former f.b.i. director james comey us slimeball and suggested he should be jailed just days before called his memoir is to be released and it he calls trump a mob boss. hundreds of thousands of independence protesters have marched in boston known are calling for the release of nine jailed cattle on the separatist leaders
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spanish authorities want to try the political leaders and charges of rebellion the march comes just days after the supreme court blocked yet another counted it from becoming the region's leader so you're going to go is in barcelona. really six months since catalonia has been governed on the direct route from madrid and there was little in the way of a political resolution to the crisis was yet by no side is prepared to climb down from that position the spanish government maintains its line the illegal referendum last october was an act of rebellion and it's taking all measures it says unnecessary to contain it measures that protesters here say have gone too far you can be against the ban guns are you can be trying to ban guns but . it's impossible to think that that's a normal thing and i don't project boundaries our political prisoners and our politicians cannot do their job because they're not allowed to do. so we are taking
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charge of the situation i think is the thinking behind the decision to jail catalan leaders would be that it would quell some of the fervor that it could have been more of a mistaken one because that has only served to really galvanize people here pro independent is but also beyond that as well to say that their fundamental democratic rights are being threatened meanwhile be arrested castle and politicians await trial on charges of rebellion a crime that carries a maximum sentence of thirty years in prison according to the lawyer representing the leaders is little hope that spain's justice system would deliver a just verdict but the conduct at the moment to the spanish authorities fulls beneath the standards of before democracy you do not lock people up for the peaceful expression of their view. of the castle and parliament has called for legal charges to be brought again. despite its supreme court judge for refusing to release one of the leaders jordy sanchez he was nominated to become the next cattle
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i'm president now catalan politicians have only until the end of may to nominate another leader before new regional elections a cold if it comes to that may shift the crisis but not necessarily in favor of those who put so much faith in the session this week went. on in a grocery and party has declared leader middle jochen overtures the winner of sunday's presidential election within a ninety percent of ballots counted he's fifty three percent of the vote which is enough to avoid a runoff his main opponent. has won thirty three percent that's a big victory for the fifty six year old to convict who defied russia when montenegro joined nato last year al-jazeera balkans reported a miniature modern overture port's from montenegro. which if to four percent. of its long lasting montenegrin leader became new president of this country it will be his second mandate as president and in his almost thirty years long political
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career he was also six time prime minister in his victory speech he said that montenegro will stay in the box and be next member state of the e.u. in next five years he said that his priority will be economic growth and better living standards for montenegro and citizens his main opponent. thirty three percent of votes he was the candidate of several opposition parties including pro russian once he didn't want to congratulate djukanovic and admits defeat and said he will continue to fight against your kind of each whom he sees as a man who has quote captured state in recent times montenegro ahead complicated relations with its old his story. ally russia because last year a country joint nato alliance and state authorities montenegrin state authorities
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accused moscow for being involved in attempt of cool in montenegro in order to prevent that allegations that night big story of each in that sense will definitely mean distance in relationship of these two countries fighters have killed a u.n. peacekeeper after attacking a base in mali they also injured ten french soldiers in the northern city of timbuktu the fighters wearing blue helmets sent to the camp and detonated two suicide car bombs and fired dozens of rockets there's been no claim of responsibility the united arab emirates is ending its military training program in somalia it follows the seizure of a u.a.e. registered aircraft of mogadishu airport by somali security forces after those on board refused to allow their bags to be searched last week ten million dollars in cash was confiscated from a jet belonging to the amorality while family more from
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a holiday out of. ten. to somalia just security stuff stopped these united arab emirates from living in the country of the military instructors on board refused to have their luggage. airport officials insisted all heavy bags be checked resulting in a tunnel it was both clear what their baggage contained. in a lot of my bills this is a clear indications that relations between the two countries are going from bad to worse politically speaking the situation is headed for. the somali government has filed complaints against the u.a.e. regionally and internationally. last week the somali government seized almost ten million dollars in sealed bags from the u.a.e. royal jets at mogadishu international airport. the government was was making record confiscating cash reserves and or the u.s.
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embassy in little dish your average quarterly payments of troops. has been trading and sustaining. relations between mogadishu and up with that we have been frosty since june last year when we're going to should resist that pressure from the u.a.e. as so did it to cut ties with qatar and join the blockade the impost on qatar the disagreement between somalia and the u.a.e. centers around two deals abu dhabi is building a must have military base in the strategic paul tunnel but a better in some of them which wants to breakaway for the u.a.e. better but it is conveniently close to yemen where it's part of the saudi led coalition fighting iranian backed with it rebels the divide based company d.p. world is also taking over the port in but better some balance relatively small pool to exports livestock to the middle east and imports food and other items all that set to change as d.p.
