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could use of them at the point to for a sword to avenge its people slaughtered eighty eighty is he smashes the frankish shot it captures the king of tourists that he sees is the truth crawls and this is the great military victory the crusades an arab perspective of a soldier three unification of this time on a. i have never had so much support as i have in the last week over my stance for border security it's day number fourteen for the partial shutdown of the u.s. government and neither side is budging. you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in tow also coming up hundreds
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take shelter in thailand as tropical storm makes landfall bringing fears of widespread flooding and landslides. hackers target all of germany's political parties except for one on the far right. as you can see the game is only played by older generations the younger ones have different tools to play with also ahead in iraq people would gain five thousand years old struggles to survive in this age of social media. the u.s. government's partial shutdown begins day number fourteen on the deadlock over funding for president donald trump or the war appears far from over now late on thursday the new u.s. house of representatives now controlled by the democrats passed a package of bills aimed at bringing an end to the shutdown but it's likely to be blocked by the republican majority senate and the president because it does not
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include funding for a border wall along the frontier with mexico mr trump renewed his demand for the barrier saying it would stop thousands of what he called criminals from coming in also in jordan has more now from washington. do you solemnly swear it's a day of firsts for the one hundred sixteenth u.s. congress do you solemnly swear that you new faces and some familiar ones being sworn into office and then getting down to work. democrat nancy pelosi still the first and only woman to serve as house speaker returns for a second time best to play younger more diverse and more liberal legislators who want reforms in health care the economy and immigration to move. palosi also has to temper colleagues desire to investigate and perhaps impeach president donald trump but first ending the federal government shutdown democrats will be offering the
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senate republican appropriations legislation to reopen government later today. we will do so. or do so to meet the needs of the american people to protect our borders and to respect our workers that first move likely is going nowhere the senate majority leader explains why the senate will lock up any proposal that does not have a real chance of passing the scheiber and. yeah a presidential should mature in other words president donald trump says he will reject any short term budget that doesn't include five billion dollars to build a wall between mexico and the u.s. something democrats oppose earlier on thursday trump blamed the democrats for the impasse quote the shutdown is only because of the two thousand and twenty presidential election the democrats know they can't win based on all the achievements of trump so they are going all out on the desperately needed wall and
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border security and presidential harassment for them strictly politics analysts say this does not bode well for the eight hundred thousand federal employees who aren't getting paid and for the millions at risk of not getting emergency food aid health care or other services provided by the federal government we don't just have divided government the president of one party and the house of representatives of another party but we also have divided congress where the house and senate are controlled by different parties so that's a relatively unusual set of circumstances that makes it even more complicated for us to. for anyone to try to negotiate and find common ground on a prickly issues so far republicans and democrats say no reason to compromise because they both think they're right neither party has paid a political price because of the shutdown and that's how this is become the first drama of the new session of the u.s. congress rosalind wharton al-jazeera capitol hill live now to washington and
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correspondent kimberly health can be there all talk so there had been an invitation to talk from the white house to various congressional leaders later today is there any wriggle room on either side here. no it isn't fierce right now but the prospect of donald trump getting his five billion that he's looking for additional funding is pretty dim at the moment the president showed up at the white house briefing room somewhat of a surprise to reporters didn't take any questions but he said that the reason he's digging in his heels is an issue of national security you can go to a barrier you can go whatever you want but essentially we need protection in our country we're going to make it good the people of our country want it i have never had so much support as i have in the last week over my stance
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for border security for border control and for frankly the wall or the barrier can believe why does the trump administration feel so in bold and here i mean it's the mike pence bottom line isn't it he said the bottom line is no wall no deal. yeah the position of trump supporters and how donald trump got into the white house and in many respects first jobs but second border security it's a major issue for his supporters as for millions of americans even some that have immigrated to the united states the feeling is that there needs to be a legal process for immigration and honestly this is something that congress failed to do for the last twenty years and americans become frustrated with this the fact that many are jumping the line if you will there are many people that want to immigrate to the united states are going through the process from africa from asia
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from europe but those that are able to walk from central america and jump over the wall are essentially cutting the line so there is this feeling of frustration there's also the feeling of frustration of many american taxpayers who say as the deficit continues to go up in the trillions now how can we pay for the fact that we don't know how many americans are illegal entries or those who are migrating to the united states burdening schools or burdening hospitals what they're simply asking for they say is some sort of orderly process or revamping if you will of a process that is pretty out of date and both sides do agree about that when it comes to democrats republicans where the difference comes in is how to do it and so what you see is a digging in of heels as you pointed out we're going to be watching the white house very carefully in about five hours time that's for representatives from congress on both sides of the aisle democrats republicans will be meeting at the white house
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but it's very interesting where they will be meeting once again for the second time this week we see the white house inviting the leaders to the white house to meet in the situation room that is usually a room that is off limits rarely if ever seen by reporters except in photos used for making sort of wartime gametime decisions of national security. that is what this white house is trying to underscore that this is a security issue this is an issue just of how to regulate the number of migrants coming into the united states but again it really is a sticking point this border while democrats say no deal as long as the president continues to push for five billion in border while funding and this is something that as you point out mike pence says is the major issue for this white house so the prospect of reopening the government for the hundreds of thousands who are either not at work many not getting paid doesn't look very good so far kimberly thanks very much. the u.n.
