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depicted them as prospective criminals oh yeah but it's you know in that sense that what he said is offensive to me because we're not all the same there are criminals everywhere he should give us an opportunity to cross the only thing we want is to work and support our families president trump hopes his message will help him get the funds for a good will which he says will stop them along with drugs and terrorists despite the fact that the last two overwhelmingly come through legal entry points if you want to improve border security right now start with places like where we're standing right now to the land ports of entry where all this commerce goes through we're more than eighty or ninety percent of almost all drugs go through where asylum seekers have to come and ask for asylum the legal way they're overwhelmed they have billions of dollars and that infrastructure needs and they're understaffed by about fifteen percent or more there's a disaster here start there put money in the ports of entry and not the wall there russo already hopes to close in place on the border about
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a third of the mets car u.s. divide is covered by fencing mainly in urban areas where it's easier for people to dogs between cities and in the vast swathes of wilderness where it's harder for people to hide and survive patrols and surveillance he used after the speech the mexican government which president trumpet boasted would pay for the rule was determined not to get involved except to say this is the most that is why the. persuading the us that the best way forward is the development of central american countries and mexico it's a production and job so that migration becomes optional and not obligatory as the debate goes on the caravan which helps stoke it has dwindled there are now only about seven hundred people in the main shelter into quanah but a new caravan is g.t. from douras next week with the tension and rhetoric around this issue and surely rise even further. john home and out zero one now. sources have told our
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desire that take his prosecutors working on a list of saudi suspects accused of murdering jamal khashoggi indicating a trial in a sense here is likely to take place in the country where he was killed well just a few days ago saudi arabia announced its own trial for eleven suspects but has yet to name them thursday marks one hundred days since the journalists murder there are reports a drone has struck a yemeni government military parade in the province it was several people reported killed who three rebels have been fighting the yemeni government which is backed by the saudi and morality and military alliance with the attack comes a day after the u.n. special envoy for yemen updated the security council on his peace efforts diplomatic efforts and james base has more now from the united nations the u.n. security council was told a fragile shaky cease fire continues to hold in her data almost a month after a peace deal was signed in sweden has been some violence including in her data city
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and in the southern districts of the government but this is remarkably limited compared to what we saw in the weeks before the stock consultations and this relative i believe indicates the tangible benefit of the stock and agreement for the people of yemen and it also illustrates the commitment of both parties to make agreements work. but special envoy martin griffiths seemed to be accentuating the positive in the public meeting when later it went into closed session the council heard from major general patrick kamut the dutch general who leads the u.n. monitoring mission in who data he's giving the security council weekly reports the latest says the un's body armor and armored vehicles have not been allowed into the country there are many no go areas and the team of received death threats according to the un's top humanitarian official the situation for ordinary human is remains
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dire millions of yemenis are looking to ask for assistance and protection and we need to see more and faster progress on all the humanitarian elements of your resolution to make any practical difference to their lines the u.n. special envoy said sweden is only the start of the next part achieving the last thing political agreement will be even harder a former u.s. ambassador to yemen laid out the challenges ahead what he got out of stockholm was in some sense of though hanging fruit in some instances in fact they're wise. to shows that had already been agreed like the prisoner exchange so as so what's going to come next is going to be much more of a trial and there is talk here of fresh talks on yemen to be held in either kuwait or jordan but so far the u.n. has not felt confident enough to name
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a date james out is there at the united nations palestinians in the occupied west bank have protested against a controversial social security law which came into effect late last year harry force it has been among protesters in ramallah. over into the third month of these protests now against the social security law and although the numbers are somewhat down today and what you've seen of the thousands of people in recent protests there are several hundred here today the numbers called largely by what has been a very rainy cold day here in ramallah the issue at hand here is this social security law which is. requiring a would require a seven point five percent contribution from employees in the private sector and more than ten percent from employers what people are concerned about isn't just the financial goodna that would impose on them and on the economy here but also on what would happen to that money can they trust that it would really would be used for