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world says it's prepared to spend up to four hundred forty two million dollars to develop the port for somaliland the dubai ports deal is not only a financial windfall but also a vote of confidence that is a major problem for somalia which view somaliland as its sovereign territory one hundred zero zero. but everyone protests in several indian cities over the rape of two young girls in one case a politician has been arrested and charged with raping a teenager and in the other eight men have been jailed for the gang rape torture and murder of an eighty year old indian administered kashmir. but as one president nicolas maduro has launched a scathing attack on this year's summit of the americas calling it ideologically intolerant liberal was barred from attending the meeting of regional leaders ahead of a presidential election the many consider a sham venezuela is in the grip of an economic crisis but. this summit didn't
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have conclusions it didn't have proposals it didn't have decisions. i think at the summit of lamers the start of what could be the end of a summit of the americas due to the ideological and political intolerance. and urban development and project in argentina's capital want to say this is angering some of those it's going to displace him as part of a government plan to integrate hundreds of thousands of people living in slums into the rest of the city the hope is they'll get access to the basic services they've never had before reports. it's known as the white elephant an abandoned building in when a site is that for decades was home to hundreds of people that had nowhere else to live. but these days heavy equipment is working nonstop to bring it down. and. we started to think in twenty eleven when the national government gave the
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city the building what we should do with it there were too many things happening here we decided to demolish it and start from scratch to transform the area. it was meant to be the largest hospital in that no merica during the government. but when he was overthrown in one nine hundred fifty five the project was abandoned and since then it has been a symbol of neglect. hoping to build a park school and are currently building the new ministry of social development here the idea of this project increase the presence of the state in an area that has historically abandoned around ninety families used to live in this building in this conditions with no water electricity or access to basic services there were also one hundred forty families who lived outside the city has been offering all those occupying the area cash incentives to buy a house somewhere else. because of the fees it was difficult to ask people to leave
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people didn't trust in our goodwill to help them leave this place slowly we started showing them that we want to help them improve their lives some families want to other places some of them are better off but there are ten families who do not want to leave and works as a driver here says he's not ready to move. when you don't want to go because this is where we work from people know they can find us here i don't trust the government's intentions they leave and they don't finish what they started over seven hundred thousand people live in slums in suburban when a site is the current administration says it's working to improve the living conditions of everyone in the city but you know. what happens in the city happens all over the country across latin america and in areas like education and health facilities. the president is working on a plan to improve slums around the country build roads and generate.
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this is part of the biggest urban development project one a site is has seen in decades but it is reducing poverty in the country what will guarantee that those who left the white elephant won't end up living in another slum once again. in the coming decades access to clean water is seen as one of the biggest problems facing humanity the u.n. estimates a quarter of the world's population will face issues of water scarcity within the next thirty years the scientists in britain say they have a water filtration solution that could help millions long sleep has more from manchester. it may only be one atom think and invisible to the eye but the graphene layer wraps inside these two can help provide clean water to the planet. the mesh around its tiny holes acts as a filter bacteria and other nasty bits in the dirty water are trapped in the
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graphene layer and drinking water comes through the other side i don't get blocked by the christian and just pure water can come yet so effectively to see more or less turn graphene in swiss shield like this and run salt water through it the salts molecule stick and h two o. passes through graphene can desalinate sea water as well we recently sold it stephanie possible to remove io. which was a very important step but now we need to reproduce those results on a very large scale this is probably going to take at least five years i think. in many ways it appears to be the breakthrough the world's been waiting for cities like cape town face potentially catastrophic water shortages deserted vacations through climate change water borne diseases the problems are so well known yet solutions remain elusive that's partly because desalination and other filtration process is a currently slow and expensive once the graphene solution is scaled up to industrial
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levels it may hold the prospects of revolutionizing the availability of clean water they're going to gee this one for example have a big role to play they can reduce the cost of. distribution what the treatments are lots. and it can really help the companies governments much of a them to provide water for cheaper to the citizens it won't be enough but it can play a big role. as ever though much of the potential success of graphene will be wrapped up in politics people living in gaza for example rely on desalinated water and lay their hopes on israel and the united nations for solutions technological advances and political will on the same thing they've already had queries from people in cities like cape town. around wondering how quickly they can get hold of their own personal water filtration system so there's no doubting the urgency of the need but it is as good an example as you can find of the way in which technology is now on the point of being able to overcome some of the planet's most difficult public
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health problems florence we al-jazeera in manchester was. this is al jazeera these are the top stories the u.s. has announced it's planning new sanctions against russia for its support of syria's government washington's envoy the un nikki haley says the target companies involved in syria's suspected chemical weapons program this follows saturday's airstrikes and syrian military installations that allegedly stored chemical weapons so you will see that russian sanctions will be coming down secretary mineta will be announcing those on monday if he hasn't already and they will go directly to any sort of companies that were dealing with equipment related to assad and chemical weapons use and so i think everyone is going to feel that at this point i think everyone knows that we send a strong message and our hope is that they listen to it meanwhile syria's deputy
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foreign minister has made chemical weapons inspectors in the capital damascus the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons is on a fact finding mission to see of toxic gas was used in duma earlier this month it won't attribute blame in its final report the u.s. president's called former f.b.i. director james comey a slimeball and suggests he should be jailed on trump has been reacting to excerpts released from called news book in it he likens trump to a mob boss. hundreds of thousands of pro independence protesters have marched in barcelona calling for the release of nine jailed catalan separatist leaders spanish authorities want to try the political leaders and charges of rebellion the march comes just days after the supreme court blocked yet another candidate from becoming the region's leader montenegro's ruling party has declared leader manone djukanovic the winner of sunday's presidential election nearly ninety percent of
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ballots counted he has more than fifty three percent of the vote enough to avoid a runoff it's a big victory for fifty six year old to kind of it who defied russia when montenegro joined nato last year that have been protests in several indian cities over the rape of two young girls in one case a politician's been arrested and charged with raping a teenager in the other eight men have been jailed for the gang rape torture and murder of an eighty year old in indian administered kashmir coming up next on al jazeera it's inside story by phone. arabs solve their problems their leaders meet for yet another son.


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