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museums taking part in the project called the meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasize the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life is part of life it's culture. for nearly half a century. a controversial political figure in the cold in the middle east and one who was never far from crisis at home or abroad. in a two part series. tells the story of king hussein of jordan episode two. this time.
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at least thirty one people have been killed by a suicide bomber at a voter registration center in afghanistan's capital. hello and welcome to al-jazeera live from our headquarters in doha with me elizabeth purana also ahead the man who's led mass protests against prime minister is detained after talks between the. chemical weapons inspectors of a scorched earth into the site of a suspected attack in syria two weeks afterward said to have happened plus malaysia's government and police suggest the involvement of a foreign head of the murder of a palestinian engineer. at least thirty one people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack in the afghan capital kabul that happened at
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a voter registration center in an area where many of the country's share has already minority live they own a home and has more. police say a suicide bomb addition i should explosives at the doorway of the building it's a voter registration seem to where people have been getting identification cards ahead of elections sit to take place in october but the longer a burden is on when i arrived at the scene we helped many wounded people to carry them to the hospital all the victims were women and children who were here to get their identity cards and registration for election the blast happened in an area and whizzed in kabul when many of the country's shia has out of minority live it's the latest in a string of attacks on voter registration same tis they opened just last week part of a weeks long process to get people properly registered allegations of fraud have long plagued elections in afghanistan this process is designed to guard against that the
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independent election commission has said it hopes as many as fifteen million people register but the election commission admits to now sofa is already. a senior member of the afghan army had told afghans they would be safe that afghan forces would be there to maintain security at voter registration same tis this latest blast will do little to reassure reffed games it's worth the risk madame holland al-jazeera. well let's get more on the smell of the russia who is joining us live from kabul and the death toll of the continuing to climb here. well elizabeth. this is not the first time where we see attacks that toll claims. up but the first initial reports say that there was
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a suicide a bomb or a typing this center now a public health ministry says that thirty one people killed but also sources on the ground local people telling us that that toll could be much higher now one local. witness telling us that he saw himself at least twelve children that were killed now why children were there because women were also participating all or the will to resist station centers trying to get. for the elections while the security remains a big challenge here for the elections for the upcoming election which would be has to prove that actions of will be held for the parliamentary and provincial council members. in afghanistan such as in the south such as in the north and are now unstable. according to the course of these thirty five districts are
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under the taliban control and it would be very difficult for the afghan forces to reach out to those people which are under the taliban control now the question for the participation of the people of the means. a big. challenge because people fear that afghan forces will not be able to. secure these centers and now the water that just ration has kicked off a week ago. there is still low turnout for example in helmand in soudan not gonna stand we see a lot of people turning out for them to the station in central afghanistan in kabul but in parts of afghanistan in the south or in the north the turnout is very low after the thank you very much for that for now that's up and i showed what the latest live and a couple thank you. let's move on to other news now and several armenian opposition
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figures have been held by police after leading mind days of mass protests against the prime minister the most high profile protest leader in the cult was among those seen detained by police denying this well earlier televised talks between passion and promise this broke down after this than two minutes the opposition accuse assad a sea of. calling on him to resign he became prime minister with more government control after serving a maximum of ten years as president but let's get more on this now we're joined by maria touches the and she's the editor in chief of reports that's an independent online news platform and she's joining us live from the capital via skype so what are you hearing about the detention among the opposition leaders because as we've just said we're hearing conflicting reports. that's right after question you know who was marching to. down at.
