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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 16, 2018 5:00am-6:01am +03

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management trash is a big business than unfortunately the smelly business to the complexities of recycling when these different plastics are blended together then the recycling becomes difficult to impossible and the signs that office solutions it's very easy for us to have a hundred percent recycled material techno on al-jazeera. bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. al-jazeera has correspondents live in bringing the stories they tell me i could have this was done and nothing but good news now but nothing on a lesser scale. we're at the borders of the raj camp for palestinian refugees al-jazeera fluent in world news.
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this is al jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. we send a strong message and our hope is that they listen to the u.s. plans new sanctions against russia over the suspected chemical attack in syria. donald trump blasts james cole many hours before the sacked f.b.i. directors interview to promote his memoir critical of the u.s. president. under the thousands of people take to the streets of basra alone as a protest against the jailing of nine cattle and separatist leaders. and all charged up plots sparking drivers in jordan to turn away from fuel burning cars.
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the u.s. is preparing you saying sins against russia over support for the syrian government u.n. envoy hate nikki haley says u.s. forces will not leave syria until its goals are accomplished haley also promised to increase pressure on allies of the assad government so you will think that russian sanctions will be coming down secretary mineta will be announcing those on monday if he hasn't already and they will go directly to any sort of companies that were dealing with equipment related to assad and chemical weapons use and so i think everyone is going to feel that at this point i think everyone knows that we sent a strong message and our hope is that they listen to it. french president emanuel mark agrees that russia was partly to blame and he's taking credit for persuading the u.s. to maintain its forces in syria for the long term though in the last few hours the
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white house has said that trump still wants troops to return home as soon as possible i want to bring in our own fisher he's live for us now in washington d.c. so allan how's it being read there that emanuel is quite definitive about the u.s. troops staying in syria and yet within just a few hours the white house is saying yes those troops are going to be pulled out at some point there have been a number of calls between the elysee palace and the white house over the last week or so not least to discuss syria and how they react to the chemical attack of last week and that led to the airstrikes that we saw on friday but donald trump publicly has been very clear what his syrian policy is which is to get u.s. troops out of there as quickly as possible is said that at a campaign event in ohio more than two weeks ago he perhaps rode back on that
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slightly a week later at the white house when he said we will leave when our mission is completed and that will be the defeat of eisel and certainly with in talks with his military leaders he has set a target of somewhere around six months for that to be completed he doesn't want an open ended operation ongoing in syria it's something he ran on during the campaign if something is repeated many times in the white house but president mccraw you can consider himself to be one of the world leaders closest to donald trump seems there is no doubt about american commitment. you know pretty don't ten days ago president truman was saying the u.s. should withdraw from syria we convinced him that it was necessary to stay i think that on a diplomatic level beyond what happened abroad those three strikes which are one element for me the most important thing we convinced him that we needed to stay for the long want and i think alan the u.s.
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in the past has been fairly devoid of specifics when it comes to its policy towards syria but given the situation that interfaces with russia but also of course with france and the u.k. as well do you think there's a sense that it's actually being pushed into trying to be more specific are having to be more specific about what it plans to do whilst it's in syria for those six months that donald trump was talking about. or certainly a number of politicians and number of senators and members of the house have asked the administration what is your long term policy with syria that question was very prominent at the end of last week before the strikes were no it's ok we go when we make a strike what happens next and then after that the trump white house is focused. on the defeat of eisel the caliph it as donald trump continually affairs too has been. greatly reduced he believes almost defeated any final push or see all final
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victory as we know donald trump likes to talk in absolutes of absolute victory of binary terms of winning and losing and saw this me focus the airstrikes and what has happened over the last week me well focused the united states on developing a longer term policy we nor they have certainly rolled back from the position of assad has to be replaced too there has to be an international political settlement that may become clear over the next few days but certainly donald trump's position has been clear no matter the noises coming out of president mark craw although he may have left from his phone call from donald trump with a much different impression from what the president is saying in public alan thanks very much indeed for days after that suspected chemical attack which killed more than forty people in duma syrian government forces say they've now retaken the rebel pockets in eastern guta in a court of reports. it's being described as the biggest victory for syrian
