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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 28, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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how jews here. it's. where every. new yorkers are very receptive to al to see because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides he has no passport yet he's politically active in two thousand trees i was the only one who had less than the power at peaceful transition when because the short term expired you know part of the world some people think you are stupid of crazy if you do that mikhail saakashvili former president of georgia and an ex governor of the odessa region in ukraine talked to al jazeera.
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north korea's state media called friday's historic summit a new milestone focus now shifts to kim jong un's upcoming meeting with donald trump. hasn't think of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up hundreds of thousands march on the streets of yemen's capital as hooty rebels mourn the killing of their second in command. more than nine hundred people wounded by israeli fire the latest gars of protests hospitals are stretched to breaking point plus. from drones to fighter jets the latest weapons on display at the burnley an air show.
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hello millions of koreans have been reacting to friday's historic meeting of the two leaders of their divided peninsula south koreans were able to watch the summit between their president and north korea's kim jong il and live on television the message across the border was more tightly controlled attention is now focusing on the upcoming meeting between kim and the u.s. president james bays reports from seoul. across south korea people watching the historic summit closely some were overwhelmed by the images the first time they'd seen a north korean leader step foot in the country the declaration that was signed was a declaration of intent nothing is actually changed yet but it could mean a very different political future for the next generation of koreans. well south korea had wall to wall coverage of the events in north korea on state controlled media a more edited version was presented people here of not yet been told of the possibility
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of the next meeting being between their leader and president trump experts say one of the people closest to kim is likely to be involved in changing the official narrative. well for north korea the all of the media are controlled by the propaganda and agitation department which communal junge consignments younger sister who we saw you know accompany him she also came here to the olympic games she works in that department which indicates a very very high priority for the north korean regime joining the summit president moon j. in and supreme leader kim jong un met alone face to face for over thirty minutes trump is also said to favor a meeting one on one with no eggs a former senior official who worked on north korea both at the white house and later at the u.n. has this advice for the u.s.
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president a stablish in a good personal relationship that would then lay the groundwork for real detailed talks among experts i think is the best way to go and this can be a very highly successful meeting if done the right way. after the very high profile summit the next stage of the diplomatic process will take place well away from the spotlight the lines of communication between pyongyang seoul and washington will remain open as they discuss the substance and venue of a possible trump kim summit james out zira seoul and u.s. president donald trump says he will keep up the pressure on north korea until the peninsula is completely rid of nuclear weapons. i think the responsibility has fallen on the shoulders of the president of the united states and i think we have i think i have a responsibility to see if i can do it and if i can't do it it will be a very tough time for a lot of countries and
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a lot of people it's certainly something that i hope i can do for the world this is beyond the united states this is a world problem and it's something that i hope i'm able to do for the world of there's growing pressure on garza's hospitals after four palestinians were killed and nearly nine hundred others injured when they marched up to israel's border fence on friday it was a closest they've come in more than a month of protests supporting the right of return for palestinian refugees and their descendants israel is facing more international criticism for its use of life fire on demonstrators but says it is protecting its border wall corner in the last . hour medical resources have hit rock bottom for health authorities must provide more medical supplies for us to continue to treat patients. i was not fully or properly treated because of the lack of medicine and medical facilities in another hospital then i got transferred to this rehabilitation hospital and i ran into the
