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american warships when mess was that somehow time is aiming to replace america and around the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part one on a just. a story fourteen hundred years in the making. a story of succession and leadership. and jersey and tells the story of a decline of the innocent and the end of an empire. the count of a percent three at this time i'll just.
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zero. hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes four more palestinians killed by israeli fire as thousands protest on the gaza border for a fourth successive friday the democrats through the trunk campaign of russia and wiki leaks for conspiring to disrupt the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election the basque separatist group to ask forgiveness from victims of its attacks as it moves towards disbanding embroil succession commonwealth leaders agree that the group's leadership should pass from the queen to prince charles. with the sports words the end of an era for arsenal. announces he'll step down after nearly twenty two years manager at the
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end of the season. come to the program our top story funerals have been held for palestinians killed by israeli gunfire on friday during ongoing protests along the gaza israel border four people including a child have been killed and at least four hundred seventy others injured. are rallying along the border for a fourth successive friday and marking prisoners day in support of the thousands of detainees in israeli jails over forty palestinians have now been killed by israeli soldiers since the protests began last month and its misreports from the israel gaza border. they've become a feature of the weekly palestinian confrontations with israel's military this friday the wind was with the protesters as clouds of smoke from burning tires drifted over israeli positions. but it's not even. to stop israel
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snipers and volleys of tear gas. others who you might think would be put off after previous experiences have instead come back for more muscle to show that i don't care about the injury even if i lose my legs this will not stop me coming back what happened here won't people up and reminded them about our cause we've come here to get our right of return a lot of people states ask for to stop this march but. us. in this with giving something under the. old i'm here to show my enthusiasm and to inspire the young guys to continue their struggle. was he does every week hamas is leading garza yassin was visited the protests a prime target for israeli snipers he'd have been easily spotted by the drones
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above but was protected by the crowds below. this friday the canvas moved three hundred meters closer to israel the ambition is that when these protests climax on may the fifteenth these towns will be the border between gaza and israel but after four weeks now of demonstrations there's been nothing in the way of concessions from the israelis that would improve the daily life of palestinians living in gaza . furnished with al-jazeera cars. israel's defense minister says hamas are wasting their time trying to gain the upper hand in the conflict and. remove. we have all the support from the army from the chief of staff and everybody that something the other side must understand there is a determined and trained army behind which are determined people support the army and here to there are residents of communities adjacent to gaza who are determined and ready to give all their bridge to the army this combination can't be beaten and
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it is a waste of time a waste of their if it i expect gaza residents to take their destiny into their own hands and not be led by hamas who are misleading them. the un special envoy for syria says chemical weapons inspectors in the syrian town of demo should be should do their job quickly as quickly as possible and without any interference savan the mr made the comments after holding talks with the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov in moscow as he tries to renew diplomatic efforts to end the seventy a crisis or a chance reports from moscow. following last week's anger over syria moscow seems in a restrained mood in an interview with the russian state information agency foreign minister sergey lavrov suggested last week's u.s. air strikes had been within limits acceptable for russia. as they were informed about where i read lines are including geographical red lines on the ground in any
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case the results show that they have not crossed these red lines. and he said neither sides generals would be drawn into open conflict in syria. i'm sure but neither president putin nor president drop will allow this to happen they are after all leaders who are elected by their people and there was sponsible to those people for peace and calm. diplomatically russia can afford to attempt a pause in hostilities with the us is on the ground much is going its allies way following the fall of eastern ghouta the syrian government forces damascus is moving against the remaining besieged enclaves of rebel activity one by one therefore. the un has envoy to syria who is in saudi arabia and turkey in the week has now come to moscow next will be iran de mistura is assessing
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whether the foreign powers involved in syria's war are ready to restart the un facilitated political process he acknowledged that recent days have been rough. we had a very dangerous and very difficult and very tense week and. the priority for the u.n. secretary is for the sick the general and therefore the coming here and doing this tour doherty ville in various capitals and very much moscow is the player it is to lower the temperature seven to mr a maybe doing the different grounds with the intention of getting the geneva peace process back on track but there are those who question just how much life there is actually left in this particular u.n. sponsored format people like analyst dimitri from up ski he thinks de mistura is rights to still be pushing for dialogue but feels that the scramble for syrian territory by russia turkey iran and the u.s.
