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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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it was the worst performing stock market in twenty eight. brazil's new president economic. times for technology. at a profit warning from. counting the cost. soldiers in the west african nation of god band say they've taken over the national radio station the president so broad after suffering a stroke. i'm sammy's a dad and this is al jazeera live from coming up. the u.s. delegation in china for talks to end
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a trade war that threatens to damage the global economy. forty years after the fall of one of the world's most brutal regimes cambodia struggles to move past the divisions become a roof. and put him in rhapsody celebrate the golden globes top prize goes to the film on rock band queen its iconic front man. bring you some breaking news coming out of the ball now where soldiers say they've taken over the national radio station they've criticized president ali bongo on demba he's been out of the country for medical treatment since october bongo has been in power since two thousand and nine before that his father ruled the all rich nations for more than forty years cross over to our correspondent for me the minute she was in the van recently joins us now on the line from johannesburg first of all
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for me is this a coup on alt. we understand at this point based on what the agencies are saying is that the military seems to have taken over ireland seized the public radio station that it also appears that communication has been cut in kabul and so it certainly would appear over the cations out that this could lead to mention that the president. two thousand and nine family running the country for fifty years now falling ill in october last year with a. covering in morocco for all these months is of course still a lot of speculation and concern on exactly what is happening with the government given that the president's been gone for so long they've also been moved in recent months to try and change the constitution to protect the bungled release of the bungles family home government bond that was also met with some resistance
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speaking to people in kabul and towards the end of last year they had said that they were concerned about what might happen next week or not the president would come back but certainly tension at concern now is it the military seems to want to bring some sort of certainty exactly to what's happening but perhaps too many people in kabul on this this brings a lot of uncertainty given that the military hasn't been around what exactly it has said it's released a statement saying it's a national race the way you should console the people they flew tanks and armored vehicles on the capital on the streets of the capital leaper vote so at this point you the agencies are reporting that certainly they could be a coup taking place in gone from either wearing anything out of the president himself. the last time that we heard from president al gore with during
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a bit of in which he said with the fund with of course after the stroke he suffered prior to that people got on haven't heard very much from the president of course this was a very concerning for them given the fact that the particular has that's good for power for decades now and not much happening outside of that regard to the politics and the economy much resting on what exactly. is the it could. well be state of health you that leonidas to say that he's fine but of course still not backing up on and the few to give her that she had the opportunity to make the move it appears to have so far or clearly a very fluid situation and i'm sure come back to you later for me that's trying to get an update on what's going on as soon as the picture comes a little bit clearer thanks so much for me the miller there from so the africa.
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delegation of u.s. officials are in china for talks aimed at resolving their trade war the u.s. president is optimistic about the new round of talks early last year the u.s. imposed tariffs on two hundred fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods beijing retaliated and hit the u.s. with one hundred ten billion in tariffs farming the car industry and small manufacturers in america have been particularly hurt by the levies both sides agreed to a ninety day truce on imposing new tariffs which will expire now in march which is why the trade talks are currently underway russ feingold is an asia political analyst joins us on skype now from taipei good to have you with us so i think we've got through day one of these talks now they seem to be going in the right direction to you. well the important thing is that they're talking it's a positive that the talks are occurring in beijing and that the american delegation
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was willing to go there keeping in mind that there would have been a lot of preparation and the delegation went of god if there wasn't reason to be optimistic that there are some there is room for an agreement if the background or preparation had not been going well then the delegation wouldn't even be here now clearly both governments are facing pressure from industry to reach an agreement as quickly as possible we don't know if it'll be this week but economic pressures business industry projects are clearly taking a toll on the governments and they're looking to reach the best deal possible it has taken a toll on both governments how the toll it's taken on a show on its economies and businesses well there's a lot of speculation that china's g.d.p. growth is lower than the official numbers and that's more of all no one ever believes the official numbers but what's more of a concern recently is that the gap between the announced numbers and the eight actual growth could be significantly larger in recent months or over the course of
