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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 22, 2018 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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starts with do you have a boyfriend to you're very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened to think about how to react what do i do if this gets worse no money on the uses a new service it's called loyal droid it's for women cus a just only a drum by women drivers pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of drivers. if you are in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when miss somehow time is aiming to replace america and going to run the world while the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china oct one on a josie. bombed
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last voter registration centers have killed at least thirty seven people that i've got to stop. hello and welcome to al jazeera live from my headquarters in doha but the end of the qur'an i'm also ahead the man who's led mass protests against armenians prime ministers detained after talks between them broke down plus. these people killed so on. and destroyed their lives. the legacy of a black teenager who was murdered twenty five just years ago expose racism in london spa lease force and change the norm also. would. make between north korea and south korea only reporting you know yet.
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again and afghanistan where attacks targeting voter registration centers have killed several people at least thirty one people are dead after a suicide bombing in the capital kabul and in the northern province at least six were killed and another bomb blast many on the honda has more. police say a suicide bomb addition i should explosives at the doorway of a voter registration seemed in kabul where afghans received identification cards for elections and not toba longer than is normally arrived at the scene we helped many wounded people to carry them to the hospital all the victims were women and children who were here to get their identity cards and registration for election you know the blast happened in wiston kabul when many of the minority shia has a community live it's the latest in a series of attacks on voter registration seemed to his they opened just last week
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part of the long process to get afghans properly. just stupid allegations of fraud have long plagued elections in afghanistan the registration process is designed to guard against that the independent election commission says it hopes as many as fifteen million people will register for the parliamentary and district council elections but the election commissioner admits turnout so far is already love a senior member of the afghan army had told afghans they would be safe that afghan forces would be there to maintain security at voter registration seem to is this latest blast will do little to reassure afghans it's worth the risk million hond zero. well let's get more on all of this now we're joined by a whole of his life for us in the capital kabul of the level of again with the second attack what are you hearing about what's happened and bad luck.
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when it was twelve in the afternoon when the explosive device placed near the water registration center in northern byron province in the capital of political marie was a deter me today and official telling us at least six people were killed and five others were wounded. officers in battle on telling us that all these casualties belong to one family we also had similar incidents in the past one week this is the fifth attack on woodridge decision center in afghanistan i have some. rough information on this. recent attacks we have. on friday and no one on man attacked voter registration center in western afghanistan's baathist province killing one policeman. on thursday. and no one gunmen
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attacked another voter registration center in eastern afghanistan where two policemen were killed in a gunfight will be have another attack on tuesday where a voter registration center was attacked in all provinces where the police guarding the water registration center were killed a number of attacks as you mentioned abdullah has there been a claim of responsibility for any of them. well so far no group has claimed responsibility for these attacks but security remains a very for john even during this. process we still. have time for the election which is due in october where the waters will turn out toward for the candidates from the parliamentary elections and district council election
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now obgyn seeming these this kind of security situation will think twice to come out. of the thank you very much for that for now that's a blusher who the very latest in a couple. let's move on to other news now and several of manias key political opposition leaders have been detained by police they've been behind mass protests that have stretched into a tenth day calling on the prime minister to resign well these are pictures of nicole being taken away by police just a couple of hours ago and that he's the main spokesman for the demonstrations was held just talk to televise talks abruptly broke down between him and prime minister . suggesting on was elected by parliament to become prime minister after serving a maximum of ten years as president and that led to protests throughout the country but the point is called in the move a power grab the un rest shows no signs of easing despite hundreds of arrests now
