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is there a sense acts palestinians. really understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to al-jazeera. he was the world's most wanted man the last meeting i had with him was off to. bin laden was very nervous about nature had not met a western reporter before in part one of an exclusive two part documentary al-jazeera speaks to those who met osama bin laden he never showed he hopes to achieve towards near the west by new bin laden on all dizzy.
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this is zero. hello there i'm jim mcdonald this is the news hour live from london coming up. like. donald trump and a man well back home bombed the white house and suggests reworking the iran nuclear deal. as the leaders of north and south korea are prepared to meet in their first summit for more than a decade we report from both sides of the deed militarize still. amount of the center of the face to personal data scandalous question that britain then pour scorn on the idea that the information was of a need. and we ask what's changed in bangladesh's garment industry five years on from the factory disaster that claimed one five one hundred likes.
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in school liverpool brahma for even the first leg of their champions league semifinal mohamed salah schools twice as little b.p. it sounds. awesome feels. a warm welcome to the news our first to washington d.c. where the french president manuel mccall says he wants to work with the u.s. to forge a new nuclear deal with iran is what he described as very frank discussions with u.s. president at the white house on day two of his state visit our white house correspondent kimberly how could reports on the day of contrasts between personal friendship and policy differences. military welcome on the south lawn of the white house as u.s. president donald trump greeted france's president emmanuelle back from. what
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appears to be a warm friendship was on full display tromping even somewhat oddly perhaps deciding to wipe some dandruff off of a cross shoulder if we have to make a burger he is perfect but as the parent barked on the substance of their bilateral meeting prof had a stern warning for iran they restart their nuclear program they will have bigger problems than they have ever had before his statement underscores the leader's key foreign policy differences truck favors was drawing from the iran nuclear deal as one of the signatories to it mccraw and wants to preserve the twenty fifteen agreement to limit tehran's nuclear powers before may deadline on whether to pull the u.s. out or not trump wants his concerns addressed those include a plan to stop iran's ballistic missile testing and limit iran's influence in iraq yemen levit on and syria a chronic greed they may need to address those issues to keep the deal alive. news
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on iran we disagree on the j.c. but i believe we can come up with something that can deal with the fundamental issue of the j.c. way which is the nuclear issue but also deal with these other three issues that are included. trump again suggested gulf nations need to make a larger financial investment in syria's future stability as security following the defeat of eisel the countries that. are there that you all know very well are immensely wealthy they're going to have to pay for this but the meeting appeared to do little to ease fears of a looming trade war with no sign trump agreed to exempt the european union from tariffs on steel live aluminum imports set to take effect on may first we have the very first issue on trade which is overcapacity is still in a limb in him it doesn't come from europe and not even from friends the meeting between u.s. president donald trump and french president emanuel mccraw has highlighted key
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policy differences between the two leaders their divisions mccraw may address on wednesday before a joint session of the u.s. congress can really help get al-jazeera at the white house and joining us now from washington d.c. is jeff like a middle east security and european politics specialist from the think tank the atlantic council jeff a very warm welcome to the program so jeff mcmullen obviously as they pointed out there in their press conference have a different vision each for the iran nuclear deal but are they moving closer to some sort of compromise in the background do you think. well there is there's been a series of negotiations that have been proceeding between the u.s. state department in the foreign ministries of the united kingdom france and germany precisely to try to bridge those differences about the iran deal to address the grievances that your program highlight or earlier those discussions are ongoing and they're going to continue but what this visit was important was because that
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discussions been taking place at a lower level and here was a chance for the french president to say at the highest level to the president without any advisors present this is what we're trying to do to make this deal work for you and address your grievances and concerns it seems that he got a fair hearing from president trump in i think it's all it's still unclear though if president trump is going to agree to it to stay in the deal and will be satisfied with these conditions i don't think the french know yet either which say that mike home is able to influence trump maybe some of the fish we see it's like this sort of to them having a bromance in a frat they do seem to have a source of natural i don't know if chemistry is the right word but there does seem to be something there. there definitely is that it starts with the fact that emanuel speaks fluent english and this is really helpful for a president who has very little patience in the u.s. president donald trump has little patience for translators there are also two
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outsiders that have come and disrupted their political systems despite great expectations that they that they would not do so and heavy odds against that so i think that there is something that they share in that same sense and they clearly connected a personal level it's very clear that france is now the premier partner of the united states in europe whereas under president obama it was germany do you think that michael has been successful in positioning himself on the international playing field giving that some of the other activists are you know distracted with other matters right now. i think he has he's at least created this narrative that france is back that france is back on the european stage with economic reforms at home and hoping to drive forward remain european union and then he's clearly built the best relationship with president trump of any of the european leaders and maybe of any world leader now that the question is a year into his presidency are these are these relationships and these diplomatic
