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tv   Oceans Monopoly  Al Jazeera  January 17, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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it's not enough what a month and a half we need ten dollars a day i have three kids it's hard for fathers like up to when they can't buy medicine and meet the needs of their children these desperate families have survived one severe storm already this year and now they're bracing for another storm the second in less than a week the united nations says twenty two thousand syrians were affected in the first storm flooding heavy rain and snow whipped by strong winds destroyed their tents last week many fear the worst is yet to come. and look like i am scared of the upcoming storm because i suffered and the last one my tenth was flooded and we couldn't stay inside my family and i had to live with others in another. and i'm sure this would happen again imagine how much harder it is for the elderly ninety four year old has and his daughters are hit up are trapped as there
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should be very moving when weather conditions are bad we can't do anything but stay inside and i wrap my father with a lot of blankets like a child to keep me warm and i have no choice but to wait for the storm to and before going outside there are no shelters to accommodate these refugees in times like this the united nations says seventy thousand people are at risk because of harsh weather conditions forty thousand of them are children they live and shelters and sites that are prone to flooding and are in danger of collapse because of heavy snowfall lebannon refuses to set up proper camps to prevent the long term resettlement of refugees the u.n. says one hundred seventy thousand of the one million refugees registered in lebanon live like this for them in particular it is proving to be a tough winter sena. our cell northeastern lebannon weather is next but still ahead on al-jazeera queuing for
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a free e-mail hundreds of american federal employees struggle to make ends meet during the longest government shutdown in u.s. history. from dusky sunsets if a sprawling savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis. hello there the rain is now clearing away from the southeast in parts of china it was all out of this area of cloud here and now it's running away towards the northeast and behind it it should be dry for the next couple of days as it should be this time of year now it's all that warm in shanghai all maximum temperature will just be nine degrees but i think will sneak a little bit higher as we head into friday this time making it to eleven hong kong hovering around about twenty degrees a bit further towards the south and there's been plenty of sunshine across the philippines recently just a couple of showers in the far south if you're unlucky elsewhere though it has been
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a little bit wet and particularly if you're in bali here we've had a lot of rain over the past two days and it looks like there's plenty more still to come you can see from the dark blue colors here not shot we are expecting a lot of heavy rain on the day but also into friday as well and some of that wet weather will also be stretching further west singapore is also looking pretty soggy to also west and for many of us across india even into pakistan this following dry weather a little bit more in the way of cloud in the far north that is bringing us a few outbreaks of rain and a lot of snow as well it's moving through pretty quickly though so by thursday it should have moved away from us most of us should be enjoying some slightly drier weather is also looking dry intra lanka colombo there getting to thirty one. the with the sponsored cats on. the train one of the. next sixty seemed to be on of those who know it just.
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goes on the road with palestinian taxi drivers living and working at the heart of one of the most contested location. jerusalem so palestinian cabbies. welcome back. a reminder of our top stories this hour british prime minister to resign may have politicians to put self interest aside and work together on a consensus deal for the u.k.'s withdrawal from the european union may made the playoffs to have government survived a no confidence motion called by opposition leader jeremy corbett. says choose day
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as the top on a luxury hotel and shopping complex in kenya with an retaliation for the u.s. president's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital at least twenty one people were killed in the assault in nairobi the red cross says fifty people are still unaccounted for. freezing weather in lebanon and syria is being blamed for the deaths of eight children and displacement camps there's been heavy snow and torrential rain and more is coming down right now. vice president for programs and policy at the end fiji's international he says there's no political will to provide suitable housing for syrian refugees in lebanon. if you're in turkey or you're in jordan and you're in staying in some of the camps that have been set up for syrian refugees there they're much more robust facilities because they've been established with the understanding that the syrian refugees were going to be there for years levanon for a series of reasons partially political partially because the government has been