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has changed the game is sides realize that the russians them porton bought this that the most decisive argument there was the one less real forces interruption on the ground. and with bashar al assad feeling that perhaps a total defeat of the rebellion is within his reach there's no obvious reason for syria's president to return to the negotiating table right now rory chalons al-jazeera moscow i so fighters have reportedly agreed to withdraw from one of the last remaining areas outside of government control in the syrian capital damascus the surrender of the and play which includes the our milk palestinian refugee camp will mean that the syrian government is close to controlling the entire area around the capital the army is continuing to bombard the enclave pending a full surrender deal. at least twenty civilians have been killed in saudi led coalition air strikes in yemen the strikes targeted a village in a western district of ties yemen has been locked in
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a three year war between iran back to the rebels and saudi led military coalition which aims to restore the government of president abed rabbo months so heidi the conflict has killed more than ten thousand civilians the heir to the british throne prince charles will succeed queen elizabeth as the next head of the commonwealth once she's no longer in the role the announcement came after talks between leaders of the fifty three member states at windsor castle john hall reports now from london. the heads of government visibly impressed as they strolled through windsor castle it was part of a show of pomp and royal splendor that only the u.k. can learn on experiences the prime minister to reserve mary will hope they remember as she seeks closer ties with commonwealth countries after brics it no other organization has our geographical and cultural diversity while giving all nations an equal role an equal voice and an equal standing. and this week we have come together to reach a series of shared commitments that will help to build
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a more secure sustainable more prosperous and fairest future for all and it was a significant victory for the u.k. to get the endorsement of commonwealth leaders for prince charles to eventually succeed queen elizabeth his mother as head of the alliance founded by her father george the sick almost seventy years ago that week was marred by outrage over britain's failure to recognise the citizens' rights of caribbean migrant workers the so-called windrush generation that came to the united kingdom at the government's invitation sixty years ago but they were also commitments to cyber security to free trade fighting climate change and malaria and there was support for former members in barclays renewed efforts at democracy it's representative was told that a free and fair election this year might win it re entry to the club queen elizabeth has been head of the commonwealth for sixty six years and since she's largely given up foreign travel it seems likely that this is the last heads of government meeting
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that she will attend and with that in the air it was perhaps inevitable that they'd be questions about the future and purpose of what members prefer to call the family of nations critics have suggested that this alliance in search of meaning money stand more on its own merits with a move away from the monarchy prince charles will bring consistency some might say stability but he's unlikely to bring change jonah hill al-jazeera london or a rally has taken place in south london to show solidarity with the when russia generation of britain's mention there in china's reports and the embargo is there in santa this update. very personally this demonstration is being held in windrush square in brixton and many of the speakers have been outlining the distress and the damage caused to the so called wind rush generation people who arrived as young children in the nineteen fifties. sixty's here who were british
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but in later years have struggled to prove when asked to do so that they did have the right to stay here as quickly citizens of course one of the big gripes is that a number of years ago landing cards from ships coming from the caribbean to britain were actually destroyed by the british home office to resume a the prime minister has come under pressure she was home secretary her get the current home secretary amber rudd has also faced calls for her to resign now the government has apologized profusely said that they are getting matters in the hands but people here say they want to see compensation for loss of earnings when people have lost their jobs they want. relations from anybody who has been sent abroad and they want damages paid for the distress now there are people here in britain in their fifty's and sixty's who have been refused things like treatment for cancer
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they have not only lost their jobs but in some cases they have had breakdowns they have suffered mental health problems because of the fact that they have been threatened with being kicked out of their own country this is a problem that affects tens of thousands of people and it's not going away quickly . south africa's president has returned from a trip to europe to try to calm protests over local services in northwest province more than twenty people have been arrested since the demonstrations began in and around the city of my gang on wednesday catherine sawyer was there. residents of mike hang in the northwest province wait for the outcome of a meeting between president serum a poster and the provincial leadership. people in several paths of the region have been protesting for days now they say they want better houses jobs and an end to corruption they're demanding the provincial leaders supermom appeal whom they accuse of failing to do his job and listen corruption to step down the president
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catches his trip to the u.k. where he was attending a commonwealth heads of state meeting to deal with the situation having listened to all the imports we have decided that we would like to engage further with a number of other people particularly members of the community. not only in my he but also in the northwest what i can assure you now is that even if all of the mother look led we are not going to solve and we'll go in for what streets are deserted but evidence of the violent protests is everywhere. so this is one of the areas where protesters had blocked the roads using running tires and anything else they could find police have been trying to clear this road we've also seen shops that have been broken into and looted and the situation here is still very tense this petrol station is in one of the hot spots
