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tv   Whos Killing The Elephants  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2019 5:33pm-6:01pm +03

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put of one newspaper what about the online side where censorship can be so much more difficult to enforce so the internet has been thankful to the organization of these protests are brick hashtags like sudan cities revolts have been used to mobilize people then documents and broadcast demonstrations to the world president bush it knows that and he's ordered the internet providers to block access to pop phones like facebook twitter and what that is very egypt two thousand and eleven there are strictures haven't really what process does of use virtual private networks the p.m.'s to get around them and videos like this one security forces trying to mow down protesters have been shed extensively on mine. all right. moving on so last week the wall street journal reports that an american conservative activist has been banned from twitter after complaints by some muslim advocacy group but the story turns out to be some kind of hoax yes and
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a lab or one of the activist laura linney a far right online personality who was suspended from twitter for a slime a phobic comments a pair of internet prank that came up with a plan to see how easy it would be to convince her that shadowy muslim groups were responsible for getting how bad and so they posed to the disgruntled twitter employee and convince women that twitter thi jack dorsey had met with the council on american islamic relations with cat and they had lobbied for her account to be taken down it was a lie but limit lots it up and partly the hoax is wanted to see if she would take the story to an outlet like in for was so they could expose how the right wing media food chain was instead lehman went to the wall street journal which published her account seemingly without any cooperating evidence or proper fact checking bottom line a prank designed to expose the far right media bubble inadvertently revealed from
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very shoddy journalistic standards i one of the most widely read newspapers in the us ok thanks dark. turning now to had geography the definition of which is a biography that treats its subject with undue reference journalists occasionally serve up obituaries that are reverential the u.s. news media produced a few of them last year first for the former senator and prisoner of war john mccain then for george h.w. bush the country's president from one thousand nine hundred eighty nine to ninety three who died in november bush's obituary suffered from a syndrome that critics call obit omit focusing on attributes and achievements taking up column inches and television airtime while controversial aspects of his record among them alleged war crimes were omitted such obituaries fail news consumers see enough of them and you'll find that they reveal more about the journalist producing them and the news outlet involved than they do about the
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deceased the listening posts daniel to a t. now on the white washing of history in real time. when americans watch the news they have a variety of channels to choose from across the political spectrum but in the wake of a political death it can be hard to spot the difference he was truly one of a kind on the thirtieth of november two thousand and eighteen george h.w. bush the forty first president of the united states died president bush faced victory and defeat tragedy can triumph with modesty humor and uncommon grace find one a hard one a nice gentleman the want to wall coverage was dominated by tributes that range from the admiring to the sentimental the former president remembered for his sense of decency his kindness his commitment to others the coverage of. george bush sr it is death really emphasized personal qualities at the expense of policy
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because lot of folks have been asking what's next for sully. and even his dog who you know got more coverage than any dog since lassie when as we watched the pictures we wondered aloud is suddenly just as sad as the humans who are missing this man so very much every see did this like you know remarkable report by jenna bush eager to a grandfather it's my turn to write a love letter. i read one could take it as a sort of like nice family tribute but then why are they employ a good journalist to cover her own family what do you want your legacy to be it has a defect if they're deeply to sizing bush and making him you know this kind of like you know generic lovable grandfather you don't really get a sense of you know this man was president he made decisions that literally were life and death for hundreds of thousands of people who i saw very little coverage of what he did politically they were constantly talking about him being you
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personable having class decency honor integrity caring about his children his grandchildren and they have a place and talking about their loved ones and him but i think we have a responsibility in the media to go beyond that to have an honest assessment of an absolutely critical period of u.s. history we also have to remember the victims of his policy the thousands of people who died in panama who died in iraq who didn't get a chance to write letters to their grandchildren and their great grandchildren when you look at how the american media covered bin george h.w. bush and they reflect the kind of outlook that seems to be under siege that is a country first at nineteen he became the youngest navy bomber pilot in world war two all the memories of george bush's reaching across party lines the fact that he wasn't
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a hater all that i think accounts for the fact that the coverage was overwhelmingly if not totally. this morning we remember his life and his tremendous legacy when the eulogy the address bush's record they offered a somewhat starry eyed view of his time in the white house what a great man george h.w. bush was and how he guided america in the world through the ending of the cold war how he unified chairman of the president's more controversial aspects of bush's legacy were given short shrift his two years as director of the cia were crossed over as with the invasions he launched as commander in chief against saddam hussein's iraq in one nine hundred ninety one just two hours ago allied air forces began an attack on military targets in iraq in kuwait and in panama to overthrow manuel noriega at the taito who had previously been on the cia's payroll when the agency was led by bush his history as the head of the cia in cultivating
