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tv   Shepherds Of The Jordan Valley  Al Jazeera  August 28, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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i don't come. by but the six part series film does a five. china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. hello i'm devika pollin then landed and these are main stories and al-jazeera the united nations has accused all sides in yemen civil war of committing war crimes a report by un rights experts say pro-government forces are saudi that backers and who thier a both have done little to minimize civilian casualties the u.s. defense secretary claims washington support for saudi arabia in the conflict has helped to reduce civilian deaths at no time have we felt rebuffed or ignored when we bring concerns to them the training that we have given them we
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know has paid off we have had pilots in the air who recognize the danger of a specific mission and decline to drop even when they get the authority we have seen staff procedures that put no fire areas around areas where there is hospitals or schools. canada is negotiating with the u.s. on whether to remain part of a new north american free trade agreement on monday u.s. president trump said he'd reached agreement with mexico on changes to the trade deal and challenged canada to accept the new terms both sides have said they're hopeful deal can be reached this week. south sudan's foreign minister says rebel leader react my char has refused to sign the file peace deal with the government opposition groups had hoped that years of conflict would end after a breakthrough was reached the president salva kiir as he but morgan has reported extensively from south sudan and she says the power sharing deal has many loopholes
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that still need clarity but one of the main points of contention between the two sides is the number of states in south sudan three three years ago the number of states was ten and the president went on to change the number of states of thirty two the opposition and the wreck my chair and other opposition groups who have also objected to signing this draft of the peace deal think that this number of states a thirty two number of states give the president more power it gives his tribe more control over not just the landmass but the resources of south sudan so that's one thing that they are against they think that for them to be able to negotiate and move forward the number of states is sudan should go back from thirty two to ten and then they'll be able to discuss further earlier this month they signed a power sharing agreement and agreed that the president will remain president and that there would be four different vice presidents this will have to talk about the power of the vice president what they should do who gets which ministry they have talked about security arrangements they have talked about military forces and how to reintegrate them to more sudan and other regional leaders are trying to to to
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force a breakthrough between not just the opposition and direct my char and the president but between various of the sides and they will continue to bring all the sides together and negotiate hoping that they would sign a peace agreement even if it's one single clause at a time the u.n. secretary general has urged the security council to take seriously the findings of a report released on monday the main recommendation from the u.n. fact finding mission called for me and marched army chief and other military leaders to face prosecution for genocide and more than seven hundred thousand to hinge or have been forced to flee the country since a military crackdown was launched in august twenty seventh. it's a report issued yesterday phones and i quote patterns of gross human rights violations in the buz is committed by the security forces which is said and i quote again in the of to be a moment to the grave crimes under international law and of course i believe
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these reports findings and recommendations these are serious consideration by all relevant united nations bodies the german chancellor has condemned monday's violent far right protest in the former communist city of cabinets anglo-american said hate in the street has no place in germany thousands took part in the rally with some reportedly chasing and attacking people from minority groups a new study suggests air pollution isn't just bad for our lungs but also our brainpower scientists from the u.s. and china say breathing dirty air affects how our brains process information making us less intelligent well those are our main stories here in al-jazeera but stay with us now the program al-jazeera world is up next.