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least officers you know storms that. you are. required yes i do apologize we do not have a good connection with maria. yet yvonne what we will try to establish a better connection and go back to her but let's move on for now israel's army has blamed the palestinian group hamas for leading riots and attempting to destroy infrastructure at the gaza border they have been for weeks of palestinian protests there during the latest on friday israeli slight this killed four people including a fourteen year old boy in a statement the israeli army said during the riots burning tires were used to create smoke screens in order to mask attempts to damage the protective infrastructures rocks were hurled with burning items attached to them a floor and with the intention of igniting fires in israeli territory well correspondent bernard smith has been to meet the family of muhammad are you the
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youngest victim of the protests. right or are you had dreams for her some most more than a good education marriage children. but a bullet to the had from an israeli sniper means this family now has to bury fourteen year old mohammad are you along with those dreams. while there are no hard allah says and. i used to tell him one day living conditions will improve political divisions will and i had been pushing him to continue his studies despite everything. mohammed was protesting near the gaza israel border fence at easter or on friday if he was throwing stones they probably weren't very big. this family video from last year shows mohammed at the zoo he slight aged just thirteen here it's hard to imagine six months later he posed a serious threat to the israeli military. death prompted an unusually strong
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reaction from the u.n. special coordinator for the middle east peace process nicholai martin off said it's outrageous to shoot our children how does the killing of a child in gaza today help peace it doesn't it feels anger and breeds more killing . a former israeli military spokesman responded please go to gaza engage hamas and get them to stop sending people to the fence stop palestinian incitement and organize riots at the border and donald trump's advisor to the middle east dept in a full investigation by israel of mohammad are you is on their way as we mourn the tragic loss of a young life we must all resolve to avoid causing more suffering by responses to his death. mohammed's father says he couldn't stop his son joining the protest for palestinian rights doesn't. he was always smiling always teasing to me his father who was not a kid but the brave the whole neighborhood loved him never said no to anyone he just want to see our original village in israel. was buried the day he died
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the youngest victim so far of the palestinian great march of return burnet smith al jazeera gaza. let's go back to armenia now where several opposition figures have been held by police after leading days of mass protests against the prime minister and we're joined by maria to see an editor and chief of the end report an independent online news platform and she is joining us live via skype. thank you for staying with us on al-jazeera so what is it that you're hearing about the opposition the detention of opposition leaders and protesters as the main opposition leader. among those detained we've seen pictures of that but then we've heard from on me and police saying that he has not been arrested. he has not been officially charged but he has been taken away by security forces along with two other members of parliament all members of the civil contract party not position
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party that's part of a bloc in parliament several other civilians were also detained you know things were going quite peacefully after the talks broke down this morning and while he was talking to a police officer the red berets and special forces stormed that conversation and just drive to go away and the protests that we are seeing now the city has some of the biggest mania in yet is broken out because president who had said in the past that he had no intention of becoming prime minister after his two terms as president and it has gone and done exactly that. that's right they made changes to the constitution to switch the country's governance from somebody presidential to parliamentary in effect allowing him to run as prime minister this is really his third term ruling the country and this is what has caused many people to be you know tired of broken promises and understanding with the new elect moral
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code didn't the the greater amount of power that was concentrated in the prime minister's hands. effectively the republican party in. the country for many years if not decades and how do you expect protesters to respond to the to the detention of the protest late in the cold because he has managed to get so many people across the country out on the streets calling on protests as you know to paralyze the entire state system so that power can be passed to the people. that's right in probably to twenty seven year history of armenians independence we have not seen such mass acts of civil disobedience and not only centered in the capital but throughout the country there has been a huge response from students from young people calling on student strikes and labor strikes it has been an extraordinary series of events something that this country has not seen and basically that's what people are doing they are self
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organizing they're paralyzing streets where's bridges but right now our reporters on the ground are saying that thousands of people are trying to get to a public square yet we're hearing that police forces have surrounded the square which has become sort of like the focal point of the movement so it's a very fluid situation right now it's very hard to tell what's going to happen mrs yan thank you very much for joining us and giving us the latest information i know that you are trying to get down to the square yourself so we will let you go for now but thank you that is maria to joining us live from thank you. now malaysia's deputy prime minister says the killing of a palestinian engineer in kuala lumpur may have been the work of a foreign intelligence agency palestinian media have reported that was ambushed and shot me a mosque two motorcyclist then fled the scene hamas says he was a party member but tells us what the man's family is saying. this
