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sometimes a court in the crossfire would rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walk to try to take them from gang violence i lost my. go i also lost my there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security. stories generate thousands of headlines cooperation with different angles from different perspectives. that russia was responsible for this separate the spin from the facts that's why on god's. the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go for one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera.
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helicopters we love you like some more than i do. business tops the agenda as president obama hosts his nigerian counterpart at the white house there's. no i'm larry i'm demasi and on and you're watching al-jazeera also coming out on the on the road all over and i still attacking afghanistan's capital kills twenty five people line of them john list who rushed to the scene to cover the story. to tell you one thing. large. israel's prime minister says he has secret files which prove that iran has been covertly pursuing its nuclear weapons activities and thousands rally in russia in protest against the blocking of the messaging app telegram.
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u.s. president donald trump has met with his nigerian counterpart muhammadu buhari at the white house the two leaders wrapped up a news conference in the last hour with business and trade among the key issues discussed nigeria to take down trade barriers to allow for more u.s. investment in the fight against boko haram nigeria has been struggling to buy a minute trick quick meant trump says nigeria is now free to buy helicopters from the u.s. but did not give a specific day. helicopters we love to look up as you like some more than i do. he likes buying helicopters but he is there buying a lot of helicopters helicopters want to know how soon very soon releasing them to go on this very sad we're getting it approved part of the problem was that you were allowed to buy helicopters in our country and now you are i work that out so that now you can buy the helicopters that you want they weren't allowed to buy the
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helicopters in our country for various reasons which frankly were not good reasons but now they get them and they get them very quickly and they are the best helicopters anywhere in the world we make the best military equipment in the world and our friends can now buy that equipment i.j. and present knowledge of bihari says he's thankful for the u.s. presence in one in the fight against iran the send a training team bizzle experiences to train. it's similar to an institution's and move to the crash to see how the turn for whom i think this is one of the best in the united states could do for us to stabilize the country alan fisher is at the white house so on and he had a very wide ranging press conference that we had about counter terror counterterrorism business in try and also really emphasizing. his need to sell more helicopters. well there's certainly
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a view in the white house and in the trumpet ministration in general that they're keeping a wary eye on china's growing economic presence across africa particularly in sub-saharan africa they're aware that the chinese are looking to perhaps get more natural minerals into the economy from africa and in return they're offering infrastructure improvements they're offering low interest loans the u.s. is aware of all this but they do have traditional ties to africa and they believe that trying to forge new deals with the likes of nigeria will help them in the long run they're looking at things like corruption they're worried about that but in the flipside of that is that the nigerians are saying well look we believe five hundred million u.s. dollars has been siphoned out of government bank accounts by former governments we need your help to try and track down this money and they're talking about opening up trade as well because they believe that american investment will lead to jobs it
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will lead to better conditions in nigeria as well outside of the oil industry which already gets a reasonable amount of american investment and so both sides see opportunities what was very much pushed to the side of comments that donald trump allegedly made a few months ago when talking about immigration the white house where he described africa in very derogatory terms and wondered why they would allow nigerians into the united states because the quote was they want to go back to their mud huts well over the white house of pushback on the allegations saying it never happened the u.s. ambassador to bridger was called in for consultations with the nigerian government no sign of that in the last few hours this was all warm handshake smiles and praise for both sites. and there are definitely opportunities for in for a change and business and that sort of thing in developing countries as you say
