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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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because of the shutdown trash started piling up well it's the responsibility of the federal government to pick up the trash around the museums monuments and he even here on the national mall once the trash started piling up it was the city of washington that decided to step in and clean it up but now some are saying maybe that was a mistake. i kind of feel like we should let the trash build up to show how dysfunctional the federal government has become back at the team got cafe in their guys hoping the unthinkable won't happen so our solution was so we have to close down and i don't know fully want. to guess level but you know there is a possibility of more possible every day until the shutdown is over and the customers come back problem is nobody knows when that might be thank you ma'am have a good one gabriel's andro al-jazeera washington in and out as their ally from
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london still ahead a chicago court for past a sentence a white police officer who shot a black teenager sixteen times and the democratic republic of congo steps down a request from the african union to delay the announcement of the election results . hello again it's good to have you back well the tempers here in new south wales australia have been creeping into the mid forty's over the last several days and unfortunately here across the interior we're expecting to see more of that as a heat wave continues we're seeing a break is down here across the south east into the south we do have a form of brandy that is bringing some clouds across the region so for melbourne really not looking too bad for you with a temperature there of twenty two degrees over here towards adelaide it's going to be a little bit warmer at thirty here on saturday and then as we go towards sunday finally
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a little bit more of a break here for sydney as that front starts to push up towards the north you will see more clouds but there will be a nice break few with a temperature there of about twenty seven degrees a sunny day here in perth at thirty one and a hot day in alice springs on sunday with a temperature of forty three well across the north and south island we are seeing some clouds making their way out across. parts of auckland so better where the few unfortunately for christ church we're going to be seeing the weather come into play here with rain and gusty winds the temperatures really not too bad at twenty six degrees here on saturday but as we go toward sunday the winds come out of the south that we do expect to see you come down to about twenty three degrees there and here across japan on saturday we are looking at some nice conditions across much of the area with tokyo seeing a temperature of eleven. on this week's counting the cost of prime minister's briggs's deal is rejected as britain falls towards
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a messy exit why zimbabwe's government wants people to buy less fuel plus classy models called last call because worries about the trade bill. counting the cost. are. welcome back a look at the top stories this hour violence has erupted between police and protesters as a funeral in sudan's capital khartoum thousands attend up to mourn the death of a sixty year old man who was shot by officers for offering refuge to demonstrate
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his u.s. president on the job and the north korean leader kim jong un will hold another summit at the end of february white house made the announcement off to north korea's lead nuclear negotiator help talks with trump and his secretary of state my palm. meanwhile the white house says this mr bought the president instructed his former personal lawyer michael cohen to lie to congress calling the allegation categorically false news is reporting that cohen was told to deny he'd been in negotiations with russia to build a skyscraper in moscow. now a judge in the united states is about to sentence a white police officer found guilty of murder for shooting a black teenager five years ago seventeen year old upon mcdonald was shot sixteen times while carrying a knife down a chicago st john hendren joins us now from outside the courthouse in chicago and i suppose way expecting that sentencing imminent age on what's happening that.
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we are expecting that sentencing and it could come at any time now what we've seen today in the most dramatic case in the fifty years involving a police officer that's how long it's been since of all these officer has been convicted of murder in chicago is a dramatic case that the entire city is watching closely and early this morning we saw one series of people young black men by and large that had been arrested by this police officer jason van dyke after another talk about how he treated them they said they were abused some said he used racial slurs well now we are in the defense portion of the pre-sentencing statements and we've had his daughter his father his wife is on right now talking about how this is impacted their life and arguing that he should receive a lighter sentence because of what he and his family have already gone through now this is all over the killing of look on macdonald in two thousand and fourteen
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a young man who nineteen years old was carrying a knife on p.c.p. but clearly walking away from police when he was shot sixteen times there were many police who were there at the time but the only one who drew his gun and shot look on mcdonald was jayson van dyke and that is why he's on trial and why the stakes are so high the court ruled in october that he was guilty of second degree murder and sixteen counts of aggravated battery one for each of those shots that he fired and right now his lawyers are arguing that he should receive the lowest sent. it's possible that is probation but the range is enormous it goes up to ninety six years if you add up all of those counts and that is what activists here in chicago people from black lives matter and other groups are arguing that he deserves and van dyke is sitting there looking much more haggard than i've seen him in the past bearded shaggy hair awaiting this sentence and the judgment that's coming to him this is
