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children sometimes caught in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walk us. i lost my. way let go i also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards. a story fourteen hundred years in the make. a story of succession leadership. post the story line of. the kind of results of this time.
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donald trump and a man will mark home of the white house and suggest reworking the iran feels. good and chilling with all this is al jazeera live from london also coming up as the leaders of north and south korea prepare to meet in their first summit for more than a decade we report from both sides of the militarised so. the man at the center of the facebook personal data scandal is questioned in britain and pour scorn on the idea of the information was. and we look at why protesters have won their fight to get pension reform scraps are back on the streets in toronto.
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thank. you one welcome to the program first to washington d.c. where the french president emanuel says he wants to work with the u.s. to forge a new nuclear deal with iran he's out what he's described as very frank discussions with the u.s. president donald trump at the white house on day two of his state visit our white house correspondent kimberly how that reports on the day of contrasts between personal friendship policy differences. military welcome on the south lawn of the white house as u.s. president donald trump greeted france's president emanuel back from. what appears to be a warm friendship was on full display tromping even somewhat oddly perhaps deciding to wipe some dandruff off of a cross shoulder if we have to make a burger he is perfect but as the parent barked on the substance of their bilateral meeting from had a stern warning for iran they restart their nuclear program they will have bigger
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problems and they have ever had before his statement underscores the leaders key foreign policy differences truck favors was drawing from the iran nuclear deal as one of the signatories to it mccraw and was to preserve the twenty fifteen agreement to limit tehran's nuclear powers before may deadline on whether to pull the u.s. out or not trump wants his concerns addressed those include a plan to stop iran's ballistic missile testing and limit iran's influence in iraq yemen levit on and syria a chronic agreed they may need to address those issues to keep the deal alive. news on iran we disagree on the j.c. but i believe we can come up with something that can deal with the fundamental issue of the j.c. way which is the nuclear issue but also deal with these other three issues that are included. trump again suggested gulf nations need to make
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a larger financial investment in syria's future stability as security following the defeat of eisel the countries that. are there that you all know very well are immensely wealthy they're going to have to pay for this but the meeting appeared to do little to ease fears of a looming trade war with no sign trump agreed to exempt the european union from tariffs on steel live aluminum imports set to take effect on may first we have the very first issue on trade which is overcapacity is still in a limb in him it doesn't come from europe and other than from france the meeting between u.s. president donald trump and french president emanuel mccraw has highlighted key policy differences between the two leaders their divisions mccraw may address on wednesday before a joint session of the u.s. congress can really help that al-jazeera at the white house well earlier we spoke to jeff like a middle east security and european politics specialist from the think tank the
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atlantic council he says the french are realistic about how much influence they can have over u.s. policy the french embassy here in washington was saying this visit is first and foremost about friendship about protocol about symbols because they understand that they can come with the best proposal possible about about addressing tribes grievances in the iran deal and that the president may be warm to them today and then call to them tomorrow so they've been very cool to play down any expectations obviously micro was persuasive today he got a good hearing from president trump but john bolton my point hey we're going to weigh in on this as well and so it's really too early to say and the president didn't make any commitments today so we've still got some time before we'll know where president trump comes out on this deal three cis eyeball massive attack the pakistani city of queta killing at least six peace officers one bomber detonated his explosives near police truck on the war road towards the airport whilst two of us attacked a paramilitary checkpoint on the city's outskirts fifteen place and soldiers were
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wounded in the attacks and no one has so far claimed responsibility. well the leaders of north korea and south korea are due to hold a summit this friday it will be the first direct meeting between the country's leaders for more than a decade they're expected to discuss bringing a formal end to hostilities between the two countries and we think will take place on the southern side of the truce village of panmunjom with correspondents on both sides of the demilitarized zone and kathy novak has been at the venue where the leaders will meet a first this from james based on his road trip from pyongyang to the border it takes over two hours to drive from the north korean capital pyongyang through the countryside to the d.m.z. the demilitarized zone. the road is bumpy but very quiet it's also in places extremely wide one pyongyang resident speculated to me this was so aircraft could land with reinforcements in the event of conflict once we reached the d.m.z.