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dictatorships in south and central america and his history in the illegal war against panama should very well have been part of the obituaries the other bush the only going to be a little bit of the tone when you're going to consider all i'm used to if i mean really i think the so-called gulf war of one thousand nine hundred ninety one was really a different kind of scandal the united states bombed iraq most of the sleep started the process of destroying that country there was a so-called highway of death where the americans just muscle asleep killed iraqi troops that were in full scale retreat the use depleted uranium in their bombs and produced generations of young children born with cancer if you don't add that into the legacy of george h.w. bush i don't know who you're talking about i don't think it's surprising that the the analysis of the gulf war was was muted i think part of what explains the
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relative quietness of the contrast. between the iraq war. george h.w. bush for it and what he did and what happened with his son what bush did not do the elder was to pursue that war into baghdad there was a sense of restraint the second thing is that the old latin solution to not speak ill of the dead applies just in general to the media the latin saying the more to do with nearly seaborne or the dead say nothing but good has been part of death etiquette in the west for centuries but does it make sense as a rule of thumb for journalists when they assess the political legacy honoring a leader and death often means forgetting those who died as a result of their policies and as with all rules it's one that's american news outlets often break when it suits if you actually like a look at the media as a whole this principle we have to respect the dad is very selectively applied one
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could only look at. his di and they've been living under this horrible dictator i don't think he will be missed by anybody the american media was not like well you know we have to think of his family and what was he like as a grandfather provocative an unpredictable strongman of venezuela has died though is all about well this guy was a tyrant he had human rights abuse is very blunt and so there's definitely they get different standard for american leaders as against sort of foreign leaders especially those outside the western world. the glueing unities to george h.w. bush into not a nostalgia that went beyond patriotism and even beyond bush himself. the repetition of words like decency and bipartisan seem to be as much about the rather he was not saying i will build a great great wall president trumps ginny's and a phobia and lying have outraged mainstream journalists. and his attacks on news
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networks have turned the media into an enemy that's enough put down the mike was serving as a constant point of comparison redemption in the media has never been easier to come by for former american statesman. whether there were long. i'm so excited to have you here are you as excited as i am to be here yeah. the reason why george w. bush looks better to a lot of the press is simply a matter of contrast president bush it's always nice to have you here thanks for joining us in the case of donald trump you have somebody who simply has no concept of what truth or false what is who violates norms was a bully who allowed like to punch him in the face. and so george w. bush looks better by comparison you cannot compare things like that you have to look at them as well for what they've done and that's exactly what the media doesn't do i mean here is a direct walk criminal the man who was destroyed iraq on in the. house
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built of lies saddam hussein is a threat to america he's a man who said he wouldn't have weapons of mass destruction yet he has them when he eventually dies they're going to say you know he was a. he loved his children he was a bipartisan if they bring the illegal war and it calls into question the american religion that the american government acts benevolently around the world the media very much parents. of those in power sadly journalists are a part of the establishment so much in the united states it's. hard right after person guys to do an honest real evaluation of their record to speak ill of the dead but journalism is the first draft of history and it's at those moments that people come to understand their own country and our role in the world and that's
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why the records of these presidents must be dissected analyzed. the key is not to erase what they've done. one last point on how geography and the politicians who don't even have to die before undergoing their mainstream media make over george w. bush really is the poster boy for that phenomenon a president whose catastrophic decision to go to war in iraq ended up killing and these are conservative estimates hundreds of thousands when he left office in two thousand and eight he looked like he was beyond rehabilitation but ever since the donald trump circus came to washington bush has been benefiting from some favorable comparisons and getting more and more of the kind of fawning coverage usually reserved for dead presidents we'll leave you now with a few examples of that and we'll see you next time here at the listening post race yesterday the president of the united states of america for eight years which is probably enough resume wise but he's also a painter with
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a new book of stories and are called portraits of courage please welcome the forty third president of the united states george w. bush. i want to ask you this a question that i think is very important me and very important to the country when you are in office and i don't know when this habit or if it happened did you go through the secret files the u.f.o. documents. there's a vice president that the the first thing i did good morning to all of you great to have you here this morning i wish everybody could see how all of you interact when the cameras aren't on because. these are true friendships that are among all of you which major job i would think all the harder here you are there portraitist you have to capture the essence of them first i have to say did you get the portraits right to capture you guys it's pretty clear they could make you better looking.
