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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 28, 2018 10:00am-10:33am +03

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the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. swear every. disillusioned with life in their own countries since the arab spring and looking desperately for a new sense of identity freedom and self worth a little in any way i don't feel like system my own country the country dreamed about demonstrated for and sought to achieve many things in al-jazeera world here's the stories of those deciding to emigrate in search of a new life and nationality passport to freedom at this time.
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north korean media calls friday's korean summit a new milestone as focus shifts to kim jong un's proposed meeting with donald trump . as i'm sick of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming after a u.n. delegation heads to re-inject camps in bangladesh to get a firsthand view of the refugee crisis. for protesters a killed almost nine hundred injured by israeli fire during friday protests along the israel gaza border plus. moving into their own be talent new generation of somalis are defying conflict and religious conservatism.
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alone millions of south koreans were able to follow friday summit between kim jong un and their president. live on television but in the north the narrative has been tightly controlled by state media attention is now shifting to an expected summit between kim and the u.s. president james space reports from seoul. across south korea people watching the historic summit closely some were overwhelmed by the images the first time they'd seen a north korean leader step foot in the country the declaration that was signed was a declaration of intent nothing is actually changed yet but it could mean a very different political future for the next generation of koreans. well south korea had wall to wall coverage of the events in north korea on state controlled
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media a more edited version was presented people here of not yet been told of the possibility of the next meeting being between their leader and president trump experts say one of the people closest to kim is likely to be involved in changing the official narrative well for north korea the all of the media are controlled by the propaganda an education department which communal junge consignments younger sister who we saw you know company him she also came here to the olympic games she works in that department which indicates is a very very high priority for the north korean regime joining the summit president moon j. in and supreme leader kim jong un met alone face to face for over thirty minutes trump is also said to favor a meeting one on one with no eggs a former senior official who worked on north korea both at the white house and
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later at the u.n. has this advice for the u.s. president a stablish in a good personal relationship that would then lay the groundwork for real detailed talks among experts i think is the best way to go and this can be a very highly successful meeting if done the right way after the very high profile summit the next stage of the diplomatic process will take place well away from the spotlight the lines of communication between pyongyang seoul and washington were remain open as they discuss the substance and venue of a possible trump him summit but james joins us live now from salsa james says even saying their reaction to it to the summit so did the message has been very tightly controlled in the north but people in the south of had much much more a chance to take it all in one of they've been saying. well it depends on who you speak to there's a range obviously of political opinion here in the south there are small section of
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conservative opinion that are opposed to this process there are other people there are other that are optimistic others that are optimistic yet remain a little skeptical so a range of views clearly this is an early stage the pictures were historic the things they said were going to happen will be historic but nothing has actually happened yet so we're thoroughly houssam that on the other side of this divided land very tightly controlled media picture because there is only state controlled media the state controlled newspapers the state controlled news agency and the state controlled television which only mentioned this with a news reader talking about it briefly in their bulletins on friday they've come on air now for their saturday bulletins in the last few minutes and they're the most famous news reader reach when he is actually being called into service she is in
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retirement comes in to do the very big announcements and she's reading a very long announcement on north korean t.v. we're going to watch closely is this we're told bulletin for the next forty minutes continues on north korean t.v. and see whether they actually show any pictures there certainly pictures of the handshake in the state newspapers but not yet on television and as many people have been st james. lots of symbolism in this in this meeting in the visuals and so on but very little substance so far will we expect to see a more movement on that before the day expected meeting between kim jong un and us president trump. well certainly americans want to hear that there is news coming from the south koreans about what happened in this summit that shows that there's a real willingness to discuss absolutely everything and by everything i mean the
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nuclear missile program in the long range weapons the wrong way and missiles i think the americans want to hear that those are on the table the north koreans are prepared if the talks go on the negotiations go well they're prepared to give those up what will happen next is further dialogue i think between south korea and north korea and also dialogue with washington we're expecting at some point will be a phone call to president trump from president moon where he will brief his counterpart in the u.s. about exactly what happened behind closed doors about summit because we've seen all the public pictures but i think you'll be briefing him on what was said in private james bays live for us inside of thanks james. now united nations security council delegation is visiting reinjure refugee camps in bangladesh the team will then travel to meon mars one hind state from where around seven hundred thousand fled
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the military crackdown last year charles strafford reports from could a pile on refugee camp ahead of the visit. shamsul has brought his five year old daughter to this field clinic in the coupon the refugee camp in bangladesh. nora's face is swollen and she's in pain. shamsul and his family have lived in the camp for a year and a half since fleeing violence by the myanmar military against the regime in rakhine state. and since august last year around seven hundred thousand fled the latest myanmar's military crackdown the un human rights chief calls it textbook ethnic cleansing. the military surrounded our house and started shooting from all sides we were terrified so we ran for our lives my daughter was shot but we had to keep running and leave her behind because the shooting was so heavy. the u.n.