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a group of young people is say to have done this many shop owners are devastated. i don't know how to start over i used all my money to stock the shop to get. others whose businesses were destroyed comped at the heritage house where the leadership was meeting they tell us what happened to their shops had nothing to do with genuine demonstrations nor did they want to begin problem but they're not involving them and we're not just doing anything results doing business. residents of this region continue to wait for and says that these are difficult issues that may not be fully resolved fairly soon cathy zoi al-jazeera south africa with the news hour live from london much more still ahead across the united states students walk out of class on the nineteenth anniversary of the colombine shooting . the scars of ethnic conflict why many refugees fleeing the democratic republic of
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congo believe politicians planned the violence that destroyed their lives. and rafael nadal is on a roll at the monte carlo masters tennis laughter details later that summer. the u.s. democratic party is suing the donald trump campaign and russia over alleged collusion in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election they cuse russia of contacting trump's advisers to inform them of a cyber attack that leaked negative information about his democratic rival hillary clinton the lawsuit also involves wiki leaks and its founder julian assange they say gave the trump team advance knowledge they were publishing the information patty call him is following events from washington. it's an unusual move but not an unprecedented one democrats sued over the watergate break in and they did get some money on the day that richard nixon left office in disgrace now the lawsuit is
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against russia russia's intelligence service and some russian citizens it is difficult to sue a sovereign nation in the united states but it is possible difficult but possible it also sues wiki leaks and its founder julian assange and it really targets people very close to the president president donald trump not named in this lawsuit because it's really hard to sue a sitting president but his campaign is named along with his son don jr son in law jerry cushion or his former campaign chairman paul mann afford his advisor roger stone and former campaign aides george papadopoulos and richard gates now the complaint alleges that the trump campaign colluded with russia to steal and publish e-mails from the democratic campaign workers in an attempt to help trump win the presidency much of what is in this lawsuit was already known but there are a couple of things that we didn't know for example it says it alleges that in late twenty fifteen that far back that european intelligence services said that they were witnessing some suspicious communications between russian operatives and
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members of the trump campaign that they notified the u.s. about that again at late two thousand and fifteen it also goes on to say that the hack was earlier than we previously thought that it happened again in twenty fifteen and it wasn't just the computer system it was the phone system that was compromised so some new details in this lawsuit this could be seen as a dangerous move if people perceive that it is in any way going to interfere with special counsel robert mueller who is investigating potential collusion between. the term campaign and russia but it also could serve the purpose of putting just another venue to get the information out there there's growing concern that the special counsel will be tampered with or could possibly be let go if this lawsuit is allowed to proceed this basically puts before court before jury all on the record exactly what happened in the twenty sixteen campaign and it also serves as putting even more pressure on people in trump's orbit they're already facing pretty high legal bills and legal issues and this will only add to that. the boss
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separatist group etter is apologize for the suffering caused to victims and their relatives during its forty eight campaign of violence more than eight hundred people were killed in bombings and shootings carried out by the group during its battle for an independence day in northern spain and southwest france thousands more were injured charlie angela reports. after decades of violent an apology for this car bomb attacks shootings in assassinations in the name of independence i better an acronym that stands for basque homeland and freedom started as a student movement opposed to general franco's military dictatorship that went on to become one of europe's most violent and injuring armed groups from one thousand nine hundred eighty eight to two thousand and ten it killed more than eight hundred twenty people nearly half of them civilians their words were for that. we are
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aware that during this long period of all struggle we have created a lot of pain including many damages for which there is no solution we want to show respect for the dead those injured and the victims that were caused by the actions of eta we truly apologize spain's government welcome the statement saying atta had been defeated by the weapons of democracy. this shows as political economic social and international just these last words not for as a but for all the democrats in fees or with the help of the state security forces judges and the international community. etter fell out of favor with the basque people decades ago and for some victims the apology was not enough. but that doesn't fulfil my expectations i think it's a statement where they've tried to justify their acts and overall there's a selective forgiveness which i can't understand at all because we are all victims we have all suffered the pain caused by. the group's journey to dissolution has
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been long. in march two thousand and six after announce its first permanent cease fire and in response the socialist government started peace talks but nine months later at a bombed a car park at madrid's international airport killing two people then in twenty ten the group announced it would not carry out further attacks a year later it declared a permanent ceasefire. and twelve months ago with the help of mediators it led french authorities to a cache of weapons explosives and munition now completely disarmed this apology is the last step before its full dissolution expected in may but the healing process will take many years charlie al-jazeera. or paddy woodworth is an author an analyst on spanish and basque issues and joins us live skype from dublin thank you very much for speaking to us so how important is this statement of apology from.