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human rights office says a trial held in saudi arabia and the murder of the saudi journalist isn't enough. the media reported eleven suspects that appeared in court for the first time state prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for five of the defendants but no names have been released the u.n. wants an independent investigation with international involvement in egypt is trying to stop the broadcast of an interview that the president. gave to the u.s. t.v. network c.b.s. in the interview with the current affairs program sixty minutes he says the egyptian army is working alongside israel against isis fighters in north sinai he also denies egypt is holding tens of thousands of political prisoners. so when we don't have the political prisoners and or prisoners of opinion we are trying to stand against extremists who oppose their ideology on the people the now they are subject to or very dry on the one hundred may take years but we have to follow the
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law and then they have never missed president the organization human rights watch says that there are sixty thousand political prisoners that you're holding today as we sit here and one of them me i don't know where they got that figure can i said there are no political prisoners in egypt and lebanon says that whenever there is a minority trying to impose their extremist ideology we have to intervene regardless of their numbers. now despite denials rights groups say egypt's jails are filled with political dissidents human rights watch says political prisoners are routinely subjected to torture and rape while in detention group also says hundreds of civilians are being sent to military trials for political dissent egypt's most notable political prisoner is the former president mohamed morsi who was overthrown by sisi in the military coup in twenty thirteen for more than two years the al jazeera journalist mahmoud hussein has been under arrest in egypt he was detained whilst on holiday in cairo and accused of spreading false news but has
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never been formally charged hussein's imprisonment has been repeatedly extended despite international calls for his release. politicians from germany have been hit by a hacking incident the hackers targeted all parties except the far right movement the chancellor angela merkel is also said to be affected but the government says its internal network has not been hacked the hackers released personal data that includes private e-mails cell phone numbers and credit card details dominic cain joins us live from berlin how much damage did these people cause. well that's one of the questions that's being posed by federal agencies this very morning peter they only say they saw only became aware of the extent of this attack as it were very late yesterday evening we know that more than nine hundred politicians from almost every party in germany have been affected many of them
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from merkel's christian democrats or from her bavarian christian social union allies but it's not just politicians who've been affected here one interesting line it's being reported by several different agencies is that the form that the attack took was rather like the advent calendar principle in other words on the first of december a particular twitter handle was putting out information sensitive information about people in the public eye and that every day that went by there would come a new revelation as it were of details about specific individuals then from the twentieth of december it's reported that the attack took the form of attacking politicians releasing politicians' details then from the twenty eighth of december this particular source on twitter went cold went dark as it were it's now being reported that the specific twitter account has been closed the question will be who is behind this there's
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a lot of speculation in germany this morning as to who might be or might not be responsible for it but people are very impressed by the way this is being done and there are as i say lots of questions asked not that many facts out there peter so far certainly the twitter account concerned seventeen thousand followers not done anything at all since the twentieth of december closed this morning that element closed but certainly the investigation is very much open and although as you say anger the americans confidential details have not been leaked very many details of very many of her colleagues have been and so as i say great deal of questions being asked by federal sources right now and also those sources asking the questions of the f.t. we've gone through this untouched. well this is the interesting thing here peter first of all it was reported that the f.t. had not been a victim as it were in this particular attack there was
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a news conference given short time ago in the building behind me the the federal what they call the dispenser confines and officials senior civil service officials were repeatedly asked were the f.t. also included in this and the answers they gave weren't particularly specific there was some saying that every party in the bundestag was affected but there was some ambiguity there clearly as i say there is speculation swirling around about why it would be that every party would be attacked as it were in this way and the f.t. would not be but so far at least ambiguity as to exactly what happened to the f.t. in this element bear in mind that more than nine hundred politicians have had their details exposed by this twitter account which is now closed more than nine hundred more than four hundred of them were from angela merkel side of the chamber nearly three hundred of them from the social democrats and so on down through the the
