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it is just not there to develop these capacities well let's then broaden out this discussion because europe and the us have differences on a number of other major issues the trumpet administration impose tariffs on steel an atom many m m ports from a range of countries in march that responded with countermeasures donald trump's criticize europe's more open immigration measures and contrast to his zero tolerance policies the u.s. withdrew from the twenty fifteen paris climategate agreement last year what share the head of the e.u. council dawn to us described as a mistake and trump is criticizing nato members for not contribution enough to fund the transatlantic military alliance mysql of ashbrook let me come to you so with all those differences you know now in the open have donald trump's isolationist policies i think mr mack can call them aggressive isolationism finally taken their toll on european leaders and now leading to policymaking.
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well i wouldn't say taking their toll we see this i see this is a continuation of outside forces really pushing the european union pushing individual member states to rethink their priorities we have a situation with the mosque each falls into plenty of speeches that were made along the lines of the european union really having to focus its energies on defense policies on critical policies that underpin the european value system not least the points that you've already mentioned around the paris climate accord and the validity of international institutions like the w.t. oh so you mention president my call he gave a speech number of months ago that was immediately where he stressed the importance of european defense independence and that was immediately followed and buffeted by the german chancellor so in some respects this speech by michael moss follows
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a specific tradition almost now and rethinking rethinking what europeans can do and what we need to see now is rapid and focused action in some of these areas and there i share my colleagues skepticism that we can do this quickly enough to tackle the plethora of changes that are and challenges that are confronting the european union at the same time you say rapid action which is something that the french president emmanuel maxwell repeated on monday he said you know he actually called this a crisis moment for global multilateralism naturalness and he also said that the post-school western domination wound ones and danger mr bennett is it and if you know the sort of urgent action that he's calling for in terms of defense because he's saying that you can no longer depend on the u.s. for defense well what does that mean and what does that mean for nato. mr
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mas has four elements to his strategy and i think they're all very cool headed one in that response to the mark on point on capabilities is to finally invest in our own capabilities germany has been falling short on on that especially on the military front for a for a while now and we need reading need to shape up that's the that's the first element and response to also what mr macaws saying the second is to have a counterbalance to the us soft balancing if you will where they cross red lines or do things that really harm european interests that means this financial autonomy that we've been talking about technological a top autonomy in some issues is also part of the puzzle the third is and that comes to your multilateralism point mr mr macaws talked about new alliances mr moss has been a little bit more specific he called foreign airlines of multilateral lists he
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teamed up with canada with japan other middle powers who are committed to multilateralism who are you know shocked by the america for a strategy that u.s. trump is mish administration is going against the very institutions that it helped create in the donda riding european prosperity that's of course an uphill battle but it's something worth trying and the fourth element of this atlantic strategy or america policy of mr mas is renewed in gage mint with the broader american public of the trump interim administration doesn't represent the whole of america and he has repeatedly said that in the greatest game of things in the us we still have the best shot at having an ally out outside europe china and russia are even less so benign head to months in their own ways and not at all partners that could make up
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for the old role of the u.s. mr goss what do you make of everything you hear and can europe sort of forge ahead with these new agreements you know new alliances in everything from financial markets to defense. the short answer would be europe could do it the means are there economically financially and even more the military side but i must say i doubt that the political will exists. we have all these speeches but when these politicians go on and when they have to find majorities in their own domestic parliaments draw create a european army or to create a european payment system the if people just want one of them in germany itself there's a very great resistance to increase expenditure on defense even a little bit of that on german public finances i'm great shape so i would say yes
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europe should do it. but i very much doubt it will be done miss clode ashbrook what do you make of that these countries despite you know what we hear from specially from mrs merkel and mr mccann are they actually lacking the political will the public support to create a new world order. i would disagree with my colleague daniel gross a little bit we have seen over the summer some very market debates particularly in the public on things like defense spending and the future of german defense policy there's been a very nuanced debate on whether germany might have to consider getting a nuclear weapon now that's the united states is retreating from the security architecture in europe now that came out to on the side of a clearly of no but what we're seeing in a lot of the. a lot of the questions that have been put to the german public that
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the german public is actually ahead of its political class they see that it could be important to invest more in german and in european defense spending they're very aware now after a prolonged debate within the german press and within the german media of of the need for an integrated european defense policy so i think there is some movement there but again i would point to the fact that that movement might not be quick enough to tackle all the challenges that the european union faces from the south and from the east particularly the migration question but also an ever more aggressive russia russia announced today that they will stage large military exercises in the coming months and that is something that the european union needs to find answers for and it needs to find those answers quickly and european unity is the school with a big question mr bennett let me put something to you we had the nato secretary
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general jens stoltenberg saying earlier this year that he's worried about the serious differences between europe and the u.s. and some of the wills most important issues is one of the sort of big problems hid that. sort of uncharted territory when it comes to differences between europe and the u.s. . as i said in the mean we've always had differences over the iraq war previously the suez crisis and how we had such big differences on sunday even different issues know it we haven't what we haven't had to before is the fundamental daal it's about the by ability of the alliance arrangement that's why europe needs to hedge that's why europe needs to have a plan b. those doubts and the need for the plan for a plan b. come at the worst possible moment because europe is beseeched by anti liberal forces also from with from within and by and anti-liberal author terry and powers
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russia and china from without so it's a very precarious moment but europe doesn't have any other choice i agree with mr goss that of course it's easy to say you're pulled this off because there are so many countervailing forces but those politicians who believe in europe and to believe that even a big country like germany is no longer enough sufficient to hold its own in this kind of tumultuous world they need to kind of invest to try to convince the public and make the most off this situation that in terms of the turmoil is is indeed unprecedented and should they use you know the issue of iran to come together and stand up to the u.s. on this most of us will go to you. i don't think iran will make them much. effect or will have much effect on european public opinion. and this stronger.