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pensions and other benefits in the future there really is an issue of trust against the policy in government in this case. the salaries aren't enough to cover a current commitments to duck to this money they say will get it back up to thirty years contains provisions that are unfair to the employees. the longer i keep a sense like albury right now that israeli military forces are like any bearded. convince people that you don't like to see them and us need their money and effort and like what's going to happen in most parts of the world social security system could be seen as a fairly regular required safety net and something that society would be expected to contribute to people here aren't really argue with that as a concept what they're arguing with is the idea that this is being drawn out in an undemocratic way by a government which hasn't had an election for over
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a decade they don't trust that government they say to deal with this money in a fair way not to use it for purposes other than pensions and other benefits in the future policy and government of course says that it has already conceded a delay in the imposition of this they are willing to talk about it and negotiate people here though they just want it scrapped and they say they will continue protesting until that happens. venezuela's president is set to be sworn into office for a second six year term on thursday many latin american countries including brazil argentina and colombia have already declared that they will not recognize nicolas maduro as leadership the country is in economic crisis and millions of people have fled to neighboring countries to raise it has more now from the capital caracas. people in one of the largest in latin america i desperate to say anything to make ends meet. but those who are left here are the survivors because everybody's
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leaving we're not we're staying and trying to survive in any way we can. street vendors say the government is trying to stop them from making a living the government says the vendors charge too much and that it should be able to control their prices this is it and i meant that over the years this is difficult the government wants to ruin a saul he wants to control the country and make it cheaper and the police are taking everything away from us but how do we eat how do we live how do we sustain our families shortages of food and medicines and hyperinflation have forced over three million people out of what was once considered latin america's richest nation nicola mode of against the second term in office with an ongoing economic crisis and mounting international pressure his critics say that he is really it illegitimate because the elections last year were filled with irregularities and fraud human rights groups are also questioning the government's methods of clinging
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to power human rights watch released a report documented cases of at least thirty two people with ties to the military who have been detained and tortured. brother is a surgeon who has been imprisoned for seven months he was in a relationship with a retired navy captain and was accused of treason. a mortal my brother was beaten so many times his hands that he uses to heal people were broken he still has no feeling in some of his fingers he has done nothing wrong his only mistake was to date a navy captain who the government says was in a plot. i was in a surgery in colombia when the government said he was buying equipment for the opposition on wednesday and lashed out at both the u.s. and then a group of other latin american countries who say he's really action was flawed and
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he's new time in office is illegitimate. will be. a coup ordered by washington and the lima group is underway against a legitimate and constitutional government over which i preside the ball of aryan revolution has been getting prepared to confront and thwart any traitors who intend violence against venezuela but on the streets most people i'm more worried about surviving every day in a major economic crisis that analysts say will only get worse. advancements in facial recognition technology have been on display at the annual consumer electronics show in las vegas the tech is rapidly making its way into everyday life but as reynolds reports there are some concerns about its unregulated use iraq cyber leaks face me can learn a lot about you at a glance your mail your sick he's going to see sixty five and you are surprised right now and like i'm steve forty right now and i'm happy that the taiwan based
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company's advance facial recognition system will be deployed in stores so that retailers can target customers with products based on their emotional response to advertising it can push different ads to the person and furthermore they can also recognize that you're happy or you're angry about this so you can take some actions from the system to change the air yeah like getting on your reaction yes exactly so it really calls this in the hansing the customer experience others might call it creepy rapid advances in facial recognition technology together with artificial intelligence. we're creating some concerns about privacy and the autonomy of the individual but there's a lot of opportunity for having the fish working systems be used in ways that personally i don't think would be appropriate that i think might be dystopian orwellian cyber link says it carefully protects its base data but in an era of ever