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initiatives bearing fruit in this state visit is a really important test of that if he gets the president the u.s. president to stay in the iran deal it's obviously going to immensely increase president influence in the world but then the second key piece of his vision is can he get the european union to reform to address the eurozone instability issues and to restart economic growth and create a european union that better addresses the challenges of disaffected people by global globalization and it's the jury's out because engler merkel is cool to his proposals italy has a populist government and central europe is quite opposed to his proposals so i think we're going to see very soon of president marcos able to actually bear fruit from his ideas and jeff i suppose the other thing that sometimes happens here is that tends to listen to the last person that he spoke to so if any time right you know goes by between now and the next time he tweets you my actually find that he's gone off this idea of the iran nuclear deal. yeah that's exactly right that's
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that's why the french were so keen on playing down expectations and this visit the french embassy here in washington was saying this visit is first and foremost about friendship about protocol about symbols because they understand that they could come with the best proposal possible about about addressing tribes grievances in the iran deal and that the president may be warm to them today and then call to them tomorrow so they've been very cool to play down any expectations obviously micro was persuasive today he got a good hearing from president from john bolton my point hey we're going to weigh in on this as well and so it's really too early to say and the president didn't make any commitments today so we've still got some time before we'll know where president trump comes out on this deal to fly through there joining me live from washington d.c. jeff thank you for your company. thank you three suicide bombers have attacked the pakistani city of quests a killing at least six police officers one bomber detonated his explosives near a peace truck on the road towards the airport all two of us attacked
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a paramilitary checkpoint in the city's absconds fifteen place in soldiers were wounded in those attacks and no one has so far claimed responsibility. for the leaders of north korea and says career due to hold a summit this friday it will be the first direct meeting between the country's leaders for more than a decade they're expected to discuss bringing a formal end to hostilities between the two countries the meeting will take place on the southern side of the truce village of panmunjom now we have correspondents on both sides of the demilitarized zone kathy novak has been at the venue where they need to swell meet but first this from james based on his road trip to the border. it takes over two hours to drive from the north korean capital pyongyang through the countryside to the d.m.z. the demilitarized zone. the road is bumpy but very quiet it's also in places extremely wide one pyongyang resident speculated to me this was so aircraft could
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land with reinforcements in the event of conflict once we reached the d.m.z. security was tight we were not permitted to film in certain areas. our guide was a north korean army captain he showed us the layout of this frontline zone this is not an international border the korean war officially never ended it was simply paused with an armistice or truce. is it possible for you to show us where the meeting on the twenty seventh will be taking place between field-marshal kim and the president of south korea. to feel it's the peace house on the southern side so this is the first time any of your leaders government crossed to the southern side to him is that at the moment yes we continued on the route that the north korean leader will take for his historic meeting on friday past the builder of the one nine hundred fifty three armistice was negotiated and the hall where it
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was signed by the north koreans and by a u.s. general on behalf of his country and their allies fighting under the u.n. flag it's estimated that in just three years up to three million people were killed as a professional soldier how hard is it going to be with your field marshal sitting down with those that have been your enemy going into what i want is a case if beer supreme marshal is with us surely all the problems will be solved peacefully and that's what we firmly believe and we were taken on to a tall a building an up some stairs where you could view the line that separates communist north korea from democratic south korea. from the north we have this vantage point of the demarcation line the blue hot stone there where in the past military officials from this country have met the other side and just over that building is
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where the historic summit is supposed to take place. this is also being suggested as a place where kim jong un could meet donald trump no venue for that planned meeting has yet been formally announced the leaders of countries whose forces have been facing off against each other for decades will soon be meeting face to face james bays out zero on the north korean side of the de-militarized. well from the side side of that demilitarized zone here's cafe novak were often reminded that the two koreas remain technically at war an armistice not a peace treaty ended hostilities in one thousand nine hundred fifty three and it was signed here at the joint security area at. the two sides agreed then to establish the four kilometer buffer zone between north and south known as the demilitarized zone or d.m.z. it's still heavily guarded on both sides and has been the site of tensions over the
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years north korean soldiers killed two u.s. army officers in one nine hundred seventy six landmines injured south korean soldiers and twenty fifteen and late last year a north korean defector what's shot by fellow north korean troops as he ran across the border not far from where i'm standing. this year as relations improved between the two koreas this village has once again been used as a venue for high level talks within the d.m.z. the military demarcation line marks the actual border between north and south in this room when i walk over to this side of the table i'm crossing into north korea so it was significant when earlier this year a delegation from the north stepped over the border for talks after two years in which there had been no official communication between the two countries and when north korean leader kim is on the south korea's president at the end of the month the meeting will be held in peace house on the southern side it will be the first
