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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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around the building monitoring anyone who enters or exits three days have passed since renowned journalist jamal khashoggi went missing after entering the concert it's a process paper work on friday photo journalists and human rights activists gathered to demand his release they believe that the saudi authorities kidnapped him and are either holding him hostage inside the building or have secretly sent him abroad a man who they don't know what it's like that in general is what he wants is the freedom of democracy he entered the building of the consulate he has to get out of there safe and sound the turkish government has to take action and take care of democracy because tucker sovereignty has been violated. has written a great deal about human rights abuses carried out by his country's government since the rise of crown prince mohammed bin sandman he's a regular columnist for the washington post it published friday's edition with a blank section where hershel she's writing would have appeared. his fiance spoke to al-jazeera over the phone about what's happened last tuesday. jamal went into
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the consulate and i was waiting near the door the appointment was at one pm after a few hours no one came to me they were supposed to come and get the phone from me but no one came i went to the door and asked security it was almost three pm security told me no one was inside and that maybe i didn't pay attention when jamal lift i called the consulate a saudi man answered and he told me they closed and that no one is inside and you shouldn't wait here. joins us now from istanbul and similar any word on whether turkey will take saudi up on its offer to search the consulate. well till now the turkish authorities have been pretty tight lipped. with regards to what they plan to do and how they plan to deal with this situation which fosli is turning into aside from one of forced disappearance and obviously the concern
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surrounding german officials here but also a diplomatic crisis to say the least because what's going on is the longer that is disappeared the longer people do not know his whereabouts the more it becomes clear that turkish sovereignty has essentially been. there's been an affront on it now the texture authorities it seems are trying to bytes higham a trying to use their back channels with the result to try and find a way out of this where it doesn't seem that the saudi authorities have essentially conducted the crime on turkish soil because according to some sources within the saudi opposition namely in the last syrian others who are pretty renowned in terms of saudi circles they claim to have evidence or at least inform information stipulates that jamal wasn't deed renditioned forcibly taken out of turkey by the saudi authorities and is currently in custody in saudi arabia now obviously we're
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still waiting for some sort of independent verification for this laura but as you can see on the one hand you have the personal concern around. rights are and journalists and people basically rightfully wanting to make sure that he is safe but on the other hand there is a close monitoring of how this plays out because up until now turkey and saudi arabia even though they have been on different sides of sorts and conflicts and crises like for example the g.c.c. crisis they have maintained a good diplomatic relationship between the true and if indeed she doesn't appear very soon or if she does appear outside of turkey then we can look forward to. to a. significant downgrade or at least a crisis in the diplomatic relationship between ankara and riyadh and we saw a small process a resolution process that by journalists on friday what pressure is that only.
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what we've had human rights watch come out and demand saudi arabia disclose his whereabouts obviously the onus legally speaking is on the saudis to come out and say where he is because the last time he was seen and what is independently verified was him walking into saudi territory namely the consulates in istanbul turkey so there has been calls by other. renowned journalist both in the united states as well as europe and other places actually around the world calling for his safe release and soon for the saudis to disclose his whereabouts but so far governments haven't really come out some put their weights behind it's in the end of the day saudi arabia enjoys a lot of. let's say. it's given a lot of slack in the international community in the international scene because of the billions of dollars it continues to pump into the u.s. economy as well as the british economy and other wall superpowers and therefore if
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this was to happen say in another country maybe let's say for example was the iranian embassy you probably would have had other governments come out and demand that person's release but because saudi arabia does enjoy that friendly relationship with those countries so far we haven't seen that kind of hard hitting the mond from superpowers or world organizations world of like the united nations and others the money kids release. reporting that from istanbul thanks to mouth. plenty more still ahead here on this news hour including a surprise move by china's immigration authorities raising new questions about media freedoms and hong kong and. you could be inside syria and a couple of steps you're in iraq i was on a big job ahead and i'll tell you what the iraqi security forces with the help of the u.s. led coalition are doing just to man the border to boost the local economy. and in support. for you to deny allegations of sexual assaults job we have the latest.
