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we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera the fact. the smallest corpus on the planet one that could soon be lost forever with an international team of scientists is determined not to let that happen without intervention to give the big i would say here to a vast now it's a race against time to try and save a species like a chrysler it's an emergency plan they've off extinction tag no zero.
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we remain deeply concerned about iran's dangerous mission the rest is rule in the region a strong warning to iran has trumps new secretary of state told the middle east. i don't see a chance on this is al jazeera live from london also coming up north korea pledges to dismantle its nuclear scientists to as next month. the central american migrants preparing to attempt that controversial crossing of the border into the u.s. under protest leader is a surprise favorite to be armenia's new prime minister to the ruling party which the context. donald trump's new secretary of state has kicked off his tour of the middle east
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with a strong warning for iran might compare with now israel after visiting saudi arabia as his first international till after taking on the role of america's top diplomat in peo how talks with the israeli prime minister in tel aviv and has warned iran against threatening israel we remain deeply concerned about iran's dangerous escalation of threats to israel in the region and iran's ambition to dominate the middle east remains the united states is with israel in this fight and we strongly support israel sovereign right to defend itself regarding the j c p a way present trouble in particular still is very flawed he's directed the administration traffics. and if we can't fix that he's going to withdraw from the deal it's pretty straightforward i appreciate the president's leadership and your position on stopping iran from acquiring nuclear weapons appreciate the president
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and your position on stopping iran's aggression in the region that aggression has grown many fold since the signing of the renewal of people thought that iran's aggression would be moderated as a result of signing to do the opposite has happened and iran is trying to gobble up one country after the other iran must be stopped. fourth this has a lot from west jerusalem of this very much seems to be if not definitive this preemption of a decision to pull away from the iran nuclear deal at least a very clear warning shot fired across iran's bows the u.s. is maintaining that no decision has been yet made the new national security adviser john bolton was on the airwaves in the states this morning u.s. time saying that that decision had yet to be taken but the indications from pompei oh have been pretty clear that unless something really unexpectedly major happens
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in the intervening couple of weeks less than two weeks by the may the twelfth deadline that the united states is very ready to walk away from it and that is something that of course benjamin netanyahu is welcoming hugely you heard that language there in that last clause about how if people thought the nuclear deal would moderate iran's behavior that they were so disappointed that is very much the same language that was using in riyadh just a few hours earlier so that the language between the two it ministrations almost at the changeable benjamin netanyahu has long been arguing for this kind of policy from united states it looks like he's about to get what he wants. well christensen in the joins me now live from washington d.c. a force of just mentioned the national security adviser comments kirsten what what else are the trumper ministration been saying about the iran do you. well we're hearing the same lines over and over again john bolton reiterated the administration's position that the deal has to be fixed or scrapped but also that
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they're still open to that possibility they say that no decision has been made yet if it could be strengthened perhaps based on the proposals of french president emanuel mccrone. that there might be a way to keep things going so they're holding out a little bit of hope here in washington for people who want to preserve the nuclear deal but you have to remember that mike pompei o got his job as secretary of state because his predecessor rex tillerson was seen by the president as not being tough enough on iran not that rex tillerson was in any way an apologist for the nuclear deal however after consulting with u.s. allies also in the deal he came to the conclusion that it would be better to build on the existing structure. rather than to strengthen it rather than scrap it all together and that's what the europeans have been advocating and the president was
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not happy with that approach so it seems pretty clear with the may twelfth deadline approaching when the president must decide whether or not to reimpose sanctions that were scrapped as part of the nuclear deal that they are looking for some something that they can call a win to move forward to. give them something to say that this deal has been strengthened and it's noteworthy about when harry mentioned when mike pompei i made the statement standing right next to the israeli prime minister reiterating the same kind of views that have been pushed by netanyahu perhaps the strongest international critic of the iran deal from the start netanyahu said that the united states is with israel in this fight that the relationship between the united states and israel is stronger than ever and that shows you where the administration is coming from in these ongoing negotiations but again leaving open some little bit of