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security was tight we were not permitted to film in certain areas our guide was a north korean army captain he showed us the layout of this front line zone this is not an international border the korean war officially never ended it was simply paused with an armistice or truce. is it possible for you to show us where the meeting on the twenty seventh will be taking place between field-marshal kim and the president of south korea. to cuba it's the peace house on the southern side so this is the first time any of your leaders garm across to the southern side to tell you that at the top yes. we continued on the route that the north korean leader will take for his historic meeting on friday past the building where the one nine hundred fifty three armistice was negotiated and the hall where it was
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signed by the north koreans and by a u.s. general on behalf of his country and their allies fighting under the u.n. flag it's estimated that in just three years up to three million people were killed as a professional soldier how hard is it going to be with your field marshal sitting down with those that have been your enemy to monitor what arnold is accused if dear supreme marshal is with us surely all the problems will be solved peacefully and that's what we firmly believe and we were taken on to a tall a building and up some stairs where you could view the line that separates communist north korea from democratic south korea from the north we have this vantage point of the demarcation line the blue hearthstone there where in the past military officials from this country have met the other side and just over there that building is where the historic summit is supposed to take place. this
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is also being suggested as a place where kim jong un could meet donald trump no venue for that planned meeting has yet been formally announced the leaders of countries whose forces have been facing off against each other for decades will soon be meeting face to face james bays al-jazeera on the north korean side of the de-militarized zone or from the south side of the demilitarized zone here's kathy novak. we're often reminded that the two koreas remain technically at war an armistice not a peace treaty ended hostilities in one thousand nine hundred fifty three and it was signed here at the joint security area at. the two sides agreed then to establish the four kilometer buffer zone between north and south known as the demilitarized zone or d.m.z. it's still heavily guarded on both sides and has been the site of tensions over the years north korean soldiers killed two u.s.
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army officers in one nine hundred seventy six landmines injured south korean soldiers and twenty fifteen and late last year a north korean defector what's shot by fellow north korean troops as he ran across the border not far from where i'm standing this year as relations improved between the two koreas this village has once again been used as a venue for high level talks within the d.m.z. the military demarcation line marks the actual border between north and south in this room when i walk over to this side of the table i'm crossing into north korea so it was significant when earlier this year a delegation from the north stepped over the border for talks after two years in which there had been no official communication between the two countries and when north korean leader kim jong un meets south korea's president at the end of the month the meeting will be held in peace house on the southern side it will be the first time a north korean leader steps on south korean soil since the korean war cambridge
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university academic at the center of the facebook data scandal has appeared before a british parliamentary committee alexander colgan is linked to the u.k. based cambridge analytical firm it's accused of improperly accessing the information of eighty seven million users through a facebook john holl explains. well two pretty interesting bits of testimony heard from different sources of course in the facebook cambridge analytical data breach scandal first of all speaking to a parliamentary committee dr alexander kogan he's the man who produced the app that was used to harvest the data of some eighty seven million facebook users and then illegibly pass it on to cambridge analytical for use in influencing the donald trump campaign and following that swiftly it was a press conference given by cambridge analytical defending or dealing with what it described as ill informed and inaccurate speculation about a company that well alexander kogan insists as he has done before that he did
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nothing wrong back in two thousand and fourteen both sides he said knew precisely what was going on what he was doing no one raised any objections then he says he's being made a scapegoat by facebook that describes him as a liar and a fraud his product as a scam and cambridge analytical that says the data he produced was in effect will take a listen to this exchange from the briefing in which the committee suggests that his motivation may in the end have been commercial gain since the payments. apart from the suitable thirty thousand for your role in this was to keep the data exactly much you could then use you in your academic life or perhaps that was part of the deal only god was the deal i was rewarded with data ok you say residents that you've got some you've had university ethics approvals for all your academic work. did you have university approval for for that deal for the commercial it's not yours so there's not a mechanism for