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twenty eighteen so now that we're heading into two thousand and nineteen and businesses across china or asia are planning ahead for this year and investors are looking at not just company performance but stock market performance as well there are certainly a lot of concern that the longer this is prolonged it's not good for business and that's not just in china but throughout southeast asia as well as in japan korea and taiwan in northeast asia so there's a lot of incentive for the chinese government to reach an agreement and of course the united states is facing pressure from farmers and some of the other industries that you know your of course your bet you mentioned earlier so there again the u.s. side also has the incentive. how much sympathy is there in asia outside of china for some of the concerns the u.s. has about the chinese industrial policies and some of the market bounteous. well other countries in asia have struggled with this because they do on the investment from chinese companies they want infrastructure investment but as we
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know the terms of some of these projects have not been favorable to those governments and there's a number of examples in southeast asia on the other hand there are many countries that are out there on investors notably include singapore south korea and japan and they want smooth access to the chinese market as well whether it's to offer services or to engage in manufacturing so for the for collectively for asia it doesn't matter if they are seeking chinese investment or they're looking to invest in china they all have an incentive for smooth business flows so they're trying not to take a side they're caught in the middle but they're certainly rooting for a speedy resolution is it realistic to expect china though to roll back on some of its initiatives like the made in china twenty twenty five i mean every country wants to try and because of its security isn't is is saw so there might be scope for china to make some concessions on some of the issues that the united states and
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other trading partners have identified now whether that's all of the made in china program or just parts of it whether it's all of the technology transfer issues are only part of it whether it's one hundred percent ownership in industries that have been restricted or only part ownership this is really very much up to china and the united states government does have that leverage notwithstanding the pressures from domestic us industry that if the chinese side wants this to end speedily then the chinese side is the side that has to offer the concessions it's not so much the u.s. side that needs to offer the concessions all right russ feingold and thanks for your thoughts on that. donald trump's national security advisor is heading to turkey after a two day visit to israel to discuss the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria on sunday john bolton said the pullout was conditional on turkey not taking any military action against kurdish fighters in syria have been backed
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by the u.s. military in the fight against ice all of us troops won't leave until i saw this completely defeated he also said there is no timetable for the pullout which was initially expected in a few weeks we're going to be discussing the president's decision to withdraw or to do so from northeast syria in a way that make sure that isis is defeated and is not able to. revive itself and become a threat again and to make sure that the. defense of israel and other friends in the region. is absolutely assured and how about joins us now live from gaza and tap on turkey syria border mohammed who already had some significant statements from bolton so far where is his trip expected to go to next when he reaches turkey . yes he is
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expected here later today and tomorrow is when he is going to be holding talks with the turkish leadership of course also home and. in israel have largely been terms. related to mean that things continue as usual what they are saying i mean he meant by extension president donald trump is don't hold your breath for a quick withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria they realize what's at stake only putting in check the influence turkey and russia will be hundred on a silver platter but also iran something israel is very worried about of course there is. comments from coming from un cut out the presidential spokesperson saying that the comments on protection for the kurds that came from bolton was not in good faith and said that turkey has more problems with the entire
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kind of population syria but just with the two groups why p.p. and p.k. kate that it's safe terrorist groups. all right we'll leave it there thanks so much for hundred hour from guys in tappan turkey the u.n. special envoy for yemen's due to meet yemeni government officials in the saudi capital riyadh martin griffiths has already met with representatives in yemen on sunday or part of an effort to convince both sides in the civil war to fully comply with the cease fire agreement griffiths hopes the warring sides will agree to meet later on this month possibly in kuwait we expected to follow up on progress made. in december. the u.s. military says an al qaeda operative accused of planning the bombing of an american warship has died in an airstrike in yemen it says the attack killed jamal and by
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the way in the governorates on tuesday seventeen sailors died when a small boat with explosives blew a hole in the side of the u.s.s. cole in aden in october two thousand police in sudan live used tear gas and stun grenades to stop protesters reaching the presidential palace the demonstrations against president obama and bashir began nearly three weeks ago anger over rising food prices and government corruption of brought calls for bashir to step down after nearly thirty years in power at least nineteen people have died since the unrest started and some rights groups putting the figure much higher. still ahead on al-jazeera. the latest from the hardest of road rally in the world taking place on the roof and june.
