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personally for the supporters of the more in planning liberation. but just as in moscow are demanding that russia keep the disputed islands ahead of talks with japan over their ownership the soviet union took the southern most current islands during world war two but japan territorial rights to them hundreds of protesters rallied for russia to keep the islands the dispute over their sovereignty has prevented the two countries from signing a peace treaty russian president vladimir putin will host japanese prime minister shinzo for talks on tuesday. time for short break here and i'll just. tell you why define colombians of the streets and who their anger is directed at. enough to bring tens of thousands of people to the streets of athens in protest and that stay with us.
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hello there were things of very intense rain over parts of the philippines at the moment the satellite picture is showing this huge blob of cloud that's giving us all out what whether it's actually the remains of an old tropical depression certainly it's giving us some very wet weather at the moment the winds aren't too much of a feature but it does do a lot we're going to see some flooding because on tuesday the rain stays heavy and it only gradually begins to ease on wednesday with still some heavy falls a possible further south whether here as well particularly over parts of job and into bali and that's all part of the monsoon that's really intensifying at the moment it's also going to be pushing its way a bit further towards the south so for some of us in australia we're going to see more in the way of wet weather and that's good news because the monsoon is really late this year that will be pushing its way southwards then few more showers are expected here on tuesday and wednesday and on wednesday we're also going to see some wet weather work its way into the southwestern part so perth will see the temperatures drop here as that cloud of rain rolls its way across us the temperatures will be easing for all of us though looks like for south australia
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we've got another intense area of heat working its way towards us though thirty nine will be our maximum temperature on wednesday over towards new zealand and here the temperatures are rising for some of us too so christchurch should get up to around twenty seven degrees not quite as hot in oakland about twenty two. a face can tell a story without uttering a single. a simple touch inform us. the un convention manatee and fly witness through the lens of the human eye. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera at least four syrian soldiers have been killed after israel launched airstrikes on a rainy and targets in syria video posted to social media has to show michelle's intercept in the capital damascus russia says during those airstrikes syrian military air defenses destroyed more than thirty cruise missiles and guided bombs. turkish president says he's ready to take over control of man because he spoke on the phone directly to president trump about the u.s. withdrawal from northern syria greed on the need for a negotiated settlement and joint steps against isis. and polls have closed in the southern philippines for an historic vote an autonomous more than two million
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people in mindanao were asked if they back up plan by separatists in the government to create a self administered area known as bangsamoro. afghan taliban fighters have killed at least twelve members of the security forces at a military base in wardak province close to kabul more than twenty eight people were wounded when a car bomb exploded on gunmen attacked the compound. a senior us republican senator says he'll president try to meet the leaders of pakistan and afghanistan so they can come up with a plan to end afghanistan seventeen year war lindsey graham made the comments after a meeting with pakistan's prime minister in islam about was there. the revered by the u.s. senator lindsey graham comes at a time when the special representative for peace and reconciliation and i would run a stand. has just left islam a body words hoping to meet the afghan taliban head and up against any capital however the afghan taliban walking out of the orthodox saying that reconciliation
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would only. if the americans were willing to give a timeline for withdrawal it must be understood that the senate. who was the president's all for us forces to continue end of run and stand as relevant in syria he has already met the pakistani prime minister in which he said he agreed with the charges on the prime minister kron that their relationship would bugger stanford we have strategic one and not our transactional one he had also praised the august on the efforts to fence the border it doesn't run it's done something that the governments are not happy about but he said that he will be recommending to the u.s. president that he should in white or hold dogs would up against any prime minister and dr archer of money as soon as water boarded however the oven taliban are continuing to stick to their demand for the red drawl of four hundred forty and there are problems ahead we broke with a u.s.