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a landmark case in times of accountability in a crime of this nature and as a result has one of the most closely watched police matter trials in the u.s. tell us about reaction that side of. this is really galvanized people here in the united states who've been upset over police shootings of young black men and it's really gotten people in chicago to get together that protest of the shutdown one highway they tried to shut down another and they're closely watching this case because there could be serious reaction here in chicago if they feel that there is a light sentence in this case and it just yesterday three officers were acquitted entirely of trying to cover up what happened in this shooting and i should mention that that video didn't come out until a year after the shooting few people knew about it and journalists and activists got access to it and when it came out it was explosive people here in chicago and
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around the country demanded answers and it was after that that the mayor supported this and that. officer van dyke was placed on trial and ultimately convicted so around the country people are watching this and there is concern that there could be a radical result here in chicago this after all is the city that had riots in one nine hundred sixty seven after the death of martin luther king along with many other cities so the concern here everyone is watching this and that judge has as much pressure on him as the defendant does right now and we'll let you know i hope within a couple of hours all right thank you very much for now john hendren following that significant case for us and chicago. to colombia now where the government has accused rebels of carrying out first day's car bombing it's a police academy in bogota twenty one people were killed sixty eight others injured when a vehicle packed with explosives broke through checkpoints and blew up the group has about two thousand fighters in its ranks its leaders entered peace talks with
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the former president on manual santos in twenty seventeen but they were then put on hold by his successor even touquet israeli forces of five bullets and tear gas at palestinian protesters gathered along the gaza israel security fence at least thirty people have been injured with claims that medics have been targeted this footage shows one of three ambulances that were reportedly hit by tear gas although there's no proof it was deliberate dubbed the march of the return the demonstrations have now run for forty three consecutive fridays at least two hundred forty eight palestinian protesters have been killed israeli forces have demolished the family home of a palestinian teenager accused of murdering an american israeli civilian israeli soldiers surrounded the home of burying in the occupied west bank village of yatta on friday the seventeen year old is charged with stabbing a us form settler at a shopping mall in september israel says these demolitions serve as it to terror
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and but critics see it as collective punishment that inflames hostility toward palestinians have told al-jazeera they feel suffocated trapped by the torturous process objected to by israeli authorities just to go to work from long lines at checkpoints to tough travel restrictions many say they are fed up with the endless delays stephanie decker reports now from one checkpoint in the occupied west bank. day after day they rise hours before the sun. cold and cramped this is the only way for these palestinian workers to leave the occupied west bank to get to their jobs in israel. all of them have israeli work permits but we're told it can take up to two and a half hours to get through this checkpoint because of what it is the same thing every day this is not a live and what country in the world does this take place the only happens to us palestinians here because of the occupation these workers try to jump the queue for the record but there is little space down below. fights often break out here
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everyone is frustrated. yesterday was hotter than today they closed the doors for a while and we are trapped yeah sure will cool the suffering that we enjoy or our work is one thing and the crossing is something else all our energy is taken from us here at this checkpoint so when a person loses all his energy here what is left if the israelis wanted we could cross in five minutes to around five o'clock in the morning now we've been watching thousands of palestinians cross here in the last hour or so i don't think anyone who doesn't have to enjoy this on a day to day basis would ever understand what it's like. we also one of the workers to film this crossing for us once inside more hold ups and queues and more frustration israel maintains that these security measures are essential to prevent potential attacks. there are many checkpoints across the west bank this is the main
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entry point in and out of jerusalem from there's always heavy traffic and people are fed up you know every day they tell us they will find a solution when are they going to find a solution for this everyone is frustrated when they come to the checkpoint they lose their tempers. we are a people who don't know what is going to happen to us. so many palestinians have told us these measures make them feel suffocated and trapped there's been no movement on the political front no peace talks since two thousand and fourteen and a delay in the announcement of the us president donald trump's peace plan everyone we speak to says israel's occupation dictates their lives and there seems to be a resignation that there is nothing they can do to change that. stephanie decker al-jazeera bethlehem in the occupied west bank. democratic republic of congo's rejecting the african union's call to delay the final result of last month's
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disputed presidential election. wants the announcement to be perspiring because of concerns over electoral fraud provisional results to opposition to felix to she k.t. the winner being challenged by his rival lata for you do it accuses to she k.t. of rigging the outcome with outgoing president joseph kabila arm which was more from the capital kinshasa. government officials in kinshasa have told the african union that this is a sovereign country no one should interfere no one can tell the d.l.c. how to run the elections they also say they can fees because they getting mixed messages from african leaders we know the african union is unhappy with the electoral process so far but leaders from the southern african development community issued a statement saying that the people of the d r c should be able to resolve their own crisis foreign country should not interfere and people in space in its national committee should wait for an outcome from the courts we know that eight constitutional judges are meant to make an announcement on the way forward they