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let's get more on this we're joined by maria tiziana she is the editor in chief of the end report said independent online news platform and she is joining us from the capital kiev on via skype thank you for staying with us on al-jazeera so as we've said the tenth day of mass protests with opposition leaders being detained by police for the past few hours what's going on there. well i have some breaking news just minutes before you know i came on air our media has a best to get it committee issued a statement that the three members of parliament and you got a question yet who is that your leader. going on and so soon because and will in fact view arrested charged and working because they are members of parliament and they do have parliamentary immunity. the president of the national assembly has been informed which means that they will probably do and this is not confirmed of course is that will do you have to have an emergency session of parliament just
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stripped of three members of parliament of immunity so that they can be formally charged and the charge from what i can gather because it just came in just before we went on air was about conducting a lawful protests in the city. as i'm saying this there was tens of thousands of people in the streets they're pouring in from all over the place we can't keep up with the number of people. they are self organizing they are saying that this is a peaceful movement they are virtually leaderless up this point but. we also got reports that men in civilian clothes up to forty fifty of them have been attacking protesters with electric shock devices and the taunts it will be interesting to see what happens to these protests the biggest that we've seen in years with the key protest leaders now arrested despite as you mentioned them having parliamentary immunity why do you think that this move by. to hold on to power has been
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such a tipping point for people and. you know armenia is a very small country percent of its population lives in poverty there's high unemployment very few resources no access to the city to where borders are blockaded one by us would be john one by turkey we have you know the cunts. you know it's been struggling for over two decades now and people are tired they're tired of promises that aren't being kept they're tired of the fact that there's such a promise the armenian people that he would not seek the office of prime minister when his second and final term as president and did in twenty nine but the ruling republican party position to him as the only leader that had the ability to use that that was adequate enough to to lead this country and people i think are tired and the tipping point also aside from that is the fact that huge numbers of students and young people have joined the movement and it's
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a cross-section of all kinds of people from society maria thank you very much for staying with us on al-jazeera today and keeping us up to date with these developing and ongoing protests and mania that is maria to live in the. now the israeli army has blamed the palestinian group hamas for leading riots and attempting to destroy infrastructure at the gaza border they have been for weeks of palestinian protest they have the latest on friday israelis lifeless killed four people including a fourteen year old boy in a statement things rarely army says during the via its burning tires were used to create smoke screens in order to mask attempts to damage the protective infrastructure as rocks will hold the burning items attached to them before with the intention of igniting fires in israeli territory. our correspondent but a smith has been to meet the family of muhammad a u he's the youngest victim of the
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protests. no no no that's right i had dreams for her some most mothers a good education marriage children. but a bullet to the had from an israeli sniper means this family now has to bury fourteen year old mohammed are you along with those dreams. for there are no hard alice says and. i used to tell him one day are living conditions will improve political divisions will and i had been pushing him to continue his studies despite everything. mohammed was protesting near the guards israel's border fence at east on friday if he was throwing stones they probably weren't very big this family video from last year shows mohammed at the zoo he slight aged just thirteen here it's hard to imagine six months later he posed a serious threat to the israeli military. death prompted an unusually strong
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reaction from the u.n. special coordinator for the middle east peace process nicholai martin off said it's outrageous to shoot at children how does the killing of a child in gaza today help peace it doesn't it feels anger and breeds more killing . a former israeli military spokesman responded please go to gaza engage hamas and get them to stop sending people to defense stop palestinian incitement and organize riots at the border and donald trump's advisor to the middle east stepped in a full investigation by israel of mohammad are you is underway as we mourn the tragic loss of a young life we must all resolve to avoid causing more suffering by responses to his death. mohammed's father says he couldn't stop his son joining the protest for palestinian rights doesn't. he was always smiling always teasing to me his father who was not a kid but to brave the whole neighborhood loved him never said no to anyone he just want to see our original village in israel. was buried the day he done
