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tv   The Listening Post 2019 Ep 3  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2019 7:32am-8:01am +03

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i know my. now any downsizes here you know what the army or the american embassy i know. how many don't know me to be able to do that i was sitting up on some of them have now i know that god had problems among them have some of those nobody was going to give all the problems you want to be with you. are you believe your sage our own likely already oh i don't. know come to. the hole because she finds it on the same foot. as a quarter of this is going to hold on my fortune he should be the one to jump off to . make.
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sure they were my yeah. good luck. i was. healthy. enough let's. show you what we shoulda she. knows she's using your name pete our coal mine we. shall you know more some call it all my poetry and chop down the generations.
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he has the good of the city says this is the last he shot i said i do know exactly. the sounds and i will do what he says it goes with the chinos own filled me with the specification i will say that somebody is somewhere that uses won't see how it will be due to the huge shock to the bugle if he gets that all the guys will teach. it did i not play how did i was that both will see this through that they will feel good about placing and i do then i will tell you what it's about to do it what was it what does it. just an awful good thing. i mean for me not sure just i mean obviously it's not you know she has a lot going for those who don't want to cook up to going to go you'll get caught one day be probably told you're going to type of ip packet hub and both you took a look you'll see why all your kind of to file when nobody believes you want to
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mess up to know that i've had a good time. the only time let me come up there why don't smartphones low dose and cool as you like shit sometimes sound like you got to talk to people about such examples of she's going to have to be good but also about the job that often it's interesting to talk with you because i wouldn't be jealous of who knows you might also eclipse your so because i'm still only how militarily because you need to determine such a trip palatable on the social order of the thread about those who buy into the company but like how we take our oil we are no peacey. just walked out of order to go away father says you look at your watch your network told me that you were the most powerful how good my look was on the first part of my new book down because you didn't think you want to look for the real conduct that were coming under the gun if you want five percent of the god. to court and that you should point back up that would talk your ass off. does oneself you know how we have to i think you
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guys are going to have what did you think you walked. through congress. to. teach what cities are as you would say you have done so you know it also so has done the just how john the moment i always know if i sez she. so you know why this is young woman. fostered son's home. and says to you then they should also enjoy your finish on the whole show or comment on father you don't want to be at a moments on the town that you know when. it is your home just
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didn't want to meet money. in hand to do right now but it's uncertain that change is that we need peace a. chance to be peaches or just one woman's unioned up on the cheek when i'm up i get up and yeah i'm ok stop your pockets on her god kids that's enough time to see the chill if you don't like your meals when unfunny since you place. on this we're sharing the minute we're down to the thing that even though we're down those days three shares his teaching tells you can make sure that we don't bring season one in the nation to come in and this is all couldn't just simply the tickets was no one can be she'll yes i'm going to see that's a piece of the support that goes to the tells you want them to put it to the u.s. embassy and see self-less it isn't just a little too young through it you know this is awful but this is the type of hopefully yes yes it will it is yours will still make it so the soup likes them but
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just on the meat you've got us here at the blitz this is not a plea to pay players to. fall would go in t.j. it's the whole. way and change this whole meaning to you. so the time that i'm having is when i don't that's what you saw me it's you know michel the way a noose is out strong. word. but you know what this is going to this is dennis is a. little. boy playing in thomas'. down. each and sick a dummy without not stamping that we may be nazi judging each other going to him and then after that if you see young this is a good joke don't we try to get a bad beat how you have boots and it should be like that but it.
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does. open up with a lot of the game out of those poor little girl because with a little movie top gun to my goodness a lot of good for her to look good with her. does it i. find it i don't see it has seemed to me at the. shopping visits and for some all we find all the fosses you know hard time on the i would see out yeah yeah.
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the one. thing. it was i. that. i have. known for so. long. as it. goes on here. that i. shall have to keep.
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them on the. way. i didn't want you to think that i was i was thinking i would not be so since you know i still think that's you know that's why didn't i believe you because you're going to understand that i usually just that you would do that if you knew i knew when you were just so busy i was going to believe i was so kind so much i.
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was thinking we'd all want her still she was just stuck you know. standing by feel she was you know it was just that it was just the last thing that was you know you think i was. googling she was going to be done with the monkey on my d.m. i'd been a good enough watcher. come here you go hard on jungle much talk you know how many jokes. don't you so you'll kill ya boy this is how. many times are you going down the mighty people to show that i love modesty while my kids get to show you in the movie oh you know most of them do you feel knowing her. so much you know if you can say.
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oh. was it was just yes this is not the tears yet over there. yes. when you read the news if you can see the mining town the witches who are coming. to this have all the. pieces i was once with all gems of houses just the size of a groove that's needed to keep them wanting to feel. that the other was using up all did you go up and you can see me. cause you. also know all those.