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functioning for a number of years and also just the general approach to this crisis has been to avoid anything that would give a semblance of permanence to the syrian refugee camp refugee population i mean this is a bit of a hangover that goes back to the time of the palestinians the lebanese are very concerned that the syrian refugee population may stay for a long period of time and they indeed have been there for a while now the real question is they refuse to allow the kind of more permanent structures that would provide a baseline of humanitarian protection for these very vulnerable populations. they are behind cheers days attack in kenya says it was in retaliation for the u.s. president's decision to recognize to receive them as the capital of israel at least twenty one people died in the assault by al shabaab fighters on an iraqi hotel complex the red cross says fifty people are still unaccounted for catherine so it has more from nairobi. outside this morgue in nairobi and she has family members
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and colleagues wait for news some more than that. now the over details of what happened inside the dusit hotel complex are beginning to march surveillance cameras captured the beginnings of the attack when heavily armed men walked into the upmarket complex shooting from all over the place employees are running all over the place he was screaming for point i realized that the best thing to do is to find a service place to hide. for hours afterwards terrified workers and clients barricaded themselves in as gunfire and explosives rang out. some people are still missing hundreds of others were taken to safety you know peroration that lasted through tuesday night we go out to say for the evacuation but they make a big mistake because it was not secure we go and leave the ship to us kenya's
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president has about to bring those responsible to justice we are a country governed by laws rules and regulations a country that embraces peaceful coexistence we believe in these principles and values. even in the face of adversity and i must also state that we are also a nation that never forgets. who hurt our children police have started investigating they want to find out how their towels and how the gunman got hero. canyon's of the foreigners who are their friends who helped them where was the attack planned all this are questions that many kenyans want to quick answers to al-shabaab has in the past said their taxes are in
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response to kenya sending troops to somalia as part of a u.n.'s backed international force this comes on the third anniversary of the killing. of more than one hundred kenyan soldiers on a military base in south and somalia this must have been a. park there was sleep in. in the country and was just activated for two reasons one of course our shabaab was called memory. and secondly it was announcing that it is still very irreverent and it's. lethal the hotel is now a crime scene and the city is mourning once more. catherine soy oil to syria nairobi. afghan peace talks have here's a stumbling block with the taliban threatening to walk away from negotiations the group has accused the u.s. of deflecting from the issue of withdrawing forces from afghanistan
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a meeting between the u.s. special envoy on afghan reconciliation. and taliban leaders last week with cancelled and now it has postponed a planned trip to islamabad for talks with pakistani leaders meanwhile the taliban has accused as i'm about of cracking down on its leaders and members in order to pressure the group to open talks with the afghan government come out as more. confusion still persisting over their future with the taliban. over the whole place in abu dhabi and in their state. now the u.s. special representative for peace and reconciliation four of one is done ambassador . was due to come to islamabad for dogs with the pakistani government on how to bring the of one taliban to the negotiating table august on saying that it had little control over the of. the of one taliban also issuing
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a statement saying that any air dam to outmaneuver. would be unacceptable and that the us would now boarding conditionalities which were unacceptable to the avalon taleban according to diplomats are still sticking to their guns saying that they will not fall to the puppet regime in kabul and war nothing short of a foreign word drawing from of one is done therefore there is a complicated issue at hand and it is going to be difficult to see how the of one taliban will come to the negotiating table of the united states of insincerity. and as an adjunct scholar of defense and foreign policy at the cato institute she says pakistan will be able to bring the taliban back to the negotiation table. i think with pakistan plays a vital role in actually moving these talks forward and it is very telling that the special envoy. used to go to some about and response back side has been sort of
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cracking down on balance safe havens and safe houses in going after certain leaders so i think what can be done to move these talks along there are two things basically one is that oksana can show that it is serious about trying to use the leverage that it has on the taliban to get them to the negotiating table and to get them to compromise on some of their demands and the second issue would be also arms and being in a more compromising position where he is willing to meet with the taleban and backs on officials together. and even when certain things have not been set in stone jesting. the international criminal court on wednesday halted the release of former ivory coast president their own bag following a new appeal by prosecutor says earlier the course in the netherlands said bad guy was free to go a day off to his acquittal on charges of crimes against humanity nicholas hock spoke to his wife and. the inside the house.
