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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 1, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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policy is happening globally plus why celebrity social media influencers have a new set of online followers advertising regulate. count on i just. brazil's former president lula da silva is banned from running in october selection even though he's considered the front runner. along down jordan this is down to zero line from doha also coming up the u.s. says it's cutting off all funding to the u.n. agency that helps palestinian refugees calling it it would be flawed operation. talks between the u.s. and canada on a new free trade agreement missed the deadline we'll look at what happens next plus . a final farewell for the
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franklin a star studded in the u.s. the queen of soul. brazil's former president listen i see i learned a silver has been barred from running in october is election a majority of judges on the electoral court banned his candidacy the seven a tovia jail sentence for corruption people convicted of a crime can't run for the presidency but louis party registered him anyway and says it will fight with all means to make sure their candidate remains alistair is from the woodrow wilson center as brazil institute he's not surprised by the decision. he's a very popular leader. part will you know use this fact to try to to use to their advantage. there is
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a cut off date in brazilian law it is the seventeenth of september this year the part you will have debts is delimit for the party to replace the candidate for president it's a political calculation that former president in his partners at the workers' party will have to make they may delete this decision childer very end they may decide to morrow or day after to replace it and we do we know who will replace leno as the head of the ticket is the former mayor of salt paul will learn to have done but this is a decision the former president and his political party have to make united nations as it has expressed surprise and regret at the u.s. decision to cut all funding to one of its agencies that helps palestinian refugees the trumpet ministrations cutting more than two hundred million dollars in aid to
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it will in effect and decades of financial support on health education and food security the un's aging other countries to step in and fill the funding gap while the u.s. state department spokesman had the new it said when we made a u.s. contribution of sixty million dollars in january we made it clear that the united states was no longer willing to shoulder the very disproportionate share of the burden of costs that we had assumed for many years porter version reports. palestinian president mahmoud abbas says the decision by the united states to stop funding the un agency helping palestinian refugees is a flagrant assault against his people more than one million of them rely on food aid handed out by so the decision by the us not to pay the anticipated two hundred twenty five million dollars this year could leave many without enough to eat the shortfall in one rez budget will mean the closure of primary health clinics and the end to relief and social services projects that runs forward should palestinian
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refugees these provide human development and emergency assistance for millions of people. also operates hundreds of schools for half a million kostin children in gaza the occupied west bank jordan lebanon and syria they opened their doors this week with uncertainty we have money to run them only until the end of september and the end of that. will be running on and we won't have enough money for all schools to pay out twenty two thousand teachers go a few days ago the commissioner general of an ra said the agency has been trying to diversify its sources of funding it's appealing to longstanding and large donors and arab countries to contribute to annorah and keep their schools open have had the first multi-year agreements with countries like the russian federation and we have very significant contributions from gulf countries we've had to india increase its contribution very significantly as has china so they are dynamics there and
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there are also dynamics in the world bank and the islamic development bank to provide more stability for the long term annorah says half a million students without a school will lead to regional instability the real losers will be some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in a volatile part of the world paul schrader john al-jazeera. the u.s. and canada have missed a deadline to revamp the north american free trade agreement talks on friday broke up without a deal but there was even next week down a lack reports from toronto. president trump has long said nafta was unfair to his country and he was visibly pleased when he announced last monday that u.s. and mexican negotiators had reached a deal to replace it canada was left out and trump said the canadians had until friday to give in to us demands so it could join the new pact that deadline has passed with no deal and trump is keeping up the pressure because i love canada but they've taken advantage of our country for many years they have tremendous
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tremendous through trade barriers and they have tremendous tariffs. the sticking points remain what they've been for months u.s. demands for access to canada's highly protected dairy industry and auto was desire to keep independent trade dispute resolution part of a new nafta something the u.s. opposes canadian negotiators say they're still hopeful they can reach a deal on an agreement that doesn't leave canada out we know that a win win win agreement is within reach and now that's what we're working towards with goodwill and flexibility on all sides i know we can get there canada's economy is highly dependent on trade with the u.s. more than a billion dollars a day in business flows between the two countries president trumps threats to slap high tariffs on canadian built cars would be disastrous for the country's workers and manufacturers both the u.s. and mexico say canada can be part of a deal to replace nafta many members of the u.s.