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wasn't reflected in the offensive remarks that were made a couple of months ago by president john did that come up until in that discussion and it makes for an awkward meeting. well if it did no one's going to tell is that it did it's going to be one of those things that were perhaps said behind closed doors everything we saw in public was one handshakes and smiles donald trump was very full of praise for the nigerian president saying that he was doing a lot to combat corruption he was doing a lot about aid the nigerian president as you see talked a lot about the help that the united states has given in the fight against boko haram saying that they've given military assistance they're helping with training there's no clear the way for nigeria to buy planes and helicopters to bolster their military so if there was any tension it seems that both sides have decided that they're going to push that to the side simply saw that they can get on with the business more readily at hand of course as i see the white house denies that donald
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trump said anything that was derogatory about africa or nigerians although i suspect that many in the nigerian delegation perhaps don't fully accept that they've got a full account of what happened in the white house during that discussion on immigration thanks very much allan fish with the latest from the white house. i still has claimed responsibility for a double suicide attack in central kabul which killed at least twenty five people and injured dozens more nine john lesser among those killed making it the west a for media in afghanistan since two thousand and one jennifer glass reports from kabul i know of almost zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero the first suicide bomber was on a motorbike i saw says the target was intelligence headquarters but the explosion killed civilians and policeman in the street every day added the little four policemen and from district nine who were at the front line but were among those
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matson and three policemen were wounded as well but the emergency workers rushed to the scene to aid the wounded. afghan cameramen reporters and photographers who come to cover the news became part of the story when a second suicide bomber disguised as a journalist blew himself up among such attacks could create existential threats against press freedom and freedom of expression in afghanistan which is considered one of the biggest achievements of the country in the past seventeen years afghanistan has got the most vibrant media in the region this is supposed to be a secure part of kabul home to not only intelligence headquarters but nato the u.s. embassy and various aid organizations in the capital these days nothing feels safe . another eisel bombing last week killed at least sixty people and injured one hundred ten afghans lined up to register to vote were the target not only in kabul
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but elsewhere too in kandahar in southern afghanistan a suicide car bomb attack on a nato convoy killed at least eleven civilians including children several nato soldiers and afghan policeman were injured the afghan president has described these attacks as were crimes terrorist acts in conflict with islamic that. and human rights many afghans blame the government for not doing enough to prevent them jennifer glass al-jazeera kabul. one of those journalists killed in kabul was f p's chief photographer in afghanistan shah maher i had rushed to the scene of the first blast to cover the story french news agency has shed a selection of his best work bar i was a father of five and wrote in two thousand and sixteen about how his family had been scared to leave the house he said he never felt life have to have so few prospects and cold at a time of anxiety well honeyed keamy is a research associate at the think tank chatham house was previously an advisor at
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the afghan ministry of foreign affairs in kabul he says morale in the afghan capital has plummeted. the broadly the counterinsurgency insurgency operations by the internationals on the afghan government happens in rural areas and the response to that by the militants happen in urban centers for obvious reasons or burn centers in afghanistan especially a place like kabul is very crowded it's one of the most heavily urbanized but irregularly urbanized spaces. in the region i think is pretty sad without focusing too much on the tactics of you know the eisel taliban a distinction i think for me this shows the worrying trend that we would unfortunately witness more and more of these attacks as the afghan government is struggling on various fronts to fight the militants also the fact that this is a war between a military that's organized and insurgents who are not organized at the end of the day the insurgents main goal is to terrorize and to create
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a sense of lack of morale among people and that's already kicking in i've spoken to people to then kabul and the morale is pretty dim unfortunately we have to remember that there are a lot and a lot of people killed civilians but they remain nameless but a lot of these journalists have names their stories that struck a chord with people and that's what's happened today israel's prime minister says iran has pursued a secret nuclear weapons program and lied to international observers about it in breach of the two thousand and fifty nuclear deal benjamin netanyahu gave an audio visual display claiming to have conclusive proof of the program from documents obtained from takraw on iranian state t.v. has rejected the accusations as propaganda u.s. president donald trump is considering whether to withdraw the u.s. from the landmark deal which saw iran agree not to pursue nuclear weapons in exchange for the lifting of sanctions iran lied about never having a nuclear weapons program one hundred thousand secret files prove the true one.