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president bashar al assad since the start of the conflict eastern huta has returned to state control after almost six years for weeks the enclaves on the doorsteps of the capital damascus came under heavy fire hundreds of civilians were killed the pro-government alliance was also accused of using chemical weapons in the mean town of duma before the last rebel group surrendered. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons is sending a team to the site to investigate those claims the u.s. and its allies didn't wait for the organizations findings they said they had their own evidence and launched air strikes targeting syria's chemical weapons facilities . the strikes were not about threatening bashar assad's hold on power but since the bombings the message from the government has been one of defiance its army says it is preparing for more offensives the priority seems to be clearing the remaining territories outside government control near the capital. in southern damascus
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a number of districts are under a government siege centered on yarmuk some neighborhoods there are controlled by others by opposition fighters the rebels also control areas of countryside in the central province of homs territory in the western region close to the damascus homes highway parts of the southern province of daraa the northwestern province of idlib desert territory close to the iraqi jordan border elsewhere under the control of u.s. backed syrian democratic force rebels is the kurdish area while the region west of the euphrates river is under the control of turkey back to rebels the government's priority now is to clear areas around damascus or what it calls useful syria because the location is strategically so important russian and syrian military officers have been reaching out to some rebel factions who are already under siege
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giving them the choice to accept stay cool or surrender if they don't want to face an offensive. in it live however there has been no offer of reconciliation there are warnings of a humanitarian disaster if there is an offensive there it's the most densely populated rebel held area some two million syrians live there almost half displaced from towns we captured by the government iran a backer of the syrian government says it lived could be the next target but so kandahar which is the border with jordan the government has been trying to penetrate rebel defenses for some time now the u.s. led strikes have not changed anything and threats of further actions by western powers are confined to the use of chemical weapons the syrian government still has the upper hand and it's pushing ahead with its military solution to the conflict zone of. beirut where the syrian government now controls most of the country is in
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it said in a report to the rebel surrender of duma leaves the government in control of almost all the territory near the capital except a pocket of three neighborhoods in the southern damascus around a palestinian refugee camp in the morgue the syrian army and its russian allies are also areas in western column own but attention is expected to focus on the north that's where rebels control of a big chunk of territory in the province well less than twenty four hours after the air strikes in syria trump said that the mission of his forces had been accomplished but middle east analysts closer honey is skeptical about that claim. i think trump jumped the gun by saying that you want to pull the troops out and jump the gun again today by saying mission accomplished. two other presidents have done the same mission accomplished ronald reagan in one thousand nine hundred two when he pulled the marines prematurely out of lebanon. we know what happened then the
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subbranches the massacres he had declared mission accomplished and then george w. bush when vision iraq deflation two thousand and three begin said mission accomplished when he was aboard the u.s.s. . abraham lincoln and we know what happened then so i think with sweet premature to go the mission accomplished because what follows the bombing is we don't know what there is no clear cut policy foreign policy vis a vis syria on behalf of the states russia is playing the cards very close to its chest and. you know they are where they want to be and there's nothing really that the allies can do at this point sanctions yes it's going to hurt russia a little bit but the end of the day i think they're going to get away digitally with murder or syria's also featured high on the agenda the arab league summit in saudi arabia that thirty two member body is divided over the issue of those airstrikes saudi arabia bahrain and qatar have previously issued statements in
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support of the action while in egypt iraq and lebanon have expressed concern the saudi monarch used his role as host to push for a unified stance against iran which he blamed for instability and meddling in the region to han is a key backer of syrian president bashar al assad. plenty more ahead on the news hour including we'll have reaction from the united arab emirates after one of its planes is seize in somalia. government employees in gaza say they're paying the price for tension between rival palestinian factions and in sports a shock defeat for manchester united in english football's premier league and their . benefit. the u.s. president's on least another torrent of abuse against james komi in a series of tweets donald trump suggest the former f.b.i. director should be jailed and challenges accusations he makes in
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a new book he says quote i never asked coldly for personal loyalty i hardly even knew this guy just another of his many lies his quote memos are self-serving and fake. slippery outta whack and the worst f.b.i. director in history by far commies hit back saying on twitter that his book is about ethical leadership and three presidents he worked under to help illustrate the values at the heart of ethical leadership he says referring to barack obama and bill clinton trump he says serves as a counterpoint to that. while the next it's from the soon to be published book comi describes trump as an ethical ally and compared his leadership style to a mob boss trumps fired komi nearly a year ago the white house has constantly attacked commies credibility for his handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. i mean give me a break the guy knew exactly what he was doing he thought hillary clinton would win
