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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 252  Al Jazeera  September 10, 2018 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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and those who are about going to courts should stop committing crimes and in the next forty eight hours our response will be to make and you would have zero on the . decision by the israeli high court to demolish this village russian president vladimir putin has invited his north korean counterpart to visit russia a letter from person was sent to kim jong un on monday no further details were unveiled regarding the time and location of the meeting and was invited to attend an economic forum in light of all stocks are going on tuesday at a russian official confirms he will not be attending. the update now with all the headlines of the news continuing here on al-jazeera after inside story.
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more death sentences imposed in egypt seventy five people for allegedly protesting against the two thousand and thirteen coup would it deter opponents of the government when we see another military crackdown and is the reconciliation even possible this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. there's been a strong condemnation from here rights groups of the latest wave of death sentences imposed in egypt most of the seventy five convicted what taking part in a sit in at a public square in cairo five years ago protesting against
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a military coup hundreds of people died when security forces moved in the sentence the latest in an well until crackdown on dissent in egypt since current president of the c.c. top old mohammed morsi the country's first democratically elected president colleague has more. five years after what's being called the largest mass killing in egypt's modern history it seems the bloodshed has yet to end. more than nine hundred protesters were killed by egyptian security forces in a matter of hours during a sit in in cairo's. square in twenty thirteen they were protesting against the military takeover by this man president abdel fattah el-sisi who deposed egypt's first democratically elected president mohamed morsy. as more than eighty five thousand supporters demonstrated against the coup security forces moved in now five
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years on a court in cairo has sentenced seventy five people to death. over the hour is mine mohammad rashdan and you seem hemet so laymen are sentenced to death. those sentenced to death were part of a mass trial of seven hundred thirty nine people convicted of charges from incitement to violence murder and membership of the now outlawed group the muslim brotherhood. senior members of the organization were among those given life sentences including its spiritual leader mohamed badia. the judge handed prison terms to thirty nine others as well as the known photojournalist mahmoud also known as shall can now be released after serving his five year sentence in pretrial detention having been arrested while photographing the day that changed many egyptians lives in. the circus is unfair because show can didn't
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commit any crime to be imprisoned for five years he was a journalist only doing his job the sentence wasn't based on any evidence it was based only on police investigations the court has said that we also have proof of his innocence. human rights organizations have condemned the mass trial calling it a mockery of justice we have yet to see is according to amnesty international calls the grievous massacre of protesters by a government in modern history of over a thousand people shot right by the egyptian security apparatus is not a single person has yet to be held into account and so in many ways today just signifies a symbolic farce that has become the egyptian dish here in political establishment the court's decision now goes to egypt's top religious leader the grand mufti but his judgment is seen as a formality and he's expected to approve the execution of lawyers of the convicted say they'll appeal over sentences for inside story car leg al jazeera.
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let's bring in our panel in doha mohamed the associate professor of media and cultural studies and chair of the journalism program of the doha institute for graduate studies new york saw how disease perfessor over all of the rutgers university in new jersey and director of the center on security raise and rise from zurich via skype magma door a political analyst welcome to the program why are we going to see any and to these mass trials any time soon in egypt. well it's unlikely the egyptian government post two thousand and thirteen. has been hell bent on an elimination ist strategy right there trying to root out all forms of dissent in opposition obviously we know about the mass killings that they carried out in the streets we know about banning political parties and media outlets part of this
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though is intimidating activists and so there are sixty thousand plus political prisoners we've seen several mass death sentences following mass trials which are quite absurd there's no possibility to establish individual guilt in these mass trials and so this was this was just one in a in a long line and it's unfortunate and it's probably unlikely that this sort of repression stops anytime soon so how does this is a complaint of intimidation as one hundred has been just saying i mean every single must try it has been described by international. well of justice yet the governments in says this is quite legitimate what kind of message do you think the government is trying to convey here. i think it shows that the c.c. regime feels very and secure internally they seem to be approaching it as an existential threat to their political power by taking the scorched earth approach