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time a north korean leader steps on south korean soil since the korean war protests are continuing in nicaragua with demonstrators now calling for the resignation of president daniel ortega human rights groups say at least twenty six people have been killed in a violent crackdown by police on the protests which began last week john holeman explains. people continued to come out in the streets of nicaragua despite president donnie it'll take a pic ching the reform to the social security system that is first sparked protests last week. to the thousands who marched through the capital men are were and monday this is now become about something mall they're protesting against the president himself the money is going to the so they make it so that their final seconds this protest is bigger than all the rest because people have grown tired people are worn out from the violation of rights rights of the people the violation of the constitution this was the vote that knocked over the glass as they say the
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president all take is now on his third consecutive term and has been accused of nepotism his wife is the vice president and for undermining democratic institutions to tighten his grip on power. his critics will now add to that list repression police have used heavy handed tactics in dealing with protesters close to thirty people have been killed among them offices themselves was others have been the timing of these relatives saying outside a police station as they called for their loved ones to be released. what the president originally bullish in his response to the protests had on sunday struck a slightly more conciliatory tone let me turn the symbol to the incidents of violence that have happened i regret about we express solidarity with all the families whose loved ones have died from the violence. and as you did i saw in the
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footage but after that address police rushed to university campus that has become the bastion of the protests the students occupying it fought back at least one was killed and then i am i right in the army afterwards they promise to carry on what they need is the backing of the country's powerful business community and the rest of the population. here the president will be hoping his concessions are enough to dampen the anger. john holmes. there's much more to come on the news hour where registering to vote could cost you your life we report on elections under attack in afghanistan. catching up on class jordan is trying to educate tens of thousands of syrian refugee children. james harden puts on another shooting massacre us action from the n.b.a. playoffs a little later in sports. a
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cambridge university academic at the center of the facebook data scandal has appeared before a british parliamentary committee alexander colgan is linked to the u.k. based cambridge analytical firm it's accused of improperly accessing the information of eighty seven million users through facebook john explains. well two pretty interesting bits of testimony heard from different sources of course in the facebook cambridge analytical data breach scandal first of all speaking to a parliamentary committee dr alexander kogan he's the man who produced the app that was used to harvest the data of some eighty seven million facebook users and then illegibly pass it on to cambridge analytical for use in influencing the donald trump campaign and following that swiftly it was a press conference given by cambridge analytical defending or dealing with what it described as ill informed and inaccurate speculation about
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a company that well alexander kogan insists as he has done before that he did nothing wrong back in two thousand and fourteen both sides he said knew precisely what was going on what he was doing no one raised any objections then he says he's being made a scapegoat by facebook that describes him as a liar and a fraud his product as a scam and cambridge analytical that says the data he produced was in effect will take a listen to this exchange from the briefing in which the committee suggests that his motivation may in the end have been commercial gain essentially the payments. apart from two to thirty thousand for your role this was to keep the data exactly much you could then use who in your academic life all that was part of the deal of the media was the deal i was rewarded with data ok you saying that evidence that you've got some you've had a university ethics approvals for all your academic work yes or. did you have university approvals for for that deal for the commercial it's not yours so
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there's not a mechanism for a company to go out and seek its approval for a commercial deal and the university all over so because of rock the maturity as this side of the. rubble after that as i said there was a press conference given by a spokesman clarence mitchell for cambridge analytical in which he stressed that none of dr kogan zz data had been used in any political campaign he said that cambridge analytic had only a brief five month tenure with the donald trump campaign he said it had never worked for either side in the brig's it campaign take a listen. the company has been portrayed in some quarters is almost some bond villain cambridge analytical is no bond villain whilst no laws were broken we have acknowledged where mistakes have been made and a full independent verse to goshen being conducted by a q.c.
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is being conducted as we speak well mr mitchell described cambridge analytic as a fantastic world leading data science company he said the media outlets leading the coverage against it were doing so because of a political agenda dozens of people have been killed in afghanistan as eisel and the taliban tried to do you will upcoming elections sixty died in the licenses side bombing at a voter registration center in kabul on sunday in bad kids five and six army officers protecting a registration center were also killed by the taliban and another center was burned on monday night china bellus reports. at least sixty people are being buried in afghanistan they all had one thing in common a desire to vote. these people were killed in western kabul on sunday morning queuing at a voter registration seemed they wanted to vote in october as elections in.