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the. the great rift valley stretching from mozambique in south east africa to syria in the middle east. the lowest point of the great rift valley is here in the jordan valley. home to the world's oldest city jericho established over ten thousand years ago. farmers and shepherds have worked on this land for
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thousands of years. in more recent times israel's continued occupation of the west bank since one thousand nine hundred sixty seven is threatening the existence of the people of this week. israel risk tricks palestinian development through the use of military orders which often means destruction of property and livelihoods it's also encouraged the spread of settlements across the occupied west bank regarded illegal under international law for over five decades. this is the story of palestinians clinging to their right to live on and cultivate the land that they have inhabited for centuries. this is the story of the last shepherds of the jordan valley. very occur i. tell a canal didn't matter and such government so are
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the battles in that manager who will be. heading to do you think. that's the system for had to be within the cent out of me you said i was just being. weak in that. little of his second. plane and now for the folks. that are just so how about that indicted out of and out of the now we all three said that we are thugs bad it that it doesn't have a pin's it on a system. that easily had to move. what kind of problem though i had to deal. with soft little. room that was left out of that i am an employee of the emissary in my youth you could loosen up a slot a local to get my. sixty nine year old up to stop that it is the
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patriarch of an arch commie. he's been campaigning to defend the rights of shepherds and farmers in the jordan valley for over three decades. for him his continued existence on the night. is a form of resistance. that . looks in the bed when homestead and had to deal. in twenty nothing sitting for bundy was a volunteer with the jordan valley solidarity campaign a network of grassroots community groups seeking to protect palestinian farming
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communities in the valley. for the beautiful. cement of. my home. just a few hundred meters from home is the illegal israeli settlement of broadway it was built on land confiscated from and had. after the construction of roadway in the late one nine hundred seventy s. israel declared and. a military zone this effectively prohibited palestinians in the area from building or even repairing structures on their own property the
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settlements became home to some one hundred sixty five israelis who created a fish breeding business asian laborers made up the work force. the jordan valley has the potential to be the breadbasket of any future palestinian state bigger stats on men's further threaten the living conditions of palestinian communities in the jordan valley limiting their access to water their opportunities for economic growth and pushing the palestinians of the area further into poverty. but going to the city for a good month to cut a lot of tall talk about jenin may yet you can yell at the why.
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here had to store up with a kind of was no exception. then that i learned that a mother soon. going to get it and yeah i don't think my. well. look like. a misfit as it were on the political. side under as he did the minutes ago and. was a lot in the fifth. form of young muslim allah. god. you can sit. me.
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i said. that and would let me have that. there what. we did was to said. did you did i'm filling my mouth because. that is in that there. was a. mistake to be it and that. i was. the palestinian authority's limited power stems from the wording of the oslo accord signed in one thousand nine hundred three and one thousand nine hundred five the accords controversially divided the palestinian territories into three distinctive administrative areas known as b. and c.
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area constitutes about eighteen percent of the west bank in theory the palestinian authority exercises full civil and security control here. area b. constitutes twenty one percent of the west bank here the palestinian authority has civil control but shares security control with israel jewish settlers have taken control of land in area be in violation of the oslo accords area c. constitutes approximately sixty one percent of the west bank it's under full israeli civil and security control. develop a year to sell. the fucking. abu sucker and the meds both live in area c. to purchase supplies they have to travel through several israeli checkpoints.
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checkpoints are a frustrating feature of daily life for most palestinians and. the media. following the one nine hundred sixty seven war many palestinians of the jordan valley were uprooted from their homes and became refugees in neighboring jordan. since then israel has refused their right of return or rights to pilate had by international law. only ten thousand were able to remain. today the total population is around sixty thousand with ten thousand afghans in areas south where the settlement building is concentrated and.
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shortly after the war israel began to build settlements on the land that had captured and occupied one such settlement is missing built on land confiscated from the villages of and i know in one nine hundred sixty seven. is a security officer in the settlement he agreed to be filmed but not to speak on camera we asked if he thought the jordan valley would be returned to the palestinian peace agreement. some of the troops was a look at those look everywhere skim over. with so little over the course of dozens of those alerts that because it shows up with whatever this is going to. the office of the article is an article like in a girl in school at all usually the school. board article shake it becomes
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a lawyer. or let's us to live by stoic he was askin general just quickly let's just find the locals of. the israeli palestinians building your nuts house in the settlement also refused to speak on camera when. they knew they would be considered traitors for the work they do. with. this man david was an israeli soldier stationed here in the one nine hundred sixty seven war he decided to start acting that. he became an agricultural consultant in charge of exports and the settlements produce. moviemaker brianna not her mom the one who seemed up really cure all when we can. lead you to. learn to call a male
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a call out sort. of a. in the oven. italia in the ghetto money in yugoslavia. the limit but what mission a mission i. or the arts or wiki can without my name will hold little. thing. but if these dates were produced in an israeli settlement why did their packaging say they were made in jericho palestine after hug. start by old. me carnival call also the last. of. a. long list of is a train i like out on. water i
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call a theme thing which run across him in fact we learn. no the. whole of. the whole are traditionally fought on. a palestinian hamlet isolated since two thousand and three when the israeli army sealed off the village behind earthen walls. the only way in and out was through a steel gate which the israeli soldiers opened only three times
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a week. the room with. them under guard. houses. and under. your mother. and i was only an immigrant. member. rugeley. yes now and massive. cannot.