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congress some of them from donald trump's republican party agree but a protectionist trump administration has so far been demanding far more than canada's negotiators have been prepared to give daniel lak al-jazeera toronto well robert scott is an economist and director of the independent think tank the economic policy institute says it's in both the u.s. and canada is interest to revamp. trumps preference to. negotiate as the ball in a china shop as it were to attempt to bully history being partners and in this case you know he had he does have leverage the us is a much bigger economy trade and much more important to canada is to the united states well one of the key issues is the issue of question of labor and rights and environmental standards after labor unions feel that one of the reasons that nafta has been so hard on the workers in the us and canada is because labor rights are so
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weak and so poorly enforced in mexico the original agreement to cut the labor standards side it into separate side agreement there was no effective enforcement mechanism so this is a big issue for unions and for. public a fair trade advocates in the united states as well. as i think for many democrats in congress i think it's important to keep in mind that it will take probably at least fifteen to. twenty months to have this agreement reviewed and approved by the congress and by that time it could well be in control of the democrats in the united states it's russia has accused ukraine of assassinating prominent separatist leader alexander in eastern ukraine the russian backed leader of rebels in donetsk was killed in a blast at a cafe in the city center really challenge reports from moscow. this is the aftermath of the blast that killed alexander as a car chink or
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a blackened body can be seen lying on a stretcher outside the cafe don't yet squints into lockdown after the killing with moscow and the russian backed breakaway republic itself calling this an act of international terrorism the last pictures of her alive were from thursday laying flowers for the donbass born singer years of cubs one who died earlier in the day so had been the prime minister of done yet since november two thousand and fourteen he was shuffled into the position at a time when attempts were being made to make the war in ukraine's east look less like a foreign operation run from moscow more like a homegrown independence movement as a disney esque native and rebel military commander who fit the bill. or was present both peace summits in minsk a negotiator of the first the d.n.r. representative and signatory had the second three potential theories spring to mind for who might have been behind this killing it could have been ukraine secret
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service the s.b.u. perhaps it was separatist infighting or maybe it was moscow doing some extreme housekeeping amongst the rebels plenty of other separatist commanders have met similar fates like the man with the nom de guerre give killed last year and motorola who died in two thousand and sixteen but this ukraine analyst thinks one theory of a psychotic is death stands out as the most likely to me it looks like this was an internal operation for the past few weeks and months. has been critical of some of its colleagues other deputies and that's all the n.r.o. meant i.e. control the t.v. station which pretty much humiliated and their colleagues so i think kind of the writing was on the wall that they were were numbered moscow and kiev are both accusing each other of having a hand in second checkers death the most significant yet of the many murky deaths
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that have been an ongoing feature in this murky war rory challenge how to zero mosque or. what john herbst a former u.s. ambassador to ukraine he says russia is waging a war of aggression and donald trump needs to get tough on moscow all senior officials in the trumpet ministration under the president believe that russia is committing a war of aggression don't boss that russia is pursuing a revisionist foreign policy with a focus on ukraine and it understates was hoping praying stop russia in the boss that list includes vice president pence secretaries of state and defense on pay when matters and national security advisor both the president's own statements are much softer on russia but the policy of the administration has been quite quite tough with us on sanctions with help from congress or supplying javelin missile that to take missiles to ukraine which was
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a presidential decision where he have schools of russian diplomats after the kremlin poisoned the russian. factor in britain i believe that we should make russia pay for its aggression ukraine to persuade russia to leave therefore i welcome decision of the tropics and job with missiles i think we should send additional weapons and we should impose additional sanctions on the problem is ongoing aggression in ukraine the russian people don't support this war this is a criminal war against the people of ukraine there's no question that sanctions have an impact that's why every day about the kremlin complains about them and russian economic officials have said that for example in two thousand and thirteen the sanctions cost cost of one to one point five percent of g.d.p. growth in this year or last year cost anywhere from a half a percent to three quarters of a percent. of the sanctions a painful. mr putin is hoping that the ukrainian presidential elections in march of
