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after. bin laden was very nervous about meeting has not met a western reporter before in part one of an exclusive two part documentary al-jazeera speaks to those who met osama bin ladin he never showed the hostility towards me of the west i knew billard on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you. australia is multibillion dollar international student industry is booming but it has a dark side one of many salman's widespread revelations of sexual assault on foreign university students on a desert. this
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is al-jazeera. hello there good to have you with us i'm jonah hall and this is the news hour live from coming up in the next sixty minutes a meeting choreographed to the tiniest detail south korea's leader choppers into the d.m.z. on the eve of historic talks with kim jong un. donald trump's doctor which draws his nomination for a job in the u.s. capital of relegation see overprescribe drugs and was drunk at work. russia brings witnesses before the world's chemical weapons watchdog in the hague with a different story on what happened during a pulls attack in dubai. and in sport well rewrite the rules for some female run. those with naturally high testosterone levels are told
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that they may have to race against men. final preparations are being made for a historic face to face meeting between the leaders of the north of north and south korea moon j in will host kim jong un in the south korean border village of jong on friday morning they'll discuss a range of issues including pyongyang's nuclear and missile programs it's hoped the meeting will help ease tensions on the peninsula ahead of another meeting between kim of the us president donald trump planned for may or june or kim jong un will travel into the demilitarized zone under tight security to meet moon j in making him the first north korean leader to cross the border since the korean war kim will be flanked by nine officials including his sister who led pyongyang's delegation to this year's winter olympics after meeting in the morning kim and moon will have lunch and plant
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a tree using soil from both countries the day will wind up with dinner and a movie called spring of one. our diplomatic editor james bases in pageview that's on the south korean side of the border and the final rehearsal took place in the south after noon body doubles playing the role of supreme leader kim and president moon both sides very keen but the choreography is just right because of the camera angles and the images but also because of the important question of security this is quite a remarkable event when you think what has happened on the korean peninsula in recent months the fact that tensions have been so high here last year particularly during the summer last year and really a remarkable turnaround of events bringing us to this first of two possible high level summits what changed what allowed room for diplomacy i've been gauging that at the u.n. in new york in european capitals and here on the korean peninsula i filed this
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report from the north korean capital. when you walk around pyongyang everywhere you seem to go you hear military music blaring from shops and loudspeakers last summer the drums of war beating particularly heavily it was arguably the tenses time on the korean peninsula in decades in september north korean foreign minister real young ho headed from his ministry here to new york to give his speech at the annual meeting of world leaders at the u.n. ahead of him in the speaking order the new president of the u.s. the united states has great strength and patients but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea rocket men is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. al-jazeera has learnt that hours
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after that speech foreign minister re sought a brief meeting with the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists at the end of the meeting the north korean invited a senior united nations official to pyongyang a trip the un had been trying to arrange for over a year at the beginning of december jeffrey feltman then the un's head of political affairs made a visit to pyongyang and meetings with north korean officials feltman suggested that kim jong un used his new year's speech to strike a more conciliatory tone he suggested too that the winter olympics which are about to be staged in south korea would be a useful occasion to improve relations it's not clear whether the north koreans listened to his advice but they did the things he suggested the leader's sister kim yo chung's visit to the olympics change the atmosphere between the north and south starting a diplomatic dialogue there was another important back channel to sweden's foreign minister margot will strum authorized expanded conversations with the north koreans
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at one point had been planned for foreign minister rio ho to meet the then u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson in stockholm that plan changed when president trump surprised his own officials saying he wanted a face to face meeting with kim jong un and then secret dispatched his cia director mike pompei o. to pyongyang to begin the negotiations i've been speaking to diplomats at the u.n. in new york and here on the korean peninsula strategic discussions here in north korea are made at the highest level and done in secret but everyone i've spoken to believes that the bellicose speech by donald trump at the u.n. general assembly was what kickstarted the current diplomatic efforts james per hour just era pyongyang. we're joined by mintaro ober former state department diplomat specializing in north korea many thanks for joining us this is
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a important meeting isn't it not only to act as a precursor to that summit with don't trump but as much is that a meeting between two neighbors that not so long ago were on the brink of war that's absolutely absolutely right progress between north korea and south korea is always welcome because it reduces tensions on a volatile peninsula and my hope is that this will make for progress continuing progress between the two koreas as well as a good outcome for the upcoming trunk kim sun it there's talk of planting trees and watching a film together after after dinner but is there going to be an effort to using to extract real concessions from a north korean leader in terms of denuclearization well i think first and foremost the entire korean summit is going to be a big spectacle it's going to be about generating the optics of a very positive relationship between the two koreas so that it provides momentum