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hope that perhaps some changes can be made that would stop them from scrapping the deal all together very good to get your thoughts kristen stewart the line from us from d.c. . north korea's leader has promised to dismantle its nuclear testing science assume this next month but there's no word about the future of pyongyang's ballistic missile program or whether they'll agree to get rid of that atomic else no company no back reports from so. the world saw the smiles and handshakes on friday now the south korean president's office is revealing more of what was said behind closed doors at the historic summit south korea says kim jong un promised to close the pool in getting a nuclear test center next month and invited american and south korean experts and journalists to inspect it days before the summit north korea announced it would shut down the site of all six nuclear bomb tests kim referred to speculation that
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test explosions had so badly damaged the site it couldn't have been used again anyway you join should only chairman kim said when they come they will see that we have to figure tunnels than the current test facilities and they are in good condition this. the willingness to allow visitors to the test center appears to be another concession before the planned summit with donald trump and the north koreans by this is the necessity. for any kind of negotiations because if they don't see that the won't ever. happens nobody is going to talk to them moon phoned the u.s. president to brief him on the into korean talks the declaration signed their included a broad reference to denuclearize ation of the korean peninsula trump and moon agreed that more specific measures on getting rid of nuclear weapons should be discussed at the u.s. president's meeting with kim kim jong un is also reported to have said even though
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the united states is inherently hostile towards north korea once they talk with us they will get to know that i am not the kind of person to launch nuclear weapons towards the south or target the united states across the pacific south korea says kim intends to eliminate another sign of division by changing pyongyang's time zone by half an hour to realign with the south north korea said it's clocks back three years ago saying then that japanese imperialist had imposed tokyo time when korea was an occupied colony moon also briefed japan's prime minister and told shinzo abbay that he'd conveyed japan's willingness for talks with north korea a willingness kim jong un said was mutual kathy novak al-jazeera sold. now in the past half hour hundreds of migrants from central america have reached the mexican border with the united states we're seeing live pictures of the border now from the
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mexican side they spent a month on the road on a hoping to cross into the u.s. and seek asylum but activists have warned they may not be welcomed by u.s. authorities the among lower palo joins me now live from this parts of the mexican border and city in tijuana so i understand it's kind of decision day manuel ai that decide whether to make it a bit to chance that there are going to try and get into the states or i'd i guess stay on the mexican side john build a life that. well we want to at friendship park right on the border just a few months ago a large group of these central american migrants began their march from the shelters where they're staying here into one or two of the border they are now demonstrating at the border wall waving at their counterparts activists on the other side some around two hundred or three hundred individuals some of them are members of this migrant group others or are activists and volunteer attorneys that
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have been providing legal assistance to many of these migrants again many of these folks are from guatemala honduras el salvador in central america they're fleeing conditions where there are high levels of violence many of these people are fleeing gang related violence extortion related to organized crime or domestic violence and many of them are people following this march and demonstration taking place at the border now they are planning to move over to the border crossing into you want to turn themselves into border authorities to begin that legal process of requesting political asylum from the united states was saying life pitches manuel a lot of people some of indian climbed on to the gateway there and seem to be standing there on sponsor of this demonstration the authorities knew this was coming what sort of numbers are they expecting to turn. certainly this was a heavily publicized as everyone here on this side of the border as well as on the side of united states did know that this was taking place or demonstrations
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happening on this side as well as on the other side of the border we've spoken to immigration volunteers who say that they've identified some around two hundred individuals mostly women and children who may have a better chance of qualifying for political asylum from the united states we have to remember that at its height this migrant group consisted of somewhere around one thousand five hundred individuals as since they began that trek across mexico that's lasted over twenty five days at this point many of those individuals have since broken off from the group we've been told by immigration volunteers that when interviewed when interviewing these individuals they if they do not have a strong case for political asylum if they cannot prove a reasonable fear of why they are fleeing their countries that they are being advised not to turn themselves into border authorities the political asylum process in the united states. ends up with many of these individuals going into detention for anywhere from six months to over a year so if they do not make you strong case for their political asylum claims they could end up in detention for upwards of