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support for european unity and action comes actually from putin from trump himself by questioning the value of the alliance to some extent by the military will turn out go on so the more people in europe a cvs that they're surrounded by very unstable regimes unstable states the more of course the likely order increase that something will be done so to this extent actually we're trying to storing might have some bush beneficial impact but as a colleague said we're europe would quickly enough and the greatest danger i see that somebody in the outside miscalculates and things that somehow europe is sort this way united that a foreign power can take advantage of it this kind of ashbrook even if they can't
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do it quickly enough europe can't also afford to just. wait out the stumps from presidency can they. no and i think you've seen cohesive action at least you know for the european union large steps they agreed last year on particularly in the defense dimension on what they call permanent structured cooperation the european union is working with nato to define in which areas the european union could have strategic autonomy mr maass added to his op ed if you will yesterday in his speech to the collected diplomats of germany that he is vested it also creating a civilian for so to enhance civil military cooperation so there are different areas in which the european union has the legal way both legally and politically to do more it needs to figure out very clearly its relationship with nato and it cannot sit out what the trumpet ministration plans to do in fact we have known
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since the beginning of the tram campaign that one of the goals of mr trump himself and some few people within his administration to pick european european union apart strategically because then that would allow him to negotiate with in ideally that's what he believes none of that is true and under european law but to negotiate individually with european countries is that there is what he fareed is a streak in the u.s. administration and yes mr bennett i'm going to need to the european union i'm going to give mr benton last would this clear the ashbrook because we don't have very long left the can the european union remain united against this trump presidency do you think it is not united on on a number of issues for example the north stream the dealing with russia there are divisions already in the administration if it's a wants can play divide and rule very effective the europe that's why countries
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like germany france really need to invest very hard in maintaining european unity there are no. of pills we're probably have to swallow as germany along the way that means we cannot go against the liberalism domestically of poland hungary as forcefully as we would like to if we want to keep for example the line and hungry in the board in confrontations with china and. and the us and russia saw it's a tricky situation but we have to keep trying mr bennett thank you very much i will have to end that somewhat positive note that is the list and banned in berlin or catherine clutha ashbrook and harvard and daniel gross and brussels and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion do go to our facebook page that facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle it at a.j.
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and sad story for me as a problem in the whole team here by finance. track . by track. it starts. and scott. venture. to get his cattle i always.