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more sophisticated hacking and unscrupulous corporate business practices facial recognition could be misused facial recognition is a technology which supercharges surveillance using artificial intelligence on the purely benign if somewhat bizarre side sony makes a robot puppy which upon recognizing its owner's face begins to hit them full on in digital adoration but amazon which owns the popular smartphone linked video doorbell system ring has reportedly applied for a patent on a system to identify so-called suspicious characters that's raising obvious issues to do with racial profiling these are cameras that are trained on the public when that kind of technology is deployed in communities surveillance is going to have facts on people of color on political protesters on on on immigrants that are really harmful many technology executive say just like cars and trucks have to
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obey the rules of the road for everyone's safety technologies like ai and facial recognition need regulations to prevent abuses but so far most countries including the u.s. rely on the tech industry to regulate itself rob reynolds al-jazeera las vegas. so let's have a recap the headlines here on al-jazeera and opposition candidate feelings to candy has been declared the provisional winner of the long delayed presidential election in the democratic republic of congo. i know how many of you find it hard to accept but i say with sincerity i pay homage to president joseph kabila president of the republic today we must no longer consider each other as adversities but rather as partners and democratic change in our country or maybe
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our runner up only has dismissed the results as and electoral who out to suit you all those who learned of the truth of the ballot boxes especially to congress national bishops the past couple conference sankoh and the church of congo through your historical observations we ask you to reveal to the congolese people and to the whole world the name of the person who really was our people's choice. good reject categorically the result published by the election commission president president trump has walked out of a meeting with the democrats after they refused to fund a border war with mexico he called the meeting a total waste of time and tweeted afterwards that he had said bye bye to the democrats the standoff has seen the government in a partial shutdown now for two and a half weeks your sect your state is in egypt where he'll be giving a major speech on the trumpet ministrations middle east policy his stop in cairo as
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part of an eight day tour of the region cities where former president barack obama delivered his address to the broader muslim world in two thousand and nine a mainstay propose stopped in iraq to reassure government officials about america's commitment to the fight against isis. sources have told al jazeera turkey's prosecutor is working on a list of sounding suspects accused of murdering damascus a-g. indicating a trial in absentia is likely to take place in the country where he was killed or just a few days ago saudi arabia announced its own trial for eleven suspects but is yet to name them thursday marks one hundred days since the journalist's murder. there are reports of drone has struck a yemeni government military parade into his province with several people reported killed heathy rebels have been fighting the government which is backed by the saudi military alliance by accident headlines here in algeria got more news coming up right after inside story by for. the week began
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with the use of a ninety day truce in the tip the u.s. china trade was. the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil cartel we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. president donald trump calls on the american people to support his wall on the southern border democrats accuse him of stoking fear of immigrants is there a security and humanitarian crisis at the us mexico border this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. u.s. president donald trump is refusing to give up his signature campaign promise of
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building a wall along the border with mexico democrats won't give him the more than five billion dollars he wants to build it the stalemate has led to the second longest partial u.s. government shutdown in history so the president went on prime time television to argue that the barrier is needed to stop what he calls a growing humanitarian and security crisis we're bringing our guests in just a moment but for us has some of what donald trump at to say. america proudly welcomes millions of lawful immigrants who are richer society and contribute to our nation but all americans are hurt by uncontrolled illegal migration in the last two years ice officers made two hundred sixty six thousand arrests of aliens with criminal records including those charged or convicted of one hundred thousand assaults thirty thousand sex crimes and four thousand
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violent killings over the years thousands of americans have been brutally killed by those who illegally entered our country and thousands more lives will be lost if we don't act right now or democrats responded to tromp speech by repeating their demand to reopen the government speaker of the house of representatives nancy pelosi accused the president of fear mongering the fact is that women and children at the pleasure are not a security threat they are humanitarian challenge a challenge the president comes on call and counterproductive policies have only to keep and and the fact is president trump must stop holding the american people hostage might stop manufacturing a crisis and must we open the government. well let's take a closer look at some figures now the pew research center estimates there were ten point seven million undocumented immigrants in the u.s.