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friends family members politicians and supporters celebrate the international criminal court's decision to acquit the former president. it was a party organized by his wife's human backbone she's wanted by the international criminal court in august she was parted and freed after being sentenced by an ivorian court to twenty years in prison for her role in the two thousand and eleven civil war. since then she's refused to talk publicly until now breaking her silence to speak to al-jazeera she says the end because what you see i am behaving in joy because we won remember the whole world was mobilized against ivory coast against the regime of bug bo and today the international criminal court washed him from guilt the court has confirmed that he is innocent. during a seven year long legal fight prosecutors presented eighty witnesses and thousands of documents to the court in the hague faced with what the judges described as an
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exceptionally weak prosecution argument the case collapsed prosecutors say they will appeal with lawyers worried about the possible repercussions the ruling could have on the surviving victims of the civil war they fear that maybe ten shows could appearing in certain areas were very resigned and that maybe they could again be targeted as it was the case during ripostes. two thousand and eleven three thousand died and tens of thousands who were displaced when refused to hand over power in a contested presidential election in two thousand and ten. promises made by the government for reconciliation have largely been left unfilled victims and survivors of the crisis are still waiting for compensation and justice. many ivorians say that as long as bug bo has not returned home there can be no reconciliation he is the one that will bring the reconsolidation. i ask when he
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will return to ivory coast since. i don't know when he will return back to the motherland soon but i don't think he knows himself when he will return home. while many may fear return. for his supporters the party has just begun nicholas hawke al-jazeera. the greek prime minister. has survived a confidence motion by just one vote called the voters off to his government lost its parliamentary majority on sunday when his main coalition partner walked out it's all the result of a controversial deal to rename greece's neighbor macedonia northern macedonia and an attempt to resolve a twenty seven year dispute between the two nations a narrow victory is sure to pave the way for greece to ratify the name change. u.s. president donald trump has signed legislation and shoring federal workers taking unpaid leave will get back pay once the partial government shutdown is over but as
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it stretches into its fourth week many civil servants are struggling to get by on day reports from washington d.c. . in downtown washington d.c. the sounds of a rhythm and blues classic but in a sign of the times in america the lyrics take on a new twist. in. the senate and for some people who work for the u.s. government this is what it's come down to standing in line waiting for a free meal four hundred twenty thousand federal employees deemed essential are working but without pay another three hundred eighty thousand have been sent home also without pay like drin a home in a cashier at the smithsonian museum struggling to make ins meet financially having not worked in weeks how about trying to go to a gas station and if you have a spot dollars that's how tough things the paycheck stopped but the bills did not
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she had to make choices car payment or groceries i didn't think this would happen i didn't think it was going to go throughout when all we up until the person when they said ok budget is over are your for you laid off until this is over we're just saying that this is not going to happen this is not happening there the accountants bookkeepers security officers you name it they do it the civil servants who quietly behind the scenes do the jobs of keeping government running the used to before it all ended with the government shutdown just here in washington d.c. there are about two hundred thousand people that are federal employees of those tens of thousands are now not receiving a paycheck and they have no idea what their future holds. don white has worked for the government for thirty seven years and now this. is my car note i've got two
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daughters in college. if you would be. inside volunteers from world central kitchen hunger and poverty organization hand out food this is the first day they've done this after most journalists had got their stories and left those in need had not the line still extended around the block while nearby the man with the guitar still played now all too familiar lyrics. gabriel's andu i'll just seattle washington. and these are the top stories presidents prime minister tourism a has politicians to put self interest aside and work together on a consensus deal for the u.k.'s withdrawal from the european union may made the play off to have government survived
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a no confidence motion called by opposition leader jeremy coleman so now i have made clear what they don't want we must all work constructively together to set out what parliament does want that's why i'm inviting m.p.'s from all parties to come together to find a way forward one that both delivers on the referendum and come to the support of parliament this is now the time to put self interest a song which two u.s. soldiers are among at least one thousand people killed by a bomb in northern syria a department of defense civilian and a supporting contract that were also killed has claimed responsibility for the blast and beds. the lives of displaced syrians living in camps are under threat from a second severe winter storm the u.n. says tens of thousands in northern lebanon including many children battling the freezing temperatures in makeshift shelters fifteen people including children have
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died in camps inside syria in the past month armed group says choose days attack on a luxury hotel and shopping complex in kenya was in retaliation for the u.s. president's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital at least twenty one people were killed in the assault in nairobi the red cross says fifty people are still unaccounted for greek prime minister alexis to press has survived a confidence motion by just one vote to first called the vote off to his government lost its parliamentary majority on sunday when his main coalition partner walked out it's all the result of a controversial deal to rename greece's neighbor macedonia northern macedonia the international criminal court has halted the release of former ivory coast president . after a new appeal by prosecutors the court in the netherlands said babo was free to go a day off to his acquittal on charges of crimes against humanity afghan peace talks of his a stumbling block with the taliban threatening to walk away from negotiations the
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group has accused the us of deflecting from the issue of withdrawing forces from afghanistan those are the headlines next up inside story. celebrations on the streets of ivory coast after the international criminal court acquits former president of crimes against humanity what will this mean for the concierge in the country and the future of the i.c.c. after this latest setback this is inside story.
