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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  January 3, 2019 3:32am-4:00am +03

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since and may. they have no leader no manifesto no political party and no candidate yet five months before election day for the european parliament france's main political parties a nervous about what they call the yellow vest effect. was eating you up by the but there's no political party that can decide on the out of the people we are the french people that fall for the land and we continue the struggle no political party is above the french people. honestly i'm not going to fight because i don't want to fight the people who look down on us who talk to us disrespectfully who just buy something and leave us alone anonymous you aisy one of the protesters strongest demands after tax relief is for direct democracy referendums rather than more elected representatives that worries e.u. leaders just forty percent of french people voted in the last european elections there is a real crisis stuff for presentation and europe is part of it in particular
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as the european parliament is not so well known by most people it's important to. show much better what true up is doing for people for all people from a high of three hundred thousand protesters nationwide in november to thirty thousand by the end of the year there may be far fewer yellow vests willing to take to the streets every week but polls consistently show support for more than seventy percent of french people support the political parties are trying to harness actually saying you know there's one thing i think that we can from or there are topics on the table meaning what actually is in europe it is your opening and that's for them on the euro on a day to day basis only one opinion poll has tested how yellow vest candidates might fare in new york election and it suggested they'd win twelve percent of the vote and almost all last would be at the expense of the far left and far right the
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same polls are not. the public. whatever. the biggest problem might be. which is so far resisted attempts to create a leadership but it's made. some news coming to us from washington d.c. where u.s. president donald trump has said that he will keep the government shutdown and place for as long as it takes there is of course a partial government shutdown in place in the u.s. it's been there for the last twelve days after the u.s. congress has not been able to agree on a budget. thing on the billion dollars from the budget to build a wall along the border with mexico and the democrats are not agreeing to this we will have more on that for you as it becomes available to us but still ahead on. the bruins and the blackhawks and the class a contest the action one of america's spectacle.
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it is time to score when they are now in with starting and we are just down the street from us actually tennis world number one novak djokovic has advanced to the could tar open quarter finals but the two time champion in doha didn't get there without some slip ups the survey's hungary's martin savidge the world number thirty stunned his more a lustrous opponent by taking the first set six four so djokovic was able to fight his way back after taking the second set six four he wrapped up the third in
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a comfortable fashion six one will play georges nicholas and then the in the quarter finals. seventeen time grand slam winner refound the doll pulled out of the brisbane international on the advice of his medical team meanwhile defending champion nick kyrgios almost missed out on the event himself after being bitten by a spider last week it was not an ideal lead up but the australian still competed against unseated jeremy chardy for a place in the quarter finals it seemed to be going well for curios who challenge the serve in typical fashion. and was proved right but after taking the opening set seven six he was bundled out fairly quickly in the next two sets charlie goes through to the quarter finals while that last drops curious out of the top fifty in the world and means he'll miss out on the scene at the australian open in melbourne . another home favorite john millman broken grigor dimitrov twice in the second set but ultimately it was the bulgarian who triumphed to reach the quarter finals
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it's good progress for demitra who had a four twenty eight season. hoping even more australian attention right now as a potentially history making cricket test in sydney redoubts kohli is hoping to lead his indian team to their first series when in australia there are two one going into thursday's fourth and final test and the skipper says they'll be battling more than just the home side's eleven led by a wicket keeper tempting. reason the way we want to win this this does because we understand as cricketers how difficult it is to come here and play and as i said hi d.s. today it's not only the team you're playing against it's the whole nation you know because they get behind the team so well. and you when you walk into that you feel like the forty thousand people who are going to be good not just the eleven guys on the feels. my thing for us is that we're improving i think we're showing signs of getting better and i think in the last test was down pat as dean said the world's
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foremost goal is going to start and showed that they can succeed at this level. this test is going to be real focus from embedding group we are going to meet test matches without scoring hundred so that's something we've spoken about something we really came to improve in address cyclists chris froome says he will not defend his gerrard italia title this year the britain who won his third straight grand tour title with a win at the jiro in may says he'll focus on clinching a record equalling fifth tour de france instead and there will be six matches in the english premier league on a wednesday night with fourth place chelsea at home to southampton huddersfield but host a bottom of the table battle with burnley while the team of the moment manchester united under caretaker manager ole gunnar sol shire travel to newcastle and meanwhile liverpool will be in action and high profile top of the table clash with manchester city on thursday jurgen klopp side leads the standings currently and could go ten points clear of city if they win. it's the third of january
