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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 25, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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somehow time is aiming to replace america and around the world all the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part one on a just. the nature of news as it breaks this is one of the areas where protesters had blocked the road through things finding higher than anything they could find with detailed coverage of this extremely. stream everyone struggling for the good of the state from around the world this museum aims to be a way of pasta tory other regions of history and it's protected warrant that has divided the tribes here for generations.
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france proposes a new deal to build on the existing iran nuclear agreement and prevent the u.s. from leaving there called. hello i'm daryn jordan this is our jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.n. calls for an investigation into the deaths of anti-government protesters in nicaragua. fighting malaria a new campaign against the disease that kills millions of people most of them in africa. and ahead of a rare meeting between the leaders of north and south korea we report from both sides of the demilitarized. france has proposed negotiating a new deal with iran that builds on the twenty fifteen agreement to curb its nuclear program president in my. made the pitch to u.s.
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president donald trump is threatening to pull out of the deal can be helped it has more now from washington is on a three day state visit. u.s. president donald trump welcomed french president emmanuel back to the white house with a state dinner to celebrate the bond between the two nations. but it appears to be a warm friendship was on full display earlier in the day trump even somewhat oddly decided to wait dandruff off mccraw on shoulders we have to make them perfect he is perfect but as the parent barked on the substance of their bilateral meeting prof had a stern warning for iran they restart their nuclear program they will have bigger problems than they have ever had before his statement underscores the leader's key foreign policy differences truck favors was drawing from the iran nuclear deal as one of the signatories to it mcraney wants to preserve the twenty fifteen agreement
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to limit tehran's nuclear powers before may deadline on whether to pull the u.s. out or not trump wants his concerns addressed those include a plan to stop iran's ballistic missile testing and limit iran's influence in iraq yemen levit on and syria a chronic greed they may need to address those issues to keep the deal alive. news on iran we disagree on the j.c. but i believe we can come up with something that can deal with the fundamental issue of the j.c.b. away which is the nuclear issue but also deal with these other three issues that aren't included. trying to get suggested gulf nations need to make a larger financial investment in syria's future stability and security following the defeat of eisel the countries that are there that you all know very well are immensely wealthy they're going to have to pay. for this but the meeting
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appeared to do little to ease fears of a looming trade war with no sign trump had agreed to exempt the european union from tariffs on steel live aluminum imports set to take effect on may first we have the very first issue on trade which is overcapacity is still in a limb and it doesn't come from europe and not even from france the meeting between u.s. president donald trump and french president emanuel mccraw has highlighted key policy differences between the two leaders their divisions mccraw may address on wednesday before a joint session of the u.s. congress can really help get al-jazeera at the white house well as you heard there president trump war on terror on a bigger problems if it restarts its nuclear program meanwhile iran's foreign minister said his country may abandon the deal if the u.s. pulls out. we've said that the united states has not lived up to its to its side of the bargain that is to its commitments to lift certain sanctions not to impede.