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senator about the fact that the engagement has continued for all more steward decades and yet there was no end in sight to dad bloody conflict senator it's been eighteen years since the u.s. launched the attack on the honest on in reprising. and it's cost a trillion dollars and there is no end in sated to period that the taliban are much stronger than they were when you first came in so how long did the united states committed to stay in a one star and they did willing to spend all that money to continue this campaign against the of one taliban thank you that's a really good question as usual i get that question asked all the time what did it cost us since nine eleven. a lot more than a trillion dollars pay now or pay later the good news we're at a point where our military presence is literally ten percent of what it was ten
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years ago that most of the fighting is being conducted by the afghan military support from us that we now have a new partner in pakistan that the pakistan military has done things in the last eighteen months we've been hoping for for eighteen years as to time all saying is you have the watches we have the time to the taliban in case you're listening time is not on your side fighters linked to al qaeda say they carried out an attack on u.n. peacekeepers in mali the group says it was in response to the chaldean president's decision to revive diplomatic ties with israel at least ten peacekeepers from chad were killed and twenty five injured on sunday ethiopia and somalia are planning a military offensive against al shabaab the armed group attacked ethiopian soldiers on saturday in southwest somalia announcement comes just a day after the u.s. military said it carried out an airstrike killing fifty two fighters i was there
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was a bomber though has this report and i warning you may find some of those pictures disturbing the destruction caused by u.s. warplanes targeting al shabaab fighters near the port city of kiss my you in southern somalia bodies and you can slice through not a moment to remind us of the intensity of their strikes they killed what the command center for u.s. forces in africa describes as five to two militants the somali army's seize the total is higher. we managed to kill at least seventy five militants after they attacked us and many more were injured we are telling people about that victory today the airstrikes came hours after fighters tom. three hundred seventy kilometers southwest of the capital mogadishu. somali commanders say six soldiers were killed in the time and two others died when a booby trapped vehicle blew up as the army but told for hours to get cupped at the
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base u.s. military helicopters were sent to help the pentagon has increased the rate of strikes in somalia and recent tease partly because president donald trump was loosened restrictions on when the u.s. military can take action against what are described as terrorist targets the number of u.s. forces in somalia to delete increased in the past two years us about fighters who are linked to al qaida retain a strong presence in parts of south and central somalia they also regularly attack targets in neighboring kenya after it's in troops to somalia as part of an african union peacekeeping force al-shabaab says it was behind tuesday's hotel autarky in nairobi where four gunmen on a suicide bomber killed twenty one people five suspects appeared in court on friday in connection with the tuc police say all but one of the five gunmen who carried out the haka and something that is raising the threat of homegrown terrorism
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mohammed all the while jazeera nairobi stray shell fire in libya has killed a news cameraman who worked for al-jazeera and other leading media organizations thirty five year old mohammed bin hundred died on saturday one assignment with a libyan militia fighting between rival militias in libya has killed and injured hundreds. african union representatives have canceled a visit to the democratic republic of congo which was aimed at resolving the dispute over last month's presidential election constitutional court judges declared felix's to carry the winner despite an a you appeal to delay the announcement because of voter fraud allegations bottom for you know says he is the legitimate leader because last month's election was stolen from him to educate he is due to be sworn in on tuesday. colombia's leftist rebels are claiming responsibility for a car bomb that killed twenty one people thousands took to the streets in bogota to condemn the attack president even joined the demonstrations and ruled out any
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restart of peace talks with the eleven days of time kind of police academy in bogota was the worst in fifteen years betty sent us this report from bogota. thousands of people both here in the capital and in cities across colombia march demanding an end to the violence after a car bomb attack on tears they killed twenty young cadets so people came out dressed in white or holding the white flags saying that life is sacred and that they are tired of what they describe this terror attacks in their country while people are united here in this message against violence there were some tensions along the route as colombians remain at the same time deeply polarized on how to move forward especially on how to achieve complete peace in the country the president even decided to shut the door to any possibility of continuing peace
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negotiations with year land but some people here are saying that at the wrong decision that going back to a state of war will bring more death and more attacks there's no doubt that thursday's car bomb attack has jolted many nerves here in the country colombians were just starting to bring down their guards when it came to violence after decades of internal conflict but at least for today they came out and said that all together they want an end to the violence. hundreds of immigrants in australian detention centers are starting a second week of a hunger strike to highlight their plight detainees in brisbane and melbourne joined others in western australia who've been protesting for eight days hughes their gods of brutality and intimidation as well as separating families the government's being urged to order an independent review of prison practices.