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heading into a potential summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un the bigger question is whether that could lead to any sort of concrete agreements and i'm not expecting very much from the into korean summit but there may be the seeds planted for further progress and further dialogue coming from this might those seeds include potentially a peace deal finally between these two countries. that has certainly been under discussion but it's important to recognize that the united states is party to any sort of peace agreement it was the major actor in the korean war and i have real questions about the efficacy of any peace agreement that is simply between north korea and south korea where you're a looting perhaps to kim jong un and his father and his father for not being
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particularly well known for sticking to their commitments let alone making those sorts of commitments in the first place is there any real concrete reason do you feel to think now that things might be different why i think kim jong un has recognized that there is a tactical opportunity in the fact that his nuclear weapons program has progressed to a very advanced state he also recognizes that there is opportunity in a south korean president who wants to engage with north korea and a u.s. president who wants to be seen as a deal maker and so maybe that will prompt some flexibility from north korea. and he also understands that. you know complete denuclearization is the priority for pyongyang but it may be flexible at a lower level below that threshold ok mintaro a former state department official dealing with north korea rather many thanks for your time friday's into korean summit will be only the third of
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its kind in history the first was held in two thousand during the so-called sunshine era another followed seventy years later kathy novak looks looks back at those events and what might be different this time around. he was the architect of the so-called sunshine policy the koreas had been technically at war for fifty years but in two thousand liberal south korean president kim dae junge backed by the clinton administration in washington was promoting in gage meant warmly welcomed into enemy territory by then leader kim jong il kim jong il had been north korean leader for six years and was fresh from his first overseas visit to china with pyongyang on the world stage fascinated citizens across the border watched events unfold on television. the europeans keep saying that i live like a recluse thanks to president kim's visit i'm liberated from reclusion. this three
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day display of friendship culminated in an agreement and one of the south korean president a nobel peace prize among the promises reunions for families separated by the korean war and a joint business park at kaesong just north of the border. but global politics warrant on their side. in two thousand the u.s. had a change in administration from clinton to bush and the hard line policy became prominent the results of the two thousand summit weren't sustained the challenge on young was unification minister under the next south korean president roh moo hyun who continued his predecessor's sunshine policy in two thousand and five chung delivered an invitation to kim jong il for another summit and two years later president roh stepped over the border with then chief of staff the current president and watching on. your team and this line is the wall that has been dividing our people for the last half century this will demolish the four be the wall and heal our people's suffering. it was two years after north korea pledged at
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the six party talks to give up its nuclear program in exchange for economic aid to monroe signed another peace declaration agreeing to implement that six party deal but it was never enforced. on october fourth two thousand and seven there was a great agreement after the south korean presidential election two months later that great agreement went straight to the garbage. north korea conducted nuclear and missile tests conservative south korean president shifted to a tougher policy and relations deteriorated now liberal president in his reprising language from two thousand and seven about ending the armistice and building permanent peace what may be a key difference this time is like u.s. president donald trump moon has only been in office for a year and has more time to implement any agreement and for the first time a u.s. north korea meeting is expected to follow the summit kathy know that al-jazeera so
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. much more still to come on the news hour the scars remain but the resilience is astounding return to the scene of the deadliest attack in somalia's history. we'll have the latest from where protesters say new elections must be cold. and find out who's aiming to overtake the formula one world title leader that's later on in sport. trumps personal doctor a nominee for the vacant post of u.s. veteran affairs secretary has been forced to take himself out of consideration for the post after mounting misconduct allegations running jackson who had been white house physician to barack obama and george w. bush during their presidencies was put forward for the position after david chilton resigned in march but the u.s. navy rear admiral has now withdrawn from the running after claims that he crashed a car while driving under the influence of alcohol and that he'd allowed medication
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to be overprescribed well let's get more on this now from white house correspondent kimberly how cute kimberly more chaos enough people for the white house to deal with and it doesn't look very good really for president trumps judgement of this matter does it. that's exactly it and many are questioning the trumpet ministrations vetting process in light of the fact as you mentioned that his personal physician dr ronnie jackson has withdrawn his name to lead up the veteran affairs administration given the fact of those accusations which say he had been intoxicated crashing a government vehicle handing out medication like candy now the doctor says in fact that these are false and fabricated allegations and initially when he met with the president earlier this week in the oval office offering to withdraw his name the white house defended dr jackson saying that these accusations from a democratic committee all stem from disgruntled former employees but it appears to