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the attack caused sorrow to hundreds of families people are not optimistic about the government in this country anymore. those are registration opened on april fourteenth for long delayed parliamentary and district elections the government has two months to reach its goal of riches during fifteen million afghans just two percent have turned. up the whole body but the election commission released an ad campaign to convince afghans to sign up president musharraf danny invited the media to see him open the registration process but it's a hard sell in the current climate to get coverage because i did not want to look at this this is a boating tide which is drowned in blood who will come to vote when the government asks us to. isolate took responsibility for sunday's bombing but the taliban has carried out multiple attacks on registration seemed his and security posts election workers have been abducted and there are no voting seem to some thirty five
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provinces a security can't be guaranteed afghanistan's election commission says it's working hard to protect prospective voters ensuring challenge with elections still six months away and. afghanistan is currently in a situation of conflict hold weekly meetings with afghan security forces and the election commission an afghan forces have an agreement to secure the voters and polling stations. security forces are visible outside election seemed his but it's what they can't see that scares voices the afghans that show up here say they are in the minority i want to marry the man did not the people are not interested in the election anymore because considering the current security situation in the country most people are not willing to attend the election as this generation gets worse day day by. the continuing attacks destroying optimism for a truly democratic afghanistan charlotte dallas al-jazeera. an egyptian court has
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sentenced the country's former anticorruption chief to five years in prison on charges of spreading false news his name was arrested in february for accusing presidential candidate some a half of them of having documents that incriminated the state's leaders janina was fired by president abdel fattah el-sisi in twenty sixteen after claiming corruption cost the g.p. egypt up to fifty seventy five billion dollars lawyers say that they will appeal against that and since syrian government forces and their allies on the ground have intensified their operation in southern damascus the army is now trying to regain all the territory surrounding the capital its campaign there began last week after eastern ghouta i still controls one of the pockets being targeted by the army next to another held by rebel factions rebels into all their own peeves northeast of damascus surrendered we saw days or buses transferring fighters and their families
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from one of those on caves began arriving in northern syria they were displaced from the column region opposition territory on the safe passage from the government . the u.n. special envoy for syria says the recent government gains won't bring the country any closer to peace we have seen the day last few weeks days. we have seen it with our eyes that military gains to total gauge military escalation that's not really a political solution it's not build any change on the political will on the contrary we're going through a very difficult moment the truth is that everyone they've known political solution and that is what we need to work on and it's trying to hide diplomacy or. well mr was speaking at a conference in brussels where the u.n. is hoping to raise one billion dollars for the aid effort in syria speaking to al jazeera the un's undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs explain some of
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the difficulties ensuring that their support which is the right people need better access across the whole of the country so that the aid agencies and their heroic workers who take enormous risks themselves in bringing relief to the suffering involved is can see where the most acute needs are and we can plan the programs that need to take place to relieve the suffering we need to tell the story of the syrian people the children and women and men who are suffering through this crisis of just like you and me in every material respect except their i'm lucky enough to be caught up in this war and when people around the world see this suffering they want to do something about it and they want reassurance which we try to provide for them and if they in their governments provide help it will reach people in need we are able to do that if the fighting dies down a place in the place we need to reach people if we get the resources we need and if
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we get the access children who fled the war in syria and now confronting another problem jordan is home to almost a quarter of a million of young refugees and it's trying to help them gain some sort of an education that they've missed out on the money's tight as the country faces an economic crisis and sasha the name reports from them on. playing piano in front of her classmates before heading to school was once unimaginable for sidra after fleeing the war in syria the twelve year old was forced to drop out for two years and lyons them of the rest of us and there was a school at the refugee camp but i didn't like it i love studying here in aman because i study with my friends and the level of education is better. this unicef center helps a drug transition back to school impoverished children such as syrian refugees come to learn everything from english to communication skills to play and obtain psychological support to cope with the trauma they've endured come on feed them
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enough see one of my sons has psychological problems the psychologist at the center has helped him he is now listening to me and he is better and this has been the biggest benefit unicef says thirty one percent of syrian children in the kingdom are not enroll in any formal or informal education program yet this year there are more syrian refugees in the jordanian school system than ever the ministry of education has implemented a double shift system to meet the need unicef is also providing cash assistance to encourage children to stay in school fifty five thousand students are receiving about thirty dollars a month the money helps pay for the cost of transportation uniforms and school supplies unicef says the economic crisis in jordan is making it harder for all children living in poverty its educational program is operating with a more than one hundred million dollar deficit this year this is now
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a prolonged crisis and so it is becoming increasingly challenging for us to maintain interest in funding these very important programs but the reality is on the ground there we see increasing vulnerability is educating children is seen as a long. term economic investment in jordan and the senators all nationalities are coming together and learning to get along. so the companies are i mean is returned to the streets of get around this time marching to mourn the country's past. where in toronto where a man accused of killing ten people by driving through a busy sidewalk has been charged with multiple counts of murder. and the irish athlete who says set him on likely running away on the north pole is coming up next .