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and welcome to the program. he was the first former head of state to stand trial at the international criminal court. was arrested in two thousand and eleven and charged with crimes against humanity in connection with the violence that followed disputed presidential elections in two thousand and ten three thousand people were killed and more than half a million displaced during the rest but after a three year trial at the hague i.c.c. judges said the prosecution had failed to show bagwell as involvement in the violence and ordered his release prosecutors say they will appeal against the ruling the majority dissenting rejects the prosecutor's request. and mr blair in detention. directs the religious tree to obtain the necessary assert the servants assurances from
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mr bungle. and their respective lead counsel. in ensuring the return of mr boggle and or mist of legal duty if and when their presence at the seat of the court is requested as we said this morning for bible supporters the acquittal is a major victory but victims of the post-election violence are volleying to continue the fight for justice we're bringing our guest in just a moment but first nicholas hock has this report from. supporters of former ivory coast leader known by both celebrated as news of his acquittal spread across the country. and the international criminal court ordered his immediate release. but it is a moment of incredible joy we feel like we all have been freed he is a leader our president a man of peace eighty witnesses gave evidence thousands of documents were produced
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but after seven years in prison the judges say the prosecution failed to prove that by going codefendant charles bleakly they were guilty of crimes against humanity including murder rape and persecution for all these reasons the chamber by majority here by the sides that the prosecutor has failed to such as. the burden of proof to the requisite standard as for seen in article sixty six of the rome statute. grants the defense motions for acquittal from all charges against mr bloomberg will mr lee good bug who was arrested in two thousand and eleven found hiding with his wife simona in a hotel room in the ivorian capital abidjan a humiliating moment for this former head of state unwilling to hand over power after an election defeat to alison ouattara supporters known as the young patriots
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went from house to house killing anyone they thought were foreigners or supporters of ouattara three thousand people were killed in the four months long civil war now they're back on the streets in the popular neighborhood of hugo a backdoor stronghold. the chance bug is finally free for the people of. this is the cause of celebration that was this trial at the international committee of the the. the judge's decision is a setback for prosecutors and thousands of victims of the civil war who continue to call for justice to no one under way it. is free the violence will come back and it could get even worse maybe another person will take power and create the same problems we don't want to see he will come way from these crimes. will we still be considered a war criminal by some a hero to others the this in a country trying to move on from a violent past in search of reconciliation and
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a brighter future because hawke al-jazeera. or let's bring in our panel jim warmington is on skype from abidjan ivory coast's is a researcher at the africa division of human rights watch also on skype from the cost senegal is a political analyst and founder of the watty think tank and in berlin is mark ericson deputy director of the foundation and author of justice in conflicts the effects of the international criminal court interventions on ending wars and building nice gentleman thank you all for being on inside story thank you for joining us jim warrington in abidjan the acquittal of law back both celebrated as we saw by his supporters but disappointment of course for the victims of the post-election violence of twenty ten twenty seven what implications for peace and justice in ivory coast. that's the question that everybody is asking here in
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abidjan but i just want to touch on on your point about victims and. as you sir in the reporting that preceded this conversation this debate there's no doubt that awful crimes were committed in could you aren't ready ten twenty eleven people alive in the streets women were raped people were killed because of their political affiliation and it's important to say that this decision doesn't change any of that it shows that the prosecution was unable to connect in the courts. to what happened on the ground and for many of the victims that i've spoken to that's the contradiction they know what they suffered they know what they saw and they find it very difficult to understand how a court case in the hague with foreign judges and lawyers can come to a different conclusion in terms of what happens next and it could be for i think that's the question the first narrative of course is offered by back those of course that is is that this is good for reconciliation is what allow countries to
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come together but of course the other narrative is that many of the factors that underpin the two thousand and eleven violence the lack of security sector reform and reform in the army and of course most important need to compete impudence isa crimes committed by pak both and most powerful says is still very much present in the yabby into kajal fonts as does good for reconstitution as my most supporters believe. well. i'm not sure that it is good for reconciliation i'm not sure that. this is going to change the political practices in the country and my opinion as always be that lessons have to be grown from the crises that become free as witnessed and the greatest was post-election our presence it was deliberate conflict was just and it is a in a very long conflict which has been you know which has magic on t.v. for twenty two decades and i'm not sure that grant can we are not seeing kind of