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be too much as you point out withdrawing his name questions now whether he'll continue as the president's physician he's also been a very popular physician for other past presidents but again it goes to this issue of judgment because you also have another question appointment that still making headlines here in the united states and that is the environmental protection agency administrator scott pruitt questions about his lavish spending travel and security and even that he was getting raises for his friend so the negative headlines around this vetting process for this administration continue and apart from that it was a curious morning for donald trump turning to the airwaves yet again to his personal views not to twitter. to live television. right we're used to the president kind of speaking his mind early in the morning here in washington on twitter this time it was on the news program morning show fox and friends which we
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know is popular with the president a rather fiery interview though blasting the former f.b.i. director james comey that he of course fired for calling him a liar and a leaker and guilty of crimes but perhaps what was most interesting in all of this jonah was the fact that he had kind of a strong cautionary warning for the u.s. justice department that's looking into whether or not there was any collusion between the trump presidential campaign and russia the president has repeatedly said this is a witch hunt this event which this investigation but i can tell you that there were serious concerns here in the united states if the president were to fire the current special prosecutor counsel met as robert muller even the man at the justice department overseeing this investigation rod rosenstein the president is saying right now that in fact he's going to keep a hands off approach to the department of justice but that could change and that's
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what many people are concerned about in fact there are more than three hundred sixty thousand people have put their name on a petition here in the united states saying they will take to the streets if the president does fire either of those individuals because in their feeling that really is nobody is above the law in the united states not even the president and i should tell you there's little good news for the president that we've just heard in the last hour and that is that he's finally had his new secretary of state confirmed mike pompei of the former cia director so perhaps a little bit void by that news especially since we have angular merkel the german chancellor here tomorrow and of course north korea as you've been talking about very key on the president's agenda helpful i guess to have the top diplomat in place but certainly some of these negative headlines are very problematic for the strumpet ministration health and live for us at the white house thanks so much cooler. well staying with the rush or investigation broadly a u.s. senate committee has approved a bipartisan bill aimed at protecting special counsel robert mueller from being
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fired by president trump will lose investigation into russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election has been repeatedly attacked by trump but it's highly unlikely this bill will be passed into law senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has said he won't allow a vote on the bill and president trump would almost certainly refuse to sign it into law anyway let's talk to particle hain about this she's live for us now in washington it's all very well patty to talk about protecting miller but the reality of reality is there really is no way of protecting him from trump of trump wants him to go the question is what strong waiting for and if he moves on will what would happen next. well he can't actually move on mahler directly he would have to get rod rosenstein to fire mahler. rosenstein refused to do that that he could be replaced with somebody who actually would fire muller this bill would actually go a long way if passed to protecting the special council basically what it does is it
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says you have to fire the special council for cause like a conflict of interest and then if the special council disagrees with that you can go to a three judge panel they have fourteen days they can take a look at the evidence all has to be kept safe during that time and if the judge says if the judges say that there's no wrongdoing then the special counsel resumes his probe so this would in all likelihood impact to protect muller but it would have the broader implications as well is that congress has to be notified when the investigation concludes so why is that important right now we're just talking about a special counsel law it's not a special prosecutor so under the special counsel law muller gets done he compiles a report gets all of his evidence he gives that to rosenstein and rosenstein decides if that information should be made public if it's in the public interest so if rosenstein was replaced with somebody whose sole purpose was to squash the mole or investigation even if you didn't fire moller he could simply take his investigate take his materials and put it in a drawer or in a garbage can so this bill would make sure the congress knows that that's in fact
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happening now you mention it's unlikely that it's going to become law even though president continuously and more often and more and more often is saying that he should fire miller he could fire mueller he might. as you mentioned the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he doesn't want to bring this to the floor now it's customary that he gets to decide the agenda but if republicans grow concerned enough they can bring it to the floor without it now it's probably not going to go through the house and the president definitely wouldn't sign it but every single time there's a tweet or a statement about muller it makes politicians that much more concerned they say it would be political suicide and that it would be the beginning of the end of the term presidency. particle hain clearing that up for us in washington d.c. thanks patty now the armenian parliament is expected to hold an extraordinary session next week to vote for a new prime minister the country was plunged into a political crisis this week after. stepped down as prime minister following massive antigovernment protests parliament's as
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a vote will be held on the first of may to elect a new leader however protests continuing in the capital yellow van with people demanding snap parliamentary elections robin foresty a walker is in the oven for us. well everything seems to be. right in the right direction for. the party. towards. power by the opposition. those folks who argue that if somebody is going to go ahead next week. what they meet for a majority in. the next prime minister if that happens he would be running a transitional. free and fair elections and he's promised to deliver something you know media has been lucky. since independence from.