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police in france are investigating the disappearance of the president of interpol the international police agency home way hasn't been heard of since he flew home to china late last month he was china's vice minister of public security before he joined interpol and jim brown has this update from beijing. well so far china's government has said absolutely nothing about the disappearance of monk home way the first chinese citizen to become head of interpol state controlled media is so far not reporting this story either and any mention of his name on social media is being deleted that is i think a reflection of just how sensitive this cases but in hong kong the south china morning post newspaper which has connections to the chinese government has been
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offering more information it says sources have told them that mung was taken away after his plane landed in beijing it's believed he left france on september the twenty fifth and that he was taken away to an undisclosed destination and that he was now quote under investigation although it's not specified what he's being investigated for now before monk took up his position with interpol in two thousand and sixteen he had been a vice minister of the public security bureau that made him a very powerful man now some important context his boss had been a man who was jailed three years ago for corruption joe young had been basically the j. edgar hoover of chinese politics the securities are of china and then in two thousand and sixteen another vice minister of public security was also jailed for corruption
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so there is a pattern emerging it is quite possible the monk found himself on the wrong side of the political divide in china at a time when president xi jinping is intensifying his anti corruption crackdown. hong kong's emigration has refused to renew that these are of a prominent hot foreign journalist raising concerns of a clampdown on the city's press freedom this is being linked to an event that journalists hosted involving independence activists in august seventh are part and has been at the immigration department where people are demanding answers. ok i tell my family i'm not going to jail very many are calling it a revenge tactic victor mallet asked vice president of the foreign per spawn and club had defied the beijing government to ban the hong kong government's objections and refused to cancel an event involving an independence activists are now so you said the political party funded by that independence activist has been banned under
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national security grounds that's the first time that's ever happened and just weeks later when mallett went to renew his work visa right was rejected right here trying to encourage over the past few years the process of just deterioration of freedom has been accepted rating and it just want us and we should. do international community of a homegrown people always very angry about the section but we still feel pressed they are working here with freedom and they should be respect the. what used to story the protesters are calling this a disgrace they say the journalist is being punished for not toeing the government line going was now this is an alarming development particularly for the media community hong kong has always been a base for foreign journalists where they can operate without restrictions and the visa regime here has always been seen as transparent and fair for the financial times the amount of work says this is the first time they've encountered such a problem it was not believed
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a lot of here home people like me who was born and raised in hong had never thought that one day the international media would be expelled from hong kong like that we believe that such things would only happen in china hong kong has semi autonomous status and enjoys freedoms not seen across the border in mainland china but since landmark twenty fourteen pro-democracy protests the chinese government and hong kong governments have made on precedented moves to limits political activity and freedom of expression raising fears that it's just a matter of time before hong kong becomes just like any. other cities in china questioning is as throw director at hong kong free press as a nonprofit online newspaper and he joins us by skype from hong kong good to have you with us just how unusual is it in hong kong for a foreign journalist me tonight a visa. as the financial times put it never happened. it was a very first time at least of all reason that we have heard of journalists being
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not able to use is it renewed there were cases of people who were not able to get into court but never the case of a journalist who has been in hong kong being more or less expose the case has been connected to this events where the foreign correspondents club hosted activists that beijing didn't want to have a public platform but do you think we're going to see more cases like this of people going to be more cautious in the future. main point of this is that during to talk and for a while before to talk the activist party was completely be all the talk is so what's legal what whatever mr about mullet what's the eagle so the government has to explain what is the legal ground for not renewing these but the government has said it will not usually not comment on individual cases so we will probably never
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have an official answer what was the reason and so that will need to your question whether people who while the self sense in the situation i am i suppose some may because it's very hard to. told the so-called red line set by beijing because it's moving every day and no one knows where it will actually be yesterday it was independence today it may be some other school idea and some are already already worrying that traditional pro-democracy group who actually supports democracy in china would be banned as long as they're a fan that this policy of one country two systems is starting to exist only on paper i believe some people call it one country one point five system and the value is slowly decreasing because we have seen more and more cases day by the way that beijing doesn't seem to be. abiding by promises through the