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could either say they feel it is the katie won the election which means he will be sworn in as president in a few days time they could order a recount or that could save the whole process was a mess and she be held again which could take months maybe even years and that means it could be the remains of president until those elections are held all eyes of course will be on martin fire you the opposition leader of the catholic church has won the election by sixty one percent if he's not happy with the outcome from the courthouse riyadh's if easy to tell his supporters to go onto the streets and protest is no guarantee the concert to make announcement friday it could be over the weekend or sometime next week. to zimbabwe where the government has instructed the country's biggest mobile operator to restore internet access after a communications ban it comes after the united nations urged an end to a security crackdown on civilians triggered by days of deadly protests over fuel prices and austerity measures leading activist pass to evan. who was arrested earlier this week has been ordered to stand trial for allegedly subverting our
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government. families in venezuela struggling to cope with the economic crisis and not only abandoning the country but also that children who they could no longer provide for the situation has led to a growing number of children living on the streets and orphanages are running out of space to house them to raise a bow reports now from venezuela's capital caracas. his. eleven years old he's mother left him in this orphanage two years ago she went to colombia to escape the ongoing crisis in venezuela a minister in one of the it we are received here with open arms we are taught many things and i don't want to leave my dreams behind this is they will mean you orphanage a place that provides a home to at least fourteen children and gives an education to dozens of others. they were legal is in charge he says that what's been happening here is yet another
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consequence of the crisis for your family a good job we receive children from other places that we try to keep because there is a process for abandoned children one woman came with a three month old baby that she couldn't feed we were going to. the level of undernourishment was increased among children because families colonel freed them but the situation is not easy for the managers of the. finding resources to support the kids is becoming more challenging every day both handling this orphanage are struggling to make ends meet they have to feed the children education see right behind me and educate them these are the latest donations then they have received you can see all of this bill and with all of their money they can barely bag one pack of bags the other problem are the medicines john yaris is fifteen and has a neurological problem we're told he needs all these medicines to control the condition they're almost impossible to find and when they're located they're
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expensive president has announced new measures to end the economic crisis in venezuela but most economists say that they're unlikely to improve the situation anytime soon hyperinflation makes life here extremely difficult for most people. daughter was one of those who left she left her five year old son son in her mother's care but in this case it's difficult i miss my daughter very much i really need her the situation here is harder and harder every day prices go up and up you work and work and is not enough for anything there is no official data on how many children were left behind and in which conditions in the past two years almost three million venezuelans have left the country it is an issue that war is lawyers like a lot of bonnie a move to what we're seeing now is a new phenomenon of children that are left behind some are cared for by their families and others are not so there is no control over who is responsible for that
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child legally whether they are studying or living on the street family thing venezuela are struggling to deal with the impact of the country's crisis leaving their country and children behind is for some parents the only option they see to survive that is several paragraphs well in get more on all of the news and feature stories right here the address is al jazeera dot com. quick recap of the top stories this hour now violence has erupted between police and protesters at a funeral in sudan's capital khartoum demonstrators attacked a police vehicle and help rocks at officers who then responded with tear gas and live ammunition thousands of turned up to mourn the death of a sixty year old man who was shot offering refuge to protesters demonstrators first
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began rallying of the price rises but and now demanding the end of president omar bashir his thirty year rule. the white house says u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un will hold another summit at the end of february north korea's lead nuclear negotiator has been holding talks with trump and his secretary of state might compare kim young charles arrived in washington on thursday trump and kim jong un previously met in singapore. we continue to make progress we're continuing to have conversations the united states is going to continue to keep pressure and sanctions on north korea until we see fully and verified denuclearization we've had very good steps in good faith from the north koreans in releasing the hostages and other moves and so we're going to continue those conversations the president looks forward to next his next meeting. well in all the news from the white house there have been dismissals