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everything seems to be the right way for all these tens of thousands of protesters once again back on the streets want to show that this opposition movement still has its momentum. looks to be the case against. the republican party that. they were ready to. discuss without doing anything. really. to do. which is. to seize political parties the other political parties in the. opposition movement. the un security council has met in new york to discuss the conflict between israel and palestine. the u.n. special coordinator for the middle east peace process says that until the occupation ends on the two state solution is achieved the conflict will remain
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a key driver of extremism and a persistent threat to regional security gaza is coming apart as we speak. it is coming apart under the pressure of an explosive combination of negative humanitarian security and political factors if another conflict between hamas and israel were to erupt this would have devastating consequences for palestinians in gaza it could undermine the relative stability of the west bank and have repercussions for israel and the region as well i say this with a heavy heart and in the hope that all of us will do our utmost in the spirit of preventive diplomacy a palestinian journalist who was shot by israeli forces while covering protests at the gaza border has been laid to rest will hussein died on wednesday from injuries he sustained during demonstrations two weeks ago stephanie decker is in gaza. a large crowd has gathered here in the jabalya refugee camp to pay their final
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respects ahmed abu hussein he is the second journalist killed by israeli sniper fire now he was brought back into gaza overnight he start flying in and the mosque where people are paying their final respects his press vest his bulletproof vest that he was wearing at the time when he was shot is with him. there is video of the incident when he was shot april thirteenth that shows he was standing in a crowd far away from a fence when it appears that he was specifically targeted is laid on me before that they know the. gunshot which means they know that this gun is going to kill business this is the point. and yes it has not been killed by they have been met by the israeli snipers.
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but abu hussein twenty five years old is now the second palestinian journalist being laid to rest and has drawn some international condemnation calling for an independent investigation the israeli army says it does not target journalists and that it's going to look into the details of their deaths but certainly anyone you speak to here on has a very clear opinion that these are deliberate targets that the israeli army that these snipers are deliberately targeting them to try and stop them from protesting everyone here will tell you even people we've spoken to have been shot before that they will return to the protests that they want their rights just like everyone else they feel forgotten and they believe that through these protests for once finally there is some international spotlight on their plight moscow has brought a number of syrians including children to the headquarters of the chemical weapons watchdog to support their claim that the gas attack. when duma was faked the
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witnesses have been presented to the o.p.c. w. at the hague to recount what they saw unable to seventh russia says the syrian statements prove the chemical attack was staged and so on you're going to go it was inside the briefing that was held at the open c w she's live for us now in the hague sun what evidence was presented to support this claim and is anyone paying any attention. well journey really is difficult to actually quantify this because all we have is really their work they presented some videos and eyewitness reports but we have absolutely no concrete evidence that these indeed are the people that are that were at the site and that there is truth to this there was no scientific evidence yes the the witnesses had very similar statements and how they described things for example but no documentation was provided with reference to their identification of tall and with all of this
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the response really from the u.k. and france u.k. monday which came under heavy criticism from russia is that really this was quite a grotesque show from the. it was sort of a bizarre event to see this a parade of people who turned up at this on march bass here they wish they were seen going into the o.p.c. w. building there the briefing was made that behind closed doors then they were brought to a hotel just around the corner from there and given the fact that much was made out of this very young boy has son who gave a very short statement and what he said had happened. sort of is quite difficult to sort of see how this. this would have been intended to kind of make any any clear because we're really left with more questions than we are answers to this whole
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situation that's only something your p c w can resolve with evidence from the ground. thanks very much for. all to stay with us on the news still to come politicians debate a big briggs it question should britain remain inside europe's tariff free customs union when it eventually leaves the e.u. . how the french plan to fix discrimination and depravation faced. people living in poor suburban areas. and that let it go madrid get ready to play their part in the european first. hell i was being what in the levant the last day or so and it's not going to stop anytime soon look at the cloud doing really is circulating it's not going anywhere
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as a result of that it's spreading the largest of rain if you can call it that and the strength of wind virtually everywhere from sinai north was a nice woods through iraq such a wet spell of attempts is taking much of a dip is whether or not they rain is fairly heavy and it has been caused flash floods the rain hasn't yet reached across the border into iran might well do that but it's concentration i think is still going to be the lowlands iraq west was for at least twenty four hours and even by the time we get to saturday beirut still looking at least it shows that twenty five degrees south of all this is looking fine and say throughout iran is mostly five but the caucasus region seems likely up here as well so having seen some distance recently and dust storm dusty whether it's settling down to be thirty three entire harbor the same in mekele it warm climate is building to the south if anyone is going to get showers it's possibly a man more likely yemen and sun seems to be right in the middle of the full cost weapons or bits of useful rain recently in cape town still the western cape show
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you some clouds streaking across it but i don't think wet is the right boy it. rewind returns with a new series of air bring your people back to life i'm sorry i'm brian new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries there has been a number of reforms put in place since the program was filmed rewind continues with us of darkness we were following orders we sing young people to fight these wars put them in the most complex situations you can imagine and have them make life and death decisions rewind on al-jazeera when the news breaks. and the story builds to be forced to leave it would piss me off when people need to be. being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on
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the ground to bring you the board winning documentaries and live news on al-jazeera i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on on and . welcome back here's a quick look at the top stories on our. final preparations are being made for an historic face to face meeting between the leaders of north and south korea it's hoped the talks will ease tensions ahead of the meeting between kim jong un and u.s. president on later this year. probably jackson donald trump's personal doctor and nominee for u.s.