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is to an identified gunman opened fire at. the thirty five year old palestinian engineering lecturer was ambushed as he was walking to was in nearby boss in the capital kuala lumpur colleagues of the university shocked and by the killing so we don't see any thing dangerous we. said the only thing that we can see of. the only thing that could be is because of his expertise in his field of electrical engineering. a neighbor told reporters that he saw two european looking man nearby shortly before the shooting their family blame israel for the killing of. the israeli mossad is to be held responsible for that because the israelis can't tolerate any well educated arab and particularly palestinian mentality israel considers any well educated distinguished arab or
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particularly palestinian figure as the real big threat for israel how mass which controls gaza said was a member of the palestinian group has repeatedly blamed israel's spy agency mossad for targeting its members including into. a tizzy an expert in jone technology was shot in his hometown. in december to police said the killers of what he posed as foreign journalists hamas said he was instrumental. still in developing drones and was a command of its. brigades. security forces in saudi arabia's capital so they've shot down a toy drawn they a royal palace are. all video posted online appears to capture the sound of gunfire and officials say king
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solomon was often at the time of the incident and investigation is on the way yemen's who the rebels have previously to try to fly bomb carrying drones and to saudi arabia. now off to several days international inspectors have finally been given access to the scene of a suspected chemical attack that took place in syria two weeks ago that the syrian government and its allies russia deny responsibility for the attack and an alleged cover up but inspectors will not be assigning blame only be trying to determine whether an attack took place katia lopez holly and reports. the wait is over inspectors with the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons given access to the area of the alleged chemical attack in duma samples were collected but delayed access to the site is raising questions about the quality of the evidence and whether syria or russia cleared the scene the visit comes a week after o.p.c. w. inspectors first arrived in syria the u.s.
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and france have accused russia of blocking the investigation to buy time for mr lavrov who is who's a master of making these types of arguments i mean he would get up and stand in front of you for hours and tell you that it well it could just as equally be you know martians landing from a flying saucer you don't know that and you know it's the kind of logic which says you know if they offer an alternative explanation which you can't prove is wrong. tends to you know whittle away at the more dominant or. more than forty people reportedly died in a suspected chemical. attack on april seventh the u.s. france and the u.k. retaliated by bombing several syrian government sites russia and syria have denied the use of chemical weapons they also deny hindering the investigation once the samples of the suspected chemical attack or analyze inspectors will submitted their report to the state's parties to the chemical weapons convention depending on the
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findings and inspectors could make a second visit to duma. al-jazeera now rebel fighters from the just a column only a serious capital have arrived in northern aleppo following one of the evacuation deals that go shaded by regime ally russia or many of the fighters belong to the group. about half of the population of color moon are internally displaced and have been on the government's siege for years so he and president bashar al asad backed by russia and iran is seeking to recover control of the last pockets of rebel territory around damascus. to pakistan now where hundreds of people from the pashtun community are rallying in the hall demanding justice for what they see as decades of oppression the protests began in february when the police killing of an aspiring model went viral officers claimed the man had ties to taliban but an investigation was ordered what showed no evidence to the claim the group says
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thousands of her students have disappeared over the years or being the target of unjustified police killings while the push through in a pakistan second biggest ethnic group making up fifteen percent of the population of two hundred and seven million the majority live in the federally administered tribal areas near the border with afghanistan the area has some of the lowest literacy rates in pakistan with only four thousand schools in the region three thousand those are in the mentoring schools the group says they have been the target of military operations ethnic stereotyping and abductions by security forces for decades the mobilization of the movement has been led by young social media savvy pashtuns the leader of the movement. is just twenty six years old well let's get more on this we're joined by a pakistan correspondent c'mon hi there he is live for us in the hall what's happening there now come on. well right now hundreds of people have gathered and we are expecting thousands of people to come