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economic relations between iran and its economic partners it has done all of that it has prevented. basically dissuade threatened companies from engaging with iran so the economic benefits of the of the nuclear have not been delivered that had been promised. well as trump was hosting mccraw us judge ruled against the white house's previous decision to end a program that protects young undocumented immigrants the scheme known as dhaka shielded thousands of so-called dreamers from deportation and give them work permits the judge said canceling it was unlawful and order that to resume has given the government ninety days to explain in more detail its reasons for ending daca alan fisher has more from washington d.c. . well as a point to remember what dr is the deferred action for childhood arrivals program a barack obama program which essentially protected the children of people who came
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here as undocumented migrants from deportation and also provided them with two year ruling what parents know donald trump's white house decided it was scrapping the program it said it was going to be challenged in the courts by texas and other states didn't think it would be able to defend the docket program and therefore it was ending there have been a number of court cases to this point but i fed will judge in washington d.c. as essentially said that the government needs to come up with a better explanation in his ruling he said that the decision was arbitrary and capricious because the department failed to adequately explain its conclusion that the program was unlawful put a stay on that decision for ninety days which means that the government can appeal but this comes on the back of similar rulings by courts in new york and california as far as the white house is concerned you'll remember the donald trump said that
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baca is dead he has lambasted democrats saying that they don't want to work with him to come up with a new program but after being told of this latest decision by the courts the white house said it is currently studying the decision. well let's talk to produce fine he's a former us associate deputy attorney general he joins us live from washington d.c. bruce so how much of a blow is the judge's verdict to trump's plans to end deportation protections for young undocumented immigrants well i think it's it's a substantial blow. one of the things in my judgment is going to happen is that the program will basically stay intact through at least the mid-term elections in november so that if the congress flips to the democrats we may see a renewed effort in congress to solve the problem irrespective of what mr trump's wishes are the second influence is likely to be on a decision or a hearing tomorrow by the united states supreme court on mr trump's refugee bannan
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immigration limits from these eight countries that he's identified as not sufficiently capable of vetting the immigrants seeking a visas a refugee status and the judge went out of his way to denounce the trumpet ministration for what he characterized as just completely flimsy ulterior motives that was behind the band had nothing rational about it indeed when the government argued that it feared that the program would be held illegal and the government ignored the fact that the most comparable program got to the u.s. supreme court a couple years ago it was divided four to four so it's obvious it's not a clear cut case one way or the other but i do believe that this will create at least a new renewed effort would seem to be dead in the last month to try to resolve this ok in the congress well the courts handle the matter and this is been a highly charged case doesn't it i mean with federal judges in new york and
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california even the supreme court getting involved. yes it has been highly charged and i would expect to add disadvantageous to mr trump he will probably denounce the judge who was appointed by george w. bush he has a habit when he loses the case to blame it on judges who he believes are in some kind of conspiracy against him now judges are a clubby just like the members of congress are and that will hurt i believe mr trump if he comes out in need tributes the decision to some personal characteristic it's going to irritate not only judges in general but the u.s. supreme court to be very skeptical about up holding the things that trump does with ulterior motives so it's going to be bad all the way around yeah just a final thought from you as you say this court buckle of a duck is keeping the program on life support but it won't save it for good when it doesn't trump will keep fighting to close it down well it won't save it for good
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unless congress steps into the equation and that's why the midterm elections are so important doc is not at all the only issue that's going to be up but it's certainly possible that the house of representatives could flip to the democrats one of the things that trump has to confront which is audit in the court proceedings is that he says the whole program is illegal yet he's permitted to continue you know it throughout over a year of his administration he never at the outset tried to repeal the whole effort and he's always been pushing the wall down the road and doing anything but if he really thought it was illegal he would have admittedly imitated it the first day of his inauguration bruce fein thanks for talking to al jazeera. now the united nations is calling for an investigation into the deaths of anti-government protesters in nicaragua the white house a separately accuse the government in managua of repugnant violence and repression police have released some student demonstrators from custody as president ortega
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tries to lower tensions human rights groups say at least twenty six people have died in violent crackdowns in the protests which began last week john homan reports . people continue to come out in the streets of nicaragua despite president donnie it'll take a pic ching the reform to the social security system that is first sparked protests last week. of the thousands who marched through the capital menow were monday this is now become about something move they're protesting against the president himself the money going to the show they're making their final seconds this protest is bigger than all the rest because people have grown tired people are worn out from the violation of rights rights of the people the violation of the constitution this was the vote that knocked over the glass as they say the president all take is now on his third consecutive term and has been accused of nepotism his wife is the vice president and for undermining democratic institutions