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several police and protesters were injured during protests in greece is capital tens of thousands of people rallied in athens against a proposed name change deal with neighboring macedonia reports. it took only an hour of peaceful protest before a small group of demonstrators clashed with police detonating fireworks over the heads police responded with volleys of tear gas clearing crowds off the square in front of parliament but most of the thousands of demonstrators here with peaceful including families with young children many had traveled overnight from far flung corners of greece to oppose a government that last week survived a vote of confidence with a razor thin majority one hundred fifty one m.p.'s in the three hundred seat legislature that's majority is likely to pass the message only a name change deal by the end of the week numbers have to a kid years. to write out one hundred fifty times there is only ball macedonia and
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it's his greek can make it and i'm after all my grandfather force in macedonia we cannot allow it to be sold out we are losing our values some people of the shoeing a new order they want to access the sea through the port of cecille any truckie will be the next to go then will lose a chunk of greece to albania. greece is original position was that it would not allow a neighboring state to use the name of its northern region of macedonia a decade ago it agreed to allow use of that name along with an adjective and last year recognized north of macedonia but that country has now ratified the deal and it is now greece's. but the agreement has angered many here because it allows the people of north macedonia to call themselves macedonians rather the north macedonians and recognizes their language as macedonian with the preface agreement to have. it where the north macedonia. and at the same time. we gave the rights
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to the citizens of these states to mono polis the word macedonia for their citizens even again nationality if you give the long words this is called identity. and we do not want to offer it to one of the states of the area that i. macedonian and. the agreement is a bitter pill for most greeks some have decided to swallow it but many have not these demonstrations have reverted to the original hard line position and they want prime minister alexis tsipras to declare a referendum is unlikely to take that route he knows the deal is unpopular but vows to push it through parliament with his one vote majority by the end of the jumps are open less al-jazeera happens now visiting a traditional chinese medicine shop instead of going to the doctor is a popular choice for people who want feeling well in taiwan but more lost shops
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a shutting down and owners fear that when they die their industry will die too consummate as a day on explains. lead chilling dispenses traditional chinese medicine from this herbal store in taiwan natural medicine shops like this one have been used for generations as an alternative to visiting a doctor but the industry that depends on curing illnesses is dying taiwan's government hasn't issued a new operating license for twenty years jan bono he says. if this profession in taiwan is on the decline it's become a so-called sunset industry older people have slowly left and younger ones don't have a license it's all very uncertain. the license shortage started in the one nine hundred ninety s. as the government trying to regulate traditional medicine shops government leaders feared combining western and eastern medicine could lead to unforeseen medical emergencies it was hoped train professionals would take jobs in traditional shops
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but that didn't happen while pay a limited benefits failed to attract young doctors and now more and more shops are closing down. knows her dispensary will only remain open while her ailing father in law is alive when he goes so will his operating license be done. but on the chinese medicine shops are forced to close because the second generation cannot legally carry the operating license our livelihood will be in jeopardy but more importantly it will be the end of a taiwanese tradition and cultural icon that it will be a thing of the past it will be difficult for them to emerge again an estimated two hundred taiwanese natural medicine stores shut down every year the total has been cut in half to about eight thousand in the last twenty years taiwan's approach is a stark contrast to china and hong kong where there has been a push to promote and export traditional medicine mounting concern and anger has
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led to protests in the capital taipei now the government says it's trying to find a solution with industry leaders but shop owners fear it may be too late and employees such as lead channeling worry that it's not only her livelihood at stake but also a tradition that's part of taiwan's culture katia locus of the young al-jazeera. well here's something you won't see for a very long time a rare lunar eclipse known as a super blood wolfman it appears to be more red and brighter when it's closer to the earth you have to be quick though to spot the phenomenon because it only lasts for a few hours and it won't happen again until twenty thirty seven. our time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera at least four syrian soldiers have been killed in israeli airstrikes on syrian targets iranian targets in syria
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video posted to social media appears to show missiles intercepted near the capital damascus russia says during those strikes early on monday syrian air defense destroyed more than thirty cruise missiles and guided bombs on sunday israel said that intercepted a rocket fired at the golan heights from syria a solid binge of aid has more from gaza into. israel maintains that it did hit multiple targets inside the damascus is the airport as well as other cities in the near and close to damascus and these are iranian military sites and the russians are saying that the book and the prince there a missile defense systems were used and they were able to sort this attack from the accounts of the syrian government side the syrian state media they have been saying that they were able to successfully thought this attack and not confirming any off the of the of the casualties reza type heard about has told u.s. president donald trump that turkey is ready to take control of the kurdish held
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syrian city of man be without delay the turkish president made the proposal in a phone conversation with trump told the us president that an attack last week in man beach had killed four u.s. personnel was a provocation but i still aimed at influencing trump's decision to pull troops out of syria. the new u.n. envoy to syria is in russia where he's meeting with the foreign minister sergei lavrov that follows dear patterson's first visit to damascus last week says he is interested here the u.n. envoy position on the syrian constitutional committee meant to draft the country's new constitution. straight in libya has killed a news cameraman who worked for al-jazeera and other leading media organizations thirty five year old mohammed been holy father died on saturday while on assignment with a libyan militia. polls have closed in the southern philippines for an historic vote and autonomy referendum is a push to end nearly half a century of unrest people in mindanao want to siding with or not to back
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a plan to create a self administered area known as bangsamoro. well those are the headlines the news continues here not just here after witness a school bank experiments that you've done so much and i thought. on this weeks counting the cost the prime minister's briggs's deal is rejected as britain how it feels towards a messy exit why zimbabwe's government wants people to buy less fuel plus classy models can't last carmakers worries about the trade was. counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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be yes's on which is it's your own so you do it or the machine who does it was yours it's a good. where there is water there is life but finding it there australia's arid desert is a skill few still possess they took us to a small wet spot in the in the those are and this was this is a very important place they've been telling us about for the last five days who came in. and under orders against all odds an aging population is posse on its knowledge the rainmakers of the outback on a. business update scrolled to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates rolled to you by qatar airways going places together.