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at this venue in lahore at mochi gate which was an old gate into the city built during the times of the mobile birdwatchers prompted these drivers to come to law or is to make sure that their demands are heard now they key demands are much mention here is to stop the jail extrajudicial killing of the polish tunes and various parts of the country particularly in karachi as you mentioned where a senior police officer out on water was involved in extrajudicial killing of innocent people secondly they warned to know about the whereabouts of thousands of missing people who have gone missing during the conflict and that area they warned these people to be dried they wanted your visual commission to probe after rather some of these people may be guilty or not and those who are not guilty should be released their third demand is that the check boards that are operating in the
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tribal regions should change their attitude towards the local population because they say they're being humiliated they're also our demand that the land mines that have been laid in this war torn region should be removed some of those land mines were put there by escaping taliban fighters as well as by the government to launch their major of pensive there and of course turkey them on that draw on water should be hanged for the killing of innocent people from what you just on will have to wait and see if those calls are heard and those demands are met for now that a lot hosp on has come out high the monitoring those protests for us and the whole thank you come on. now a journalist covering the anti-government demonstrations in nicaragua has been shot and killed during a live broadcast and help al gore not in the blue shed was reporting via facebook
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from the town who feels on the southern carabine coast when it happened one of his colleagues is blaming a government slide for government says ten people have been killed in four days of protests but rights groups put the death toll much higher john heilemann has more on what's behind the best. president will take to finally came out and address the country after full days of protest in nicaragua and what he said wasn't that conciliatory towards the protesters the came out flanked not just by his cabinet but also by military and police figures which in itself tells a story what he had to say was that the protesters might have shadowy political figures the hind the so that didn't really seem an address. attempting to reach out to the protesters to try and find some sort of dialogue and these are protests the aren't just happening in the capital menard work but also in several other cities in the country this box that really lit them seem to have been about changes to the
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social security structure mechanisms in the country but also there's been tension in this country before then president will take is seen by n.g.o.s and also by analysts have been undermining democratic institutions in the country in the bid to hang on to power he's now in his third consecutive term he's also been accused of turning the government into a bit of a family business his wife is also the vice president of the country now what we have to see is what's going to come next all the protests going to escalate is there going to be any attempts at dialogue and some people in the crowd were asking will the army be a center on the streets to try and deal with this which would definitely represent some sort of escalation. to south africa now is shopkeepers in northwest part. have been left wondering about their futures off the buildings were burned and looted during days of protests demonstrators are demanding the resignation of a prevention leader who they accuse of corruption and not deliver an essential
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services catherine sawyer reports from. pinky being. feverish she inhaled gas when police and protesters clashed but health workers in public hospitals are on strike and can't get help. to her mother's house in the city to give path because life is more difficult in the rural area where she lives a can take. because. there comes the lies and those political things. that they do not deliver you understand. the houses and give people jobs when the jobs come from the government they dig. prostrations are shared by many people in this region and that's why these two to the streets i believe they want better public services from the local government houses and shops they also want the provision leader to step down saying he's
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failed to do his job now also corruption allegations presidency says he needs time to hold more talks with aggrieved communities and the provision is life is returning to normal in my hand but many short remain closed people say they will wait for the outcome of consultations the president asked for but they also tell us that they are impatient for answers and won't wait too long. though many of the grievances are generally in the protests turned violent rowdy more buildings and looted. linda just to come over the traders like i clearly learn torah are devastated everything in his shop was a the stolen or band this was his home too i don't want to know i'm hopeless you can see what. i don't want money to remove it this is not easy to remove that.
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you cannot replace reason not to some people say politics in targeted revenge attacks in the way of what was supposed to be peaceful demonstrations. and have family tallis this is the result of pent up anger. my can south africa. madagascar's prime minister has promised an investigation after one person was killed in anti-government protests more than a dozen others were injured in the capital one while police fired tear gas that opposition demonstrators they were rallying against the new electoral laws which the opposition says are designed to stop their candidate from running for president . and the us government has approved the death penalty for people convicted of raping children under the age of twelve a prime minister narendra modi's cabinet signed off the order of things backing from parliament within six months to become law the legal action follows widespread protests over a number of attacks including the rape and murder of an eight year old girl.