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same problems. stephanie decker is live for us there stephanie what is the latest right right now what happened over night. well it was quite an extraordinary day has with thousands of protesters moving towards the border the close is that they've come in these five weeks of protests putting incredible pressure on israel we were there we witnessed it you know you just feel people racing towards it all the sudden you know israeli forces opened fire we heard a lot of bullets was too a lot of injuries and certainly what happened then and i think this is quite interesting to show you the pressure that these unarmed protesters are putting on israel you had six strikes are all around ten o'clock in the evening one of those strikes this is why we are at gaza's ports in gaza city was on two little boats behind us you can't see them from where we are but certainly we have been looking at them this morning there is
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a little damage to the there were some men this morning looking at them taking pictures and there was another strike on an empty training camp belonging to a somber gay this is how masses military wing in central gaza no injuries but there was a statement by the israeli army basically saying that six targets belonging to hamas is unable force were hit and what they say is that these strikes are spawns to their so-called terror activity and mass infiltration attempt earlier today at the border so i think as we know israel holds how fully responsible for what happens here and i think this is a very clear message to them to rein in the protesters to try and make them stop because certain what we saw yesterday is they've lost their fear has made it very clear if you get close to that border fence you will be shot well yesterday no one he did. and all these protests putting pressure on israel. well yes as i just mentioned they're putting intense pressure on israel which is
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why i think we've seen these strikes overnight again when israel and gauges with gaza the language they use is of terror activity is of how mass we haven't seen a single rocket fired out of the strip since these protests began these protests when you were there is that they're peaceful protests yes the youth the young guys they will throw stones they will throw some tells across the fence they will burn tires to obscure these raters sniper positions but you are dealing with one of the world's best equipped army has and when it comes to the people here certainly the situation in the gaza strip is the worst that it's been since hamas took power here around eleven years ago the people will tell you they have nothing left to lose unemployment among the youth has is around sixty percent there are no opportunities here there's four hours of electricity a day there's a massive dire economic situation people cannot afford to feed their families the
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u.n. has warned it can become uninhabitable by twenty twenty that's in two years time these radio army and the israeli intelligence has warned the israeli authorities goes it could explode if these restrictions continue no one seems to be listening house and i think what we're seeing on the ground is people having lost their fear they were literally tell you young people will tell you they can shoot me i don't care i have nothing left to lose stephanie deca live for us there in. a saudi led coalition air strike has reportedly killed two leaders and thousands of fighters in yemen's capital saudi state television says a high level meeting was targeted at the hoot these interior ministry earlier this month the rebel second in command saw sam and was killed in a saudi led strike. large towns have descended on as being square to pay tribute to a salmon whose the lead has called for a one million man march in the capital to commemorate his death and sam it is the
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most senior who is the official to be killed by the saudi led coalition in yemen's three year award let's bring in hacking into smadi who is in sanaa he's the editor in chief and publisher of the yemen post thanks for being with us so just tell us first of all how important was this leader in. the struggling yemen. speeches it's been awesome.
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and i want to tell you. scott i'm over. now to tell you that expect that we will target. and why these strikes happening now. three years most three years into this. war is it because of improved intelligence or let me what's behind the timing of this change in strategy that she can talk. to your leadership or killed. for george to. the memorial of those. given by me.
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we're not sure. you know but that's not a view they all deserve. to be easier. on the average. every now and then. and you get the sense that. these are unmoved by by all of this in a sense in terms of their control of yemen or at least the capital sana'a i mean how much real control do they maintain in the yemeni capital the moment. on the chain. for all the extras.
