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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 27, 2018 6:00am-6:33am +03

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with security issues and economic uncertainty iraq is finally set to hold elections as an unseen global battle rages for resources beneath our oceans we all skip the seabed is the territory still to be claimed commemorating seventy years from now back al-jazeera examines what has changed in the past seven decades on both sides of this conflict made on al-jazeera. u.s. citizens obstructed from saving their families as the crisis in yemen worsens some have fled the horror of war only to be entangled in bureaucratic limbo with their lives and dreams of a future caught on. fault lines explores the all too real effects of trumps immigration policies. between war and the ban on a. a
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momentous day on the korean peninsula kim jong il becomes the first leader from the north to cross into the south. hopes for peace and reconciliation between the rival neighbors came to tear in the start of a new history. lou and welcome my name's peter w. watching al-jazeera live from my headquarters here in doha also coming up demonstrations in armenia as the opposition keeps up the push for power with more talks planned for friday. more controversy for members of u.s. president donald trump's administration point that if i say that i'm looking for everything will cause me. three words three you guilty here all day.
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and a u.s. court convicts the entertain a bill cosby on charges of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his home. a new history begins with the words of kim jong un after he became the first north korean leader to step set foot in the south since the end of the korean war mr kim was greeted by the south korean president when jay and as he crossed the demarcation line dividing the two countries and also briefly stepped into the north side of the border they then walked to the venue where they've been holding the first face to face meeting between leaders of the two koreas in more than a decade. the white house says a suit a statement saying it hopes the talks will help bring peace to the korean peninsula the two leaders are expected to discuss a range of issues including pyongyang's nuclear program it's hoped the meeting on friday will also pave the way towards kim's meeting with the u.s.
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president donald trump that's set for late may or early june. the extent to which anybody should be should be encouraged. it took eleven years for us to be here and this is star at the moment i wonder why it was so hard to be here today in this historic meeting there is high expectations on us should things not go if people expected i worry it will disappoint everyone but i have high hopes for the meeting i would like to go and resolve and not make a waste of the past eleven years today in this meeting i hope there is a new history written with regards to peaceful prosperity and i will approach this with a feeling of a brand new stuff i'd like to discuss all issues standing on asli and crudely i would like to take this opportunity to say that i hope to have a very good conversation with president noon today honestly crudely and with intent and i promise this to the president and to all the journalists who are present as well thank you so much when the supreme leader across the demarcation line on
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this historic moment there is a man sex pick taishan almost all over the world and i hope this discussion is productive let's approach this discussion boldly in wishing for peace and i like to give something very big to the people looking at those we have all day to talk and let's do so and make up for the ten years that we have left the past. well the two leaders are now on one of these shuttle lunch breaks these are pictures just filmed a few moments ago and kim jong un left the peace house where they've been holding those meetings he'll return in the afternoon to resume the discussions james bays joins us live from jerusalem james i guess this is a natural break they go away and they make an assessment of where are we right now . yes we saw kim jong un leaving the talks and heading back to the north side don't worry it's not a walkout as you say this was planned that both sides were going over the lunch
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break to confer with their own delegations so again we've seen pretty extraordinary pictures more pretty extraordinary pictures of the north korean leader in that limousine and alongside him his security detail running to protect him as he's made his way back the very short distance across to north korea where he will confer with his colleagues the south will do the same about what they've spoken about in these first discussions the first series of discussions that they've had for a decade now they met for about an hour and a half behind closed doors after those opening statements that you saw were televised some very brief words that were televised at the start of the meeting and supreme leader kim is now in a pavilion a pavilion that is on the north side ways having his lunch or meeting his colleagues it's called the gack pavilion in all manner of his grandfather worth
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telling you because i think it shows you illustrates how very different north korea is and that's the potential problems i think that will be faced in these talks going forward that this is a provision built in honor of his grandfather kim il sung who is the founder of north korea an interesting fact about the building is it's four meters fifteen high and that's very deliberate because his grandfather was born on the fifteenth of april the fifteenth of the fourth and that shows you i think the way that the leaders in north korea are revered and control absolutely everything which is of course a difficult dimension when you're trying to deal with a democratic country like south korea in these talks clearly james the symbolism is key here mr kim saying he's got a heartfelt a sincere and an honest desire to move the relationship forward but he didn't talk about the d. word he didn't talk about denuclearization but i guess at this point he was never
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going to use that word anyway not yet. no it's all so far about the symbolism and about setting a turbo if you're critical of this you might say well it's all really so far just one big photo opportunity it's relatively easy to choreograph a photo opportunity it's much much harder to deal with the fundamental issues here they will come up with a final declaration we think if they can agree on one by the end of the day one of the things they'll talk about is the idea of moving towards a peace treaty because the korean war in one thousand nine hundred fifty three ended just in a truce the two sides are technically still at war that's something they can work on but as you say the real big issue is north korea's nuclear program and the fact that the u.s. and others allies of the u.s. including south korea say that they've got to remove all the north nukes remember north korea all along has said the reason we have that nuclear program is to make
