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denies the charges. china has expressed concern about the detention of a businessman in poland a polish national and a chinese manager of the tech giant huawei being accused of spying walsall says the chinese man's arrest is linked to his own behavior not his employers the germans officially registered as jews catholics or protestants have for decades been required to pay what's called a church or a worship tax the money isn't given to the relevant faith now one leading christian democratic politician says muslims should be brought into this arrangement to free them from the influence of foreign states dominic kane explains. there. this is the a rush to go to a mosque in berlin one of the newest and considered by some to be one of the most liberal in germany from the outset the emphasis here has been on inclusion driven by its founder syrian artist her decision to allow men and women to worship here
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together polarizes opinion now she says she wants the muslim community to help itself by agreeing to pay to finance itself. its links to baffling the time for a kind of mosque tax is long overdue the most communities in germany and in europe must become independent from the so called countries of origin and thinking about it gave me the idea of saying communities should finance themselves and that can be done through a kind of mosque attacks and in this way it makes me think of one of the five pillars of islam zakk at. but that view is not universally shared among muslims here many believe the suggestion is counterproductive by induction financing in germany the mosques already finance themselves there are a few that used foreign money to build and finance the purchase but that's a handful ninety nine percent are funded by membership fees and donations so if you bring the model of the mosque tax then you once again take the tax from muslims
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themselves. the idea of taxing religious worship is not new in germany for many years the jewish catholic and protestant faiths have accepted some form of levy or tax the person a dental fires as a christian and once their income tax bill has been worked out a further proportion is deducted and given to their chosen faith to disperse as it sees fit in the political sphere the idea of a mosque tax appeals to many christian democrats for two reasons sealant in talk or didn't on the one hand it's so the growing muslim community in germany gets a stronger domestic connection aligns itself with german society a makes a contribution to integration and on the other hand it's so the influence of foreign donors can be resisted lies mosques funded by foreign states or individuals have been growing in number in recent years many conservative politicians here have raised concerns over the role of the turkish government and of some of the gulf states the idea of
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a mosque tax has been raised here in germany the four but nothing substantial has really come of it the question now is how much the port amongst muslims there would be for such a plan and what would a wider society make of it dominick cain al-jazeera rush to get a mosque in berlin. thank
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you very much and be merry onesies fairytale farewell at wimbledon britain's home of tennis but the thirty one year old doesn't know if he's body will last another few days later learned six months in revealing plans to retire he says the australian open could be he's final professional tournaments joanna go to rob scott reports. from the moment andy murray walked in to face the price in melbourne his distress was clear his spirit broken because of his injured hip which hasn't healed well and fed up of the severe pain he just can't take anymore murray admitted next week's australian open could be his last professional tournament you know i can't keep doing this and that i needed to have like an end point.
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because. i was sort of just just playing with no idea where this or that the pain was going to penn's going to start. and i felt like making that decision you know it's a sense might seem like i think i can turn a depth or this and so on and so wimbledon that is where the light. that that's where i would like to stop stop playing. but i'm also not certain i'm able to do that. the former world number one had surgery on his right hip a year ago but only managed to play in six tournament last season he's a shadow of the player who won two wimbledon titles the u.s.