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that the report figuration the political reconfiguration that we make the election in two thousand and ten again and again as and possibly about ants indeed would like to come back to yes i was just going to go touch on that point that you make eight years on indeed jail the same political actors that led to the post-election violence of twenty eleven and twenty twenty ten and twenty levon are back in the picture whether it's by boa ta. how worrying is that for the upcoming election in two thousand and twenty. yes i think that is not a good sign the fact that there is no clear. recognition by of those personalities that they have been collectively responsible for what happened to the country again not just what happened during that was like for a conflict that was i've been in the country and destroyed the country for many years
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and i think that the fact that we're seeing these pictures and we're also seeing a situation that have not been strengthened after the conflict i think i'll be pointing to some reasons to be worried about the two thousand and twenty but again i will lead to come back to the decision itself because i think it's important also to say that the decision by the i.c.c. was logical in the sense that from the very beginning the way these kids as it's under by the f.c.c. and especially back with former prosecutor luis moreno ocampo i think is was problematic and some investigation by media probably the french newspapers it is very clear that there was too much political and difference in the way the case has been under as i never understood for example why you know that because of the bible and league with the and not for example if you military commanders and security actions iran a prison by group which would have made it possible to shoulder ten of come on you
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know from the political decision to beg the question about an act on the ground let's bring a mock of them blown into the conversation mark what do you think went wrong for the prosecution in the bungle kosova political interference in the conflict. well i think it's important first of all not to get too carried away from one a vent at the international criminal court i think it's important to recognize that the i.c.c. is neither as good as its greatest success nor as bad as its biggest failures but this this this is worrying because clearly if our expectation is and maybe it shouldn't be but if our expectation is that the i.c.c. to hold people to account in and gets convictions for senior level perpetrators of atrocities then then this is the this is disappointing i think it the judges were very clear in this instance that quite frankly they did not believe that the
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prosecution put forward good enough and sufficient evidence to proceed to to proceed to the second stage of the trial they don't believe that there's enough evidence to convict. or charles blow a good day beyond the reasonable doubt and this this i think sheds casts doubt right now on the ability of the i.c.c. office of the prosecutor to successfully gather enough evidence in particular to successfully prosecute high level state officials and this is i think a very worrying trend we saw earlier this year john here ben by the former vice president of the democratic republic of congo before that the current president of kenya or kenya then the deputy president william ruto indeed and now. i think there's a very worrying trend that the i.c.c. may not be able to hold senior state level government officials to account when
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they allegedly perpetrate crimes while let's just pause for a moment if we can and give our viewers mark some context some background on the international criminal court and its work on africa the i.c.c. the world's first permanent war crimes tribunal it was established in two thousand and two it took the court nearly a decade to deliver the first very big finding congress. rebel leader. guilty of recruiting child soldiers there are twenty eight cases before the court it's handed down eight convictions and two acquittals in six of the cases and it's indicted forty four people including sudanese president omar bashir and saif al islam the son of the late libyan leader moammar gadhafi. the international criminal court have accused it of being biased towards africa and twenty seventeen the african union passed a motion urging its members to leave the tribunals that's because all of the forty four people facing charges at the i.c.c. africans and ten of the eleven countries under investigation are in africa long. is
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the latest high profile case against an african leader to collapse as you heard last year former vice president. against his conviction for war crimes and crimes against humanity and in twenty fifteen the charges against kenyan president who are kenyatta due to a lack of evidence. in. what does this case say about the international criminal court and its ability to operate globally instrument for international justice. you know i think the first thing which not touched on of course the judges of the court have to be fair those are the defendants and victims and if in this case simply the prosecution didn't make its case to bring enough evidence then the judges were right to acquit by bowen and a good day and we'll see what happens to me on appeal so i think most of our focus