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veteran affairs secretary has quit his bid for the post up to being accused of several instances of misconduct. moscow has taken a number of syrians including children to the headquarters of the chemical weapons watchdog to support their claim that the alleged gas attack in duma was faked. u.k. politicians have approved a motion calling for the government to pursue a customs union in bricks and negotiations the vote puts pressure on prime minister to resume a's brings its strategy she's refused to pursue a customs union with the e.u. up to now some critics believe leaving the tariff free zone will hurt britain's economy our u.k. correspondent lawrence lee has more now from westminster. well there was a vote in the end but it didn't really mean anything because the government didn't turn up for rates and so the position of the vote was that the government must change its position rather than saying we will not have an economic arrangement at all with the european union future this vote said please government change your
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position continue your talks over staying in a customs union with the european union but of course that was one because many on the government side who oppose this idea simply didn't turn up so in that sense it didn't mean anything but what was significant about this was a number of conservative people from the ruling party who argued against their own government's position and said look we can't have a brick sit we want bricks that we want to control our borders and stop letting so many people in and all these things they talk about but continue our trading relationship with the european union to allow businesses which exports manufacture selfish to france and things like that to move their goods quickly across the borders in the coming weeks there will be a meaningful vote it will be binding on parliament but it looks at the moments that the arithmetic is that the government might lose that those if it does it will be very good news for manufacturers people in the food and drinks industry people i that's who want the customs union to stay it's potentially extremely bad news for
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the prime minister because those hardliners on her side who are insisting on breaking every single part of the relationship with the european union might try to force a leadership challenge against her so just a few months to go until the u.k. leaves the european union and everything still to play for these things are now starting very much to come to a head. a jury in the u.s. state of pennsylvania has found actor bill cosby guilty on all counts in his sexual assault retrial the eighty year old comedian once known as america's dad was found guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting a female friend of his philadelphia home in two thousand and four the same charges ended in a mistrial when the jury couldn't reach a unanimous verdict last year. well they've been protests outside a spanish court after five men were cleared of the gang rape of a woman at the two thousand and sixteen pamplona bull running festival after a five month trial the men who belong to
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a whatsapp group called the wolf pack were convicted of the lesser crime of sexual abuse and given nine year sentences protesters outside the hall chanted it's not abuse it's rape. the french government has launched a plan to tackle the discrimination and deprivation faced by people living in poor suburban areas about ten percent of france's population live in areas blighted by high unemployment crime and poverty natasha butler went to the town of evra in normandy and found one scheme that's already hoping to address the inequality. like many towns in france ever has a charming historical center but on the outskirts of districts crammed with social housing unemployment is high here and people's hopes for the future are low. some local officials want to prove things but it is not easy to get the government in birth. happen will every change here it's always the thing there's no jobs
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regional council address at azeri is trying to bring change he has a vision of areas like this prospering. that are. over there we are building houses that people can buy into and. successive governments have tried and failed to address the problems in the suburbs president emanuel mcconnell's government is proposing a new action plan it's consulted local officials like greece at a salary to find out how best to invest in jobs transport and education he says what's needed is a whole new approach. from america we have to stop putting on is a poor is a bore and keeping all the ethnic communities together putting everyone in towers we need to explode is we have sinking we need to scatter social osing throat towns pretty serious need to be liked and he was a part of friends some say one answer is to stop seeing people in the suburbs as a problem but rather as a solution. this company trains people in laying fiber optic cables the bosses say
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there's a huge advantage to being in this area because there are plenty of young people who need work and want opportunity. and want to put in many people who have been marginalized in life are lacking in self-confidence so we tell them look this is a curio that could be a solution you're capable you can learn of and most of these trainees are unemployed but nearly all are expected to find work after the course. heard about this from someone who'd done this training before he told me it was great it vies me to take it up because it be easy to find a job afterwards possibly to what extent the government's new plan will change the suburbs and improve their image is unclear what people want here is to be reconnected to a society that they feel has long forgotten them it's ash butler al jazeera if. a vigil has been held in nicaragua's capital for dozens of protesters reportedly killed in anti-government demonstrations the u.n.