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and he thought that this would give him some cover he thought that he made these decisions based on the political landscape and not on the facts of the case and when the person that is supposed to lead the highest law enforcement agency in our country starts making decisions based on political environments and stead of on what is right and what is wrong that's a really dangerous position and i think that's one of the reasons there is such a huge bipartisan consensus that james comey doesn't have credibility and shouldn't have been leading the f.b.i. any longer you know we're going to an update later in the program on not on that interview which is being broadcast in the u.s. what about. now hundreds of thousands of independence protesters have marched in barcelona are calling for the release of nine jailed cattle on separatist leaders spanish authorities want to try the political leaders on charges of rebellion but march comes just days after the supreme court blocked yet another count at it from becoming the region's leader so you're going to go is in barcelona. really six
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months since catalonia has been governed on the direct route from madrid and there was little in the way of a political resolution to the crisis was yet by no side is prepared to climb down from that position the spanish government maintains its line the illegal referendum last october was an act of rebellion and it's taking all measures it says on necessary to contain it measures that protesters here say have gone too far you can be against the bends are you can be trying to ban guns but. it's impossible to think that that's a normal thing and i don't project our country's our political prisoners and our politicians cannot do their job because they're not allowed to do that. so we are taking charge of the situation i think is the thinking behind the decision to jail catalan leaders would be that it would quell some of the fervor that could have been more of a mistaken one because that has only served to really galvanize people here pro
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independent is but also beyond that as well to say that their fundamental democratic rights are being threatened meanwhile be arrested castle and politicians await trial on charges of rebellion a crime that carries a maximum sentence of thirty years in prison according to the lawyer representing the leaders is little hope that spain's justice system would deliver a just verdict but the conduct of the moment to the spanish authorities it falls beneath the standards you call for democracy you do not lock people up for the peaceful expression of their view of. the castle and parliament has called for legal charges to be brought in. against a spanish supreme court judge for refusing to release one of the leaders jordy sanchez he was nominated to become the next catalan president now catalan politicians have only until the end of may to nominate another leader before new regional elections are called if it comes to that may shift the crisis but not
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necessarily in favor of those who put so much faith in the session its movement on it i have all al-jazeera barcelona. french politicians will debate a new immigration bill on monday the proposed law is aimed at reducing illegal arrivals and speeding up the process for asylum seekers critics say the new proposals will not provide any help to refugees during the application process and won't ease their integration into french society but the actual battle reports from pars. for a couple of nights each week this is home fizzy most are one published been hosting the seventeen year old refugee from ivory coast in his paris apartment for several months it's a warm place to sleep and a slice of family life for the teenager who's alone in the city. are doing for me is a big deal and it just people in france don't give anything to immigrants or people who are in need one of his family didn't know me and i didn't know them but he trusted me let me sleep in his home. on z.
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mooses long journey from ivory coast to europe he says he lost a close friend and saw many people die on the mediterranean sea crossing. one public found out about hosting refugees on social media and felt compelled to act. i don't do it to get something about it because i had to flee my home and end up in the streets in winter i hope that people would help it's a human shield in france whether it's the government or citizens where we just don't care enough about this french charity say there are thousands of refugees sleeping in the street the paris city council provides some shelters but there aren't enough places for french government wants to see an end to camps like this it's proposing a new immigration law which would aim to crack down on so-called economic migrants but speed up the process for asylum seekers but some experts say that's simply the wrong approach to keep purpose of the bill is to try to deter migrants and salem's the girls from going to france the bill doesn't do anything to. the living
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conditions better for those when you're already. last year one hundred thousand people applied for asylum in france one third were successful for those granted the right to stay integrating into society is an additional challenge today carlos are bellairs studies at one of france's top universities but seven years ago he fled colombia after four months in paris sleeping outside he was taken in by french family it changed his life. no hopers around europe has to realize that the way it has welcomed refugees hasn't worked for me having lived with a family and learned the language and gained a network it shows that integration is really about contact and learning the skills to get by on your own french m.p.'s are debating the new law and will vote on it at the end of the month unless the bill is amended to provide more support for asylum seekers it seems many refugees in france will be forced to rely on the kindness of
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strangers the al-jazeera. montenegro's ruling party has declared leader milo djukanovic is the winner of sunday's presidential election with nearly ninety percent of ballots counted he has fifty three percent of the vote which is enough to avoid a runoff as main opponent jonathan one thirty three percent to claim victory for fifty six year old economy which we defied russia when montenegro joined nato last year odyssey the balkans reporter militia modern overage reports from montenegro. went to fifty four percent of all of its long lasting montenegran leader became new president of this balkan country it will be his second mandate as president and in his almost thirty years long political career he was also six time prime minister in his victory speech he said that montenegro will stay on its path and be next