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and the leadership. of. the billboard people to use the song. right now it's one sided but george. mitchell. is that we are. grateful to some odd. governments so much. of the last couple of months. heck even the most modern life for us there in santa thank you jacki. ah still ahead on al-jazeera a u.n. delegation heads to re-inject can seem bangladesh to get a firsthand view of the refugee crisis. german chancellor angela merkel meets
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donald trump over their differences on trade any of iran's nuclear deal. from long flowing on in winds to an enchanting dance it please leave. because some lovely spring sunshine into central and eastern parts of europe last a clear skies here looking at that little cloud further north when it will really go downhill as we go on through the next couple of days actually active areas of low pressure spilling into that western side of europe so we are going to see some heavy burst of rain at times only ten celsius in london basin pieces right across at least the side on england some rain there down towards that western side of fronts to into the sky across the pyrenees eighteen celsius from interest in the sabbat here but but further east there you go twenty four celsius in vienna twenty
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five in bucharest getting up to twenty in kiev so some lovely warm sunshine coming through in a similar pictures we go on into sunday by sunday really struggling for the western really heavy rain coming into the bad guy pushing into that western side of frauds i mean nine celsius the top temperature in london sunday into monday incidentally we see some very heavy rain coming across southern parts of england could cause some localized flooding but all the parts of africa here it is generally fine and dry now a little bit of cloud across northern areas perhaps the odd shattering to algiers at seventeen degrees celsius presently woman repat i'm very hot for kyra. the weather sponsored by cats all these. stories generate thousands of headlines cooperation with different angles from different perspectives. the more concrete evidence that russia was responsible for
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this separate the spin from the facts that's why on god's. the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera. and again you're watching i just hear a mind of our top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump has vowed to keep up the pressure on north korea and till there's complete denuclearization on the peninsula his comments come after the historic declaration of peace between kim jong un and mungy in on friday. large crowds have descended on yemen's capital in sana'a to pay tribute to the who
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the leader is samad he was killed and a saudi led air strikes last week saudi media says another airstrike on friday killed two more hooty leaders and dozens of fighters at a high level meeting in sana'a. pressure is growing on gaza's hospitals off the four palestinians were killed and nearly nine hundred others injured when they marched up to israel's border fence on friday it's the closest they have come in five weeks of protests. are united nations security council delegation is visiting a refugee camps in bangladesh the team will then travel to myanmar as well hind state. somewhere around seven hundred thousand ranger fled military crackdown last year charles stratford reports from a long refugee camp ahead of the visit. of his balls his five year old daughter to this field clinic in the coupon the refugee camp in bangladesh.
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nora's face is swollen and she's in pain. shamsul and his family have lived in the camp for a year and a half since fleeing violence by the myanmar military against the regime in rakhine state. and since august last year around seven hundred thousand really just fled the latest myanmar military crackdown the u.n. human rights chief calls it textbook ethnic cleansing. the military surrounded our house and started shooting from all sides we were terrified so we ran for our lives my daughter was shot but we had to keep running and leave her behind because the shooting was so heavy. the u.n. and aid agencies say around a billion dollars is needed for the hinge a living in what is becoming the largest refugee camp in the world i.o.m. alone is already treating eighty fazing people a month you know they say they are only going to increase as once in approaches we have to have preventive medicine we have to deal with
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a very real dangers of water borne disease that funding has to be in place now to help protect people otherwise we will see you know protection a preventable loss of life and that's a very frightening prospect the mainly muslim or hindu or had their citizenship taken away by what was then the permeates government thirty five years ago rights groups say the rangers have suffered decades of violence and persecution they say the myanmar military and mainly buddhist morgues killed thousands of men women and children committed gang rape and destroyed hundreds of range of villages in recent months but the myanmar government denies the claim it says it was responding to what it calls terrorist attacks by a refugee a rebel group. the un security council delegation is due to visit the refugee camps in bangladesh before heading to me for what is expected to be a tightly controlled two day trip. the inability of the united nations security
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council to. take strong action against myanmar is largely because of china's veto power china has big business interests inside myanmar and especially in rakhine state myanmar so far has banned any independent investigation into alleged atrocities and it seems highly unlikely that this visit by a united nations security council delegation here will lead directly to me being called to account. but pressure is growing on me. the u.s. state department is leading an investigation into claims of extrajudicial killings rape and awesome by the myanmar military a repatriation plan by bank that there should be and more allowing refugees to voluntarily return has so far failed to get off the ground shim still says he will never return to me and more or less the government guarantees his family citizenship security and the same rights as other citizens of the country he and