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in twenty sixteen that's the lowest figure in more than a decade the u.s. customs and border protection agency says the number of people arrested while trying to cross the southern border peaks in two thousand at one point six million but that figure has been falling since ten to just under four hundred thousand last year and most of them don't have a criminal record and nearly fifteen thousand unaccompanied immigrant children are in custody with detention facilities being pushed to the limits. so is there a crisis at the us mexico border let's bring in our guest joining us from new york is. she is the founding director of the center for security race and rights and professor of law at rutgers university from temper in florida joining us on skype david ward who is a former u.s. immigration enforcement agent and currently the director of the national association of former border patrol agents and also in new york lincoln mitchell
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political analyst and professor at columbia university welcome to you all thank you for being on inside story sa in new york the president described the situation at the us mexico border as a humanitarian and security crisis but he didn't declare the state of emergency yet many people were expecting him to declare what do you make of that and do illegal border crossings represent a crisis for america. well the numbers show that illegal border cross crossings are not a crisis if you've gone down to four hundred thousand in two thousand and eighteen based on one point six million in two thousand and clearly the numbers are going down and the problems that he cited such as the drug trade human smuggling many of these problems are for example the drug trade is coming through port of entry the smuggling is coming through the port of entry and most of the immigrants who are here undocumented have come legally and then overstayed their visa and most of them
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are coming from brazil canada and mexico so many of the problems that he cited he's exaggerating he's focusing on specific numbers and it is not a crisis and that is one of the reasons why i don't think he has the legal authority to call an emergency as there's no changes in circumstances or facts that show that there is in fact an emergency but is he far off when he says that there is a humanitarian crisis i mean with the case of the unaccompanied children that we've seen in recent months and immigration detention facilities being pushed to the limit is there a case to be made a humanitarian case to be made for border war. well ironically the humanitarian crisis the response is not a wall because the wall is aimed to stop people who come without authorization outside of ports of entry these children and their parents who are fleeing war who are feeling persecution murder and violence and rape are coming to the ports of
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entries and surrendering themselves and saying i want asylum so the humanitarian crisis which certainly exists in el salvador honduras and guatemala and then through the caravans coming to the border needs to be resolved by having more lawyers more judges and more means to which they can stay outside of detention centers while their asylum claims are pending but the wall will do absolutely nothing to solve that problem nor will it decrease the drug trade and and criminal gangs from coming inside the country i think david in florida doesn't agree with you david you have firsthand experience as a former immigration enforcement agent president painted a pretty harrowing picture of danger and death at the us mexico border in his speech but what is the reality at this seven border from your experience. ok the reality is your statistics are wrong we have doubled the amount of apprehensions
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since october of last year which were thirty four thousand they are now sixty eight thousand same time this year and their escalating our actual apprehensions last year were over five hundred thousand and they are going up now one thing people need to understand about the southern border is that it is a vast area of one thousand nine hundred sixty miles there are seven hundred miles of actual border fencing down there but only three hundred fifty miles of that fencing is actually pedestrian. barrier the rest are vehicle barrier the other thing is that only one out of by illegal aliens that cross our border actually get apprehended we do not know who comes through or through our southern border we do have a crisis with families coming to our border and they can go to the ports of entry and apply it for asylum they should not be risking the dangers of going through the desert like happened in the past two months where children have actually died on this track there are over four hundred people that have been found dead in the
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desert on average every single year in our desert having a wall up with stopping the tragedy of people dying coming into the united states and forced them to the ports of entry where they should make it legal representation to come into the united states as a refugee under siloam applicant the other thing is that most of the people that are coming in from central and central america and mexico are economic refugees they are not refugees by the standards that have been set in the asylum process one other thing. every time i hear this thing about illegal aliens and the way the democrats come across it's all about hispanic latin america that is not the truth when i was down in new mexico and now passed so we arrested over one hundred in forty two different nationalities from around the world come across that southern border i'm talking about vietnam china bongo dash india the subsaharan countries