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to mass prosecutions mass death sentences and as you said engaging in activities that undermines the rule of law in egypt and effectively defames egypt's reputation internationally part of the reason that he can get away with it is because president trump of the united states has signaled to him that he can and that he will not be punishing egypt at least in terms of holding any foreign aid or criticizing it in the public arena in the international public arena so sisi feels quite emboldened and in fact in july the u.s. just approved another one hundred ninety five million dollars of foreign aid to egypt not withstanding that there is the lady act that prohibits the u.s. from providing foreign aid to countries that violate human rights so we as a country you know in the united states where i'm based we've essentially given him the green light and i think the american citizens need to be very concerned about whether taxpayer money is going because right now in supporting human rights
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violations in egypt the good with our people is of saying about these trials. well it's very hard to gauge and very hard to not go there as you would know it is all very centered and very controlled so even though the even though the brotherhood has lost a lot of popular support it remains an integral part of the education let's say. the psyche. so i am pretty sure that it's not widely accepted there however there is also a lot of support for every jeep. that might look. mohamed you are basically expect this crackdown to continue whether one of the cases bomb or double zaid known as show can spend five
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years in jail he's been. on the unesco's world freedom prize i mean you can see on one hand the government is determined by the same time there's an international backlash please when it comes to the coverage of the cases of the activists who have been detained by the cia by the egyptian government. you know what i think first of all the backlash has waned a little bit over the past couple of years and just to somehow disappoint i think she made a good point when she said that the egyptian government pretty much feels emboldened and why wouldn't they feel emboldened there has been very little consequence there have been very few repr cautions for them they've committed more human rights violations than any government in in the history of modern egypt and yet international diplomacy military aid weapons sales they've all they've all preceded
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you know business as usual in terms of show can. i think that it's interesting to note as my colleague professor me noted yesterday that after you know five years keeping him in jail charging him with you know felony offenses including murder that they're just going to let they're going to let him go and that's an indication that they never had any evidence on him to begin with so here's a young man who's lost five who's this century lost five years of his life in technical terms can some of these cases be overturned or things that they would. be. by the by the by the supreme court's. well a lot of it depends on what a to what extent the judiciary is independent and in the last four five years we've seen an erosion of judicial independence primarily through unspoken behind the scenes fear tactics against judges so the egyptian executive has successfully
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placed certain judges that are known to be loyalists in these cases so that they could predict the outcome which would be convictions and at the same time has signaled to those judges who have not been as obedient to the executive as the president would like they have forced them into retirement they have subjected them to false pretext to all disciplinary hearings and they have punished them in other ways so much of it is going to depend on the judges some of these cases do get reversed and some of the death sentences are not approved by the most who also faces pressure by the state but unfortunately i think most of the pressure has to come from the international human rights communities we can no longer rely on the u.s. government we certainly can't rely on the egyptian government and i think it's time for those who care about human rights abroad to be advocating very aggressively for support of those rights and not allowing western taxpayer dollars to support these
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dictatorial regimes that effectively produce more instability in that region and i predict there will probably be another mass uprising although this time it would be based on economic hardship because egypt is suffering a very severe economic problems right now not good what would the government gain internationally from the series of some of the. hits by the death penalty some of them oh the eighty's were part of an official political party that won the election they have the what are the numbers elected as the first across elects as president in egypt i mean you would it begs the question what is government trying to do here . well i think the government is fact send them very clear signal is that there will be no reconsideration there will be no really integration of the brotherhood in any way shape or form in the political. process and that means
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that one of the largest political party in the country will not that they participate. legally if they will carry out the death. sentence is that remains to be seen but also the strategy can be to prolong it and they would remain in jail for a long. period until they pass away because their conditions as well in in in. in. jails are. or are that's a horrendous so that can be a strategy that they're following as well mohammed has been this feeling after the last elections that. a cease fire would go for a softer approach trying to reach out to the opposition and the muslim brotherhood