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open and lympics singles gold in rio just three years ago fellow professionals have sympathy for him if he is unable to retire on his own terms and is force retired i think that's and that's something that no athlete wants to wants to be put through so i think everyone has a lot of compassion lot of yeah a lot of sadness for the thirty one year old scott is considering more surgery which he says might trade him for the pain the reason for having an operation like that is not to return to professional sport. you know just for quality of life. well his painful hip might get better the mental scars will take longer to heal. al-jazeera. has never won the australian open but she's looking in fine form ahead of the year's foods to grand slam tournament the checkers stormed into the sydney international final with
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a six one six two demolition of alexandra sas novich the two time wimbledon winner will face australia's ashley barty in saturday's from. china and south korea are the latest teams to advance to the last sixteen of football's asian cup in the united arab emirates a double strike from moulay has helped ensure china made its wins from his many matches the second goal from the shanghai was certainly something special the philippines were finished off by a substitute is being tagged the marquee player by chinese supporters. the bottles will ring seventeen seconds after coming on in the three mill trial. and china will have a showdown with south korea on wednesday to decide who tops group c. south korea seeding their second straight victory with a solitary goal from kim in j. against the stand the defending champions of bounce back from a loss to jordan to revive their hopes of making the knockout stages jamie mclaren
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with the first of two goals in as many minutes in the first half against palestine bill powering home the second strike for australia the team known as the socceroos completing a comfortable three no victory with a later if it from substitute a pasta loss journey the aussies final group b. match against syria on tuesday is now likely to decide who will join jordan in the last six to. the prison of japan's a limp a committee is being investigated for corruption linked to next year's games in tokyo france's financial crimes office is looking into to make us attack at a who is an i.o.c. member prosecutors are investigating sports corruption including the bidding contest for the twenty twenty olympics has denied any wrongdoing. and the russian bobsled is stripped of olympic glory has won his latest battle to keep his medals alexander to gold at the twenty fourteen winter games in sochi three years later he was disqualified for doping is appealed to a moscow court which ruled the process against him was unfair and he shouldn't have
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to give up his medals zuko is president of the russian bobsled federation. stage five of the back already well and truly belong to sebastian loeb in peru it's the french driver's fourth attempt at winning the race the nine time world champion was second in twenty seventeen but the not finished last year but he had no problems on friday in rising to second overall. remains the race the excitement is building ahead of the first big n.f.l. divisional playoff on saturday especially if you're fans of the kansas city chiefs they're the top seeds in the a.f.c. with twelve wins in the regular season but they host the indianapolis colts who have been on a winning streak since losing five of their first six matches the wins go through the a.f.c. championship game which is the last hurdle before the super bowl. on the crown already knows and i showed him those lies caught on fans get out of the popcorn get the spirit you got the hot cocoa. drum is wearing in it like it's nothing but
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emotion in the siteman coming from this game saturday a lot of fans are going to be ready i know we're going to be ready and you know just ready to go out there and play right now you know snow water or whatever it is going to feel we don't play any play through it after that game the dallas cowboys will be at the los angeles rams in an n.f.c. divisional playoff two more games to come on sunday including the reigning super bowl champions the philadelphia eagles a team out of africa aiming to challenge european dominance in handball france chasing a hat trick of titles at the world championships in germany and denmark no country outside europe has ever won gold but i'm going to want to loosen that group. from copenhagen. the balance of power in handball has been set in stone for decades. but chipping away at it is a new force in african sport. angola competing at their fourth world championships
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since a very sudden arrival on the international stage. and goa qualified for. first world championships and so you thousand and five just three years after the end of decades long civil war fourteen years later that the only sub-saharan stick breaking the stranglehold of egypt algeria. in african qualifying. it's true the civil war affected sports a lot in and because there was no comfort to do sports so as be settled we got to take a step forward going outside taking part in african to an immense and qualifying to world wide tournament. first held in one nine hundred thirty eight the world championships have been dominated by europe with just an occasional challenge from north africa defending champions france hold the record with six titles while qatar the only non europeans ever to win a medal albeit with a team of international all stars. and goals emergence is home grown
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their all angolan and nearly all play and the young goalie. well it's important to have athletes who are one hundred percent and goal and we are not apologists we have never sought players in other nations the angolan people are hardworking and fierce we are few but we try to work with the few we have to make them strong and get results. world championship glory is unlikely to come and goal is way just yet they're still catching up with china zero and egypt both of whom have finished fourth in past tournament's. a repeat of votes would be a big task for any of the africans in a sport that is only slowly getting a grip outside europe. pull race al-jazeera copenhagen. before i go. at an elite football match in australia the pitch
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invader going on and i make stick to flight but rest assured it landed safely gets off the pitch to get an update on the teaching down hard to teach you to want to be a good bloke and i was up to bat and when you're around your neck. and that's all the sport we have another update coming up again later. don't go anywhere i'll be back in just a moment or two with much more of the day's news lots of analysis as well stay with us here at our visit.