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two thousand and nineteen will lead to weaken leadership. hooted will be disappointed whoever wins ukrainian elections will pursue a strong policy in the sense of ukraine's territorial integrity the boss at that point i think that russia may reconsider its position but not until after the ukrainian elections. also to come here al-jazeera including with their currency in freefall argentinians asked with an international bailout will do with the cost. of a step towards gender equality how the venice film festival is doing its part to try to reform the entertainment industry on the statements. from the waves of the south. to the contours of the east. l.a. get a welcome back to international weather forecasts we're here across live on we are looking at still very hot temperatures here across much of central portions of iraq
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over the next few days so baghdad forty five degrees there coate city forty eight degrees is going to be high on saturday we do expect that number to come down but it's coming down for a reason being humidity and when you have more moisture in the air it's hard to get the temperature up so forty five degrees but very uncomfortable conditions as we go towards the beginning of the week that number's going to come down even more and it's going to be even more humid across that region while doha is pretty much the same thing thirty nine degrees is going to be a high here on saturday it we're going to have some higher clouds so a little bit less sun but still the mid eighty's going to be in the air over towards the forty two mostly cloudy conditions but down along the coast of somalia we do expect to see maybe twenty seven degrees for you there here across the southern reaches of africa well we did see quite a bit of activity in terms of rain previously a little bit of a break here a lot of clouds along the south cape town eighteen degrees over towards durban twenty four but things get a little bit worse as we go towards sunday very heavy rain is expected in the
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forecast windy conditions as well notice that area of circulation just off the coast so sixteen degrees in your forecast with an over the low down into the teens . there with sponsored by qatar airways. unless we have new generations growing out to understand that. other nations that ship the natural . soon number be nothing last and will suffer primatologist and conservationist dr jane goodall tweets to al-jazeera. new yorkers are very receptive. because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective provides.
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welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here this hour brazil's electoral court just bought a former president lula da silva from october's election he's serving twelve years in jail for corruption his party registered him as a candidate even the people convicted of a crime cannot run for the presidency. united nations is urging all countries to the night more money to the u.n. agency that helps palestinian refugees the u.s. which is the biggest contributor has decided to stop all funding palestinian president mahmoud abbas says it's a flagrant assault on his people. and the u.s. and canada have missed a deadline to revamp the north american free trade agreement talks ended on friday without a deal but they'll resume on wednesday president from told congress he will press ahead with a new agreement with mexico. the queen of soul aretha franklin has been interred at a cemetery in the u.s. city of detroit the musical legends coffin was placed in the family's plot where
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she now lives alongside her father and siblings earlier she was honored at a funeral service the last almost eight hours of the fourth day of remembrance for detroit's most famous resident john hendrick was there. it was a requiem fit for a queen. was. paying tribute risk or of political civil rights in hollywood luminaries r. and b. royalty. a political runner up and a one time head of state all came to remember and pay their respects to aretha franklin the queen of soul. i think that the secret of her great is what she took his massive talent and this perfect culture that razor
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and decided to be the composer of her own life's all. it turned out to be outside stood a line of pink cadillacs a tribute to the current aretha's freeway of luck perhaps the luckiest people here are the members of the general public more than a thousand of them who backed out of the last minute they would get a chance to come in to see the queen these are the people wearing the white wristbands thank you to give one last chance to see the queen of soul. one after another speakers and performers pay tribute. she was a preacher's daughter raised by a single parent she had two sons by the age of fifteen and got her start in her father's choir. the people of the motor city remember a legend who always stayed true to her hometown. john hendren detroit.