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party groupings in the bundestag behind me but not on the face of it from f.t. members of the bundestag well as i say there is a degree of ambiguity i think what that shows though peter is that this investigation is is moving swiftly and they're trying to work heretick exactly who has been affected how much they've been affected bear in mind that anger merkel's personal details weren't exposed well that's because the chancellery would have that particular high security presence on the internet dominic thanks very much. still to come here on al-jazeera the u.s. ramps up attacks against i still in syria as the trumpet ministration prepares to withdraw its forces. we'll tell you why white farmers in zimbabwe a skeptical of the government's new promises.
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hello again well this hour do want to start here in northern asia we surf on about a new pass through parts of japan over the last day and there heaviest rain is going to be just towards the south for tokyo that means some better weather for you but we are still going to see it's a very heavy snow on the western side of japan that's all due to see effect snow coming in off that cold air of that warmer water and really deposit in the snow right here on the western edge that's going to continue here from saturday as well as into sunday down towards the south a sucka single digit day for you at eight degrees there tokyo at about seven degrees well we're also going to see that same frontal boundary bring some rain over here towards the eastern part of china over the next few days take a look at the forecast map here as we go towards saturday and shanghai you'll be out of the rain but you'll be cooler because you could be on the north side of that front down here towards hong kong well twenty two degrees few here but as we go towards sunday that front starts to make its way towards the south it's going to be a cloudy day with a temperature of about one thousand degrees and then very quickly over here towards
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thailand we are watching our tropical storm make its way across thailand and by saturday the heavy rain is going to continue not only for thailand but also for memoir and also for up towards bangkok with possibly flooding rains across much of the area for what you meant better conditions at thirty three. water an essential resource for all humankind across europe pressure to recognise water as if humans right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very. water privatisation on anybody is the only field. people who see ever to do something to invest the profit of a one dollar. to the last drop on al-jazeera. you're
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watching al-jazeera good to have you with this morning's piece of these are your headlining stories the new u.s. house of representatives which is not controlled by the democrats has now passed the package of bills to end the partial government shutdown but it's likely to be blocked by the republican majority senate as the deadlock over the border wall continues. the un human rights office says a trial held in saudi arabia into the melodrama murder of jamal khashoggi is not enough on the media reported eleven suspects appeared in court for the first time the u.n. wants an independent investigation into international involvement. politicians from germany have been hit by a hacking incident for hackers target all parties except for the far right here fifteen movement however the government says its internal network has not been
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hacked. pakistan's prime ministers in turkey just a day after the management of schools in pakistan linked to the u.s. based turkish businessman for to look when there was transferred to turkey's education ministry who learn is estimated to have millions of supporters in turkey and his movement operates a network of schools around the world he was once an ally of the to. president richard i've heard of one but now he's considered an enemy of the state or one accuses him of masterminding the failed twenty sixteen attempt which glenn denies in december the supreme court of pakistan ordered the government to declare glenn's movement a quote terrorist organization schools in pakistan run by his pac turk foundation been seized and they'll now be run by the turkish government has lived in the u.s. for twenty years but u.s. prosecutors are currently in ankara discussing the possibility of his extradition and i'm kristie lu joins us live from ankara if he is extradited what would the
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american logic be behind that he's been a resident in the states for so many years now. well peter actually these processes especially for extradition is not something that happens from to day to morrow and let me say that turkey has requested the exhibition offer to lock it out for many many times even before the failed coup attempt in july two thousand and sixteen of course this delegation a visit it means a lot for turkey because for the first time turkey has the has the chance to present the evidence that have been given to united states before but even before that the u.s. officials especially the judiciary officials have always said that what turkey presented as a proof actually doesn't meet this standard. in the in the u.s. law system to extradite her to lucky land to turkey or to the country but