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so really it's an it's a very very very important game for both teams obviously and i would use it as motivation for the other team if you are that these are these kind of six point games it's like it is to play against each other you can go it pretty much in all directions that's how it is and it's a motivation for them one hundred percent so they will be ready and we have to make sure that we already that's all i can figure out imagine so what happened in the pies is going to happen in the future so live in time when we want a lot of games and that doesn't of the means that it's going to happen in the future have the feeling everybody can beat us but also have the feeling of we can beat everybody. to n.b.a. now or call you leonard had a career high forty five points as he led the toronto raptors to a one twenty two one sixteen went over the utah jazz on tuesday the portland trail
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blazers rallied for nine points down with three minutes left of the fourth quarter to pull off an overtime win over the sacramento kings they mean lowered made twenty five points six rebounds and at six assists. joel embiid was back with a seventy six ers after covering from a sore knee even still he scored twenty points in one thousand rebounds to lift philadelphia to a one thousand one thirteen victory over the los angeles clippers. the n.h.l. winter classic is an annual spectacle but this year the boston bruins and chicago blackhawks went face to face in the new year's game kevin calvert reports six needed to sideshow to the real shocker there which is in our field today not a dime stadiums the venue home of the football team known as the fighting irish people. so naturally you get a liberal call and leaving out the lineups attention to the leprechaun and putting on a sign before but also he went down like a power window and the good thing is he got right back up as you know most
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leprechauns do to fires people who start out for the serious section of the stats were against the chicago blackhawks they haven't won in four winter classic appearances plus there was just one victory in five outdoor games but it brought a stock. and a second in the second period. there was but new year's day was going to be the day of the boston bruins recording on the path in the last period. and making it bleak for the black coach brett much shown sealing a four to one in the final seconds. sitting in the scene for another touch of showmanship from the team who are fans of the t.v. show peaky blinders players just like the british gangsters for the post match to
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news conference if you want to win those games when you're in the big stage like going oh it's a regular season game but still you know the meaning is different when you're playing from riverside so the six thousand people in and on national t.v. i think these are the experiences we want to go to with a hockey career you can look back it might be that you're part of it and temperatures those moments the buffeting salute from a peak performance given count but zero. and it was white out conditions for the mass start cross-country world cup in germany it really was a nice start but you know ever stand up norway was able to make his way through the fifteen kilometer track and come out on top but only by a hair second place went to russia. that's all your sport for now back to you as well and lank you very much for that now finally this is not too often that the walls of silence come together but that is exactly what's on offer and the latest exhibition of dutch. even if you don't recognize his name it is likely that
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you've seen his work and one of the largest collections of it is now on display at the u.s. reports from new york. his name was mauer it's corny this as sure but most people know him simply by his last name he's considered one of the world's most famous graphic artists his work about fantasy mathematical shapes and playing with our perceptions he died in one thousand nine hundred seventy two but the percentage sketches and designs by the dutch born innovator are still considered by the scientific community as remarkable something more than just pencil and paper art as it is works what actually the very modern it's very hard to believe that this is computers prove digital age they're very modern look then and it's also there's that math science engineering part of the brain that intersects here with art so it appeals to such a wide range of people the largest collection of asher's art for the first time on
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display in the united states more than two hundred works shown at the industry city complex in brooklyn new york an exhibition that is also an experience. this is an exhibit that very much welcomes the visitor to reflect on as sure as reality altering concepts and exhibit very much for the instagram generation. hash tag escher n.y.c. and it's clear the fun the visitors are having with the interactive part of this exhibit it's not the type of exhibition you're just walking around you're actually experiencing at the putting yourself a little bit into ashes world and getting sort of a glimpse of what his mind how his mind worked but even for the younger generations that didn't know a shared by name his art concepts can be found in popular culture from album covers to advertising. and also featured in the simpsons.