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the christmas. this is al jazeera. hello i'm sam he's a dan this is the news hour live from dell coming up in the next sixty minutes.
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israel takes a mediterranean military targets in syria for syrian soldiers have been killed. seeking pais voters in the southern philippines cast their ballots in a referendum aimed at ending a decades long conflict. fed up with the shutdown now some government workers in the us are looking for new ways to make their living and inspire the new england patriots will take on the los angeles rams and super bowl fifty three. heading back to the n.f.l.'s biggest game for the first time since two thousand and two. russia says israeli airstrikes on iranian targets in syria killed at least four syrian soldiers video on social media has to show missiles being intercepted near damascus russian commanders say syrian air defenses destroyed more than thirty
6:50 pm
cruise missiles and guided bombs russia's foreign minister is meeting the newly appointed united nations special envoy to syria gear in moscow. rory chalons is standing by for us in moscow first let's cross over to a sound a binge of aids use in gaza and temple give us more details on those strikes and so some of what exactly was hit give us an idea of the extent of sort of iranian presence in that area. where according to the israeli military it hit specific targets of belonging to iranian forces which have been instrumental part of the bashar al assad government's fight against isis and rebel fighters the israeli military says that they hit a mission step forward hit an iranian military target closer to damascus international airport we know from the russians that the international airport has
6:51 pm
received some damage the i.d.f. also says that it had an israeli so it's in iranian intelligence headquarters as well as a military training camp as well so if you look at it from the israeli side it thinks it seems to say that it was very successful in hitting these specific targets despite the a syrian defenses going up and if you look at it from the perspective of the city and government the state media in syria seems to be saying that it was very successful in thought in these attack and the the russians have come out with a statement saying that it actually shot down more than thirty missiles the number is again it's a game between these two sides who both claim to say that they have successfully defended or carried out this operation against iranian forces inside syrian territory we've heard from one iranian commander at least coming out again with the very similar rhetoric that we've seen in the past saying that this is
6:52 pm
a provocation there and they are ready to take on israel one staring gauged directly how is the fact that israel is now so quickly owning up to strikes in syria being received in the region asama. well this seems to be a change of time in the last couple of days that we've seen israel ending its policy of ambiguity around these strikes that it has been carrying out israel has maintained and owned up to some of the strikes that it has been carrying out for a number of years inside syrian territory and yet it skirts around owning up to some others but this time around while these strikes were being carried out israeli military came out with this statement saying that this is what it is targeting it was very quick to put out videos of what it was targeting and very very specific about why it was carrying out this attack saying that it was a provocation from the iranian side over the occupied golan heights that it was
6:53 pm
carrying out this attack so many. viewers of this conflict and many i'm less see this as a change of tactic something that might provoke a response from the iranian side as then because the gloves are off now and the israelis are owning up to it but this is a policy that has been evolving in the last few years that israel does own up to something and then backs off and then in the next few weeks you'll see that they're bored and confirmed by that they've carried out a strike inside syria whether it was a syrian target or an iranian one. thanks for the very let's talk for a chance now and continue this discussion needs live for us from moscow so first of all let's start with the attacks in syria and how what sort of message is moscow trying to send to the israelis. well i think the russians at the moment are trying to basically coordinate
6:54 pm
a message with the government in damascus and make it look as if this israeli assault on targets inside syria was basically a failure so the russian military has been putting out fairly emotion free statements along the lines of pam c.-a and. operated by the syrian air defenses managed to down thirty or so is ready cruise missiles and guided bombs there hasn't been much in the way of vocal criticism from the russian leadership or the russian ministry defense certainly not anything like what we saw in september of last year when israeli air strikes inside syria resulted essentially in syrian air defenses shooting down a russian reconnaissance plane that was a very painful episode for the russians and they were angry about that they don't seem to be nearly so angry about this incident and i'm coming to the visit by the