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the youngest victim so far but the palestinian great march of return burnet smith al-jazeera. still ahead on the montana demand for justice and caucus on hundreds protest the mysterious disappearance of thousands in the pashtoon community plus. how can you not be in a rage when you know that you're always at risk of death in the streets. the american footballer who stood up by nailing down to protest against racial injustice seems a top international. welcome back as we look at weather conditions across northeastern parts of asia we've had a fairly active frontal system so pushing through the region that's not finished
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yet certainly given some very heavy rain across parts of northern china he province for instance has seen some flooding as a result of all this rain which is come down the front itself is going to continue its eastward progress look at the forecast see some heavy rain across the korean peninsula further towards he still looking fine for much of japan not as hot as it has been near record temperatures here and then through into choose they will find that a frontal system could be some really heavy rain across much of japan certainly had kind of just stay on the northern side of it but not particularly warm to the wind coming down from the northeast highs of just thirteen find the other station beijing and with the wind coming in from the north just fifteen degrees a high in shanghai indeed across more southern parts of china more unsettled picture we have got some outbreaks of rain here but then in hong kong the weather is generally looking quite good similar conditions in hanoi in vietnam with temperatures into the low thirty's you see the rain moving slightly further towards the west towards ching too for southeastern parts of asia it's looking fine across
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much of the philippines we've got some showers across borneo some showers across western parts of java with highs of thirty one in jakarta. for nearly half a century. a controversial political figure in the cold in the middle east and one who was never far from crisis at home or abroad. in a two part series al-jazeera war tells the story of convincing overjoyed. to. this story only.
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to have you with us on al-jazeera and these are our top stories to more voter registration centers and afghanistan have been bombed at least thirty one people died in a suicide attack in kabul and another six were killed and province five centers have been attacked in the past week in the run up to elections and a toy. police in armenia have detained several opposition leaders after nine days of mass protest against the new prime minister and former president sir. and a few known has been held for a fourteen year old boy who was killed by israeli sniper fire at the gaza border the israeli army blames protesters for throwing stones at lighting fires thirty nine people have been killed in the past four weeks. now hamas is vowing revenge for the killing of one of its members in malaysia police in kuala lumpur say
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a palestinian engineer fadi about she was shot ten times as family is blaming the israeli security service mossad for his murder but israel's defense minister says the engineer was no saint was working to improve the accuracy of rockets fired from gaza. we try to deter these incidents but sadly it still happens we will try our best to solve these high profile cases that should not have happened here i give my assurances that safety and security despite these incidents will be ensured especially around the kuala lumpur area the victim was pronounced dead at the scene by medical personnel from kuala lumpur hospital post mortem start of this morning. to syria now where rebel fighters from the district of column only of the capital have arrived in northern aleppo following one of the evacuation deals negotiated by syria's ally russia many of the fighters belong to the group. about harf of the population of color moon are internally displaced and have been under government seizure for years syrian president bashar al asad backed by russia
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and iran the say king to recover control of the last pockets of rebel territory around damascus. meanwhile after several delays international inspectors have finally been given access to the scene of a suspected chemical attack that took place in the syrian town of two weeks ago the syrian government and russia deny responsibility for the attack and alleged cover up but inspectors will not be assigning blame there only be trying to determine whether an attack took place. western powers have welcomed north korea's announcement that it will suspend nuclear and missile tests the news comes less than a week before north and south korea due to hold a summit where nuclear technology is a key part of north korea's governing ideology of self-reliance or to check a diplomatic editor james they've given rare access to the capital pyongyang where you found out more about the self-reliance philosophy.