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well first. really i've always been quite bizarre and they used to be much longer they used to be many thousands or it's a long full of marxist leninist jargon this one is relatively simple and straightforward. actually as apologies go i think it's very very cleverly worded they apologize to all of their victims they do make a slight distinction between collateral damage if you like to use that horrible phrase i think generation the united states. but they they do make a slight distinction between people they killed accidentally and people they killed deliberately and but it's a very it's a very fulsome massaro apology in the sense that it's rather. doubt it's in sara xiii but it's very complete and i think it really is part of
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a kind of sciatic will seen sashing for their expected final dissolution in may it's a curious statement in that there are two things not referred to and one is the dissolution itself there is no mention of the dissolution though it's clear from the whole tone of the of the statement that there are there is no question of their ever returning to to war as they see it the other thing that's very curious is that there is no mention of their prisoners unlike for example the situation unarmed where the ira and loyalist paramilitary prisoners were released as part of the peace process . six seven years after it has ceased killing has nearly five hundred people seven present mostly in spain some in france and they're getting no special treatment and they're not all mentions in the sense of them like you not have they as chosen to abandon them what's you know why and why don't you mentioned
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no it looks like that but exact. really probably the opposite. i think the explanation maybe that every time after mentions the prisoners it actually damages the prisoners this is a little complicated but it works like this if. he says anything about the prisoners this spanish edition read and when a prisoner comes up for early release for good behavior for whatever reason the prisoner is told well actually since apple is still speaking in your name you are still subject to act as authority and therefore you may return to violence and so their release is held up so i think this is very sounds very arcane but i think their thinking is by not mentioning the prisoners at all they are actually improving their chances of early release and i think it's really interesting what you say there a comparing the wording of their previous statement saying that some of their comments in the past have been bizarre this statement of apology is actually quite
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cleverly worded what does this tell us what does it reveal about what is happening behind the scenes i mean obviously the cheat the group has chosen to disband but what does it tell us about their leadership structure. well i think the reality is they have very little leadership structure left they have very little of anything left they have very few weapons after i mean the one assumes pragmatically that they didn't decommission all their weapons last year but they had already lost most of their weapons to the police they were never terribly in a very weak situation but there is a paradox here that with the cease fire political support for a basket independence rose. the vote for groups which are analogous to s. are in political terms rose from a nadir of about seven percent towards the beginning of this century to twenty five percent after the seastar so politically they're stronger so where does the
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aspiration that you described go how is this channel to if the group has to disband . i think the aspiration goes into political activity and they must be watching very carefully what's happening in catalonia where independence has support of around forty eight forty nine percent perhaps and has moved forward though with great difficulty without a shot being fired so i think that's the kind of model that they will look at but of course this is all very fraught because madrid believes that has won an outright military victory in the basque country i don't actually think it's as simple as that and madrid has absolutely no intention of ceding independence to either the basque country or catalonia so we're really in a very and you know a very fraught situation that is not going to go away i think after will finally go away and i think one thing you might say about this statement is that it has come
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literally decades too late and had a lot of credibility under the dictatorship and and for a period after the dictatorship but steadily even among its own supporters it's been losing that support so and in fact in the view of i think the intelligent pro independence leaders had long ago become an obstacle to independence but there was a kind of fascist fetishization of that or that it was kind of an authority which couldn't be questioned by radical pro independence people in the basque country and it's only with the breaking of that to boo that you see in the process of the last six or seven years this is a very service series of statements i think this is the second last one basically apologizing to all of the victims which is as i say a remarkable thing to do and i think the next step we will see will be an announcement that at a has actually dissolved thank you very much maybe interesting to talk to get your
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thoughts on this appreciate it patti wood with joining pat patti wood with joining us there from dublin thank you. still ahead for you this hour heavy rains wreak havoc in rangar camps in bangladesh increasing fears of what the monsoon will bring. at least three people were killed in protests against cuts to state pensions in nicaragua. and in sport find out how japan retain that title at the women's asian cup final. hello and welcome back now the fine weather across europe largely continues so the central areas enjoy some very warm weather indeed twenty seven degrees in vienna he
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said there is still cold out to area of low pressure giving rain for parts of russia slightly cooler air creeping in across the u.k. and as the weekend wears on there's a threat of thunderstorms doesn't look as though it's going to bring the temperature down too much in paris but across the u.k. you may struggle to reach twenty three degrees in london certainly for the marathon and temperatures could be a couple degrees lower than that so as we head then across into north africa you can see we've got fine conditions the most part when coming up from the subtle bit of dust perhaps in parts of morocco otherwise fine along the coast twenty five inch unison it should be pleasant enough in car on thirty degrees but the wind is coming off the mediterranean so temperatures pick back a little bit as we head through sunday it's rather pleasant twenty seven degrees celsius as the maxim down into central parts of africa we've got a lot of heavy showers across kenya tanzania through up into uganda so sit down with the two showers also and then towards the gulf of guinea because as we freddie went for the ball in the river will see some heavy downpours further towards the
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west we have a scottish hours for lagos in nigeria and ghana for the north in bamako mali should be drawing on hot highs here of forty. there are over seven million lives in this war. each one a story. that wants to be seen. that leadership to be had that demonstrably poulan. if this guy will be a witness. witness the human being to open your eyes. on this iraq.
