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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 29, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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sorry chart at touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards in the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species citizens unable to vote on represented in washington members of congress do nothing about whether to buy a slate part of a constituency in their responsibility and that is what's underneath this crisis phone lines visit to the island devastated by hurricane maria and demanding the support of the u.s. government are we there yet but it isn't in the film it has a responsibility everybody does it ever get closer shelter after the storm on al-jazeera.
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america's new secretary of state by players dogs his middle east war with iran's nuclear deal high on the agenda. console robin you're watching all of their lives one headquarters here in also coming up a so-called million man march in yemen following a saudi led strike that killed two rebel leaders. also a roaster without a host the u.s. a president donald trump abandons the white house correspondents dinner for the second year. of the korean summit was presented on opposite sides of the border.
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well with the program newly appointed u.s. secretary of state mike has arrived in saudi arabia as part of a three day trip to the region now he's held talks with the saudi foreign minister before having dinner with crown prince mohammed bin rather expected to discuss the iran nuclear deal following donald trump's threats to pull the united states out of the agreement next month. was sworn in on. his previous as a rex tillerson left office last month kristen salumi has more from washington d.c. the state department says a strong u.s. saudi partnership is crucial to peace and prosperity in the middle east so perhaps not surprising that might pompei i would make a visit to saudi arabia part of his first official trip as secretary of state he also has the fast approaching deadline of may twelfth when president trump must decide whether or not to reimpose sanctions on iran
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a move that many feel will be the end of the iran nuclear deal my camp aoe is much closer to president on this issue than his predecessor rex tillerson was tillerson was sympathetic to the european point of view which is the deal should be strengthened and not abandoned he lost his job essentially over that micron pale will also no doubt be talking about the situation in syria during this visit president trump has called on gulf countries do more to stabilize the situation there in terms of troops and funding from saudi arabia pompei o heads to israel and then to jordan or room and turned over foreign policy committee publishing he says the troubled ministrations approach to diplomacy is likely to change with time. president trump eventually will. move toward a globalist position what is that a globalist position is one where allies count much more than your campaign
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promises who did he have come to washington macross he had merkel and he would have to rescind may but to be surveying is not in shape to travel anywhere including europe probably so i think that the global institutions will set in in addition. i have had the opportunity to brief my campaign on the nuclear deal he knows it by heart he doesn't want to kill it he wants to fix it he might come pale wants to utilize the threat of force in order to the thought of not force but withdrawing from the deal as a way of. moving forward on the renegotiation of the deal iran says no old there's no way it will negotiate when i was a diplomat in vienna and stockholm madrid i had the opportunity to learn something about proposal counter-proposal proposal counter-proposal each side then comes up
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with less than it want it and all of a sudden you have a deal but that deal won't last very long so just like the nuclear cord of july august twenty fifth thing is not going to stand something will do something will replace it well my pump is visit to saudi arabia comes back to see rebels in yemen find a new round of missiles into the kingdom that this follows assad led coalition a strike that killed two rebel leaders in yemen is capital last week a high ranking rebel commander was killed in a strike thousands gathered in sanaa tell him between the ripples. he supposes descend on the center of santa there protesting against the death of the most senior who the official to be killed by the saudi led coalition in yemen's three year war salah the mad died in an airstrike on the coastal hood data province last week. maurya you will get revenge for the death of the president of the
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republic. and i have a message for the saudi aggressors you bring invaders here from all over the world we will kill them and we will burn them to move you the leaders and dozens of fighters were killed in another saudi led coalition air strike on saturday saudi state television says the strike targeted a high level meeting at the head of these interior ministry in santa after three years of fighting and no end to the war in sight analysts say the saudi led coalition is trying something new the saudis are stepping up their game. targeting higher higher level officials and the hope is as well are also are there also to stepping up their game firing more and more ballistic missiles into saudi territory i think the message is clear that they still believe both parties still believe that they're the only solution is a military solution but it's a risky strategy the fighters say their mood determined than ever to continue their fight for control of yemen. this protest was made for president saleh