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to tighten his grip on power. his critics will now add to that list repression police have used heavy handed tactics in dealing with protesters close to thirty people have been killed among them offices themselves. others have been detained these relatives saying outside a police station as they called for their loved ones to be released. what the president originally bullish in his response to the protests had on sunday struck a slightly more conciliatory tone let me turn the symbol to the incidents of violence that have happened i regret about we express solidarity with all the for. release whose loved ones have died from the violence. they need to see god i saw nothing but after that address police rushed to university campus that has become the bastion of the protests the students occupying it flew back at least one was
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killed going to iraq but i'm allergic to the army afterwards they promise to carry on what they need is the backing of the country's powerful business community and the rest of the population. will think that the president will be hoping his concessions are enough to dampen the anger john home and. police in malaysia have released a new photo of one of the two suspects sought for killing a palestinian hamas member last week it's believed the two men are still in the country but their identities or nationality are unknown thought out bash was shot at least fourteen times is heading to a mosque in kuala lumpur on saturday he worked in the city as an engineering academic israel has dismissed claims that its intelligence agency mossad was the hind the killing that's also coming on al-jazeera including armenia remembers mass killings during world war one with this year's commemorations taking on a new significance. and a religious leader on trial india examines the power and influence of so-called
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gurus more on that stay with us. from coombe risk knows in few months. to the womb trying to use of southeast asia. how i think by and large it'll be fine in tri across a good part of the middle east over the next couple of days we have got some right in the full cost maybe a little bit of snow still in possession there over towards the high ground over towards afghanistan pulling away from afghanistan isn't up towards the himalayas process guys come back in behind a little bit of cloud still in position there across western parts of iran down towards the northern gulf some clap maybe some right still in place they're just around. pushing down into jordan maybe southern areas of lebanon could see a little bit of wet weather four times in the over the next couple of days possibility of some shop showers which will extend the way for the south northern
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parts of saudi arabia looking at seeing some rather wet weather over the next day or so they've been further east house here because we could see a few spots of right to go through wednesday off the top just peg back to thirty two or thirty three to create little bit of cloud see just around the western side of yemen into the gulf of aden doing that with the showers the seasonal rise that we have across central africa who calls the big downpours continuing to kenya has seen some flooding rains moving parts of tazz they maybe into mozambique still seeing somewhat by the but for much of south africa here it is lousy dry but the possibility of rain for the western cape. the weather sponsored by cats on race. day the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there people that there are
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choosing between buying medication and eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and has posted a story joined the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here this hour from proposed negotiating a new deal with iran that builds on the twenty fifteen agreement to curb its nuclear program president emanuel made the pitch to u.s. president donald trump who is threatening to pull out of the international accord. a u.s. judge just ruled against a white house decision to end a program that protects young undocumented immigrants the scheme known as dhaka
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shoot so-called dreamers from deportation and gave them work permits the judge said counseling it was unlawful and told it to resume. and the united nations is calling for an investigation into the deaths of anti-government protesters in nicaragua human rights groups say at least twenty six people have been killed in a violent crackdown by police during demonstrations which began last week. while supporters of manias opposition are calling for more protests after talks with the ruling party are canceled many want a transitional government a new elections after prime minister resigned but tens of thousands marched for a different course on tuesday. to remember the mass killings of armenians during world war one problem for us to walk as more from the capital yerevan. armenians were back on the streets of the capital. this time to commemorate the immediate victims of mass killings in one hundred fifteen by the ottoman turks it's an ideal occasion but after weeks of street protests ending with monday's dramatic
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resignation of prime minister said assad and his cabinet the pilgrimage this year feels different live show for elderly people more excited today's commemoration as an added level of significance. this is something completely different it's like people three of their teens. today armenians have gathered as they do every year to remember their past but for the last two weeks they have been gathering by the thousands for political change change which may finally have a arrived. the leader of the opposition looted which forced suddenly sad for the power joyed with the people to pay his respects or tuesday they called is the hero of this self-styled the revolution he says the movement now has a popular bad date to form a transitional government and he has made those demands to sightsee ads governing
