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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 16, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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if the civil war will continue to call for justice to no one are going way out on you in the back and even if bag is free and the violence will come back and it could get even worse maybe another person will take power and create the same problems we don't want to see him walk away from his crimes. by boat was to be considered a war criminal by some a hero to others. this in a country trying to move on from a violent past in search of reconciliation and a brighter future nicholas hawke al-jazeera beach on a second straight to the british parliament m.p.'s debating the start of the vote of no confidence in teresa mayes government jeremy colgan the leader of the opposition is taken to the lectern he's been speaking answering questions the system into what he has to say the party and our party will decide what policy we've thought the election was but and i mean china we are very.
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last to pay a customs union the has to be access to european trade in markets that has to me or protection of rights that has to be rejection of a no deal cracks it. and as i was saying mr speak your last way this government became the first for more than forty years to learn on a finance bill and a shocking first for this government a shocking first its fullest and heavily pregnant member of this hammers i my friend a member perhaps in kilburn to deny the shared jules's area to come to vote all because of their cynical breaking of trusted caring or rankin's i think we need to examine that and examine our procedures to ensure such a thing can never happen again when you are on a subaru. mr speaker could you assist the haves make this is an important matter i
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say this as a woman but we need to establish once and for all was the only well lady offered a path by me i think all of us and i'm going to thank you ok good reminds me that's not a point of order my understanding is that there was a pairing opportunity was. there i don't need any of. that. my understanding is that there was a pairing opportunity but the issue was that in the chamber on monday and again yesterday the right honorable gentleman who go position is absolutely entitled to highlight his concern about this matter which i know is widely shared but it should not be subject now to the point that such as votes are generally called being thank you thank you mr speaker. nothing demonstrates the sheer incompetence of this
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government quite like the brakes at negotiations yesterday's historic and humiliating defeat was the result of two years of chaos and failure it's now clear this government is not capable of winning support for its core plan on the most vital issue facing this country. the prime minister has lost control and the government has lost the ability to govern. within two years they've managed to turn a deal to what was supposed to be i remember this very well one of the easiest in human history into a national embarrassment in that time we've seen the prime minister's demands quickly turned into one humiliating climbdown after another break simonis is a direct hit ministers have gone but the shambles has remained unchanged.
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culminating in an agreement which described by one for my cabinet minister as i quote the worst of all worlds let's be clear on the deal the prime minister wanted this parliament to support ward and left the u.k. in a helpless position facing the choice of either seeking and paying drink standard transition period or trapped in the backstop. the prime minister may claim the backstop would never come into force order order i'm sure there are order your scenes from inside the british parliament as the leader of the opposition jeremy coleman states his case against treason mase government in the hope that he can persuade enough members of parliament in just doesn't the six hours time to vote with him in a vote of no confidence in the conservative government of course will be following
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events through the day leading up to that vote or taking that vote live at nineteen hundred g. and t. here or al-jazeera let's move on to one of our other top stories of the day and that's in africa an attack that lasted almost a day in nairobi is over ten years a president who can yet i was offered his condolences to the family of the victims of those in the hotel and promised to find all of those who were responsible when it started when attackers targeted three cars and detonated a bomb in the lobby of a hotel at least fourteen people were killed we will seek out every person that was involved in the funding planning and execution of this. we will pursue relentlessly wherever they will be until they are held to account we will
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continue taking every step. to make our nation inhospitable to terrorist groups and their networks joined to the scene of the attack and of course it's very busy earlier in the day joy it's quite the president very clear but the incident is over but what more do we know about the events and what is happening at that location. for out here it's a bit quiet relative calm has come back and the road that just. here has been opened for normal traffic put right just a few minutes ago we were able to hear a huge explosion actually the second one in about an hour where we were told that it's the security detail or the bomb experts that are trying to determinate forms and grenades that well left behind during that twenty hour operation that ended at
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about eleven o'clock this morning and that the people trapped inside. this safe and they're trying to like make the situation possible for them to be evacuated without any harm but so far we've been able to see families of those that are still trapped inside out here waiting patiently just some few minutes ago one of the family members was told that one of their loved one was actually in the morgue which is down the road a kilometer away and i mean you could tell that the heartbreak and the shock even amongst the people that was surrounding particular family member and it was it's actually hiring to just see them and how they broke down in the prayers the call to prayer and you can even right now the mood is it's quite solemn.