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osama and we tell him that we will keep going on your path and we will not drift away his death strengthened us and provided us with resistance god willing we will not drift away. it's a conflict that's already killed thousands of people and caused the united nations says is the world's one humanitarian crisis now there are signs of an escalation from both sides saudi arabia says it intercepted the missiles fired from yemen targeting the city of g.'s than victoria gate and b. al jazeera. says in subsidies for who see missiles fired from yemen toggling the southern coastal city of jews on the rebel say they thought eight ballistic rockets aimed at economic assets. now the u.s. president told trump powers avoided attending the annual white house correspondents' dinner for the second. instead he's attending
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a campaign rally in michigan last year trump became the first president in thirty six years to skip the event the college scholarship fund raiser celebrates the relationship between the media and the white house press secretaries sarah huckabee some of it is taking trump's place and can expect a grilling from comedian host in the show rules. brooke is following events for us from washington d.c. and of course the correspondents' dinner without the chief guest present for the second time said being quite a clear message to the press is that old that's right and actually the president sent a message to the press from michigan he said when he began his speech this evening that he'd much rather be in michigan than in washington attending this correspondents' dinner and you know the message is that he sees the press is an adversary a few months ago he said that the press was an enemy of the american people which is a rather sad statement to make and he's actually missing an opportunity by not being
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at this correspondents' dinner president's abuse of this dinner in the past to you know hope fun at the media but also to poke fun at themselves and it's a way of humanizing them it helps them connect with the media and it also helps them connect with the public as well so in many ways that this is this is a missed opportunity but again the president has set this very adversarial relationship with the presidency took office and it continues of course while he's not many of his close aides will be you might say to take the flak. absolutely you mentioned sarah huckabee sanders is going to be on the day of this evening she will be speaking instead of him and she'll be poking fun at the media and actually they'll probably be you know will be people poking fun right back at her kellyanne conway is there this evening his counsel aranesp reverse priebus who
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was his chief of staff is there as well and even though the president isn't there you know that there are going to be jokes targeted at him in his absence but we'll leave it there for now and see what comes out of touch as the day progresses thank you russia's foreign minister has accused the u.s. of trying to divide to syria departs. made the comments in moscow while meeting his turkish and radian counterparts to discuss the war in syria the meeting prepares the groundwork for the ninth round of a start of the talks to be held next month the three countries believe it's the only way to ending the violence in the seven year syrian war. while we have building options for peace some of the other colleagues are trying to destroy the results of a joint constructive if it's not even following the international law like in the recent operation by the u.s. u.k. and france against syria roy challenge. this meeting was
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a way for russia turkey and iran co-sponsors of the standard talks to set the scene for the next round of those negotiations which are in a couple of week's time a the fourteenth and fifteenth the three countries here although they have been pushing these negotiations into their ninth rounds now. do have disagreements they have disagreements over the future of president bashar al assad's turkey has always thought that he shouldn't be part of syria's future and turkey also disagrees with russia on iran over the recent u.s. u.k. and french airstrikes which were response to what those three countries said was a chemical weapons attack in duma now turkey supports that view and thinks that the russian perspective that this has set back the political process in syria is not necessarily true. but the turks do have criticisms of the
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united states saying that they should give up their ongoing support for the kurds when we do get to the next round of a stand of sorts in a couple weeks we're likely to see. a similar situation to previous times which is that the opposition are reluctant to come now the route the opposition has always felt that the. talks were essentially a sideshow a distraction from what should be taking place which is the resumption of negotiations in geneva the official u.n. sponsored talks and the opposition has long felt that water started as essentially doing is just hollowing out geneva stripping it of all the main political platforms political points and essentially giving cover for russia and the syrian government forces on the ground to continue pushing home their military