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where every. with the news hour now top stories for palestinian protesters have been killed by israeli gunfire one of them a child during ongoing protests on the gaza israel border. the us democratic party is suing donald trump's campaign russia and wiki leaks have heard edge collusion in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election and commonwealth leaders have
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agreed that prince charles should take over as head of the group once queen elizabeth no longer holds the role. students across the united states have been marking the nineteenth anniversary of the colombine school massacre and a national day of action against gun violence in schools the anti gun movement in the u.s. has gained new momentum since the park and school shooting in florida in february when seventeen people were killed and agalloch i was at the protest in partner and . once again the students of marjorie stoneman douglas high school if the classrooms to call for gun reform in february the students lost fourteen of the classmates and three teaches. that. they've been campaigning for a changing gun laws ever since we're joined by students from across the country from coast to coast there were more than two thousand demonstrations in all our school our teacher was shot and killed at the beginning of the year so this is something that we take very personally and if you look at advocated for us the
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people that have just been freed by police from inside the building the day marks nineteen years since thirteen people were killed at columbine high school in colorado in the years since gun laws have largely remained unchanged and school shootings have got worse it's happened at sandy hook it's happened at great mills and i happen at my school like we shouldn't be letting this happen we shouldn't be letting people die without trying to change something and stop something even a stew. marched in parkland another school shooting was reported in central florida the alleged shooter is now in custody and no one was killed but it's a reminder of what children here face every day the walk out here and the thousands of others across the country demonstrate the resolve of this generation more than any other they've been affected by the plague of gun violence they hope to be the ones that finally bring change and the darker al-jazeera pocket florida. survivors of ethnic violence in the democratic republic of congo held out as they are in
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their villages were subjected to mass killings rape and arson in one thousand asians says more than one hundred thousand people have fled northeast and it tearing province this year now can web travel to the area and spoke to some of the displaced. rochelle good to see will never know her two older sisters militia killed them with machetes before cutting her. family in this camp for displaced people in bosnia in the democratic republic of congo they fled their village when the militia were attacked who ran into more fighters down the road he also cut off her sister's arm her father told us how his wife was killed to know about among new ways to learn i was running behind my wife and children they grabbed me and started cussing me with machetes then they could my wife started cursing her too she was pregnant so they cut the baby from her stomach many of the people in the camps tell similar stories of attacks by men from the lendu ethnic
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group we went to some of the villages declared these are the remains of one family's home they fled when the attackers came from their possessions they left behind the attackers set the house on fire they did the same in the house next door as well another family lived here and they ran a business they were repairing motorcycles and selling spare parts also completely destroyed. and it's a similar story of destruction as you go down the street. many of the homes on this side belong to people from the hammer ethnic group they weren't the only targets just across the road homes and businesses belonging to ethnic lendu with destroyed as well. as being conflict between the two ethnic groups in the past in the one nine hundred ninety s. in two thousand uganda and rwanda fought the congolese government to control of eastern congo in a tourist and lendu militias were their proxies tens of thousands of civilians were killed but now look on
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a safari told us there is no conflict between the two groups he's a lendu he says he haiti's hammon neighbors here in his house when the militia are attacked like many he thinks politicians plan the violence to further postpone congo's over to elections and the world progress they want that we're waiting for elections so we can have new leadership this is our will but the killing started without reason this was already prepared for lin doing him or to start killing each other i consider this a deliberately planned conflict. the government denies this since the attack began its sense all just to take control of the villages. it's difficult to identify the enemy right now army intelligence working to identify who killed and burned houses and who was behind the massacres we've arrested some militia who are already facing justice. the army says the area is now secure and people should return some have many more have not because they still don't feel safe because they have nothing
