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tv   Gangs  Al Jazeera  April 18, 2018 1:32am-2:01am +03

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in italy if the o.b. c.w. finds that indeed a chemical weapons attack partially happened it will be damning for the russian and syrian government u.s. president almost tom says american officials have been conducting direct high level talks with north korea to try to arrange a summit with the north korean leader kim jong un was speaking during a meeting with japan's prime minister shinzo abi is visiting the president at his mar-a lago resorts in florida have also said he's given his blessing to south korea to try to end its war with the north korean president is preparing to meet kim jong un later this month from seoul meeting with can shed in a. u.n. special envoy to yemen says he's drawing up a framework for talks to end the three year civil war which has led to the world's worst humanitarian crisis martin griffiths insists all sides are prepared to negotiate an end to the fighting. tens of thousands of people doing protests in on me against the parliament's choice of former president sir g. sardi's c.n.n.
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as prime minister he stepped down as president earlier this year at the end of his term that meant lots protesters see his appointment as prime minister opposed strengthening the end of the new constitution as a way for him to retain our. place in nigeria have fired tear gas at hundreds of shia muslim protesters in a blue it's the second day of rallies in the capital demonstrators are calling for the release of a jailed religious. you are very much up to date those are your current headlines stay with us though up next it's a.j. selects on gangs with hope to see very soon thanks very much. u.s. president donald trump has said he will slap new tariffs on imports of steel and alum in your bra five g.'s will mean faucet data types but ten times faster than forty we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.
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was in the navy and you knew. his mood will be everything. was well over all right not only no not at all suited to any one of the like a whole lot of oil was not about anything really. right. but not that anybody. really bought for that omega to make will mean i don't know that they had one with. the whole dubious as a normal meaning that it was a good night discounting. good. as any good and oh great when i don't know you well enough but even when you.
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get i'm going to he could give a fuck they didn't give him the b. i listened to that office of the nicole minetti. because i know. he does this intriguing that you. claim that it will be at an end but i mean to me as a yankee meant you know what's he going to go on in a hundred what of you had gone through. the no you didn't you know when they when i was putting you under the hood when they did feel a little bit when they see my only one you mean. like nate was a means that i'm going to have the muscles i'm home with a movement for the best of all. i don't know it. all well and i'm not like that they was. like all right now well
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a lot so much like a lot i don't know i. only . know he spoke to the family last monday was that the shot fired in mine before that was hit with the shots fired this minute but some of the thought the shots fired that it just went to the moment didn't show we've designed to cease fire but a while as for them to foot the cape town called that and to foot what the needs east locally what are you shooting in to solve the issue of violence. although the safety net application operational the shocks part of operational we get a lot of analytical things don't leak there but even things of everything. say like when to get up to those how to know when the shooting has taken place the job is to stop that is then they show. to their pick a service of you'll find they. are
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. also because pilots in concert last night i was on the beach. it's about was it was obviously going to be what he never told them was going to be like those are the financial regulatory reform where does there's a really good window blew open. mike was getting the snipers killing these. really rich. doesn't he been does it look just in print does that mosque in truth.
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didn't she ever will you look the injured with the stick. from didn't like you didn't destroy. people and stuff. in the local school don't pick up. the debris and i. don't need to. think people. need. going to. do that i look in the looking at that's what we need because we thank you very much joe didn't even like down i love prove. that i'm going to give you don't think. there was a dimple please leave both. did i buy a suit. and he begins.
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what's he done when he. has the new treatment in a month and a half is he for this. small. or missed me for. you know what you don't. need to do with any wallet in the hospital as you said i am very sorry no times have i needed and wanted almost mediations multiply like the proof is in your data and all of us you don't really know about that fast. conducting healing. far. gallus as it is known to me danger nobody town near me and you can see in others no interest would know. me personally no guns heard of. any.
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rescue this is the first beating with those folks by the little or the regular well not playing football and we didn't place his car ceasefire between the kids obviously we were there she was my girl you wish to argue. in macau that he is english would particularly since he denies it i'm still on the wanted list here of course out of the book the whole one thing this isn't over who can do that if the bulk of it workers so they know our group people who join the end of two skills both your stated opera house get into more debate we tend to need to take it with a fair bit of. yes. sad
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but i love a young. girl. being . sad but i love. the list of guys that make me a little. kid it guys did it with this. it's always do with. the evil but. as you would to keep it close. it with a source in the solution. i can know and the love of my life. since you make each. oh because it.
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you do my peers are minorities and i know that ignaty can this. i believe you can as with without using it you know was never gained by police my question would openly it was only gave the bishop and course jaros of that even if longer he let us know at the societal level but without me keep up all my. enablers ole somewhat related to us but it us was all ours my speeches are secure that is what is going on you have to. listen to the old the true source not while there was truth and so one of the only mothers who. played the start the straight the environment by the street i don't know who was the target was nothing else someone. or something means into one on me.
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i was trying to it seems my lame to. them. i don't make it easy i'm. in addition as we look at interruptions a really easy way to love the camera is remembering the magic of the dishes to. see . them in the room below them will slowly move. on to the mr one even mean there's the smoothness and there were some of the movie the one with the goal. to get the scenes with a woman in. the piece which will not mean we couldn't you know could make. this easier if the commission. should already be. the story or she had a alice it young as well. as oh yes let's hear
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from. in noble. saints is to become she's a player happened things. we kind of get molded into becoming a killer and we kind of get molded into becoming the studying to become the baddest gang member. there's a lot of charge always waiting can be and go out there. how do you reduce this big church on back to
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a humble good thing. it's kind of hard you know. but it is not it's not impossible . to. make a dollar. it's right thing to the. money most of your job is thirty five and i was born in l.a. you know the right you know goal for the past four years i've been working at home when this she's my job is it's a navigator it's kind of a mentor people navigate into recovery. of her body doing. coke.