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but what. the latest that we have a red cross they would have just released a report actually indicating that fifty people are still missing initially they heard. a number ninety four missing and they were able to locate forty four and now fifty are still missing so you can see why the families are still hanging around but that's what we have and for the moment we'll leave it there and of course continue to monitor any developments with you through the day thank you joyce and good our producer there in nairobi plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including why the taliban is striking to walk away from peace talks with the united states. look at the plight of three refugees who are struggling with the harsh winter conditions. and in sport the defending champions leave it too late to be the asia cup teams make their move in a place for the knockout rounds will have those details later.
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the taliban has threatened to walk away from peace talks with the united states accusing it of deflecting from the issue of drawing forces from the country last week the group. with. the u.s. special envoy for peace in afghanistan he's been touring the region in pursuit of a because sheeted end to the years long conflict. where he is a regional political and security analyst of those worked on conflict resolution issues in afghanistan joins me now from the capital kabul good to have you with us live on al-jazeera sir i mean what was the purpose of the taliban statement. well basically the taliban have been engaged in the process with. and that process has mainly been negotiation for negotiations where they have been agreeing on the
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mainly they have been discussing the agenda for the upcoming peace talks however what we can see that after engagement of so many countries in the region. that has been engaged in shuttle diplomacy in the region for the last three months and most recently he has visited many countries last night he lived in kabul so because of the engagement of so many countries i think they have the americans actually have slightly away from the agenda that was agreed upon earlier and that has annoyed the taliban because the taliban want to discuss first and foremost with the americans the diva drama all of the international forces particularly the americans from of i understand the schedule and the arrangements around that but i think now what we're seeing after engagement of so many countries there have been efforts being made to put pressure on taliban to agree to additional age and up points and that has been the main reason behind the taliban coming up with this statement ok so then where
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do we actually stand in terms of those peace talks who is talking to to and who isn't talking because as far as sort of my reading takes me i mean tumble really wants to take the lead when it comes to negotiating with the taliban they say they are the only legitimate body that has the right to talk to the taliban about the future of afghanistan. well right now what is happening that taliban have been at dam and to speak to the americans first and agree on certain major issues such as the withdrawal of the forces from afghanistan in the future strategically lesions with the united states and rest of the international community whereas the other one government wants to be driving the whole process. taliban certainly are going to talk to the afghan government but first they want to have the issues of major concerns pertinent to the americans resolved before going to the government. as far as who is talking to who they are so many people
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pakistanis have mobilized over the course of last four months significantly to to be part of the whole process and try to influence the process is in their favor of course the last meeting that happened in abu dhabi has included. into the whole process and companies have been part of this process for many years now have also engaged they have been talking to the taliban the issue some to statements last week which the afghan government as well and the afghan government spokespeople that applied back with you know what that is sponsored to the iranians to do to be to mind their own business so be it so all of these complexities have really. added a bit of complexity to the whole process so many actors are playing their role and trying to influence the process in order to get their mileage and use the negotiation process as leverage for and for the future security of that interest in
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the in afghanistan and indeed it wider region i would like to remind you that today the chinese ambassador in kabul has also shown interest in france that it did in the oven peace talks well indeed and of course there are some new players and we shall see how the conversation develops in the coming weeks and months for the moment to much time frame thanks for joining us from kabul. least nine people are dead and nineteen are injured after an explosion in the north and syrian town of bunn beach but the area is currently controlled by the kurdish peoples a protection units known as y p g u.s. troops are currently in the region they train the white p.g. in their fight against eisel there's been an increase in tension along the turkish syrian border since president trumpeters the withdrawal of u.s. troops from northern syria last month this development in the beach comes as kurdish forces rejected a safe zone proposal as a solution to prevent turkish military offensives in the area president trump president over one both floated the idea as
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a way of scaling down the violence kurdish representatives say that they will only accept the safe zone proposal if the u.n. has a role. we can accept sleep zones if there is a decision by the united nations to send international forces under their supervision to these areas and if these forces are neutral to preserve peace and security alternatively if we agree with damascus according to the principles for dialogue that we put forth the syrian forces can enter the area to protect the borders from any external attacks which is considered one of the duties of the syrian army. the freezing weather in lebanon being blamed for the deaths of fifteen children in syrian refugee camps there's been heavy snow and turned to rain and more is coming down right now more than a million syrians are living in tents and makeshift shelters in lebanon so hot or is that one of the council reports from the northeastern town of awesome. harsh weather conditions syria's refugees the most vulnerable in times like