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second even after the deal iran continued to preserve and expand its nuclear weapons nor for future use why would a terrorist regime hide and meticulously catalog its secret nuclear files if not to use them at a later date third iran lied again in two thousand and fifteen when he didn't come clean to the i.a.e.a. as required by the nuclear deal and finally the iran deal the nuclear issue is based on lars it's based on iranian lies in the rain in the separation. a senior political analyst marwan bashar says and his presentation contained no new revelations but it could represent another step toward a regional war a more aid for the region and one for the people of the region true we've been in
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a mess now for a number of years so we've had a number of civil wars but the way the ducks are lining up now with trump pushing people into some kind of an axes a new axis of good versus evil after so eurabia israel and the united states against iran and its allies of islamic fundamentalists and so on so forth. we'll be pushing the region to the brink of war the escalation in syria the bombardment of syria the bombardment of the allegedly iranian positions in syria via retaliation possibly by hezbollah or by the iranian themselves israel threatening that they will retaliate to any iranian retaliation against israel the threat of walking out from the nuclear deal saudi threats against iran secretary of state pompei are saying iran is the worst ever country in the world the sponsor of terror the
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sponsor of violence in the region not only iran not not actually iran that shouldn't answer for many of its sins but the skin lesion towards more tensions and towards more war in the region is worrisome. for you on the program sending a message to the wild that they are not defeated and the syrian national council meets for the first time in twenty two years. and forging ahead with his anticorruption agenda amin is opposition leader is only nominated for the post of prime minister. how we got more very warm whether it's eastern process of europe over the next couple of glossy clear skies of that fabulous weather just nice to see a little fun to head some live the show is starting to push their way in still looking are all around settled over towards the a west now the temperatures swensen
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says to looking pretty well nice a monday is highs thirty celsius in warsaw all those that hate compare that to six decrease in london real cold wet and windy day this one will improve with six one three cheese day thirteen celsius not great has to be said but that is an improvement thirteen there for paris sixteen zero and also for madrid central areas those warsaw twenty five degrees say the heat just debating a little bit but staying well up into the twenty's there for bucharest and down towards the southeast and cold at a similar conditions continuing we will see some very wet weather coming into that western side of the med as we go on through the next twenty four to forty eight hours and that will ease its way east was originally makes way for the next weather system bringing more rain into the u.k. the west of france and also into west as buying portugal now that wet weather will lap on to the coastal shores of algeria it really gets going as we go into the middle part of the week really wet and windy weather coming in from tunisia abul
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safe route is that fifteen degrees. he was the world's most wanted man the last meeting i had with him was off to a new. very nervous about nature if not met a western reporter patrol in part one of an exclusive two part documentary all jazeera speaks to those who met osama bin ladin he never showed up to the cheatwood many of us are you belong to all knowledge as you.
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come back a look at the top stories now u.s. president donald trump says he wants to take down trade barriers and boost business with nigeria as american concerns grow up to china's influence in africa trump spoke out at the white spoke at the white house off holding talks with the nigerian president how much of the hari. dozens of people have been killed in bombings in afghanistan i still says it carried out a double attack in kabul they killed at least twenty five people nine of them journalists a taliban suicide bombing in kandahar also killed eleven civilians including children israel's prime minister says he has half a ton of documents that show iran has been secretly continuing its nuclear weapons program. and moving to other stories we're following palestinian national council is officially meeting for the first time in twenty two years in the west bank city of ramallah the power it's a very rare assembly but it's going to discuss several critical issues top of the
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list here is whether or not to suspend the recognition of israel the meeting is scheduled to last three days. you know. if this council is harmed them the palestinian dreamy seriously harmed therefore we were very determined to create the session we were hoping that everybody who wanted the future of palestine and the palestinian people we wish them to be here but unfortunately prefer to be abroad i force it joins us live now from ramallah so a very rare meeting of the council harry what is the purpose of this for now what a bass. well i think some of it was in capsulated in that sound bite you just heard of the speech which is is still going on it's an extraordinarily wide ranging speech it's a very long historical introduction which name checked everyone from karl marx to napoleon bonaparte to others he essentially is is trying to
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unify and revitalize this central organization in palestinian politics the p.l.o. he says it's vital to do that ahead of facing off israel and the united states in the lead up to the publication of the donald trump peace plan in the aftermath of donald trump's declaration recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital but beyond that the policy there's also a great deal a very important process going on here read or rather naming new names for this this p. and c. the times the national council more than seven hundred members also nominating a new executive committee of the palestinian liberation organization so those are things that which will allow him to put people that he wants in those positions and for all the talk of democratizing this organization is not really very democratic process here at the moment and it allows