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a year and then only and that could result in a deportation so if they do not qualify they're being advised not to turn themselves into border authorities now it is worth noting that mexico also has asylum laws that are are somewhat friendly to to to migrants so others are advised to request political asylum here in mexico and many have already done so we should also mention that some of the individuals that we've spoken to a couple of men have told us that. even though they do not qualify political asylum in the united states they may not necessarily want to stay in mexico they've told us that they have decided that later on they will try to cross the border illegally as well but the vast majority of individuals that we've spoken to again a majority of them single mothers with their children that are that are fleeing violence in their home countries in central america do want to turn themselves into border authorities they want to do this using the existing asylum laws in the united states and they do want to do this the legal way which they do have the right to do so under international law it will be interesting to see how this develops that phenomenon of
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a thank you very much thing to his life. still to come on algis there are. tales of extreme brutality shocking accounts of a violent crackdown in myanmar as a hinge of refugees reach a team from the un security council and the times to say one of the world's natural training government pledges four hundred million dollars for the great barrier reef . how we have still got a little scattering of shower as across northern parts of the middle east oil a fair amount of cloud into iraq into iran bright skies over towards the eastern side of the mediterranean sea temperatures in beirut five and quite nicely twenty seven celsius want to show us there into turkey no apostle of syria coming down
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into iraq and on into iran afghanistan general temperatures at around twenty nine degrees to one into what shoes that falls back a little twenty five celsius a basin pieces of right just heading over towards the high ground. with a child's of showers choose the afternoon but it doesn't last you dry across iraq as is the case over towards the med we have a little more cloud having said that one or two shall still in place there for a little bit of wet weather in place across southern parts of the arabian peninsula but that aside it should be dry warm and sunny temperatures starting to knowledge up a little more touted to saudi arabia on shoes day so was a chance of a spot or two of right there in doha stays father dry lovely sunshine temperatures at around thirty five degrees but the sunshine to across southern africa but a bit of cloud just rolling across the south and you notice but i think it will stay dry some wet weather for the eastern cape.
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if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when mess was done somehow time is aiming to replace america and go around the world all the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this seems like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china to on a josie. welcome
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back to remind all of the top stories here on al-jazeera secretary of state might compare says the u.s. is deeply concerned by what he calls iranian aggression in the middle east ohio is meeting israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu of that any holding talks with the saudi king in riyadh and also korean leader has promised to dismantle his country's nuclear testing site as soon as next month in jenin says he'll invite international observers to witness the shutdown and hundreds of migrants from central america have reached the next to come loaded with the united states i spent a month on the road and are hoping to cross into the u.s. to seek asylum. manias ruling policy says it won't stop a protest leader who has led massive anti-government rallies from the from leading the country but only if the opposition you know it's behind him demonstrators have been rallying ahead of tuesday's parliament she votes to choose a new prime minister that demanding that protest leader. be chosen for the top job
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on me as previous prime minister. resigned a week ago after demonstrations against him robin forrester walker has more from on me as a second biggest city. and some of us will remember the events in one nine hundred eighty eight that happened in armenia a terrible earthquake which raised much of the city i am now in khumri and which left a great many people homeless thirty years on many of them are still living without adequate accommodation and that is just one example of why so many people in the media are frustrated and angry with the government that is being in charge here for twenty years the republican party whose prime minister the opposition movement successfully ousted at the beginning of this week back on monday and all of
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a sudden we are now seeing the possibility of a new leader emerging in our media who is not from the republican party but who has led this opposition movement. and he has been talking about dealing with the corruption and his message has been very simple and has appealed to so many armenians and this is why tens of thousands of them appeared on the streets with today's developments just galvanizing them further that the republican party is no is going to field a prime ministerial candidate when parliament is going to vote on she stays expected to select a new prime minister that means that the people's candidate nicole passion and looks set to be the next prime minister of armenia and this is really an extraordinary turnout for this opposition movement and that's why we have again seen many people coming back out onto the streets of kiev and to show their support for him to maintain their momentum until that crucial vote on tuesday. a u.n.