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member state of the e.u. in the next five years he has said that his priority will be economic growth and better living standards for montenegro and citizens his main opponent more than one inch got thirty three percent of votes he was the candidate of several opposition parties including prashant once he didn't want to congratulate each economy each and admit defeat one it said he will continue to fight against the economy which whom he sees as a man who has quote captured. four states in recent times. had complicated relations with its old historic ally russia because last year a country joint nato alliance and state authorities montenegrin state authorities accused moscow for being involved in a school in montenegro in order to prevent. allegations that night big story. in that sense will definitely mean in relationship of these two countries
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but us women president nicolas maduro has launched a scathing attack on this year's summit of the americas calling some of his regional counterparts wimps of u.s. imperialism material was barred from attending the event over next month's presidential election which many regional governments including the u.s. have called a sham venezuela's main opposition is also boycotting that vote but speaking in venice where the capital caracas alongside his bolivian president evo morales we do know is said it would be a success for democracy in millions. in venezuela aspin as well and. there are elections on may twenty fifth there will be results and what matters is that the institutions and the people of venezuela recognize them nothing more and leave the rest to me i'll take charge i will teach a lesson to the whims of the imperialists. fighters disguised as peacekeepers have
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attacked a u.n. base in mali the killed one peacekeeper and injures ten french soldiers in the northern city of timbuktu there's been no claim of responsibility. the united arab emirates is ending its military training program in somalia it follows the seizure of a u.a.e. registered aircraft and mogadishu airport by somali security forces after those on board refused to allow their bags to be searched last week ten million dollars in cash was confiscated from a jets belonging to the emirates a royal family more for mohamed out of. tension on the runway in both parties somalia just security stuff stopped these united arab emirates from living in the country after the military instructors on board refused to have their luggage starched airport officials insisted all heavy bags be checked resulting in a tunnel it was both clear what their baggage contained but. in
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a lot of my bills this is a clear indication that relations between the two countries from bad to worse a politically speaking of the situation is headed will further escalation of the somali government has filed complaints against the u.s. . and internationally. last week the somali government seized almost ten million dollars in sealed bags from the u.a.e. royal jets at mogadishu international airport. the government was was making. confiscating cash reserves and for the u.s. embassy in a little dish or and reportedly payments a truce the u.a.e. has been trading and sustaining. relations between mogadishu and up with we have been frosty since june last year when we're going to should resist that pressure from the u.a.e. and so did it. ties with qatar and joined the blockade imposed on qatar the disagreement between somalia and the u.a.e.
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centers around two deals abu dhabi is building a must have military base in the strategic poor tunneled but it better in some of them which wants to breakaway for the u.a.e. barbara is conveniently close to yemen where it's part of the soda led coalition fighting iranian backed with that rebels the divide based company d.p. world is also taking over the port in but better some balance relatively small pool to exports livestock to the middle east and imports food and other items all that said to change now as d.p. world says it's prepared to spend up to four hundred forty two million dollars to develop the port for somaliland the dubai ports deal is not only a financial windfall but also a vote of confidence that is a major problem for somalia which view somaliland as its sovereign territory one hundred zero zero zero to pakistani soldiers have been killed in a strong mission with afghan troops close to the disputed border pakistan's
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military claims one of his part a military units was undertaking routine surveillance and it was shot at from the afghan side the provincial police chief in afghanistan's eastern haast province accuse the pakistani soldiers of instigating the incident by illegally crossing the border. the monthly salaries for tens of thousands of gaza based employees of the palestinian authority are now a week overdue the workers' union says it's a deliberate move to increase pressure on hamas which controls the gaza strip or a faucet records. for a week now they've been living on less than a promise the palestinian authority says the delay in paying its gaza employees salaries is a technical issue soon to be resolved but these men know that their colleagues in the occupied west bank and retirees here in gaza all had their paychecks days ago the head of their union says the p.a. isn't even taking his phone calls. we're talking about thirty thousand families
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this isn't a small number they paid employees in the west bank but they didn't pay us in gaza this makes the employees here really afraid. you so so rick is waiting piers monthly pay a stipend of two hundred ninety dollars awarded after he was shot and injured during a protest three years ago nearly half of it goes on rent for the tiny home he shares with his wife and two daughters their landlord is threatening a fiction. because. we are prisoners families of martyrs the injured they shouldn't put us in between the two sides they shouldn't connect the reconciliation problems with our salaries because that will destroy one hundred percent. the palestinian president and fatah head mahmoud abbas has been threatening further measures designed to increase the pressure on rival faction hamas which controls gaza a reconciliation deal signed in october has been teetering on collapse since almost before the ink a dried the p.a.