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turkey is still the man said and during the u.s. delegation visit turkish officials provided detailed evidence they gave some recordings that proves that a lot of good and personally was involved in the failed coup attempt was the mess or mine who orchestrated all the operation during that night and yesterday this us the legation attended a very important trial in a court in in the main court actually with the turkish counterparts this trial actually was. but according to turkish officials he is the second in command in the fit a lockdown organization who is accused of perpetrating the failed coup and those u.s. delegation members have the chance to listen to the interim and listen to others to seek with witnesses in this file and today they met with they met with a police department because uncle i was also one of the base centers of that failed
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coup and they are going to meet with financial crime investigation board to see they are. financial track their money laundering money trafficking turks got the got the first chance actually to present all the evidence but of course it is a long time it is a long process and it is not for sure whether you are united states will be willing to do that turkey is some of the turkish officials actually suspect that the united states is trying to gain time as well thanks very much tropical storm public has made landfall in southern thailand bringing heavy rain and winds over twelve provinces airports and schools are closed as forecasters are predicting waves up to five meters high hundreds of people have been taken to shelters set up by the government. reports eleven people from the same family have been killed in airstrikes by the u.s. led coalition has been fighting eisel in syria local sources say the attack happened at the village of shofar in the dealers or provinces close to iraq's
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border and is an area controlled by isis or it comes as a joint investigation by al jazeera and the intercept reveals the u.s. military has intensified its bombing campaign against eisel in the region since president trumps announcement of the withdrawal of american forces the report says the fiercest attack in the past week occurred at all the village on the euphrates river is held by eisel fighters. also dozens of people have been killed in days of fighting between rival groups in northern syria mohammed who has more now from the turkey syria border. the fighting is still going on in the aleppo contra's side with some of the fighting spinning over into it in the province which is one of the last remaining strongholds opposition strongholds in syria turkish allied rebels in the mall for saying that they are sent reinforcements to they are. to the
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other side over level countryside to help the other takesh allied rebels who have been fighting the al qaida. allied rebels who say to be making some progress therefore they're taken the strategic tom all that and is a. few villages around it so. that enforcement of the center of course part of paul's. and activists say that the rebels are cutting out some pretty to fighting and some sort of strikes against the tuckers allies fearing that they would be cutting out an offensive against them once turkey gets to the tops of. launching the offensive that it is planning for the city of mumbai there's been an uptick in the number of aerial bombardments the u.s. led coalition has been cutting out against places which are believed to be a hideout for still remnants the fighters have largely been hiding according to
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officials in villages on the banks of the river euphrates in zimbabwe white farmers who lost everything in a government policy to redistribute land to black people say compensation plans fall far short of what's needed and a sort of a tense or boats now from chicago to the skeptical about ever seeing any money from the government. ben three says returning to the farm that was seized from his family nine years ago is difficult he's distraught to see the farmhouse in such a state and doubt zimbabwe's government will keep its promise to pay fifty three million dollars to compensate former white commercial farmers i believe what is happening is government is. trying to make the right noises in order for the international community to come in behind them and say we are prepared to put money into this but they're not serious about it the compensation is for improvements
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made to the farms such as dams and tobacco bans but farmers who lost everything say fifty three million is nowhere near enough it's estimated zimbabwe's kastrup government needs at least nine billion dollars to compensate four thousand displaced white farmers government. over a. much needed funding. that. has to be. rightfully. compensating whites is not popular with some black war veterans who helped force the farmers out there that say much of the good land with the senior officials in the ruling party just. because i don't have lent them and. we don't have land so forward from us to be considered i feel it's an insult