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africa they come into the united states because it's an easy conduit coming through mexico to get into the united states ok david let me just bring lincoln into the conversation lincoln david says the number is wrong and that the president is right to say that there is a security crisis a humanitarian crisis at the southern border your thoughts well that there is i mean there is he is right there are people dying in the desert that is a humanitarian crisis that's one that didn't start recently it's been going on for a very long time i think it's an odd way for a president the president to try to frame this donald trump wants a border wall because he ran around the country in two thousand and sixteen to cheering crowds saying build the wall build the wall there's no rational policy reason to do this even the numbers that the that my colleague in florida has stated that suggest that the work is being done there apprehending people this is been going on for a long time since september eleventh two thousand and one if you want to talk about security our security forces whether it's the border patrol whether it's other local law enforcement have stopped people from coming in both from canada enter
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mexico this is working building a wall is an enormous enormous waste of money that is not going to accomplish anything except for donald trump to be able to deliver something to his base which is of critical importance for donald trump for reasons that have nothing to do with immigration nothing to do with humanitarian and nothing to do with america's national security all right let's bring you back into the conversation the president and to some extent david in florida has painted undocumented immigrants as criminals and you know this hasn't really changed as. lincoln said this since he began his campaign for president who are these migrants that come through this southern border are they criminals as you know odd as it being painted well there's no evidence to show that the majority of them are criminals or even a critical mass of them for example the cato institute the center for american progress had a study that showed that out of one hundred thousand immigrants in jail only or
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out of one hundred thousand immigrants only two hundred fifty are in jail versus out of one hundred thousand native born there are seven thousand eight hundred in jail now to the extent that we can extrapolate the immigrant population that are documented to the immigrant population are undocumented i think the numbers show that immigrants whether documented or not are actually benefiting the economy i mean there are other numbers that show that two point six trillion contribution to the g.d.p. since two thousand and ten and that the children of immigrants so even if their parents are undocumented if they're born in the u.s. they become children of immigrants will be at they may be undocumented the parents thirty six percent of them are college graduates which is five percent more than the native born non children of immigrants so in the long run it's very clear the numbers are clear there are so many studies by the cato institute which is on the right and the center for american progress which is on the left the show that overall immigrants and particularly children of immigrants benefit the economy
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that's not to say that there are undocumented immigrants that are criminals and documented immigrants and native born imminence of course there will always be criminals in every group but what trump is doing is he's exaggerating and he's manipulating fear and fear mongering and xenophobia by pointing to the most extreme examples and then painting with a broad brush all immigrants whether documented or undocumented david your response to that that's not true that's not true absolutely not know what immigrants who come into the united states fall legal process there vetted to. come into the united states they go through medical screening they go through a background check and everything else we want immigrants to come into the states there's no question about that we're talking about illegal aliens eight u.s.c. thirteen twenty five the moment they step across that border they have committed a crime not that they're fallon's or anything like that a misdemeanor to come into the united states that way but the point i'm trying to get across is only one out of five actually get apprehended to come into the united
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states illegally the rest escape into the country now we have the same issue going on with the interior of the united states with the illegal aliens coming in we have ice that are are woefully. we don't have the staffing to handle the millions of undocumented aliens that are in the united states and we have democrats want to abolish that very safeguard to go after illegal aliens that are here within the within the interior so don't let me just ask you what difference is a wall going to make the president suggested that constructing the wall out of sea rather than concrete it was a concession it made them tremendous there was my question please what difference is there between steel and concrete and how that event is to the current immigration problem it's america out of people people are flooding across people can't flood across the desert for the very humanitarian reasons that david pointed out if you've been to that part of the country as i soon all of us have this is a pretty brutal desert for people maybe you outside the us don't realize this it's