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a company to go out and seek out its approval for a commercial deal and the university over say is over are going to have it is this side of the. right but after that as i said there was a press conference given by a spokesman clarence mitchell for cambridge analytical in which he stressed that none of dr kogan zz data had been used in any political campaigning he said that cambridge analytic had only a brief five month tenure with the donald trump campaign he said it had never worked for either side in the brig's it campaign take a listen. the company has been portrayed in some quarters is almost some bond villain cambridge analytical is no bond villain whilst no laws were broken we have acknowledged where mistakes have been made and a full independent first to go shouldn't being conducted by a q.c. is being conducted as we speak well mr mitchell described cambridge analytic as
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a fantastic world leading data science company he said the media outlets leading the coverage against it were doing so because of a political agenda so it's come on the news hour i mean to turn to the streets of kiev around this time marching to mourn the country. and we ask questions them back to this is garment industry five years on from the factory does that they claim one thousand one hundred lives. how low well i'm sacked they let slushy fine and dry across sas australasia we've got this area of clouds making its way for the southeast with so it will be a little fresher than it has been recently soko fronts the temperatures forming
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away highs of around twenty celsius the full adelaide nineteen degrees for melbourne on a wednesday then twenty celsius the path want to see showers a possibility into w.i. with a much civil strife it dust at five and dry over the next couple of days shall rise to the similar position you notice as we go on into thursday look further east coast still for melbourne sixteen degrees but it is going to be fine and dry twenty celsius for adelaide maybe one or two showers just having the coastal fringes of new south wales sydney at around twenty four degrees we got some shabby rain heading towards news even but it doesn't look too bad as we go on through the next day let's say so as he touches in oakland at around ninety celsius sixty celsius there for christchurch peasant or some sunshine through a little bit of cloud to the west is out of the country for thursday but it does look like dry eighty degrees in oakland so i recall complained about that one but why is it dry across parts of japan at the medicine the really heavy rain in place for where to stay still moving further east by thursday.
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stories of life. and inspiration. and series of short documentaries from around the wilds. that celebrate the human spirit. against the arts. al-jazeera syntax palestinians.
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the mind of the top stories here on the. french president a man will not call says he thinks the nuclear deal with iran should be reworked to fix the concerns of all parties polluting the us three suicide bombers have attacked the pakistani city of kwaito killing at least six police officers and wounding fifty. the research at the center of the facebook data scandal has been questioned by u.k. m.p.'s alexander colgan dismissed suggestions that the information collected could have been used to sway the us presidential election. the man suspected of deliberately driving a violent protest trains on a sidewalk and two on two on mondays been charged with ten counts of murder and thirteen of attempted murder twenty five year old alec massey and was arrested following a standoff with police and police i say they're investigating social media posts by him which insult women i'll just say was done your lack is more. it took just twenty horrific minutes for a van speeding along
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a sidewalk to hit injure and kill many pedestrians in a crowded part of toronto. during a brief appearance in court twenty five year old alex was charged with ten counts of first degree murder thirteen of attempted murder without speculating about motive police say they've seized a cell phone and are looking into social media posts that appear to warn about a pending attack as has been reported in the media to accuse is alleged to have posted a cryptic message on facebook minutes before he began driving the rental van and he drove it southbound on young street and onto the crowded sidewalks media reports say this post now taken down by facebook referred to an online group called in cell or involuntary celibacy where members reviled women who they say refused to have relationships with them the post also praises someone with similar views who killed six in california in two thousand and fourteen all the security services in canada
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and elsewhere will be some contracting people to do some research on a movement like in selma to see if this is a one off are or dealing with a rising crescendo individuals sounding this call to rebellion against society this issue for now police have cordoned off several city blocks to gather evidence they say more charges are likely nearby a park that's become a memorial to victims and their families political leaders say the public should feel safe because this attack looks increasingly like the work of a single person who was indicated last night by a public security minister. at this time we have no reason to suspect that there is any national security element to this attack but obviously the investigations continue. just a day ago this busy shopping district was full of people enjoying the spring
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sunshine then it became a killing ground and now it's the country's largest crime scene as investigators struggle to answer the burning questions canadians still have first among those why did this happen daniel zira toronto process a continuing in with demonstrates is now calling for the resignation of president daniel ortega human rights groups say at least twenty six people have been killed in a violent crackdown by police on the protests which began last week john when reports . people continued to come out in the streets of nicaragua despite president donnie it'll take a pic ching the reform to the social security system that is first sparked protests last week. to the thousands who marched through the capital men are were and monday this is now become about something mall they're protesting against the president himself the minute the minute or so they make it that their final seconds