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left to return to malcolm webb al jazeera it's eerie province in the democratic republic of congo. says in zimbabwe have been protesting against the sacking of sixteen thousand of their colleagues who've gone on strike on hundreds of workers took part in the peaceful demonstration they kept in the capital harare earlier this week thousands of nurses walked out of a poor conditions and unpaid allowances many were late to find it so had to the shutdown of major public hospitals we can we can ignore ready struggling health sector right now those system that's been clipboards is how the system that services the poor the prop outs of the kind the kind that for private key this is the only kid they get to do to make kids right they deserve to gets in the school that i'm sending my children is that the school that they're supposed to to gorge to is a mess i speak to send a child to a school but if they just go to it to be
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a school board we can may say larry. but lisa nicaragua say three people have been killed in protests against cuts to pensions a policeman a protest and a pro-government activist were the victims of the latest violence this comes as the government ordered five independent t.v. channels covering the protests to stop broadcasting john heilemann has more. antigovernment protests cynical are were are unusual but they're happening now. it started when pensions were cut by five percent and employees social security contributions were raised slightly. i am here because i am indignant indignant that my grandparents are going to receive five percent or less of their already anemic bench and after having board for forty five years that is not money that are being lent that is money that they already paid in so they bother me it bothers me and it could not remain sitting any longer several people have been killed a many others injured in running battles between protesters and police street
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barricades have been thrown and students have occupied at least one university the government sought to restrict coverage of the protests cutting the signal of at least three channels which was showing the independent media say that's a clear violation of the freedom of the press the vice president and first lady. has described protesters as trying to destroy the country her husband long term president danielle ortega has been accused of an increasingly authoritarian and un democratic rule now many nicaraguans are making their voices heard and the protests are expected to continue john homan out does it or north and south korean officials can now call each other directly thanks to a newly installed hotline south korea's presidential blue house and north korea's state affairs commission tested the hotline for four minutes in preparation for expected talks between south korean eating lungi n. and north korea's kim jong un next week. nepal's government is banning all public
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vehicles that are more than twenty years old in an effort to combat air pollution some say the move is unfair to people who rely on their vehicles to make a living so strong katmandu. catastrophic can be a nightmare and often the pollution levels exceed that of large cities like new delhi and beijing you know to manage pollution and accidents in the past government started enforcing an old decision to ban public vehicles that are more than twenty years old last year public polls alone were sponsible for more than seventy thousand major and minor accidents at the bottom of the valley. twenty old vehicles were banned from the city two years ago but the ban has now been imposed across the country according to the department of transportation as many as sixty thousand vehicles will be taken off the roads because of this decision. just a few hours outside gottman due in bank village there are a few buses transferring locals drivers here are happy that the ban has just come
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into effect but i don't know why it didn't do this to ron or verses on these roads bridges understood in can fairly and there can be accidents but vehicles older than twenty years three hundred thirty years are instead of working out around here but the decision has upset some transport entrepreneurs' who are often accused of acting like cartels just last month the government ended their monopoly on bus routes and allowed new buses now don't trip in your say this twenty year ban will impact the group as the most. we have four wheelers operating in the hills they cost one hundred to one hundred fifty thousand dollars now we can't replace those vehicles and people will be deprived of the services if vehicles are damaged even within five to ten years they should be removed from operation capping the life of big girls to twenty years is unscientific. the pallies pay high rates of taxes duport new vehicles up to two hundred eighty eight percent government officials say
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it takes no longer than twelve years to recover they invested and on public transport and extra eight years its profit transport entrepreneur say they already run at a loss it was subsidies to buy you vehicles now they're threatening to go on an extended strike but government officials say they're not going to back down. on the government. of the government so far has only a regulatory a managerial role in the public transportation sector so we need to operate our own public transportation system what the metropolitan cities into valid countries we are lobbying and hope to demonstrate this all over the country to some corporate and good numbers to lessen the burden of all vehicles might not have much impact on government is pollution but if both sides don't compromise and vehicles are not replaced on roads the poorest people in the country may have less access to public transport. also zero that might do. the swedish d.j.