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sure that we survive that we don't go the way of gadhafi or saddam hussein jane stay close we'll talk you later live to beijing china correspondent adrian brown adrian how is this being viewed where you are. well this event is being shown live peter on state television here and of course the media in china is controlled by the government so i think that shows just how much importance officials place on this meeting but overall i think the approach of beijing has actually been quite cautious they have welcomed the prospect of a nuclear free korean peninsula they welcome the prospect of a peace treaty but where i think they're hesitant is over the prospect of a unified korea and what that would mean for china would a unified korea be less or more friendly to china and would a unified korea perhaps also have on its soul some of the twenty eight thousand u.s. troops currently in south korea so cautious overall from beijing and you know beijing
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is on the sidelines let's be honest it's not used to being in this position especially as this is a summit that's happening right on its doorstep but eventually china is going to have to play some role in this process in the negotiating process because of course china is a signatory to the one nine hundred fifty three armistice and would therefore feel that its signature would be crucial if any peace treaty is to be signed so china's role ultimately very important but where do we go from here well kim and president trump a jew to have their meeting sometime in the next few weeks but after that is it possible that china the united states and the two koreas will also talk and then after that perhaps the two other players in this russia and japan will they also join and we get back to a situation of the six party talks remember those six party talks were last held here in beijing in two thousand and seven and beijing would very much like that to
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happen again peter adrian you'll keep us chris posted i'm sure in the meantime thanks very much and we will of course go back to that evolving developing breaking story for you on the border between north and south korea part means not the border officially it is actually a line of demarcation a little later here on al-jazeera. we move on. the armenian parliament is expected to hold an extraordinary session in the coming days to vote for a new prime minister the country was plunged into a political crisis this week after the former prime minister. stood down following major antigovernment protests the parliament says of vote will be held next tuesday to elect a new leader from the capital yet here's our correspondent robin for us to walk. past and his movement a driven and the republican party's grip. by one of them but they believe it and. even the head of the media church have profited at the expense of its citizens
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. students' work to knock out the party's control of the education system probably your article it's a little astonishment the students who become members of the republican party receive privileges they get benefits the student fees are now are they your work trips to those locations they get in turn ships so there is discrimination between an ordinary citizen and a republican. but i think that. students have been integrity opposition movement frustrated by the prospects of graduation under the public party rule officially ten percent of the media's population has emigrated over the past decade many of them to russia where remittances they send home are an economic lifeline. russia may help decide the outcome of the current political struggle in the media i mean his closest ally provides a security guarantee against hostile labors turkey and azerbaijan russian foreign
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minister sergey lavrov met his armenian counterpart in moscow on the state for their part opposition leaders also help talks with russian officials this week crucial to the success of this movement is the opinion of that amir putin's kremlin publicly it is recognised that this political crisis is an internal armenian affair and not some perceived western backed color revolution there are two reasons for russia being a troll one is that they realize their meaning need security alliance with russia and there's a consensus in their meaning that whatever happens and you or me i'm going will have to work with russia and the second reason is that russia learned lessons from ukraine they learned that supporting an unpopular ruler is not going to help but. i mean it's ruling elite has both a hostile public and old ally that seems to be keeping out of the way of adversity walker al-jazeera. still to come here on al-jazeera syria's children are forced
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into the spotlight as russia denies the recent chemical attack ever happened. plus a bonus plan is new measures that would give terrorists a rocky right. however the weather squatting down nicely now across much of north america is for the time being seasonal i.v. showers moving through the by teasing over towards the alliance at prices guys coming back in behind as we go on through the next as i still want to. easing out of eastern texas into louisiana a little bit wet weather to just around the northeastern corner pulling out of new york thirteen celsius them in new york eleven degrees for a to run so had also for what it takes to get us to wintry fly was a possibility might see a little bit of wintry weather at all disappointed because
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a little this note there into northern parts of california yes that's not the weather not too far away from east and there is a kind of that bright fire for a good part of the eastern seaboard of the u.s. a chilly celsius in chicago police here it is looking a lot of the trial as he tries to across a good part of the carrot being the usual speckling of showers that been lingering around the grates around timmy's recently still some heavy showers there into northern parts of cuba extending over towards the yucatan peninsula the reason away from jamaica will see some wet weather there into hispaniola as week recess day. stories of life. and inspiration. and series a short documentaries from around the wilds. that celebrate the human spirit. against the odds.