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desperate for a better life millions of people have sought refuge in europe sometimes their dreams of century are realized but sometimes disenchantment and hostility drive them home. in the second of two films on these contrasting experiences people and power meets the returning migrants now determined to discourage others from following the same policy. gambia back home on al-jazeera. optimism has faded. blue counties elected leaders are divided attention as fears that a crackdown is imminent the targets the activists who fought for democracy divide and conquer. part five of a six part series filmed of
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a five year. plan china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. however there's a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera and more than fifty thousand people are being evacuated from their homes and after a dam very much at least one hundred villages have flooded in the bog over each and central myanmar along a major highway all part of the dam broke after heavy monsoon rains and water
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levels are expected to keep rising convoys of military trucks carrying buckets are on their way but the army chief says the overflow channel cannot be controlled. the un's refugee agency estimates around four million refugee children did not go to school last year but says enrollment is failing to keep up with the growing number of displaced people that want the government and aid agencies to make education a critical element of the international response to refugees meanwhile un once called for palestinian refugees have reopened to discuss despite huge cuts in u.s. aid where half a million students resumed classes and gaza and the occupied west bank but the un body responsible for palestinian refugees says it only has enough money to run the schools until september the u.s. has already stopped two hundred million dollars and there are reports it's considering ending all financial assistance how false it has more from west to
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receive them. well on right is making good this wednesday on its pledge announced last week that it would open its schools in the occupied palestinian territories and in its other three areas of operation on time despite the huge financial pressure that it's been under this year after the united states decided to withdraw three hundred of the three hundred sixty five million dollars that it was to provided to the agency this is come in the light of a great deal of political pressure that's been applied to iraq and to the palestinians under the administration of donald trump and there's been reporting in the israeli press in recent days the israeli media that the united states intends to go further. by restricting the definition of palestine refugees to only those who came out of what was then how a stein in one thousand nine hundred eight before the creation of the state of israel's or restricting the number from more than five million to five hundred thousand and indeed permanently cutting off or us funding for the agency the
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agencies head was at one of the schools reopening today in the occupied west bank he said that the un run mandate was not for sale the palestinian leadership have actually rejected this position which is being reported and has yet to be formally confirmed by the united states it is something that the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has long argued for both the restriction of the definition of palestine refugees and also the disbandment of entirely although there are those in the israeli security establishment former military officers and the like who have been telling the israeli media that they are concerned about restricting or preventing iran from operating because of the security implications that could have don't forget it provides education to some five hundred thousand palestinian children it provides food aid to many of the more than one million refugees inside gaza so there is no much by no means
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a total acceptance of this plan in the israeli establishment although it is something that the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has long argued for. u.s. military drills look set to resume on the korean peninsula they have been suspended since that so much between donald trump and kim jong un in june both countries agreed to the denuclearization of the korean peninsula but the u.s. says there's been a lack of progress now colombia and peru have agreed to set up a joint datta base of venezuelan migrants both countries are struggling to manage the rapidly growing number of venezuelans crossing their borders they a fleeing a deepening political and economic crisis. lawyers are making their closing arguments of the crimes against humanity trial of a formal cong release warlord known as the terminator. was a rebel militia commander in the democratic republic of congo fifteen years ago he denies supplying drugs and alcohol to child soldiers before sending them to kill
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and rape his enemies. but those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us al-jazeera world is coming up next. the. the. the great rift valley stretching from mozambique in south east africa to syria
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in the middle east. the lowest point of the great rift valley is here in the jordan valley. home to the world's oldest city jericho established over ten thousand years ago. farmers and shepherds have worked on this now and for thousands of years. in more recent times israel's continued occupation of the west bank since one thousand nine hundred sixty seven is threatening the existence of the people of this region. israel restricts palestinian defunct things through the use of military orders which often means destruction of property and livelihoods it's also encouraged the spread of settlements across the occupied west bank regarded illegal under international law for over five decades. this is the story of palestinians clinging to
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their right to live on and cultivate the man that they have inhabited for centuries . this is the story of the last shepherds of the jordan valley. that he. did lament and such governments so are a right you see here yeah. let them while had to be. menaced separately. when it was our city in baghdad with the little body and. our got a doctor that i never got i'm glad to get me out a month ago no more obvious that were you and he. was there i badly got that bit that is but that. got. me going to use it you know you got my little mucking about got to you.
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system. they easily had to move. him what kind of woman though i had to be at it with sobs little. who filled the room that was left out of that i am going up for today on the saturday in my youth it could blow my you my career was set up to follow local took my. sixty nine year old up to stop that it is the patriarch of an arch comedy he's been campaigning to defend the rights of shepherds and farmers in the jordan valley for over three decades. for him his continued existence on the nine is a form of resistance. for the. little that. i love you.
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because it's in the bed when homestead and had to. in twenty seven sitting in for bundy was a volunteer with the jordan valley solidarity campaign and network of grassroots community groups seeking to protect palestinian farming communities in the valley. for the fear for. my home. just a few hundred meters from home is the illegal israeli settlement of broadway. it
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was built on land confiscated from at had. after the construction of or away in the late one nine hundred seventy s. israel declared. a military zone this effectively prohibited palestinians in the area from building or even repairing structures on their own property the settlements became home to some one hundred sixty five israelis who created a fish breeding business asian laborers made up the work force and. the jordan valley has the potential to be the breadbasket of any future palestinian state bigger settlements further threaten the living conditions of palestinian communities in the jordan valley limiting their access to water their opportunities for economic growth and pushing the palestinians of the area further into poverty.
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