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advantage. now the dogs comers at least eighteen people have been reportedly killed in syria's largest palestinian refugee camp over the past twenty four hours the syrian government is trying to retake several neighborhoods in southern damascus from i still find. believe half of the yet to move refugee camp in the area has been destroyed in a week of violence the u.n. says some three and a half thousand people fled the camp. where hundreds of palestinians attended the burial of a fifteen year old boy killed by israeli forces on the gaza israel border the palestinian health ministry is said as. died of a gunshot wound to the head three others are killed or were killed during protests on friday about nine hundred people were injured in the clashes putting pressure on doctors and other medical staff the fourteen people have been killed since demonstrations began late last month that demanding a right to return for refugees and descendants to want is now israeli territory
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rebel fighters in northern mali have killed at least forty people belonging to the ethnic twice community the attack took place in that minako region in the border with the regional governments as al-qaeda linked government targeted mostly young men in the remote desert villages of. friday and saturday. mali has been struggling with lawlessness in the north since two rival armed groups rebels and al-qaeda linked fighters sought to take control there six years ago toerag rebels declared independence in april twenty. third and our due to mali today was pushed out in a coup but three months later they lost ground to diena group which has links to al qaida its impose sharia law publicly destroyed many muslim shrines in the early twenty thirteen front stepped in helping local forces to take back the region
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and two years later mollies government and torah gravels agreed to a peace deal despite a large french military and un peacekeeping presence france says eisel in the greatest role the i.s.t.'s has been using northern mali as a haven a coup to name achoo to way is an executive director of the african immigrant caucus he thinks these latest attacks are an attempt to provoke the twitterer eggs into a larger conflict. they too are eggs have hired. conflicts and disagreements with whichever government has been embalmed uncle ever scenes independence in one thousand nine hundred sixty because they are says separate ethnic groups have always argued that they want to separate their want to their own country now that is very hard for them ali is to accept and reality for all of africa too i said because it is based on welfare and ethnicity and the only five
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percent of the mali are in population and they will be landlocked and so they have always argued it did for this as you mentioned a few years back they assigned the most recent. peace deal with the government which so far piers to be holding why will the terrorists. target them it will seem that. they are trying to get dead to arias to once again pick up pick up the gun and the stabbing lies the government of mali i think may be the reason why they are trying to target the two aren't saying get them fighting again well still ahead here on out as it runs on its unite behind the prices that the ruling party says it will go before the terms of the prime minister. and this is preside over his book sight and political find out what's driving this to
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protest. from coup brisk news and fuel. to the wound tranquil waters of southeast asia. how i recall some lively showers into central china at the moment there's more of those as we go on through the next few days a southerly wind temperatures in hong kong run twenty itself just warmest still for shanghai on sunday afternoon but there's that wet weather and it stays pretty much in place moves a little further east which as we go on through monday to the south of that it stays fine interop but we are going to see some rather lively rain as we go on into were the next couple of days shanghai gets up to thirty celsius the humid and sticky thirty celsius a few showers down towards vietnam thirty celsius there for hanoi as well manila will get up to thirty six degrees you got the usual rash of showers across southeast asia well heavy downpours there into malaysia not too bad for indonesia
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largely dry here but look at the huge rough the thunderheads across thailand looking very lively once again we've had some very heavy rain over the past few days sunday another wet one monday pretty wet here as well bangkok around thirty degrees celsius so mother lives showers to into southern parts of india maybe into sri lanka really heavy rain just making its way across the northeast of india as well through bangladesh and we'll see more of these downpours as we go on through sunday for the central plains states hearts and dry. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. everything i do is being analyzed it's being weighed and it's being measured guy who is clueless my friend and it's not just my face that i asked my friends i mean most not fans of the state at the moment we are in a state of universal it should have been started something that was over
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a week act i would rather take the risks of democracy to the risks of. digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. over a bucket watching all designs the whole rob the reminder of our top stories newly appointed u.s. secretary of state mike pompei was in saudi arabia for a three day visit to the middle east has been holding talks with the saudi foreign minister. and meeting conference but haven't been slow on the iran nuclear deal is expected to top the agenda. and yemen a million man march in the capital sanaa has been held on the high ranking rebel