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human rights office says some of those who died may have been victims of unlawful killings by security forces the violence was sparked last week when president daniel ortega floated a plan to overhaul pensions on the welfare system. more migrants from central america are arriving at the us mexico border planning to seek asylum in the united states even though president trump has vowed not to let them in there relying on help from volunteers to plan their next move manuel rapala reports now from in mexico. after an arduous journey across mexico and more asylum seekers from central america have arrived in p one. at a migrant children only a short distance from the border mexican volunteers are providing new arrivals with food and humanitarian aid but many see the supplies are lacking. we are asking the city of tijuana and christian churches for food we need this more than anything it's for the children. while assistance from the mexican government is limited the
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city of the one has stepped in to provide a few basic services to my personal interest you know this is a question of international law where the city supports migrants with health care shelter and other basic services such as blankets or diapers for children all. over still no no no so only a symbol for many the stop is only temporary immigration attorneys are helping prepare those with a better chance of qualifying for asylum mostly single mothers and their children know what is you know told what to do it's more about giving people information possible so they can make the best possible the decision for themselves and their families local activists have set up shelters for migrants this one has already run out of space for new arrivals many will wait in these tents until what they hope will be the start of another journey on the other side of the u.s. border and an example. they want to. at least three thousand civilians across somalia have either been killed or injured by improvised explosive devices or
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i.e.d. over the past three years last year was by far the worst largely because of a massive truck bomb in mogadishu that killed more than five hundred people well six months on and things are slowly returning to normal mohamed the reports from the somali capital. already shoes kilometer five junction is one big construction site the huge craters left by the massive truck bomb last october felt on the road paved again such is the resilience of the people of somalia. some of the least were wise in the construction of his family's hotel that was completely destroyed to death at the though our we have no option but to rebuild not doing so would mean we have surrendered and given up in life. the truck bomb exploded at the busy market during rush hour it was powerful enough to damage buildings hundreds of letters an explosion killed more than five hundred people injured hundreds. who watched single attack
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a somali history was blamed on al-shabaab fighters who are waging war for years. based on a most romantic thing here on the staff are still very real the consequences yet to be fully understood six months on doesn't fulfill the missing and for their relatives there's still no teacher of the law here ali has just returned from turkey where he was taken for specialized treatment for body functions he was selling cigarettes and candy on the roadside when the bomb went off his wife and two of his children died rather larry. given i'm not fully recovered as you can see but i'm thrilled to come back to work my children need to eat and then they have a psychological effect on long suffering citizens who've never seen anything like the kind of you know many say they're more scared since then venturing out only wanted something really nice to haiti has will smith to me i will never forget what
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happened here it's scares me every day every time i see traffic congestion anywhere i had light from the past same in and choose to walk away. once normal africa and beyond was a tranquil under literally prosperous city successive waves of violence in the past three decades have repeatedly refused to mark to remove additional to what. the capital's been rebuilt destroyed again and again risen from the ashes. that cycle continues from now mohammed all jazeera for the dishes so money. the holiday island of baraka in the philippines has been closed for a six month clean up tourists have been banned from the island while soldiers improve the infrastructure and volunteers remove rubbish from the once pristine beaches president do turkey ordered to shut down this month after calling the resort a cesspool critics say it's an overreaction affecting people who depend on the island for their jobs. it's painful for us to lose our
9:43 pm
jobs and it's also certain even though i don't have my own family i support my siblings now this is happening we can't do anything but accept it more than forty u.k. companies including major supermarkets of pledge to tackle pollution by committing to cut plastic use over the next seven years they've signed up to the u.k. plastics pact a promise to make all their plastic packaging really usable recyclable or compostable by twenty twenty five charlie angela explains. we're outside tesco is one of forty two british companies and supermarkets for the find out to the u.k. plastics voluntarily they are agreeing that by twenty twenty five that plastic bags that food packaging like this covering bananas will be fully reusable recyclable and possible now these companies account for eighty percent of the plastic packaging used in u.k. supermarkets so the impact could be enormous the prime minister to resign maine has promised to eliminate avoidable plastic waste by twenty forty two as part of