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democracy or so-called freedom especially impressed freedom has promised to hong kong but it's soley turning into a court not the chinese city how upset have people about this the aside from the relatively small vocal protesters that we see coming out onto the streets now and generally what what the hong kong is fail about this encroachments from the mainland. a fink for the protests because it was the very short notice and they have been asked to do it yesterday and they have to protest this morning. but even though hong kong people are sort of been tired of coming out to protest more or less every week so there's a lot of things to protest about but in the minds probably they have a lot of questions over doubts a lot of anger about how hong kong has changed since the last twenty one years since the end of the night and so. they thought they were promised
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a un change or at least slightly a change system within fifty years of the promised time so that they can keep their weight off line so to speak and shrine in the cities detect a constitution court a basic law you know they can keep their way of life that change slowly up there and it's happening in the past and faster pace. with the ever more difficult international situation where maybe china with the u.s. with britain. who also has shown in this control officer saying hold up must explain which is quite a new thing for the british to say oh we'll see if we hear anything from the hong kong government christian thanks very much for taking the time to join us that from him. pakistan's opposition leader shareef has been jailed for ten days for alleged links to a housing scam in two thousand and fourteen sharif was arrested on friday and the
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whore and his attention means he'll not be able to campaign for him for his party by elections next week and there's activists from his pakistan muslim league and now as posse gathered in support outside the court he's the brother of the ousted prime minister now why sharif and his sentence this year to ten years and present for corruption. he was secretary of states as in japan coordinating strategy on achieving saving a nuclear free north korea not a meeting prime minister shinzo of a might compare was jus in north korea for a second round of talks with kim jong un the us wants progress after he agreed to denuclearize the korean peninsula during the singapore summit with donald trump in june. and. just. killing of a black teenager protest in chicago is found guilty of murder plus.
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behind the attack on the democratic republic of congo and leads in notorious for dozens of armed groups. and to end sports things get a little he said ahead of the biggest fights in history. by the sky. or off the coast of the italian riviera. it has been a pretty stormy place in the last week or so we have the medication that is built up into this as in the aegean the more recent the more familiar circulation around a low pressure a bit further west is cause flash flooding in sicily water running through the streets of the capital quite extensive though low level flooding in southern italy and even now it's still running up in the mountains were good report of three
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hundred millimeters this seems a bit excessive to me but you get the idea a lot of rain falling in one place more recently last twenty four hours as we've seen both the cost of this is. going to be to any of this flooding in twenty four hours after thunderstorms will cause flash flooding now the thing is moving slowly this low as we sit here with the rain where you sort and focus on this coast of croatia and up towards slovenia in the next two days i think that's going to be where the heaviest rain falls the circulation itself so continues to bring rain to italy and eventually up into the us this is still a warm environment we are changing from late summer to or seven early winter slowly but not so much in this part of europe in fact the picture of a good part of central east europe is quite warm weather twenty four vienna and still zurich at twenty two but in twenty four hours time that's rather different.
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again you're watching al-jazeera has a reminder of all top stories this hour and dimensional authorities have issued new warnings about the possible outbreak of disease with rescue workers continuing to find more bodies and body parts and the rubble if i shal death toll from last week's of quake and tsunami stands at sixteen hundred and fifty. years president the u.s. supreme court has narrowed he cleared a procedural vote in the senate as the final. confirmation is expected on saturday the publican say an f.b.i. investigation didn't find any evidence supporting sexual misconduct allegations
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against him. police in france are investigating the disappearance of the president of the international police agency bunghole way hasn't been heard of since he flew home to china late last month he was china's vice minister of public security before he joined interpol. more now on our top story the devastation and unease after last week's earthquake and tsunami under thomas has more from palu where he's been following the. around the city now i have to go through some most people who need it many thousands of people are still living out in the open air or in tents they're afraid to go back into damage times it's like that happens it's all because of the risk of optus jokes but they all get seen now plenty of drinking water plenty of like sick food like rice and noodles here in the city yeah it has to go through is a different case when you go after some of the provinces there's going to pick up or at the airport old a saturday as there was a friday trying to assess from the villages the health even of the villages itself