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elevator welcome back to international weather forecast we have seen plenty of snow here across parts of central europe the good news is we're going to have one day break of no snow across the area but we're going to be seeing some more as we go towards the tuesday and wednesday taking with the forecast map here on monday where all of us better conditions here across much of the area we're going to see a little active weather here across parts of the else but nothing like what we have seen this past weekend but as we go towards tuesday look at all the snow that is back on our forecast maps they were from the east across much of the central area and then behind this front we're talking about very windy conditions as well for many locations including poland as well as into germany down here towards the south another storm is going to be bringing quite a bit of snow across parts of turkey as well we were watching that storm and also some very heavy rain across the eastern med now speaking in the mediterranean we're going to be seeing still some very windy conditions across the northern and
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northeastern part of africa we are missing those brain shows across parts of coastal egypt as well alexandria you'll be seeing a rainy day but for cairo it will be cool at seventy degrees as a high there and then as we go towards tuesday mostly cloudy conditions along most of the coastal regions up here towards algiers it's going to be a partly cloudy to do fourteen degrees and rebut clouds in the forecast for the temperature and sixteen. ecuador's president discusses his hopes for the country and the region. and challenges including poverty migration corruption and the case of julian assange. lenin merino talks to al-jazeera. i already felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the pros as i would guess that's what this job.
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you're watching al-jazeera and time to recap the headlines now. say they've taken over the national radio station they've criticized president. he's been out of the country for medical treatment since october. government representatives from the u.s. and china met in beijing to trade talks ninety day truce on imposing new tab six. less a deal can be made. security advisers heading to turkey after a two day visit to israel the withdrawal of u.s.
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troops from syria sunday bolton said it was conditional on taking any military action against kurdish fighters in syria. democrats in the u.s. are warning president donald trump ill face legal challenges if he tries to declare a national emergency in order to build his mexico border war trump threaten the move if congress doesn't approve funding for it the impasse has led to a partial government shutdown now in its third week capitol hours on reports from washington. as donald trump emerged from the white house on sunday he was a president as defiant as ever in his position over five billion for a border wall where the government remains shut down and then there's a possibility of even more extreme measures to get what he wants i may declare a national emergency dependent know what's going to happen over the next few days but i think we're going to have. some very serious thought. one day there was say
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we have sat border security we don't have border security we're going to be crime ridden and it's going to get worse and worse. over the weekend between the white house and staff members of key congressional democrats you know agreement many parts of the government remain closed eight hundred thousand federal employees either per load or working without pay if trump declares a national emergency along the southern border it would give him vast powers to do what he wants without congressional approval but even if he does this it's still unclear where he would find the money to build the border wall that he wants some of the suggested it could come out of the budget of the defense department but democrats say that would be a mistake in this case i think the president would be wide open to a court challenge saying where's the emergency you have to establish that in order
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to do this but beyond that this would be a terrible use of department of defense dollars that these republican strategist bradley blakeman says one of the main reasons trump was elected was his promise to build a wall so he can't back down you know a staring contest who's going to blink first and i think the president has the upper hand because he's made a fundamental promise democrats know it in the campaign he said read my lips in the fact. we need border security a wall. republicans call it a wall democrats call it border security it's the same thing you're battling on. words semantics so i think it's the question of who blinks first that's the question as the shutdown enters a third week who will compromise and most importantly where so that the government can finally reopen give rosendo al-jazeera washington. britain's prime minister faces the task of uniting politicians behind
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a break that deal in parliament resumes from holiday recess in the coming hours and sunday to resume a war in the country would enter child's a territory brags that plan was rejected and he's a due to vote on the withdrawal agreement next week may said backing her deal was the only way to one of the referendum results and protects the economy celebrations are being held in cambodia to mark forty years since the fall of the brutal camero regime around two million people were killed under their rule generally seventh is known as victory over genocide day or simply national day scott reports from nonpaying. cambodian father and son reflecting on the darkest of times for this nation as it marks forty years since the fall of the camaro rouge seen by many here as a rebirth for the country. at sixty eight is lucky during the four years the
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c'mere rouge ruled cambodia from one thousand nine hundred five to seventy nine almost one in five people died that's nearly two million from either execution starvation or disease lisa says he still has to feed his family and was tortured when he was caught. and i am thankful for what happened and you know what has happened it's the end my family from starvation. but the the i don't feel that we had the freedom from the floor and we lost that authority to the vietnamese but some feel that regardless of the deep emotional and physical scars from the camaro rouge regime those four years need to be remembered through education and memorials like one of the infamous killing fields just outside paris and it's. very hard even though you want to but.