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insists on assuming full governmental control of gaza including over the weapons of hamas military wing something hamas rejects completely hamas demands continued payment of its tens of thousands of workers even after p.a. staff who've been out of their jobs for more than a decade of hamas' rule resumed their roles. relations who worsened still by the bombing last month of the palestinian prime minister's convoy during a visit to gaza the p.a. leadership based in ramallah in the occupied west bank had already cut its gazan employees wages by thirty percent in an effort to squeeze hamas by restricting the inflow of cash from which it takes a cut the pay employees union says that if the salaries don't turn up in the banks by wednesday they will launch wider scale protests but they're aware that their power is limited if as they suspect this is no technical issue then their wages depend on a political decision being made in ramallah are a force that al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera a bushfire threats to hong's right on the fringes of
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a strain has biggest city. we'll tell you why starbucks is the target of protests in the u.s. city of philadelphia. and in sports the driver who pulled off a shock when the chinese growth. i have to in this part. from cool brisk north in fuel. to the warm tranquil waters of southeast asia. welcome back for many parts of eastern china and taiwan weather conditions are not looking too bad the temperature just into the low twenty's elsewhere we've got rain across northern parts of vietnam affecting her noise you see this area of wind convergence zone we're getting which is life which to some pretty heavy rain is ahead on through into tuesday across of more central areas so there could be some flooding developing from this system because it's going to be
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quite slow moving at that stage pretty woman for hong kong at twenty eight fuzhou there twenty five degrees so moving down into southeastern parts of asia we've got to rossi fine conditions across the philippines thirty three degrees and sunshine for manila across town in the borneo kitching will see some heavy downpours but further south of java bali is all very looking quite fine there are temperatures into the low thirty's and then moving up through the may play into we've got the risk of a few showers for singapore but kuala lumpur northwards towards thailand generally not looking too bad fair amount of cloud around at times but for the most part it should stay dry that we are going to see some showers developing around the gulf of thailand bangkok probably saying dry for much today maybe one or two showers likely later on meanwhile across cambodia slightly some shower activity but for the main city we'll likely see temperatures here of thirty four degrees celsius. the weather sponsored by cateye peace. in australia more indigenous children are being
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taken from their families then ever before. one on one east investigates whether history is repeating itself. on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. has announced new sanctions against russia for its supports to the syrian government washington's envoy to the u.n. nikki haley said the target companies involved in syria's alleged chemical weapons program as follows saturday morning's airstrikes and syrian military installations that allegedly stored chemical weapons. and hundreds of thousands of pro and
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dependents protesters have marched in barcelona calling for the release of nine jailed cattle and separatist leaders spanish authorities want to try the political leaders and charges of rebellion a march comes just days after the supreme court blocked yet another candidate from becoming the region's leader. former f.b.i. director has lashed out at u.s. president donald trump calling him a mob boss in an interview with the a.b.c. news network earlier trump referred to called me as a slimeball and suggested he should be jailed claims call me was fired by trump in may last year will get his own nose joining us live from washington d.c. that interview still going on at the moment gay what's said james comey been saying . yeah this is really all out war now between james komi and donald trump make no mistake about it this interview is airing right now here across the united states and it is absolutely scathing. james komi
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has a lot of criticism about donald trump the interviews about halfway through right now but we've got a transcript we've been listening to it then also reading through dozens of pages of the transcript as well and komi has personal criticisms of donald trump he even about the way he donald trump looks komi kind of make fun makes fun of the way he combs his hair. the way his skin color appears and even the way he wears his ties very personal critiques but it goes way beyond that as well make no mistake about it the headline out of this interview so far is that the former director of the f.b.i. says that the current president donald trump is in his words quote morally unfit to be president of the united states really shocking and scathing criticism from the former head of the top law enforcement agency in the united states against a sitting u.s. president we haven't seen anything like this in recent history of the united states
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he also says that donald trump is a liar he says that he treats women like quote unquote meat in the words of james komi and he says that anyone that works with donald trump is stained by their relationship to him james komi also goes on to say this about donald trump as well . i felt this effort to make us all maybe this was their intention but it's the way it felt to me to make us all of mika no stress we're all part of the messaging we're all part of the effort the bosses at the head of the table we're going to figure out together how to do this how strange is it for you to sit here and compare the president to a mob boss very strange and i don't do it lightly and i'm not trying to buy that by the way suggested president trump is a break in the legs and shaking down shopkeepers but instead what i'm talking about is that leadership culture consulate comes back to me when i think about my
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experience with the trump ministration these really are extraordinarily strong words for a former f.b.i. director gabe on day the fact the president has responded ahead of this interview is hardly a surprise but how both democrats and republicans reacting to the strength and the tone of the words that donald trump has been using in his twitter feed for example . yeah i mean there's official washington i think is really divided in a lot of ways you have card court trump supporters in congress that are rallying around the president and sort of questioning the credibility of mr komi saying that you know his is some of his actions and the final stages of the campaign were not good and that really questioning his credibility especially they point to some of his personal criticisms of donald trump as saying that komi might have an axe to grind against the president but on the other side you look at the view also
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lawmakers in americans that are saying this is very serious these charges that komi is leveling against the president let's remember this isn't the first book that has really roiled what riled up washington it was just in january that was that book of fire and fury by the journalist michael wolff came out there was really gave an inside look at the white house and portrayed the white house and particularly the west wing in chaos that book got all sorts of attention but this is much more significant this book primarily because this was written by the former director of the f.b.i. a man that sat in private meetings with donald trump as president and then james comey came out of those meetings and actually was so shocked by some of the things that he heard and saw from the president that he took notes about it and that that is what is being revealed now in this book a book that will be coming out this tuesday hitting bookstores all over the u.s. and really around the world. the c.e.o.