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his family from. that al-jazeera could to prolong the refugee camp on their fish how the foreign ministers of russia iran and turkey are in moscow to talk about the conflict in syria three countries have been pushing for a political solution through the stanhope peace process that began last year but they remain divided on the u.s. led strikes in syria earlier this month turkey which supports the rebel free syrian army backed the strikes in retaliation for the suspected chemical attack in duma while allies of the syrian government russia and iran strongly condemned the. challenge is live for us now in moscow so rory what can we expect from this latest round of talks. well we've got another round of our standard talks coming up in the middle of may the forty and fifty so this meeting here in moscow between the countries that co-sponsored the standard talks
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is basically a kind of preparatory meeting to set up that next round the ninth round of us donna talks it's a it's a strange and shaky grouping of countries this with russia iran and turkey all having different objectives different arrangements in syria but they are managing to hold this together and i think you know for russia or at least this process has succeeded quite handsomely in basically hollowing out some of the political process is that was supposed to be taking place in the geneva round of talks the ultimate u.n. indorsed peace negotiations and bringing them into bringing them into another separate round of talks in sochi that was held a few months ago and that i think has basically meant the deescalation zones that were agreed between these three countries russia iran and turkey have actually
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quite worked or worked quite well for the government in damascus in pushing its military objectives on the ground certainly hasn't hindered the government in damascus and so now we're in a position i think where you know assad is looking stronger and stronger by the day and that gives the beleaguered aunt opposition forces less and less bargaining power when they do eventually get back to geneva again rory chalons live for us there in moscow thanks for e. a german chancellor angela merkel has visited washington for a brief meeting with the u.s. president she hopes to persuade donald trump not to slap u.s. tariffs on european and steel and allen minium exports but top of merkel's agenda was preserving the iran nuclear deal which trump wants to abandon the iranian regime fuels violence bloodshed and chaos all across the middle east we
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must ensure that this murderous regime does not even get close to a nuclear weapon and that iran ends its proliferation of dangerous missiles and its support for terrorism no matter where you go in the middle east wherever there's a problem around is right there. we are of the opinion that the nuclear deal with iran is the first step which has helped to slow down its activities and allow them to be better monitored but we also think from the german perspective that it's not enough to achieve a reliable outcome so more has to be done to ballistic missile program is a major cause of concern the fact that iran is exerting influence in syria and lebanon is also of great concern for us and we need to cover this influence dion estabrook has more on this now from washington. well angle merkel came to the white house today as sort of a tag team with emanuel mccrone earlier in this week to try to convince president trump to stay in the iran nuclear deal and to not end those exemptions on tariffs
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on aluminum in and steel in both cases it's unknown what the president might do during a press conference this afternoon in the white house merkel mentioned as did mccrone that the iran nuclear deal is not perfect it's a framework that can be built on but the president made no commitment either way as to whether or not he will stay in that deal on tariffs again said that the president said that he made no commitment as to whether or not he would extend those exemptions on the tariffs the deal with steel and aluminum and in both cases the merkel said it is now up to the president it's important to keep in mind that these are two nations that have a very close relationship with the united states is a manual mccrone mentioned earlier in the week that this is a familiar relationship that they might not agree on everything but there are things that these countries do still agree upon and they are still very strong
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allies singapore's prime minister has warned southeast asian nations that a trade dispute between the united states and china is putting regional economic growth the risk prime minister lee hsien loong made the remarks at the opening of the ten nation as u.n. summit in singapore he said the bloc must fight protectionism. louis has more from singapore. one of the main themes that would be of concern to the member states of rassie and security now in the lead is in a joint statement issued pursuant to a working dinner on friday night said the challenges facing our c n n include violent extremism cyber threats and climate change and of course there is the territorial dispute in the south china sea which involves china and several assy and countries while the countries are tackling that is by agreeing to drop a code of conduct which is being drafted at the moment then there of course there