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and so we're on the title connecting to others right and i think it's an important one because to watch the whole journey of recovery mad sometimes the best thing you can do is connect with others but relate to others talk to others because sometimes when you do want to buy yourself you know for me and i'm just my experience i usually make mistakes based on choices right i don't know of anybody struggles with the. you know it's a refusal comes out of that you know we could come. to truly destroy. you this was also used on things. all or long lost but that's why you gotta keep doing the work man you got to keep it in the work like that's the import is made you guys make wise choices we can all forget the training who forget mansoul a trading game if you make a choice you might be trading your freedom from being locked up your partner for
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that set of good food out here for that putin they're either going to. let us have a beer we can all. run ten years roll. a party had a lot of people hating me man. us and soldier we need to do whatever we never. spent about twenty three years of my life active addiction gaming. but my life was on the line pretty much so you know. i shall write here one time writing this dry wind has just done the air car pulled up any mess a nothing and just get off the momo. crazy and he's got got killed right there gosh i'm right there. and it's all been right here in this little sect are
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within the settlement so much has happened. because i see so much and i see how grimy things can get out here sometimes i rather keep our guard out because i want to live life and i enjoy it. so the man i just called him he said he wants to meet you to see if you like it if you want to take it. so it was posed. to a beauty. gamer pick up your girl of fourteen. that's when she grew up battlestar i can't wait to get to play the guitar no i'm here. and you devote so
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still to this game. this is like a downward spiral all right just that quick in the blink of you know you're part of the murderers i don't dealer's. mind you learn like compassion. for the weak. like nobody knows. i'm a firm believer that people growing discomfort. this is you man this is your journey this is where it all started this could be the new beginning. if you just. keep an open mindedness to it. i fit in with its. fullness and i was only going to share along one other person is
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to world of people when you're not sure i want to just two people sharing a room with three of us or will it was. the horn line i feel to some of the billing i would you could you get there on the same roll that you're going to be done it was like they are to me and like i don't know no more where you from where you from don't don't stand over me while. i don't know what kind of light we're losing people before i don't know if we're going to understand one thing. they. do from the proffers in a journey of change homie if you're not grid if you're not accounting and guys are not active on that life now this is a sober living in an environment where you try to maintain your so sober for many things. before we always take people and usually we've got to make sure that they're ready for what they're asking for right because it's not what we think that you need is what you're telling us at uni. he said he was ready he was willing to
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do whatever it takes as we take him. but then after that he just never went back let the stuff there came back to homeboys a few days later and started the cycle again back out here you know. to not grow the walk our garden a bone yard to ride out a car hit barker to the beat of turning. to god no one could just write the right word to the bus stop tart ride around our. necks out. to be darting back to our digs. when the night ends and i'm settling down a stove chatter in the back of my day. that i do anything today to hurt anybody.
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that i do anything to help somebody today. again and that's one of them on part in life and sit. on my man's world. if. i did not get it that's an especially. i have been asked by multiple. isn't it a hole in. the right of only the only mosque mosque fairly main the mosque my someone going to take on it is singapore to her and those who it will be born with but i'm gay so i doubt it will so you get a younger guy much in the uk or something or griffith because i view. it all in one
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assignment and nobody will only gentrified born out of my imprinting time in my blood oh. don't i imply in that class he said he call it i was the fifth i'm in with the cool. wet of ok you're ok get it out on the combine you had all. been living or you know what i'm guessing all.
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because i want to leave the. t.v. show and leave them the ending or. something i think that i mean to me. is the only way i'm you know i'm going to go to those who would give you a home that you know you have it gives us the right people get us to say let. him be somebody. else again i see only him. you love none of the among young you know you. love them which is the have no. power no body song just. don't. know why you have it out among them. when we feel that you should then yes this is all mine.
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you may see we're going to. want to i said i mean the one way that they're going to get am i going to. get good at that. he's one of. the people who get it from yeah. yeah. yeah yeah i. think if. you think for. many one thing when the whole seemed to hold on to them ever found me she. tried to do on the job of making no kid of this event i.
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don't know my. life but from. the protests here. on. here from all of. those the cops took a can i. tell you our first of. december notice that i'm on. fire people. ok can i. get you out of your. door. finally word of mouth open market down go. to dinner give it to one of the big meeting on. friday. night on that i might. i think.
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you know. what. i think we're going to ready for you know where every member that i know you know i was there were little i was thinking if i really were. the food. and. not just the name of the macro you.
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have to. wonder who put. your money in a ask power that. made all some good books. say are you. going to. where. the comic books will not move the fire it must. come on a. waiting. to see this movie you know people really starting to see me to see me become kind of from you. of going here.
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discover for the women programming from around the globe challenge your perception but i was hearing sounded so far fetched that i thought there was one lone behold it was true groundbreaking documentary. fearless journalism very light this reality. see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. everything i do is being am it's being weighed and measure for intelligence agencies all. to do things in secret or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a.
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we could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. i mean this is different not whether someone saying. this but i think it's how you approach. it is a certain way of doing hunches. story and i out. rewind returns with a new series i can't bring your people back to life i'm sorry i'm brand new updates on the best of documentaries they have a number of. rewind begins with mohammed and. i was. like and the other student i was very fortunate to be awarded a rewind on al-jazeera.


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