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and aid agencies say around a billion dollars is needed for the hinge are living in what is becoming the largest refugee camp in the world i.o.m. alone is already treating eighty fazing people a month you know they say they are only going to increase as once an approach is we have to have preventive medicine we have to deal with daily real dangers of water borne disease and funding has to be in place now to help protect people otherwise we will see you know protection of preventable loss of life and that's a very frightening prospect the mainly muslim or hindu had their citizenship taken away by what was then the permeates government thirty five years ago rights groups say the rangers have suffered decades of violence and persecution they say the myanmar military and mainly buddhist mobs killed thousands of men women and children committed gang rape and destroyed hundreds of range of villages in recent months but the myanmar government denies the claim it says it was responding to
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what it calls terrorist attacks by wreckage a rebel group. the u.n. security council delegation is due to visit the refugee camps in bangladesh before heading to me for what is expected to be a tightly controlled two day trip. the inability of the united nations security council to take strong action against myanmar is largely because of china's veto power china has big business interests inside myanmar and especially in rakhine state myanmar so far has banned any independent investigation into alleged atrocities and it seems highly unlikely that this visit by a united nations security council delegation here will lead directly to me being called to account but pressure is growing on me. the u.s. state department is leading an investigation into claims of extrajudicial killings rape and also by the military a repatriation plan by bangladesh and beyond more allowing refugees to voluntarily
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return has so far failed to get off the ground shim still says he will never return to me and more or less the government guarantees his family citizenship security and the same rights as other citizens of the country he and his family are from others growing in pressure on garza's hospitals after four palestinians were killed and almost nine hundred others injured when they marched up to israel's border fence on friday it is the closest they have come in five weeks of protests from gaza stephanie decker reports. it happened all of a sudden a surge towards the border fence running in a different direction from where the protests have been focused all day israeli soldiers had to reposition themselves the army issued a statement saying there was an attempt to infiltrate the border that they acted within the rules of engagement to thwart it the soldiers opened fire.