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leader killed in a strike by the sound of that coalition last week these three it all comes hours after saudi arabia says it's killed two rebel leaders and strike. also at least forty ethics are being killed in two separate attacks in mali is more than that minako region officials believe the violence is intended to stoke the ongoing conflict between torah it's the law of the. koreans watching friday's historic meeting between can draw and moon jay ins all vastly different coverage depending on which side of the border they were on while many south koreans had free access to the leaders summit in the north the message was tightly controlled james bays reports are from seoul. across south korea people watching the historic summit closely some were overwhelmed by the images the first time they'd seen a north korean leader step foot in their country the declaration that was signed
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was a declaration of intent nothing is actually changed yet but it could mean a very different political future for the next generation of koreans. well south korea had wall to wall coverage of the events in north korea on state controlled media a more edited version was presented people here of not yet been told of the possibility of the next meeting being between their leader and president trump experts say one of the people closest to kim is likely to be involved in changing the official narrative. well for north korea the all of the media are controlled by the propaganda and agitation department which kim your junk comes and younger sister who we saw you know company him she also came here to the olympic games she works in that department which indicates a very very high priority for the north korean regime joining the summit president
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moon j. in and supreme leader kim jong un met alone face to face for over thirty minutes trump is also said to favor a meeting one on one with no eggs a former senior official who worked on north korea both at the white house and later at the u.n. has this advice for the u.s. president a stablish in a good personal relationship that would then lay the groundwork for real detailed talks among experts i think is the best way to go and this can be a very highly successful meeting if done the right way. after the very high profile summit the next stage of the diplomatic process will take place well away from the spotlight the lines of communication between pyongyang seoul and washington will remain open as they discuss the substance and venue of a possible trump kim summit jamesburg out zero seoul. the leaders of the
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association of southeast asian nations of welcomed the historic into korean summit as a positive step towards peace and stability in the region the r.c.m. blog also vowed to work more closely with china and india in order to cold to the pressure of protectionism florence louis has more from singapore. trade and security top the agenda when heads of state from the ten countries met on friday and saturday in his opening address singapore prime minister lee hsien loong warned that the spats between china and the us could affect the blow the political mood in many countries has shifted against free trade and in particular the recent trip tensions between the united states and china are why the concerns i see on countries will have to react to these major external trends us president donald trump has threatened to impose tariffs on chinese imports with china
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promising retaliation if he does. for many of us in countries the u.s. and china are the two biggest trading partners on the issue of security members discussed the threat of violent extremism and cyber attacks the ten countries are also negotiating an extradition treaty as well as a code of conduct with china to ease tensions in the disputed south china sea but there is an area where member states have been criticized for not doing enough human rights activists have said the bloc fails to promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms. the bloc largely stood by in silence when cambodia shuttered its independent media organizations and dissolved the main opposition party that was very little essential philippines so-called war on drugs in which thousands have died in extrajudicial killings and their ongoing crisis in myanmar fighting has intensified in kitchin state in the north displacing thousands in
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rakhine state seven hundred thousand revenge have fled across the border into bangladesh since august to escape persecution by the military asa needs to pressure myanmar to be accountable for what's happened and to investigate or allow investigators like us human rights watch and others to go into these areas ascertain exactly who was responsible for the atrocities committed against the rohingya and then hold them accountable again we're seeing nothing from us around but for a group that prefers to keep a policy of noninterference in the member states domestic affairs that might be a tall order florence three al-jazeera singapore a spokesman for armenia is ruling party in a lot more than a candidate for prime minister he says it's a void stoking more tension in the region robin forestay walk reports on a day of political drama from the northern armenian city all via.