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in particular with this particular. mass try that does not seem to be the case in a war. no i i think that i agree with with meghan that the message that's being sent here is that reconciliation is not is not on the table it's not an option the government has tried very hard to bury the muslim brotherhood right so and certainly they've succeeded in that at least at least publicly they've they've arrested or killed the first several years of brotherhood leadership they've banned their their media they've banned their political party and they've carried out these these mass arrests mass death sentences on on brotherhood members and supporters obviously they broke up protests and so they shut down n.g.o.s which i don't think we should we should we should forget we should they shut down websites they shut down charitable organizations so the brotherhood is essentially
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buried at least from from the public from public view of the brotherhood is still popular in egypt we don't know exactly how popular because the egyptian government doesn't allow opinion polling any longer. but i think that certainly from a political standpoint from a social standpoint the government wants the brotherhood to sort of to sort of go away they don't want to deal with the brotherhood as a political rival any longer and certainly at this point it doesn't look like there's any so case for the brotherhood to operate the years to deliver a sting that will last a rebuke about egypt's track record when it comes to he will rise was the late senator mccain. are we likely to see anyone who would step in the near future under the trump ministrations to try to change the course of things. i don't think there's any hope for expecting anything from the white house because frankly i
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think and domestic level trump himself is an authoritarian and the only thing that's keeping him from being as severe as other authoritarians are the institutions within the united states and the press and civil society which is precisely why sisi has gone after and tried to destroy the free press and civil society in egypt and by the way it's not only the muslim brotherhood that he has effectively chua but it's also the self identified liberals of egypt who now have no political space to have meaningful political parties in fact during ramadan and if tar dinner was attacked by the police that was hosted by a bunch of liberal parties so the plan in egypt is we don't want any competition any type of political activity whatsoever going back to the u.s. i think unfortunately in congress right now most congressional leaders are either focused on the domestic arena and trying to switch the congress to be more democratic controlled by the democratic party and very few of them are globally
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focused so i don't expect much pressure from the u.s. government but i do want to know one thing we have twenty american citizens in egypt in jails right now and what is our government doing to protect them and to ensure that they are getting fair due process trials. as one of them who is in new york city taxi driver and was at the wrong place at the wrong time during the rabbi massacres we have all we who is the daughter of the share of the we know she is a u.s. green card holder she is not a citizen but she has children that are u.s. citizens and she lived much of her life in the u.s. she's in jail for retaliation against her father and we have again twenty american citizens and i i cannot believe that the trumpet ministration does not care about its own citizens and what signal does this send about the value of u.s. citizenship abroad in front of these dictators i'm a good speaker. muted international response could be an indication that leaders
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across the board are trying to tell the muslim brotherhood and the activists in egypt you have to leave that chapter behind and move forward and that's ultimately you have to face reality which is basically that the military establishment and the fatah has sisi of the ones who call the final shots well there is no reality to look forward to there is no space for any democratic participation easy is basically trying to convert the country into a whole blown military. dictatorship there is no we can be a should in any way shape or form and he doesn't seem to allow to be thumbs based at least for some sort of control and then there is no room for any disagreement though i don't know what they would be a any political activist. moment ok if it's a ridiculous notion that mohammed thomas was quite interesting that we have the latest
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developments in egypt the establishment does not seem to tolerate opposition that does not this is how we should not necessarily confined to the islamists or to the muslim brotherhood we've seen the case of a son who was sent to jail just because he was seen as a potential rival bustle muscle. going in or sent to jail because they express their views what does it tell about the about about it ceases situation in egypt. you know i think as somebody mentioned previously he's obviously in secure i mean i think that's that's one of the. the messages here and one of the lessons that we can that we can learn but i think the other thing i think the bigger issue is that the egyptian military establishment and the security forces in general learned a very valuable lesson during the arab spring and in particular in egypt in two thousand and eleven when hosni mubarak the thirty year dictator was ousted there
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the lesson that they learned unfortunately for four egyptian citizens is that the government hadn't been harsh enough and so they're really trying to sort of. be more repressive more authoritarian than the mobarak government ever was and that's why we see all of these unprecedented human rights abuses. this is the buffaloes me i mean the government schools to build and your capital in the desert encourages investors to come in and tourists to pick up a good tourism to pick up a pickup a gun in his country but how can you achieve that when the a track record is it's contested child is by the international community. and i think that is effectively his weak spot both domestically and internationally so internationally egypt needs to have a good reputation particularly to attract tourists the last thing it needs is to be seen as an unsafe place or a place that is repressive in