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for an artist who was way ahead of his time who had an eye for the unusual that is still appreciated today. new york. short films of hope and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human.
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it's the first day of school in bob an elementary school in mosul. this school is a military base firing rocket propelled grenades on mall to a nearby if falsus. most helpful in what it is like to be a school up to three years war. six year old sala. s. like his home almost wiped out his entire family he now lives in the popular destroyed house with his father and grandfather. while the profess his son for the first day in school is hopeful making new friends would hope is that a company. the week began with views of
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a ninety day truce in the tip attack us china trade will the supply of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil and content we bring you the stories that the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on ounces iraq. president trump prepares to meet republican and democratic leaders seeking to end the twelve day partial government shutdown. alone barbara sorry you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up two women make history in india defying a centuries old back and entering
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a hindu temple the spike months of protests in the easier it begins two thousand and nineteen dealing with yet another natural disaster after a series of landslides kills at least fifteen people plus. they are not under it in thirty million dollars that's a lot of money you know it's free though not bombing. that felix's criticize for blocking an episode of the comedy show patriot act in saudi arabia after the kingdom complained. thank you for joining us in the next hour president trump will meet congressional leaders from both sides of the of the house for a border security briefing from says u.s. homeland security officials will make a plea for a southern border war with mexico this is the twelfth day of a partial u.s. government shutdown triggered by his demand for five billion dollars in funding
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there's a reason why politicians are wealthy people build walls around their houses or their car. president obama recently built a wall around his compound as a reason for and i don't blame. we're in a shutdown because democrats refuse to fund the border security. they try and make it like it's just about the wall and it is about the wall i said over the weekend to a number of people that you know the wheel the wall there are some things that never get old it's never going to change the wall is your number one point of security if we had a wall and we will. well let's get more of this from shepparton see in washington d.c. a what are we expecting or perhaps hoping might come out of this meeting she has. hopes a pretty low bar but what i keep hearing from democratic sources is stunts this is
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an attempt by i don't trump to seize that p.r. p.r. initiative in all of this the meeting will be held in the heavily secure situation room in the basement of the white house it's not being billed as negotiations but a briefing on border security by key security officials the head of department of the department of homeland security the head of ice immigration and customs enforcement head of customs and border protection who will and this is all part of that the optics of suggesting there's this enormous emergency at the southern border we should always remember that illegal crossings at the southern border are in fact an all time or historical lows in the united states nonetheless this is a key plank of donald trump's argument that the moment there's an emergency of drugs and rapists and criminals crossing over so it's unlikely to be received terribly well by the democrats nancy pelosi and chuck schumer because they know all the facts they do good part of the government to they get these briefings so the
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indications are that nothing necessarily will be resolved in this meeting except for having the opportunity to have this the optics of trying to to explain to the democrats who don't seem to realize that the emergency on the way and so it does look at the partial government shutdown could continue remind us what the impact of that is in the united states. we're back to eight hundred thousand federal workers. although four hundred thousand or so are in fact working without pay they deemed essential three hundred eighty thousand of that really begin to impact the next couple of weeks or so when the next paycheck is due it's not that i mean if that doesn't come through that's when they will really begin to suffer but even beyond that there are plenty of but at the lower income workers who low income communities who are reliant on the federal government for services at the moment there are indications that things are still funded there is
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still funding for the moment for a lot of essential services like food stamps and the like but the longer this goes on this gets really really dangerous and really critical for very vulnerable communities not to mention the overflowing trash cans even outside the white house currently or the national zoo or the smithsonian institute the museums and all the support services and also rely on having a federal economy of sorts and i mean what we what we know is though that on thursday the democrats intend to introduce legislation to reopen the government in the house but the senate says they were then pick up those bills for a vote in the senate unless they have assurances from donald trump that he will sign off on them and that's not clear yet so at the moment everything still remains in the shipwreck hansie with the latest from washington following those developments for us thank you.