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this convoy has all the euphoria of a victory parade one that stretches for kilometers. while the capital takes some rest the opposition movement is traveling to the regions to show the republican party that the whole country is now behind one bad week. on tuesday there will be a crucial vote in parliament to decide on a new prime minister and the crowds know who they want for the job the culpa. mea culpas she began this movement with a two week walk across all media in april the cold medians to join him and reject the country's unpopular leader said. the former journalist but long be a critic and served jail time for his activism. that while his faction is only
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a minority parliament the simple message has attracted thousands frustrated by the political elite and inspired by his revolutionary line which. i do not want our only people who have fallen. to the protests in recent. days on is somehow different you can feel the excitement i can see the ads you see placed in the house and the expectations on the face you know these people you want to mess things are being a little nance i don't know he's here we just didn't want to give each other he gives the power to us to the people not just the one person or two people but to everyone that's why we love him so so it is changing all this i mean then dignitary only the only heard the news and. saw the car update system it's changing. this was the moment mr. announce to the crowds that the republican
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party he looked to be fielding a candidate choose day was now powered does seem to be with the people of. robin first you will come out zero balance he was china has unveiled the world's biggest movie studio which is being touted as the country's rival to hollywood the owners and dolly on the wonder group i mean to host at least five hollywood projects in the first year of full operation its c.e.o. says the complex will turn the northern city of change into a global film production have the eight billion dollars complex also includes hotels a theme park and the yacht club. now argentina's annual bonus ari's books has kicked all falling political note organizers say there's been a drop off in book sales due to the struggling economy and high inflation treated by his war what they're doing to keep people reading. was they want to cite his
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book fair began with a protest against the government of president was students protested against education reform and the president of the book foundation used his initial remarks to draw attention to a drop in book sales in the country. we are demanding a decrease in taxes that takes our competitiveness in the region we are sorry to say that the government is not buying the books it usually does imports of increased exports remain the same they want to cite his book fair is one of the most important in the spanish speaking world the place where authors and publishers to reach out to the public. says he tries to be here every year even but. it is important to be here and gain new clients our challenges to edit new titles to get people interested it is a sacrifice because it's not cheap but worth it because we make connections with
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people from all around the. world theory lasts for about three weeks and authors from all over the world are expected to show up among them two nobel prize winners about a million people are expected to visit this book fair this year but argentina's economy continues to struggle with prime flesh and among other problems and that's why the organizers are giving all sorts of incentives so that people continue to buy books there are events for children as well so she comes with her family every year. this is the most important event of the year for us we come during the week because it think it is cheaper and we wait for the third to buy the schoolbooks because we get much better prices here a major cultural event that organizers hope won't be tarnished by the political differences that exist in argentina. i just see.
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you're watching old as the arms of a robin these are all top news stories newly appointed u.s. secretary of state my pump is in saudi arabia as part of a three day visit to the middle east he'll be holding talks with saudi foreign minister that a meeting from prince mohammed bin sulayem on the iran nuclear deal is expected to top the agenda in yemen a million man march in the capital sanaa has been held and all of a high ranking rebel leader killed in an ass strike by the saudi led coalition last week the funeral comes hours after saudi arabia says it has killed two rebel leaders in the strike. russia's foreign minister has accused the u.s. of trying to divide syria into parts so you laugh off made the comments in moscow meeting its turkish and arabian counterparts to discuss the war in syria the meeting to present round word for the ninth round of us dollar talks to be held
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next month the three countries believe it's the only way of ending the violence in the seven year syrian war so that's. why we had building options to pay some of the other colleagues to try to destroy the results of our joint constructive efforts not even following the international law like in the recent operation by the u.s. u.k. and france against syria hundreds of palestinians have attended the burial of a fifteen year old boy killed by israeli forces along the gaza israel border the palestinian health ministry said. died of a gunshot wound to the hand three others were killed during protests on friday about nine hundred people were injured in the clashes putting pressure on doctors and other medical staff the forty people are being killed in demonstrations since last month and demanding a right to return for refugees and descendants to what is now israeli territory u.s. president gul trumpeters avoided attending the annual white house correspondents' dinner for the second year running last year trump became the first president in
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thirty six years to skip the event the college scholarship fundraiser celebrates the relationship between the media and the white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders is taking trump's place and expected light grilling from comedian host michel wolf. trump instead is attending a campaign rally in michigan thousands turned out for the event in eastern iraq county tronic told a crowd he thinks he'll meet with kim jong within the next three to four weeks those are the headlines are back with more news in half an hour that sits inside story to stay with us.
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in the line of fire of israeli snipers palestinian john.


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