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a way that could cause already sensitive tourists not to want to go there and that's where i think she should be reconsidering his practices and domestically domestically his weakness is economic the inflation rate is officially at thirteen percent i think more effectively it's in the twenty's and thirty's unemployment at eleven percent officially when you look at people under the age of thirty five it goes up to twenty percent you have many college students or college graduates who are now driving goober because that is the only way to make money they have no employment prospects and inflation is up wages are stagnant he's now starting to increase taxes the value added taxes through income taxes and the egyptian people are starting to become very resentful and that is one area where you are hearing open dissent against him so if the egyptian government wants this be smart about its governance at the very least it needs to ensure that it develops its economy
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and violating human rights does not assisted in that objective much good with seen over the last year as president of the us is defying some of his closest aides and promoting a new restrictions old media particularly the new law about social media accounts of the fact that if you have more than five thousand followers on twitter for example then you would be monitored by a particular body in is of some of the storage journalists who are defending c.c. have recently been we talking here about a new transformation in is it or what was it in particular. well it's very hard to tell because the regime is quite let they. all pick but however it is very clear that that that he is thinking more of a hard line and that he becoming more and more.
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repressive especially after the election so it seems to be a general direction and the general policy were even inside and then within the regime it is no longer tolerate ok i mean don't you think that this also begs another question about being realistic in egypt to particularly come so the muslim brotherhood is also they don't seem to have supporters anymore all over the world the facing harsh reality they've been completely undermined the top leadership is in jail. we haven't seen the old people on the streets for quite some time is this the moment for the n b to start reinventing itself. i don't know how how successful they would be you know doing that right now that as i mentioned earlier they've been they've been pretty much completely buried they've lost members either through death or imprisonment some people have left the
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organization i think that it's you know ideally this would be a time for the muslim brotherhood to you know to do some soul searching and to try to reinvent itself but how does one reinvent himself or herself in such a closed and repressive environment they are officially banned muslim brotherhood supporters or people who are known to have been brotherhood members are not even allowed to run for office in egypt as independent candidates so how can you reinvent yourself in that context in less than thirty seconds. and international who are wise organizations now step in and try to change things it is just a police change the perception that was seen internationally about what's happening absolutely i think international human rights organizations have access to the media they can mobilize citizens in the west where there is more democratic
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processes they can give a platform to egypt sions and other arabs who seek reform within their countries and give them a voice and human rights has always been the underdog and the only way that you fight for justice is to take risks and so i think this is exactly the time when the international human rights community needs to step up and challenge these dictators so has the. good model it's always good to talk to you looking forward to seeing you in the near future and thank you to force you to see the program again and it's by visiting our website. dot com. for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for us last inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter and there is a inside story. on the whole team here and. as
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we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to become if it's closure on the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera. conservation is helping to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote
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nature reserve of site a chat touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species and instantly shifting news cycle they receive in change in america tweet the listening post takes and questions the wild need the devil will be in the details the kind that cannot be conveyed in two hundred eighty characters or fewer exposing how the press operates it is their language is their culture it's their context and why certain stories take precedence while others are ignored we can have a better understanding of how news is created we're going to have
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a better understanding of what the news is the listening post on al-jazeera. hello i'm a fiend dennis in doha with the headlines here it out is there more than one child is attracted to die every minute from hunger in war zones this year that's according to save the children the charity is warning that starvation is now frequently used as a weapon of war. libyan security forces have regained control of their headquarters the state oil firms off the gunman stormed the building at least four people were killed comes off the u.n. brokered talks between armed groups vying for control of the capital agreed to stop the fighting mahmud up to one head has more from tripoli. five masked gunmen stormed the headquarters of the national oil corporation and.


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