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hello spring has returned to western europe we have got blustery showers rattling in from the atlantic fresher weather cooler weather we are certainly looking a little bit wetter weather is welcome for the south there is some fine weather in store high pressure there across could pass of france a pleasant sunshine here will see temperatures around seventeen celsius there for paris a well down on recent values you see the winds coming in from the west or even a northwesterly direction pushed by the north forty degrees therefore london got some wet weather there just making its way across southern areas the spine into the southeast over towards the valley areas it will be pretty unsettled unsettled two across northern germany potent up towards the baltic states into that western side of russia come further south still far to dry temperatures getting up into the high twenty's book or as touching twenty nine celsius on thursday the cherry rain will
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sink a little further south which in ages by this day's much of northern europe seeing some of that wet and windy weather at times but some pleasant sunshine in between it's going to be a little blustery day as i said still some wet weather there down towards the far southwest of europe the western side of the med some of that rain will affect northern parts of morocco about a twenty one cell to somewhere to stay with some sherry right right it is a little further east was for thursday algeria's seventeen. everything you do is being analyzed it's being weighed and it's being measured the guy who is clueless is funded and it's not just i phones that's almost my face i mean most small phones of these days at the moment we are in a state of the universe slips of study did something that was bad but i would rather take the risks of democracy to the risks of. digital dissidents at
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this time on al-jazeera. with bureaus spawning six continents across the. al-jazeera correspondents living green the stories they tell. us about it. sued in world news. or mind at the top stories here on al-jazeera french president
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a man while my column says he thinks the new trade deal with iran should be reworked to fix the concerns of all posses including the us three suicide bombers have attacked the pakistani city of quiet said killing at least six police officers and the fifty. research at the center of the face the data scandal has been questioned by u.k. m.p.'s alexander colgan dismissed suggestions that the information he collected could have been used to sway the us presidential election. opposition leaders in armenia calling for a transitional government and new elections. the day after the resignation of prime minister search c.m. he step down following almost two weeks of mass protests but tens of thousands marched for a different cause on tuesday that commemorate the armenian genocide a walker reports from get a van for many of the annual day of mourning held a new significance. armenians moved back on the streets of
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the capital. this time to commemorate nobody and victims of mass killings in one hundred fifteen by the ottoman turks it's an ideal occasion but after weeks of street protests ending with but days dramatic resignation of privatised to set aside his cabinet the pilgrimage this year feels different. if she really rubble people are excited and today's commemoration as an added level the significance starts with this is something completely different it's like people procreative their chains on today armenians have gathered as they do every year to remember their past but for the last two weeks they have been gathering by their thousands for political change change which may finally have arrived. the leader of the opposition looted which forced. our joy with the people to pay his respects i'll choose them because pressure is the hero of this self-styled the
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revolution he says the move with now has a popular bad date to form a transitional government and he has made those demands to sucks yards governing party the only. all the kids for the bullshit. came the peaceful. and full transition of power. and that's. so the republican party still double dates of the politics but if it's willing to accept that obedience desire to change the world with revolution is set to be tape its movement to reverse you will come out easier you're right. now rights groups say thousands of factories in bangladesh a still unsafe five years after its worst in just real disaster more than eleven hundred people mostly female garment workers were crushed to death in the twenty
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thirteen one a plaza collapse child strafford reports. it's been described as the worst industrial disaster in bangladesh's history when they pull a twenty full two thousand and thirteen more than eleven hundred people were crushed to death in two thousand injured when an eight story building collapsed in an industrial suburb of the capital dhaka the majority of the victims were women working in garment factories in the rana plaza building and. they were making clothes for a well known brands including bennett's and and primal an investigation found the workers had complained about the cracks in the walls despite warnings the building was unsafe survivors say they were forced to work regardless of their five years on and family members of some of the victims gathered at the designs to cite demanding justice and a big gun says her daughter's body was never found and when i was up like
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a little my daughter never returned from work i keep looking for her but i have no idea where her body is she used to be the main earner in the family i don't have a son to this day there is no justice. no round eighty percent of the seventy five million garment workers willed white women rights groups say they often have no chance of negotiation wages are abused exploited and forced to work in safe conditions. the tragedy in dhaka led to an agreement between some clothing brands and unions designed to better protect the bunga dishy workers since then around two thousand factories have been inspected and nearly three million workers trained in fire safety but the monthly minimum wage of around sixty five dollars remains well below the world bank's global poverty line of eighty five dollars a report by a u.s. based rights organization concludes that thousands of government factories in