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al-jazeera selects palestinians. welcome back ok let's update you on our top story so far today kim jong un has become the first north korean leader to set foot on the southern side of the de vocation line since the end of the korean war the first meeting between kim and the south korean president when jay and has just wrapped up for lunch earlier kim said he was ready for his talks with moon and that he korea's must not repeat mistakes of the past. the two leaders are expected to discuss
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a range of issues including pyongyang's nuclear program the white house says it hopes the talks will help bring peace to the korean peninsula. one other story thousands of anti-government protesters are again demonstrating in armenia the parliament has called an extraordinary session next week to vote on a new prime minister and the former leader. following days of protest on the streets. ok let's get more on the big story so far today those talks between north and south korea now here's a look at the modern history of the korean peninsula it was divided into north and south at the end of world war two after the defeat of the occupying power japan the former u.s.s.r. controlled the north the us controlled the south in one thousand nine hundred fifty the north invaded the south starting a three year war that ended with a cease fire but no formal resolution meaning the countries are still technically at war. let's take you live now to
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a news conference will go back to that other aspect of our coverage in just a moment that's a news conference taking place now on the part of the south korean delegation to those talks between north and south korea we have a translation let's just dip in and get a sense of what they think about the talks so far and what i seek in the. war as you can you are. when would i be able to go that. guy or. should we. do you want to cross now. and he held his hand and took him across the demarcation line when i'm. done. them up. and although not planned mr president may cross the line over to the north korean side and of korean side took a picture of this. as a war to the house of. one.
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president explain to the supreme leader it's on the phone with an overseas viewers like the traditional korean and french. president stated if you come to the blue house we'll have a far better show featuring. the supreme leader replied we if you are providing us an invite i am ready to go whenever. then followed the traditional korean military parade. all once the parade was over. by so i shook hands with a tash by sites. that. we all. need a camera they said there are members who need to return to the north today normal
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role after the meeting is done and president suggested why don't we take a picture before your return then with us and then the first. time to place. a wise. well you don't war you once thing in the house of peace the. kinds of good even today at my be. but can mountain picture. the. leader came the question what is the technique used to throw this. president newman explained this is the traditional korean way. she watched him go. by frieda's and the meeting room at nine thirty eight this morning. president. former. introduced to the supreme leader
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a piece of art on the wall from one. president mean father explained this piece of art. takes inspiration from means i'm sort of well done. you me right. when you buy the stuff and explain the meaning behind the. photo. wall the pain soon you. may want to know its connection to your site still hold. and you are that connection to. the president and also states that we took care on every deal tell you which of the
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. you and i asked how was your. case all about what. the supreme leader explained i took the car cost me the. modest and president stated i don't you must have left very early here all we thought was that he saw as the father added i'm only fifty two claw their way. down so it only took me about an hour. that will not get saw. this. summer so it's. the that kim exclaimed yes i heard. about it i haven't had much sleep. going to all the meetings leading up to this summit and all. his shows saw appropriate but i get all this and he also added now be able to sleep at night and total.
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good. leader also added make sure you sleep properly at night. the way the order was passing the leaders. followed on saying i don't know why the south fell so far or why what was so difficult about it and i'm glad. in any case. the president responded there are many eyes on us today. coming going to. run. from all people who live in. area all the north korean defectors they are all watching today and have high expectations on us. i would love to use this opportunity today to go out and for the shelling of any
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we've had in the past because this. so what is a woman. president i mean explained while i was going on my way from the blue house there were many people in the streets it shows how many people and how high the expectations are on our i took pictures with people on the streets my shoulders a heavy. duty to go back to. yours and i sincerely hope from this meeting on with. our meeting with extend to protect amounts and further. president mean further explained the other pieces of ass on the wall. which were paintings of the pickton mountain and the supreme leader responded well you seem to
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know more about the pact amounts in me kind of. president means responded i've never been to protect a mountain in the north and i'd really love to commute. for leader kim explained the. one thing i worry about when you visit is that we don't have a very good transport system and i don't want to cause inconvenience. attend takes all said software has amazing transport links. that. show you. all make sure if you have a visit we are very well prepared. for. prison responded once the rail network is connected between the north and south. i'll be able to use the train you. from. such matters are contained
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in the twenty fifth agreement. so many years apart and we didn't achieve it. and it's a real pity that there was a disconnect. ordered by shia. leader kim responded we reconnect the two sides the trouble started for the past ten years. that. would go. down to one leader kim pa there are one part of me feels could we achieve everything we are today so. it's good you want to do this you will. be president kimball responded. the things that we left behind for ten years we tried to get in the past hundred years. for.