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it went on for quite some time yet. ambulances raced to pick up the wounded. the guys suddenly ran in this direction to the fence they threw stones at the soldiers then the israelis opened heavy fire there are many injuries there really is a feeling here that people have lost their fear israel has said it will shoot the ball they get right up to the border fence the people here will tell you they have absolutely nothing left to lose. earlier in the day a small victory for these young boys israeli forces had warned the protesters over a speakerphone in arabic to move back from the fence. when they didn't. to deal with the tear gas homemade gas masks and now being sold it could demo on how to use them these young men part of
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a generation who grew up under the blockade there are no jobs no opportunities they are stuck here as a business and we get power from a peaceful protest they get their power from rifles and but it's because that potations will confront their rifles with our best chests we have rights and we need our freedom. these three seem to discuss tactics maybe hoping for a brief moment of pride against one of the best equipped armies in the world now there was no obvious. like this in. the us for using our different situation. to voice what they want is change to be given their rights and their freedom when you can see despite the dangers of getting not put to the front no one is stopping . this friday has been described by many here as the most dramatic yet because the
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protesters came right up to israel's fence israel's intelligence agency and the army have borne the israeli government that gaza could explode if the current restrictions continue they may be right people here say they've lost their fear that life in gaza has become unbearable that they have nothing left to lose stephanie decker or jazeera east gaza or i want to take a quick break now but when we come back on al-jazeera below the breadline why so many argentinean still struggling to make ends meet. mysteries on earth in peru could this be the world's largest mass children's great. allahabad to war began in central eastern europe having taken a bit of
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a dip is this cold front came through but the west it's a different story that hook of clouds there a center of low pressure which i think for a time to be stormy for northern france at least as it runs through overnight but more especially when he settled that is introduced some much colder weather to the western side of france coupled with fairly warm waters and rather active skies means that it's looking particularly wet not first in sudden in southern france when you take your day a forward lot of trees in london not that eight that codicil part again now so the southern and western france covered in green same is true for northern spain stucky a bit late winter not spring it's nice unsettled to the east and twenty seven in vienna twenty four england but the heat wave pushing up towards the baltic states not quite reaching stock and bond it's time now that's where all the action is which means that what's been swinging around over a period dissipated by this time we still got an active our world frontal system lifting the dust into eastern libya and north in egypt should even if the
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temperatures a little bit through us one and beyond but we've reached the forty mark but temperature wise we're down the twenty's from benghazi west which now g.-s. despite the sunshine is only eighteen. rewind returns with a new series of air bring your people back to life i'm sorry i'm brand new updates on the best of documentaries there has been a number of reforms put in place since the program. continues with. we were following orders we send young people to fight these wars put them in the most complex situations you can imagine and have them make life and death decisions rewind on al-jazeera.
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and again you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour north korean media is calling friday's summit a new milestone u.s. president donald trump has vowed to keep up the pressure on north korea and till there is a complete denuclearization of the peninsula. there is growing pressure on garza's hospitals after four palestinians were killed and nearly nine hundred others injured when they marched up to israel's border france on friday it is the closest they have come in five weeks of protests. a u.n. security council delegation is visiting really refugee camps in bangladesh the team will travel to me state after that from where around seven hundred thousand range
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of fled the military crackdown last year. traffic is live for us now from a cox's bazaar in bangladesh so charles. just tell us why no one was expecting me m.r. would allow such a visit by this delegation talk us through some of the reasons why this may have happened. but it's certainly being reported that one of the main reasons is because of the strengthening of position of aunts on suchi in the last month or so internally with respect to internal politics inside myanmar after one of her allies was elected as president and it's believed that what she wants now is to put pressure on the military in myanmar to allow u.n. aid organizations and rights groups into myanmar as a means of basically trying to restore can only be described as a shattered reputation her reputation has been shattered in the eyes of the
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international community as a result of this crisis now it's being reported that this bid by her to try and get those u.n. organizations is being put forward because it's absolutely vital in both myanmar's opinion and the bangladesh government's opinion to try and stop. patry ation plan a plan that we have and bangladesh put forward and that has thus far failed it's also being considered that it's important for the un as you can expect to be inside me and mar as a means of trying to monitor the situation and prevent any kind of repeat of this this crisis but it is very very difficult to see this repatriation process going forward you speak to any of the refugees here in the camps and they say they are not going back until their citizenship is granted citizenship that was that was taken away from them in one thousand nine hundred two. they are very scared of the