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known as a cheese died at the age of twenty eight the top electronic dance music artist whose real name is tim burgling was found dead in muscat oman he retired from tearing in two thousand and sixteen partly because of health problems no cause of death has been announced. new york's most famous film festival is underway the try back a festival was founded in an attempt to help revitalize lower manhattan after the attacks of september eleventh and has since grown into an international event kristin salumi reports. films by women and about women have the starring role the seventeenth try back a film festival which opened with love gilda was a time when i thought that all i wanted to do was work a tribute to comedienne and saturday night live star gilda radner directed by lisa dop aledo. but one of the things interesting about the festival this year is that we really try to have fifty fifty parity so forty six percent of our narrative
12:44 am
films are directed by women and you get a different perspective with strong women characters which is something facial muscles and his body posture like zoe this year's centerpiece film aside if i romanticize about finding love in a world of technological artifice that also has an of the moment feel different. with nearly one hundred feature films plus shorts t.v. and online works not to mention the live music an artist talks there's a little something for everyone i try back up this is an international festival but it gets its name from its new york neighborhood as well as a spirit of activism. i don't know what kind of tipping point we're at the work of the new york times grappling with how to cover an adversarial president is featured in the closing night documentary called before the state while two shorts surviving theater nine and notes from dunblane give voice to the
12:45 am
survivors of mass shooting at the country's gun control continuing the festival's tradition of socially relevant selections new york itself is going to have a tradition of filmmaking people years certainly gritty and so i think you could see some of that character in the programming some of the kinds of people that the first war tracks. even international issues come with new york perspective like the short film salaam about a syrian palestinian woman who drives the city streets for a living while awaiting life or death news from home it's a story about an immigrant made by an immigrant child back i was the absolute power affects premier venue for my film because this is a new york film that's you know celebrating all of the different cultures that we have in new york. it's celebrating the fact that this is a liberal city for the festival goers try back up provides
12:46 am
a window on the world and the cutting edge of culture with plenty of new york attitude christian salumi al-jazeera new york. has two decades in english football. baseball to see revisited fifty years on washington smithsonian museum off as movie buffs a real life glimpse at the science fiction. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places to get the.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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sport now it's sunny. thank you very much maria moore one of the most well known figures in international football has announced hell be quitting at the end of the english season us and then go will exist london club arsenal after almost twenty two years in tart at his home and has more. he's the longest serving manager in english premier league history but after more than two decades in charge a statement on arsenal's website confirmed the news after careful consideration and following discussions with the club i feel it is the right time for me to step down right awesome vendor i am grateful for having had the privilege to serve the club the so many memorable use when vango arrived at arsenal from japanese football in one thousand nine hundred sixty fans were asking aston who but he leaves as one of the most influential manages in football history also changed the game he set
12:49 am
a totally new standard a new ambition and ambition not just to win but to win. while achieving perfection to make art out of football vanga won the english premier league on three occasions most famously in two thousand and four when he's team went through the season unbeaten they were dumped the invincibles he lifted the f.a. cup on seven occasions but the frenchman was also viewed as a revolutionary for his early use of sports science and nutrition. basically moved the goalposts for everybody else was still doing the same thing still prepare and in the same way he came in with different ideas while he was still an influencer though in football he made. has a fantastic career outstanding personality despite success in england also failed to win the champions league during his tenure was that we were going to have fans
12:50 am
began to lose faith in recent seasons an attempt to humiliation by by munich last year was marked by protests hit often ponded his own future on the street i would love to be here forever because that would mean i would be mortar but. i'm not naive enough to believe that the views were mixed outside of arsenal's harm ground on friday i was quite disappointed when they're leaving because it was such a great manager holds a legacy in the club itself like aussie aussie where. is sort of relief as well because he hasn't had the best of great seasons ultimately bangas managerial rain will be remembered fondly after twenty two years he's time at arsenal has just one month left to run home an al-jazeera. of anders list of achievements is certainly impressive his three premier league titles came
12:51 am
in one thousand and ninety eight two thousand and two and two thousand and four that after his team went through the season unbeaten it was first time in more than a century that had been done in english football the f.a. cup ahead of venders way on a record seven locations the first in nineteen ninety eight his last was secured in two thousand and seventeen while vendor ask longest serving manager has taken charge of the record of a record eight hundred twenty three games in the e.p.l. racking up four hundred seventy three victories well we spoke with goals dot com arsenal correspondent chris wood here in the i asked him about the legacy van gogh will leave at the club. well still legendary already said he has an untouchable legacy and i think that's difficult to argue with once so many things for all snow he's revolutionized english football but now all the managers who come in we've
12:52 am