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this heavy snow fall rain strong winds as you can see we are at one of the informal refugee camps close to the border with syria conditions are bad and refugees live in tents like this one plastic sheeting is only what protects them from heavy snowfall and rain of course and this is the second storm to hit lebanon in less than a week according to the united nations in the first storm twenty two thousand refugees were affected a lot of tents dozens of tents needed to be repaired so people are bracing for the worst it is a tough winter a lot of children here with respiratory problems they're falling ill because of the cold temperatures are below zero one hundred seventy thousand syrian refugees live in informal settlements like this one just under a million are registered with the united nations so the united nations doing its best but it doesn't have enough for it enough funds to provide the assistance
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needed a lot of people here say that they were not given any money to buy fuel for heating so they're bracing for even more harsher conditions in the days to come according to their knighted nation seventy thousand people are at risk because of the weather conditions forty thousand of them are children and that is because they live in shelters and sites that are prone to flooding and in sites that are in danger of collapse because of heavy snowfall well we. look at what's in store for the region with it's not looking good as it's not looking good particular for the next twenty four to thirty hours because of the storm that's behind me which we're going to detail is still going to be a problem as well as temperatures are going to be dropping across this region over the next few days so let's go into right now here's the storm system and you can see all the clouds making their way across the eastern part of the mediterranean now we have been seeing these storms go through over. the last several weeks here's the storm system behind it we have some very gusty winds and this storm system as
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a pushes through the winds behind it are going to be a big problem particularly in the areas of parts of lebanon we're talking about fifty to maybe seventy five kilometers per hour winds coming across this area i want to show you the forecasts of what is happening well actually with the current conditions what is happening right now we have a lot of rain across much of that area we have snow in the higher elevations temperatures right now in those higher elevations are about minus two to about minus three right now you can see damascus at eleven but that's at a very low. elevation in that region we do have some snow up here towards parts of turkey and that area we could be seeing up to a meter of snow just in the next twenty four to thirty hours now once the storm goes through yes we could be clearing out but those temperatures are going to be lower we do expect that as we go from the next couple of days as the morning lows we could be talking anywhere between minus four to minus six in some of these areas are not even going to get above freezing so anything that anything that's on the ground is going to stay on the ground so this is going to be
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a situation going to be watching definitely over the next few days. thanks very much kevin while still ahead here on al-jazeera the protesters call for sudan's government to step down but not all opposition parties are on the same page and football fans in palestine hope their team can make history at the asian cup they will have those details in sports so do stay with us here on al-jazeera as news out . in search of a safer neighborhood it was a huge will we make a mouse into being a man who can put my family in a hole they discerned that's a problem for me struggling to secure a home really really quite a bubble during the long run so we don't we could potentially lose that and living paycheck to paycheck there's nobody to blame and live with the consequences every day of the choices that have been hard. on al-jazeera. russian
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filmmaker under a neck or soft continues his journey across his homeland to discover what life was like under putin during his travels he meets christians and muslims patriots and separatists i told little causing the southeast we're on our side when i arrive and offer something completely different someone to leave russia but for others the russian passport means hope and the chance of happens in search of putin's russia on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching the al-jazeera news hour with me the reminder of our top stories this hour the u.k. government is facing a vote of no confidence after an overwhelming defeat of prime minister to reason
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breaks that deal parliament's debating it now and it could trigger a general election also an attack lasting more than nineteen hours at a nairobi hotel is over ten years the president has offered his condolences to the families of the victims and promised to find all of those responsible at least fourteen people were killed and at least nine people are dead and nineteen are injured after an explosion in the northern syrian town about beach the area is commonly controlled by the kurdish people's protection units also known as the white peachy troops are currently in the region they didn't train the white peachy in their fight against eisel. so how are events in parliament resonating across the united kingdom and the hayward is gauging opinions in the english city of darby where most people voted in to leave the e.u. in the twenty sixteen referendum we're talking to her shortly about breaks it but first let's talk to nadine barber who's outside the bank of england in central