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the damage to the council for mistakes he said they need supplies to come in now you talked about the operation is an exact science here now not yet but the rescue is that we can see that there no longer looking for survivors and i challenge anybody still alive more that we. can tsunami struck but they all still looking for bodies here at the shopping center in the center of town at the railroad hotel which was completely destroyed by the earthquake thirty three bodies of i get out from their excitable number that i bring out each day windle one sipar on saturday while we were there in the two out here on friday yesterday they brought out three in that raid alone and that already was lower than the day because you can see how the number of bodies as they are digging into that rubble. people in iraq's western a struggling to lay build their lives months off of the defeats of i still the army says attacks in the area still continue sporadically which is delaying rebuilding
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efforts and there are ten of many residents. had reports from al came on the a rocky syrian border. this road leads to the syrian capital damascus i'll climb is the last iraqi town before entering syria and all to the last place where i see fighters were pushed out from. that's why security forces here keep an eye on who goes in and out with. the term is secured by dozens of checkpoints by. still there are small groups which pop up here and try to disrupt security and stability of the town. just a third of all crimes quarter of a million residents remain because of security concerns and slow reconstruction said to much more commom to what we're wasting for basic services to be restored but so far nothing's happened we call on the authorities to speed up play work to bring us walks and electricity and everyone knows that we have no service and we depend on private generators it costs ten dollars per ampere and we can't afford it
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most of us are unemployed and we can't find jobs. iraqi forces know their long term success after isis defeat depends on providing solutions in these remote towns and villages in. the people witness eyesores destruction atrocities that's why it's key to strengthen the relationship between the forces and locals we have with security forces sometimes have flaws but the ministry of defense intelligence and military establishment are closely monitoring whoever tries to do bad things and to create the relationship between us and the people the fear and lack of opportunities are shared across. the vast desert which was ruled by eisel and even in the greener pastures on the banks of the euphrates. these women told us that their relatives went missing in their isis and it's a struggle every day to put food on the table further upstream is the syrian end of the river euphrates very. still hold a few pockets the syrian democratic forces are not side and the iraqi security
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forces on this and have been able to clear almost all areas from isis but the question remains whether they'll be able to maintain the peace after winning the war. this meter fluctuates with the wind instead of electricity the biggest challenge here is rebuilding stripped underground cables and power generators for copper and brass now millions of dollars are required to restart just this substation which used to cater for three districts and. people on a daily basis keep asking us how we have progress in restoring the power grid people are fed up from displacement and want to go back home they want incentives and hope this is only achieved by getting power back people in a long time say electricity and water of life and they need it desperately in conversations their worries outweigh their hopes but in the end they say hope is all they can hold on to osama bin job. on the iraq syria border. a rebel
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attack on a. democratic republic of congo has killed six people including soldiers and civilians. reports. the relatives of those killed in the day the brother of one of the victims was caught up in the attack. on the bus or that we heard heavy gunfire we ran for cover behind the house a group of about eight armed fighters told us to lie on the ground they said if we refused they will kill us all but the city of beni is in north kivu province dozens of armed groups operating in the area including the allied democratic forces which is believed to be behind this latest attack originally a uganda rebel group they've been rooted in the d.l.c. through a national park for twenty is they were treated that after a failed bid to turn uganda into an islamic state. the a.d.f. has a brutal reputation it's blamed for hundreds of civilian deaths in beni of the last
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three years as well as mass rape and recruiting child soldiers people living there say president joseph kabila the government has abandoned them. we are tired of this if the government has already sold this country and they should compensate us and we leave how can it be possible for civilians to be killed in the city of beni where you have the congolese army and the united nations base here. people have been struggling to deal with an outbreak of the abode of virus but where conflict is complicating the response science is helping it dozens of people are being treated with experimental new drugs for the first time but people always say want protection from the a.t.f. revenues and say they've had enough of the government's broken promises victory gayton be. even better once again out on the streets protesting the