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security council delegation has met hundreds of a hinge refugees who fled a military crackdown and mammal the group has been assessing the situation across the border in bangladesh why some seven hundred thousand range on living in makeshift camps chance traffic across from cox is bizarre. this is how the british ambassador to the united nations was greeted a refugee camp close to the bangladesh me border. the twenty four member u.n. security council delegation led by britain peru and kuwait came to assess the situation on the ground for more than a million refugees living here seven hundred thousand of whom flipped the crackdown by the myanmar military which began in august they had stories like these. i was raped they killed my husband they burnt my two year old son i saw five men rape a twelve year old girl and then kill her we want justice from you thousands of refugees
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lined the roads as the delegation of vehicles passed many held signs demanding justice and help. in the coupon refugee camp the delegates were split into groups to listen to more stories from victims of violence one man told them the myanmar government would never tell them the truth do your investigations from your own countries he said britain's u.n. ambassador said it was vital the international community act with one voice we need to go back and evaluate what we've seen on this trip and see if we can come together to build on the unified feeling that the security council had back in a band when it called on the government of myanmar to do certain things to protect their way and allow them to go back in conditions of safety so i think that's the immediate short term priority myanmar has banned any independent investigation into what the u.n. says is ethnic cleansing of the ranger. doesn't recognize them as an ethnic group he calls them. what was then the burmese government stripped ranger of their
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citizenship in one thousand nine hundred two last november the security council passed the resolution demanding beyond muffled to military action against the rangers but the potential for veto power of myanmar allies china and russia has stalled anything stronger than that as a news conference china's representative stated his country's position. is to seize majlis to cease fire so he's to try to find a solution to something. at least just the interim president foresees when a journalist asked the u.n. delegates which of them used the word ranger china's representative appeared not to understand but didn't raise his hand later he told me china respects walk richenda call themselves united nations security council delegation came there to assess the magnitude of this crisis and what they've seen today and some of the stories that
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they've heard of no doubt giving them a fair indication of just how terrible the situation is here. it's fair to say there will probably hear a very different story in we have from the government and that means translating their findings into concrete unified political action that the security council could remain a charly for some time yet shall strafford al-jazeera problem or a future you can't win with a philippine president or a bigger deterred say has permanently banned filipino workers traveling to cuba wait to work a temporary ban was imposed in february after a series of allegations of abuse and even killing a filipino workers in the gulf nation is estimated about two hundred sixty thousand filipinos are still living through eight is the latest move in a diplomatic route between the two countries with each recording their ambassadors last week. thousands of nicaraguans have taken part in the protests demanding
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justice for the killing of anti-government protesters at least forty three people died during demonstrations against the government's proposed social security reforms catherine stansell has more. the center of the capital managua turned into a sea of blue and white as thousands of demonstrators were calling for an end to the young rust. it began on april eighteenth when president daniel ortega announced an overhaul to the welfare system that would have seen taxpayers paying higher contributions in exchange for lower benefits he since backs down on the proposal but it didn't stop the catholic church from organizing this second demonstration if it will may go a day where really got oh well this is the moment when the people have to take control no one owns nicaragua it is up to the nicaraguan people to decide this story and their future but hey that's your former boss. this is
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a march for peace and justice peace only comes from god all the pressures are here to protest against his criminal government murderers who cruelly killed people all of us standing here say enough is enough. these are the largest street protests in nicaragua since the end of the civil war in one nine hundred ninety and have been the most violent during our take as rule at least forty three people have died in demonstrations and confrontations with police the un accuses the government of using excessive force as well as trying to shut down t.v. stations reporting the unrest or take a has agreed to hold talks there no date has been set it's not clear who will be involved or if there will be conditions attached the catholic church has agreed to mediate or take a is the last of the latin american revolutionary still in office despite facing the biggest direct challenge to his rule he's given no indication that he will step down or bring forward elections due in twenty twenty one catherine stansell al
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jazeera. pasterns in pakistan's swat valley are continuing to demonstrate against what they're calling decades of oppression by security forces the protests began in february half the police killed in a stunning model over alleged ties to the taliban though no evidence was found for this russian say thousands have been on justifiably killed over the years or simply disappeared a song avenge of a people. at the demanding rights enshrined in pakistan's constitution following rallies in the shower in lahore protesters gathered in swap when a military operation against the pakistani taliban was carried out a few years ago the protest movement began in february against the extrajudicial killing of a bush two man in karachi now it's been transformed into a wider call for rights by the bush two and a half is movement or p t m it wants missing people to be found and landmines removed the b.t.o. is also demanding the truth and reconciliation commission for what it says are crimes carried out by the military during the so-called war on terror pakistan is