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london with the very latest of course are the deem what actually happens is that what we talk about breaks it there is a knock on effect not just for businesses but for the economy but also for the currency and so we have to look what's wider about what happened less than twenty four hours ago affects people where you are. that's right. the movements on the markets give some indication but there are also health warnings that come with we saw sterling drop and then rise again overnight against the dollar and against the the euro most people saying that thought actually reflects the fact that the markets the currency traders have factored in that defeat for some reason may's deal even though they didn't expect it to be so big and basically it's business as usual for them but in other in other shares for example bank shares some of the biggest banks were up more than one
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percent on wednesday reflecting some degree of taking those events in parliament in their stride but the governor of this place the bank of england mark carney has been speaking on wednesday saying that that market reaction shouldn't be overestimated and that in the next few weeks certainly he would expect the prevailing concern to continue and his worries or his warnings have been echoed by a lot of industry leaders listen to these for example the director general of the confederation of british industry caroline carolyn fairbairn she said every business will feel no deal is her telling closer a new plan is needed immediately this is now a time for our politicians to make history as leaders so despite some analysts saying that what happened on tuesday with that vote diminishes the chance of what
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people here in the city call the worst case scenario of a no deal breaks it others are saying well in fights this could mean that it's more likely we've ruled out her deal happening between now and march the twenty ninth now unless parliament comes up with something they can agree on that's the default position there are many other voices in finance an industry here in britain warning that that really is going to be an ongoing concern between now and the deadline so for the moment i think we'll leave it there and of course come back to the city has a and we've got more developments on how it's affecting currency and the markets thank you. i mean i sit here darby almost sixty percent of people voted to leave the e.u. in the twenty sixteen referendum i'm ok with reports from their reaction to trees and maze defeat in parliament. it's taken months of maneuvering to get to this point a chance bring peace to vote on the deal table by the british prime minister
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a vote watched closely in the social club in dhabi. and thirty two. back in twenty sixty nearly sixty percent of people in the city voted to leap and opinion now about the country's future is still divided from a business perspective is really unnerving because what business needs nascence or stability needs direction so that we know as businesses where our investment i want to leave. and that's what should happen that's what the people voted for and it should have been shorter. darby's history is rooted in industry the cotton mills of the eighteenth century have been replaced by big manufacturers like rolls royce and toyota. that a.s.g. workers and making and designing car parts nearly a fifth the jobs in this area are in manufacturing most are in the aerospace
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automotive and rail industry all have strong economic ties to. what's being produced here will go into the supply chain for the u.k. for automotive industry and some of it will end up in your. bruce ohman owns and boated to leave the e.u. and would do so again disorderly breaks it will create chaos for years if we call properly i do believe we need to leave with a managed no deal on w t o rules they were better off for it give us some short term pain the longer term will be it will be a lot better off you could have predicted that the divisions exposed by the twenty sixteen referendum would still be so deeply across british society the only certainty now is uncertainty about what the future might hold and let's join
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in darby i wonder whether the rejection of the brics it deal vote dampen the spirits of the public where you are me how are they reacting to what happened in parliament nearly one hundred eighty kilometers from where you are will be any sort of clearer in their thought process as to how sort of the government should proceed next. i think they want a decision essentially a lot of people have said to me we want to know what's going on where are we going there is a real sense of frustration and despair here and annoyance the politicians haven't managed to get this thing go way more than two and a hockey is after the vote you know it's interesting thing here because you know that the vote was very late back in twenty sixteen and people are still very divided over whether to even leave the e.u. we were citing account by this thing to people talking about brics say it and one woman who was a remain a interestingly said now she would decide to leave because she said that the way
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that theresa may had been treated by the e.u. was appalling and it is interesting to reason may does get a degree of sympathy here again people very very strong in their beliefs whether to be in or out but really cross with the m.p.'s that they haven't managed to sort this thing out but i think until maybe it is important to remember that this is one of the u.k.'s main manufacturing pops or more manufacturing jobs in this region than anywhere else in the u.k. and business wants answers business wants to plan ahead and at the moment that doesn't seem to be any plan b. that makes it very difficult for the businesses to invest to create new jobs and really business is one stability i guarantee at the moment i took not going to want a moment we'll leave it that i'm a wooden dopy thank you. for the past four weeks it has been witnessing a wave of anti-government protests some opposition groups are supporting the demonstrators but others are keeping their distance takes a closer look at the political landscape. for as long as sudan's government has