seen the likes of pep guardiola antonio com site they have revolutionized english football with the new methods then you tactics and methodology and i think it also can go on to win and that would be the legacy for austin bengal that would be the first european trophy. you know ten major trophies in twenty years eight hundred premier league games at these guys and also the legend there's no mistake about that but like all good things they do come soon and behind the scenes we know that the chief executive i mean his eat us has been planning for this departure for a long time he's brought in a new head of recruitment a new contract negotiates a new you had a football relations all of these new arrivals of basically signaling the end of us and then is running all snow the modernising the club are going forwards the only thing left really to change was the manager. and i think you'll see in the next few
12:53 am
weeks that the tributes are going to be pouring in for us and. i think his legacy is going to be tarnished i think what he's done for the club thing this football will never be repeated. alex ferguson is kind of on the paul the boss and that your terms of what he's achieved and trophies and silverware and everything like that but also and then go obviously a legend of the english game that awsome. so vocal action or japan have won the women's asian cup title after beating australia one nil in the final and jordan green school the only goal of the match in the eighty fourth a minute to fire the holders to the second title they become a d. source nation to successfully defend the asian women's cup since korea in two thousand and three. tennis now well number one muscle in the da has edged closer to recalled extending eleventh title at the monte carlo mosses the spaniard thrashed a walled number seven dominate him to reach the semifinals dropping just two games
12:54 am
to the austrian this is just an adult second time and to all of two thousand and eighteen on to he injured his head jenny ways of st andrews and i think i played fantastic match this afternoon. difficult to imagine much playing but you know what they did is often on. no mistery skipping a lot of when i was running the court taking the ball only with the bark and so in general terms i i think i played great so very happy to be in the semifinals again sorry for dominic you're going to get a good friend. but i'm going to look like or die he's one of the real candidates to win everything that he's going. on except for and number five god demeter off the ball going to be belgium is the davids go find straight sets to advance to the last four and monte carlo for. the other half of the draw it was a birthday to remember for world number four legs on this but if you reach the semi's the german who turned twenty one on fridays fought back from
12:55 am
a set down to beat. the ever play japan skinny she corey in the last fall the former world number four winning a three set battle with world number three my favorite is she quarry prevailing in just a short of the three hours to reach his big heavy final says two thousand and sixteen . and that's it from me back to maria of me thank you sir now fifty years ago the space race was at its height with the united states and former soviet union competing to land the first man on the moon into the heart of this cold war rivalry kang a groundbreaking space film two thousand and two thousand and one a space odyssey which both dazzled and confused audiences well why on now a new exhibit in washington is honoring the stanley kubrick masterpiece joan went along to take a look. and adventure that automatically leads to confront is own destiny it's perhaps the grandest science fiction film of all time two thousand and one a
12:56 am
space odyssey stanley kubrick's attempt to examine humankind's journey through evolution and technology it's impossible to pick a single iconic moment so we started the film's end and here's the bed where dave. and his life question mark this encounter with it when you know intelligence is a transformative moment not just for him but for the human species overall. collins is a curator at the smithsonian national air and space museum in washington d.c. where visitors marvel at the vessels used to soar above the earth and now can spend a few minutes inside the hotel suite where the fictional two thousand and one astronaut died or perhaps was reborn. but for those fans it potentially is a kind of stimulant to kind of relive that experience of the film in a different way and for those who haven't seen the film but perhaps as
12:57 am
a catalyst to encourage them to go and take a look at the movie an artist and fan of the movie created this replica of the set and museum officials welcomed the chance to bring it to washington not just to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the film's release but to provoke conversation there's such a close correlation between cultural products like film and television these worlds become entangled right now but it is sort of your kind of lives those worlds separately but the exhibition doesn't tackle is one of the film's most important characters hal the computer with a mind of its own and a threat to dave and fellow astronaut frank the film suggested relying on technology could be too dangerous for humanity a plant recently raised by elon musk the high tech billionaire and inventor could
12:58 am
be just something like getting rid of spam e-mail or something it's like a clue as well the best way to get over spam is to get out of humans this think you're doing this perhaps two thousand one had the right answer humanity must be able to turn off the power switch on machines even though there's no such thing as immortality for humans or is there. roslyn jordan al-jazeera washington. well as more and everything we're covering on our website of course al jazeera dot com is the address and then he's out by we'll be back in a minute with much more of the day's news so i'm going.
12:59 am
serious condition. a new poll ranks mexico city is the pull for worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have
1:00 am
a boyfriend very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened i think about how to react what do i do if this gets way no money on the uses a new service it's called loyal droid it's for women cus a jazz only and drum by women drivers pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven of dr has. a story fourteen hundred years in the making. a story of succession and leadership. and josie it tells the story line of dentist. and the women are. the kind of episodes three. zero.


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