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a system to be put in place for really kind of taking the focus away potentially from the palestinian authority from the almost defunct parliamentary body that the palace in legislative council and and putting it very much in the p.l.o. under the aegis of mahmoud abbas and giving him something of a free hand to perhaps more so than he has already if although he has a very free hand as things stand to react and adapt to events in the next few months future leadership at what point will and will we get any indication as to whether president have asked for his successor. it's seen as very unlikely these going to anoint anyone in particular in this week what analysts tell us is that this is more about really cementing the system a system of government and putting his allies in positions of power they say that he's you know i mean he hasn't really focused at all he's studiously avoided
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looking at it the succession plans what people are saying is that this will at least allow less of a free for all to take place in the event of his demise that there will be a system in place and that the people that he would like to see taking on the mantle of leadership are at least in a position to do so in the future thanks very much gary foster with the latest from ramallah. well now might compare has wrapped up his first overseas trip as u.s. secretary of state urging israel and palestine to restart the peace process. the king of jordan and the foreign minister in amman on the final leg of his three day middle east hall reports from amman. if throughout his trip israeli palestinian conflict didn't seem a priority in our mended newly appointed u.s. secretary of state was reminded it remains the main stumbling block to was achieving regional peace the two state solution remains the only path to the pieces we believe in jordan it is the solution that would allow for the emergence and
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independence of palestine states jordanian leaders are also worried about the even in move of the us embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem but maintained that final boundaries within jerusalem are up for negotiation with respect to the two state solution the parties will ultimately make the decision about what the right resolution is certainly open to a two two party solution that's a likely outcome we certainly believe that the israelis and palestinians need to need to have political engagement there was no combination however of the recent demonstrations along the gaza border fence with israeli snipers shot on protesters killing dozens and injuring hundreds limited himself to saying that israel had the right to defend itself the u.s. secretary of state didn't seem to share the jordanian view that this really palestinian conflict is the main source of instability in the middle east instead he pointed to other conflicts in the region but throughout his trip it was clear
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that iran and the uncertain future of the nuclear deal where the immediate priority for the u.s. administration in riyadh in tel aviv wrapped up the rhetoric on iran threats to middle east ability to the delight of his hosts iran destabilize this entire region that supports proxy militias and terrorist groups. it is an arms dealer to the who the rebels. and iran conducts cyber hacking campaigns. well iranian missiles are also a concern of israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu his focus on the risk of being fired from. syria. from lebanon. need to now apparently couldn't be more pleased with. grinning and warmly congratulating him their language at times interchangeable we remain deeply concerned about iran's dangerous
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escalation of threats to israel in the region and iran's ambition to dominate the middle east remains if people thought the u. wrongs aggression would be moderated as a result of signing to do the opposite has happened and iran is trying to go one country after the other. has flown back to washington but if tough talk on iran please some they lack of significant commitment. middle eastern conflict where we others but at the. a delegation from the u.n. security council is in myanmar to investigate their hanger crisis the fifteen delegates met with mammals de facto leader and sang suchi in the capital before traveling to rack and state some seven hundred thousand muslim rangar have been forced to flee from there after a military operation was launched last august suchi has faced intense criticism for failure to speak up for their anger and condemn the army the u.n. is putting pressure on myanmar to allow refugees to return safely. iran's judiciary
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has banned the popular messaging app telegram to protect national security the news came as some ten thousand people took to the streets in moscow earlier to protest against recent restrictions on internet freedom in russia the authorities there began blocking telegram this month over its refusal to hand the keys to its data encryption join a whole reports. in moscow they demanded the government block the popular instant messaging app telegram the company had refused an official order to hand over the data encryption keys that keep messages sent on telegrams private. to. russia's federal security service the f.s.b. says that privacy is a shelter for criminal and terrorist groups but telegram users see it as an attack on free speech it's protest to the power to freedom within russia and it's the beginning that's the way it is taught or. censorship to a grammar is a symbol for
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a feeling it is their core slower. internet in the world telegrams logo depicts a paper plane and hundreds were launched as demonstrators shouted and t. putin slogans opposition leader alexina valmy was there ensuring the authorities would not overlook this demonstration was already told you i have my rights and i don't care about these bonds i do also want to lead to whatever i'm allowed to do under the constitution russia is not the only country in which. telegram has fallen foul of the oath or it is on monday iran's judiciary sidelined the reformist government by announcing a ban on the app also citing threats to national security the clerics said telegram had been used to organize anti-government protests that swept the country in january it's a combination of something like what twitter about you might have here in the united kingdom so it's these two platforms combined for iranians oftentimes so it's