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regarding a report that president donald trump instructed his former lawyer michael cohen to lie to congress calling the allegation categorically false a buzz feed news is reporting that cohen was told to deny he'd been in negotiations with russia to build a skyscraper in moscow a democratic leaders of the house intelligence committee and the house judiciary committee of both said they intend to investigate these claims and in colombia the government has accused the l.n. rebels of carrying out thursday's car bombing as a police academy in bogota twenty one people were killed and sixty eight others injured when a vehicle packed with explosives broke through checkpoints and blew up the e.n.n. has about two thousand fighters in its ranks its leaders and to peace talks with the former president one manual santos in two thousand and seventeen but they will put on hold by a successor. top stories counting the cost now looks at the financial impact of
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this week's big stories from brics it to zimbabwe's fuel protests. talk to al jazeera. we ask you personally one of the main beneficiaries is that the case we listen for you want limitations in india that's not exactly my point we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian for the good this is counting the cost of al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week to resume a hangs on to her chair while her deal is overwhelmingly rejected by parliament avoid crashing out of the european union without a deal. also this week currency to buy essential goods is hard to find in zimbabwe
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is anger after the government doubles fuel prices to curb demand. and snazzy new cars can't hide a trail of gloom for automakers at the detroit auto show as the u.s. china trade war eats into their profits. it's a confusing paradox that's keeping all sides in the brig's it drama on edge britain's prime minister's reason they narrowly survived a no confidence motion while her plan to navigate brigs it was massively rejected by parliament the deadline of march twenty ninth twenty nineteen is marching ever closer and european leaders are warning that the prospect of britain crashing out of the union without a deal has increased this could lead to huge economic disruption on both sides of the channel joining us now from london is james smith james is an economist at the global markets research team good to have you with us james so the prime minister's deal was voted down in parliament does that mean that brings it is now more or less
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likely or a no deal scenario is more likely off for now that the four remains that were leaving the e.u. on the twenty ninth of march but that big question now is will treason may reach across party devise to seek a further consensus on bracks it won't for now at least it seems like plan b. is going to look pretty similar to plan a no immediate sign of maize going to walk back on her red line snot that some of the opposition parties the labor party. shift in direction i that so for the time being no immediate clarity but one thing is getting more and more likely we're running out of time and in our view an extension to article fifty is getting more and more likely what message are the financial markets and investors giving us on all of this at the moment do they see perhaps a softer brigs of this being more likely or a no brainer to the top. or a hard briggs's well i think markets are trying to take the silver lining from
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things at the moment the pounds remain pretty calm and i think investors are looking at t. things i think they think. some kind of cross party agreement is getting more and more likely to is an extension of the article fifty period so that's the two main themes in the markets and ira but importantly it's going to be a bumpy ride to get our don't think any immediate resolution to this is is forthcoming and it could be at least a few more weeks before we get clarity so i think this collie markets it could get a bit bumpy or before it gets better i mean what is the outlook for that for the british pound which i mean ever since the referendum back in twenty sixteen has been trading what at least twenty percent lower than it was i mean is that growth ever going to be recovered or you think in the long run it probably will be although of course that's premised on the idea that we either get a mole market friendly soft or breaks the outcome all we get a second referendum that would result in. potentially results and remain i guess
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that's at least the base case according to the polls as things stand so in the long run prospects of the pound look a bit better but as a say for now it could be several months before we know for sure whether or not no deal has been extended has been avoided sorry article fifty could be extended it's going to be a choppy ride for markets before things get better and that's not good for business is it it's the uncertainty which is bothering the business community at the moment making everybody very jittery well exactly so while the markets can kind of george little bit of comfort from this cross party support idea for businesses they have to deal in facts on the cold hard fact as things stand remains that we're leaving me with or without a deal on march the twenty ninth so for businesses they have to prepare for that then we're likely to a business is getting more and more vocal about preparations they're making we were talking last week's program about the amount of money that's moved out of the u.k. into the euro. opinion in this business is prepare for the breaks of whatever it is
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even if the u.k. ends up with a with a much softer briggs's or even remaining in the u.s. far as the money moving out of the economy is concerned it's too late isn't that we have potentially i mean clearly the u.k. economy has already been hit very hard by the brics that process investment was really sluggish through last year so yeah it may never be fully recovered but i think should we get a deal or if in the end there's a second referendum in the u.k. very sure main and the prospects should get a little bit better in the short run but it all really depends what that final bret's it model is and it could potentially be quite a few years before we get there because of course we still have this transition fear period to come it's some kind of deal comes in ok james really good to talk to you i'm counting the cost thanks for being with us china's trade dispute with the united states is taking a toll on its economy exports of forms of their lowest point in two years while imports are also down katrina you reports now from beijing the world's largest