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welcome to pyongyang certainly the cleanest most eagerly and probably the most controlled place i've ever visited. rush hour in the city yet the traffic is like the roads aquash. little. dreamily. everyone. because. i'm drunk. in this city the portraits in the statues tell the story of this isolated nation run by three men all from one family. the grandfather and the country's founder kim il sung the father kim jong il and the son the current leader kim jong un who
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told he's too modest to have mosaics made of him but he's everywhere on the state controlled media on television and in the newspapers. in the center of the city the tallest landmark the jew che tower jew chair your self-reliance is the governing principle of this nation of twenty five million people our guide explained it's not about self-reliance of the individual but instead that individual koreans must do all they can to make then mation self-reliant we are holding. self-reliance. apple in the febrile out there for lying in bed and the socialist poet nation the deaf the main point and the nuclear weapons of hers yes we made the nuclear weapons by our own effort bearing technique is the main point of her to tackle. for years north koreans have been told the nuclear program is something
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that will keep their country strong and that the us is their mortal enemy both are messages that will now need modification as talks approach under some of the stiffest international sanctions ever imposed north koreans say jew chair or self-reliance is the answer. in the subway trains inherited from east germany a growing old handful of new carriages were produced in north korea we were told this seat was designed by kim jong un himself. it seems the leader takes direct interest in many areas of national life he made a visit to the main shoe factory at the plant producing the korean national dish kimchi made of pickled vegetables we were told the air conditioning system was supervised by the supreme leader and as an old people's home we were told he was the architect of this stack case such benevolence is of course matched by total
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respect kim jong un has never granted an audience to the international media he's never given an interview i got about as close as an outsider can get to him i was attending a performance of a visiting chinese ballet company in pyongyang when supreme leader kim entered the theater it's a crowd clap continuously standing ovation with cries of horror a ray a ray it only stopped when he himself signaled with his hands james phase al-jazeera pyongyang. india's government has approved the death penalty for people convicted of raping children under the age of twelve promised and that in their more days cabinet signed off the order it means backing from parliament within six months to become law the legal action follows widespread protests over a number of attacks and in the rape and murder of an eight year old girl and me lawyers have urged the government to set time frames for bringing suspects to
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justice. should be illegal actions against. the victim is a minor one but. we already have laws in this country what is needed is a conviction of the green it was a decision it is a good decision in fact not only for girls under twelve years old also for those older than twelve years old every rapist deserve it the death penalty should apply to every offender. to pakistan now with the pashtun community and the poor have marched to demand an end to decades of oppression or protests began in february when the police killing of an aspiring model went viral police said he had ties to the taliban but an investigation showed no evidence pashtuns say thousands of disappeared over the years or been targeted by extrajudicial police killings come on high that has more from the whole. thousands of supporters from their tribal areas of progress on have gotten word and our city of law they're also supported by
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the women action forum human rights organizations from the city of lahore as well as across the country who said that the concerns of these drivers must be addressed within the constitutional and the legitimate demands made by the government now as you can see the people like carrying black and white flags the white signifying saying that this is a priest bullet movement and a black of cause to protest their demo ending and enter the extrajudicial killing they want. to know about read about some of the missing people who have gone missing and the seventeen year old conflict along that region goes through i want it done also there warned the hanging of a senior police officer who was accused of extrajudicial killings and i want to remove all of the landmines from area because they're dead already costing lives
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now those aren't mine while led by fleeing taliban fighters and the pakistani military during their operations and their tribal areas this movement is gaining momentum on the social media the local media has blacked out for the most part and they say that they will continue where there bro days until their demands are met. now it's been twenty five years and stephen wants an eighteen year old black man before marriage and a racially motivated attack in south london his death and the handling of the investigation spots a public inquiry that found the city's police department was institutionally racist and a haven triple. stephen lawrence was murdered because he was black stopped by a group of white thugs in an unprovoked racist attack injustice was a shot at. our rule used to describe the lawrence case stephen spada told me that he had everything going for him stephen was