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march in support of the government was organized by the bolivarian socialist party others protested against my door is wrong they say present mismanagement of the economy has led to shortages of food running water electricity and medicine tens of thousands of violence violence have already fled to neighboring countries. both says and that's in america's largest democracy will be heading to the polls on sunday as one of the most divisive elections and brazil's since the end of the military dictatorship more than three decades ago polls put leftists fernando had to add second to his far right wyvil jab also narrow but it's an uphill task as he tries to distance his party from corruption allegations in america as they see a new man has more from sao paulo. this son of lebanese immigrants to brazil could not be more different than the left wing legend whose place he is running for president of latin america's largest country less than a month ago former south paolo merrifield nanda head dad was received national
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press running mate a soft spoken academic by the side of the popular in charismatic former president but with lula now barred from running as he serves a twelve year sentence for corruption and dad has been forced to step into his shoes if he can. we have received a mission from president lula mission to look into the eyes of the people and remind them of the time when together we built a very different country. the dad was listened to cation minister promises to return to the days when the workers' party implemented social programs such as did millions of brazilians from poverty that memory has helped transfer some of lula's popularity to had. especially on the industrial outskirts of sao paolo with the workers' party was born because. the p.t.s.d. part of the working class that gave us dignity before d.p. we had no access to credit cards we always took buses never an airplane. living
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with ice doesn't know much about had that only whom he represents. had dads biggest strength is also his biggest weakness he needs the support of these workers who are part of a lot of hard core support base but that means he can't this isn't some self from a former president who millions of other brazilians identify with his country's worst ever a corruption scandal. that himself is under investigation for taking illegal campaign contributions in two thousand and twelve a charge he denies and although he's regarded as a moderate within his left wing party it's a hard sell. i think a dog is no fool and would not be a toy in the hands of his mentor but right now he needs to stick to image to make it to the second round. but as his followers chant lula is her dad and her dad is lula the unlikely candidate has little time to convince the
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undecided that he wouldn't be the puppet of an imprisoned former president you see in human. final campaign rallies in bosnia and herzegovina being held ahead of sunday's presidential elections concerns have been raised about the divisive rhetoric used by political parties in the run up to the vote the country has one of the most complex political structures in the world three presidents one one crowd and one boss that powers. have been a number of high profile cases in the us recently where white police officers have sauce and killed a young black men yet think few police officers or of a convict for these incidents but on friday a jury and chicago which had a different result that's one hundred reports right there it's the verdict that for weeks put an anxious and divided city on edge we've been hearing the band day and guilty of second degree. a white chicago police officer jason van dyke was found
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guilty of the killing of a black teen a crime that carries a sentence of up to twenty years in prison then sixteen times ok but i've heard that there's more than one for each bullet he fired into a seventeen year old like kwan mcdonald in two thousand and fourteen van dyke was convicted of aggravated battery with a firearm the teen was armed with a knife later found closed and shown walking away on police video it was van dyck who emptied the chamber the only officer to fire when video of the killing emerged a year later protesters filled the streets the trial featured cheery sometimes testy testimony from the first chicago police officer charged with murder in decades. his attorney mounted in impassioned argument and dropped that knife. he'd be here today but prosecutors argued that van dyke had planned to shoot before
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he got out of his car why mcdonald was never going to walk home that night. the defendant did i did that on the way to the scene chicago which still bears some scars from the infamous one nine hundred sixty eight riots was prepared for an outcry the city's twelve thousand police officers were on alert many of them already deployed around the city as protesters began to gather at city hall officers had a one hundred fifty page contingency plan demonstrators had planned to shut chicago down a vandyke were not convicted instead they celebrate. everywhere across the concert recedes police injustice is happening the buck stops here chicago and we pray and we hope that this is a race in encouraged me now only to the city of chicago but all cities across the mirror. the verdict put the city police on notice that the
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residents or chicago will no longer simply accept police shootings of young black men john hendren al jazeera chicago. one thousand street performers in new york are on song and on track and using an old railway line to voice how changes in society are affecting us all since the name explains. the mile long opera consists of one thousand singers from all five boroughs of new york city and stretches through one of its newest and most popular parks. called the high line it's built on what was formerly an elevated railroad track. the audience is invited to move between the groups and singers as you walk on the high line the different stories you hear were inspired by interviews with workers from all walks. there's no musical accompaniment just the sounds of the street. i really want to make music out of all these
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a thousand people singing their.


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