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two women in india have defied religious hardliners and entered one of the world's largest hindu pilgrimage sites this sub ramallah temple doesn't allow women menstruating age inside the shrine despite a ruling by india's supreme court lifting the ban the move by the two women has led to protests and the backlash from conservative hindu groups or such a party has the latest. under the cover of darkness and escorted by police these two women defied religious hardliners by entering one of hindu isms holiest shrines the shop a remote temple in the southern state of carola which attracts millions of worshippers ear their historic move is backed by india's supreme court which in september ordered the authorities to lift the ban on women or girls between the ages of ten and fifty from entering the temple. but the temples authorities refused so by by the court's ruling and subsequent attempts by women to visit had been
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blocked by thousands of the booties supporting the ban conservative hindu groups say they believe women of menstruating age would defile the temples and her shrine local media is reporting the chief priest briefly shut the temple for purification rituals it isn't clear to me any issue of politics and elected in politics by am saying days after these two women ended up being a shy and day but bad day at abt atmosphere in that replay in my eyes is so peaceful that even there have been these three men bad and getting bad it not object deaded not paris is their very very base police island yeah lao industry mental war and what ship before that border. the care of a state president of the hindu nationalist party claims that these events are politically motivated the b. to be the bin thing the local government plan what happened there declared amos
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destroyed. to achieve the community's going to fold to any devious means advance abated this. on tuesday millions of women from across the state formed a six hundred twenty kilometer human chain and called it the woman's wall it's an issue that's become increasingly contentious in the run up to india's general election schedule for me. dorsetshire pari al jazeera. rescue workers in the philippines are struggling to reach areas cut off by floods and landslides which have now killed at least eighty five people storm hit shortly after christmas devastating central provinces the victims including children were mostly killed when their homes collapsed a state of calamity has been declared in three provinces to give them access to emergency funds jamil in the event has more now from manila on the rescue operations the main focus remains to be rescue and retrieval operations but
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local government officials also say the critical part here is infrastructure that is because roads and bridges leading to several areas in the beagle region have been destroyed these are critical because much needed aid needs to be brought as you know be called province this might be always at the forefront of natural disasters here is seem to be the best when it comes to emergency response in the past it has always achieved its zero casualty goal but not this time there was not even a declared typhoon but due to incessant and heavy rains several areas suffered landslide there have been triggered by flooding this is something that surprises local government officials here they had protectively evacuated more than twenty thousand people in preparation for this heavy rains but that did not stop the disaster meanwhile at least fifteen people have died in indonesia after a series of landslides in west java province twenty people are still missing but as
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mariana hond reports the rescue effort is being hampered by ongoing heavy rain and the surete of yet more landslides. the wall of mud and debris came without warning just before some seat on new year's eve. with about one hundred people live in the village of tsunamis me it slammed into the heinz burying at least thirty buildings many up to the of roofs. a long way up around to the back of my house and saw the bomb turned upside down and then be carried away by store soil so much soil coming my way very very fast at least thirty five people are thought to have been swallowed up by the landslide survivors and rescue workers for the most part using basic tools to hand and to clear the thick mud to find survivors and the deeds but this is dangerous work ongoing heavy rainfall on the
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unstable soil has triggered at least full more landslides hampering the refits soon it is me village is on the hill one of more than thirty areas within the sukhumi district that disaster relief officials head assist to be at medium to high risk if you are not a decree or policy to make sure. you use the way of relief invest is really weiss and. but that's little comfort for those whose family and friends did well still missing. that day my brother was visiting me down at the beach in the afternoon he said he wanted to return to his house i asked him to stay overnight but he said no i'm afraid of the tsunami and then i heard what happened there i came straight away to look for him. indonesia was hit by more than two and a half thousand disasters in two thousand and eighteen including earthquakes
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eruptions tsunamis and slides. this disaster on the last day of the year took the death toll for two thousand and eighteen across indonesia three thousand the highest number in more than a decade and. six people have been killed in a train crash on a bridge in the country's worst stray laxity more than thirty years the bridge where it happened connects denmark's two main islands one hundred thirty one passengers were on board a train that was heading towards the capital copenhagen when it hit the trader police say sixteen people were injured but not in critical condition fighting has intensified between different.


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