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a human being. didn't. book on people and he was have you know would have anybody. you know for somebody to kill. such a person to what reason would you have to kill somebody to stephen's murder changed britain's legal policing landscape for epa the failure to bring his killers to justice was a state of the country's legal system for a year is within days of stevens murder the police were given the names of the five suspects but they failed to act and the subsequent botched investigation led the police to be accused of institutional racism. that was the judgment of an inquiry ordered by the government top to stephen's death when the five suspects appeared there was chaos the report found that stevens race had affected the way the case
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was handled. it made seventy recommendations saying police attitudes towards racism had to improve and that the brace relations act needed to be strengthened to put an end to discrimination it also ordered targets for the recruitment retention a promotion of black and asian officers the most damning part of the report though was the claim that the police were institutionally racist i think it was fab back then and i think it's fair in the here and now because one of the things that people will look at. are is has week quest has policing moved on and even though there has been some progress it's been slow. the metropolitan police says it is not the organization it was at the time of stephen lawrence his killing it would take nearly nineteen years for toobin to be found guilty of stephen's murder these people killed. destroyed their lives
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stephen lawrence would be forty three level lawrence says he'd be given his son's killers but the justice will not be done until all those involved in his son's murder a behind bars ever heywood al-jazeera in london. honest international has awarded its highest on the to the american football player column capita his refusal to stand up for the national anthem inspired many others in the movement against the disproportionate number of black americans killed by police kevin calvert reports really a standing ovation for the player who took a stand when the national anthem was played before games began and twenty sixteen colin kaepernick started kneeling in protest when he was quarterback for the san francisco forty nine ers how can you stand for the national anthem of a nation that preaches and propagates freedom and justice for all. just as so many
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of the people living there how can you not be in a rage when you know that you're always at risk of death in the streets or in slaves in the prison system ambassador o'connor school which is ironic that the stand colleen and i took wasn't to stand at all but it's taken me colleen didn't neil and process of a song or symbolic piece of fabric but he know to bring awareness of the human rights still being to not people of color he didn't neal because he was anti-american but he believes that america should be held to the standard that it has written on paper that we are all created equal really happened next form of protest wasn't popular with everyone it was viewed as unpatriotic by u.s. president donald trump he urged team owners to file players who copied kaepernick he's following in famous footsteps with this award previous recipients include
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anti-apartheid campaigner and former south african president the light nelson mandela but just like him must have gone. before him company chose to speak out despite the risks and expectation for him not to do that. his commitment to the movement is all the more remarkable because of the professional. alarming levels of . good from those. thirty year old kaepernick remains out of a job he hasn't played in the n.f.l. since opting out of his contract with the forty niners a year ago. but he continues to be a role model for some youngsters inspiring a new generation such as the school. to keep taking the stand given calvert al-jazeera.
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and again i'm of the broader and the headlines on al-jazeera to more voter registrations and have been bombed at least thirty one people died in a suicide attack in kabul and another six have been killed and bug province five centers have been attacked in the past week in the run up to elections and. in other news police in armenia have detained several opposition leaders after ten days of mass protests against a new prime minister and former president. a funeral has been held for a fourteen year old boy who was killed by israeli sniper fire at the gaza border thirty nine palestinians have been killed in the past four weeks of protests that you have scored of israel to refrain from using excessive force against unarmed protesters hamas is valid revenge for the killing of one of its members in malaysia police in kuala lumpur say a palestinian engineer fabby about to are shot ten times as families blaming the israeli security service masada for his murder israel's defense minister says the
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engineer was no saying i was working to improve the accuracy of rockets fired from gaza. and he is the government has approved the death penalty for people convicted of raping children under the age of twelve if they've backing from parliament within six months to become law the legal action follows widespread protests over a number of attacks including the rape and murder of an eight year old girl and kashmir. yes i do think that there should be strong legal actions against particularly the victim is a minor one but i do you don't think that did banalities answer we already have really strong laws in this country what is needed is a conviction of the green it was a decision it is a good decision in fact not only for girls under twelve years old also for those older than twelve years old every rapist deserve it the death penalty should apply to every offender. and pakistan the pashtun community in the whole have marched to demand an end to decades of oppression or protests began in february and when the
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police killing of an aspiring model went viral police said he had ties to the taliban but an investigation showed no evidence pashtuns i thought of disappeared over the years or been targeted by extrajudicial police kennings. well those are the headlines on al-jazeera but do stay with us and five story is coming up next thank you for watching.


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