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should be on the lessons that the prosecutor can control from this undoubtedly if these are difficult cases to prove you have to show the connection between something that happens that a very local level of killing or rape all the way up through the chain of command to the head of state in this case don't buy books that is difficult to do but at the same time the i.c.c. is well resourced and should have been the expertise to do that what i'd like to see is that as you touched on a detailed examination of the strategy of the outset as should is she was said to have been more pro backbone command arrested so that they could perhaps turn code against backbone testify against him what was the implication of the court's failure to go after pro what tara commandos beginning giving the cold perhaps a bit more leverage to force a strong cooperation from the us our government in all of the cases and then i think finally that question of was the government on assignment tara completely forthcoming in more of the documentary evidence that they gave to the courts
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knowing that their relationship with the i.c.c. at least the last few years hasn't been perfect and they've had technical but absent that cooperation with it. in the car why why do you think it was difficult to prove that connection between the bible and the evidence and coming back to the victims in ivory coast today how much confidence do they still have in the international justice. well starting with mr going to question and i don't know anything. we still have confidence in the international justice we have to wait to be an obese person you read especially the abit but i think that we have to go to their books what happened at the international justice libya but also what i've been asked at justice level because i managed to geisha and some. cases where also under the good white south. i think global opinion after all these years is that justice as not being real justice got up and partially just he says that you know we get the hurt of a commitment of
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a new government and the result is that yes we have a long crisis we have had a lot of it is out of bounds including very serious nation of international humanitarian law but i do and it's not very clear again that listen i've been really lucky and that good signal has been given to get political actors and to be anti society on what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in the competition for power that's why we could actually currents of our own and again because we have a sense that actually it is the impunity for all the crap that i've been committed so let me ask you you mention president ouattara he has promised to deliver justice but also anyone right now as not to be held responsible for the crimes committed in two thousand and ten twenty seven. in a number of people where where where. it could you go south but then there was also a decision if you want to go back or prison whereat for an amnesty of the lot of people who were freed from from treasons again acting justice has been
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a release of due to political political decisions and then what or as be funding post-election. crises you know in the scepter way to preserve of course his own power its own supporters and we do we have to admit that it was difficult because again some people who were from the former rebellion had also to respond for crimes that were committed in the course of the conflict and that way for me it was important not to look only at two friends that were committing doing that was in april conflict serious crimes were committed in the west from two thousand and two including some that were committed back of former rebels under the command of the m sirup so i'll say your first question i think that the problem again is the sense that the i.c.c. as it does you fareed the culprits of the people to be proud to get justice before investigating it seriously because out of balance and i think it should have been
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doing be overweight the other way round mark in berlin looking at the wider implications now for the international criminal court the i.c.c. needs a big brand but it's been racking up the losses demanded countries african countries the united states president donald trump who say that the i.c.c. has no legitimacy has no authority how how does the i.c.c. change them to become more effective and is this a damning moment for the court is system mail in the coffin for the isis. well no i don't think it's a nail in the coffin or a death knell again i think we need to look at the wider picture this is this this is a i think but when you look at it why did i say mondale hasn't been haven't been many planes have it there have been and there have been a number of convictions and i don't think and i think this is an important point i don't think that the full credibility and legitimacy of any criminal court should
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just be a measure of the number of convictions and acquittals of course a credible court needs to have acquittals would have acquittals of course this is troubling for those who have expectations of the i.c.c. will be able to successfully prosecute more individuals particularly senior level government officials who have allegedly perpetrated war crimes crimes against humanity and genocide so when that expectation isn't met when there is that gap between what you expect or what we expect and what actually happens at the i.c.c. then there's a there's a hit to the credibility of the court but you mentioned yourself that you know one of the or very popular conversation argument is that the i.c.c. is somehow biased against africans right and simply goes after after you know fallen african leaders i think this is actually quite a difficult argument to sustain when you have acquittals of high level government officials who have fallen out of power or who are in power on the african continent