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very important and if you look back to some previous elections you can kind of correlate the victories of those that won the most seats in parliament or their own honey victory kind of see how they were using social media especially very eloquent and all of that was supporting so telegram be seen as a threat by those opposed to reform in iran and protesters in russia would say the same thing the app's founder russian entrepreneur pavel bure of is fighting back he's promised to fund anyone developing proxy platforms online able to dodge the ban so how al-jazeera. armenia's opposition leader and a call passion eon is this candidate for the post of interim prime minister after the deadline passed with no one else registering earlier he led a march towards yerevan central square the day before a parliamentary vote on the country's new leader it's the culmination of two weeks of protests that saw the former prime minister's surge sacked as the ousted says
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he's the only man who can read on mania of corruption and poverty and conduct free and fair elections. well earthquake survivors in armenia second largest city continue to live in squalor conditions thirty years after their homes were destroyed in government pledges to really house them of so far failed as robin farseer walker reports amini and families are hoping that ply is about to end with the election of a new prime minister. this is the only neighborhood these children know not the one that used to exist before the earthquake of december one thousand nine hundred eight when a six point eight magnitude quake struck northern armenia between twenty five and fifty thousand people died hundreds of thousands were left homeless much of the city of khumri lenina can as it was then known was ruined despite millions of dollars in aid money over the years around two thousand three hundred
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families still live in appalling conditions families like an audience that we can't leave here all i want is a house for my children's happiness my happiness is gone. a decent place to live is all she's wanted for the past thirty years back in one thousand nine hundred eight this was a thriving soviet city and this part of town had a park you could still see that rather grand soviet fountain over there and over here was a university faculty which was completely destroyed by the quake. whose charity helps re house families says thirty years should have been enough time for the government to solve the problem. there's a huge gap between the government and the people and the government doesn't feel or doesn't know or doesn't want to know the realities and that's why this is where lucia is happening. to make up for decades of mismanagement the armenian diaspora
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communities of armenians living abroad have helped to support charities like the ones with diaspora money this center in a neighboring region is educating schoolchildren there hoping that i mean it will not be a developing country. much longer and that the type of support the diaspora can give this country is actual direct foreign investment bringing businesses here and actually developing the country's economy instead of looking at it as a humanitarian obligation of sorts. with saudi's make political events unfolding media is on the brink of change there's hope in this community that its children finally face a better future robin first. well there's more in everything we're covering right here al jazeera dot com is why you need to go for comment analysis and video on demand.
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but look at the headlines now israel's prime minister says he has half a ton of documents that show iran has been secretly continuing its nuclear weapons program benjamin netanyahu alleges iran lied after signing the twenty fifteen deal with western powers which lifted sanctions in exchange for limits on town iran's nuclear activities iranian state t.v. has dismissed the accusations as propaganda iran blart about never having a nuclear weapons program one hundred thousand secret files prove that their last second even after the deal iran continue to preserve and expand its nuclear weapons nor for future use why would a terrorist regime hide and meticulously catalog its secret nuclear
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farls if not to use the later date in our airlines says it was behind a double suicide bombing in the afghan capital kabul which killed at least twenty five people nine of the dead a journalist and an al-jazeera cameraman is among forty five others who were injured a b.b.c. afghan service reporter was also killed in a separate assault in the eastern province of cost. after the kabul attacks at least eleven civilians including children were killed when a suicide bomber detonated his car in a religious school and kandahar the attack was apparently targeting a nato convoy. u.s. president donald trump says he wants to take down trade barriers and boost business with nigeria as american concerns grow over china's influence in africa spoke at the white house off to holding talks with the nigerian president mohammed bihari where they also discussed security and corruption the palestine national council is officially meeting in the west bank city of ramallah for the first time in twenty
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two years top of the agenda is whether or not to suspend the recognition of israel and a delegation from the u.n. security council is in myanmar to investigate the rango crisis that delegates have met with me amounts to facto leader in the capital before traveling to rack and state some seven hundred thousand rayna muslims have been forced to flee the region after a military operation was launched last august was the headlines i'll be back with more news in twenty five minutes time do join me then coming up next it's the strain.


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