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been in power the omagh party has been one of its main oppositions established in one nine hundred forty five it's leading members see the government led by president obama to bashir who has been in power for nearly thirty years needs to step down and they're not going to wait for elections scheduled for next year to see it happen like we have been leading the the month of the people. of the step down of theirs until this year because as you know he is he failed all through the last thirty years in all aspects of her life in sudan so there is no need for. sensical elections which is that going any freedom or any integrity in it as happened in the previous. election of twenty fifteen and the one before. the party is not the only group in sudan demanding the government step down since
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mid december thousands have protested on the streets the demonstration was sparked by an economic issue that quickly morphed into a political crisis for the government with a slogan similar to those chanted by protesters in the arab spring the revolutions that brought down regimes in neighboring countries they too have been demanding the government and its rule but officials here accuse the protestors of being traitors who have been influenced by what it calls external forces security members have used tear gas and live ammunition to disperse protesters officials but the death toll at twenty four since the protests began in december activists see at least fifty five people have been killed but it means opposition are divided over how the government should respond to the wave of protests that have been taking place in many cities across again over the past four weeks some on one side. say the government should listen to the demands of the people and step down others have a different take. some opposition parties who are part of the coalition government that includes more than twenty parties have condemned the violence that came with
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the protests it seems they would wait for elections to see a transfer of power. so why now we don't want any sudanese blood to be shed in vain the blood of studio news is precious but we also want stability and change from within so we remain part of the government anything else would tear apart the stability of sudan more demonstrations are planned for the coming days these protests are the longest since sudan gained independence in one nine hundred fifty six some analysts see the split in the opposition could prolong the protests. or the opposition groups are not at all on the same page the protesters want the same result some opposition have voiced their demands for the president to step down and others have kept quiet siding with them there are also armed opposition groups which have voiced support for the protesters but are not in the country so they may have little impact little impact or not this is the biggest challenge to president
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bashir since he came to power and with elections more than a year away it's not clear if all his supporters will stand by him until then people morgan are just there are a lot of whom. now a leading zimbabwean activist has been arrested in the capital of today's of protests over fuel prices past even more while you was taken away from his home in harare demonstrations across several cities in zimbabwe since the government more than double the cost of petrol and diesel human rights watch says security forces of shot dead at least five people wounded others during a crackdown on protests. u.s. president donald trump is expected to authorize back pay for nearly eight hundred thousand workers affected by the longest federal government shutdown in america's history it's now the twenty sixth day since trump and democrats reached an impasse on undoing for building a wall along the us mexico border leading to a standstill in washington for the very latest let's go over to our white house correspondent kimberly halkett who joins me now and of course the shutdown
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continues and we're really beginning to see the effects more so in sort of the backlog of immigration hearings it's just one particular issue amongst many that are affected by this shutdown. that's right you know we're seeing a ripple effect all across the country services that many americans rely on have ground to a halt and that includes the immigration courts well many new herb people americans that many people have come to the united states hoping to eventually become americans are looking for hearings and they've not been able to have those hearings in fact what we know is as of november there were certainly a backlog of cases eight hundred thousand so there was a real need to kind of try and push these hearings through but the opposite is happening since the shutdown now the number up to forty seven thousand cases that are currently just lingering in the courts so what does this mean well we know that
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there are a couple of states that are very hard hit texas california new york state where there are a lot of immigration hearings that are held but the other issue in all of this is that many people who were ready to appear before an immigration judge had all their cases together will work with their lawyers they're just in limbo waiting and for many new immigrants trying to stay in the united states legally and permanently this is certainly discouraging now you could also look at it on the flip side those that are facing deportation perhaps this buys them more time to work with their lawyers in order to bolster their cases the irony in all of this is that when donald trump came into office one of the things he promised to do is to clear up this backlog that i was talking about terms of the immigration cases that have been filling the court sitting stagnant but now with the shutdown the opposite is true when of course the very shutdown. the workers who've been without salaries for well
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