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this protest is bigger than all the rest because people have grown tired people are worn out from the violation of rights rights of the people the violation of the constitution this was the vote that knocked over the glass as they say the president or take is now on his third consecutive term and has been accused of nepotism his wife is the vice president and for undermining democratic institutions to tighten his grip on power. his critics will now add to that list repression police have used heavy handed tactics in dealing with protesters close to thirty people have been killed among them offices themselves was others have been the timing of these relatives saying outside a police station as they called for their loved ones to be released. what the president originally bullish in his response to the protests had on sunday struck a slightly more conciliatory tone let me turn the symbol to the incidents of
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violence that have happened i regret about we express solidarity with all the families whose loved ones have died from the violence. and as you did i saw in the footage but after that address police rushed to university campus that has become the bastion of the protests the students occupying it fought back at least one was killed in what i am familiar acting the army afterwards they promise to carry on what they need is the backing of the country's powerful business community and the rest of the population. that the president will be hoping his concessions are enough to dampen the anger. john home an al-jazeera opposition leaders in armenia are calling for a transitional government and new elections a day after the resignation of prime minister search i guess i am a step down following almost two weeks of mass protests but tens of thousands marched for a different cause on choosing to commemorate the armenian genocide as robin for s
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a walk reports from caravan for many the annual day of mourning held a new significance. armenians but back on the streets of the capital. this time to commemorate the media victims of mass killings in one hundred fifteen by the ottoman turks it's an ideal occasion but after weeks of street protests ending with but days dramatic resignation of private is to set aside in his cabinet the pilgrimage this year feels different if the rubble people are more excited and today's commemoration as an added level the significant stance on this is something completely different it's like people procreative their chains on today armenians have gathered as they do every year to remember their past but for the last two weeks they have been gathering by the thousands for political change change which may finally have
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a arrived. the leader of the opposition looted which forced. our joy with the people to pay his respects i'll choose them because it is the hero of this self-styled the revolution he says that lived with now has a popular bad dates to form a transitional government and he has made those demands to such yards governing party the only. only kids for the year will cherish. the peaceful. and full transition of power. so the republican party still dates will be politics but if it's willing to accept that obedience desire change will be revolution set to be take its movement to reverse you will kill. your. italian coast guard has released dramatic video of
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dozens of migrants and refugees being rescued off the coast of libya there's. some of thousand people have been picked up in the mediterranean over the past few days good weather and calm seas has made it easier for the boats to depart according to the u.n. h.c.r. more than eight thousand people have arrived by sea and it's really since the start of twenty. syrian government forces and their allies on the ground have intensified their operation in southern damascus the army is trying to gain over the territory surrounding the capital its campaign there began last week after three two eastern go to i still controls one of the pockets being targeted by the army next to another held by rebel factions rebels in two other long caves northeast of damascus surrendered in recent days well the u.n. special envoy for syria says the recent government gains will bring the country and the tosa to peace. we have seen in the last few weeks days. we have
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seen it with. that military gains territorial gains that military escalation does not bring a political solution has not brought any change on the political will on the contrary we are going through a very difficult moment the truth is that everyone has its own political solution and that these walk that we need to work on and it's time for a high diplomacy or fish rights group say thousands of factories in bangladesh is still unsafe five years after its worst industrial disaster well then eleven hundred people mostly female garment workers were crushed to death in the twenty thirty rana plaza collapse charles stratford reports. it's been described as the worst industrial disaster in bangladesh's history when a bullet went the full two thousand and thirteen more than eleven hundred people were crushed to death and two thousand injured when an eight story building collapsed in an industrial suburb of the capital dhaka. the majority of the victims