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security situation there of course and many of them had their homes and villages burnt to the ground there are also concerns by the u.n. the u.n. says that these repatriation process is far too early to talk about them going back and they point to the fact that among the hundreds of thousands of religious still in recovery in-state many of them living in i.d.p. camps they are still not given access to education to to health services they still don't have their citizens. so there are big concerns whether they will the will will happen but it's very interesting that suddenly she and the military seem to have agreed to allow this u.n. security council delegation into myanmar in the next few days. all right charles trafford live in cox's bazar for us thank. all the foreign ministers of russia iran and turkey are in moscow to talk about the conflict in syria three countries
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have been pushing for a political solution to the war through the start of process that began last year talks come after the u.s. led strikes in syria two weeks ago turkey which supports the rebel free syrian army backed the strikes in response to the suspected chemical weapons attack on the town of duma russia and iran strongly condemned them. a saudi led coalition air strike has reportedly killed two hooty leaders and dozens of fighters in yemen's capital city state television says a high level meeting was targeted at the who does interior ministry in sana'a earlier this month the rebel second in command saleh assam had died in an airstrike in western yemen. these are live pictures that you're looking at right now of that funeral in sana'a in yemen. several people were killed in an attack by boko haram fighters in nigeria's north
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east borno state police say at least two suicide bombers blew themselves up in the city of maiduguri several other people were injured in the explosions and the gunfire makes reports on the number of people killed in the attack boko haram has mounted regular attacks in borno state this year singapore's prime minister has warned southeast asian nations a trade dispute between the united states and china is putting regional economic growth at risk prime minister lee hsien luna made the remarks at the opening of the ten nation as u.n. summit in singapore he said many countries have turned against free trade and the bloc must work to counter protectionism through open rules based multilateral trading system which is underpin the group of us. is under pressure the political mood in many countries has shifted against retreat and in particular
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the recent trip tensions between the united states and china are one of the concerns. r.c.m. countries would have to react to these major troops. china and india have agreed to keep a poor border dispute from escalating into a full fledged conflict on the last day a visit meant to ease tensions between the two asian powers india's prime minister narendra modi and the chinese president xi jinping said they will improve military contact a recent military standoff on the stretch of a border had lasted for months with german chancellor angela merkel went to washington for a brief meeting with the u.s. president she hopes to persuade donald trump not to impose new u.s. tariffs on european steel and our minium exports but top of merkel's agenda was the preservation of the iran nuclear deal which trump wants to abandon
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argentinians are struggling with the rising cost of consumer goods where some of the poorest families especially at risk inflation has fall into less than half its peak of forty seven percent in two thousand and sixteen but is still the second highest in latin america after venezuela traceable reports. money limply u.s. lives in one of the poorest areas of when a society with. money not a place that when it rains it is isolated from the other parts of the province because of buses won't dare to go in. but these days she has another reason to warry. we paid for this piece of beef eighty and it just goes up and up and we are trying to catch up but my husband's salary doesn't go up in the same way and that's the problem. marty lives in this house with her husband and two children inflation is
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a major issue in argentina especially in places like this one because it affects people's lives in every way this family for example says the food that you can see in this refrigerator from tomatoes eggs among other things they see the prices rise every month and that is physical for them to make ends meet. since taking office over two years ago president has been struggling to cut a double digit inflation rate inherited from the previous administration. but it hasn't been easy the government has also lifted the subsidies on utility bills that allow d'argent times to be cheaper electricity gas and water but that has also had an impact on prices. that's why this week bakers gave away over five thousand kilos of bread because they say customers cannot afford the rising bread prices any more . of a rise in the prices affects us because it has caused
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a rise in the costs of making bread but we cannot continue to pass the rising cost to the people because they cannot afford it if things go on like this then i will have to shut down. mackie's popularity has suffered in recent months because of some of the m. popular economic measures he has taken in the last year. the president says he's convinced he's doing the right thing for argentina. it is a law that nobody pays for the subsidies of gas and electricity we all pay for it with inflation and debt to pay for energy we have to end. a debt that our children and our grandchildren will have to pay the other alternative was to implement shock austerity measures but we are choosing to be gradually no reforms so that no argentine is left behind. with a changing government argentina has become the darling of emerging markets but high inflation rates continue to be a challenge especially for people like madeline who have to struggle to get by.