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little was done. you just didn't feel so you're saying this is exactly. what you owe you give you what you. think that there's a cunt think you don't mean. it she's. a power. pop and audition chill. holden sings a song called the scene should soldiers in the white house i'm going to go on the trunk or palm and says they're going to sing in the tree thomas in the long run but also it's a doll. thing going down when i'm done i'm done with it it's an elderly man.
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singing this it really was well known if he moved to this. city to go with me as that building then that we would see why it is you where you are going to read his op and believe as you leave him that he thought i didn't have to see all the other hides behind the zetas we saw hundreds of those because we didn't know he needed how we had to. get. to. so that he was in as he would have a job to sort out you wish i was so into. cars that he enjoyed the chance and simple chance to get the machine to the moon cause i have an army president you can
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be uses on which it's your own so you do it or the machine who does it which is it's a good. where there is water there is life but finding it and australia's arid desert is a skill few still possess and they took us to a small wet spartans in the desert and this was this is a very important place that i've been telling us about for the last five days who came in. and under orders against all odds an aging population is posse on its knowledge the rainmakers of the outback on a jersey of. new yorkers are very receptive towns because it is such an
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international city they're very interested in that global perspective that i'll see our lives. you know corruption has reached a level like nothing ever before in our country. rank outsider. to president of the united states. the power was in the data we will ask the american people with the truth and nothing else discovered. for winning the white house unfair game on al jazeera. sat here has never been a real easy sell for investment how much are the reserves up are they understated or overstated they own those shares and you're a company for the people baas. as
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it takes a tougher line on migrants organized crime is making fast profits from their misery . people and power investigates the state funded reception centers where the helpless are reduced to commodities ripe for exploitation. and the migrants on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. and they're on a clock this is it live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes recip time birder when discusses in syria troop withdrawal with donald trump says turkey is
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ready to take over security in the kurdish town of manby. somalia says it's plan b. a major offensive against al shabaab after u.s. airstrikes killed fifty two of the group's fighters. pitch battles in greece is capital is tens of thousands of people protest against a name change deal with macedonia. last hour licensing nor is signing the death knell for type one's traditional medicine industry. so turkish president resit top one has spoken with donald trump to discuss u.s. troop withdrawal from syria the phone conversation comes just days after the fate of kurdish fighters in syria strained relations between the two nato allies has told trump that turkey is ready to take over security in the kurdish controlled
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syrian town of manage without delay according to the turkish government when told that an attack could manage that killed four u.s. personnel last week was a provocation to influence united states troop withdrawal plan announced last month take a closer look at man bitch near the border the turkey the town is currently protected by u.s. backed kurdish y p g fighters who ankara considered terrorists with ties to the kurdistan workers party or p.k. k. in recent weeks has been a war of words between the u.s. and turkey over washington's backing of the white b.g. and what will happen in the region after the american pullout last month the white b.g. invited syrian president bashar al assad's forces into the area hooping to prevent a turkish assault as on a binge of aid reports now from gaza on the turkish syrian border. this phone call is essentially a continuation of the strategy between these two countries to try and bridge the
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divide which has been created the united states decided to pull out its troops and the us president's. words that were welcomed by turkey since then the us president and the turkish president have number of conversations they have also decided that they will be carrying out going to operations against i so this is also a part of the agreement with those. with agreed upon by the two sides they want to join the they want to carry out. attacks against on the turkish side of the border because on the other syrian side deeper into. the united states is popular with kurdish fight to fight the jihad which turkey considers a terrorist organization this area in more than contention between the two countries because they. want to take charge of that area and the kurdish fighters were backed by the united states do not want to give. a fight just to the
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government and these fighters have been inching towards the government in case. which is created when u.s. forces are not something which is a result that neither the united states want this is a conversation between these two presidents where the turkish president shortly united states president that his country is ready to take over security control and he described the recent attack one of the deadliest on u.s. forces there for americans living u.s. military servicemen were killed as a provocation and an attempt to do you realize the u.s. pullout from the area. well let's take this on we can speak to joshua landis who is director of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma and joins us now on skype from norman in oklahoma joshua welcome to the program. blank's john bolton national security advisor of the united states on a recent visit but he's not happy to talk to the president on the phone what's it all about well he wants america to leave northern syria and he knows that
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president trump is eager to do just that so he does not want to talk to the security team and the foreign policy team around president trump all of whom want to stay in syria for the long haul as they call it in order to roll back iran continue the fight against isis and secure. the protection of the kurdish troops that they've been allied with in northern syria president trump wants to bring the troops own and not get involved for the long term in syria so err no one is calling the president and he's escalated previously the first time he got the phone call is when he escalated threatened to go into that region the president took the phone going said i want the troops come home and now they know is that there's a big difference between the president and his national security team he only wants to talk to the president and that's why we had to scald and rice