6:55 pm
u.n. envoy he's in moscow meeting russian officials what else is supposed to come up in those talks. well i was listening to the opening remarks for both sergey lavrov the russian foreign minister and the new u.n. envoy for syria pederson and essentially what the russians are trying to impress on this new u.n. official is how much they believe they have achieved in syria. achievements in the areas that lavrov said have been liberated from the terrorists even xin laying the groundwork for the return of refugees for his parts pederson is coming here fresh he wants to show that he is hitting the ground running so he was telling lavrov how in the two weeks that he's been in this job first of all he went
6:56 pm
to damascus to meet with the syrian government then he went to riyadh to meet with the opposition body the s. and c. and now he is as he put it for obvious reasons in moscow he says the russia has a key part of play in the syrian settlements and he wants to reboot the thing after four years stephan must do mistura helming the u.n. efforts a believes that he can deepen the relationships with russia and hopefully he believes take the whole u.n. security council resolution twenty two fifty four on woods to some sort of settlement for syria in its long long run in war all right thanks so much rory chalons there from moscow turkey's potential military offensive in northern syria has been discussed with the u.s. president phone president that i jumped out of the one he says turkish forces are ready to take control of the kurdish held syrian city of managed without delay to
6:57 pm
do untold trump the killing of four u.s. personnel in an attack on man dudes last week was provocation by eisel aimed at influencing his decision to withdraw u.s. troops from syria. afghan taliban fighters have killed at least twelve members of the security forces at a military base in the out of that province close to kabul more than twenty eight people were wounded when a car bomb exploded and gunman entered the compound fighters linked to al qaeda say they killed un peacekeepers in mali at least ten soldiers from chad were killed and at least twenty five injured on sunday. well most of the mean group says the attack was in response to chad's decision to revive diplomatic ties with israel polls have closed in the southern philippines for an historic vote on autonomy more than two million people in mindanao region were asked if they back a plan by separatists in the government to create
6:58 pm
a self administered area known as. the new proposal would mean greater control and less dependence on national government if the vote passes the bangsamoro organic law will come into effect for the autonomous region the law is the result of a comprehensive agreement to end a decades long conflict between the moro islamic liberation front a chief player in the muslim separatist rebellion movement and the philippine government the rule will identify the bangsamoro people as native or the original inhabitants of mindanao so also pave the way for the creation of the bangsamoro government which will be led by a chief minister and the regional parliament. general allen dogra has been following developments from mindanao when polls opened early this morning there was a sense of calm all across about the city we accompanied the leaders of the more islamic liberation front chairman were ragtag that both for the first time together
6:59 pm
with his supporters submitting them fell to the countries that democratic process something great they feel that they have never thought possible after decades of fighting the philippine government i thought were closing at around three pm local time the situation became can rationally when the military trying to get through a growing crowd in one of the green thing here many of them were me to leave the prison before they were able to vote and they were upset and they are so outside the gate being thickly demanding more clarity and can guarantee in the electoral process a little exactly what is needed to be proven today and in the coming days days and the government continues it can't think of both that the process will be credible and acceptable to both sides both the philippine government the supporters and the more islamic liberation front at this point also what is critical is that expectations will be leveled personally for the supporters of the more islamic
7:00 pm
liberation front hundreds of immigrants in australian detention centers or into the second week of a hunger strike to highlight their plight detainees in brisbane the melbourne joined others in western australia has been protesting for eight days they accuse their guards of brutality and intimidation as well as separating families the government's being urged to order an independent review of prison practices. but the more still ahead on the news hour including britain's prime minister have a plan b. for braggs are about to find out it's israel opens a brand new international airport we'll tell you why palestinians are stuck on the ground. find out why this tennis player lost his cool.


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