9:44 pm
a national action the government is just and it should be because the threat to the environment is so severe that this is a global problem and it needs a global response when you consider that the amount of plastic we produce each year is equivalent to the entire weight of humanity it's public concern about plastic waste that is driving the agenda it's being called the blue planet effect after the television series by so david asman by which is exposed the impact of plastic on our cities and wildlife and the critics say that this new tax is just voluntary there's no way of forcing it the public is committed to change already seeing people replacing their plastic shopping bags for usable clothes funds and taking their daily coffee in a reusable cart that expecting retailers to commit to things to. us rapper kanye west has sparked outrage on twitter after expressing support for president trump in
9:45 pm
a series of tweets he's posts including this you don't have to agree with trump but the mob can't make me not love him we are both dragon energy followed by a picture of trump's signature make america great hat signed by the president well it may all have impressed trump who wrote thank you very cool but it didn't impress others one user who tweeted this gift in response. another wrote this isn't about whether you and trump are kindred spirits this is about trump using his position as protos to destroy black people your black people you have a lot and celebrities to have been criticizing the rapper with their own tweets this one posted by musician macy gray a play on trump's phrase make america great again well joining me now is music reporter anastasiya sewell sas she works at national public radio in new york i hope i pronounced earth well not too badly anyway thanks for joining us well what
9:46 pm
do you make of all the data on him and they actually have the longest how big of a doesn't have the longest list of of a list stars behind him does he what's this all about. no well i think there are couple of things here to think about first of all kanye went to go visit trump at his tower here in new york right after the election so this may not have come out of nowhere but this fuze lot of tweets supporting president trump came in the midst of a much larger tweet storm of kanye west's he has been tweeting it seems almost continuously for the past few days and these tweets in support of trump came along with speculations that he was going to are open his own venture capital firm plugging upcoming album projects of his and others that he's producing and if using about the power of love so it is a much larger series of stories or narratives that kind is putting forward as
9:47 pm
opposed to any genuine sort of confluence of beliefs or opinions between these two men that would make up for a brotherly bone does kind of put it. well i don't i don't know about that because kanye is a mystery i think to many people and continues to be so he didn't say anything specifically about why he's supporting trump you mentioned said he he talked about their shared quote dragon energy but he hasn't said anything in direct support of terms policies or initiatives or agenda and he also tweeted that he also loves hillary clinton so it's very in of magic it's going to make pretty uncomfortable breakfast table chat is needed at the west cardassian breakfast table concussion his wife doesn't share these things. no and was a vocal an avid supporter of hillary clinton and kanye west and other tweets pointed out how unhappy his wife has been the last couple of days about this about
9:48 pm
this new proclamation of trump's support apparently it hasn't done much good for can you west's twitter numbers he lost i believe something like nine million twitter followers as a result of this is it going to do any harm to his album absolutely no actually. well actually twitter x. has stated that that was. not correct kanye west has been on and off of twitter and instagram and his numbers haven't caught up but twitter confirmed it that's not actually true but he has spoken to other people he posted just a little while ago a series of ostensibly private text messages between him and a friend john owl who he later identified as john legend singer john legend who begged him to reconsider his support and kanye posted that and then later said it was john legend and then a few minutes later pointed out that john legend also has
9:49 pm
a new single out so it's it's a combination of maybe personal opinion and and personal considerations but there may be an element of performative mishear right and marketing so it's very unclear exactly what he's thinking and people have been speculating about his mental health fairly or not but he seems to think that this is in service of strategizing for album promotion earlier today he also tweeted a very mad experience a video of himself watching a video of himself on t.m.c. and the headline said it's not and i'm paraphrasing it's not erratic behavior he is strategizing album promotion well no such thing as building stuff. is again as with n.p.r. many thanks bill. still ahead on the news our. timing is everything as his
9:50 pm
team makes a move in the n.b.a. playoffs today back to back and more than just about. anywhere. we have.