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leader kim responder i was worried about o.-p. or quite uncomfortable meeting you here today but we are sure and me makes me feel comfortable trust is very important. i can be all over the leader kim pointed to sr can you call. us president stated she's a star in south korea. and kenya blushed wondering own. mother. how. about. the president says. the main. actors today is. my so. it's only been a year since i started entered office so. and i really sincerely hope that we
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maintain this in its own remedying relations but it's no. you're watching al jazeera with our continuing coverage of that crucial clearly very significant summit meeting at three north and south korea what you've been looking at over the past ninety seconds or so two minutes perhaps is a spokesman for the south korean saying healing of any hurt we've had in the past quoting. mr moon saying my shoulders are heavy and also a comment there from mr kim that we're learning of when you visit as if it's a done deal it's a foregone conclusion as if he's going to mr moon is definitely going to be going to pyongyang and mr moon reassuring mr kim saying once that and rail network goes from south korea to north korea he will be able to visit on
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a regular basis will stay with these live pictures and we'll talk to. joins us from seoul he's a fellow at the chicago council and global affairs he's a scholar at the korea foundation mansfield organization obviously lots and lots of symbolism so far lots of pains taking symbolism i notice even right down to the two leaders sitting two thousand and eighteen millimeters apart that's a nod to the year that we're now in twenty eighteen so the symbolism they've got that they've tick that box how long until we get hard fact when it comes towards say the demarcation line becoming a border demarcation agreement becoming a peace treaty. i think it's going to be quite some time before we before we see any of that actually roll out but i do want to go back to the statement that's being done right now because there are some remarkable things that are being done in there you you mentioned very quickly where the reference was to the people being hurt it was actually
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a bit more specific than that and the reference was to young people of course and twenty twenty twenty ten north korea launched an artillery barrage killed two three four south korean civilians and that's i think a very good sign that president moon was willing to bring this up in his first meeting with can john than what i did not hear and perhaps that was there and i missed it was a reference to china on china on was and also in two thousand and ten a naval vessel that was sunk that killed forty six south korean sailors will have to revisit that as i refer to my notes in a way again the statement what was also the reference to the transportation system that can join the knowledge in that transportation is not good and that the olympians that visited south korea they all commented on how good transportation was in south korea i think there's some evidence there that the olympians of course are absorbing all this and transmitting information back into north korea about life in the south. we have had to attempt something similar historically if we go
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back through what a political generation between north and south korea all the optics potentially successfully different this time around compared to those previous efforts. well it's certainly for me i think the optics are better now can john has come out of his sounds like he's saying all the right things easy is doing all the right things and you know his attempt to a successful attempt to get him to cross over into north korea was off script but i must say i think moon gene handled it very well he handled it with grace that he was able to do it and i think that's going to be important for everyone involved as we move forward because we know that north korea is going to throw some curveballs into the south koreans and later into the u.s. and we have to be able to adapt as that happens and so far i think moon gene is off to a great start that's a very small symbol of course but i think it is promising in the past half hour we've got a good sense of how this is being perceived in south korea north korea in china and
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into a queue but if you were donald trump's man or woman in the state department maybe inside the oval office what are you seeing and hearing and seeing about this because you know at the end of the day donald trump has his legion of critics but the reality is did barack obama meet with a north korean leader no did bill clinton meet with the north korean leader no and donald trump will we're being told meet with a north korean leader at the end of may beginning of june you can criticize the trumpet ministration in any way shape or form because something that he has brought to the table maybe the bellicose language maybe the maybe they understand each other north korean leader understands the u.s. president in a way that other leaders might not have understood the current u.s. president. all right i think there is growing recognition that the trumpet ministration has done quite well on north korea if the goal is to sanction isolate and get north korea back to the negotiating table under previous administrations we
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didn't really see countries around the world kicking out north korean diplomats we didn't see countries like china actually enforcing sanctions and all of that has started to happen and here we are now i think it's jump to say that all of that has led to this i think there's also a big calculation on the north korean side and we don't know exactly what that is just yet but on your comment about you know being in the state department or being inside the oval office i think the state department is probably the wrong agency here the cia has been leading this for for most of the time and i think that's going to continue but if i were that person i think we're off to a very good start but what we're going to have to wait to see is if north korea or a south korea can get north korea on the record coming out of some kind of agreement saying that they are willing to move forward with ceded complete verifiable irreversible denuclearization if they can get north korea to say that then i think there's going to be some kind of foundation for negotiations to move
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forward if they're unwilling to do that and the language is soft it's mushy it's open to very wide interpretation that's going to give the united states pause many thanks ok let's just wrap up this half hour of al-jazeera will use where we started it as kim jong un has now become the first north korean leader. set foot into the south for sixty five years the news continues. u.s. president donald trump has said he will slap new carrots on imports of steel in alameda from five gene would mean the days of time times that we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost of this time on al-jazeera.


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