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to. the carter center. it's the fust day of school in bob an elementary school in mosul. this school is a military base firing rocket propelled grenades on multis of nearby and out that falsus. most helpful gauteng what it is like to be in school up to three years old war. six year old saw it as house of survived an ass like his home and almost wiped out his entire family he now lives in the popular destroyed house with his father
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and grandfather. solace for the purpose his son for the first day in school is hopeful making new friends would hope is that a company. five families fight to survive in twenty first century america i live off my credit cards mine i don't make enough money the last couple months it's been minimum balances can only keep their heads above water in a tough economic climate companies have had to lay off thousands of workers if he wants to go to school he'll be paying for his classes and books and all of that he can do that all the while the needs are in college. just zero. the runner up in the democratic republic of congo's presidential election will challenge the results in cool.
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americana a show about is there live from doha also coming up police in sudan fired tear gas at this past protest this is balanced take to the streets calling for the president to step down. president trump rules out stick lariam national emergency to build its border wall bought his shutdown standoff with democrats continues. three months on survivors of indonesia's recent earthquake and tsunami try to rebuild their lives. in the democratic republic of congo the runner up in the presidential election has vowed to challenge the result in court citing catholic church election observers. says he won with a landslide sixty one percent of the vote he claims the declared winner the rival
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opposition candidate felix she is a kennedy got just eighteen percent the congolese catholic church and the french government are both disputing the results saying it doesn't match what was seen on the ground well the un secretary general antonio tatar she he has called for calm in the democratic republic of congo tensions ever building after an already controversial election has cools countries around the world to question the result al-jazeera has diplomatic editor james bass explains why. the security council finds itself in a most difficult position its members have long been keen to see the back of the kabila government but now it's been defeated they face an electoral dispute between rival opposition candidates they will for now rally around the message of the head of the un peacekeeping force in congo a call to avoid further conflict i deplore all such acts of violence and up here
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to the congolese people and security forces alike to exist size and restraint in these critical period the security council tried to discover if the provisional election result was an accurate reflection of the will of the people the head of the electoral commission briefing the council from can charge admitted the election was not perfect and had been conducted in an atmosphere of mistrust but he stood by the result he's announced. the african union and the regional body the south african development community which had observer teams on the ground both broadly back that assessment but then came the testimony of archbishop who temby his catholic church organization senko have fielded by far the largest number of observers nearly forty thousand net correspondent the results is published did not match the data collected by our own observation mission my we have
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a recommendation to publish it quickly as possible all the records and minutes from the counting and polling stations to allow candidates to compare but the head of the electoral commission said he would only hand over that data to the constitutional court for now the security council is focusing on the stability of the democratic republic of the congo but as the electoral dispute continues maintaining calm and avoiding violence will become harder and harder james bows out his era at the united nations we've been speaking to pierre angle bears his nonresident senior fellow at the atlantic council's africa center he believes the catholic church is there to have the count is the most accurate. somebody is not telling the truth so the catholic church had observers in many many voting stations samples about ten percent of the. thirteen million votes that they observed
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in a random with a and i think that there are methods there with the show then there would explain them seem very rigorous i'm not sure the catholic church in an entirely neutral actor but they certainly are reliable trustworthy one. the electoral commission on the other hand has so far been very opaque about its methods and it's unclear whether the tallies that they've come up with at the level of the voting stations much the results that have been aggregated in larger centers of the electoral commission so you get a fairly significant discrepancy there i don't know what the numbers of the catholic church are at this point they have not released the actual numbers but they've made it clear that their count it's martin for you to who would be in the lead and not felix the security director or commission of congo is as not does not have a reputation for a high degree of integrity and over time the certainly acted in ways including its
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president. in ways that suggest that they are doing the bidding of the regime to a large extent and so yes i would i would consider if anything the catholic church to be more trustworthy than the electoral commission. security forces in sudan have pursued and attacked injured protest says as they went inside a hospital in the country's second largest city. the country has seen three weeks of demonstrations now and they began over the rising price of bread but they quickly transformed into demands for longtime president omar al bashir to step down morgan ripples from the capital culture. friday's prayers in sudan ended with calls for more protests demanding the resignation of president obama to be here and the calls were heeded in several cities security forces again fired tear gas at some protestors even hospitals have been in the firing line in what amnesty international is describing as an outrageous violation of international law security forces time to hospital on wednesday they were looking for protesters