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bangladesh remain at dangerous places to work. n.y.u. stern center for business and human rights says one point two billion dollars is needed to make garment factories in bangladesh safe it says popular brands and retailers and governments have to do more to improve garment workers rights and safety in some while they are there are some progress but as a whole we can say this for this is not and that they do not believe that they are not organized that they do no new zealand did now one love this this is excellence was a need for the government said that it is not what it does friendly or rather that it is friendly for the business people it seems fashion changes faster than human rights evolve in the garment industry so many of the women who make the clothes we wear remain vulnerable to exploitation working in factories that are far from city
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center shopping mores and fall from safe trial started out as. well while many changes have been made workers in bangladesh are still at risk of a repeat accident takedowns a big business for the economy bringing twenty eight billion dollars a year mostly from u.s. and european companies big brands threatened to pull out of bangladesh unless safety standards improved so two thousand three hundred factories were inspected and in some cases upgraded a new survey that was found the largest factories have complied with new standards but thousands of smaller factories have not in new york university based center for business and human rights report found that workers at three thousand factories are at risk due to structural flaws and the lack of safety equipment or polar bear is the co-author of that report five years after the rana plaza the way forward and he joins me now live from new york paula very warm welcome to the program five years on describe how much you believe has really changed on the ground
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a violent death. well it's a good news bad news story the good news is as your setup piece accurately described. some twenty three hundred factories mostly larger factories that export to the west the u.s. and europe primarily the large majority of them are markedly safer. in terms of fire prevention in terms of electrical systems in terms of their structures. the bad news part of the story is that there are many other factories in bangladesh and many of them have received little or no oversight and no attention to their safety problems so in those factories workers sadly are still at risk i'm paul how much can international governments to the you know the countries have buying the clothing and what about the bangladeshi government also. yeah well take those and take that into steps bangladeshi government unfortunately does not have
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a history of vigorous regulation and there's not much of a sign that that's changing anytime soon what the center that i work for has proposed is that in the short run. there the established an international task force that would be led by bangladeshis but involve the governments of western countries whose consumers enjoy a low prices and bangladeshi made clothing as well as the companies that profit from those clothes the those clothes and international financial institutions like the world bank and that by forming this task force under a principle of shared responsibility in the short run money could be raised and spent properly to bring up to code those factories that have been ignored to date in what ways poll have conditions improve particular i'm thinking for the number and we're seeing a lot of gentlemen in these shorts that would have king at here but
12:42 am
a lot of women work in these industries and i remember reading that you know they're saying well not when we complain about overtime and complain about conditions they feel that they are being listened to is that one of the improvements. well we focused primarily on physical safety in the buildings there are a lot of other important issues such as wages such as you know the representation or lack there of for for the workers and on those issues particularly wages there has not been much progress the bangladeshi government is going through a process now of reviewing wage levels and will have to wait and see how that comes out but it's not as if working in a bangladeshi garment factory has turned into a cushy job far from it and paul what about the on acknowledge factories the ones that are still not necessarily operating under the radar that's not quite the way freight but the ones that haven't yet made the more ideal standard
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right there's two categories of factories of that sort one category about six hundred factories that are so have been supervised by the government and prior. progress on remediation in those factories has been very slow and then there's another group of factories that are subcontractors that basically feed off the larger factories and take care of periods when there's a lot of demand or big changes in orders have been made and those sub contracting factories generally have been ignored by the government if you ask government officials what they're doing about subcontractors they'll tell you there are no subcontractors which is just a denial of reality when we were doing research for our report we visited a couple of sub contracting factories so they are there and paul these sort of pressure that international companies and retailers including companies puts on after this terrible industrial accident happened did that have the desired effect i
12:44 am