9:51 pm
a has. some of the sport. thank you very much don our world that lennox has announced new rules that could mean a women with naturally high testosterone levels having to compete against men the decision is likely to have an impact on the south africa's elim pic and world champion custom mania was the mania was subjected to a gender test
9:52 pm
a by world medics in two thousand and nine it was banned from competing for almost a year under these rules it's likely she will have to take it medication to lower her testosterone levels or change affects the decision comes into effect on the firm but the first. the idol a first says the ruling will ensure fair competition and is the result of two years of scientific research it only applies to running events between four hundred meters and fifteen hundred meters so many are competing in the eight hundred and fifteen hundred well affected athletes who want to participate it must take medication for at least six months the alternatives include a running longer distance events or against men. ok asked us a mania hasn't officially responded to the rule changes but she did tweet this message i'm ninety seven percent sure you don't like me but i'm one hundred percent sure i don't care but earlier i spoke to sports writer mike robust
9:53 pm
a mom who's covered the last seven summer olympics he says the mania has already hinted she may switch to running longer distances. well when she she ran in the gold coast recently she was a winner as expected in the eight children on the fifty other major. she said afterwards that she talked about going on longer runs the now she could see ansel moving feeding into longer running which was a little bit of a hint where one is going maybe because the obvious option that she has is she is unable she can either take the medication which would be prescribed or operates with higher levels levels of fun or. not will be. offering to have the choice to take up medication or if her prefer not to. known
9:54 pm
internationally or they can join friends very sick or of course she could move beyond the. events that discordance where it should be brought down so she'd look to the five thousand to ten thousand. she'd be taking medication may vary but she's still a very far who's to say that she couldn't have some of the successes of a longer distances. for one on your party get semifinals are about to kick off a must say take on are a while and let it go my data are in london to play arsenal going arsenal manager us and then gallas aiming to win his first european trophy after twenty two years with the club athletica last won the title in two thousand and twelve this will be the first ever competitive game between the teams in seville and what it will for us it's not enough to reach the semifinals or to finish second we want to win to take the trophy back to madrid that will make the team and the club big and that is
9:55 pm
our aspiration we have a lot of ambition to keep growing as a club and the first step in achieving that is to reach the final of the europa league. is very perfect goodbye i don't know of. first of four but i just want to do is ways i can because i think the. release team is quality these guys i've seen them in the season the. china mentality and i see memories respond in a positive way it's united as a manager says a player can says will be listened to before they proceed with the controversial. while the second to english team are due to play two games in a country that's been accused of human rights abuses against minority we have to go and do our job so if there are concerns they have to be legitimate concerns and the rest of the things put in place to alleviate those concerns and knocked out the
9:56 pm
process so that it won't be down to me saying or you know going to be something legitimate and maybe concerned about and then we'll look at that and put in nine days off on the those into the last eight to at the barcelona open world number one gamble garcia lopez in straight sets it's been almost a year since the bell has even dropped a set on clay he won his thirty ninth and forties consecutive sets in this latest read. the bron james and the cleveland cavaliers are just one win away from advancing to the second round of the n.b.a. playoffs james sports forty four points in game five against the indiana pacers borsak of three points at the buzzer to lift a kid lead to a ninety eight sixty nine to five victory. as a kid you always had those like those three two one moments you know when you're kidding and being able to have one of those moments and sort of kind of feel like
9:57 pm
just feel like i was a kid all over again just. you know playing basketball my mouse and. you know makeshift hoops and you know my socks as a basketball and you know making the noise you know. that's just what it's not like red bull said here a car just says it's still too early in the season to know if his team can compete with a must see this for the wall title the drivers are now in azerbaijan ahead of the fourth call employee of the year ricardo won the last race in china with championship but leave the sebastian vettel ferrari finishing. i'm not thinking about the chairmanship in that sense obviously i want to think about being there. but yeah it's naturally because we won never like all can you fight for the championship now but it's still early but i think we proved if we're there we can do a lot with it. the boston bruins have eliminated the toronto maple leafs from the n.h.l.
9:58 pm
playoffs the bruins clint game seven of the first round series impost and they scored four goals in a row to beat the leaves seven to four clinch the series four three. and that's low sport for me will have more later on though it's back to john i love the sound of thanks very much and forget as ever you can find much more on all our top stories by visiting the web site w w w dot al-jazeera dot com and that is it for me and the news our team here in london but i am will be with you in just about an inch with more of the day's news.
9:59 pm
the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there people that there are choosing between buying medication or eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. the new poll ranks mexico city as the pull with worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have
10:00 pm
a boyfriend you're very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened you think about how to react what do i do if this gets worse now mahdi army uses a new service it's called loyal droid it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seventh's monitoring of drivers. a. very big stories generate thousands of headlines copper each with different angles from different perspectives we. miss the only evidence that russia was responsible for this separate the spin from the facts that's why on god's states or in the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera.


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