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run on on the island home of the caste area. when i. have a mission in oh my gosh what if i don't know how i don't know. the israeli military has confiscated large areas of the jordan valley to use this firing ranges and for training exercises. despite the numerous checkpoints. made a point of visiting neighbors in the village of.
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including a man an old friend and neighbor. he had been released from an israeli prison. in the skeletons the minute he looked a little sad. yannick on the. bus in the. form of them and us about their going to.
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see we paid a visit to a farming tommy who lived next to a. valiant if not most of the informant i know and had away have. been part of a number i signed in february when most months of the clock not in the horn m m m m's i think of it the whole memo are. in muffled announces that they do and how they should have them and let me ask again by the month of use about oh yes i'm also in mind of my view that are you should a woman enough. in twenty enough volunteer campaign worker city including was documenting reported threats against the family by nearby armed settlers.
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doing nice well the heck am i like and you know i have the sun me. as an assignment house i am sure that many of us us f.f.f. many of. the families horse was later found it had been killed. a man said the man who took the horse was an israeli setter called tommy from the nearby settlement of mesquite.
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but all his wife said her husband was busy working on a new construction nearby. so the old geezer a producers went to find anya to ask him if he had anything to do with the death of a men's horse. but also it isn't anything worth it any time. soon again isn't good enough. for me to hold you to think of it and if you have to have. me denied any knowledge of the horse. but his friend was willing to answer questions. sin. but that's left out that when they come i put on a commercial. then it come up. short i was the last that long to come even now even. well you
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know i mean my you. as we're all other did very very very low you. see. what i did there is. the settlement workers talk of first trains by local its way these contrast it sharply with the palestinian view of the aggressive spread of the illegal settlements and the behavior of their residents in room. when you're from a neighborhood known as a hotbed of radicalism. you have to fight. to defy stereotypes. in the movie. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them you
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know my. little. sound. this is us. on al-jazeera. so turned on al-jazeera with the u.s. midterm elections just over two months away will explore the mood of the nation as american celebrates neighbor t.v. on television and online the stream continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news sweden the country known as the happiest in the world has been shaken by a recent spike in violence and it's now preparing for a general election people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world. the main body of the united nations general assembly is to build its seventy third session we'll bring you all the updates september on al-jazeera.
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hello i'm david pollen and london and these are our top stories and al-jazeera the united nations has accused all sides in yemen civil war of committing war crimes a report by un rights experts say pro-government forces there saudi led backers and do the rebels have done little to minimize civilian casualties but the u.s. defense secretary claims washington support for saudi arabia and the conflict has helped to reduce civilian deaths. at no time have we felt rebuffed or ignored when we bring concerns to them the training that we have given them we
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know has paid off we have had pilots in the air who recognized the danger of a specific mission and declined to drop even when they get the authority we have seen staff procedures that put no fire areas around areas where there are hospitals or schools canada is negotiating with the u.s. on whether to remain part of a new north america free trade agreement now on monday u.s. president trump said he had reached agreement with mexico on changes to the trade deal and he challenged canada to accept the new terms and both sides have said they're hopeful a deal can be reached this week south sudan's foreign minister says rebel leader react much r. has refused to sign the final peace deal with the government opposition groups had hoped that years of conflict would end after a breakthrough a suite with president salva care both sides had agreed on a power sharing deal and an end to fighting in the city's capital khartoum earlier
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this month the german chancellor angela merkel has condemned monday's violent protests in the former communist city of quetta nets thousands took part in the rally with some reportedly chasing and attacking people from minority groups the unrest follows the fatal stabbing of a man on sunday to police arrested suspects from syrian and iraqi backgrounds france's second and vironment minister has made his shock resignation while on live radio nicholas a lot who did not inform president emanuel macron before making his announcement says the government is just not doing enough to fight climate change. well those were our top stories stay with us now for the rest of al-jazeera world.