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when a sighting. of our all zoo influential former president of guatemala has died he signed the one thousand nine hundred six peace accord which ended the country's thirty six year civil war tarzan was mayor of the capital guatemala city when he died at age seventy two. hour here ali just improve have uncovered a mass grave which could be evidence of the largest child sacrifice ritual in the world the remains of more than one hundred children from the ages of six to fifteen years old were found in the northwest and a house that has more. this child's skeleton is part of what archaeologists ahead in the biggest site of child sacrifice in discovered so far the victims appear to have been part of a ritual sacrifice that took place nearly five hundred fifty years ago the remains of more than one hundred forty children were found alongside two hundred young llamas all of that he says he wasn't home all the sacrifices that were found with
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children aged between six and nine years of age and that from ten to twelve or fifteen years of age all have been found with their sternum cut with the aim of possibly opening the rib cage and extracting the heart that was the way that the cim a society that developed between the tenth and fifteenth centuries about era sacrifice these children this mass grave has been on the excavation since two thousand and eleven investigations are carried out by an international team led by national geographic's peruvian explorers. the sacrifice must have been a societal response by the chief moose to counteract the negative effects of nature of climate that affected its political economic and maybe its ideology system the chim a civilization was known to worship the moon scientists say they will now focus on investigating the victims' lives. out there. the european union has voted for a permanent ban on pesticides that home these environmental campaigners are welcoming the decision but pesticide make a bear says it's
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a sad day for europe and its forms. a years of conflict between somalia's government and the armed groups bad have consigned a generation of young people to life behind closed doors but as mohammed atta reports in the capital mogadishu change is in the air. i mean that the security is tight to the venue of a music concert in mogadishu no one is allowed to forget there's a war going on. yet events like this are seen as a sign of change in a city where young people mostly confined to their homes in a state of boredom. tonight somali british singer kim is to take them to hostile house. i was expecting this is a surprise. i was being welcomed into the church so seriously.
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not everyone is happy with her presence though this is a function of that issue but it's the we will see the wolf blitzer let's talk a little bit i think to look for the summons to the podium so from a little bit to look at them a little for the triple look at. the moms of the men theo forced to music and the free mixing of men and women but why do you approve or not she came all the way from london to spread mischief these concepts should not be allowed to happen if they continue with the senate we have no option but to fight them. hundreds of young men and women attended the performance despite the disapproval of conservatives to show that the people of mogadishu have been through a lot of pain and agony we're here to give them happiness the. i. the close down state of insecurity minutes every night music lovers in mogadishu can feel such an event so they make the most of it on the rail questions when they
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come. mohammed at all just more dishes some of. this is as you know these are. top stories north korea media is calling friday's summit a new milestone the official news agency said the meeting opened the way for what it called national reconciliation peace and prosperity two leaders pledged to pursue a permanent peace and rid the peninsula of nuclear weapons u.s. president donald trump vowed to keep up the pressure on north korea and till there's a complete denuclearization on the peninsula. i think the responsibility has fallen on the shoulders of the president of the united states and i think we have i think i have a responsibility to see if i can do it and if i can't do it it will be a very tough time for a lot of countries and
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a lot of people it's certainly something that i hope i can do for the world this is beyond the united states this is a world problem and it's something that i hope i'm able to do for the world. now there's growing pressure on garza's hospitals after four palestinians were killed and almost nine hundred others injured as they marched up to israel's border fence on friday it is the closest they have come in five weeks of protests. or the foreign ministers of russia iran and turkey are in moscow to talk about the conflict in syria three countries have been pushing for a political solution to the war through the a start of a process that began last year talks come after the u.s. led strikes in syria two weeks ago turkey which supports the rebel free syrian army backed the strikes in response to the suspected chemical weapons attack on the town of duma russia and iran strongly condemned. the united nations security council
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delegation is visiting richenda refugee camps in bangladesh the team will then travel to myanmar is behind state from where around seven hundred thousand range of fled the military crackdown last year. china and india have agreed to keep talking to resolve their ongoing border dispute on the last day of a visit to ease tensions between the two india's prime minister narendra modi and chinese president xi jinping said they will improve communication. those are the headlines right now it's inside story. on counting the cost why iran's nuclear deal and other powerful factors are at play in the new game of the world it could mean steeper prices at the pump. and into korean summit but what would a store in relations mean for their economies. counting the cost on a.


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