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party only. all the kids for years will cherish. him the peaceful. and full transition of allah. and that's so the republican party still dominates politics but it's willing to accept that our billions desire change the velvet revolution is set to be tape it's a bed to rabbit for a sea walker. that. meanwhile american armenians have been remembering the mass killings during world war one thousands marched in los angeles to remember the estimated one point five million people who died under the ottoman empire demonstrators carried signs that read nine hundred fifteen never again. three african countries will soon start rolling out the world's first malaria vaccine last year more than two hundred million people around the world were affected by
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the disease ninety percent of the cases were reported in africa kenya ghana and when are we will be among the first nations to try out the vaccine to me that many reports from kenya's consumer country. a mother brings a six year old son to this clinic in western kenya looking for help at twenty one kilograms he's underweight and can barely stand on his own he has severe malaria his mother says he's been sick before but it's never been this bad that. he has been sick this morning he woke up in a very high fever and started vomiting he also has diarrhea so we rushed him to the clinic. another mother says both the children to have been ill for days children under the age of five are most at risk of contracting and dying from malaria clinics these about forty patients a day many of them diagnosed with the disease. high temperatures and stagnant water
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in this area mean mosquitoes which can carry and pass on malaria are able to breed easily half the people living in this area have malaria the rainy season has just begun if you're into sumo county and that's normally when the number of malaria cases increase dramatically a pilot program to vaccinate almost a quarter of a million people in areas just like this one will begin later this year this vaccine trains the immune system to attack the malaria parasite and it's hoped it will potentially save tens of thousands of lives especially as some strains of malaria are resistant to drug treatment we are going to stick that we are dealing with a very clever prosecutor dealing with the whole song cleverness because that develop resistance to all chemicals in sex ed that we're developing but over the last twenty years we have seen the number of cases drastically drop in africa while the
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number of malaria cases have dropped by as much as seventy percent in some places in kenya the world health organizations twenty seventeen malaria report says last year there were about five million more cases of malaria globally compared to the year before and that more than four hundred twenty thousand people globally died of the disease that year ninety percent of those cases occurred in africa is now hope that a successful rollout of the vaccine across three african countries will mean fewer deaths for me to malone al-jazeera kisumu come to kenya. and at least fifteen people have been killed in the floods across kenya major highways have been cut off leaving commuters stranded there are calls for the government to fix the drainage system which is under pressure from a been a zation and a growing population. at least ten people have been killed and dozens injured by a fire at an illegal oil well in indonesia's arch
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a province authorities say at least three houses have been destroyed by the blaze which is still out of control in the knees as disaster management agency believes it was started by sparks from a welding torch. now police are on alert in northern india for the end of a controversial trial involving a self-styled religious leader. who will denies raping the sixteen year old daughter of two of his followers supporters of the girl who have fought with police during previous court appearances in rochester and witnesses have been killed before they were due to testify against him and other cases halted as yet reports are. known for his extravagant and sometimes strange costumes also on bup who or bapuji as he's known has disciples around the world and in hundreds of hindu religious retreats known as. guru such as a psalm say they meet people spiritual needs but some are accused of exploiting
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their followers for money property and sex by offering them a one stop shop for everything you have being you have you have spiritual family problems this man. also arm was arrested by police investigating the rape of a sixteen year old girl in raja stein the seventy seven year old responded to an exorcism request from her parents who believed she was possessed by evil spirits after us i was charged his followers protested and scuffled with police. the allegations made against completely false and there is no truth in it is not a law. known he has millions of followers who support him and will continue to sound us arm supporters say the guru practices black magic and can instantly transform fortunes but the guru has also been linked to the mutilation of four young boys in an alleged sacrifice ritual. many in india have
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called for tough legal action against him and other self professed god men so we demand his ashot his religious center be seized by the government he should be put behind bars and all his property throughout india no matter what it is should be sentenced a son ahmed's forty six year old son not a on are also accused of other crimes including the rape of two sisters over a period of ten years in the city of swat police said saddam's son admitted the sex assaults and fathering a child with one of his victims but nearly all witnesses in the rape case changed their mind about testifying fearing expulsion from the community at least two witnesses were shot and killed that case is continuing these kind of. dying have a lot of political ads. in india who vote doing election become.