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palestinian residents of the jordan valley are mainly farmers and bedouins. most live in enclaves now hemmed in by closed israeli military. or illegal israeli settlements that were built up to the one nine hundred sixty seven war. palestinians movement is restricted and increasingly unsustainable. the number of jewish settlers in the jordan valley has nearly doubled from twenty eleven to twenty eight teen. israel has repeatedly said the jordan valley is essential to its long term security. israeli leaders often refer to you alone a former israeli general and deputy prime minister one thousand nine hundred sixty
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seven outlined a plan to control all of the jordan valley. threats and dangers are part of the everyday life of palestinians in the jordan valley. volunteer campaign worker and sit in for they visited the home of her seen a boyhood stepped on a landmine in the jordan valley. and is the married and having said that yes there was silence there and this is they are now walking home there are only all that probably have has time and the fact is what. and homemade. this and this and you and i and i have thought how it is not. callous or who i am as
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a force. it's. such. an almost fully was there something in the book at the heart of it. show for her. that i want to ask you. this is this is. what other shows thought about the fish that are funded or since what i asked is why do i want to sit in that. was yeah. i don't want to say i don't want to listen what's going on what's. the. same was the ninth member of his family to be an on line victim his uncle died after stepping on one and several other family members live with their injuries caused by landmines that herpes by israelis in the one nine hundred sixty seven war. next to the family's home the israeli army had built
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a new training counter. you know you do not have a bit of good jewish. shave off like a little methodically the. rhythm of our butts off and leave you want i'll bet a. little all that good enough without a and horn are going to forbid it and i'm going to going to shop when i get on with incredible no one that they're going to have a mortgage on that i don't know when they're going to be jewish. syrian headed to mine and by the. look of mohammad that asked me i was paralyzed from the waist down after being shot in the back by an israeli settler. and. see. the
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end. of the by there were just some of the more useable while i draw. the new job. then i. was about a. third of the. so out of the whole is there. but who knows what i'm good luck with the fighting. with the one you have with the north or with that would not be an either you want to get out of a hard ass camp sobbed on our way out of. the cia then on our government. home or follow the star when i didn't have. to but. there's a little. early to say your idea of dad was a whole. words i'm stuck on i can barely.
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i don't cover. all i want to know yet i love the one about i'm a movie because i was. just a little. bit the shepherds and farmers of the jordan valley match to the t.v. then head of the palestinian water authority. comes to the city. can keep them sure. it did him she. said. it doesn't have any i have not got enough to listen with but i said i'm going to conflict i don't wish my cool to be able to go on the off with my you and what
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you. and the men. to what is right in the most open mouth. and even if i'm in fact one of the thought of some i was being cute a little less some sort of being besides i said a jubilee accent shoveling too would i like about go after asiana from the fact you know you're not afraid to go out and live it what are your ten minute interview and it didn't have a hitch. let's hear more you want to hear what i feel i would have you got to know when i when i went out for a quadruple up with your family goodbye the club membership fee and that i didn't feel and not much good at about good luck and well yeah i was and i would keep that in the tenets and i think mr. fear that i walk like a pin on the i think i'm not in the puts you at the at the now i get into below and let me have now into something like that big money down at the somebody i mean you know. nothing modicum of. what i have no idea when i saw them in
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the book about that one and just tell me who i've been moco because i know you're on the offer. because well they've got another book already you have got it from ok we didn't get it done i'm not sure i think you know you know when if you listen if you're not going to let you know why you're going to another place like goodness i don't know i don't know. if i lost my father the night you know yeah let me just you know about whether or not i know how to come when you're not well how do you know what i do what is it doing how do when you're not is that's right you have to that i did and that sad much. fun of them thought. you know you want to do madcap. chopping work that way they go to. the what i mean for those who knew you so cool maybe the thought we had the little bit that the the i mean i felt in books but i forgot and i was