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trading country has been trading a little less according to chinese customs administration exports fell by four point four percent in december while imports were at their lowest levels in twenty six. concerns for the year ahead underlined at a news conference in beijing our elite you in two thousand and nineteen were the biggest he the worry for china's foreign trade is to the complex and grim external environment uncertain and unstable factors a stew numerous protectionism and unilateralism from certain countries a rare in their heads. a slowdown in global demand and the continuing trade dispute with the united states are being blamed for the current predicament china finds itself in china and the us are midway through a ninety day truce in the tit for tat trade bill which started last april analysts say john is shrinking trade figures could be used by washington to increase
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pressure on beijing i think beijing clearly has the pressure there on the votes restore. the best of their leadership and restore bester confidence not just domestically but internationally so i think they jake really does that and i think the u.s. the. beijing get it here and they will put pressure on beijing because despite the lower figures china posted a record surplus in its trade with the united states last year with more than three hundred twenty billion dollars the largest in more than a decade that's a sore point for the u.s. and according to the trumpet ministration a major justification for its trade with china but the apparent good news there's little to distract from china's cooling economy december's low trade figures follow a disappointing november when consumer spending also fell contributing to a gloomy economic stuff to twenty nine thousand and the trade wars cast its shadow
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over the north american international auto show in detroit high powered sports cars and s.u.v.s took center stage but car makers say the industry is in turmoil as tariffs pushed up still an early many in prices and eat into profits as john hendren reports. the most renowned auto show in north america opened with the drama glamour. and muscle cars descending from above auto makers rolled out those were the new models including cadillacs x t six utility key is telluride and ford shelby mustang g.t. five hundred the fast is street legal for down the road there were concept cars that might one day hit the road like the infiniti q x inspiration in the lexus convertible. but the mood among the automakers at the twenty one thousand north american international auto show in detroit is somewhat somber global auto sales
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which boomed from two thousand and ten to twenty sixteen have slowed g.m. is closing plants ford is partnering with to make its cars in europe and sales in china have plummeted amid a u.s. trade war perhaps a contraction in the overall number of vehicles that they sell but they're shifting their production process toward producing more trucks and less of that and while some automakers broccoli drama there are fewer of them here this year b.m.w. mercedes volvo porsche jaguar and land rover are all skipping the event this year opting to reveal new models online or at their own events instead their exodus has left room for other lights to shine and the winner digits ah that's just maybe known as the year when korean cars really came into their own . hyundai is kono one utility of the year and this is the car of the year the g seventy by genesis priced between thirty and fifty thousand dollars this car
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competes with entry level b.m.w.'s and mercedes showing that korea is now in the sports car market. the north american truck of the year is. the ram fifteen hundred. and sit in sales slow when u.s. manufacturers retooled to make electric in a tournament cars sport utility and truck sales remain strong including chrysler's massive ram fifteen hundred the truck of the year we're very happy with the performance that we had in two thousand and eighteen and now with this new pickup truck here this new heavy duty we're looking for even better things in two thousand and ninety but amid the celebration in the motor city automakers here are fretting over forecasts that consumers will hit the brakes on new car sales in twenty nineteen with china importing fewer goods europe's economic powerhouse germany is feeling the pinch its economic growth slowed in twenty eighteen to the weakest rate
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in five years g.d.p. grew by one point five percent last year dropping from two point two percent in twenty seventeen china is germany's largest trade partner and the source of much of its auto industry is profits china's slowdown is just one of the foreign risks facing germany's export oriented economy that has the potential messy brigs it antigovernment protests in neighboring france and america's protectionist threats still to come on counting the cost venezuela's president raises the minimum wage by three hundred percent we'll tell you why the additional money though won't help people buy any more goods. but first fuel prices in zimbabwe have more than doubled sparking strikes and violent protests the government says it was the only way to make people buy less fuel as it struggles to tackle a currency crisis foreign exchange is now hard to find in a country that scrapped its own currency
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a decade ago that's led to long lines for fuel bread and has pushed up prices fall chad reports. frustration over zimbabwe's worst economic crisis in a decade ignited rights and prompted a strike by unions protesters tried to shut down the capital harare and the southern city of bull away oh by erecting barricades and burning tires police responded by shooting live rounds trying to disperse rioters with water cannons and tear gas the uproar began when zimbabwe's president emerson and gaga announced that fuel prices would more than double digit someone just wakes up and decides to increase the fuel price we have demanding that the price be reduced to its proper price the information minister tweeted clever people know what to do avoid fuel guzzlers cancel unnecessary trips and use bicycles do not protest in the streets you can lose a limb in skirmishes.


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