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up passions have made sacrifices for the country so we urge the military and state institutions to stop the harassment and force disappearances the missing if innocent should be released those guilty must be produced before the courts thousands of families are worried about their loved ones. the traditional jirga that's a gathering of politicians and elders has been formed to discuss the demands a military command agreed last week that some push to the grievances are legitimate and the behavior of some check for security personnel is harsh but the p.t.'s angered commanders by insisting the armed forces must be held to account. the absolutely it's always in uniform because they want to sell the people like this and do more extrajudicial killings are those stably seron writ not the writ of the constitution. the counter rally was held on saturday to show support for the military speakers questioned why the push to move there protesting when the p.t.'s
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demands are being addressed. the accused to push through movement of being a tool of afghan nationalists and forces against the pakistani state what. i say to those conspiring against pakistan your aims will never come true faith is in this land and you will never let him succeed local media is criticized for not giving coverage to push through protests media networks deny they've been instructed to ignore them for years pakistan's military and politicians have been accused of ignoring the people of the federally administered tribal areas places which the government administers but doesn't govern as the rest of pakistan some of enjoy it does their straining government has announced a new cash injection to help save the great barrier reef is faced almost four hundred million dollars in funding to restore water quality and protect coral farming changes caused the water temperatures to rise which is killing coral on the world's largest reef victoria gate and reports. it's one of the
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seven wonders of the natural world the australian government wants to ensure its around for future generations to enjoy we recognise that the race faces a number of challenges we've had significantly change events in twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen as we race around the world in the great barrier reef is no different to with great stress research as say a third of the reef was cooked to death as water temperatures rose one degree above average in twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen due to a combination of climate change and they only know weather cycle co reeves are home to around twenty five percent of ocean life but coral bleaching has destroyed nurseries for many kinds of young fish meaning only the toughest species have survived the bulk of the money will go towards improving water quality but not everyone has welcomed the announcement the problem with things as i said with the
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ruth package is it makes people think something is really being done and it's amazing that the packages always come forward just a few months before the world heritage committee is ganymede again yet asked to say whether we should be put on the endangered list the australian government hopes it's conservation work will inspire other countries to follow its lead we are spearheading a group among scum of countries many of the time and we manage significant coral reefs in the caribbean in the pacific in the indian ocean and they look to australia to provide the technical expertise to scientific research and the best practice management of the forest but conservation groups say the government is ignoring the biggest threat to the reef climate change they want if emissions continue as they are the great barrier reef won't survive victoria gate and be al-jazeera. and he was a feast your eyes on our website just click on out is there
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a dot com. is at the top stories on al-jazeera the united states says it's deeply concerned by what it says is it. to dominate the middle east the new secretary of state might compare made the comments after meeting israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in tel aviv is that on a flying visit to the region having visited saudi arabia first we remain deeply concerned about iran's dangerous escalation of threats to israel in the region and iran's ambition to dominate the middle east remains the united states is with israel in this fight and we strongly support israel sovereign right to defend itself regarding the j c p a way present troops are pretty clear still is very flawed he's directed the administration traffics and if we can't fix it he's going to withdraw from the deal
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it's pretty straightforward north korean leader kim jong un is willing to give up nuclear weapons if the u.s. commits to a formal end to the korean war and promises not to attack the north that's according to south korea which says kim made the promise to its president at friday's historic summit came has also promised to shut down the north nuclear test site in may and disclose the process to experts and journalists under the migrants from central america have reached the mexican border even to states i spent a month on the road and hoping to cross into the u.s. and seek asylum. armenia's ruling party says it won't suffer protest leader who's led massive anti-government rallies from leading the country but only if the opposition unite behind him demonstrators have been rallying ahead of tuesday's parliamentary vote choose a new prime minister demanding that protest leader nicole passion ian be chosen for
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the top job on many as previous prime minister search so yes ian resigned a week ago after demonstrations against. the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces say they repelled the syrian army from taking several villages along the border with iraq meanwhile the government says it's made a deal with opposition fighters to evacuate around southern damascus those are the headlines but there stay with us here on al-jazeera inside story that's coming up next. north korea to close its nuclear test site and kim jong un says the.


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