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and u.s. politicians have been paying their last respects to the late senator john mccain and military got ivana his casket to lie in state in the u.s. capitol where the republicans for thirty five year is vice president mike pence and speak of paul ryan live attributes his funeral services on saturday then he buried a day later now rebels in syria's in the province of blown up two bridges in an attempt to hinder any government assault on the area people protested against moves to retake the rebels' last stronghold but russia's foreign minister says the syrian government has every right to chase what he called terrorists out of the three million people living around ten thousand rebel fighters. unicef is urging the warning the warring sides in a glib to spare civilians. we think it's particularly important when we're having all this military rhetoric that we start hearing that we don't forget that there's more than a million children inside there are children who in some cases have been displaced two three four five six times from different cities in they are children who've
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coping mechanism has been very much eroded by all these displacement and you are particular risk so that's that's what's happening at the moment the risk we're facing rescue workers in man ma struggling to reach thousands of people stranded after a dam burst on wednesday water flooded at least eighty five villages four people are confirmed dead and more than sixty three thousand were forced from their homes when he reports from neighboring thailand. repair work is underway at the dam site to try to stem the flow of water the breach happened on the dam spillway a structure that was once one hundred twenty meters high vast areas of big-o. region remain submerged beneath muddy water in some places it's starting to recede but it will be a long time before once fertile farmland can be used again several people are still missing and the military and other rescue personnel and never getting the murky water searching for survivors people living in the area had voiced concerns about the water level in the reservoir before the disaster they say they should have been
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some warning but just days before the breach will thora he's had given the dam the all clear. were going on with one year when the before one day before one our people were going to begin the repair work is also started on a bridge that was damaged causing traffic chaos it's on the main yang gone mandalay highway that links me and miles to biggest cities it's the wit season in this part of me and my and flooding is common but questions will be asked why the dam didn't cope this time and whether those responsible for its management and maintenance could have done more when hey al-jazeera. bangkok. argentina's government says it will discuss a fifty billion dollar bailout loan with the international monetary fund on monday the pace has lost half its value against the u.s. dollar this year it's raising concerns about even more hardships of people. listen human reports from but as ours. all eyes were on the city when the cytisus
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financial center. after losing another fifteen percent of its value thursday the government managed a modest recovery after infusing almost seven hundred million dollars into the currency market to stop the hemorrhaging but that didn't diminish the long queues of people seeking refuge in the u.s. dollar. these abrupt and deep explosions in the currency such strong valuations concern me because they symbolize an unstable country an unstable economy. arjen times think and save in dollars and with good reason given their economies history of boom and bust and when the dollar goes up so do prices people's wages starts tunneling down and that is exactly what is happening today a waitress for example told me that back in april she was making the equivalent of six hundred dollars a month today she is making three hundred or only half that much and that's just in the last four months. the devaluation of the peso increases inflation already one
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of the world's highest the government says it will announce new economic measures on monday before going to the i.m.f. to negotiate terms for speeding up the release of a fifty billion dollar bailout loan they include further austerity measures. but many economists warn that the cost of turning to the i.m.f. is too high the i.m.f. lends money but as we all know there are a series of very stringent conditions. which end up sinking the economy explain to me how you come out of that on top and you don't basically so we're headed for another crisis i mean we are in a crisis but we're heading for another major crisis. and if that's true not only could south america's second largest economy risk a new default but also major social unrest like the kind that brought down the
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government in two thousand in one. scene mulan al jazeera when a site. nicaragua's government is expelling a un human rights team investigating abuse allegations president daniel ortega dismissed a un report accusing him and his government of ignoring human rights violations during anti-government protests said is administration is responsible for illegal arrests torture and close trials three hundred people have been killed since demarest began in april. it's now this week al-jazeera is looking at the threat to forests around the world in efforts to save them one in four people depend on them for their livelihoods but the world has lost many hof its forests with this map from global forest watch shows tree cover across the world in green with the pink hair is all the three hundred thirty seven million hectares of tree cover that was lost between two thousand and one and two thousand and seventeen a drop of more than eight percent well the united kingdom has one of the lowest
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levels of woodland coverage in europe then campaigners say it's at risk of deforestation unless more trees are planted that's why the government has backed a plan to create a new forest and they had reports from northern england in the final part of our series forests under threat. it's hard to put a value on nature but jane indian a trying to establish the environmental value of trees in terms of reducing pollution and the carbon they store in greater manchester they're working on a project to plant more trees and eventually establish where a new forest stretching from one side of the country to the other will go the northern power east is an ambitious plan to turn part of england's industrial north green during the next twenty five years conservation charity the woodland trust wants to plant fifty million trees they all about tracy they were hoping that will come up with some suggestions of where large scale plantings games could be it will