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people know this but my daughter jenna and your good buddy yes we are and my attitude is if you're a good buddy or jenna your good buddy of mine she is a she's a lovely girl. if she was on this show and we called you and you answered the phone you actually picked up and talked to us while she was on the yeah and i was actually the president yeah i know. the latest news as it breaks the difference is that the boss paul tells us in flight this that a mistake in the ritz with to this time both with us with this. with detailed coverage by the has already said that he's ready to take over as inter in precedents and close for you elections. from around the world all the kids are doing what they can and that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness it hundred. taiwan. a sovereign island state. or
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a renegade province of china that must soon return to mainland control. as the battle for taiwanese hearts and minds intensifies. people in power investigates the tactics of those to whom reunification is only a month to roof time. taiwan spas laws and crossed very college. a senior u.s. senator says america's relationship with saudi arabia cannot move forward until.
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a lie from headquarters and. also ahead just days after calling north korea a growing threat the white house announces a second summit between donald trump and kim jong il. antigovernment protests show no sign of slowing down a month since they began over rising bread prices. at least twenty people have been killed and more than seventy are injured after a leaking oil pipeline explodes in central mexico. hello a leading u.s. senator says america's relationship with saudi arabia for it until the murder of journalist. dealt with republican senator lindsey graham is on a two day visit to turkey graham says he hopes donald trump will slow the withdrawal of american troops from syria until i saw was destroyed well that's in contrast to the u.s. president who said american troops are going home because i saw defeated osama bin
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job joining us from gaza on tap in turkey that's close to the syrian border so what are we to make of lindsey graham's comments on saudi arabia. when he says the relationship can't move forward until the situation is dealt with. a repetition of seeing what he believes him this time around come to and talking to reporters at the capital he said that the situation that saudi arabia is an important. of the united states but the situation. with the murder of. doug is off concern and he needs it to be dealt with before the two allies can move forward in their relationship this is if you remember in reference to the united states president saying that he believes that the cia did not conclude that jamal fog killing and the order of that killing came directly from the top of visit the
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crown prince mohammed bin selma of the u.s. intelligence as well as the turkish intelligence have pointed the their fingers two words mohamed been summoned saying that it could not have happened that the saudi journalist could have been brought to the consulate inside turkey and killed without the authorization or knowledge of the supreme command and lindsey graham reiterating those lines saying that he wants that situation to be dealt with now what does that mean that means that he's taking a line which is in contrast to what his president has been saying he's taking a line which is very close to what turkey has been saying over turkey has not named mohamed been summoned by the president has said that the that all of these links to the higher echelons of power in saudi arabia is a very good killing of jenna's dream up a shoulder which remains unresolved regardless of the sentences that have been awarded by this saudis to a number of suspects in the killing and they're being pressured not just by these
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two government the united states and turkey but also human rights activists saying that the view that the saudi government needs to be out and it needs to be clear and transparent about what happened in turkey and while in turkey we know that he also met with the president himself and they discussed syria and the u.s. troop withdraw from there what more do we know about that. well that was the basis of his trip try and mend fences try and build this relationship which is being fractured by what has been going on inside syria but just to give our viewers a recap of the united states has been fighting inside syria with its troops present in syria and with and then in an alliance with. kurdish fighters known as the ripe e.g. syria now turkey seized this group the white b.g. as an extension of the p.k. k. armed group which turkey the united states that you considers a terrorist organization as the us president said that his troops would be leaving the border between turkey and syria turkey's interest is that it wants
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a safe zone to be established on the border this is the message that lindsey graham brought with him saying that the united states is considering and this is aware of what the turkish position is and he believes that the central command after u.s. forces is working on a strategy to try and move away the wipe e.g. element from the syrian border as u.s. troops to draw but in addition to this withdrawal and the sturdy kilometer safe zone is the question of a city called my beach this is an area which is held by the way this is the head area held by the kurdish fighters who have reached out to the syrian government to try and fill that void when u.s. forces leave something that is not acceptable to both the united states and turkey and they're trying to build a road map to see what to do with this place as well as the safe corridor along the turkish border all right. thank you now the u.s.