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in my forehead but i. reckon my back in my head about going to mass will have to be some of it to put the mood you've been a bit of this where you have the old world on crime and the one on my side about tom and he doesn't like about someone i don't know about his way well i'm sure to be him. i know i'm going how would. it make sure you feel. and if you and i will know it doesn't if he i was the mind of his already and we didn't affect how it's unlikely that it might well have been my and the moment on him and jumped into the water which. in and i mean not the only then is relative elimelech. a member of the in the momentum required. to be on this had been my longest opening will remain ben in pm and on
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our own was covered in digital. the jordan valley has them of the most fertile land in all of the occupied territories arable farming is due to my flying for many rural palestinian communities yet israel controls most of the water resources in the area. has a dad to still mayor of the village of the bay to. the villages with an area c. of the jordan valley. credits with. my other thirty when i was an invalid never did i thought of
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that scene for me about them and he had asked. my of the should i not not. have been an animal to listen to what officer. sureness of a mr must open for so i built a submarine with them when i can honor and them for the sonny and have nots and the sum of all to whom some method of a star other. than a mythical an animal that i call anonymous of us at the inn then you come to learn of your creditors without a word is not in the merger one of her judgment when i am not then about the neck of about the service of their nurse that didn't deserve a second big no more the one that came. when i use cannot when a failure month and if you are not in line or in the night the nights are limited to that i was question had you not what you had to live in a lower. that's
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the. sort of tactic that i love a lot when you bend. back i am unsure and so can you. a month or a third of it and i. headed the jordan valley solidarity campaign a community group supporting palestinian farmers in the jordan valley against israeli land seizures. fashion he had been and been the model of many more subtle dualie men and must be in them and them been the theme. at the phenomena without them is that the most.
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minute nablus a lot of talk about. the need for the. war. to have. had. that i learned how to give a lot of them. for the for being. i would assume you know. medicine and.
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no one in the future and i think the. minute that i did will. be. how will i want to be. rather than. the lot of them go to gun how one. could be in san will how you one would know about. a slough i'd need to meet in there but that is very different island that the bit in got all. that is about is looking into the middle so you sort of got me on that a little bit more but there's not a lot of the american message a mother or mother saying that missy is. not
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a little girl again a living. yet the good the street where the mad meanness is the in. a lot of money but in the jersey. city was traveling with five bus loads of people from the jordan valley to. seat of the palestinian authority to demand better than conditions including. a lot of stuff in a. city and. never. why. i never thought of her oh you know me i'm one less money and.
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we're really the most highly enough level when i got up well sure we have that. the house i shall see up the bottom. of the house that's the first i does the out of here are. i assume. the not having them as it is somewhere on the never knowing from the thunder mr kenyon just coming up to something you know. you can overclock to job center cut out of our money open ton of stuff free of charge of god i'm not you can you feel has got about been done and cement will come out on my end if the lives lost in your exact dollar only to lose it all you want to do was send it to them know that felicity and my yule is that our message is super good i mean you didn't
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a lot of women in the womb don't want funny in a magazine yeah how do you get them well it's just a little book filled with when the total about is more up to you know how. to weeks after the demonstration and on one long the israeli army turned up to demolish up a sucker's home. it wasn't the first time a post i had to have to watch his home and his life opposed to.
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let me have the money and leave it i know him about the long haul and close on a habitable donahue's if i didn't come back. out of i would go to about you out of mama's. back up a lot about me out of all my circle a lot of them a certain that we are a lot of that going up in public so. the mobile home problem. could get now while a. within a week of the demolitions volunteers from the jordan valley solidarity group arrive to help with soccer and his neighbors rebuild their homes.