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dry it's hot it's all those things that desert are it's not it's kind of a natural barrier not unlike our oceans on either side building a wall is a is a way to waste money it's not a way to solve any of these problems and i think some of the problems that we talk about here are real but they're not threatening our country they're not at the level of humanitarian crisis except for the ones we've made there so so it's not solve the problem it's going to alter a political footing for don't put up and see a long san diego no paso about fifteen years ago twenty years ago and the number of rapper hitchens' dropped in those city areas we're. we're able to control the influx of illegal aliens we have things called the bonzai in el paso that's right eight o'clock in the morning we've got to thousands of eggs legally don't come across the ports of entry to make their way into the united states once the dance was put up in el paso in san diego which actually stopped people from being killed by cars out of san diego the you know the rapper who was drafted lou i did not say where we literally sense what we've built the exist that's right where we built the
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existing fencing it works that's not an art and when i say i'm going to fence the entire of the entirely to the sense border we support the entire border it's impossible without a national debate as a player you know the president thinks you don't you have to vote if you want to you may not but if the president does go ahead that also brings up an important point. well i think both of all three of us accept and admit including trunk president trump also admits that we cannot put a border across the entire we cannot put a wall or bear across the entire border which ultimately just pushes people to the more dangerous parts of the border where they in fact go and die and so again and less you're going to put a border across the entire berry across the entire border this strategy which i think is misguided from the start isn't going to work there's also different ways to secure the border that are cheaper and more efficient like aerial surveillance and other forms of technology which actually d.h. has started to do with underground sensors and weight of different ok with all of those areas to fail in two thousand and so there's there is all that i want to grow
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not want to ever madeley that is ask truth that i don't need to be on kick david and he on the road they refused to date anything to secure that let me just finish david better finish and you'll be able to respond you know had i. i think it's really important you know i think it's really important there's one key statistics of these really import which is two thirds of undocumented immigrants who are migrants that are apprehended or those who overstay their vsa and that four hundred thousand of them or an additional four hundred thousand are apprehended at the border compared to one point six million in two thousand so the number of undocumented immigrants that are increasing are actually those who come legally not the ones who come illegally from the border this barrier is not going to solve the problem at the end of the day and what it is is it's really a political stunt for trump to rouse up his a far right xenophobia base because he's got
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a lot of other problems in his administration ok david make your argument that why is instructing sorry i don't know how much do you think in just one second because i just want to allow david to respond why is constructing this physical barrier the only sensible way to solve this immigration problem why do you think that is fifty percent of the people that come to you that are in the united states illegally do in fact come in legally as non-immigrants and they overstayed their visa i am referring to you legal aliens that are coming across our southern border ice has the responsibility. to apprehend the aliens that have come into the united states illegally on nonimmigrant visa is but the democrats are the working ice to do that job that they need to do on the interior they call it sweeps they call it round ups they call all sorts of things that are not even trying to abolish ice so let's let's get that straight well let's get back to the southern border are
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illegal aliens people who are not screened for national security for public safety or public health for that matter they come into united states and they come make their way into the interior without anyone knowing who they are ok one out of five get apprehended ok let's let's hear from lincoln now and lincoln i just want to get your thoughts on on you know the president's speech you think he won over americans with this speech will this move the needle in any form or fashion he wasn't trying to win over americans with his speech this president is very unpopular he's not going to persuade people in the middle to move towards his side this was a speech about shoring up his base if the president really wanted this wall he would have made this fight when his party controlled both houses of congress there's a reason he's making this fight now and that reason is with the democrats controlling the house of representative life in washington has gotten a lot tougher for donald trump the only way that donald trump survives this year and in fact survives beyond this is by keeping his base loyal and enthusiastically
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supporting him not by moving people in the middle because that ship has sailed this is a strategy like everything dollar trump is done to keep the base loyal and to mobilize them my two colleagues are engaged in a spirited debate about immigration that isn't interesting to.


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