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were women working in garment factories in the rana plaza building and. they were making clothes for the well known brands including bennett's and and primal an investigation found the workers had complained about the cracks in the walls despite warnings the building was unsafe survivors say they were forced to work regardless of their five years on and family members of some of the victims gathered at the disaster site demanding justice hannah begun says her daughter's body was never found and when i was up like little my daughter never returned from work i keep looking for her but i have no idea where her body is she used to be the main earner in the family i don't have a son to this day there is no justice. but i know around eighty percent of the seventy five million garment workers willed white and women rights groups say they
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often have no chance of negotiation wages are abused exploited and forced to work in safe conditions. the tragedy in dhaka led to an agreement between some clothing brands and unions designed to better protect of bangladesh the workers since then around two thousand factories have been inspected and nearly three million workers trained in fire safety with a monthly minimum wage of around sixty five dollars remains well below the world bank's global poverty line of eighty five dollars a report by a u.s. based rights organization concludes that thousands of government factories in bangladesh remain in dangerous places to work. n.y.u. stern center for business and human rights says one point two billion dollars is needed to make all garment factories in bangladesh safe it is popular brands and retailers and governments will have to do more to improve garment workers rights
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and safety in some while they are there are some progress but as a whole we can say this this is not and that they do not believe that they are not organized that they do no new zealand did now one love this this is excellence was in there for the government said that it is not what it does friendly rather that it is friendly for the business people it seems fashion changes faster than human rights evolve in the garment industry so many of the women who make the clothes we wear remain vulnerable to exploitation working in factories that are far from city center shopping mall and far from safe trial started. israel's abandon this plans to forcibly deport african migrants who entered the country illegally the government was unable to find a willing country to take in the migrants thousands of mostly eritrean and sudanese men of crossed into israel through egypt's sinai desert migrants will again be able
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to renew residency permits every sixty days as they were before the deportation push but the government will still be encouraging them to leave voluntarily on this parliament square has a new statue and for the first time it's of a woman it's millicent falso who campaigned for six decades for women to have a way to bill foster died in one nine hundred twenty nine one year after voting rights were extended to all women prime minister to ease him a paid tribute to her at the unveiling ceremony. well i would not be standing here today as prime minister no female m.p.'s would have taken the seats in parliament none of us would have had the rights and protections we know enjoy were it's not for one truly great woman day millicent garrett false it. we have had much more about the stories we're following our website loads of video on demand and contributes contributions from all over the world and al-jazeera don't call.
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it critical top stories here on al-jazeera french president manuel mccall says he wants to work with the u.s. to forge a new nuclear deal with iran it comes after a closed door discussions in the oval office with president donald trump is previously called dave dream an insane and a call says this could be a chance to fix some elements of the international accord who conceded a good deal you know you consider that the around till negotiated in two thousand and fifteen is a bad deal for a number of months i have been saying that this isn't a sufficient tail but unable to us until at least twenty twenty five to have some control over their nuclear activities we therefore west from ny on to work on a new deal with iran what we need to cover our four topics block any nuclear activity in iran until twenty twenty five this was feasible because of the data the
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second is to ensure in the long run that there is no nuclear a reunion activity third is to be able to put an end to rounds ballistic activities and fourth is to generate the conditions for a political solution to continue around in the region. three suicide bombers attacked police and soldiers in the pakistani city of queta one bomber detonated his explosives near a peace truck on the road towards the airport while two others tried to attack a paramilitary checkpoint on the city's outskirts six police officers were killed in the attacks and fifteen all those wounded there's been no claim of responsibility so far the research here at the center of the facebook data scandal has dismissed suggestions that the information could have been used to sway the us presidential election alexander colgan told the u.k. parliament that he that data he compiled through a facebook app would have been practically useless for market micro-targeting voters the information was bought by political consultants the cambridge analytical
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which worked for the twenty sixteen campaign test as a nicaragua are refusing to back down and are now calling for the resignation of president daniel ortega human rights groups say at least twenty six people have been killed in a violent crackdown by police on protests that erupted last week after take a launch to plan to overhaul the country's welfare system here for the up to date those the top stories a.j. selects is up next as always thanks for your company but by. in the media this story when we see the real me. the real life in the world. join me james bay for a series of special reports from north korea. here on out you kiran.


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