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between twenty eleven and twenty eighteen four hundred fifty eight housing units were demolished in the jordan valley districts of two of us and jericho by the israeli army. during that same period three of her sons and up a sucker himself spent time in israeli prisons all but one son were held without charge or trial may. the eldest son sucker was charged with possession of
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a weapon and sentenced to nine months in jail. apple sucker has filed for a dismissal of the case. his home compound has been destroyed three times the little fairy tale i bet. granted he almost won the emmy. i thought i might get him again now did i five have . we lay in wait. for some of it. since al jazeera first filmed the palestinian hamlet of what in twenty eleven it's been completely sealed off to its residents by the israeli army. a bullet fee and his family have also had to leave the hamlets and move to i had to
11:53 pm
deal close to. a bullet people at his flock with a hammer and continues to earn a living as a shepherd. dolphin ahmad was further heads in july twenty eighth when the israeli army removed all the water pipes. a man and her family have similarly moved further away from the israeli settlement of mest yards in order to avoid confrontations with the settlers. at army the settler and security chief of mask yards has been caught on camera threatening palestinians with expulsion from the jordan valley.
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the entrepreneur and exports her david's still works at the israeli export company in the jordan valley. city in her daily revisited the family of land mine victim has a narrow cobb who's now nineteen and learned that he'd recovered from most of his wounds but has now quit school and is working illegally as a cook in israel and has a hundred. yes only or also send them all of a devil as they and all the stuff that's standing that's a big advantage and i've seen them move just way on ok bob. most of the seven hundred landmines in the jordan valley the dated back to the one nine hundred sixty seven war were removed by the israeli army in twenty twelve. in iran and by a dog mohammad that asma is now thirty five and with the help of physiotherapy he
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has learned to use a wheelchair. all the better for us for those governor ok we're sending people. only a little local herding. since twenty seven thousands more palestinians have been injured by gunshot wounds from the israeli army. some things have not changed the palestinians in the jordan valley still pay seven u.s. dollars per cubic meter of water and travel up to twenty seven kilometers to get to the closest water source. but since twenty eleven the number of military checkpoints in the jordan valley has doubled and. the israeli policy on settlements has also hardened in twenty eighteen it announced plans to expand fourteen of the twenty existing illegal settlements and build three new ones
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thereby doubling the israeli settler population. that will have. no business as you. my family my wife my meowed malcolm all got off the list i would hold to oh yes. but since al jazeera first filmed with her sitting her daddy got married had a baby boy and moved to bet no harm in the occupied west bank but was significantly arrested for threatening the safety of the state of israel and jeopardizing its economy. she spent nine months in prison including three in solitary confinement. tellingly part of the case against her during her interrogation in prison was this program. had the phone to its
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cliffy at the end of it i would have an admin with sort of saif about it off and on that i was just listening to sydney. or love at the end that i look at it a lot of people said. that. it's striking how sitting in a pool stockard and all the other palestinians in this film are just as determined now as they were in twenty eleven never to leave the jordan valley.
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hello now you probably well aware that the eastern side of australia there is a long lived and rather big drought and that's not going to change however further west coming to west australia particularly perth the cloud is back again and this revolving rather active system will bring yet more rain which might end up bringing the wettest period for twenty thirty years that sort of ordering ninety three is we have to go back to season so much rain so shame we can't transfer these as we can't it's dry and warm in adelaide twenty three degrees and that cools down the seventy's the rain does come across south australia and you see some on thursday but still virtually nothing in new south wales or in queensland it's in victoria if you're lucky sasa straightly and the whole system does keep moving eastward and the last rather active one is just curling up in the tasman sea which means heading
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towards new zealand wrapped in increasingly warm air as it happens just intent hans's the amount of rain you don't see in ten she says eleven degrees in christchurch in the wet that's on wednesday warmer in or clint showing a bit of tropical water i suppose and eventually all wraps up and it warms up in christchurch but notice the circulation system or potential i think big waves coming off the west coast of south island as weather improves on thursday. when the us song called. this university professor became a millionaire and a criminal on the last. fifteen years old his daughter invokes an extraordinary journey to find him. six million dollars for a witness documentary. i really still liberated as
12:00 am
a journalist was. getting to the truth as it always does with this. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm giving up are watching the news hour live from london it's good to have you here with us coming up in the next sixty minutes another grim reports on the war in the yemen this time from the u.n. it accuses all sides of carrying out its possible war crimes. the mass killing of muslims in myanmar take center stage again at the u.n. there is says a new report detailing genocide must be taken seriously. and
12:01 am
a plan that is as endangered as the rhino conservation is one that africa's rain forests are on the brink of extinction.


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