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is the matter of the economy r.c.n. is one of the largest economic zones in the world the countries of committed to striving for even greater growth as well as deepening economic integration but if there is an area in which in member states have sometimes been accused of not doing enough it is in protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms down the block largely stood by in silence as cambodia clamp down on independent media and effectively shut to political opposition by dissolving the main opposition party and jailing political leaders there was very little censure philippine so-called war on drugs in which thousands have been killed extra traditionally and then there's the ongoing conflict in myanmar where fighting has intensified in northern kitchen state and the ongoing humanitarian crisis in rakhine state where seven hundred thousand muslim or hindu have led to escape persecution by the myanmar military so there has been calls from human rights activists for states to take on
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a bigger role in protecting and promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms. china and india say they will improve military contacts after a summit that beijing is calling a milestone in relations india's prime minister narendra modi is in china holding talks with president xi jinping and recent military standoff on a stretch of the border lasted for months india also raised the issue of chinese infrastructure projects in pakistan administered kashmir which new delhi considers to be under illegal occupation a many of the world's leading aircraft manufacturers are in germany for the burley an air show with the focus this year on drone technology as dominant came reports its development is helping spark a revolution in sustainable flight. april in berlin means two things potentially to richel downpours and. this is the innovation and leadership in aerospace event
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for sure with a huge range of planes helicopters and other airborne elements taking their turns to wire the crowds. one of the main themes of this year's event is drones and other unmanned aircraft and while many of the items here have more military applications the civilian use of this technology is clearly on show and this is where airbus sees a real opportunity demonstrating what they call the city air bus helicopter currently undergoing final tests before a first flight later this year as yet it's a drone but one day its creators see it as an alternative to ground based taxis with the option to have a human driver to ferry the paying passengers and it will not be a v.i.p. option because we want to democratize this kind of transportation so it will be comparable to our normal taxi and maybe even a bit cheaper and. in
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a certain point in future the burning asho is about far more than just unmanned drone fact knology out here on the tarmac the runway a bit of a product from many of the world's leading aviation manufacturers and indeed from the military on many of the airport visible here that it's way their products at europe's leading asho amid the different and graph to be seen on many from the german military which this year is presenting its hardware in combination with elements from its french counterparts germany and france they are the engine of europe so we are being part of that engine refocus here and berlin with all the industry has been present and that's what you see over here and that's what we have very part of and very proud to be it. organizers say it's all about showcasing the latest in. design and technology but for many people it's also a chance to get a close call imps of jets they'd never be able to see otherwise dominant came. at
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the berlin ash. this is al jazeera these are the top stories in yemen supporters of solid assam and our pain tribute to the hooty leader after he was killed in a saudi led strike last week saudi media says another airstrike on friday killed two more leaders and dozens of fighters at a high level meeting in santa north korean media is calling friday's summit a new milestone u.s. president donald trump has vowed to keep up the pressure on north korea and till there is complete denuclearization on the peninsula i think the responsibility has fallen on the shoulders of the president of the united states and i think we have i think i have a responsibility to see if i can do it and if i can't do it it will be
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a very tough time for a lot of countries and a lot of people it's certainly something that i hope i can do for the world this is beyond the united states this is a world problem and it's something that i hope i'm able to do for the world the pressure is growing on garza's hospitals after four palestinians were killed and nearly nine hundred others injured when they marched up to israel's border fence on friday it is the closest they've come to five weeks of protests. the foreign ministers of russia iran and turkey are in moscow to talk about the conflict in syria and three countries have been pushing for a political solution to the war through the a start of a process that began last year talks come after the u.s. led strikes in syria two weeks ago turkey which supports the rebel free syrian army backed the strikes in response to the suspected chemical weapons attack on the town of duma russia and iran strongly condemned them china and india say they will
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improve military contacts are to their latest meeting india's prime minister narendra modi's in china holding talks with president xi jinping a recent military standoff on a stretch of the border that lasted for months india also raised the issue of chinese infrastructure projects in pakistan administered kashmir which india considers to be under an illegal occupation those are the headlines you have today we're back with more after the listening post. seven billion light in this. story. in mind to be. with. you meant to be. a lawsuit filed by the democratic national committee president. with leaks to the russian government ulick's fire her.


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