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and again you mentioned kenya ruto and now lower on bibo and charles blow a good day it's hard to sustain the argument that the i.c.c. is somehow biased against african leaders when they are acquitted and ordered to be released or cases collapse i think that's a that's that's perhaps a silver lining in the wider conversation about the i.c.c. these legitimacy but just to reiterate i think what jim said you know what you want from a court like this that that has. that has a very difficult mandate in a very difficult mission given all of the crimes that are occurring in the world what you want is a court that learns from these types of mistakes that looks at what happened and changes or adapt itself to be able to better investigate the right types of cases with the right types of evidence so that victims who dedicate and sacrifice so much to be part of these proceedings so that their expectations are eventually met and
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so that there is more justice and accountability for these types of crimes again i think particularly from from from government actors jim in abidjan there are many countries especially in africa who tend to the i.c.c. because they are unable to bring prosecutions themselves how does the i.c.c. become more effective how does it become more effective if it wants to be taken seriously. why the to such in your first point. could you why had a very strong national justice process to address the crimes of the two thousand and eleven crisis which are as you said he repeatedly promised that he would have a justice will science he set up a special tasca force of judges to investigate and they actually managed to charge some greedy high level come on isn't officials both on the back those items which are a sign that is a huge step forward but i think it could you obviously what we should ask ourselves is why you haven't been able to build as human rights groups obviously you'll say
9:43 am
because he is a hoary and that groups and i are exams why we haven't been able to build a border coalition for justice to show that justice is an essential part of the peace equation and could you walk in the faintest do that about what tara in the summit is a pos and i'm just a bit essentially you know the political consequences could be causative political kinds consequences but in short that's i think one thing the i.c.c. has to do is to continue to remain supports international justice and that's one silver lining of this outcome is that is that governments and african governments african civil society will have to think again about how to make just as something that can be delivered african courts and african jurisdictions in the ca you know thoughts on the future of the i.c.c. and its role in africa do you see i optimistic that this court can deliver justice for the victims whether in ivory coast a lot of countries you know some of them if the dam is strong supporters of the i.c.c.
9:44 am
and repress people on which he was then they also. strengthening up in ash our justice system that thing that the i.c.c. called the folk using the most important friends that where you what's created but i do believe that you know full on institution including full of the i.c.c. personalities matters to prove that integrates and be confidence of the people but the main thing that has changed i think and the i.c.c. is that people have to wonder. then the rationale behind these procedures people cannot understand for example for many years why just one comp i'd be. concerned by and that's a gauging even if you have received a telegram saying that people also who supported what ross where being investigated but clearly included was a message was not you know cannot be understood by the people if they have a sense that only one part of a big sins are being caused and i think that has to change and people have to
9:45 am
understand again the russian a sign any decision that is big and ever calls all right mark in berlin i'll give you the last word as we said a lot of criticism of the international criminal court from the us president most notably the i.c.c. still up to the challenge to hold the world's most powerful to account. i think that remains to be seen but you you cited trump he and his advisors are very concerned about the international criminal court i think that's the only explanation their only reasonable explanation for why they would so vehemently and vociferously criticize. the i.c.c. and have this kind of hissy fit towards the court which means that maybe the i.c.c. is doing some some good work maybe they're not always convictions but they're making powerful people worry about. about the reach of the i.c.c. and i think that that's a good thing and that's a good thing for the i.c.c. his credibility and legitimacy it's ultimately i think people's hope is that the
9:46 am
i.c.c. will will speak a lot to law to power whether it's able to do that through successful trials and prosecutions again i think remains to be seen but i think it's clear that a lot of powerful leaders around the world are nervous and worried about the i.c.c. and every time they criticize the court that becomes more and more clear so i think we can have a degree of optimism that hopefully in the future the i.c.c. will be able to bring successful cases against these types of alleged perpetrators thank you so much gentlemen for a very interesting discussion jamie warmington and mark a stand and thank you for watching you can always watch this program again any time by this ng our web site at al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to a facebook page that's facebook dot com for slash a.j. and side story you can also join the conversation on twitter of course i handle is that a.j. inside story from me fully back to one whole team thank you for watching by for now .