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a given that what do you think is going to happen next. well he's going to push the president to withdraw as quickly as possible and he's used the pretext of this killing of four american soldiers to get the president on the phone and he wants to make sure that that momentum continues because if the president backs down unless his national security team in a sense step in will be there the united states will be there for many many more months and turkey does not want that because as long as america is there they're training and arming these kurdish groups that turkey fears will take away eastern anatolia right and it's complicated because when has made no secret of what he wants to do to those kurdish groups which goes against the advice of many of trump's closest adviser of absolutely and the only thing that makes sense the united states the only alternative is to make a deal with the syrian regime and the russians to move in behind the americans fill the void that's what the kurds want if america is not going to be there in order to
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make sure that turkey doesn't move down and so america doesn't want either of those scenarios they don't want turkey invading and they don't want the syrian regime and russia to fill a vacuum so america is going to be stuck there for ever and that's that dilemma and the president says the hell with this let russia and syria and iran deal with isis it finish isis off and they want to do it let them pay for it joshua landis just great to get your perspective appreciate it thanks a lot pleasure. now israel says its a defense system has shot down a rocket fired from syria israeli commanders say the missile was intercepted in the northern parts of the occupied golan heights the attack followed reports that syrian government forces prevented an israeli air strike targeting an airport in damascus. and is director of policy analysis at the institute for graduate studies
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and he says that israel has increased activities inside syria since the united states announced it will withdraw troops from. decided that they were not allowed. to to have a free hand in syria so this is why the sided to provide the syrian regime with three hundred in order to. put some content on the israeli movement so it says that it is the. striking at targets inside syria from lebanese airspace because it's becoming more difficult for them. to fly over syria because of this three hundred in the recent weeks actually especially after the announcement by the united states that they are withdrawing from syria that actually added the pressure is on. because before that there is a lot more relaxed the americans are inside syria they are going to help them somehow in preventing the iranians from having the sort of the land dog between
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iran iraq and syria into lebanon but the americans now are leaving so this is the not this thing and recent weeks and that the israelis are actually increasing their activities inside syria and the art of mainly talk to the airport because they believe that is actually transporting more of the equipment the iranians are actually providing has blocked with through syria so i guess is going to be in that direction why because that would throw out of the americans from syria would actually increase the tension between there is about it is and they are on humans they will take things in their own hands from now on because they believe that they cannot rely on. any other party that says that americans are. going to see more of that actually. inside syria in the coming weeks and months. to somalia now where the government says it's planning a major offensive against the group al-shabaab in the coming days and that is when it comes just a day after the u.s. military said it carried out an airstrike killing fifty two fighters was launched
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hours after the group attacked a somali army base. controls large parts of rural southern and central somalia and continues to carry out attacks in the capital mogadishu and in neighboring kenya since two thousand and seventeen the u.s. military has stepped up air raids against the armed group in somalia carrying out forty seven strikes last year. is fighting to overthrow the internationally backed government. has this report and a warning you might find some of the images disturbing the destruction caused by u.s. warplanes targeting al shabaab fighters near the port city of kiss my you in southern somalia bodies and vehicles sliced through not a moment to remind us of the intensity of the airstrikes they killed what the command center for u.s. forces in africa describes as fifty two militants the somali army's say's the total is higher. we managed to kill at least seventy five militants after they attacked
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us and many more were injured we are telling people about that victory today the airstrikes came hours after a fight to stop the somali i mean base three hundred seventy kilometers southwest of the capital mogadishu. somali commanders say six soldiers were killed in the time and two others died when a booby trapped vehicle blew up as the army but told for hours took up to the base u.s. military helicopters were sent to help the pentagon's increase the rate of strikes in somalia and recent tease partly because president donald trump was loosened restrictions on when the u.s. military can take action against what are described as terrorist targets the number of u.s. forces in somalia to delete increased in the past two years us about fighters who are linked to al qaida retain a strong presence in parts of southern and central somalia they also regularly are talked targets in neighboring kenya after it's and troops to somalia as part of an
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african union peacekeeping force al-shabaab says it was behind tuesday's hotel of tuck in nairobi where four gunmen on a suicide bomber killed twenty one people five suspects appeared in court on friday in connection with the tuc police say all but one of the five gunmen who cut it out . and something that is raising the threat of homegrown terrorism mohammed on the wall does it or nairobi but it's. hebrew hierarchy he is the horn of africa security analysts and joins us from washington d.c. . first up the point of these attacks is this american attack is to weaken is it effective. it is effective to twenty degree however what we need to realize is that we can no. way out of soling the crisis that is right.


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