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above the law prosecutors are fighting back by using laws passed for the protection of children against sex offenders to stop religious leaders such as god men from breaking the law paul child or john al-jazeera. leaders of north and south korea are due to hold their first derrik meeting in more than a decade on friday they're expected to discuss bringing a formal end to the korean war the meeting will take place on the southern side of the truce village apartment june kathy novak takes us to the venue where the summit will take place but first our diplomatic editor james bays has an exclusive look at the demilitarized zone from the north it takes over two hours to drive from the north korean capital pyongyang through the countryside to the d.m.z. the demilitarized zone the road is bumpy but very quiet it's also in places extremely wide one pyongyang resident speculated to me this was so aircraft could
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land with reinforcements in the event of conflict once we reached the d.m.z. security was tight we were not permitted to film in certain areas our guide was a north korean army captain he showed us the layout of this frontline zone this is not an international border the korean war officially never ended it was simply paused with an armistice or truce. is it possible for you to show us where the meeting on the twenty seventh will be taking place between field-marshal kim and the president of south korea. numpty q it's the peace house on the southern side so this is the first time any of your leaders garma crossed to the southern side to bring in is that a lot of them. yes. we continued on the route that the north korean leader will take for his historic meeting on friday past the builder of the one nine hundred fifty three armistice was negotiated and the hall where it was signed by the north
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koreans and by the us general on behalf of his country and their allies fighting under the un flag it's estimated that in just three years up to three million people were killed as a professional soldier how hard is it going to be with your field marshal sitting down with those that have been your enemy to monitor what are known to get lucky if dear sprit marshall is with us surely all the problems will be solved peacefully and that's what we firmly believe and we were taken on to a taller building and up some stairs where you could view the line that separates communist north korea from democratic south korea. from the north we have this vantage point of the demarcation line the blue hot stone there where in the past military officials from this country have met the other side and just over that building is where the historic summit is supposed to take place. this is
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also being suggested as a place where kim jong un could meet donald trump no venue for that planned meeting has yet been formally announced the leaders of countries whose forces have been facing off against each other for decades will soon be meeting face to face james bays out zero on the north korean side of the de-militarized. we're often reminded that the two koreas remain technically at war an armistice not a peace treaty ended hostilities in one thousand nine hundred fifty three and it was signed here at the joint security area at panmunjom the two sides agreed then to establish the four kilometer buffer zone between north and south known as the demilitarized zone or d.m.z. it's still heavily guarded on both sides and has been the site of tensions over the years north korean soldiers killed two u.s. army officers in one nine hundred seventy six landmines injured south korean
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soldiers and twenty fifteen and late last year a north korean defector what's shot by fellow north korean troops as he ran across the border not far from where i'm standing. this year as relations improved between the two koreas this village has once again been used as a venue for high level talks within the d.m.z. the military demarcation line marks the actual border between north and south in this room when i walk over to this side of the table i'm crossing into north korea so it was significant when earlier this year a delegation from the north stepped over the border for talks after two years in which there had been no official communication between the two countries and when north korean leader kim jong un meets south korea's president in at the end of the month the meeting will be held in peace house on the southern side it will be the first time a north korean leader steps on south korean soil since the korean war. part
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of a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera from south propose negotiating a new deal with iran that builds on the twenty fifteen agreement to curb its nuclear program president emanuel micro made the pitch to u.s. president donald trump who threatened to pull out of the international accord. or president trump has warned terror of bigger problems if it restarts its nuclear program meanwhile the iranian foreign minister said his country may abandon the twenty fifteen deal if the u.s. pulls out. the united states has not lived up to its to its side of the bargain that is to its commitments to lift certain sanctions not to impede. economic relations between iran and its economic partners it has done all of that it has prevented basically dissuaded threatened companies from engaging with iran
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so the economic benefits of the of the nuclear have not been at the level that had been promised. us judges ruled against a white house decision to end a program that protects young undocumented immigrants the scheme known as dhaka shielded so-called dreamers from deportation and gave them work permits the judge said counseling it was unlawful order that resume is giving the government ninety days to explain in more detail its reasons for ending doco police in malaysia say they believe two suspects in the killing of a palestinian hamas member are still in the country but they don't know who they are offices of released a new photo image of one of the men thought of shot fired at least fourteen times in the back last saturday he was heading to a mosque in kuala lumpur where he worked as an engineering academic israel has dismissed claims that its intelligence agency mossad was behind the killing the united nations is calling for an investigation into the deaths of anti-government
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protesters in nicaragua human rights groups say at least twenty six people have been killed in a violent crackdown by the police in the demonstrations which began last week. when tens of thousands of people have marched to remember the mass killing of armenians during world war one the demonstrations come after the resignation of prime minister said. he stepped down following almost two weeks of mass protests. well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera off the street . u.s. president donald trump has said he will slap new charis on imports of steel an alum in your bra five jeans will mean fofa days of time but ten times faster than forty we bring you the stories of the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.
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