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almost seventy percent of cambodian population is under the age of thirty born at least ten years after the fall of the camaro rouge most of them feel as though this country's dark period shouldn't and cannot be forgotten but that the government and the nation must not dwell on the past. lisa in any event was born after the camaro rouge regime he now has a son all three generations are hoping for more on the. congo and any i make an effort today for the next generation with my son to help them have much more than i did try not to compare things in the past too much because even in my time things have changed so much. the only surviving senior camaro rouge leaders were found guilty of genocide just two months ago by a war crimes tribunal. while the brutal regime came to an end thanks to a vietnamese led invasion the government underlines the need for independence conflict of the forty years ago was a mistake a foreign interference it was
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a mistake a cold war so that's why to prevent to have. a new young state i think so reality and dignity and independent is a must and it's a cambodian tradition to release birds to shed bad luck as the people here feel lucky the chapter of oppression and genocide is behind them and many still are hoping for more more freedom and more opportunity it's got harder al-jazeera phnom penh. now greek orthodox christians have been celebrating christmas the church of the nativity in bethlehem and the occupied west bank both the latin and eastern orthodox pogroms held their christmas midnight masses of the church a place of worship is over a grotto where christians believe jesus was born the and on sunday egypt's president of the fatah has sisi open the country's largest church in largest mosque on the eve of coptic christmas celebrations it's being seen as
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a gesture of tolerance in the majority muslim country which has suffered a string of attacks on christians the fattah one lean mosque in cairo can accommodate over fifteen thousand worshippers. a saudi teenager has barricaded herself in a hotel room in thailand to avoid deportation saying she fears for her life or half was detained while in transit on her way to australia as she wants to claim asylum on line she expressed fear of being killed the she was sent back to saudi arabia this is not the first time saudi women have been detained for deportation one trying to request asylum and she posted this message on her twitter account i'm not leaving my own until i see you an edge. island. a cuban soldier who became a right hand man to fidel and raul castro has died aged ninety five cars around one
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thousand as helped in the mission to retake a strategic beach in the bay of pigs where u.s. sponsored groups landed to invade cuba in one nine hundred sixty one a failed invasion tried to expel the castro leadership ferdinand is later became an important figure in the creation of the cuban armed forces. one of the world's toughest rallies is underway in peru but this year it has a unique twist for the first time since the dakar rally switched from africa south america will be hosted by one country but argentina chile bolivia all pulled out because of a lack of budget. reports from the starting line in lima. a last look at the vehicles and their drivers the toughest race in the world is gone with five hundred forty one competitors and three hundred thirty four vehicles . traditionally held in northern africa this year the latin american country of
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peru is the venue for the forty one year old rally it's until you can since nine dakar he says he's made it to the finish line nearly every time now he says he'll need to be very focused on the p.c. it will be a very difficult even though it's a few a day i think it will be very tough and several of us already know peru and we already know how difficult it is among the competitors one hundred thirty five rookies who don't know what's it like to race in one of them dutch pilot was sleep it and says he's trained for two years going from the motor was writing to the writing you know you have to learn every game writing together and that's big a big thing because you're writing. best for navigation. this one country rally will be special the largest group of women seventeen are racing in various categories and for the first time
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a young man with down syndrome prone will compete next to his father although not particularly challenging those pilots in the first. apparel. nearly three thousand people will support a diverse. vehicles along the way others will be there of mechanics because it is such a hard braley for many competitors jake does not to win but to reach the finish line . we have to encourage the drivers and wish them well. many peruvians are thrilled at the five thousand kilometer race begins and ends in lima with us there in good ways but we could be held anywhere but having the race improves wonderful because we have culture tradition and history to show the world. although many critics say the dhaka ruins the cultural heritage for others the rally is an