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the commercial farmers union says several farms are overgrown with weeds and wild grass on this land the sunflowers maize and mangoes that were once here are long gone this used to be a four bedroom house and this was the kitchen the taps or over there they've been removed people who came here took the tiles and the sink so and whatever bricks they could find the house traced all the way back there that used to be the lounge and the living room for bend free compensation if it happens is not enough he says property rights and the rule of law have to be respected otherwise history will keep repeating itself al-jazeera is about. in iraq a five thousand year old board game is in danger of being forgotten dharma is a traditional game similar to checkers that's popular around the world but the iraqi version of struggling to survive the digital era. explains the simplicity of
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dhamma fails to get the attention of youth growing up on video games. is in his seventy's but he is a champion in the streets of the defacto capital of the kurdish region of northern iraq he's playing a game that's five thousand years old people here consider him to be the undefeated king of this ancient strategy game. that i learned how to play the game when i was on that my father and grandfather used to take me to watch dhamma playing as part of st tony mounts my fascination grew day by day to the game and i've become a professional player they sold a as you can see the game is only played by older generation and the younger ones have different tools to play with. diseases and the only one who tries to keep the game alive as homage to this land is ancient past from the time before iraq even existed. mahmood is a historian who loves the game because it's easy to learn but to master. the.
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dharma is a game that requires training of the mind patience and strategy which only the senior citizens possess nowadays in order to play such a board game while the younger generations are more occupied with social media platforms the game is now merely played by the old as opposed to the young as they consider it a folkloric an archaic game. played very very well social media is popular gaming is also popular across iraq in cafes like this it's no surprise that games like dying out from the competition is this online video games there are a multiplayer that you can play against anybody in the world with an internet connection for most of the youth they've either never heard of dog. well it's a game that they barely remember. but isn't that the game my grandpa used to play i don't remember it we live in a different era we play online. although the game of dharma may be dying out and
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isn't as popular as before the social aspect of gaming remains whether it's computer games or board games people will always gather to spend some time socially and play games in that respect things really haven't changed over the last five thousand years imran khan. and on saturday we'll report on another board game that's a rare sight the traditional chinese table game mahjong is disappearing from hong kong a report on that story on saturday on what's being done to save it. welcome if you're just joining us we should all be here in doha these are your top stories the new u.s. house of representatives which is now controlled by the democrats has passed a package of bills to end the partial government shutdown but it's likely to be blocked by the republican majority senate as the deadlock over the border wall continues you can go to a barrier you can go to whatever you want but essentially we need protection in our
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country we're going to make it good. for the people of our country want it i have never had so much support as i have in the last week over my stance for border security for border control and for frankly the wall or the barrier humans human rights office says a trial held in saudi arabia into the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi isn't enough on thursday saudi media reported eleven suspects had appeared in court for the first time the u.n. wants an independent investigation with international involvement. politicians from germany have been hit by a hacking scandal that hackers targeted all parties except the far right a.f.p. the chancellor angela merkel is also said to have been affected but the government says its internal network was intact because released personal data including e-mail cell phone numbers and credit card details egypt trying to stop the
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broadcast of an interview that the president. gave to us t.v. network c.b.s. in the interview with sixty minutes he says the egyptian army is working alongside israel against isis fighters in north sinai he also denies egypt is holding tens of thousands of political prisoners tropical storm public has made landfall in southern thailand bringing heavy rain and winds to more than twelve provinces airports and schools are closed as forecasters are saying waves will reach up to five meters high hundreds of people that would take to shelters set up by the government the joint investigation by al jazeera and the intercept website has revealed the u.s. military has stepped up its bombing campaign against isis or in syria that comes after the u.s. president donald trump's decision to withdraw u.s. forces reports say eleven people were killed in u.s. led strikes in northern syria in eisel controlled territory those are your headlines up next it's inside story i'll see you from seven g. tomorrow of.
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facing the. ancient tradition they entered one of india's temples women between ten and fifty and. hundreds of thousands of united and. they succeed against the religious conservatives this is inside story. welcome to the program.


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