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of starbucks has apologized after two black men were arrested as they waited for a friend in a philadelphia from size of the coffee company protesters have taken to the streets of the city's mayor says he's heartbroken over the arrests but the police commissioner is defending his offices on a hoax to has more. these the mobile phone pitches that have starbucks on the defensive two men were scooted out of the cafe on thursday accused of trespassing they go on the to meet a friend and asked to use the restroom and they refused to leave called the police that friend turned up as they were being removed. after that video went viral starbucks went into damage control we're always working to create the very best environment in our stores in in our communities tireless efforts to bridge the opportunity divide for young men and women of color and i
5:38 am
have never been more proud of this company and what they do and this incident does not reflect the spirit of our brand it was an unfortunate incident and will be sure to make it right starbucks c.e.o. kevin johnson also apologized on twitter this was little comfort for protesters who rallied outside and inside the chain's coffee shop in philadelphia on sunday. the police commissioner defended the officers involved when the call was initially made in starbucks employees they told the males that they were always nice to go in we are here so please get their new component but the same type of attitude in repeating your soul and they're not me in fact there is so much less rhetoric about you don't know what you're doing your dollar year ploy or something to that it isn't for me to say in short these officers did absolutely nothing wrong with the
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commission's statement may have done more harm than good. the police commissioner said that the officers didn't do anything. i believe a lot of times when there's someone who's racist and shows attitude of bigotry they tend to use the system to then show opposition to a person who did nothing wrong i'm not sure this is just an isolated it's issue but i think that whenever you have. a racial profiling situation it should be assessed not just by managers because that manager clearly needs to be fired but the police themselves the district attorney said the two men were released after their rescue to lack of evidence and starbucks decision not to go further with the case regardless though the arrests have sparked fresh debate about the treatment of black americans. out is there. it's been announced that former first lady of the united states barbara bush is in failing health no longer seek medical treatment
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than i did two year old wife of former presidents george bush sr and mother of former presidents george bush jr has been hospitalized several times this year the nature of on this is not known but she has been treated for heart conditions and thought i avoided issues in the past saipan says he'll focus on comfort care mrs bush and her husband have been married for seventy three years. firefighters are battling an out of control wildfire threatening some of parts of australia is largest city more than six thousand acres of bushland around sydney as being golfed since saturday about five hundred firefighters are working to save thousands of homes in the city's southwestern suburbs well let's go to andrew thomas has got the latest from sydney it's mid april this is pretty late for fires in australia isn't it. extremely light this is the middle of all in australia it should have cooled down by now you shouldn't be getting bushfires a forest fires at this time of year and yet it's still in the mid thirty's and over
5:41 am
the weekend the wind was particularly strong as well and that was the real problem because whatever cools they started that's being looked to see whether it was somebody doing an active also know whether it was something natural like a lightning strike the coals that would have a cool state it sprayed very fost and this fire has taken hold in a big area as you say right on the stream h. of save me an area of bush that's about twenty four square kilometers so a substantial area in a kind of bowl of land and the worry is for the houses on the age of that ball were at risk now the wind has dropped on monday and the fire truck you can see behind me well though the other end of those hoses they're putting out spot fires little boy as that may have been carried by embers on the wind over the weekend they're trying to put those out so that if the wind picks up again and reignite some of this extremely draw a foil if this is the fuel that it doesn't threaten the houses at the top of the hill so under just drawing
5:42 am
a more you were saying there if the wind changes it's still too early to say that the worst of this is over isn't it. it's certainly too early to say that definitively i've actually been talking to quite a few residents on the edge of this rim and they're fairly relaxed most of the people here are believed to have it so well three decades and they say in that time of being about five big fires and they say that this one hasn't been as threatening of some of the previous ones were and they say the firefighters like those you see behind me did a good job of getting on top of this one quickly it's partly about with the bombing and there's plenty of helicopters around doing just that it's partly about getting hoses on to the fires as they spread out the hills but it's also about what's called back burning and that is the deliberate lighting of fall is that they keep under control so they were just the fuel pylos so that if up out of control fire reaches areas. close to homes it doesn't have much to burn so that's what's been going on over the weekend they've been deliberately burning some of this dry
5:43 am
foliage near to people's homes so that when the while thought in the middle of the ball which at the moment is still a long way largely from people's homes when that reaches that foliage there isn't anything left for it to burn now it is thought of the wind will pick up again later on monday but the firefighters i've been talking to say they're not too concerned the winds on anticipated to be as strong as they were over the weekend and anyway they say they're in position all around the edge of this ball now they feel they've got this fire if not under control then within their sights under just very quickly i mean bush fires as you're saying is car common in australia and there are methods of controlling them but it does happen on a regular basis doesn't it that we see houses being threatened like this what is it that is specific to bushfires like this that makes them difficult to control is it predominantly the weather. it's pretty well it's certainly the weather has been so dry for so long in this part of australia really exceptional weather the hottest april old record in really really dry the trees behind me