know but it's been pots of changing things but to those companies still wheel that sort of power. absolutely they do what was what happened that was quite unusual was the companies got together rival companies and acted collectively to do exactly what you said put pressure on the suppliers on the owners of the factories and they said if you don't improve safety in your facilities we will cut you off from your western markets and that. brutal as it may sound actually had the desired effect the large overwhelming majority of the factories did act and between eighty and ninety percent of the safety issues have been resolved as a result paul barrett there joining me live from new york pope thanks very much you're welcome now the man accused of killing ten people after driving a van through a busy sidewalk in toronto has been charged with ten counts of murder and thirteen
12:45 am
of attempted murder so indy five year old alec menacing hand was arrested following a standoff with police at least fifteen others were injured in that attack officers say it appears to have been deliberate but so far there's no link to any organization or discovery of a wider plot they tell you coast guard has released dramatic video of dozens of migrants and refugees being rescued off the coast of libya then. some families and people have been picked up in the mediterranean over the past few days good weather and calm seas have made it easier for the boats to depart according to the u.n. agency are more than eight times and people have a rifle i see in italy since the start of twenty eighteen. now israel's abandoned its plans to forcibly deport african migrants who entered the country illegally the government was unable to find a willing country to take in the migrants and thousands of mostly eritrean and
12:46 am
sudanese man of course into israel through egypt's sinai desert the migrants will again be able to renew residency permits every sixty days and they were before as they were before the deportation push well you turns been welcomed by rights groups and the migrants who say they have fled war and persecution i'm very happy to see that the presence of one of these consulate and now is the right time to the israeli government to give a solution for as i said i'm scared him from office everything to start his or to answer there are salim cleaned up because. peace in china have arrested a thirty two year old man they believe to rip that placed onto the fire that killed eighteen people five other people were injured in the blaze in the southern city of ching now the fire spread through a three story building that state media said was being used as a karaoke launch still to come on the news hour elephants under threat in me in mar but not for their ivory poachers want their skin. and sport will be
12:47 am
live at liverpool's anfield stadium where the season's first european champions league semi final has just finished. business updates. we're going to get the.
12:48 am
business updates. going places to get. out of their very warm welcome to the program elephant population is facing a new threat coaches are killing them but not for ivory but for their skin and that's according to conservationists there are thought to be about two thousand asian elephants in the wild and me and mark are less of a target for ivory paul just the larger african varieties only the male. have tusks
12:49 am
but according to government figures fifty nine elephant carcasses were found in me and my last year and that's a sharp increase in just four in twenty ten well in twenty fifteen researchers began fitting g.p.s. collars to elephants in the in march to track the population within two years the butchered carcasses of five adult males were found and two more stopped transmitting at the same time conservationists have notice a growing online marketplace for elephant skin products especially in china where it's used in medicine or made into a very well known cox's the conservation director for the world wildlife fund in me in march and he said it's only elephants in me and ma that are being poached their skin like an african across asia elephants have been poached for many many years but i think that the situation in myanmar especially the fact that laurent foresman has been quite weak and the elephants or found in areas that aren't in
12:50 am
a protected areas is made it relatively easy for the poachers to take advantage of its unique in memory of that whilst elephants being poached across the countries in asia. we're only seeing this skinning phenomenon here in our government have been tracking. numbers over the last few years but it was only really in the two thousand and fifteen sixteen that it became obvious that this was this was serious and particularly last year as you reported at least one elephant poached every week in the wild for the trade now. whilst the conservation community has reacted and we launched his campaign really to bring this to the attention of the government and to raise awareness and to call for action to to address the trade and to close down the open markets that are
12:51 am
selling products including elephant skin and ivory and other wildlife as well. they're also looking at how to reduce the demand and particularly the demand for skin used in traditional chinese medicine and then we all know that it takes a long time to change behavior and consumer practices and that's not going to happen overnight so in the meantime the agency used to get boots on the ground rules that protect elephants in the wild after the latest from champions league and the rest of the sports over to and then doha thank you so much julie will live a poll have dates in rome a five two in the first leg of their champions league semifinal at anfield mohamed salah once again france and sense if a live a pole he scored twice in the first half to take his tally for the season up to forty three liverpool went five up after the bright but a couple of late goals for roma have given them a glimmer of hope for the return leg and it's silly let's talk now to our
12:52 am
correspondent lee wellings who's at anfield for was late son of a stop at roma not south of it. yes that's how it sends it out the volume a will fail by do have that glimmer of hope as you called it remember what i did in the last round where i needed to be boss alone by three clear goals and i managed it in a very dramatic fashion so i will for this hope but this was emphatically liverpool is not a most solace nine it was always going to be the case was that it was going to revolve around my salary having moved from rome with a liverpool for around fifty million dollars in the summer littlefield most expensive of a signing but what he's managed to do this season is extraordinary and he goes tally with those two goals brilliant goes he scored a field it's not so full three for the season it seems like he's breaking records all the time now he's player of the year great feats for egypt as well and when you