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president to north korea's leader have agreed a second summit next month for more than a nuclearization talks the white house announced meant came after the north's lead nuclear negotiator met donald trump in washington had a coherent reports from washington. this smile for the cameras quickly and then got back to the top u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh and north korean negotiator kim young then went off to the white house behind closed doors a ninety minute meeting with president donald trump at the white house claimed progress the united states is going to continue to keep pressure and sanctions on north korea until we see fully and verify denuclearization we've had very good steps and good faith from the north koreans in releasing the hostages and other moves and so we're going to continue those conversations and the president looks forward to next his next meeting that the white house says that will be a to get to be disclosed location at the end of february the state department announced the discussions continued for hours after as secretary pompei o treated
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the north korean delegation to lunch at their d.c. hotel the last time the two leaders met the president declared the problem solved north korea would do nuclearize but since then satellite images show work continues on their missile delivery sites but the white house says the focus should be on what the north hasn't done test any new nukes or missiles the problem wasn't solved after the first summit so now it appears the two sides will try again and soon patty klein al-jazeera washington. well south korea says the summit will hopefully be a turning point for peace on the korean peninsula florence louis has more from seoul . the announcement that a second summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un will take place at the end of next month has been met overall with a positive response the u.n. chief said on friday it was high time negotiations started again seriously and here in south korea the government said it would extend all the help it can to ensure
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the second summit is a success but it's difficult to be too optimistic about the upcoming summit essentially because the main difference between these two countries and that is on the issue of what denuclearization means still exists to the u.s. do you clear eyes ation means north korea getting rid of its nuclear arsenal in a way that can be verified before scions on that now north korea has not explicitly stated what denuclearization means but we know they expect it to happen in phases and they expect any action it takes to be met with something in return either in the form of sanctions being lifted or humanitarian aid being extended now analysts have said that this upcoming summit could be an opportunity for north korea to try and gauge what sort of concessions it can extract from the trumpet ministration and the best case in are really for the u.s. and for the rest of the world will be for trump to be able to pin north korea down
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to a detailed roadmap and timetable to what's denuclearization as well as a detailed list of north korea's nuclear and missile assets because if this second summit fails to achieve anything it could risk being seen as nothing more than a publicist stunt for these two need is more protests are being held in sudan the latest in a month of growing demands for the president to go what began as an outcry over the rising cost of bread has become the biggest challenge to the thirty year rule of president bashir hiper morgan has more from the capital hard to. one hundred of the brothers left home and ten days ago and never came back he joined anti-government protests in sudan second largest city on demand. we didn't realize he was shot while we were protesting security forces were coming at us and we ran for a bit and he said he couldn't feel he thought he twisted his arm then we learned he sustained a bullet wound we hid in
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a house and tried to give him. a notice that he was also shot in the back when we were able to get to the hospital he was weak and away an hour later three protesters were killed fact human rights activists say at least fifty have lost their lives in the month long protests demanding the resignation of president obama and bashir the government total is much lower protests started when the government announced a rise in the price of bread the outcry spread to other towns and cities nationwide and police have repeatedly fired bullets and tear gas to disperse crowds hospitals and doctors have been attacked by security forces for treating protesters. demands to end the shoes thirty year rule can be heard in every protest march. it's been one month since people started protesting to demand change people have been expressing their frustration at the way president bashir has been running the country for the past thirty years despite the use of live ammunition and tear gas the protest seems to be gathering strength and for weeks on the president remains
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defiant. president bashir describes protested streeter's influence by foreign agents after criticism by the e.u. and the un of attacks on unarmed protesters sudan's government lawyer is promising to investigate. we will be looking into the deaths that occurred during the protests and urged people who have information to come forward and presented to us so we can conclude what happened and how people have been killed we'll also look into those injured and those who had their property destroyed in the demonstrations but she remains wanted by the international criminal court for work rhymes and crimes against humanity in the western region of darfur some analysts say the biggest challenge he's yet faced at home has the potential to end his rule. this movement will be successful in changing the regime is true that the government doesn't see that but it can happen that can happen through a new political party taking over the ruling party assad tipping the shia and
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bringing someone else in his place but one thing we can be sure of is that saddam before the nineteenth of december is not the same saddam posed december when the protests started. but she has promised economic reforms but as protests continue into a second month some sudanese say they're ready to sacrifice their lives to see change changes which president bashir doesn't appear ready to meet people morgan al-jazeera khartoum still had on al-jazeera. this is a sad day for america in the american justice system the family of a black teenager shot dead by a policeman in chicago say the officers prison sentence is far too lenient. i'm andrew thomas in the pacific on a country of trials on the way to live a life saving vaccines.


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