5:44 am
there's no moisture in those it's all so that when the fire takes hold it really is very difficult to stop it apart from people with water putting it out but it's also just the nature of australia this is a very big country with an awful lot of bush things trees really do spread rights all over the southeast of australia and they do get exceptionally close to people's homes so there's this constant battle i mean former prime minister tony abbott when he was putting down the idea when he was prime minister that these bush products of climate change he said that australia has been the land of foreign flood forever you've always had these bushfires that part of the natural process well of course isn't part of the natural processes people building houses quite close to the bush and it's when that natural process into phase with where people want to live that you get there's danger to life and dangers. harms as a side though they think they've got this one to control but it's so unusual that this is so late in the season and that's what people will look at in coming weeks
5:45 am
and months while you say that australia seems to be warming up and therefore why is it that we're getting these bushfires now and offer paul to go on some stuff thing is talk about and here we all meet april so that is an extremely long some a season quote unquote for these bushfires to be taking hold on to thomas live for us from sydney thank you very much indeed. an heiress to korean air has apologized for pushing an employee joining a business meeting and is now being investigated by the police tokyo men allegedly yelled and threw water at a manager of the company's advertising agency during a business meeting in her sole office last month joe denies throwing the water but later accepted that our actions were careless she's the sister of chalky who was jailed in twenty fourteen after what became known as the not to rage scandal she had ordered a flight back to the gate because she was upset at how hard peanuts were being. well this is the latest scandal and it comes at
5:46 am
a time when the south korean public's trust in the establishment is being undermined here's why earlier this month former president pagong hey was sentenced to twenty four years in prison after being convicted of bribery coercion and abuse of power that scandal also engulfed eight major south korean companies including samsung its defacto head leave jail was initially jailed for five years for bribery and embezzlement last august and another eggs president lee myung bak was recently formally charged with corruption for taking about ten million dollars in bribes while in office we'll see when q. is managing editor korea exposé it's a current affairs and culture magazine and he's joining us now from seoul on skype thank you very much indeed for being with us what is it about south korean corporations and. the top of south korean administration that makes people seem of the top at the top seem to believe that they are immune from prosecution
5:47 am
or they can behave in ways that frankly would get other people jailed. well an easy explanation is history because these companies had been in existence in korea for a very long time and many of its executives its managerial managerial families the old their families have also been accused of numerous crimes in the past but ultimately what has happened in korea over the past decades is in many cases these families they are even though found guilty in a court of law often found pardon by the political class and often they go back to running their companies as they have always thought this was what had happened to mean sister actually on a woman at the center of the not gate scandal where years ago she was convicted she went to prison and then she's been laying low for some time and recently and she went back to manager positions at the huns in group which controls korean air so people are truly fed up with this cycle and asking what can be done to change it
5:48 am
when the immediate future what can be done i mean is there any efforts to try to rein in the behavior of these senior managers and politicians well it makes a difficult is aside from the question of the political book less you had these separate families but very much treat the companies like their personal properties they're seen as little kingdoms in south korea and it's long been seen that the family members really act with impunity over the affairs of the company and even in the case of this korean air scandal of it's the company that really nice to respond to the populate about the behavior of the daughter of the chairman which itself is a very fascinating case why is it that our team need to work to defend the family instead of defending the reputation of the company because they are seen as one and the same how does this affect the reputation of south korean companies around the
5:49 am
world. well i think it's certainly raising a lot of. ringing bells because on one hand i think we have to accept that korean companies have been a very strong of being seen as leading players on the global market if you think about companies like some zone l.g. i think they are all respected in different ways for what they do in their own industries but what's also being revealed before the local audience is to what extent these companies are corrupt in their own home grounds being involved in corruption scandals are offering bribes to do politicians the political class we had a company like look there where the entire family is actually facing a criminal trial and then you have other companies that are essentially being run by criminals who happen to be able to continue their jobs because of the special presidential courts and say we're in so limited we have internal forgive me for interrupting i do apologize mama free time is against us simcoe is managing editor
5:50 am
korea exposé we appreciate your time sir thank you very much jordan as driving into the future a german companies investing in charging stations for electric cars across the country as a country that doesn't produce oil that's a good reason to move away from fuel burning cars natasha honey reports. the engine hardly makes a sound and that can mean hashim hussain often forgets to turn off the ignition he admits he's parked and walked off with the car still running but that quiet and not having to fill up are two of the reasons the college student loves driving his electric car the benefits is just as money like as it. was and fixing the good one. and it's good for. there are now about ten dealers including renault selling electric cars in jordan
5:51 am