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help us to identify gaps in tree cover that help us to fine you areas to plant some of these trees all contributes about the fifty million about thirteen percent of the u.k. is couplet in woodland but in the area for this new forest it's less the landscape a really began to change during the industrial revolution at the start of the nineteenth century since then the population has gone up and so too has the need for housing and industry the tree population die and parts of northern england has dwindled to under eight percent conservationists say more trees need to be planted across britain to counter the future affects of climate change and the impact of big construction projects such as a new high speed rail line and plans to build hundreds of thousands of homes not far from london is haul wood nestled next ancient woodland is the culmination of
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a decade long project to transform arab a land into a new native forest environmentalists say hundreds of ancient woodlands in britain are under threat the aspiration is to plant five thousand hectares of new york to berlin. in the last plan. anting season on your thousand haters were planted in a season for only seven hundred hectares were planted which was the lowest in a generation each year you missed the target just gets further white the u.k. government says it's committed to planting eleven million trees by the middle of twenty twenty two in greater manchester conservationists are thinking long term to secure a greener patient but the peacher emma heywood al-jazeera in northern england. now the venice film festival has followed in the footsteps of canon signed a gender parity pledge but organizers have objected claims of sexism and insists the real problem lies elsewhere not in baba reports from venice. a gesture that
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some say is over due on friday the venice film festival signed an agreement promising greater transparency over how it selects films and gender equality across the organization followed similar moves by rivals like counted. before the festival started the european women's audiovisual network published an open letter to venice denouncing the fact only one film in the main competition here is directed by a woman and demanding changes to what they called a rigged system that favors mainly white males. now it seems change is on its way but for the festival director actual quotas are a step too far as is something which is extremely fair and right in politics for example. we can use the quaters in art the only katie to talk for is the quality of their work is. sagar marx's presenting her first feature film of venice previously she directed
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a documentary on the french prison system. along cass is showing outside the main competition it's about a young man looking for support when he comes out of jail his mother played by sort of being born there has severe depression and he finds himself dragged into criminality the director says her gender hasn't been a problem when it comes to getting her work see. the judgment of previously to a staff but now there are more one more women directors in france there are plenty and lots of women have paved the way like kathryn bigelow at the start it was hard for her because really there were no women directors in hollywood. and some industry watchers say the debate about how many women directed a film screen a. first of all those masks a deeper problem what we need to be talking about is getting young school girls when they're in school to think i can be a director and when that happens we're going to get far more women directors are going to get better films coming from some of those women directors. less than
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a quarter of all film submitted to venice this year were by women there's clearly an imbalance when it comes to who makes the films audiences get to see here and in cinema but changing that could mean reforming the industry about discussion is just starting. to bother al-jazeera venice. for a time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera brazil's electoral court as part of former president lula da silva from october's election the seven twelve years in jail for corruption people convicted of a crime can't run for the presidency but lose party registered him anyway and says it will fight with all means to make sure he remains accountable. the united nations is urging all countries to donate more money to the u.n. agency that helps palestinian refugees the biggest contributor the u.s. has decided to stop all funding it will end decades of financial support for health
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education and food aid palestinian president mahmoud abbas says it's a flagrant assault on the palestinian people. the u.s. and canada have missed a deadline to revamp the north american free trade agreement talks ended on friday without a deal resident trump told congress he will press ahead with a new agreement with mexico canada's foreign minister is still optimistic a deal can be reached. it is going to take let's ability on all sides to get to a deal in the end and what i can speak to is the canadian position and i really want to assure canadians that we're working hard to get a good deal we are confident that a win win win deal is possible and we're always going to stand up for the national interest and for canadian values russia and ukraine are accusing each other of killing a separatist rebels in eastern ukraine alexander go die than a blast at a cafe in donetsk russia says ukraine is trying to destabilize the region the queen of soul aretha franklin has been on a day marathon farewell ceremony in
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a home city of detroit. musicians and politicians paid tribute to her in an eight hour ceremony featuring her most memorable songs she died two weeks ago of pancreatic cancer. u.s. politicians have been paying their last respects to the late senator john mccain a military god of on a carrot his casket the line state in the u.s. capitol in washington where the republicans for thirty five years has funerals on saturday then he'll be buried a day later. nicaragua's government is expelling a u.n. human rights team investigating abuse allegations president donnie will take it dismissed a un report accusing him and his government of ignoring human rights violations during anti-government protests but those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after talked a lot to say a special council what about enough. al-jazeera
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since its swear every. day i was going to do with you in the world it was good to be able to immediately see. i'm outcome web in kampala the capital of uganda which is one of the countries where thousands of chimpanzees can still be found off in the highland forested slopes because other countries they've already completely disappeared and wherever they live there on the tremendous pressure chimps like humans who live in communities the feelings they use tools these are qualities that would discovered only in the one nine hundred sixty s. by a young british woman she lived with chimps many yes' and grew closer to them than anyone before jane goodall widely seen as the world's leading climatologist and
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conservationist told to al-jazeera. you one of the.


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