12:53 am
talk to the people around i absolutely love him but he's reputation beyond liveable around the globe he seems to be very much loved that the mire and is right up there as one of the superstars of world football late the worst some clashes between groups of fans outside the stadium just be full kickoff what can you tell us about that. yes there was several isolated instance one that standing out was place of the key and a lot of calling a serious a so now what happens is the around twenty so far to find an confirms that rome ultras we don't know for sure but they look to be an attack on what is presumed to be a liverpool fan he was given treatment by paramedics now up tight on his condition but this was the instant missing a lot about social media and that some pitches have emerged i didn't see too much else apart from that there was a little bit of tension there is still
12:54 am
a bit of tension in the air it's our member if you look in the minds of all fans it's not the manchester city same twelve they're buying a car which came in without any incident earlier in the name but there has been this little bit of tension of on the ground there has been that incident hopefully that has not actually led to any think fall. lights in the evening and that was also outside the match was going on we went around the back of the stadium we saw a twenty to thoughts a presumably the fines i was on confirms being led away by by the place not just the safety of people on the ground but probably for their own saif they play in terms of football pretty high power is now being set for the second semifinal coming up between ramadan bon munich on wednesday. yeah well you always looked around which would first because they are the trophy how does christiane of a now die so if there's some extraordinary things in the champions league it's never playing by munich it's people that we think about bomb really win
12:55 am
a tournament starts than that so often they're all they're about so that could be a lot of those provoking kinds of go on the white i think part of things will be looking in more expect to live upon to be in the final them by liverpool have scored the unprecedented average of three goals a guy and the champions they have been incredible with their attack of the main yo mama and of course. so watching live a poll of give themselves a really good chance of actually winning this top of the six on the wellings out on the field thanks so much les former tennis world number one of a joke of each believes he can get back to winning major titles djokovic she's getting ready to play the bass line arrived but as he continues his comeback from an elbow injury he's struggling so far this season with just five wins and four defeats the long term goal is obviously you know trying to win biggest tournaments in this sport and fight for for the peak of what our sport is and that is to be
12:56 am
number one so i mean i've been i've been in that position so many times and for a long time in my career especially throughout five six years of most successful period and i believe i can i can get there again. full seat of a go fund has already booked his place in the second round of that school and it's in barcelona. rushing back from a set down to beat spain's most elegant always here in three sets. the houston rockets are one win away from reaching the second round of the n.b.a. playoffs the rockets now three one up in the series with the minnesota timberwolves that was james houghton the start for the rockets with thirty six points the top seeds in the western conference score fifty points in the third quarter that is the most score in a quarter of playoff basketball since ninety six days to the rockets taking it one nineteen to one and. this entire series is it from game
12:57 am
a game you see prime examples from my first game no one really knocked down a shot second game we did their game they beat us they killed who's in the foreground we one quarter we get hot in and you know but with all that being said i think the first you got to had i say my suit everything every single quarter and then we give ourselves a chance and irish athlete poll robinson enjoy temperatures of minus thirty degrees to set an unlikely record he's just got the fastest small ever run on the north pole robinson completes the distance in just over four minutes and fifty seconds. and that is why sport is looking for now let's get back to julie in london. and do thank you now london's parliament square has a new statue and for the first time it's of a woman it's medicine falso who campaigned for six decades for women to have the rights of both of us that died in one thousand twenty nine one year after voting rights were extended to all women prime minister three of them
12:58 am
a paid tribute to her at the unveiling. of i would not be standing here today as prime minister no female m.p.'s would have taken the seats in parliament none of us would have had the rights and protections we now enjoy were it's not for one truly great woman day millicent garrett forces that said for me to bring my song this news out be back in just a second with much more of the day's news thanks for watching but by.
12:59 am
going. the street is quiet the signal is given. out yet so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty metres in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships and kept our children sometimes it caught in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking us to try to take the violence i lost my. way lived or years ago i also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for
1:00 am
several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards. a story fourteen hundred years in the making. the story of succession leadership. and jersey prose the story over the clawing of the innocent. the kind of results of this torrent of jersey.


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