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with the top stories on al-jazeera presidents prime ministers. politicians to put self-interest aside and work together on a consensus tale for the u.k.'s withdrawal from the european union may made the playoff to head government survived a no confidence motion called by opposition leader jeremy corben so now i have made
9:49 am
clear what they don't want we must all work constructively together to set out what paula meant. that's why i'm inviting m.p.'s from all parties to come together to find a way forward one that both delivers on the referendum and to the support of parliament this is now the time to put self interest it. has been meeting with opposition leaders to try to secure a bricks that deal was monitoring may as late night statement and sent us this update. three's a maze appearance outside downing street designed to coincide exactly with the main evening news bulletins here didn't say anything at all that she hadn't said previously in the house of commons but what it did do was stamped her all forward see back on the entire process just twenty four hours ago after she lost by a record margin withdrawal agreement votes she's now saying i'm back in charge of
9:50 am
the entire process she said that this evening she met leaders of all the opposition parties except for jeremy colvin the leader of the main labor opposition he's refused to meet her because he says he's not going to until she rules out the prospects of the u.k. leaving the european union's without any sort of deal at all and so there she was saying i'm in listening mode all talk to anybody who's prepared to listen we've all got to make concessions in the national interest and the only person who won't talk to me is jeremy colvin and boo sucks to him so it was a very important moment for some reason may not just to say i'm in charge and we have to pull together in the national interest but also to ease the jitters i think inside her own conservative policy which is deeply split there's a rump which does want to leave the european union with no deal the rest of the party has no idea anymore than the rest of us to what exactly the future holds over
9:51 am
the next few weeks what we do know though is over the coming days these backstairs talks inside downing street will continue and on monday she has to come back to parliament with a new plan. says she's days attack on a luxury hotel and shopping complex in kenya was in retaliation for the u.s. president's decision to recognize journalists them as israel's capital at least twenty one people were killed in the s.l. to nairobi the red cross says fifty people are still unaccounted for. two u.s. soldiers are among at least nineteen people killed by a bomb in northern syria a department of defense civilian and a supporting contractor were also killed eisel has claimed responsibility for the blast and men binge the lives of displaced syrians living in camps are under threat from a second severe winter storm the u.n. says tens of thousands in northern lebanon including many children battling the freezing temperatures in makeshift shelters fifteen children have died in camps inside syria in the past month prime minister alexis tsipras has survived
9:52 am
a confidence motion by just one vote tippers called the votes after his government lost its parliamentary majority on sunday when his main coalition partner walked out its all the results of a controversial deal to rename greece's neighbor macedonia northern macedonia the international criminal court has halted the release of former ivory coast president . after a new appeal by prosecutors is the court in the netherlands said bag boy was free to go a day off to his acquittal on charges of crimes against humanity afghan peace talks of his a stumbling block with the taliban threatening to walk away from negotiations the group has accused the us of deflecting from the issue of withdrawing forces from afghanistan in libya five people were killed in fighting between rival groups on the outskirts of tripoli the violence fractures a four month old u.n. brokered cease fire factional conflicts have plagued libya since the twenty eleven uprising that toppled one the gadhafi those are the headlines join me here for more
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