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inspiration. and for truly and a chance to showcase what their country has to offer and innocent to send to see that. the musical bohemian rhapsody on the rock band queen is the top winner at this year's golden globes taking the best drummer award lead actor rami malik was also honored for his role as freddie mercury lady gaga took away songwriting prize missed out on a best actress for a star is born that went to glenn close for the wife and awards host sandra picked up the award for the best t.v. drama actress for her role in killing eve awards also went to african-american actors in a year why diversity has been a major theme mike sargent is co president of the black film critics circle he says there have been more opportunities for black women but it's still not enough. i
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think it is the shape of things to come i think the fact that gina chain wanted more herschel ali wrong one sandro want to i think it's great i think that what needs to happen is not only do they need to be acknowledged for their work but we need to see more opportunities and the more men of color are getting opportunities to direct hollywood films but not women of any color that's still a huge disparity there i believe it's changing but i think it's inch by inch and it's only because of you know the outcry and the oscars so white and the fact that social media has forced institutions to change because news can travel so fast and gain you know public weight well you know it's interesting because i think you know there's been some backlash over a film green book but i think hershel ali was it was great it also for want to golden globe for best screenplay and i think it's the theme of that film is something that you know is needed now and i think i think diversity i think
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hollywood wants to embrace diversity i think they would like to i think you know it's going to start behind the scenes really i think people like regina king in her her acceptance speech talked about how now that she has a little power you know she's won a number awards three emmys and whatnot when she produces she's going to make sure fifty percent of the behind the camera are women. and let's take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now soldiers in got bombed say they've taken over the national radio station they for criticizing president dolly bongo and then bows being out of the country for medical treatment since october. bhangra has been power since two thousand and nine before that his father ruled the oil rich nation for more than forty years for me the miller has
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more from johannesburg. and military you have created over ireland. public radio station it also appears that. it could be what it was a case of doubt that this could be a. good mention of exactly a president power two thousand and five with family running the country for years now. you know it up home for last year with this show covering in morocco all the miles is of course a lot of speculation and could on exactly what is happening the government people that the president began for so long government representatives from the u.s. and china have met in beijing for trade talks and wanted a truce on imposing new tariffs expires in march unless a deal can be made president trump is optimistic about the new round of
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negotiations donald trump's national security advisor is heading to turkey after a two day visit to israel to discuss the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria on sunday bolton said the pullout was conditional on turkey not taking any military action against kurdish fighters in syria the un special envoy for yemen is due to meet yemeni government officers in the saudi capital riyadh martin griffiths has already met with her three representatives on sunday so part of an effort to convince both sides in the civil war to fully comply with the cease fire agreement. britain's prime minister faces the risk the task rather of uniting politicians behind braggs that deal when parliament resumes from holiday recess in the coming hours on sunday to resume a war in the country would enter un childhood territory. was rejected. inside story now stay with us.
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every. deadlock in the us says the president threatens years of government shutdown if he doesn't get money for his border wall but is the face off about a wall all the presidency and how's it changing american politics this is inside story. hello and welcome to the show i'm sam buildout wall was a regular slogan for.


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