last month a german company announced plans to build ten thousand charging stations across the country and there's an all electric public transportation service called tell see law the government offers incentives to consumers no customs fees or taxes the main reason for anyone to buy a car you are not buying. the car immediately lissac spence of the doesn't mean or diesel vehicles. there's a good economic reason to for the government to steer away from gas burning vehicles jordan imports more than ninety percent of the oil it needs in order to reduce the economic burden the country is not only encouraging jordanians to drive electric cars but it's investing in wind solar and solid waste energy right now there are two billion dollars worth of renewable energy projects under way. this
5:52 am
month the government unveiled the second phase of a national energy efficiency action plan in place for more than a decade that all these are open just only to people that we've worked in order to reduce our consumption patterns on one hand to increase the potential contribution to potentially little i.c. engine or feed over that nobody gets to these horses the goal is to continue to drive down energy use by twenty percent and increase renewable energies imprint to ten percent by twenty twenty experts say jordan has already become such a leader in the middle east its neighbors have expressed interest in replicating these initiatives natasha going to al-jazeera i'm on time for the sport his father thanks very much manchester city are the new english premier league champions they've wrapped up the title with five games to go thanks to their close as rivals
5:53 am
manchester united losing on sunday united were beaten at home one nil by bottom of the table west brom the loss means they fallen sixteen points behind with only fifteen left to play for we were musters in complicated football everything was complicated. we couldn't play fast. we couldn't sing fast everything was complicated one more touch one more touch to control the ball. one more turn one mostly one more trick and we always gave them. the opportunity to be compact together in the look would. you choose a go strong. players. the race for second is still wide open just four points separated united and top no six place arsenal were beaten two one by
5:54 am
newcastle they can still qualify for the champions league if they win the europa league and which they're in the semifinals. results if you don't coleman you know. unfortunately it's very disappointing. if you it's very hard to screw defeat. parasangs your man are celebrating their seventh illegal title they sealed it with a huge seven one win over monaco it's their fifth title in six years and as you can see they're enjoying it they have this to the french league cup title they've already won this season. lads are neighboring of that she has indicated that he could play at this year's world cup the swede who had retired from international football said on twitter that his chances of playing in russia are
5:55 am
sky high the striker has been looking good since joining major league soccer team the l.a. galaxy he marked his first start for them with a goal flatter and converted a cross from a former england international told a one zero win over the chicago fire the swedish striker scored twice on his debut for the galaxy when he came on as a substitute for the boston celtics have kicked off their n.b.a. playoff campaign with when they beat the milwaukee bucks one hundred and thirteen to one hundred and seven in overtime or four and starred with twenty four points and twelve rebounds this game was in boston as his game two on choose staying the celtics are looking for their first championship for ten years. daniel ricardo has won the chinese formula one grand prix after a super brive in shanghai the result has left the championship race wide open with title leader sebastian vettel finishing down and eight only stolen reports.
5:56 am
sebastian vettel started from pole position in shanghai after winning the first two races of the season the expectation was that the ferrari driver would make it three zero but a bad pit stop on the twenty first lap proved costly for him. and eventually allowed finn valtteri bottas to take the lead. a collision between the two toro rosso drivers off and off the field even so the joining safety car conditions and daniel ricardo started to make his move through the field from six. the australian had barely made qualifying just one engine problem that found his way to the top of the series of off it makes. vettel so he's right some gravel
5:57 am
after a collision with red bulls mats pushed up and who was analyzed. while ricardo held firm at the front the just the sixth victory of his formula one career bought a house in key reichen and completed the podium defending champion lewis hamilton was full vettel finished eighth on a day that well and truly belong to recut oh. i don't know what it is i don't i don't seem to win boring races they're all pretty fun so that was unexpected you know for yourselves twenty four hours ago i thought we might be starting at the back of the grid there's a two week break before the next f one stop in azerbaijan with vettel leading hamilton by nine points in. championship standings done you recut is no fools home and just era. commonwealth games organizers have faced criticism for the delay in providing medical assistance to a marathon runner who collapsed while leading the race column hawkins had
5:58 am
a two minute advantage over his closest rivals when he fell to the ground to kilometers from the finish line on australia's gold coast it took several minutes for paramedics to reach the twenty five year old who had to pull out of the race which was won by home runner mike shelley hawkins was conscious and talking by the time he was helped into the ambulance. i knew saying bolt of the d.j. took center stage at the closing ceremonies seventy one countries have taken part in the games so over the last eleven days with the english city of birmingham set to host the event in twenty twenty two. and that's all your sport for now more later. here in a couple of minutes. thanks for being with me but for now.
5:59 am
winning the will of the people hinges on the mass media state machine it's going to overdrive. but just who is influencing who. we just don't know yet where the lines will be drawn between what can be said and what comes after that. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for outside the polling the media opinion the listening post time on al-jazeera and monday put it on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of the days looking forward to full dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries have been
6:00 am
truly unable to escape the war. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the time if you're in the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health conscious we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera. and there are over seven billion lied in this world each one a story that demonic to be told. with next documentaries to open your eyes on.


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