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injured during anti-government demonstrations in the man sudan second largest city bullets and tear gas were fired at patients and doctors they've walked out on strike in protest the sudanese government says it's investigating what happened. to forces actually follow the protesters inside the hospital. and they used as a live a mission. horrible situation and i think even in conflict situation that i can hold with all that's considered a war crime when's this protest in demand were reported to be the largest in three weeks of demonstrations against the twenty nine year rule of president obama to be sheer police and security forces have responded with force at least three people were killed on wednesday rights groups say the number killed since protests began is at least forty the government says the total is twenty two president obama seems defiant as his party threatens to use force against those protesting his rule to
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notice his work give us a week let's see who would dare challenge just one week we don't want people without permits protesting those protesting and especially those who are who will cut off their heads. the protesters accuse president bashir of mismanaging be khana me ignoring corruption and causing the world's second highest inflation rate becoming twelve antigovernment protests is regarded as the biggest challenge to president bashir since he came to power in one thousand eighty nine some opposition groups have lend their support to those them bending his that down calls for his resignation continue with more protests planned into the week all triggered by the country's economic crisis queues for bread are common the price of a loaf tripled recently the ruling party says it wants bashir who remains wanted by the international criminal court for work crimes to be reelected next year protesters seem determined to prevent that with the strongest challenger to his leadership people morgan al-jazeera hearts on eight members of one family have been
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killed in yemen in a shelling attack by who sea rebels the four women and four children were killed in a government held village called shalala close of the border with saudi arabia news of the attack comes as the saudi led coalition says it destroyed a hoofy drone control center that was used in an attack on a military parade on first say the who fears have denied saudi reports that they have attacked the main oil refinery in the government held city of agent syrian state media says israel has fired several missiles towards the capital damascus unconfirmed reports suggest the strikes were launched near the city's airport most of them were shot down by defenses syria says one of the strikes damaged a warehouse in the capital's airport. u.s. secretary of state my pompei was in the united arab emirates as part of his six nation tour of the regions the u.a.e. as one of four arab nations imposing a blockade on cata both are america's close allies in its fight against armed
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groups and then there's iran the u.a.e. along with saudi arabia considers terror on a regional rival curbing iran's influence in the region has been a top priority for the trumpet ministration in yemen the u.a.e. is backing several pro-government armed groups and is part of the saudi coalition fighting against the huth is president trump is facing significant pressure from congress to end u.s. support for the coalition well the u.s. president has backed away from his threat to declare a national emergency to fund his controversial border wall during a meeting on border security donald trump told reporters he wants congress to do its job and approve more than five billion dollars for the war he called on the democrats many of whom have now left washington for the weekend to come back and vote a standoff over funding for the war has led to a partial government shutdown which will become the longest in u.s.
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history on saturday night live there heidi jocasta correspondent who's in washington and so president trump is not in a rush it would appear then to trigger these emergency powers. that's right martini says that as this time he is not about to declare a national emergency some of that decision may be because his closest advisers including his son in law gerry cushion or have been warning him that making such a declaration would be politically dangerous critics are saying that would set a bad precedent and it would be a step toward authoritarianism now trump himself has acknowledged that if he were to make a declaration most likely a court challenge would immediately materialize and he himself said that he would likely lose that challenge at least in the lower and appellate courts and if he were to make the declaration it's still in uncertain exactly how it would unfold there are some reports that the white house may ask for money now
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a partition for disaster relief to be diverted toward building the wall instead and that may not be very popular with the american public now all of this said trump has publicly wavered back and forth in the last few days even in the last few hours about whether or not to make border disaster declaration and he said today at the white house that if congress does not give him the border while funding he still will make that declaration this is more of what he said i'd rather do it because this is something that congress should usually do this is something that the democrats should do i don't want to give an easy way out of something as simple as this not only simple it's easy. it's going to europe you know we have a country that is under siege you could actually you know a lot of people don't like the word invasion we have
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a country that's being invaded by criminals and by drugs and we're going to stop it so i want the democrats to come back to washington.


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