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should be illegal actions. particularly the victim is a minor one but. we already have laws in this country what is needed is a conviction of the green. it is a good decision in fact not only for girls under twelve years old also for those older than twelve years old every rapist deserve it the death penalty should apply to every offender. now customs inspectors have raided the headquarters of korean airlines they also searched the homes of chairman cho young and three of his children the suspected of failing to pay duty on luxury imports on of choice daughters was jailed four years ago after losing her temper over the way a crew member served her and flights lax now hong kong is lagging behind the rest of china and embracing renewable energy only zero point one percent of the city's power comes from those and that's
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a long way from countries like iceland it's capitalized on its environment and geothermal springs and achieved almost one hundred percent of its energy use coming from renewables swager itself and vicious target it wants all of its energy from renewable by twenty forty and when it comes to investment well china's leading the way it spends two billion dollars in two thousand and sixteen on renewable energy research and development it also comes out on top in terms of capacity meaning how much energy it can produce from renewables but hong kong is looking to play catch up and if a pilot project prove successful they could soon be able to harness the power of the sun. and reports tire to hong kong's oldest surviving fishing village but it's becoming a new frontier in the territory when it comes to energy. the circle point to set up needs i would tricity to run the water pumping system i chose solar panels as it
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would generate just enough energy as the pump doesn't need to much power. timmie says family have lived here for generations he says the villagers called sunlight god's blessing for centuries they use the sun to make the dried seafood products this village has become famous for last year they discovered another benefit when the world wildlife fund set up solar panels in the village cheap clean energy problem if they can't afford to install anymore not without government funds they don't will have to financial support and then they also don't have to try to follow to motivate to have almost system the hong kong government is looking at investing in green energy this pilot project is successful this could be one solution clover cove is one of seventeen reservoirs in hong kong the solar panels power the nearby water works facility the water supplies department has been very hard to integrate as the green technology an operation to mitigate that in pad off the climate change
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. other than harvesting the solar energy from the sun there are lots of benefits from in soaring to solar p.v. system currently only zero point one percent of hong kong's energy comes from renewables compare that to seventeen percent in china seventy eight percent of electricity comes from fossil fuels it's the city's biggest pollutant but environmentalist say hong kong has the potential to turn that around a recent university study found that a quarter of the city's three hundred nine thousand buildings are suitable for solar panel installation if used effectively the buildings could provide ten percent of hong kong's energy consumption cutting carbon emissions by three million tons a year companies that invest in green buildings get tax breaks at the moment though there are no clear incentives for small businesses or households the praties from tommy's aquaponics farm go to scaffold nearby his next project is the solar eyes the entire operation but he says he can't afford to go all green until there's
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a change in government policy if you go paul in august. hong kong. hello again all of those have a problem and with the headlines on al-jazeera at least thirty one people have been killed in an explosion at a voter registration center and ball police say a suicide bomber detonated his explosives at the doorway of the building there have been attacks at other centers during the past week elections are set to take place in october. but after i heard a bang i rushed to the side of the blast and when i arrived at the scene we helped many wounded people to carry them to hospital all the victims were women and children who were here to get their identity cards and registration and all the news several armenian opposition figures have been held by police after leading mind days of mass protest against the prime minister the most high profile protest leader. was among both detained but police are denying this earlier televised talks
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between russia and prime minister broke down after less than two minutes. the funeral was held on saturday for a fourteen year old boy who was killed by israeli sniper fire at the gaza border that israeli army is blaming protesters saying that they're at fault for throwing stones and lighting fires thirty nine people were killed during four weeks of demonstrations rebel fighters from the district of syria's capital have arrived in northern aleppo following one of the evacuation deals negotiated by the regime's ally russia well many of the fighters belong to the group. about half of the population of color moon are internally displaced and have been on the government for years. and international inspectors in syria have collected samples from the scene of an alleged chemical attack in the town of duma two weeks ago that follows a week of delays that france is blaming on russia. now hundreds of people from pakistan's pashtun community are rallying in
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a whore demanding justice for what they say is decades of oppression protests began in february when the police killing of an aspiring model went viral officers claim the man had ties to the taliban but an investigation was ordered and showed no evidence to the claim the group says thousands of tons of disappeared over the years or being the target of unjustified police killings. as are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us techno is coming up next thank you for watching. every new. this is techno innovations that can change lives.


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